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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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wrecking it right before he can take off. tom and suri reunited. the superstar dad caught on camera, his arms around his daughter. the 6-year-old together with her father for the first time since her parents' divorce. brand-new details now on his life now as a single dad. and we have everyone on board and some breaking news this morning, it's out of syria, the syrian defense minister has been killed by a suicide blast. other senior officials in the government said to be seriously injured. you see president assad there with the defenseman. this is coming after four straight days of fighting between government troops and rebels. a major development in the civil war there. we'll talk to christiane amanpour about that. >> we will get to that. but also, big news about a brand-new diet drug. richard besser will be along
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with what this means for millions of americans affected by obesity. some big news also. look at this stunning moment caught on tape. two robbers going to hold up an internet cafe and what a surprise they got, a 71-year-old man steps in, pulls out his own gun, there he is, right there, takes them on, saves the whole cafe. we'll have all of that in just a little bit. >> he wasn't going to take it anymore. but first the beginning of the end of the fourth heat wave of the season for some parts of the country. a break in those scorching temperatures on the way thanks to a string of severe storms rolling in. and sam is tracking it all for our extreme weather team. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. night time it's supposed to be cool. but in our backyard in times square, it never got any cooler than 82 degrees. the actual heat index the way it feels right now, 85 this morning. and there's more than two dozen record high temperatures across the country. barely one quarter of this country will cool down with these storms. take a look what it's going to feel like with heat and humidity. this morning you start in the 80s in indianapolis, boston to
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new york, it will feel like 107 and 111 in new york. 107 in indy. 108 in washington, d.c. and some record high temperatures, the actual temperature in d.c. will be 103. this is the small zone, cleveland to boston to washington, where those thunderstorms this afternoon will cool things down. but the rest of the country stays unbearably cool. we'll talk about that when we get to everybody's weather. robin, george. syrian defense minister killed in a suicide blast, the details are just coming in right now. we want to go our global affairs anchor, christiane amanpour. she joins us from jerusalem this morning. good morning, christiane. what we know, now, the defense minister, the president assad's brother-in-law, both killed. this was a strike right at the heart of the syrian power structure. >> reporter: george, it absolutely is. it's unprecedented. we've seen defections and high level generals defect but not seen such high level officials
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right at the heart, as you say, of defense and intelligence and security structure, attacked in this brazen and bold way and such high level officials killed. the defense minister, and very important officials, given they're pitted against this growing rebellion, and of course, president assad is calling these people terrorists, so has an army statesman said, and they vow to crack down. this is very close to the presidential palace, very close on the heals of major fighting, unprecedented levels of fighting in damascus. this is a turning point, george. >> that was going to be my question. president assad started to lose his hold on the countryside, but this is the capital. >> reporter: exactly. president assad was able to tell the people this is a bunch of rebels, a bunch of terrorists outside in the countryside but now it's come to the capital, not just to the capital but to
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his defense ministry. his own brother-in-law has been killed and this is very close to the presidential palace. you can imagine this is being watched very closely in jerusalem and israel. where the general consensus in israel and in the united states and around u.s. allies, saying it would be better for assad to go. >> christiane, thanks very much. let's go to josh elliott with the rest of the headlines. good morning to you and all of you, we're getting word that actress halle berry has been released from an l.a. hospital. we learned she fell on the set of her movie much hitting her head on the con great but we're told the injury is only minor. now breaking new, the man called the most-wanted nazi was taken into custody. 97-year-old laszlo csatary, can accused of killing over 16,000 jews in nazi death camps in
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world war ii. and a developing story in baghdad. a single bomb set or a change reaction of explosions. destroying 22 nato trucks, injured two drivers. taliban is claiming responsibility. also this morning, president obama is announcing a plan to attract new math and science teachers and help make the u.s. more competitive in the fields. he wants to spend some $1 billion to create an elite group of teachers who would get an extra $20,000 per year. congress has to okay the money and that's far from a done deal and a brazen holdup in florida didn't exactly go off as planned, again, thanks to one gun-toting senior citizen. look at the surveillance video two armed robbers, storming an internet cafe. watch the back of your screen. 71-year-old samuel williams is not taking that anymore.
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pulls his own gum. takes aim and would save the day. the suspects actually made a run for it. they were hit twice as they flee out the door. the suspects later arrested. we should point out, williams does have a gun license and is not expected to be charged. remarkable. >> and what a uniform. bermuda shorts and a golf cap. >> yeah, why not. >> okay, josh, thanks very much. now to that security breach, at an airport in utah, a murder suspect was able to steal and start an unlocked passenger jet. he didn't get away with it. jim avila highlights a real vulnerability in airport security. >> reporter: good morning, jim. . >> reporter: good morning, george. it's a serious safety issue that reveals a problem at parked jet liners all across the country. the damage extensive and dramatic. a delta connection jet sits on the tarmac at st. george, utah, its nose cone and left wing crashed by a desperate man. crashing the plane in an apparent attempt to escape
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justice and exposing a weak link in airport security. >> he's a current skywest pilot. he'll know exactly how to get into the plane, activate the systems and take that plane off. >> reporter: in fact that's what licensed but suspended pilot for skywest airlines, brian hedglin may have tried to do. the 40-year-old jumped the security fence wearing gloves and throwing a rug over the barbed wire. at 1:00 in the morning, he boarded the unlocked jet, started it up and headed for the runway. but in his haste, he clipped the jetway, damaging the terminal. >> he put it in drive so to speak, his left wing on the aircraft clipped the jet bridge, probably making it inoperable. >> reporter: the pilot was on the run from colorado spring, prime suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, christina
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lopez cornejo. but when that failed, the jet engine still idling when police arrived. a personal tragedy and wake-up call on several security levels. >> commercial jets don't have keys to open the door. >> reporter: that's right. the jet was only protected by barbed wire fence and lone patrol car assigned to watch seven miles of perimeter. >> aviation security is a system and the system is only as strong as its weakest link. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating and so is the tsa. certainly there will be changes in security procedures across the country. george and robin. >> sure we can count on that. all right, jim. thank you. now to new details about kerry kennedy and that car crash that she was involved in last week. kennedy speaking out on tuesday, saying the collision was not caused by driving while impaired but doctors believe she had a seizure, stemming from an old brain injury. abc's david muir is back with the latest on all of this. good morning, david. >> lot of attention on this case.
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kerry kennedy the daughter of robert kennedy, this morning after pleading not guilty, we hear her own explanation. saying it wasn't the ambien, but the seizure. >> i want to apologize to the driver of the truck who i apparently hit, and to all of those i endangered while driving my car last friday morning. >> reporter: her first words an apology to the truck drivers and the others on that highway. just days after police say she sideswiped a tractor trailer, and later found to have exited the highway, and slumped over the wheel. the truck driver also now talking, describing what he saw. >> i was worried about her hitting somebody else. and she also hit about five cars when she got off the exit. she had no control of the car. and she didn't even make an attempt to slow down or even stop. >> reporter: when police discovered kennedy, they said that her speech was slurred and she couldn't stand on one leg or walk and turn for them. her explanation at the time was a possible medical mix-up that she might have taken ambien the sleeping aid, instead of her
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thyroid medication that morning. after pleading not guilty she broke her silence. saying doctors now believe it was something else. >> i remember, getting on the highway and then i have no memory until i was stopped at a traffic light and a police officer was at my car door. >> reporter: kennedy said that she underwent urine and blood tests which showed nothing. and an mri which she says, shows an area of the brain still damaged from a head injury some time ago. >> this coupled with an abnormal eeg, the lack of memory, the quick recovery, led my doctors to believe that this accident was caused not by a sleeping aid, but by a complex partial seizure. >> there's a whole list of things that could cause unconsciousness, impaired ability. a complex partial seizure is one of those possibilities. >> reporter: kennedy was ordered
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to undergo screening for substance abuse. she was released on her own recognizance. though she was adamant that was never been the case. >> i have never had any history of drug or alcohol abuse. >> police are still waiting for the results of their own toxicology reports. the truck driver, after hearing kennedy apologize, telling the new york post it was heartwarming to hear. he would love to get together for coffee. we'll see if that happens. all right, david, thank you. for more "good morning america" legal analyst dan abrams is back with us. she really laid out a lot of details. >> wouldn't be amazing that a misdemeanor case would go to trial and they would have warring experts. medical experts on one side, talking about a seizure, and medical experts on the other side, talking about prescription drugs. it's almost hard to fathom, in the context of a misdemeanor like this, that that would happen, but based on what you're hearing her say, and based on what the authorities say, you never know. and in a high-profile case, the rules are different. meaning you might see something like this, a deal or dismissed when the world is watching,
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everyone has to stand their ground. >> normally something like this wouldn't go to trial, but you're saying you think it will. >> when someone is charged with misdemeanor, you plead them down or whatever the case may be. but in this case, you may see it go to a trial and have warring experts. >> seizure as she claims, is that defense? >> absolutely. absolutely. it wouldn't be a crime if she had no warning and she had a medical episode. a single episode. that would not be a crime. if, on the other hand, she had taken some sort of prescription drugs, that you certainly shouldn't take before driving, totally different story. what's going to happen here, you have to think about everything that was seen by the witnesses and what she told the police at the time. that becomes really important. she said that she didn't remember. police and authorities say that's the key. >> all right, dan. as always, thank you. now to new hope of the millions of americans affected by obesity. the fda has approved the drug
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qsymia. a prescription diet drug. the results have been dramatic in clinical trials. dr. richard besser is here to tell us about it. ho does this work and how effective is it? >> it contains two drugs already on the market. one is a stimulant which decreases your appetite. the other is antiseizure drug, which had as a side effect, weight loss. they lose about 10% of their weight. >> that's pretty significant. the fda had been worried in the past about possible side effects. they looked at this back in 2010, some of to possible side effects, confusion, memory loss, increased heart rate. and birth defects. but when the committee looked at it again this year, they said yes, there's side effects from the drug. but the side effects from obesity. heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, those are real and for the past decade there's been almost nothing to offer people aside from weight loss and surgery. >> about 30% of americans are
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obese. bottom line, who should use this and whould shouldn't? >> e people who are either obese or overweight and have medical problems associated with that. high blood pressure or diabetes. it's definitely not recommended for pregnant women and very important point, a woman who wants to take this, needs to have a negative pregnancy test and they want to do pregnancy testing every month. the other thing is, you know, when it comes to heart disease, one of the components of this drug was in fen fen. the drug that came off the market because of heart problems. the company has to do long-term studies for heart health in order for this to go to market. >> thank you, richard besser. the latest in desperate search for those two missing little girls in iowa. five days of searching has turned up few leads about the cousins who vanished and where they could be now. abc's alex perez is evansdale with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. authorities continue the process of draining this lake in hopes of finding any sign of the girls. we learned that blood hounds picked up their scent in this area. the parents, at this point,
7:15 am
believe someone abducted them. for misty and daniel morrissey, staying busy, helps them stay strong. desperately searching for their 10-year-old daughter, lyric cook, and her 8-year-old cousin, elizabeth collins. >> we've been in the woods, getting dirty, sweaty, scratched up. >> reporter: the girls vanished after leaving for a bike ride about noon on friday. they were reported missing just before 3:00. for the first time, we're hearing from someone who saw them during that short window of time. >> they came riding by on their bikes, said hi, and that's the last thing that, i heard from them. >> reporter: robert carpenter was watering his lawn when the girls rode by his home, just a few blocks away from meyers lake where their bikes were later recovered on a trail. >> what is it like to think you may have been one of the last people to see the girls? >> shocking, seeing them, and
7:16 am
then you don't get to see them again. >> reporter: the lack of solid police leads has many police in this tight-knit town hugging their children and frantic for answers. >> it's a mystery. like there's nothing -- we have nothing to go on. they're just gone. >> reporter: the agony isn't getting any easier for health collins, she remembers spending the morning with her daughter elizabeth just hours before that fateful bike ride. >> she like quickly popped out of her bed and quickly crawled in my bed. she said it's mommy and elizabeth time. >> reporter: memories like those and pictures of their sporty, happy little girl that keep them hopeful. >> i want to wake up to a dream of my daughter being there. >> reporter: authorities believe that this lake could be completely drained by late today possibly tomorrow, investigators say at this point, they still consider this a missing persons case. robin. >> thank you, alex, very much. back now to sam, boy the heat continues to be on. >> i know.
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it will only break for a few people. good morning, again, everyone. 19 states have these heat warnings, watches and advisories out. let's just throw on the -- let's just throw on the -- let's just throw on -- there you go. the temperatures. you see 99 in indianapolis. kansas city, at 100. memphis, 96. raleigh, 100. what may be more important, though, that combination of heat and humidity, really, you'll have to work hard to cool yourself. it's going to feel like it's 100 to 105 in a lot of those locations. even if the temperatures are in the 90s. here's the big board and you can see the only cool spots are right around the great lakes and the extreme west coast from seattle well kind of into l.a. san diego. slightly cooler along the coastline and step into the heat and everybody's got it. today, those strong storms will be alive particularly in that mid-atlantic, northeast area. we'll watch those carefully on your abc stations.
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>> we'll show you where those gusty thunderstorms pick up in the next half-hour. you may feel lucky with the cooler temperatures if you get them. josh, robin. real quick, update on a story if you want to call it that, we brought to you monday, two of rock 'n roll all-time greats, bruce springsteen and sir paul mccartney, unplugged in london, as you see here, silenced by local authorities, said nope, it's curfew time, well, springsteen hit dublin last night and take a look at what happened. the stage is rushed by police. >> no. >> it's a joke. >> it's a joke, sam. it's okay. >> not police, police. not like rescue police. >> sam's like, no. >> no, please, no. only the boss says when to pull the plug. >> good sense of humor.
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thanks, guys. coming up on "good morning america" -- tom cruise reunited with suri. brand-new details. and a bizarre murder for hire case, doctor versus doctor. i love cash back. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. no annual fee. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagna.
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. good morning i'm kristen sze. this morning uc students and workers plan to protest a
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regents meeting where the will discuss possible 20% tuition hike warning that will happen if voters don't approve the tax measure on the november ballot if it passes the system will receive an extra 125 million dollars. regents will also consider proposal to freeze undergrads tuition and fee hikes. moderate out there at this hour, a couple of issues, first 80 westbound past fairfield highway 12 car fire cleared to the right. 580 westbound north livermore accident cleared. still mild coming out of the central valley. metering lights on, backed into the macarthur maze. >> looks grey out there.
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welcome back. clouds causing nearly 110 minute flight arrival delays into sfo, san jose oakland okay cloudy but 60 in san jose, 61 mountain view. today five to 10° warmer inland rest of us close to yesterday big w
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little daddy/daughter time for tom and suri. first time together for the two. since his split from katie holmes. they're heading to suri's gymnastics in new york city yesterday. lot of pictures of the two. lot more coming up on "good morning america." also ahead, the latest on a bizarre murder for hire case. plastic surgeon accused of paying a hitman in silver dollars to kill another doctor, his rival. >> that's a strange one. how about some good news for sofia vergara, star of modern family, friend of "good morning america," we'll have the details ahead.
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and get ready for the ride of your life, we have tickets to america's newest, tallest, fa faster and scariest roller coaster. we could not get josh back on the roller coaster. >> i have tickets available. let's get to that murder case out of texas. the kind of plot that you would expect from a soap opera. dan and nancy grace are ready to weigh in. the story is full of bizarre twists and turns. two prominent doctors. a mystery woman and a hitman. in the end, one doctor is dead and two people are under arrest. police said thomas michael dixon was so hung up on his ex-girlfriend he contacted her constantly, even after she began dating another man. >> someone has broken a window in the break and the doctor did not show up for work today. >> on july 11th, his landscaper
7:31 am
called police from outside his home. >> i need somebody to hurry! >> reporter: no one had heard from the respected chief pathologist. >> one of his co-workers into the house and said it wasn't good. >> reporter: he was found stabbed to death in his living room. >> nothing involved. but fda. >> reporter: dr. dixon a plastic surgeon is probably best known for his on-camera appearances. dr. dixon was arrested. police also arrested 51-year-old david shepherd. shepherd's roommate told police that it was an alleged murder for hire. his alleged for the million, three silver bars, worth $3,000 each, delivered by dr. dixon the ex.
7:32 am
>> this is all very surprising that he would be involved at this level. nothing we have been able to find so far in his background that this was going to happen. >> reporter: both men are now charged with murder. dr. dixon's bail was set at $10 million, while shepherd is still waiting to face a children. his children told abc, although there were many tears shed, there was also a sense of hope that my father's murder has been solved. what makes even heartbreaking for the murder doctor, their mother was also killed. nancy grace, host of hln nancy grace and dan abrams. nancy, let me begin with you, murder for $9,000 and silver bars. it sounds almost biblical.
7:33 am
>> fyi, george, there are i.d. numbers like vin numbers on silver bars, just in case you find yourself embroiled in a murder for hire, no use silver bars as a method of payment. it links right back to dr. dixon. aren't there enough women, beautiful women, in amarillo, why he was so fixated on one woman. the roommate for the murder of hire, shepherd, the shooter, goes to police, tells them everything that shepherd had been stalking sanjay the victim for weeks and then texts the doctor every move. they got a quite a trial. >> in all of these cases, people forget, there's no such thing as professional hitmen, you got to go to the guy next door who you happen to know, as a result, these cases fell apart based on
7:34 am
people talking and that's what allegedly happened here. you have this roommate, who the hit. man is talking to, what's the defense possibly in this case? in this particular case, you'll probably see the doctor point the finger at the hitman and say, yes, he may have been involved but it wasn't me. and the problem is going to be, as nancy points out, you got the silver bars, you got other links back to the doctor and that's going to be the key in this case. it's going to be the combination of the roommate's testimony and maybe most importantly, motive and any other pieces they're able to bring back to the doctor. >> anything that the defense can do, nancy? >> and dan -- well, yeah, i think dan's idea of these two, they should be tried together, since i expect this death penalty case, we're talking
7:35 am
about texas, people, police should have a fairly good understanding of the needle of him in this case. they should try these two together. let them stew together in the same pot. what they would do at the trial, that never looks on trial. the roommate is going to crack the case wide open. we still don't know the woman's name. she's going to make a dramatic court to detail him stalking her and i predict the death penalty and here we go, you know why? murder of hire is an aggravating circumstance. >> you're saying both for th-- both of them? >> sure. >> you'll have a big fight in this case to be tried together or separately. they want to be tried separately.
7:36 am
they both plea not guilty. >> if death penalty charges could conceivably go for a bargain in return for having the death penalty? >> in a case like this, you would ordinary try to cut the deal with the hitman as opposed to the person who plotted it out. deals are tough to come by. >> i don't think anybody should get a blue light special in this case, because it's a plot that went on for months and months. he was ejected. when she dumped him for another doctor it was just too much for him to take. you know what, pack that jury with women, they'll be out, 30 minutes and that includes a soft drink break. >> we'll not take any offense today, nancy, thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> it seems like every day
7:37 am
there's a brand-new fire out west. the about 1400 acres. it looked like, they feel like, isn't that frightening to see those kind of fires raging? some good news, tropical remnant down in southern california offer the coastline, you could get a record amount of rainfall if you will in san diego. any moisture in the air will help this area. this is where along the cool front in the east, thunderstorms are likely to be powerful and light up, cleveland, pittsburgh, new york city and boston. that could mean
7:38 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by bp. thank you, sam. coming up -- tom cruise and suri, their first day reuniting since his lightning-fast divorce from katie holmes. tiful blooms.. in mississippi we had more good times... in louiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. what makes me feel truly decadent? [announcer:] new revlon colorstay whipped crème makeup. its unique formula flexes with skin for a flawless finish. the feel of nothing but silk on my skin.
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we're back at 7:42 with the latest tom cruise. reunited as you see with his 6-year-old daughter suri, for
7:42 am
the first time since his split from katie holmes. amy robach joins us with more. >> robin, in the divorce settlement between tom cruise and katie holmes, holmes has primary custody of his daughter. tom took advantage of his generous visitations for the first time on tuesday. >> tom cruise reunites with suri. >> tom's first visit with suri since the split. >> reporter: their the headline grabbing photos. tom cruise reuniting with daughter suri, their first appearance together since katie holmes filed for divorce from the a-list actor almost three weeks ago. overnight, cruise, once again, carrying suri, this time cradles her head and even cracking a smile as the father/daughter duo made their way to the 6-year-old
7:43 am
gymnastics class at chelsea piers. >> she has this tough image as an action star. he's ecstatic to see suri. >> reporter: tom and suri reportedly spent tuesday catching up, one-on-one, at new york city's greenwich hotel. his sister spotted entering the same hotel carrying toys. absent was holmes, the actress will reportedly have no contact with cruise while he's in town. over the weekend, cruise wrapped filming on the film oblivion before jetting off to new york to catch up with suri. >> he's going to have an active role in suri's life. >> reporter: he told our diane sawyer a week before suri was born in april 2006. >> have you thought about the first thing you want to say to this child? >> just how much i love this
7:44 am
child. how much i love this child and just what a beautiful life you're going to have. >> reporter: now reportedly cruise and holmes have vowed to keep everything civil. a source close to the former couple they both know they'll have to make decisions together on suri for many years. >> they love that little girl. >> they do, indeed. >> you know where suri will be going to school? >> reports are circling that katie has enrolled suri in an all-girls catholic school, sacred heart. famous alum from sacred heart, lady gaga, the hilton sisters. she'll be going to this catholic church, a bit of a turn from scientology. coming up, josh, with account "the play of the day." and are you ready to ride? we're taking you on the craziest
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here's the "play of the day." hello, all. this is a good one. you know cat people. dog people. this little girl definitely a cat person and there's one reason why. take a look. little dog is giving her cat problems. and a small little girl. oh, what lovely, lovely -- >> what would she doing. >> probably the same. >> she's on a mission. >> i think the cat could take
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care of itself. >> the cat is like, let me out of here. >> why i ought to -- >> she's going to be a brigadier general. where are we going in. >> this is an air lift. please, all of those stairs. yeah. >> we have steals and deals. why sofia vergara is laughing all of the way to the bank and florence and the machine. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face. face it with puffs facial tissues. unlike the leading regular tissue, puffs has soft, air-fluffed pillows
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7:55 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is set to testify in his ethics probe today. she made the trip from venezuela for the hearing. the commission deciding whether to recommend removing mirkarimi from office over a domestic violence incident involving lopez. mike is here to talk about how long things will stay grey. probably until noon then high clouds and sun still
7:56 am
below average this afternoon, two degrees in san francisco duck digits redwood city, san jose and livermore most of us in the 70s. warmer by the weekend. couple of incidents in the south bay. 880 southbound before coleman accident just cleared to the shoulder debris in lanes northbound 101 before alum rock
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] sam's out there in times square. but we're listening to the red hot chili pepper roller coaster, why? you remember this roller coaster. >> yes, unfortunately. >> oh, look. >> oh, that never gets old. oh, no! >> well, today -- >> an even wilder ride. with cotton candy. >> cameron mathison with one of
8:00 am
the newest and most intense, it's called the sky rush, he brought back a sweet special treat. he said it was the ride of his life. >> really? >> i pulled a lara today. >> oh, no. >> quietly, enjoying my cotton candy. >> it's a light suit. i'm not getting up today. >> oh, yes, you are. oh, yes you are. how much do we love sofia vergara. let's get to the picture right now. so funny on "modern family." now it turns out that she's on top of the list in hollywood, "forbes" telling us exclusively, she's the highest earning woman on television. >> that's great. cotton candy mouth. summer just got tastier. our special secret.
8:01 am
secret steals and daels. great stuff to eat. better to cotton candy, i dare say. oh, my cotton candy just wilted. more than 70% savings only for you our gma viewers. and how about this, florence and the machine? live, right here. >> see what sam did there with the floral arrangement? >> i love to decorate. i do what i can. >> i brake for cotton candy. >> josh, you have a lot of breaking news. >> yes, we do. we'll start with the breaking news overseas. a major escalation in the crisis in syria. several top government officials have been killed in a suicide attack today including the minister of defense and president assad's brother in law, a top level government official. this is the seventh time top officials have been killed. meanwhile here at home, security is being reviewed this morning at a small airport in utah, after a pilot was able to scale a fence, and steal that commercial jet that you see there, the pilot a suspect in his ex-girlfriend's death in colorado. hits the jetway with the plane,
8:02 am
damaging the terminal. he was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a new poll in the race for president, shows that americans are not happy with the way president obama and mitt romney are running their respective campaigns. just 38% have a positive view of the romney campaign. president obama fared only slightly better. the latest attacks between the two, stem from the president's comment that business owners alone are not responsible for their successes. romney called that an insult. meantime romney is under increasing pressure to release more of his tax returns after relentless questioning about his financial dealing. and encouraging news about the economy or at least the housing market. a new report this morning shows new home construction hit a four-year high the last month. the latest evidence that the housing market has finally turned the corner and begun to recover. meanwhile a bizarre crash to show you in new york. an suv plunged four stories down
8:03 am
an empty elevator shaft. took about an hour to rescue the driver. he is still okay. not clear how he made that wrong turn. and actress halle berry has been released from the hospital. after falling and hitting her head. a spokesperson said the accident was mild. and a new study says lacks of exercise causes as many deaths around the world as does smoking. doctors remind us, just a half hour of brisk walking five days a week makes all the difference. now here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's news. diane. >> josh, great to talk to you this wednesday morning. we all know the fire storm that we created when the made in america team reported on "world news" the u.s. olympic uniforms made in china, well, tonight, david muir with workers determined to have that uniforms
8:04 am
made right here at home. all right. diane, finally a horse in kentucky in touch with his inner artist, a horse named justin. there you see him there. started throwing around the paint brush a while back, now painting, they can't keep them on the shelves. selling for hundreds of dollars, all of the money going to help a local museum. which is very nice. justin's owners encouraged her, realized he liked to draw shapes in the sand with her whip, gave her a brush and he started painting. a better name than justin? i don't know. rembrandt. van gogh. you see -- >> yes. >> with the whip in the sand. how about "pop news" lara. >> i would be happy to. good morning to all. and to you. people who go to karaoke bars know, you'll have to endure
8:05 am
pretty terrible singing, when katherine took to the stage they were blown away by how good she was. katherine, turns out was katy perry. channeling her best will smith. ♪ ♪ i'm going to miami, welcome to miami ♪ >> she sounds like she's having a very good time, by the way. once patrons of the californian bar, heard her jam, they quickly realized that katherine was really katy, the video was posted on tmz. so much for anonymous fun out with friends. >> not for katy perry, no. we all know what made "magic mike" a hit with women, those actors' incredible, incredible performances. true thespians, i mean, honestly, i feel it. >> or were they acting? >> and the story line.
8:06 am
it was really character development. >> it really was, it was development all right. now men everywhere can get a little of that, thanks to an italian company. >> get a little of what? >> of that. >> i'm confused. >> don't make me say it, sam. just look at the video. i'm about to tell you. three years in scientific development, men's underwear promises maximum comfort but visually enhanced results. we're told that the underwear creates a second skin that embraces the derriere's natural roundness, using patented technology. >> now, i understand. >> did i answer all of your questions? >> yes. >> well, head to their website if you have more questions. >> apparently it's a lifting mechanism. >> can you stop with the hand motion? >> i'm sorry. >> do they have a 1-800 number? >> i think it's 1-900 number
8:07 am
actually. >> they look really comfortable. i'm kidding. it's a joke. i'm going outside. in other news, the dark knight rises and so do ticket prices, the summer blockbuster hasn't everyone opened yet, but scalpers are already snapping tickets up, flipping them for more than ten times face value. one report said tickets are scalped for as much as $140. in council bluffs, iowa, that's what it covers to see a major concert. they don't realize, jokers don't realize it's a one-day performance, it stays on and on. however the reviews are in, one critic calls it the best night of your life. >> ding, ding -- >> and finally, two justins joining forces, trending in a big way, joining forces, the
8:08 am
seamless mash-up of justin bieber's "boyfriend." and justin singing a song created by a fan of both. to be clear, thank you, the biebs said that he was unaware of the insync song "girlfriend" or the "boyfriend." you see it, it's remarkable, if their content, it looks and feels like one song now. trending big. check that out. namaste, everyone. >> a little late for that. >> thanks to sam. >> oh, sam. ladies and gentlemen, my favorite ladies from blissful michigan with a song in your heart the. go ahead, give us a little ♪ mr. sam-man bring us the weather ♪
8:09 am
>> i love it. thank you. let's get to the boards. if you put my face on a sign you're getting on tv. here's what's happening, a little bit of cooler air gets in, it will come in the way strong, to severe storms in the east. temperatures already trending downward. we already start to see our fifth heat wave building in the west and this will spread across the country after that little cooling break leaves. here's that heat. know that break is a small one. >> sarah and faith, what's the
8:10 am
name of town on your sign? >> frankenmuth. >> okay. because i couldn't say it. >> oh, lara. thank you, sam. here's a look at what is coming up on our ""gma morning menu" clue. sofia vergara turning funny into big money. plus one wild ride, we're taking you on the craziest new roller coaster in the country. and deals and steals fun food edition just for our "gma" viewers. stay with us. ♪ our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. you get a 50% annual bonus.
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and raise our barks to rally till we all get k9 advantix ii. join us at [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good. [ male announcer ] at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ happy crowd here in times square, ready to learn a little bit more about sofia vergara. one of our best friends here at "good morning america." and what a big star she has become. "fortune" magazine has run the
8:15 am
numbers and found that the star is the highest earning woman on american tv. abc's cecilia vega has the exclusive details. >> she's the baby and i'm the mama. i don't like care bears. >> how about coconuts? >> who doesn't like coconuts. >> she's on fire. sofia vergara is the red-hot star of "modern family." at 40 years old, she's got a reason to celebrate. "forbes" magazine estimates the colombian-born star raked in $19 million last year, making her the highest earning woman on television. that's because vergara is more than just that hot latin mother that she plays on tv. >> now, promise me, that you will never ever do anything dishonest again. >> i promise. >> because that's not the way i
8:16 am
raised you. >> reporter: she's a businesswoman with her own production company. she has a clothing line at k-mart. >> my collection is at k-mart. so, go. >> reporter: and multiple endorsement deals in english and spanish. >> she's earning more than $12 million every year in endorsement deals alone. >> reporter: sofia vergara sat down with "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden earlier this summer. are you wearing your line? this is it. >> the jewelry, earrings. >> reporter: her million-dollar looks and latin appeal have made her a hot commodity for advertisers looking to appeal to a rapidly growing demographic. >> the hispanic market in the u.s. is estimated to be something over $1 trillion in consumer spending. >> sofia vergara is the crossover star that i feel that the u.s. has been waiting for. the truth is out that we're in this country and we're taking over. to see people paying attention
8:17 am
to the cultural changes is fantastic. >> surprise, gloria! >> i came to do yoga here. >> i wasn't expecting to see you here. >> that's why i said surprise. >> reporter: sofia's road to fame has been a long one, she married young, had her son at 18 and divorced two years later, but the emmy winner said that being a single mom has kept her grounded. >> i was always more concerned about being a good mother and working to make money not just, you know, to be famous. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> congratulations, sofia. now out to robin. >> we always love it when she stops by here. so nice. this week, we're taking a look at the extreme new roller coasters in the country. we asked cameron mathison to buckle up and put them to the test. he is here to kick off our series with a look at the sky rush.
8:18 am
>> sky rush! >> you're the man for the job. like it's a job anyway. >> good to be back. hi, everybody. so, sky rush is the newest, most extreme roller coaster at hersheypark, hershey, pennsylvania, it was first of my three stops across the country to find the fastest, tallest roller coaster out there, more to come later this week, but first stop, sky rush. take a look. destination -- hersheypark, hershey, pennsylvania. they call it sky rush. and it's the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster at hersheypark in hershey, pennsylvania. >> it's the most intense coaster that i have been on, ever. >> i'm a little anxious but i'm excited. >> it's fun. >> reporter: at a cost of $25 million, this brand-new roller coaster can carry 1,350 riders in an hour. and there's always a line, except when they brought "good
8:19 am
morning america" along for the ride so that we could experience the thrill. come on, everybody, let's go. hey, hershey, how are you feeling? feeling all right? the first thing that's unique is the lap restraint system. you're 100% sure that i'm not going anywhere? i'm locked in here. the sign says i got to hold on tight. that makes me a little nervous, i'm not going to lie to you. the ride begins with a 50-degree ascent, what makes it crazy, you motor up that hill at 26 feet per second. which is why we may want to pause here momentarily, right here we're at the maximum height of 200 feet. how does that old song go, what goes up must come down? and we do. the first drop is 85 degrees. and that lap restraint makes you feel like you're going to come out of your seat and slide.
8:20 am
my seat was one of the wing seats, with no floor, it provides the rider with a 270 panoramic view. over 75 miles an hour. 3,600 feet of track. 63-second ride. 63-second ride that seems to end before you blink. so, how did i do it? this room next to the loading area is where the brains behind the operation is located. >> this computer is the horsepower motor, it speeds it up or slows it down. we want to keep it constant velocity. we want to get it to the point, where the apex is just perfect. this is the only ride in this park that has five locations of air time. and you get that sensation of, gee, i really hope this bar holds me in and it will. >> the only power used during the ride comes from this 1500 horsepower motoring cable.
8:21 am
>> this cable pulls that train from 0 to 26 feet per second and you're launched. once it's released it's all gravity. >> reporter: a marvel of modern engineering that will make your stomach climb into your throat. but miraculously have you begging for more. give me a score, from 0 to 10, what do you think? 10. that's right. you know, the interesting thing is, it was so thrilling and the new designs these days, they're finding new ways to make it thrilling. without the loops. but, still -- you know, that weightlessness, floating through the air is pretty crazy. >> the folks at hersheypark are so wonderful. i love them there. >> everybody was so kind. >> and that's why we're giving away sweet treats because of hersheypark.
8:22 am
>> come on, man. >> more from cameron throughout the week. let's go inside now to lara. all right, it's time now for "good morning america" secret deals and steals. today, we're all about food. you know, josh will be happy and that's why he joined. >> i just came for the juice. >> tory johnson has bargains. >> so, first, as you know, everything you have to get by going to at yahoo!. you'll find the links and code. while supplies last. >> go, go, go. >> first up, juicer, juiceman juicer. >> are we allowed to do it? >> no, you can't. we did it for you to keep it simple. >> pretend we just did it. >> yeah, exactly. look at how gorgeous. regularly, $100 for this the granddaddy of the juicers. there you go. slashed in half. so, it's only 50 bucks.
8:23 am
>> that's amazing. >> got to love that. >> thank you, tory. coffee? >> this is hamilton beach. it's the single-server scoop coffeemaker. you can use your regular coffee grinds, you put in your coffee, and you make your single cup. regularly $70. but we're cutting it by more than half, 30 bucks, 57% savings. >> do you prefer this to the pods? >> i like starbucks. i'm not very good at making coffee myself. yo know what, because this makes it simple i would use this. >> any brand now. any brand now becomes a single serving. >> yes. exactly. so this is supercool. >> i know somebody who's going to be happy. >> smart planning makes these cool things. you make the brownies right in here. pour the batter in here.
8:24 am
if you have a little girl who loves to bake and you're like, oh, my gosh, i don't want to turn on the oven right now. we also have on a website, a meatball maker. and you're going to like this price, regularly any of these items are $30. we're slashing them in half, $15. here's another one that you're going to love, too, especially, since, dare we say, this looks like katy perry right here, one is missing thanks to you, check this out. you pour -- this is just plain old cake batter, you put the cake batter in, this is bella brand, and then look, after you make it, you put it like this, powder glaze and whatever you want it. >> i already had one, really, really good. >> this is a piemaker. regularly these range from $30 to $50. slashed in half, 15 bucks to 25 bucks. can't be that. can't beat that.
8:25 am
>> and we go off to our picnic. >> and off we go to our picnic. after "good morning america" but before "good afternoon america." >> and this isn't going to cost you a whole lot, either, so it's regularly $70. it's a picnic basket for two people. it's gorgeous quality. unbelievable. all of the stuff that comes with it. cut by 71%. 20 bucks. 20 bucks. >> can i suggest this as a great engagement present? wouldn't that be such a cute idea? >> so cute. it's really cute. >> throw that on the old back. tory, we love you and thank you. >> the guy carries it. >> the guy carries it. >> and we'll be right back. thank you, tory.
8:26 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. governor brown is set to sign the eight billion dollar high speed rail funding bill this morning before coming to san francisco this afternoon. the bill was narrowly passed two weeks ago it funds the start of construction for the first segment of the train. in addition, caltrain will receive nearly 600 million dollars to modernize its system with electric trains. now let's check on your morning commute. it is okay, a couple of hot spots, 101 northbound before alum rock accident in the left lane. peninsula 101, 24 to the
8:27 am
caldecott and altamont pass beginning to jam up. quick look at your bay bridge toll, metering lights on, continued to be backed towards the west grand overcrossing. >> we'll check in with meteorologist mi
8:28 am
you can see some of the clouds flight delays continue into sfo oakland and san jose on time.
8:29 am
50s and 60s below average from two degrees in san francisco to 11 in livermore, 60s and 70s along the coast. 70s for the rest of us, 50s again tonight temperatures will start ♪ [ cheers and applause ] she's incredible. florence welch, florence and the machine, they're live singing, the group is getting ready to head out to tour. but their first stop is right here with us this morning. you know, just recently, she had take some time off with her throat. we can't wait. >> awesome. can't wait for friday.
8:30 am
big party in the park on friday. we've got the hottest songs this summer. carmen heating up the park. >> can't get your weekend started until you spend it with us. no wheels up until carmen. you know what you want us to ask carmen when on stage? use the gma app on your smartphone or go to our facebook page and vote for your favorite question. you'll find out exactly. oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> it's a theme on the show tonight. >> in other music news, sam, madison beer, why justin bieber says that she's about to become an overnight huge success. we'll tell her story coming up. we have a great show planned for
8:31 am
you coming up in a few hours from now. >> jam packed. keeping up with the kardashians, kris jenner. and also jesse metcalfe talking about his new role, sam -- >> on "dallas." >> well done. also how crafts can make the money bigtime. also, it's a "good afternoon america." at 2:00 p.m. >> what's the name of that show? >> "good afternoon america." >> how do they get it in one hour? >> you'll have to find out. >> that's coming up in a little bit. right now, we're going to ken bowman, you know him from secret life of the american teenager. 22-year-old rising star has all kinds of good things going on, including his recent wedding. we've learned from "people" magazine, he's been fighting a health battle behind the scenes and abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: if you have a daughter who likes the sensitive type, she probably has a crush on ken baumann.
8:32 am
>> do you still want to get married? >> of course. you look like your character on the show. are you anything like the character on the show? >> i would like to say that i'm less neurotic. >> reporter: he's the the star of "the secret life of the american teenager." plague opposite shay lee woodley and molly ringwald plays her mom. >> what if i want to work. >> reporter: in real life, ken baumann runs a publishing house. he's just written a novel. he comes out here to announce that he's crohn's disease other crohn's sufferers included shannen doherty, who said she didn't want to get into it. thinking the talk of frequent bathroom breaks my crush the
8:33 am
cred. >> why did you come out and say i have crohn's disease? >> i kept imagining a 14-year-old fan of secret life of the american teenager, who by chance was struggling with the same illness. i thought that i'm given this opportunity, by being a public figure and connect to them in a way that really matters. comforting them and making them feel less afraid. >> reporter: he lost 20 pounds, his dog oscar is still heavier than he is. >> even if you're in pain, it helps. that single, praying for it and when it comes it feels like beethoven's 9th. >> there's no cure, but baumann now has the disease under control. life is good. she just got married last month in a secret ceremony in malibu, she's 28 and he's 22. oh, yeah? who calls the shots? >> we collectively call the shots. i really think we do. i'll always defer to her wisdom. >> reporter: he's a smart guy. what's next?
8:34 am
for "the secret life of the american teenager." >> we can tell your parents that it's my baby. it's yours and mine. >> i think we'll move away from impregnanting people part. we have fans that say, i went through this and they launch into their stories. and their stories make our show look like we haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg. >> i now pronounce you man and wife. >> reporter: who knows what comes next. brace yourselves. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and you can see more of ken on "secret life of the american teenager." mondays at 8:00. 7:00 central. if i'm not sure if you have heard of madison beer yet? it's not a beverage, it's a young lady with an incredible set of pipes. you will hear from her very, very soon. she's getting a push from justin bieber, he tweeted out some links to her videos. he summed up her talent in one word, wow, and here's why.
8:35 am
♪ at last ♪ my love has come along >> if you didn't know who madison beer was, justin bieber is making sure you do now. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the 13-year-old with an amazing voice has become an overnight celebrity. ♪ >> reporter: it happened after the teen heartthrob himself tweeted some of her youtube videos to his 25 million followers, including a cover of his hit "boyfriend." ♪ >> reporter: bieber tweeted, quote, wow, 13 years old, she can sing, great job. and when the biebs tweets the world listens. ♪ >> reporter: her views on youtube skyrocketed after the tweets and oh, the hits keep coming.
8:36 am
♪ ♪ singing my life with his words ♪ >> reporter: surely in disbelief, madison tweeted back, i can't even tell you how grateful i am right now. and she should be. after justin bieber retweeted a little tune called "call me may maybe." by carly rae jepsen, the song became a summer favorite and madison beer is hoping to duplicate. ♪ >> not only talented, gorgeous as well. the full package. in a funny twist of fate, carly rae jepsen, he tweeted out that everyone should check her out. now, carly rae is following
8:37 am
madison beer. >> madison beer, cool, i wonder if she'll call her, maybe. >> call me, call me. refreshing low calorie, gorgeous girl at 13. let's get to the boards. one to two things that we want to talk about as you step out your doors. it is swampy outside, ladies and gentlemen. it feels like, it's that come by fashion of heat and humidity, you can feel the air sitting on your shoulders anywhere from new hampshire into iowa, iowa, the skies are looking good. they're just not bringing the rain that we desperately need in that part of the country. heat takes a break for just a few. folks, chicago, detroit, new york city, washington, getting a break. but that heat is still building out in the west. remember, folks, we've got plenty of warm months ahead. as we look at the temperatures on the east coast staying nice and cool on the shoreline. hoping to get rain in california. momentarily today, the opportunit
8:38 am
>> in that break, you missed us singing. which you really didn't miss. all of that weather was brought to you by volkswagen what's coming up next, lara. >> someone who can sing. florence and the machine, live, amazing. so stay with us. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] the voigs of florence and machine, has been quiet due to some vocal strain. you're about to hear her for the first time since she took a break. first, from the top record to ceremony yal, the new hit, "spectrum." i give you florence and the machine. ♪ ♪ say miy name ♪
8:42 am
♪ ♪ we'll never be afraid ♪ say my name, as every color imlieu my nates ♪ ♪ say my name ♪ say my name
8:43 am
♪ and every color illuminates ♪ and we'll never be afraid again ♪ ♪ say my name ♪ as every color illuminates and ♪ we are shining ♪ and we'll never be afraid again ♪ ♪ and when come for you, we'll be dressed up all in blue ♪ ♪ ♪ say my name
8:44 am
♪ as every color illuminates and ♪ and we'll never be afraid again ♪ ♪ say my name ♪ as every color illuminates ♪ and we are shining ♪ and we'll never be afraid again ♪ ♪ say my name [ cheers and applause ]ús]ñ
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] we're back with florence welch of florence and the machine, how are you? >> i'm good, yeah. >> it's great. josh was alluding to earlier, you had some problems with your throat, your voice, you had take some time off, cancel some shows, which disappointed you and your fans, what exactly was going on. >> it was frightening, actually, i was singing. i felt something, i actually felt it and i lost about three octaves to sing really low, just to kind of get through the show, but i mean, that was an interesting experiment. but, i came through i it's funny, it's not like being sick, it's like being an athlete, you strain a muscle, and i couldn't
8:48 am
speak. i was desperate to do the shows and i really wanted to still them but i could have done permanent damage. >> you did the right thing. you really did. how do you feel now, because you sound great. i was wondering. i'm going to open my mouth, it seems to still work. >> we're pleased and we're always, we just love your spirit and that of everybody in your group. but, you are going to embark on a north american tour, so you'll be leaving and going through october. you must be feeling well sf. >> yeah, it was important to get the rest so that we could do this tour and do it in the best health and everybody has been drinking water, staying out of the sun, me obviously. >> i know how much you guys love getting up this early in the morning and performing. hey, florence, thank you.
8:49 am
time now to hear another single from their latest album, florence and the machine with "shake it out." ♪ regrets collect like old friends ♪ ♪ here to relive your darkest moments ♪ ♪ i can see no way i can see no way♪ ♪ and all of the ghouls come out to play ♪ ♪ and every demon wants his pound of flesh ♪ ♪ but i like to keep some things to myself ♪ ♪ i like to keep my issues strong ♪ ♪ it's always darkest before the dawn ♪ ♪ and i've been a fool and i've been blind ♪ ♪ i can never leave the past behind ♪ ♪ i can see no way i can see no way ♪ ♪ i'm always dragging
8:50 am
that horse around ♪ ♪ and our love is pastured such a mournful sound ♪ ♪ tonight i'm gonna bury that horse in the ground ♪ ♪ so i like to keep my issues strong ♪ ♪ it's always darkest before the dawn ♪ ♪ shake it out, shake it out shake it out, shake it out ♪ ♪ ooh, whoa ♪ shake it out, shake it out shake it out, shake it out ♪ ♪ ooh, whoa ♪ and it's hard to dance with a devil on your back ♪ ♪ so shake him off ooh, whoa ♪ ♪ and i am done with my graceless heart ♪ ♪ so tonight i'm gonna cut it out and then restart ♪ ♪ cause i like to keep my issues strong ♪ ♪ it's always darkest before the dawn ♪ ♪ shake it out, shake it out shake it out, shake it out ♪
8:51 am
♪ ooh, whoa ♪ shake it out, shake it out shake it out, shake it out ♪ ♪ ooh, whoa ♪ and it's hard to dance with a devil on your back ♪ ♪ so shake him off ooh, whoa ♪ ♪ and given half the chance would i take any of it back ♪ ♪ i'm going to let it out ♪ ooh, whoa ♪ shake it out, shake it out shake it out, shake it out ♪ ♪ ooh, whoa ♪ shake it out, shake it out shake it out, shake it out ♪ ♪ ooh, whoa ♪ and it's hard to dance with a devil on your back ♪ ♪ so shake him off ooh, whoa ♪
8:52 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we needed to hear that "shake it out." you're more than fine, florence. florence and the machine. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you very much, guys. tomorr .
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. will the bay area heat up by this weekend? mike has the forecast. couple of days from now we'll be dealing with summer heat. on this wednesday flight arrival delays into sfo because of the clouds, low clouds give way to high clouds, 60s around oakland, san francisco, san mateo and half moon bay, 70s for the rest of us. 50s tonight most of the clouds around the bay and towards the coast. there you go for the weekend.
8:59 am
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