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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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running from the fire. and and a woman told police she's a resident of the building where the fire started and officials say it was vacant with no electricity or gas. neighbors remember seeing her come out of the building but assumed the owner, they identify as jack nunan, knew she was there. >> i was coming home. she came out of the front door, and closed the door, she looked normal. and we figured it's probably jack's you know, niece or nephew, or family members, cleaning up. and cleaning out that house. i remember having her hair tied back with a bun. >> you knew no one lived there but she doesn't look sus spishus? >> no. she looked like a normal citizen. >> the owner is nowhere to be found. >> police department and arson counselors are trying to get information about who has, if he had a right to be in the building. >> and there is a fire in this
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house, almost three years ago. and there is july 3, officials say the cause was fire works and they believe the house had been uninhabited. eight adults and two children displaced by the fire. >> thank you very much. one neighbor there took these amazing pictures of crews battling this fire, this is in the very heat of the fight. there is another picture showing how they spread to cars on the streets, giving firefighters more targets and there is this wall of flames. amazing pictures and we've posted more on abc 7 >> and there are firefighters working to put out a fire in marin headlands. this is what it looked like.
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firefighters kept the blaze to less than an acre, working fast. fire officials are staying vigilant heading into the 4th of july and hope to avoid a potentially dangerous mix of fire works and dry conditions. >> and there is a risk of fires is a reason the city banned all fire works but there is a gunfire throughout the city. and what police are doing to curb the use of fire works. >> take a look at this, it's small and it's dangerous, police say it's also illegal, and that you can expect to find these all over the city. this small tank promises to smoke and spark when lit. it's just one of several illegal fire work found being sold by a store in chinatown. >> this is a serious thing.
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>> police say the use of the fire works to mark the holiday is not only dangerous, but it il legal. this 4th of july, the skies are once again filled with bursts of light and smoke. >> there is all over the country innocent individuals from small children to adults who are either seriously wounded or killed by celebratory gunfire. >> and illegal fire works. officials issued a warning to anyone looking to light up the holiday. if you're caught using fire works you will be prosecuted. the officer admits small items aren't always seen as dangerous. >> and in the hands of a small child, koit turn that celebration into a fire scene. >> we want to celebrate together as a city but want to be safe while doing it.
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>> there is suspected to be a display here as well. the city has not planned fire works displays but there is a family event planned for tomorrow at jack london square starting at 11:00 a.m. >> nick, thank you very much. there are plenty of ways to see the fire works tonight and tomorrow with tons of information posted for you on abc 7 right there on your home page. >> and a unnerving flight for folks. southwest airlines jet landed without problems at san jose international airport after the crew reported smelling smoke. the captain asked to have fire trucks standing by. the 99 passengers on the plane got off after a taxi to the gate. >> there is a never a fire
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truck when landing before. kind of thought it's awkward. landed and everything was fine. and there is a fireman there. they're talking about smoke in the cabin, stuff like that. bad smell in the back. >> and as i said, unnerving but there is no one hurt, mechanics will keep the jet out of service. >> and there is jurors in the priest-beating trial. and abc 7 news reporter joins us outside of the court. was there word from the jury today? >> no. we're still waiting for the jury to emerge and we have not gotten any word of any of their deliberations so far today on the first full day of deliberations. the case has a lot of legal yuances and those factors that no one expected but there has been waiting today.
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take a look at video from earlier where you can see the supporters in front of the court house as they have been every day of the trial. and there are prosecutors want to know on the charge that's stem from a confrontation that the san francisco man had in may of 20 owe with the former priest he says raped him and molested his younger brother in 1975. father lindner has never admitted to the numerous sexual molestation allegations against him, but the prosecutor in this case told the jury he believes that the vicious assaults on lynch took place in z.have simp pathy for the defendant but contends it did not give him right to break the law. the defense is arguing at best attack on father lindner was a misdemeanor assault and is hoping for an acquittal on all charge autos we don't.
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>> we think there is evidence he restrained himself. and. >> there are injuries told they're not supposed to consider a compromise verdict meeting in the middle when the jurors disagree about guilt versus innocence but we owe know the jurors do. >> abc 7 news legal analyst adds a hung jury is a possibility because it only takes one juror with strong convictions to keep the jury from reaching a unanimous decision. guilty verdicts on felony counts would carry a maximum four-year sentence because of the 4th of july holiday, court will not be in session. jurors will resume deliberations on thursday. reporting live in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. and in just about an hour from now, parents, students and activists are planning to protest outside of school district headquarters. the rally hours after police forced them to end a 19 day occupation at lake view school across from lake merit at the grand avenue exit. abc 7 news reporter explains they're upset about school closings. >> there is about 4:00 in the morning they told occupiers it's time to leave or face arrest autos their voices were heard and they're trespassing. and we needed to do that now in order to continue with preparations for 2012, 2013 school year. >> most left without incident but a smokesman says two people were arrested peacefully. you can see them in this picture given to us. >> one men by stopped by a
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number of people inside of the building is a parent and local leader seen here being interview bid abc 7 news. there is a when they're surprised and kind of scared and gave the thought they need to leave. >> they have been occupying the schools since june 15th to plan the protestedded closure of five schools. this morning would set up tents and protestors say the fight is not over yet. >> we're going to fight to stop attacking teachers and closing schools and to fight to have the best education possible for the kids. >> why is oakland squandering schools? the school district will tell you they have lost 17,000 students and more on the way
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out. they cannot afford to keep the schools open. >> and there is some gorgeous days outside. >> ask it's warm, but not sweltering. >> just a beautiful day. summer weather, no oppressive heat. just nice warmth around. we can expect continued blue skies, sunny skies with areas of fog developing at the coast and pushing locally overnight, temperatures ranging from mid-50s to mid-70s so will be mild into mid evening hours inland. and there is low temperatures ranging from 51-59 degrees and there is warm weather tomorrow with high temperatures from 6 to at the coast to 90s inland. there is a concern of what about the fog tomorrow night?
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will it obscure the view of the fire works? >> still ahead here why you should keep your eyes on the road. a hazard that sent an suv airborne. >> and there are pets that are great companions but their litter boxes may increase health risks for women. >> get away traffic is not bad, as you can see. there is a little stick qee but really not too bad. stay with us. so... [ gasps ]
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news a study suggests a parasite working in cat litter boxes may make women more prone to suicide. this is said to live in under cooked meat and unwashed vegetables. doctors found infected women were 1.5 times more likely to attempt suicide. that risk rose along with level of antibodies in the blood. research shows parasite can live in parts of the brain responsible for emotions and behavior and there is no vaccine. >> and there is a campaign reaching out to battered women is on you tube. there is a video that appears to be giving advice on how to cover up bruises and it's ironic. it's called how to look your best the morning after. >> if you got a lot of bruising from being pushed hard against a coffee table you can't gently apply a layer
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of silia. you can cover them ask kind of hide it and cover it up. >> my goodness, she made this video for don't cover it saying 65% of the victims don't report abuse. >> nearly a million and a half people in the mid at labt lantic are feeling powerless into the 4th of july holiday there is the latest from washington. >> crews are working around the clock but with nearly a million enough people without power, they're facing a battle. >> this is too many problems. >> there are summer was out electricity. >> there is a response is that
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they will have a scripted spiel. we'll get to you when we get to you. >> 75% of those who suffered power outages as a result of this hurricane punch without the warning have been restored. >> and there are temperatures in the 90s and no power means no air conditioning. >> it's got to be above 90 in here. it's hot. there is not much air moving around. >> and there is no refrigerator. >> we've been using the grill used up everything in the fridge. >> thousands without power in west virginia. mary young has a well, but no electricity to run it. that means no water. >> we've got water here and this is 104 degrees in the shade in our house now. >> the heat is expected to last several days and it's going to be a scorching 4th of
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july. >> and extreme heat in wisconsin causing an accident that looked like it's out of a movie. take a look. you can see an suv going airborne, look at that. there is a the woman that put down the camera calling 911. two people were able to wuk away but taken to the hospital. and there -- can you imagine? >> and there were seat belts on so they were okay. >> yes. >> yike autos spencer chis chin is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> there is things looking fine here and there is heat covering the country. it doesn't seem to be easing up. there is a look at highs today. and looking at heat we've got
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mid-90s up as far as fargo. and minneapolis. and over into chicago. upper 90s in washington, d.c. ask atlanta. 100 in st. louis. there is 95 in new orleans there is two areas not experiencing this extreme heat are the northeastern corner, and pacific coast where temperatures are moderate. let's take a look at live doppler 7. there are mainly sunny skies. just a spot of fog, sunny skies and coast toinland and there is readings 89 degrees in fairfield. 87 up in santa rosa it's warm, but not oppressively hot. 65 here in san francisco. there is fog locally inland.
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warmer pattern settles in this weekend. we might get that relatively extreme heat. there is a steady onshore flow going to push the fog back tonight tonight. lows will be mild like last night. mid. >>s for the most part there is movement of the fog quite a bitist will have pushed in inland but pulls back and highs ranging from 60s to just about 90 warmest locations so nice, warm 4th of july but what about fire works? there is fog rolling in into
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evening hours and it's about timing. there is from 400 to 600 feet. if it's slow, there are good viewing conditions for fire works. coming in early? not so good. highs tomorrow upper 80s to around 90s inland and there are similar conditions to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is warm weather staying with us and there are upper 60s on the coast. >> summer forecast. yeah. >> warm. and hot. >> there is a hot app for everybody. there is a great way are to wake up and get ready are the day. take a listen. >> who is that?
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>> what else do you need? >> i know that voice. sounds like a professional broadcaster, wonder guy. and there is an pp you set it before you go to bed. there is an easy way to plan the day. and this is before you can get going. there are special calls just for you. you've got to try them out. this is a great fee taur. >> moving on, still ahead here tonight remembering the actor who turns small town life into an iconic television hit. >> from action here yes to ambassador, following jackie chan's new project. >> and there is reemergence of
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4th of july tradition that's
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this afternoon there are a loss of a star. who can't whistle that song?
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andy griffith died in his home in the north carolina coast, best known for playing sheriff andy tailor on the andy griffith show. waits set in the fictional town of mayberry, based on his actual hometown. in the 80s he played a southern lawyer in the crime drama "matlock". he was 86 years old. and what an icon. >> so cute. always said andy tailor was a better man than andy griffith. >> i'm a nativive north carolinain. they're proud of him. and there is no scandal or anything. lived up to the image. >> and his friends are tweeting about the huge impact he had on them. >> hollywood is heart broken over the death of andy griffith z celebrities have been flooding twitter with
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sympathyes including ron howard who wrote the joy he took in creating for generations shaped my life. i'm forever grateful. and henry winkeler put relationship and forever in our memory, andy griffith. and one of the reasons i do what i do. and country singer brad paysly wrote he entertained the world, improved our lives and so proud to work with him and call him a friend. paysly is preparing for a big 4th of july, joining the president for the military uso concert. and jackie chan is in myanma this week to meet with government officials there. >> and there is don sanchez
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joining us with his review of "the amazing spiderman". and there is going face-to-face with an elite fire team that gos into some of the most dangerous situations. >> democrat versus democrat. signs that a good to term congressman is changing his strategy and fights to stay in office.
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east bay congressman pete stark rebooting his campaign. >> he parted ways with his top campaign consultant. >> abc 7 is here with the race that will pit stark against a fellow democrat. >> that is right. pete stark went into congress in 1973. the district democratic but this time around, it's different. he made gaffs and had to apologize for remarks. because of the top two distim he's facing a democratic challenger in november.
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congressman pete stark stood in union city this morning talking job creations and going after republicans. >> they say that they'll allow for congress and that is their program. >> it's not a republican candidate it's eric swalwell and a guy that finished seven points behind stark. pete stark deflected questions about why he hired a new campaign manager. >> we appreciate it but we need someone to be more active here in the community. >> when asked if he would meet in a debate, pete stark hustled away.
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>> there is only stupid questions like you're asking that have nothing to do with issue autos and he says he is confident pete stark is vulnerable running in a new district. >> i think if voters see the sharp contrast between the two of us there is a washington, d.c. insider and someone with real ideas to get the economy moving again. it's clear who voters want. >> and coming up we'll take a look at the newly-formed is ath district where stark and stallwell will be shrugging it out. and not face-to-face. >> thank you very much. >> military resumed a search for a deadly crash.
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four crew members were killed and two others injured. the crash prompted the military to temporarily ground the tankers. and the 7th returned to its home face. >> and in an elite team is on the fire lines in colorado after parachuting in. take a look at this, the group specializes in jumping into hot zones. >> we do move around and that is part of the system here. that is another trend making it nice to do the job. you don't know where you're going to be at tomorrow. the goal is put the power out. get home, safe, every day. >> rico gonzales is one of more than 400 smoke jumpers nationwide. the program has been around 70 years.
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and this is incredible. >> and we have more ahead for you. a popular trend among teenagers could be a cause for concern. >> a study on sexting expose what's teenagers who send those messages are up to. >> at no point did i feel like this is dangerous. >> women with the sharks. just five years old. a little girl's parents defend their decision that is generating outrage from parents. >> and will see see fire works tomorrow
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a check now on what people are searching for on the internet. andy griffith, skyin tolling and anderson cooper are some of the most-searched terms. and cnn anchor anderson cooper came out this week about his sexuality. a study is suggesting teenagers who send sexts are more likely to be sexually acti. that is according to researchers at university of texas in galveston. most were 15 or 16 years of age. 77% of the girls who had sent
4:38 pm
sexts were sexually active compared to those who had not. they also had a higher chance of engaging in risky behavior. >> video of a little girl just five years old swimming with sharks is getting an emotional response from parents around the country. abc 7 news received a lot of comments and you can see that people have plenty to say about it. >> look how close they are. >> home video making a splash online shows the little girl in water off the bahamas. that is her, snorkling with sharks. the water may not appear deep nor animals menacing but remember, they're sharks, and nya is just five years old. at the beginning of the video, posted by her parents, it
4:39 pm
sounds as if her mother is nervous. >> are you at a save distance? >> i was having second thoughts. >> but the daring family from connecticut decides to go for it. >> you didn't feel scared? >> at no point did i feel like this is dangerous. like going on a roller coaster, probably not going to fall off but it's still scary. >> oh, my gosh. >> but the video turned out to be too scary for some. it's now being reposted on other web sites, generating emotional responses from parents. >> you're allowed to be as reckless as you want to be but as parents it's our job to protect our kids from reckless and dangerous behavior. >> and she says she knows that little anaya is floating above reef sharks. animal experts say they're rarely aggressive. but rarely is not never.
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>> we would be having a different conversation if the little girl had been attacked. >> she's your daughter why take the right after this snk. >> life is too short to be boring. it's the barns family way. >> there is risk assess nmt live all the time. i'm concerned they don't put seat belts on school bus autos the barns say they researched the risk and decided waits worth it to help newer tour an adventureus spirit. >> waits really fun. >> she's okay that, is good news. >> wow. >> and there is a holiday upon use it's going to be scorching foremost of the country. there is upper 90s in locations around across the country so. heat wave continues here, in california it's going to be are warm in
4:41 pm
spots, highs of 97 in chico. 100 palm springs and here in the bay area, sunny skies and there are highs into low to mid-80s, on the peninsula, mid to upper 70s, mid 6 ows into coastal locations. there is upper 80s to near 90s and there is inland east bay highs into upper 80s to around 906789 and monterey bay, highs near 70s near the bay. again, national heat wave continues tomorrow, dangerous conditions as you're aware. and there is a fire danger that is high. we're looking for signs of it easing up. >> thank you. >> and there is a simple click changing the lives of way area foster children. hundreds have helped.
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>> and okay, if you're like me, your summer road trips include stops in some of the popular roadside breakfast chains. i'm michael finney. and i'll have advice for where you can find the best pancakes. you'll hang around. >> i will hang around for that. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain,
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abc 7 news is teeming up with sleep train and you may have seen the campaign that sleep train runs all year round, we're proud to say we're joining in that effort. you can help us by using facebook. first, abc 7 news gives us a look at the needs of foster children. >> this 18-year-old andre tailor was five years old when entering the system, suffering through four foster homes and two group homes before finding what he calls a perfect family at 10. >> i was physically, mentally and emotionally abused he tried to hope for a better life but it was hard. >> i remember when i -- i entered foster care i was like
4:46 pm
nobody loves me. and nobody believes i can do anything. >> now, with support of a loving family for eight years his ambition and achievements soared. he's headed to uc santa barbara with hopes of a career in music. >> this. >> if this music thing does not happen i will go go to graduate school at harvard for either law or english and try to become president or become an english professor. >> like all foster children his greatest need is for someone to love him. >> i had a child asking how many hugs could i have per day? >> lisa provide that had love to 12 foster children over eight years, it takes more than love. there are other needs. >> often times you'll get children with no clothes. nothing. they come to your home with
4:47 pm
nothing. i've had children who were taken from their home at midnight. they have nothing. >> that is where sleep train comes in, asking people to donate school supplies and clothe collection bins set up in stores, their tv and radio ads play year round. >> the coe says he got the idea of a toy drive. >> we noticed delivering toys kids didn't have shoes, they didn't have mattresses. they didn't have jackets. they needed basics we said this is what we're going to do. >> the children rely on kindness of strangers. programs like sleep train try to make it easier for those strangers to help. >> and there is how you can help.
4:48 pm
all you need to do is a facebook page. it says like, you press that and there if you want to like our page, please do and for every new like on our page $1 gets donated to foster children. and if you're a fan, you can spread the word by pressing a badge here and that will share on your wall. >> and that is fantastic. facebook added new icons to recognize same-sex marriage. the palo alto based social networking site rolled out the feature sunday night this, wedding announcement of facebook is one of the first times it was used. this will indicate whether nullly weds are two grooms two, brides or a bride and groom. >> and if you're driving around, you may be tempted to
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stop at i hop but which chain makes the best flap jacks? >> flap jacks? griddel cakes? >> we're backward autos yes, they are. just in time for the road trip, consumer reports tested to see how i hop pancakes or flap jacks stack up against competition. pancakes are a favorite way to start the day. >> i love pancakes every morning. they're so good. i love to have pancake autos consumer reports went uncover, eating at five major chains. >> it should be tender and moist. when it comes to flavors you want to get the hint of the grain. >> i hop pancake looked better
4:50 pm
than they tasted. they cooled and became tough. >> denny's tasted from a mix. so did ones from country kitchen. best pancakes came from cracker barrel and perkins. cooked to a nice, golden brown and tasted freshly prepared but consumer reports found it's better to order pancakes in the morning. >> when we ordered off the all day menu we sometimes found they picked up flavors of other foods on the grill. and frankly they weren't as good. >> and for the syrup, cracker barrel is the only where it contains real maple. consumer reports compared pure maple syrup to a variety of others to see which tasted best. that is no contest z hands down real tasted best. you don't want to overdo it. consumer reports ruins the fun
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saying there are 200 calories in a quarter cup of real maple syrup compared to 20 calories in a quarter cup of sugar-free syrup. >> i use two and a half cups. >> what is the point if you don't have the real deal? >> appreciate it. >> next on abc 7 news at 4:00 the moment that made don sanchez say "wow". the review of "the amazing spiderman" coming up next. >> and a scrimmage in the santa clara stadium deal. >> that is coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 now here is david mui wr. a look at world news at 5:30. >> great to see you. tonight on world news record-breaking heat. tonight we're preparing for the hottest 4th of july on record. also, have you seen that highway buckling under the heat? the suv sent into the air? tonight the flyover that went
4:52 pm
wrong. windows shattered and the sound of it. you'll hear it all. we'll remember andy griffith. we'll hear from ron howard remembering his famous tv dad, all of these years later. [ horn honks ]
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♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy,
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deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. the amazing spiderman opened and its already a confirmed blockbuster. >> making over $8 million the first opening fight. >> -- in -- night. >> don sanchez shows you how it measures up. >> this live is not an easy one. >> i made powerful enemies. >> he's back but this time, spiderman is thoughtful. and there is questions
4:56 pm
complicate bid that spider bite given him power. and this is not all somber. >> if you're going to dress cars don't dress like a car thief. >> he's trying to help get the bad guys. police see him as a vigilante. then, his relationship with emma stone as gwen. you can see the chemistry becoming. and his friend is trying to regrow an arm. and emma gets trapped in a lab. and martin sheen told him if he can do good, he has to do it. that kind of becomes the mantra. >> this begs the question was it necessary to relaunch? probably not, but why not?
4:57 pm
it's darker, more complex, stlo start and there is one sequence so exhilarating i stood up and said wow. it's what the film should be throughout. >> looks spectacular. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and for larry beil and carolyn johnson, remember, you can down load our app free from apple's store, just search for abc 7 news san francisco alarms. >> there is amazing spiederman opened a minute after midnight. it's a blockbuster, we'll take a look at the new stadium fight going on for san francisco 49ers. >> and what is sparking runs
4:58 pm
of the 4th of july traditions? will fog interfere with fire works show? i'll have the 4th of july forecast coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> 49ers will fight to open their new stadium in two years despite a surprise. >> officials say they're $30 million short, promised $40 million to help build a stadium and. >> they only received $10 million of that, however. we're live with more. >> touch down in court today. here is what their attorney had to say. >> i'm not authorized to
4:59 pm
speak. >> that is about it for him. lloyd connelly granted a request prohibiting santa clara from giving away money that the team says was promised to them. so here is a bit of background. 49ers plan to open in santa clara in 2014. and as you said they're promised $40 million in redevelopment tax money in a deal approved by the city voters back in 2010. and have received $10 million but lawmakers dismantled the agencies in the space and last month, just a couple weeks ago a new oversight board decided to divert money saying that students and teachers need millions not a football team. well, the decision to pull funds came out of the blue. the 49ers refused to be sacked and they took their case to court today


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