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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 28, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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jackson family deal? the warring sides may be heading for a cease-fire. why does randy say the other side is now trying to kill his mother? and michael's children set to be inv questioned by investigators. why did the monkey go to court? it's a bitter custody battle you'll need to see for yourself. >> all this, as our "gma" olympic details come out. so, let me apologize in advance if we're slightly groggy. we stayed up late to watch the opening ceremonies. here's the image that sticks with me. the olympic rings forged in the sky above showering the people
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with light. >> i'm a sucker for the parade of nations. see how exciting the kids are. they train four years for the opportunity. i had the stay up for team usa. there's other news to tell you about this morning as well. we is new information on colorado hooter james holmes. his legal team's file yesterday revealed he was a psychiatric patient and was seeing a university of colorado doctor. the doctor was an expert in schizophrenia. >> fairly or not, people asking if she could have perhaps stopped it. the woman who admitted to hiring hitmen, yes, hitmen, plural, to kill her exlover's socialite wife, she did this three times. why is the intended victim so
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furious? that story is coming up. we start with the opening ceremonies. a quirky, clamorous pageant. they loaded it with the queen to mr. bean, sir paul to the woman who invested harry potter. bill weir is covering the games for abc news. good morning. >> reporter: so great to be back on "gma" weekend, especially since it's noon here. it was everything you might expect from a land that gave us shakespeare, the sex pistols and monty pie thon. they could have gone with andrew lloyd weber. instead, they chose zani boil. judging from all the ecstatic morning papers, they're thrilled
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they did. from the buzz, it felt like most opening ceremonies. on the ground, it was all so distinctly british. lush island vajs met the industrial revolution. the queen met bond. james bond. >> good evening. >> reporter: and then they promptly jumped out of a helicopter together. or at least their stunt doubles did. there were little british cars, david beckham on a speedboat, and mr. bean. >> it's not large and sprawling. >> reporter: and then the star attractions entered, from 204 nation. the americans, led by mariel zagunis, a champion fencer as the flag bearer. eb the biggest stars couldn't
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help snapping pictures. when the host country entered, the stadium exploded with applause. will, kate, harry, leading the cheers. the queen remained mainly stone faced. in one unfortunate moment, she was seen intently picking her nails while her subjects were going crazy around her. in the end, seven up and coming british athletes lit the flame. one big star left. rock legend sir paul mccartney. closing out the ceremonies with "hey jude." ♪ hey jude ♪ na na na . >> reporter: judging from the british staff we stayed with last night, one of the big moments was the queen jumping
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out of that helicopter. just forging love for her all the more. >> we have lockryan lochte and phelps already in the pool. >> both have qualified in the individual medley. phelps, whether he's pacing himself or building the drama, he almost didn't qualify. lochte is a third seed. a couple of firsts this morning. china takes the first gold medal in the women's air rifle, beating the 29-year-old malaysian shooter. she was 8 1/2 months pregnant. so she failed to deliver. this is good news. we searched the globe to bring you the variety of goofiness. this year, organizers said,
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women's beach volley ball, you can be more modest. cow can wear longer shorts. a more modest top. and the american women said, no, thanks. we're going to stick with the bikinis since we were in them since toddlers in southern california. and finally, you know, if you really want a north star. a guide as to how the games will go down, why not trust goldman sachs. they did an analysis of the games based of gross domestic products, stability per capita income, goldman sachs says the u.s. will finish first with 37 gold medals. i know how much faith we have in goldman sachs these days, so take that how you choose. >> i was just going to say that. so great to have you there covering. you give us the news and then the news of the weird.
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bill will be back in the next half hour with a closer look at the huge rivalry between the simmers, michael phelps and ryan lochte. right now, other news breaking overnight. we go to the guy we call the man, ron claiborne. >> gray was supposed to be the theme by the way this morning. >> the dress, the suit, the hair. we begin with shocking new details about the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre. james holmes was seeking help from a psychiatrist before the rampage. clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: 24-year-old james holmes is an accuse t mass murderer. he's also a psychiatric patient. he was the patient of dr. lynn fenton, who according to her website, specializes in schizophrenia.
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the defense is angry that evidence was leaked. the question now is what, if anything, did hol. ss' psychiatrist here at the university know. and if there were specific warning science about his plans, was she required to speak up? >> if a psychologist or psychiatrist feels a patient of theirs may pose a threat, in most states, they're obligated to do something. >> reporter: overnight, our denver affiliate said that dr. fenton was once reprimanded for pribs medicine to family members and employees. the owners of this gun shop say holmes may have visited this remote shooting range for practice. >> they insinuated he came up here more than once. >> reporter: nobody remembers seeing him in the mountains.
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investigators left behind these pictures, hoping to job jog memories that might give more answers. and police in maryland may have prevented a work place shooting. a 28-year-old man calling himself a joker was taken into custody for allegedly threatening to fire upon his business that recently fired him from his job. he's undergoing psychiatric evaluation. a pivotal battle is going on in syria for the control of the big city aleppo. artillery pounding the city is being reported. tanks have moved in. many people are fleeing the city fearing a massacre by government forces. we're learning more about the health and whereabouts of
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jesse jackson jr. he's being treated at the mayo clinic for depression and gastro zb intestinal issues. a new world record set in one of our favorite sports, joggling. jogging and juggling at the same time. matthew feldman jogged one mile while juggling five balls. he ran it in 6:33, beating the previous record by more than a minute. that record was held for 23 years. imagine trying to run that fast much less joggling. >> why wasn't he at the olympics last night? >> roger bannister. we turn to the desperate scramble at 13 hospitals in 8
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states as hospital staff try to identify tens of thousands of people possibly infected by a traveling medical technician. david kerley has more. >> reporter: this is a race right now to fig yr out how many people might have been infected with hepatitis c, by this traveling medical technician. he worked in eight states. the number of pabts could easily reach into the thousands. this man is accused of purposely infecting 30 people with a dangerous disease. and has launched a massive search of what could be an avalanche of more victims. 32-year-old david kwikowski is a traveling medical tech. he used needles, returned them to the hospital that were then used on patients. problem is authorities say he's
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contaminated the needles with hepatitis c. >> if he knew he was infected and he put those needles back on the shelf, that's the definition of evil. >> reporter: in new hampshire, nearly 5,000 people may have been exposed. the man was a temporary worker traveling around the country. in the past five years, he's worked in four hospitals in maryland, one in arizona, three in philadelphia, at least eight states and 13 hospitals have been identified so far. those numbers could increase. >> he's allegedly poisoned 30 people in the state of new hampshire we don't know the numbers elsewhere. >> reporter: he was arrested and had an apparent suicide note saying he couldn't handle this stress anymore. some hospitals are calling on thousands of people to get tested, as officials try to determine how many are at risk.
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>> anyone in those hospitals when he was working there is potentially at risk. you're talking tens of thousands of people. >> reporter: so we already know 30 people are infected in inspect. . about 75% of them that get hepatitis c get the chronic form, those with serious liver problems. the advice from dr. besser, if you or someone you are close to has been in those hospitals, get yourself tested. good news from wall street. the dow soared over 13,000 for the first time in a long time. one person not making out in today's market. mark zuckerberg. shares of facebook fell to an all-time low of $23.71, nearly a 40% decline from the company's ipo. no one's take an bigger hit than the founder, who has lost billions. it was supposed to be the most
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successful new company in decades. >> facebook's long-awaited stock offering. >> the buying and selling of facebook stock today was feverish. >> reporter: during a buzz from wall street to hollywood. >> a million dollars would be cool. you know what's cool? >> reporter: certainly not losing $1 billion. mark zuckerberg has seen $7.2 billion in net worth wiped out. that hasn't seemed to faze him. he married in an intimate backyard ceremony. dining at a mcdonald's while on his honeymoon. taking advantage of record low rates to refinance on his unassuming home. how does the company he made so popular with its users turn into such a disappointment with investors? the big problem, more than $500
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million people log on to facebook from mobile devices. that has led some to wonder if zuckerberg can find an answer. >> at some point, the advertisers will find better ways to advertise on mobile devices. they'll turn to facebook for that. >> i asked that analyst when he thought investors would like the stock again, he said it could drop another 30% before other investors start buying. >> no matter what, zuckerberg will still be rich. a bizarre murder for hire case. on three separate occasions, this woman hired someone to kill her lover's wife. >> reporter: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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yvonne storm is furious. the woman who hired a hitman to kill her three times reached a plea. she said this corrupt plea deal would be more understandable if she had not livid her adult life lying, cheat, sale itealing and trying to kill anyone that crossed her. she is michelle geyser. she says she did it because yvonne's husband jeffrey, a prominent houston attorney, wanted her dead. yvonne never believed that, as she told chris cuomo. >> the affair, okay, i'll give you that one. but to plot my murder? preposterous. i've known this man for 30 years. i know who i'm lying next to. >> reporter: she stood by her man when almost no one else did. prosecutors charged her husband with the three murder plots.
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geyser was supposed to be the trial against jeffrey next week. a few days ago, this twisted tale took a u turn. the charges were dropped against the husband. yvonne is happy about that. not about geyser's sentence. she hoped the judge would send the mistress away for 40 years. i beg you for the sake of my children and my sense of security to reject this 20-year deal. i have suffered for over two years due to this animal and remain scarred for life. prosecutors say geyser has cooperated and the plea deal is fair. under it, the mistress who admits to trying to have her lover's wife killed three times could be free in just eight years. ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. time for a check on the weather. go to ginger zee for that. good morning. >> good morning. new york had its first two
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tornadoes of the season, all of 2012, really. it happened in elmira, new york. they spent the day cleaning up from the ef-1. who gets severe weather today? lynchburg has storms yesterday. they'll git more today. the severe weather from d.c. up to new york. later this afternoon, through the evening hours, look for large hail and damaging wind potential. another threat is heat. tulsa, heat warning. how hot is excessive heat? up in the 100s for some. look at this, phoenix, 107. go to the coast to be comfortable. los angeles at 76. and then i want to spend a little time and breathe on the olympic forecast. if you're watching or wanting to know what is going on, a pin wheel low will bring them breaks of sun and clouds. but a shower as well.
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>> so we had huge storm this is week. thursday night was a big night. and new brunswick, new jersey, the first picture from our twitter friend, tom. look how ominous and gray. >> incredible. >> and then a water spout forms in milwaukee. a student took that pick. find me on twitter. @dan harris. @bianna golodryga, back to you.
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>> now to the requisite news of the absurd. a court case over custody of a monkey. in texas. the primate in question made a court appearance. john muller is on the case. >> reporter: strange noises and an air on monkey business fill a courtroom. a custody battle with a texas-sized twist. the kind of courtroom surprise reserved for a hollywood farce. it's over kiko. donning a polka dot dress, the monkey in the middle of a custody battle between debbie burg and a mississippi woman who wasn't in court who claims the monkey was hers before it was
4:21 am
repossessed. zw devastating. it would be hard on kiko, too. imagine taking a 6-year-old child and putting it into a home it doesn't know. >> reporter: burg said she bought kiko as a kon companion for her other monkey. with both in court, it was a cage full of monkeys. the texas judge and lawyer taking the monkeying around in stride. >> i wouldn't want to turn them loose this the courtroom. but it was kind of a delight to have them here. >> it's a good break from the normal lawsuits. >> reporter: as she strolled out of court, kiko seems pleased with the justice. the judge dwranted a stay so that the amongky can stay with
4:22 am
debbie burg. >> how many monkey cliches did we get in the piece? >> a lot. coming up, the jackson family saga. why is randy saying the other side is trying to kill his mother? this is not other yet. and pool duel. michael phelps and ryan lochte going head to head. and back to the ballroom. the biggest season of "dancing with the stars" yet, just announced. we talk to the all stars heading back into the competition, that's coming up next. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me!
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♪ and there they are. phelps and lochte. america's big swimmers and fierce rivals. they're going to go head to head soon. they could not be more evenly matched or more different out of the pool. who are h win the gold? "gma" is at the olympics this morning. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris. >> and phelps barely qualified. can you imagine what a disaster that would have been? good morning, i'm bianna golodryga, it's saturday, july 28th. also ahead, "dancing with
4:30 am
the stars" is back for another season. this one is going to be huge. it's the all-stars. past winners, finalists, who made the cut? >> and there's a new twist this year. looks like a truce has been reached this morning in the very public custody fight over michael jackson's three children. the saga is not over. the judge wants the kids to be interviewed. why is hat? john slichriffen has the latest. >> reporter: randy tweets, it's my fear and belief that they're trying to take my mother's life. the estate is trying to isolate my mother from her family. meanwhile, katherine jackson may share custody of michael's children with 34-year-old t.j. jackson. her lawyer said that decision came after both sides started
4:31 am
talking, stating, quote, it was agreed by all that sit the best interest of mrs. jackson and the children to file a modified, joint pleading at the beginning of next week. the king of pop's will named katherine as the guardian of his three children. but after the matriarch of the family disappeared for almost two weeks while she rested at an arizona resort, the judge gave custody to t.j. jackson that day. >> i told him it wasn't necessary for him to go down and sign up for guard januarishguar. >> reporter: so who is t.j. jackson, son of tito? >> allegedly, very mature and very appropriate with the kids and has a hot of respect. >> reporter: much of the family drama played out in public. when a family member reported katherine missing.
4:32 am
then paris tweeted, i haven't spoken with her in a week. i want her home now. >> i promise you, michael is turning over in his grave at the public nature of how this soap opera is playing out. >> reporter: just yesterday, the judge requested an investigator to interview the kids to see what is really going on. >> there's a lot of money at stake. there might be concern that given her age this is becoming too difficult for her to handle. >> reporter: and once the poe tigs for joint custody is officially filed next week, it's up to the judge to decide if that's acceptable. t.j. is thought to be the responsible one this the family. he's married and has two kids. he used to be the high school sweetheart of kim kardashian. >> i think dana cole said it well. a lot of money at stake. >> a lot of money tied to the children and who has custody
4:33 am
over the children might control the money. >> a lot of other news this morning. for that, let's go to ron. good morning, everyone. evidence that colorado movie shooting suspect james hol holmes may have been seeking help before the rampage. court papers say he was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university where he was enrolled. mitt romney is hoping things go more smoothly today than in london where he stirred up controversy about british preparations for the olympics. and the red cross says our nation's blood supply is at its lowest level in 15 years. severe weather has contributed to an unusually slow summer of donations. finally a zoo in indonesia is trying to get its famous smoking orangutan to stop
4:34 am
smoking. she's been moved to a remote island where visitors cannot flick their cigarettes to her. tori, just say no, please. >> plenty of programs out there to quloim out. a real solid rain, 64% of the nation almost under this moderate drought. 36% now in se sere. the pockets with the deep maroon color, indiana, arkansas, georgia, that's where we really see the exceptional. so, who gets rain today? let's check out the numbers? sioux falls, all the way down through iowa. another pocket with storms possible in the mid-atlantic. a fly across the fashion. severe storms from new york city south to d.c. phoenix makes it to 107.
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>> this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen. dan and bianna? coming up, one of the biggest showdowns at the olympics. michael phelps versus ryan lochte. "gma" is at the olympics. keep it here. with the guy!wiped the floor not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good. [ male announcer ] at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering. more generations of fleas. frontline plus uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to kill the next generation,
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well, the showdown between michael phelps and ryan lochte may be the biggest rivalry of the olympics. they both qualified moments ago. the big races are coming up. just a little bit of pressure here, bill. >> reporter: just a little bit. there are land people and water people. for those of us who sink like car batteries, you can't help but stand in awe of these two guys. phelps just barely qualified this morning. this is a rivalry of teammates. >> here's the key lap for michael phelps! >> reporter: there they were, less than a month ago, neck and neck, stroke for stroke.
4:40 am
>> this is the scene you'll see most lickly in london. >> reporter: two water demigods. striving to become america's aqua alpha. in the end, phelps, by 0.09 of a second. he's the reigning champ. a record eight golds from one olympiad alone. ryan lochte, the challenger, two medals on his wall. hungry for so much more. >> i've been getting second behibd him so many times. i always knew i was capable of beating him. it was matter of when. >> i'm here to swim as fast as i can. if i do that, that's all that matters. >> reporter: out of the pool, phelps is a machine, swims, eats, repeats.
4:41 am
lochte, skateboards, with a phrase, jeah. >> lochte plays around. very free. phelps, focused, almost proe botic. >> reporter: while phelps has been on covers, mostly for his hardware. lochte, because of other wears. he's got the endorsements. gatorade and speedo. remember the qualifying matches from a month ago? in that race that day, lochte won the 400 meter medal by 0.83. the same ept that will scare them off today. sfw people see the trials, they say, phelps beat him in 3 of the 4 events. you look closer. the margin of victory for phelps, 0.3 seconds.
4:42 am
they're that close. >> reporter: like a young paul newman, lochte is handsome in. you have to be sure of yourself just to do research. dana volmer broke a record for the 100 manufacture meter butterfly today. who made the cut? the latest news on "dancing with the stars" coming up next. ♪ this back to school there's a new routine ♪
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for the producer of the
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ferociously popular "dancing with the stars," you have to be asking yourself, how do we get bigger? this time, all-stars. rachel smith has the story. ♪ >> reporter: the stakes are higher. so is their ambition. ♪ bristol palin, kirstie alley, melissa rycroft never won the trophy. they hope to boogie their way to redejs on "dancing with the stars" all-stars. we come back? you know, you left on a high note? you were third. not a bad place to end up. >> it's kind of intimidating. it's like, probably not going to get third this time. it's going to be fun. i'm excited. ♪ in the arms of the angels >> i get scared that maybe that
4:48 am
magic that was there on season eight is not going to be back. what if second time around you have a didn't partner, a different story. it's not connecting the same way. that's my biggest fear. >> reporter: another fear, half a dozen former winners. >> six winners? six wipers. and me. what -- comic relief. >> reporter: super bowl champ emmitt smith, apolo ohno and shawn johnson, and helio castroneves all had a mire ror ball. who would you like? >> i'm not very tall. a blond. >> reporter: oh, it has to be a blonde? >> my girlfriend is brunette. >> reporter: drew lachey took
4:49 am
home the coveted trophy. in this showdown, another former boy band star, 'n synch's joey fatone never won. lost to riflery there? >> there is, there is. >> reporter: and gilles marini is there with shawn johnson. >> america pulled for me as much as for her. it's nothing. >> reporter: and remember seven years ago when "general hospital" actress kelly monaco won? she's back. >> i think vaseline on the bottom of people's shoes? >> reporter: she's kidding. stars can't be sure who is gunning for them. do you think in your situation, since your the daughter of sarah palin, people think, in your
4:50 am
case, it's political election instead of a dancing competition sflp absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: what do you say to those people? >> it's a dance competition. >> reporter: i think it's unfair people put you in that category. you're your mother's daughter, but you're not your mother. >> i don't think it's unfair. i'm not a whiner. i'm tougher than that. it rolls off our backes. >> reporter: the reunion is not the only twist. voters can ze side if carson kressley, kyle massey or sabrina bryan will join the other all-stars. more surprise elements are likely to come throughout the season to keep the celebrities familiar with game on their toes. in a few weeks, everyone will learn which dancer will be assigned to each star. >> it will be quite a season. more on monday morning from the show. rachel, thank you so much. in the meantime, sabrina
4:51 am
bryan, carson kressley -- they'll be on "gma." [ female announcer ] teach your kids to shield, sneeze, swish
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thanks for watching abc news. we're always online. watch "world news" with david muir later this evening.
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>> in the news this saturday morning a piece of evidence that could solve a double killing and san jose police have found it. we will have the story of the discovery and the homicides. and lead luck may have just arrived to a south bay casino. looks like hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars are about to roll into town. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. the weekend is here. you are making plans. what's the weather going to be like? here's francis. >> good morning, everyone. it is going to be a nice day ahead although we have a gray start this morning. here's a live shot looking out toward the bay bridge. the win are light. we are


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