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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 30, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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three tiny mistakes. and a sport that has women doing things that the human body, no female athlete has done before. good evening. we begin in a packed colorado courtroom where prosecutors leveled their charges at colorado shooting suspect james holmes. family and friends of the victims looked on. holmes still in his flame red hair. his reaction, seemed dazed. the charge, 140 counts of murder or attempted murder. the attack left 12 people dead, 58 people wounded in the premiere of the batman movie 10 days ago. clayton sandell covered the case from the beginning. he was in the court today. >> do you feel a little better today. >> reporter: rita paulino was
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shot three times but today climbed out of her hospital bed to see the man who put her there. james holmes was back in court today to hear the charges against him. cameras were banned but holmes demeanor much the same as when we saw him last week. eyes sometimes wide open, other times staring at the floor. hair still orange. he was charged with 24 counts of first degree murder, two counts for each person killed. because prosecutors say holmes acted both with premeditation or extreme indifference. he was also charged with 116 counts of attempted murder and for possessing an explosive device. former marine donald later was in the theater that night, one of many who came to see holmes face to face. >> when i saw him today he looked like an animal in a corner, but not one who fights back. just a sickly animal that is defeated. >> reporter: defense attorneys are also arguing with prosecutors over a notebook holmes mailed to his psychiatrist lynne fenton, a specialist in schizophrenia. a judge will consider next month if the writings inside can be used as evidence or kept confidential.
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we went to dr. fenton's home but there was no answer. from a person who may hold clues to whether holmes' attack was an act of evil or insanity. >> it will be tough to win in an insanity defense. they have to show he didn't understand what he was doing in wrong. >> reporter: and holmes spoke once in court when a judge asked him if he agreed to delay on upcoming hearing. his answer, yes. if he is convicted, he could be facing the death penalty. >> thanks so much, clayton sandell from colorado. now we move overseas to the battle in syria. it has the world on edge tonight. america's ally, israel, right next door. amid reports that terrorists are trying to infiltrate the rebel forces. and take advantage of the chaos. these are new images of rebel
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forces in the commercial center of syria. hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled the city. but abc's middle east reporter alex marquardt has made the journey in syria and they report tonight from syria on what they are seeing. >> reporter: as the sun came over the horizon, word came the border was clear. we raced up the hill, hiding from a nearby turkish military sboes crossed through a gaping hole in the border fence. >> welcome to syria. >> reporter: the syrian army is increasingly scarce in this part of northern syria. the free syrian flag waved in the first village we arrived in. but the army's presence is felt everywhere. like in the town of atareb, just 15 miles from aleppo, which was shelled heavily by tanks and rockets. this video from earlier in the
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conflict shows you what it would look and sound like. the devastation in the town is absolutely staggering. there is hardly a building that hasn't been damaged in some fashion. and it's essentially a ghost town. everyone has fled. we're told that there are villages and towns like this all across the region. two still here are farmer kaye mahmoud and his 2-year-old niece, amina. he told us regime forces executed his brother and burned down his house. how will you explain to your niece what happened here? i will tell her what happened. he said that the assad army did this to us. we drove south into idlib province, which has seen some of the worst fighting. we met abdellatif al hamoud and his wife, sabriya. parents of 15 children. three of their sons have already been killed with the fighting rebels. when the revolution started, i provided my sons. they were killed. i still have six. and i pray to god for the others to be martyrs, like their brothers.
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everyone, it seems, has a story of heartbreak. but rather than weaken them, it has only strengthened their resolve to rid syria of assad. alex marquardt, abc news, in northern syria. and while the fighting rages and our team reports on it from inside syria, another defection from the syrian regime. syria's diplomat in london became the fourth diplomat that says he can no longer represent a government that has committed such violent and oppressive acts. up next, the olympics. we have the news tonight, team usa has scooped up two gold medals in swimming today. but everyone is asking, why are the chinese swimmers suddenly making big waves. our man at the stadium in the london olympic games, abc's bill weir leads the coverage again tonight from london. bill? >> reporter: diane, in the history of the olympic game, in
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the history of swimming, the united states has won 214 gold medals, china, 7. you wouldn't know it. we begin with the first reason to cheer the folks in aurora, colorado, has had in weeks. she is not a senior in high school and her swim club doesn't have a pool. yet, missy franklin is golden, after the pride of aurora took the 100 meter backstroke. but the great hope, ryan lochte, beaten again by a frenchman. another huge surprise in the pool for china. and 16-year-old yi she when. her free style times in the medley were the best of even the fastest men in the world, a first. and amid suspicion. and while she has tested clean, another 16-year-old from china was doubt blood doping in the spring.
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the chinese insist she is this good because she has been groomed since age 5 when her kindergarten teacher noticed her her hands. and the gym, the u.s. couldn't medal tonight. and controversy tainted prince william's time at the finals. the brits were giddy when the team won silver. >> great britain have a silver! >> unbelievable. look, royal approval. >> reporter: after japan protested a he will score on the pummel horse, england was forced to settle for bronze. and in the fence. one second was placed back on the clock and one second was all that was needed for her germon opponent to score the wins hit. this led to an hour-long tear-filled protest until judges
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coaxed her away, bridging a chorus of boos. they are calling it the most controversial moment in the history of the sport. she said that leaving the fences floor would have admitted defeat. why is why she stayed out there so long. her devastation, obvious. >> oh, wrenching. i want to go back to the chinese swimmer. how big do her hands have to be to beat the speed of men? >> reporter: she has abnormally large hands and feet. and we have seen that on michael phelps and other champions. it's that the country can afford to send her to the best coaches in the world. they pay her australian coaches four times what they could make at home. >> bill weir reporting. and everything we want to know from the olympics. we want you to know that later in the broadcast, we will have more on an agonizing sport for the american star you know, gymnast jordyn weiber.
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we have it next. we turn now to bomb threats at walmart. a string of them, 11 in the midwest. eight in missouri. and there is another one in secaucus, new jersey. no explosives found in any of the stores. police say, all they know is that the threats are coming from the same phone and that they are going to find it. and now we turn to your voice, your vote. the presidential election just 99 days away. tonight, republican candidate mitt romney is in poland, the final leg of a three-nation foreign policy tour. but he has faced the ongoing questions about taxes and here with it all, david muir who interviewed romney. and reports from warsaw. >> reporter: today, a backdrop reminiscent of a different era. mitt romney visiting poland, a powerful ally in the cold war and still today. and romney, his wife, ann, his son, josh, laying a rose to honor the lives lost in
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communism. and lech wlesa almost endorses romney. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: today, another controversy in a trip with missteps already. romney talking to jewish-american donors with what leaders later call racist when he compared the israeli economy with the palestinian economy. he said that culture makes all the difference. there was also fallout from a question we asked romney from our interview on "world news." he has reiterated to release just two years of his tax returns. when we sat down with him, we started with what he has revealed. there was one year where you paid a 13.9% tax rate. can we clear it up and ask you a simple yes or no question, was there ever any year when you paid lower than the 13.9%?
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>> i haven't calculated that. i'm happy to go back and look. but my view, i have paid all the taxes required by law. from time to time, i have been audited, as happens to other citizens as well. >> reporter: abc reached out to his campaign today after romney's answer. a spokes person would only say, he has been in full compliance with the u.s. law and he has paid 100% of what he's owed. the campaign telling abc news when the 2011 return is ready, they will make it public. one adviser says no matter how many returns they release, it will never be enough for the democrats. >> all right, thank you. we have other news about the republicans tonight. the republican convention. it is official, the leaders of the bush administration will not be visible there. neither the former penalty nor his vice president dick cheney.
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in a big, new interview, he told jonathan karl he will be fishing when the republicans gather in tampa. and cheney also talked about his heart transplant and took on sarah palin. tonight, jon has more of his abc news exclusive. >> reporter: we met up with the former vice president in jackson hole, wyoming, where what he said about sarah palin -- that john mccain should not have picked her for vice president because she wasn't qualified -- was the shot heard round the world of conservative politics. >> i like governor palin. i've met her. i know her. attractive candidate. but based on her background, she'd only been governor for, what, two years? i don't think she passed that test, and i think -- >> reporter: of being ready? >> of being ready to take over. and i think that was a mistake. >> reporter: cheney's own daughter tweeted, rarely do i disagree with the best vp ever but, sarah palin more qualified than obama and biden combined. and mccain fired back on fox news. >> the fact is i'm proud of sarah palin.
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>> reporter: the dust-up is a sign cheney is back. 12 years ago, he became the most prominent republican to endorse gay marriage. last month, his daughter mary cheney married her longtime partner, heather poe. cheney revealed to us, he didn't do. how was the wedding? >> i'm sure it was fine. we wished them well. she wanted to avoid having it be a media circus or having it become part of the political debate. >> reporter: while we were with him, he ran into a 12-year-old boy named tommy who has had two heart transplants. >> you've had two transplants? i've had just one. you're ahead of me. it's some miracle stuff. it's saved my life. >> reporter: miracle indeed. just look at him before and after his heart transplant. >> i'll always be grateful to the donor and the donor family for having made possible several additional years of life. i can't think of a more magnificent or generous gift. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, wyoming. still ahead on "world news," watch out.
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and today, we learned emergency rooms are seeing four times the number of patients injured why walking while distracts. linsey davis tells us how bad it is getting out there. >> reporter: watch as this man, so consumed by his cell phone conversation, ends up head over heels on the train tracks. look at that again as he takes talking on his cell phone one step too far. he wasn't hurt, but he is just one example of how society's romance with smart phones is causing many to flirt with disaster. walking into walls. this one plunged 20 feet into a sink hole. in the past seven years, the number of injured, distracted walkers have more than quadrupled. more than 1,150 people were treated in the er in 2011 alone. >> i in the 9 danger is real and a growing epidemic. >> reporter: this doctor says distracted pedestrians face sures from head to toe.
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facial fractures, blunt head trauma. and foot injuries. it's not just about watching where you are going, it's a listening too. when i walk, i can hear my producer honking from down the street and across the block. as soon as i turn the music up and put on my headphone, i can't hear her anymore. actually, i can't hear that she is honking until i get just a few yards away. cities have trying to pass distracted walking bills. this man, was texting so ferociously, he almost walks into a bear on the loose. linsey davis, abc news. still ahead, how can one mom give birth to two babies on two different highways in the span
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there she is, you are looking at the tiny gymnast mary lou retton, 1984. how many girls dreamed of that gold medal moment? >> one of them, the girl determined to be the favorite this year. and sharon alfonsi has the story of what happened. >> reporter: you can see why jordyn weiber was favored to win the all around gold. last night, she looked almost perfect. but almost wasn't good enough. a step on the beam. that tiny form break on the bars. and that step out of bounds. cost her her dream. >> oh. >> reporter: the world watched at the 17-year-old's world crumbled.
5:56 pm
>> jordyn weiber is out of the all around. >> reporter: her best friend on the team ali took one of the top spots. her parents twisting and turning right along with her. so nervous. >> stick it. >> stick it, please! >> reporter: and so relieved. >> yeah! >> reporter: the other spot went to gabby douglas, the flying squirrel because of release moves like this. it's a startling example of how much the sport has turned. on the left, nadia defying gravity. nadia scored a perfect 10. >> this day and age wouldn't cut it. >> reporter: remember mary lou retton's big twist? look last night, a round off on to the board. a back handspring and shot up with not one but 2 1/2 somersaults. some of the gymnasts last night.
5:57 pm
they look like brick houses. >> they are. and they have to be to handle the twisting and flipping that is required to be an elite gymnast. >> reporter: but even for the strongest of athletes, sometimes the pressure is too much. your heart breaks for jordyn because she did so good. you talk about the difference. nadia was about 80 pounds when she competed. jr. din, 115. they are stronger and healthier. they are stronger because of the tricks they are doing. >> and all that muscle, never done before. >> through the limit. >> thanks so much, sharon. we'll see you again right inspectors look into why the six flags roller coaster mal
5:58 pm
function. >> xbox game turned violent. >> and touch screen technology of the apple ipad. we are live in silicone valley as the rivals go head-to-head. >> cotroversey of the san francisco subway system. that will disrupt the shopping for years. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the king flag's discovery, dozen roller coaster riders were stuck on the new superman ride. inspectors found nothing wrong . >> i am dan ashley in tonight. >> abc 7 news reporter joins us with more. vick? >> cheryl, so far park
5:59 pm
officials tell us they have no clue or idea why the ride suddenly broke down yesterday. earlier today they said cal ocea was there. they will give the okay to resume the ride when their investigation is over. >> park officials hut down the mar quee ride today. a big disappointment for many. it is closed for the day. that is sad. i was stoked to ride. everyone else in the family was like no, no. yeah, come on >> maintenance workers checked the superman roller coaster and ride this moing looking at the wheels and track. >> we have determined that it was not a mechanical issue to the ride or the track at all. yesterday, 12 riders were


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