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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 3, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and blazing battle. firefighters race to put out one of the most destructive wildfires ever. now, the stunning video of the moment that burned out of control, turning an entire neighborhood into ashes. frantic family emergency. a teenager's terrifying 911 call, made just seconds after he was shot. >> your grandma and grandpa shot you? >> my grandma. i'm going to die. help. >> now, his grandmother is on trial for murder. why she says she was in fear for her own life. body block. katie holmes surrounded by security, just days after filing for divorce. her wedding ring off. and new details emerging overnight, about whether scientology fueled the split. and swimming with sharks.
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the 5-year-old in the jaw-dropping home video, snorkeling with some of the most dangerous creatures in the sea. did these parents put their little girl in danger? or was it the biggest adventure of her young life? we hear from all this morning. let's see. sarina is 4? >> yep. gonna be 4 in august. >> so no swimming with the sharks. >> daddy's not swimming with sharks. sarina's certainly not, that's for sure. good morning, america. george is taking a little time off. good to have josh by my side. still ahead, so much of the country still sweating it out this morning. the sweltering temperatures, not cooling down at all. and almost 2 million people still in the dark. they're trying to beat the heat without any power.
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sam is tracking all this. and this morning, we'll have the latest on that brutal chimpanzee attack in south africa. the american graduate student, andrew oberle, he is in stable condition right now. we'll have an exclusive look inside the sanctuary where that attack took place. >> his family is there by his side. and check out these dogs going head to head to hang ten. >> of course. >> why not? and we're also counting down to our huge concert in the park on friday, with demi lovato. they're already ready outside in times square. it's part of our biggest fourth of july party this week, right here on "gma." of course, heat abounding. we're going to begin with the blistering heat. burning up so much of the country. one day before the fourth of july. those dry conditions could thwart all of those fireworks displays bursting in air. and sam is here with all of the latest. good morning to you, samuel. >> good morning, josh. good morning, everyone.
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we're in the way or on our way to the third heat wave so far of the season. and take a look at what the last two heat waves have done. they put 16 states, by the way, in drought conditions. extreme or severe across the country. of those areas, we can tell you that basically, that many states, 12 states in the red zone there, will not allow fireworks this season because they're tinderbox dry. we're not done with the heat yet. as we mentioned. so take a look at the states. 16 states with heat warnings, watches, or advisories out right now. denver, 101. they're 100 degrees today. detroit, about 94. chicagoland, about 98 degrees. heat index may be a bigger thing to watch today than it was last week because the combination of heat and humidity will kick what it feels like into the triple digits, even though your real thermometer will read in the 90s. oklahoma city, feels like 107. chicago, you feel like 100. minneapolis, feels like 112 today. we'll have all of america's weather, including where the severe storms pop up in all that heat, when we come back. josh? robin? >> that's a staggering map. >> looking at that board. >> the colors we've never seen on that map before. thanks, sam.
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a lot of news to get to. amy robach with it all. >> that's right. good morning, guys. we begin with new information this morning that law enforcement officials across the country are on guard ahead of this july 4th holiday. security is being tightened in major cities this morning. abc's pierre thomas is here with details. pierre? >> reporter: good morning, amy. they've identified no specific plot. but intelligence sources say you can expect to see security forces at celebrations across the country. authorities are concerned about lone wolves. and there's ongoing worries about al qaeda, particularly its affiliate in yemen. that was the network that recently planning a new underwear bomb plot. officials are concerned that the group has been recruiting young men of different ethnic backgrounds. we had reports that al qaeda in yemen was preparing a norwegian to attack the west. and authorities in the west charged a man of vietnamese
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decent of an attempted attack. so, the threat remains. notice the law enforcement to remain vigilant is likely to go out today, if it hasn't already. amy? >> pierre thomas. thanks so much. we have dramatic, up-close video of that monster wildfire, that destroyed nearly 350 homes near colorado springs. this was shot by the fire department as they arrived on the scene. you can see entire neighborhoods up in flames. the good news this morning, crews now have 70% of that fire contained. and meantime, all air force tankers helping to fight the fires out west have been grounded indefinitely, after a deadly crash in south dakota on sunday. investigators aren't sure what caused that crash. and stunning, new information about that f-18 jet that crashed into an apartment complex in virginia in april. the military now says both engines failed. that's never happened before. the pilots ejected and everyone on the ground survived. but 27 apartments were destroyed. and one of the world's biggest drug companies will pay $3 billion in a record health care fraud case. pharmaceutical giant glaxo
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smithkline, which threw lavish parties, tack doctors on vacations and provided tickets to madonna concerts, was accused of pushing antidepressants for unapproved uses and hiding safety problems with a diabetes drug. and another shocker at wimbledon. top-ranked maria sharapova is out, after losing to sabine lisicki. and talk about putting your nose on the line. a line judge was hit square in the face. oh, my goodness, by a serve from american mardy fish. that ball was rocketing towards her at, get this, 118 miles per hour. however, not fast enough to prevent her from making the right call. that serve was out of bounds. >> out. >> whoa. >> still doing her duty. and we've all been frustrated with customer service from time to time. but this guy was a whole lot more than just frustrated. after being told he wasn't getting a refund at this cell phone store in england, the man
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got a little bit upset, taking out his fury on wall displays. he tore up the place. that wasn't enough. he found a fire extinguisher. there you go. and created a much bigger mess. he's now under arrest, facing several charges. if you watch the video, it's hilarious. the guy is so calm. it's like he's spraying for bugs. look that. isn't that funny? >> all because he didn't get a refund? >> right. he wanted his refund. and there were cell phone cameras there, ready to take it all in. >> you should see sam come to work at 6:45. it's really -- >> much the same. thanks, amy. now, that american student, in stable condition, recovering from traumatic injuries after he was attacked by two chimpanzees in south africa. this morning, an exclusive first look inside the sanctuary where it all happened. alex marquardt is in south africa with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the hospital tells us that andrew oberle is still sedated in the intensive care unit. doing better. but sources close to the family say they're overwhelmed by all this. they don't want to move him.
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and won't be taking him back to the states anytime soon. doctors at this clinic say andrew oberle is still sedated five days after the attack. >> he went through a six-hour procedure in which doctors cleaned out his wounds. now it's a case of wait and see. >> reporter: this morning, his family returned to his bedside, after spending all day monday at the hospital, meeting with doctors. >> he remains in a stable condition. and we believe in his progress, he's doing quite well. and he's still under sedation. >> reporter: oberle suffered extensive injuries to his skull, torso, arms and legs, after entering a no-go area at chimpanzee eden. two males attacked, mauling him over 20 minutes. during an exclusive tour, we saw the reserve's wide-ranging wildlife. and the area where oberle was attacked. this is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack. it's still under investigation. but the park's board said the chimps were reacting to what they saw as their territory. this wasn't a freak act of
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aggression. so, they won't be euthanized. dotting the landscape, we saw these danger signs, a reminder to oberle and others that these chimps are wild. >> andrew has been here for four weeks already. he knows about the risks associated in working with chimpanzees. >> reporter: this was oberle's second visit to chimp eden. he's a graduate student from the university of texas san antonio. his work here was for his masters in paleontology. >> this is the type of thing that puts everything else in perspective. >> reporter: back in the u.s. this morning, his friends are collecting donations online, to help cover oberle's climbing medical costs. so far, they've raised more than $14,000. >> we need to get as much as we can to help him and to help his family. the hospital has asked for privacy for the family. they haven't detailed the full extent of his injuries or say whether he'll need reconstructive surgery. the most important thing right now is that he stay comfortable. josh? >> alex marquardt in south
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africa, thank you for that. now, to the grandmother on trial right now for murder. the chilling moments she shot her own grandson, all captured on a harrowing 911 call made by the teenager. she says she was afraid for her life. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: on this frantic 911 call, you can hear the gunfire. that would end up killing 17-year-old jonathan hoffman. incredibly, he managed to call police as he was being shot. >> i got shot again. >> reporter: even more shocking, the woman he identified as the shooter? his own grandmother. >> how did you get shot? >> my grandma. my grandma shot you. >> your grandma and grandpa shot you? >> my grandma. i'm going to die. help. >> where were you shot at? where are you shot? >> my -- >> your chest? >> yes. >> reporter: as the tapes played in court, 74-year-old sandra
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layne sobbed. police say she shot her grandson five times. and when they arrived at the scene, layne ran out of the door with her hands up. >> she screamed at me, i murdered my grandson. >> reporter: the teen had been living with layne and his grandfather for several months, attending a private school after brushes with the law. layne's attorney said she came to fear him because she thought he was using synthetic marijuana, or spice. tests showed this drug was in the teen's system when the shooting happened. >> she killed a person that she loved that she tried to save. there's no winners. she's in her own hell. >> reporter: if layne tries to argue self-defense, it could be tricky because even if hoffman were under the influence, the police were already on their way. >> he was on the line to 911, when three additional shots rang
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out. obviously, he did not pose a danger at that time. >> reporter: this terrifying phone call is likely to be key evidence. >> how did you get shot? >> my grandma shot me. >> reporter: as layne now stands trial for murder. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. for more, let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. and dan, we hear in the piece, another analyst say that it was conclusive, because additional shots were heard fired on this 911 call, obviously, she was not in any danger. but there's no way to be conclusive about that fact right now. >> it's going to be a tricky defense. if she were to pursue a self-defense claim, it would be difficult, because in particular, the shots weren't fired, it seems, one right after the other. it seems like there was some delay, which should give her the opportunity to leave, retreat, call someone, et cetera. i think that's the biggest problem, with regard to any self-defense claims. but it does seem her lawyer's suggesting that maybe he was still holding on to her, grabbing her, even as he was making the call.
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we're just going to have to see. >> we heard the police officer testifying that she emerged from the house saying, i murdered my grandson. will that make a self-defense claim also sticky? >> it makes it tougher. but remember, that's not the end of the inquiry. murder is a legal term. what she meant is, i just killed my grandson. and the question is to whether she murdered him is something that's going to be determined by a jury or a plea or something like that. there's no question they're going to pursue some sort of self-defense, diminished capacity defense. something here where they're going to say she shouldn't be held fully responsible, the way a typical quote murderer might be. >> a 74-year-old grandmother, an upscale community. people are already coming to her defense. you see her breaking down, right here, as she listens to the 911 tape call. what elements will that play? community support? >> i think that's what this is all going to be about at some point. it's going to be a jury, prosecutors, anyone who is making a determination here, saying to themselves, why would
7:14 am
she have done this? how could she have done this? and there's no question that that's going to help her in some way, shape, or form. now, does that mean she's not going to be convicted? no. it means it's going to be part of her defense. it's going to be part of the plea to the prosecutors. it's going to be part of the plea to a jury, if ultimately it gets there. who she is, why she did it. those are going to be the questions. >> this trial is ongoing. certainly not the last we've heard of this. dan abrams. thank you. >> so tragic. july 4th, the most dangerous day on american highways. more than even new year's eve. now, new technology is making its debut one day before the holiday, could help all of us stay safe. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: accident avoidance. engineer talk for, don't crash. [ screams ] >> reporter: and the insurance company-funded highway loss data institute, says there's proven technologies that cut accidents by nearly 15%.
7:15 am
>> we're going to drive straight at it at about 20 miles per hour. you should hear a beep, beep, beep. >> reporter: this feature is called forward collision avoidance, a $1,200 option on a growing number of new cars. radar, or lasers, built into the grille warn the driver you're about to rear end a slower or stopped car. >> you avoid one crash, it's paid for. >> reporter: we went to the track to test it ourselves. assuming i'm distracted or asleep. >> exactly. >> reporter: just in time, i got the warning. [ beeping sound ] allowing me to either brake or swerve out of harm's way. supposedly, i'm kind of dozing off. if i ignore the warning, the car brakes itself, but not quite aggressively enough. so here we go. it's going to beep. and i'm not going to do a thing. [ beeping noise ] it does hit it. you run over it.
7:16 am
and kill it. the insurance institute says its research shows that systems that brake themselves do reduce accidents by 14%. i did feel the brakes come on. so it would have reduced the damage. >> oh, for sure. >> reporter: the other winner, adaptive headlights. they help drivers see hazards in the blind space and corners. peeking into the darkness as you turn. >> something you couldn't see because when the lights were pointing straight ahead, it now becomes visible to you. >> reporter: for abc news, jim avila, washington. now, to the adorable dog named sammy. in the middle of an ugly custody battle. he's popular on the interwebs. he is on a $500,000 lawsuit over who owns his moneymaking website. and paula faris is here. >> reporter: oh, so adorable. yes, another canine custody battle making it into the news. this little guy's website draws 40,000 visitors every month. but since the couple split up, they're fighting over the canine and cash. meet sammy.
7:17 am
the picture-perfect pooch that's now at the center of a $500,000 breakup battle royale. he is the star of, a wildly popular website, showing the pomeranian's adventures in new york. in april 2010, scott smith and his then girlfriend, anna, launched the site, hoping for internet glory. but when mommy and daddy went their separate ways last year, sammy and the potential fido fortune generated by his website got caught in the cross-fire. >> sometimes it's not even about the animal. it's just they want to get over on the other side. >> reporter: now, smith tells "the new york post" he's filing a $500,000 lawsuit for his share of the rights. telling the paper, this is one of the biggest atrocities that's ever happened to a family. in a statement, camara said, she hasn't seen any lawsuit. and there's no money to fight over. writing, truth is it never made
7:18 am
a dime. no offers were made. but the fight over this little looker is more over cash than custody. and it's turning ugly. smith says his ex allegedly stole his ipad, deleted all of sammy's pictures and yanked his access to their online account. something she denies. and in april, he landed in jail after allegedly grabbing camara's iphone at a meeting. he's pleaded not guilty. the bright side, it's settled. you can get twice the sammy on competing web pages. smith is now posing new material with sammy at his website. there's a similar-looking dog named boo, that has two book deals. they're looking to cash in. >> competing sammy websites. s sammy? what do you have to say about that, sammy? >> i got nothing. i love them all. i love them equally. let's get to the boards. let's talk a little bit about your plans for the fourth of july and will storms interrupt some of the fireworks plans? here's what we think is going to happen, basically.
7:19 am
check out where the fronts are. that's where the storms will really light up, right around those fronts. and yeah, they're cruising through northern new england. if i had to separate this, i would say the northern half early in the day. the southern half will be afternoon and evening problems with the storms. you'll notice the storms around duluth. 70-mile-per-hour winds are possible in some places. in the northwest, which is the only place in the country that's been cooler and a little more damp than normal through the month of june. 63, 67. by the fourth of july, you pull into some sunshine. and you'll go into the 80s by the weekend.
7:20 am
>> all of america's weather in the next half hour. oh, robin? josh? >> thank you, sam. coming up, the stunning, new pictures of katie holmes without her wedding ring, flanked by security. thank you details emerge about whether scientology was behind their split. also ahead, a 5-year-old girl swimming with sharks. did her parents put her in danger? or send her on a big adventure or both? and we'll show you the omg
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truvia. honestly sweet. good morning i'm eric thomas. happening right now in san francisco arson investigators are piecing together clues to morning residential fire. police arrested one person seen running carrying a gas can. four homes damaged or destroyed, 20 looking for new
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housing. witnesses saw a man running from the scene. sue hall is here following your traffic. starting to bunch up from pleasant hill to walnut creek concord, bumper-to-bumper traffic starting before north main southbound on 680. very light traffic coming in on the bay bridge metering lights on. continued hot spot, slow up from the central valley up and over the altamont pass. when we come back, ,
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welcome back. check out all the sunshine and limited cloudses from downtown san francisco from our roof cam. good morning 61 antioch everybody else in the 50s this afternoon temperatures warmer than yesterday from five degrees in santa rosa to eight in fremont and oakland. 60s along the coast 70s around the bay 80s and 90s inland. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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oh, a precious little 5-year-old. but when you hear that music, that can't be good. >> it's never good. >> they're throwing meat and things into the water. feeding the sharks. for some people, swimming with some of the most dangerous beasts in the ocean is the ultimate thrill. we're going to hear from her parents. we'll hear from the little girl, just ahead. we say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. >> that's enough. >> don't judge. >> i'm not judging. i'm just saying for me. maybe for that brave 5-year-old. >> got it. also ahead, melanie griffith revealing new details about her struggles with addiction. and interestingly hear how her own daughters who pushed her to get help. a very rare glimpse inside her struggle this morning. >> rare, indeed. and get ready for something
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that's called -- i haven't heard this. the omg diet. if you can play a little usher, that's fine. it's skipping breakfast and drinking coffee. that's the secret to dropping the weight. >> i feel lighter already. >> it's just dropping off of you right now. we'll get to that ahead. but now, to the latest on tom cruise and katie holmes. you see her out in new york, surrounded by bodyguards. and abc news has learned that katie has fired the security team that has flanked her for years and paid for by tom cruise. and we know more about her decision to file for divorce. and dan harris is here. >> good morning to you. today is, by the way, tom cruise's 50th birthday. if he's celebrating at all, he'll be doing it on the set of a movie back in iceland. while at home, his family and his faith are under intense scrutiny.
7:32 am
katie holmes seen out in manhattan on monday, without her wedding ring. according to sources close to holmes, one of the main reasons she filed for divorce, was her husband's fierce loyalty to his faith. how big a role is scientology playing in this divorce? >> tom cruise is a committed scientologist. and for a time in their marriage, katie holmes embraced those beliefs. but it does seem to be that she has moved away from them. >> i think it's a privilege to call yourself a scientologist. and it's something you have to earn. >> reporter: tom cruise is the most famous and outspoken member of the church of scientology, a faith started 50 years ago by l. ron hubbard. a religion embroiled in controversy. including this astonishing on-camera rant, with a reporter clashing with a church spokesman. and this exclusive exit by that same spokesman, during an interview with abc's "nightline." holmes and cruise got married in a lavish scientology ceremony in
7:33 am
italy in 2006. but sources tell abc news, that holmes came to fear that her daughter, suri, would be pulled too deeply into the faith. if true, she would find ample ammunition in the words of jenna mactavish hill. she has come forward in recent years to say two decades ago, she was forced to perform manual labor at age 6. >> these projects range from rock crawling, taking rocks out of the creek. picking them up, hauling them up the hill, putting them in a pile. >> reporter: the church denies children are forced to do manual labor. in what could be a sign for things to come, former official debbie cook says those who leave the church are often excommunicated. do y have family in the church? >> yes, we do. >> reporter: do you have a continuing relationship with them? >> no. they've been asked or pressured in some way to not communicate to us right now.
7:34 am
>> reporter: how painful is that? >> that's very painful. >> reporter: the church which recently settled a lawsuit against cook, denies her claims of being a frock apostic. katie was in new york to film an episode for "project runway." and she did great. >> thanks, dan. joining us to talk more about all this is andrew morton. he is the author of "tom cruise: an unauthorized biography." and andrew is good enough to join us from london this morning. andrew, as you know. in any end of a marriage, there's a lot of issues. focusing on scientology, because a lot of people are, what do you feel that role was in the end of their marriage? >> good morning, robin. yes, scientology orchestrated that marriage.
7:35 am
tom cruise asked the leader of the church to find him a bride. they went through a series of auditions with scientology actresses. like scarlett johansson. sofia vergara at one stage. and they got katie holmes from the midwest, who said she would like to marry tom cruise. and i'm positive that scientology has formed a great part in her decision to make a great escape. risky business. but she's got a few good men to help her. >> tom cruise and the church deny all of that, that it was orchestrated like that. but you have researched this a lot. and you have talked to a lot of people. and there has been speculation about suri's age and that she would have more involvement in the church. at this age, how involved would she be in scientology? >> well, they're always -- all children are treated as adults
7:36 am
because they believe that you're a spirit floating around in the universe and you inhabit somebody. so, they almost treat children as adults. from the age of 6, she will be, what's called security check. she's asked a series of questions. does she spy on people? does she have concerns about her parents? and so on. that would bring a third person, or a third element, the church, very much between her parents and suri. katie deciding to leave, as you said in your report, is known as most would say, an enemy of the church. she's not just taking on tom. she's taking on the church, as well. >> andrew, in dan's piece, we saw a spokesperson for the church of scientology and his reaction to being interviewed. uncomfortable, to say the least. what have you found? how have you found them to be when questioning them? >> well, most people who have anything to do with scientology, and you saw the reporter, john sweeney, explode with rage.
7:37 am
they'll say black is white and white is black. they'll say good morning to you. and you have to check the sky to check. you can't believe what they're saying. they always dismiss people who left the church as apostate. thousands of people have spoken over the years. and i think one of the real concerns that katie holmes has is that she will lose control of suri. that she will be brainwashed into this organization. and you've seen it with isabella and conner. they've been brought up in scientology. they've been educated. and they very rarely see their adoptive mother, nicole kidman. >> there's so much more to this story. thank you for your insight and perfective. andrew morton in london. thank you. it's 7:37. another check of the weather with sam. >> good morning, everyone. in this season of very big heat and very big storms, we're going to light some up again today.
7:38 am
we thought we would show you where they kick off. yesterday, oshkosh, wisconsin, founded with heavy rains and damaging winds. they were in an area of record-high temperatures. milwaukee coming in with a 99-degree record high. it's possible for afternoon storms to kick up and cool it down. it's more likely, from billings to bismarck. detroit, cleveland, chicago, these are big-city areas with strong to severe storms. and heat wave number three moves in. look at these numbers. 93, wednesday, thursday, friday. washington, d.c. stays in the 90s. atlanta does, as well. so does chicago. if you were hoping for a break from the heat, it's not going
7:39 am
>> there is snow in the cascades, by the way, in the olympics, above 5,000 feet. i had to get that in. >> ski weekend? >> it's cool somewhere. coming up, the 5-year-old who went snorkeling with sharks. and it was her all multivitamins give me the basics.
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and now, to that little 5-year-old we've been showing you. her parents, letting her go swimming with sharks. on a family vacation. and it's video that's certainly creating a very big stir online. abc's bazi kananikanani. >> reporter: the parents say they are surprised it's getting a reaction from strangers. other questions question, what are the limits of fun for a 5-year-old? the home video, now making a splash online, shows little anaia barnes in water off the bahamas. that's her, snorkeling with sharks. the water may not appear deep, or the animals menacing.
7:44 am
but remember, they are sharks. and anaia, just 5 years old. at the beginning of the video, posted by anaia's parents, elana and david barnes, sounds like her mother is a bit nervous. >> at that point when i was watching, i was having second thoughts. >> reporter: but eventually, the daring family from quiet ridge, connecticut, decides to go for it. you didn't feel scared? >> at no point did i feel like this is dangerous. it's like going on a rollercoaster. you're probably not going to fall off. but it's still scary. >> reporter: but the video has turned out to be too scary for some. the barnes' youtube video is now being reposted on other websites, generating emotional responses from other parents. >> when you're an adult, you're allowed to be as reckless as you want to be. but as a parent, it's our job to protect our kids from reckless behavior. >> reporter: blogger ericka suitor says, this isn't exactly
7:45 am
"jaws." animal experts say they are rarely aggressive. but rarely is not never. >> we would be having a very different conversation if the little girl had been attacked. >> reporter: she's your daughter. why take the risk at all? >> life is too short to be boring. >> reporter: this is the barnes' family way? >> exactly. >> it's risk all the time. i'm concerned they don't put seat belts on school buses. >> reporter: the barnes decided it was worth it to nurture an adventurous spirit. >> it was really fun. >> reporter: anaia's parents say she was never out of their sight during the snorkeling trip. they are protective parents, just not overly protective. not what they call helicopter parents. >> all right. still -- a braver 5-year-old than me. >> she's very brave.
7:46 am
>> and sweet. >> bazi, thanks so much. coming up, a different kind of wedding crasher in the old "play of the day." the video tease. oh, we've come so far. also, six weeks to omg. is it really the secret to getting skinnier than all your friends? you'll have to come back to find out.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
♪ here's "the play of the day." >> we have a lot to do in 1:05. let's say hello to mandy, from wishers, michigan. you make the sign, you're getting on the air. don't do this in 10 or 20 years. a dive gone horribly wrong. i think we all know what's going to happen. it's a degree of unfortunate. oh.
7:51 am
>> she didn't even get it. >> the great part is, though, nobody saw it to help her get up. zero people helping her. >> look at that. >> look at that. all right. so, a dive gone horribly wrong. let's beat the heat, shall we? monkeys diving. it's a bo-fer. i love it. coming up -- the fast way to lose weight. coming up -- the fast way to lose weight. and back to monkeys. ti thankyoud for a relaxing vacation. ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. breaking news and sad news for tv fans television icon andy griffith has died. paramedics were called to his north carolina home this morning. the 86-year-old was rushed to the hospital where paced away. best known for his role as sheriff andy taylor and matlock. good morning. a lot of sun, warmer weather on the way, 90s inland valleys, especially east bay, 80s everywhere else 70s bay shore
7:57 am
clouds at the coast mid 60s today, going to be summer-like everyday of the forecast. holiday light at least at the bay bridge toll. metering lights on, no traffic if you are headed out tomorrow, this is a look at your mass transit, sunday and holiday schedule for everyone. the news
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ oh, my god [ cheers and applause ] look at that crowd outside with us. you can tell it's a holiday week. they are ready to have a good time. and it is wonderful to have them here. you, too, might be saying omg, like usher, after you hear about a brand-new diet. it's called the omg diet. let's see. it says a cold bath, skipping breakfast, drinking coffee, you can slim down in six weeks. >> yeah, right. >> i'm in. >> are you? cold bath? you're in on the cold bath? >> i'm a supporter, josh elliott. i'm just guessing. >> all the news you need, america. welcome. also ahead, melanie griffith. she is opening up about her struggles with addiction. how her daughters convinced her to get help.
8:01 am
why she says she couldn't have done it without them. and it's our biggest fourth of july party ever this week. ♪ baby you're a firework >> wow. >> so spontaneous. all the hottest summer beauty secrets, including the hair style that is all the rage. bangs. and we have three brave women gonna find out live, if bangs work for them. tabatha coffey is here with us. and so, i got a sneak peek. looking good. >> bangs are tough. you have to let them grow back out again if you don't like them. >> that's usual the problem. >> a year. >> that's commitment. >> our commitment. that's the headline. also, get ready for the surfing competition, that's gone, ladies and gentlemen, to the dogs. paw-to-paw, if you will, see who can really hang ten. or wait. would that be 20?
8:02 am
>> let's hope not. >> because they got back feet. >> ding, ding, ding. >> save that for "pop news." let's get the real news now. >> all right. unfortunately, it looks like another day without air conditioning for many, as 1.8 million homes and businesses that lost power in friday's violent storms across the mid-atlantic. additional power crews have been brought in from as far away as quebec. but it still could take until friday, if not longer, to restore electricity to everyone. and the largest wildfire in colorado history is now 70% contained. this new video shot by the colorado springs fire department, shows just how quickly entire neighborhoods went up in flames. nearly 350 homes have been lost. and law enforcement officials across the country are being put on guard ahead of the july 4th holiday. while intelligence officials report no specific threat, they are pushing for tighter security in major cities because of ongoing concerns that al qaeda could be planning an attack to coincide with the holiday. al qaeda in yemen is the big concern. the group recently recruited a
8:03 am
norwegian man and is reportedly preparing him to attack the west. and the latest scandal on wall street has claimed another executive at a major bank. bob diamond, ceo of barclays, has resigned after the company was fined $453 million for trying to manipulate key interest rates. four other banks are under investigation. we have great news about the georgia woman battling a rare flesh-eating disease, after cutting herself in a fall two months ago. aimee copeland has been released from the hospital, despite losing her left leg, right foot and both hands. her spirits were high as she headed to rehab. her parents and sister were by her side. >> just her moving to a new place is so motivational. new surroundings, new friends to make. and seeing people that are also trying to get their lives back together, that have the same goals that she has, it's just
8:04 am
going to -- she's going to keep on trucking. that's really going to keep her going. >> aimee's dad calls her a very determined young lady. indeed. and finally, some hungry juveniles are being blamed for a series of car break-ins near denver. take a look. a police officer snapped these pictures of the perpetrators after catching them red-handed. the officers scared away the mother bear before realizing the cubs were still in the car. they're so cute and scared. look at their eyes. >> they're cute at that size. >> i know. and then they get big. ? who is not cute in the mama bear who wants her cubs back. >> thank you, amy. well, lara spencer is taking a little time away. and, sam, you're a team player. >> i'm enjoying the "pop news." lara, please, come home soon. by the way, "pop news" recommended by nine out of ten pyrotechnic experts. ladies and gentlemen, billboard -- where's that musical? "pop news." billboard award-winning rapper pitbull is known for his hip-hop tracks.
8:05 am
but he may soon be wrapping up and tracking north to alaska. a walmart promotion on facebook asked fans to like the location they would like to make a rapper to visit. the store leading the way, a store in kodiak, alaska, with 34,000 likes. that's five times population of the town itself. pitbull may be saying, i know you want me. >> ding. >> but the miami resident may wish he could bo back in time -- [ bell rings ] -- and rethink the whole idea. the bell, a new addition to "pop news," ladies and gentlemen. >> the whole idea. gorgeous actress, naomi watts, says it's scary to take on the role of princess diana in the new movie "caught in flight." but she has diana down. from the hair, to the royal attitude. she is right on the money. her co-star says there's no one else in the world who could play the princess. we say, mirror, mirror, naomi is the fairest of them all. [ bell rings ] >> just because.
8:06 am
>> a sympathy ding. now, a sci-fi encounter of the cute kind. you may remember the chest-bursting scene in "alien." one of the goriest scenes in history. if you saw it, you'll remember it forever. the thing just explodes out of a bloody chest at the table. i know. let's move on. these filmmakers weren't alive when the classic 1979 hit hit theaters. but they sure make the scary scene really cute. come on. take a look. >> oh. cute? cute? >> come on. >> wait until you see it. >> oh, my gosh! >> see, amy? >> okay. it's a hair clip. >> a hair clip and a sock puppet, come on. no one was harmed in the making of that video. and no children were used over time. >> i want to unsee that. can i unsee that? >> you didn't think that was -- come on, robin. it's a sock puppet with a -- it could be poppet because it was "pop news." we want to introduce you to the second-most famous pitt.
8:07 am
by the way, those are his words, not ours. take a look at this. >> hello, everyone. my name is doug pitt. welcome into my home. come on inside. let me take you for a tour. >> that's brad's kid brother, doug. it turns out he's got really good sense of humor for a guy that owns an i.t. company in missouri. he has stolen the spotlight from his big brother in this virgin mobile ad campaign. the spoof of his life is already burning up the internet. you will only see it here and on youtube, because it will not be on u.s. stations because it was made for australian viewers. ladies and gentlemen, that is "pop news." it is, by the way, only seen right here. yesterday, you may have noticed we had the props for the fourth of july. if you want josh to wear these for "pop news" tomorrow. [ bell rings ] make sure you go online at on yahoo! immediately. >> what's the vote? >> yes or no. >> yes or no. >> or robin or i? >> yes or no. >> amy and i are over here, minding our own business. >> yeah. >> misery loves company.
8:08 am
thanks for all that. and ginger zee is here, right outside with the weather. ginger? >> i'm in new york city. very exciting. it's a warm crowd out here, including andrew, and his mom. birthday, right? does your mom tell people how old she is? she's 25 again, isn't she? >> yep. >> and chandler is where? >> 20 minutes from phoenix. >> 20 minutes from phoenix. guess what? i've got it in my forecast coming up. first, we have to start with just how warm it is already. heat index rising this morning. temperatures starting, at least it feels like, in the 80s. but look what it's going to feel like in minneapolis. 112. rapid city 103. kansas city, 106. here's where phoenix comes in. 103, a little cooler today, right? y'all is used to the 110. the monsoon, the shift in pattern, is happening. that's good news for a lot of firefighters and folks in the southwest. here's a look across the nation.
8:09 am
>> had to get these folks on. he's from pensacola. been spending a lot of time there. and galveston, texas. >> thanks, ginger. by the way, "pop news" only got a 7 out of 10 from robin roberts. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." we'll do better tomorrow. we'll do better. melanie griffith opening up about her battle with addiction. and how her daughters helped her. and inside the omg diet. you've been hearing about it all morning. we've been talking about it. is a cold bath the hottest new way to lose weight? and are you ready for bangs? they're the hottest look in hollywood. you bet they are. are they right for you?
8:10 am
you'll find out on "gma." ten? ten. chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed
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8:14 am
melanie griffith is opening up in a revealing, new interview, crediting her daughters with saving her life. she says her children urged her to get help to kick a painkiller habit. amy has the story. >> it's a stunning admission from the superstar. and it came out, during her return to the stage. now, she's talking about her
8:15 am
return to normalcy, after a 24-year battle with addiction. melanie griffith says her family saved her. the 54-year-old actress says she was struggling with addiction three years ago, when her two daughters, dakota and stella, begged her to get help. in a revealing new interview, griffith tells "the los angeles times" quote, my daughters really sat me down and said, look, mom. this is what it is. you really need to get help. >> often times, it takes for an addict to hear from the people who love them most, exactly how they're each being affected by the choices of the addiction. >> reporter: griffith, the mother of four, credits her two daughters for opening her eyes. adding, quote, i couldn't have done it without them. i really couldn't have. and i'm so grateful. i see, now, i just didn't get it before. it doesn't mean that i'm stupid. it's just that that's what the disease is. griffith's stint in rehab in 2009, was the third for the academy award-nominated actress.
8:16 am
she's sought help for alcohol and cocaine addiction in the past. first after her hit film "working girl." >> a nice little buzz. >> reporter: in 2000, she went back to rehab, for a painkiller addiction. two years later, she spoke to abc's diane sawyer about that difficult period, alongside husband, antonio banderas. >> it was horrible. it was like what they say. i've never tried heroin. they say it's like that because when you're detoxing, it's like you're out of control. your body is a different entity from your soul. it's so scary. and potent. you don't have any idea you need help. but you do. >> reporter: now, clean for three years, griffith says life is better. later this week, she wraps up the play "no way around but through," in los angeles. and while her return to acting is not on the big screen, she says she is at peace.
8:17 am
i'm not desperate anymore or feeling weird about myself because i'm not working in this business. i'm older and wiser. and there's a lot more to life. and her husband, antonio banderas, weighing in, as well. saying, because this rehabilitation was a family affair, they were visiting her up to three times a week, it's made their family unit, their bond, that much stronger. hopefully that will be the end. third time's a charm for her. >> we hope so. thank you, amy. now, to the omg diet. we've been teasing you about it all morning. and it seems to have, arguably, very little science. but it's getting an awful lot of attention. and sharyn alfonsi, giving it a try. and to tell us how it works. >> reporter: here i am. all of five minutes. that's how long it lasted. there's never been a shortage of the wacky ways to help you lose weight. but this newest one, with the omg diet, with a name like that, it targets team. it heralds the benefits of block
8:18 am
coffee, balloon blowing and ice baths. yes, ice baths. so, we decided to try it out. the omg diet says you should take an ice cold bath every morning. this is why they call it the omg diet. oh, my, i'm getting out of here. the author says as your body struggles to keep warm, you'll burn fat. being immersed in cold water. that means polar bears would be skinny, right? >> not. our time would be better spent, sleeping longer, exercising more, or taking time to prepare a healthy breakfast. >> reporter: the omg diet suggests skipping breakfast and exercising instead. and says two cups of black coffee would boost your nervous system and help you burn fat faster. the omg diet was self-published
8:19 am
by a british scientist and personal trainer. women in the u.s. are trying it. >> it works great, actually. i lost the weight i was trying to lose. and it's really easy to maintain. it's flexible for my family. >> reporter: the full name of the e-book, "six weeks at omg, get skinnier than all your friends." >> the title alone is all wrong. it's using the phrase of omg. we're targeting a young audience here, which would be okay if the message was a positive one. >> reporter: one study shows 80% of all 10-year-old girls have gone on at least one diet. 80%. >> i think this is one of the worst fad diets i've ever seen. it's targeting young people. targeting teens. also because some of the points in the book are built on horrible habits. >> reporter: the author, paul khanna, who goes by the pen name venice a. fulton, says it is for
8:20 am
adults. and he defends the diet online. >> your friends have taken it, perhaps, the wrong way. the fact is, two out of three of us are now overweight. >> reporter: but even stranger than all that, is the omg tip to get good abs. the author suggests blowing up a balloon. which, some nutritionists insist is a little more than a lot of hot air. okay. i'm ready to pass out. they had to take that robe off me. i'm going to wear that from now on. the diet has such buzz, the author has reportedly signed a seven-figure book deal. that means he still maintains if you take an ice bath, you should do it in the morning. and that's particularly good at reducing the fat on women's thighs. i never got that far. i wonder if you take an ice coffee and put it between your knees, if it has the same magical effect. >> what does venice say eating
8:21 am
things like breakfast? >> he says breakfast is for wimps the ps. >> so, blow balloons and don't eat? >> yes. >> omg. >> it makes perfect sense. hang tight for this next one, too, sharyn. we're celebrating "gma's" biggest fourth of july ever with a big bang. the hottest hair style. everyone from kim kardashian, to beyonce, to sharyn alfonsi, sporting bangs this season. and here with us this morning, tabatha coffey. she brought her scissor. she's making over three women. we're going to reveal the transformation in just a moment. but first, a look at whether bangs are right for you. lady gaga's blunt bangs help her keep her "poker face" straight. kim kardashian keeps her soft and sexy. even nicole kidman is flaunting fringe. they're not just for justin bieber anymore. it seems everyone is flaunting
8:22 am
them. cameron diaz rocks the choppy due. michelle williams, the baby bangs. one youtube video suggests zoe's dechanel's skyrocket to fame was by changing her hair from blonde to brunette. and then, there's the rooney mara effect. beyonce's pin curl bangs could be the blame for boys blowing up her phone in the music video. we asked tabatha coffey her golden rules for getting bangs. she says the style that works best depends on your face shape and hair texture. if you're going for a relaxed bang, go for something longer.
8:23 am
but bangs are a commitment. and you want to get ones that help you stay true to yourself. joining us, now, to show us how to get the summer's hottest hair style, is none other than tabatha coffey, celebrity hair stylist. >> hi. >> this is a hot, new trend. we're seeing it more and more. >> it is so hot. and it's a great way to change your look without having to take your length away. >> all right. we have three people here. three beautiful women. we're going to start with ingrid. we have a before picture. beautiful. tabatha worked her magic and -- >> there she is. >> i love the music. >> she has really, really fine hair. she wanted something that softened her face down. i wanted to pop her eyes out a lot more because they're so beautiful. this is a soft, wispy bang that blends in beautiful with her hair type and texture.
8:24 am
>> ingrid, what do you think? >> i love it. i feel young. i feel fresh. i feel beautiful. >> all the things you do. exactly. ingrid, thank you very much. now, kelly, our phenomenal p.a. here at "good morning america." let's look. there's kelly before. great, as always. and now? turn kelly around. oh. >> so, for kelly, she has one-strength hair. she was very trepidacious for any bangs in there. i kept them very long to give her something that's very soft. soften it down a little more. she can wear it in a pony tail and have something softer around the face. it's a commitment but not too much of a commitment, which is a great thing for a client like kelly. >> kelly, why were you nervous? >> i was a little nervous. i'm not a big fan of change. but i thought she did a great job. >> it's a nice, subtle change.
8:25 am
>> yeah. perfect. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> now, annie, who has been working on "good afternoon, america" with josh and lara. this is annie before. and now, annie after tabatha. >> and now -- [ applause ] wow. >> annie was a lot more open to bangs. she had a lot of hair. really thick. a little bit of texture in there. i wanted to see something fuller so it looks a little younger, more modern. and gave her a real change, which is somewhat she was looking for. >> this is a real change for you, annie. it looks great. >> thank you. >> what was your first impression when you saw yourself? >> i loved it. i was in shock. i loved it. i needed a change. >> you got it. all three of you, ingrid, kelly, annie, thank you. tabatha. if you don't want to make that commitment, what can you do? >> there's great things you can do. a product i'm coming out with in september, that you can clip in that will give you the look of
8:26 am
bangs without the commitment. you can wear it for a day. wear it for a night. wear it forever. but you never have to cut your hair. >> again, sometimes i'll do a bang for a while. then -- about a week or something. >> and a lot of people don't want that commitment. so, i wanted to give women a product they could use, enjoy, play with. have fun, but not have to make the commitment. >> you're a lot of fun, tabatha. go to and see the photos of the hottest stars with the new trend.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. oakland police and school district officers evicted protesters this morning from lakeview elementary. teachers and parents have been holding rallies there protesting closure of lakeview and four other schools. most left peacefully when officers moved in. a couple vowed to stay and risk arrest. let's check in on your morning commute. we were hoping for holiday light, bunched up out of novato into san rafael past lucas valley road south 101 heavy on the east shore freeway headed into the macarthur maze. if you are going to the toll holiday light no problems upper deck into san francisco.
8:28 am
sunshine out there we'll talk to m
8:29 am
temperatures jumping up today five degrees warmer in santa rosa to nate fremont and oakland 70s around the bay 80s, nineties inland 60s at the coast -- partly cloudy going to be summer like the next couple of days overnight 50s. just as warm tomorrow and
8:30 am
temperatures will remain study through the weekend. [ cheers and applause ] this crowd is smoking hot. they are so hot. what better way to stay cool than to go to the beach with a bunch of surfing dogs. take a look at ricochet. he's the pro when it comes to catching waves. we're going to go to the competition. >> he looks scared to death. >> he shouldn't be happening. >> let's say, hello. by the way, george, hope you're getting rest again. he is off. lara, as well. we have secret ways of boost your energy at work.
8:31 am
how sleeping in your socks -- >> what? >> not my idea. the ideal time to refill your coffee cup and why. hey, did someone say cake? it feels like someone said cake. buddy gladstone. we're almost to the fourth of july. there's some things you can do to make your fourth. >> and we love the cake boss. come down to times square and make a good sign, you're getting on tv. apparently since there's a 19-foot surfboard, it's time for surf up. not just for the people. 50 canines climbing aboard surfboards in the surf dog competition in lovely san diego recently. speaking of surf dogs, "gma"
8:32 am
special contributor, cameron was there. and caught some waves with some canine competitors and that guy. ♪ >> hang ten? actually try hang 20 or more. at the seventh annual lowe's coronado bay resort surf dog competition, it's a dog's world. literally. as people and pooches, from around the country, convene on the san diego area beach where the surf's up. and dogs are digging it. oh. but i wasn't just a reporter for this event. i was a competitor, which meant my work started the day before, with a much-needed lesson. i met my partner, ricochet, a seasoned competitor who graciously agreed to compete in the tandem competition with me. then, a few pointers from my instructor.
8:33 am
>> one motion, hands back here. and you're going to go straight to your feet. there you go. you got a question? >> how cold is the watewater? >> with that wet suit, you're going to be fine. >> great. let's do it. surfing is easy. at least on dry land. getting in the water, well, surprisingly, not too bad. ♪ and just like that, i was ready for my tandem practice. ♪ ricochet, good job out there. high-five. high-five. yeah. that's right. the day of the event. a chance to mingle with the competition. team louie here moved all the way from new jersey just so louie would compete regularly. >> that's correct. it sounds crazy, though. >> you moved here for louie? speak.
8:34 am
speak. doesn't really look like the typical surfer. you know what i mean? are you excited? how excited? ♪ 50 dogs in all, broken down into 3 categories and lots of style points. by the time it was my turn with ricochet in the tandem, i was feeling the heat. two minutes left. two minutes left. no time for nerves. they called our group. and ricochet and i were off. ♪ right out of the gate, ricochet and i were rolling. that was before i nearly killed her run rone run later. but we finished strong. and something truly amazing. >> second place in our tandem category. he hails from canada. he learned to surf two days ago. how about a nice round of applause for cameron mathison. [ applause ]
8:35 am
and next year, ricochet and i are going for first. >> okay. that was a phenomenal show. we have some wardrobe issues. let's go right to sam with the weather. >> that's because josh has been eating lots of the cake boss' decorate summer. >> big smile to the camera. >> i don't need this abuse. >> or not. let's get to the boards. applause, josh. you might want to try the floss. let's start with our twitter pictures. new york, new york. as david letterman says, the city so nice, they named it twice. >> he said that? >> i think that's where it came from. ft. collins, colorado. a sky shot. that's all smoke looking at the mountains. that's what they have to put up with. 100 degrees in denver again. 92 in kansas city. memphis, 100 degrees. atlanta, you're close to the 90s today. you will be by the end of the
8:36 am
weekend. scattered storms for the fourth of july. this is how i would play it out. right near that front, some storms will light up in the northeast. earlier storms in the northern half. southern storms will be later in the day. they all could disrupt your plans for the fourth. >> all that weather was brought to you by sierra. ladies and gentlemen, it's getting down to the wire on "the bachelorette." just three guys are left. and who is emily going to pick? it's today's sneak peek. and we'll see what happens when one of the final three, jeff, asks emily a tough question. take a look.
8:37 am
>> when i'm with jeff, i feel like there's no one else around. i love every minute i have with him. >> our date today was incredible. there's questions i have for her. i want to meet ricki to know if it's going to work. it's a huge part of our relationship that i haven't met someone that's part of her life forever. i'm asking questions. >> i deserve it. >> the only thing i don't know about emily is what it's like to be around ricki. i have one question. it's about ricki. i'm not 100% it's going to work out. >> oh, jeff. don't make emily cry. that's not good, right? >> crying's not good. >> what's going to happen next? you can find out when that episode airs, monday at 8:00, 7:00 central, right here on the "a," the "b," and the "c." >> are you going to eat that thing? >> it's like a reward. coming up, can coldplay help
8:38 am
boost your energy all day? >> even get on camera.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] you know, it can be a real challenge to keep up your energy at work. they have no problem with keeping up their energy this morning. but sometimes caffeine just does not cut it. we teamed up with "reader's digest" to bring you 13 things you can do to give yourself, you know, that extra boost. and our becky worley put a few of them to the test. have a look. >> reporter: it's after lunch. the eyelids are heavy. you're slumping in your swivel chair. four more hours until quitting time? wake up. there are ways to boost your energy. some secrets.
8:42 am
but we have to start at the start of your day. when you arrive at work, don't just dive in. organize your space and your day before you open your e-mail. creating a list, setting your own agenda helps you stay on target through the day. check. done. it's 9:45 and i've already established something. that is energizing. >> macchiato with whipped cream. >> reporter: next, you want coffee. scratch that. need coffee. but timing is crucial here. the expert opinion is that 10:00 p.m. is the perfect time for that pick-me-up cup. caffeine takes 45 minutes to fully enter the system. that means you're firing on all cylinders by 10:45. and superproductive all the way through to lunch. now, let's talk about lunch. get away from your desk. multitasking while eating -- bad.
8:43 am
and one of the best things to do to supercharge your afternoon, take a 20-minute walk after you eat. you'll have enough energy to make it through quitting time. and this tie-in to physical is a big theme. the more you can stand or walk while you're at work, the higher your energy levels and productivity. if you are sitting, you need to know about the 20, 20, 20 rule. look at something 20 feet away from your monitor, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. while you're doing it, stretch your shoulders, wrists and back. there's even an app for that. work rave. it reminds you to take a break from that spread sheet at regular intervals. the biggest secret, change your thinking about wellness at work. go for that walk at work. eat thhealthy when you're here. and only stay late when you have to. in the company's best interest, take care of yourself.
8:44 am
>> thank you, becky. liz has things you can do before and after work, to boost your energy. >> yeah. >> when we wake up, what can we do? >> first of all, set your alarm about 15 minutes before you actually have to get up. this allows for us to rise slowly and get ready for the day. also, go to bed with your shades half-open. this way, when the sun starts to stream in, your brain starts to slow its production of melatonin and boost the production of adrenaline, so you're chemically waking up before you physically are. >> my producer has an alarm where the light slowly comes on. >> that's the melatonin idea. >> when you're heading out the door and going to work, what can you do? >> the commute can be terrible to zapping our energy. most of us have no choice. here's a surprising tip. clean your car. just like a cluttered desk can
8:45 am
sap our energy, so can a dirty car. get rid of the trash. the other is turn off your phone. even if you're not texting or talking. just hearing that ping or that buzz can set us on-edge. does work need me? and it can be dangerous. the other thing is to turn off the radio and put on soothing music. "readers digest" found three scientifically proven song, that soothe us. one of them is coldplay's "yellow." vivaldi's "four seasons." and fleetwood mac's "landslide." >> i like the listen to my gospel. it puts me in a good place. what can we do to help us sleep so we'll be energized when we wake up? >> we all have routines that make us sleep well. there's things you don't think about. the bright light -- the white
8:46 am
and blue light of a pda, or smartphone, or tablet. turn that off about 15 minutes before you want to go to sleep. that can stimulate the brain. the other thing is to wear socks to bed. >> really? >> this improves the circulation in our extremities. >> i can have socks on for about ten minutes. then, i can't breathe. >> that tip doesn't work for me. but the sleep labs can help. this one i love. avoid new smells. even a relaxing aroma like lavender, if it's new to you or your brain, it can keep your brain vigilant or on alert. there's something about a comforting smell, curling up with a pet or your sweetheart's t-shirt. >> great suggestions. thank you very, very much. "reader's digest" in print and on digital newsstands right now. coming up, the cake boss is
8:47 am
here. he'll get you ready for the good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good?
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sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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[ cheers and applause ] and the cake boss is here. buddy valakco. i could not wait. >> it's beautiful. it's like a fruit tart. this is like a cookie dough that we roll it. if you can stab it with a fork a little bit. what you're doing is creating a little bit of air so it doesn't pop up from the bottom. i'm tempering a little milk here. >> you bring it to a boil? >> you bring it to a boil.
8:50 am
i'm going to add some eggs here. we add a little bit at a time. if you do it all at one time, you'll make scrambled eggs. do you cook at home or not? >> yes, i do. >> you don't want to make scrambled eggs. pour a little more in there. you're slacking off. >> a fazl-free show. >> you know it. >> robin, he has a whisk. oh, no. >> he did it. did you catch that? they let this guy in the kitchen over here. all right. all right. >> you just keep going. i'll clean up the audience after josh. >> all right. so, why don't you step over here, before you kill somebody. all right? we got the finished custard
8:51 am
here, right? we've got a little whipped cream. what we do is we fold that in together. and then, when it's finished, it makes this. want to take a look? >> can i? >> yeah. take a look. it's good, right? >> delicious. >> we pour this in here. and we spoon it in here. and now comes the part when you can't hurt anybody. we start putting berries in here. start putting berries in here. >> really adds definition. >> absolutely. >> now that you scorched the whole audience. >> exactly. >> at least it wasn't me. >> is everybody okay back here? >> we have to get them some cake. what i love about this for fourth of july, it's just so festive. >> it's beautiful. >> it's refreshing, you know, for summertime.
8:52 am
you want to eat berries and cream. >> what are we talking? beginning to end? what does it take? >> i would say since you have to cook it, 45 minutes. >> all right. 45 minutes. what do we have here? >> this is a finished debosco. then, we have deep layers. all these are in my book. it shows you how to do the bosco, the beach layer. >> we're running out of time, but the strawberries. >> dipped in belgian chocolate and crystal sugar, whatever color you want. it goes a long way. >> come here, buddy. let's not forget, "cake boss" airs mondays on tlc. to get all of the recipes, go to on yahoo! >> i'm so sorry. give me a hug. he did it. he did it. thank you, guys.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
robin, he's got a whisk. oh. >> he did it. >> that was not me. >> what have you done, josh? >> that was not me. >> by the way, if you want josh to wear the hat and fan, vote on the "gma" app or on yahoo! ♪
8:57 am
♪ we were skipping stones
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♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. if you are planning to attend a 4th of july firewks show or a cook-out mike talks about the forecast. good morning. warmer today and stay warm for the next several days, a few clouds at the coast mostly sunny today. 70 san francisco, mid to upper 70s bay shore 80s, 90s inland where we'll stay throughout the next several days. preholiday light. hard to see this is the bay bridge toll metering lights on no traffic there. if you are heading out tomorrow all mass traffic on holiday or sunday schedule.


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