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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 12, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- game on. it's the romney/ryan buddy film coming to a battleground state near you. the crowds enormous. the attacks and counterattacks ferocious. >> hope and change has now become attack and blame. brand-new cloak and dagger details about the big announcement. how did ryan travel across the country in secret? gator attack. the terrifying moments caught on tape when this alligator attacked its trainer. and it will not let him go. the man who almost lost an arm is speaking out this morning. the final sprint. that golden dive. >> he's done it! >> to that lightning sprint. the u.s. heading into the last day of the games, leading in the medal count, can anybody catch us? and look at this, a just-retired michael phelps already on the
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beach. and a true best friend. it's the heartwarming photo that has gone viral. the man who eases his dog to sleep every night like this. we take you along for their truly moving nightly ritual. you know, we say this a lot, this is truly a very, very busy news morning. if there's any doubt that the presidential race is engaged in earnest, check this out. just hours after announcing congressman paul ryan, the romney campaign, had the signs, they're ready. romney/ryan, overnight, the newly-minted running mates met the press for the first time. >> very excited. we're going to win the campaign. >> in case you couldn't hear because the audio was tough on that plane, he said that we're going to win this campaign.
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team obama, of course, would beg to differ. they see a lot of angles for attack in this vice presidential pick. more on that coming up. >> and paul ryan is someone that this administration knows pretty well. especially his famous budget plans. very interesting the next few months. remember those dramatic 911 calls that we played last week after these chimps escaped in las vegas? >> they are dangerous. bring shotguns. they are wild animals. >> well, believe it or not, one of those chimps has escaped again. so, how does he keep doing it? >> seven times as strong as a human. also, breaking news overnight, chad johnson, formerly known as chad ochocinco, arrested on a domestic violence charge. the miami dolphins receiver and lead contestant on "dancing with the stars" accused of head-butting his newlywed wife. but we do begin with politics, it's your voice your vote. the presidential race is now officially game on. new battle lines have been drawn after mitt romney chose
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conservative congressman and budget slasher paul ryan as his running mate this morning. abc's political team is out in full force this morning covering all angles. we'll get to george stephanopoulos in just a moment. but first, jon karl. he's with the romney/ryan campaign in charlotte, north carolina. jon, the details that you pieced together about how this was such a well-kept secret are incredible. >> reporter: it looked like mission impossible. but, i got to tell you, with paul ryan onboard, the romney campaign now believes that this is a whole new race. >> the next president of the united states! the next president of the united states! the next president of the united states -- mitt romney. >> reporter: with a running mate, a burst of energy. >> november 6th, we take our country back. >> reporter: campaigning across virginia, romney touted his big ideas and his pick's blue collar roots. >> we're going to talk about issues and a vision for america and not drag down in the dirt like you're seeing from the obama campaign. >> reporter: the message, this
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is a team with serious ideas for serious times. >> we won't duck the tough issues, we will lead. >> reporter: not just ideas. like almost all vp candidates, ryan took right to the role of attack dog. >> under president obama, unemployment has gone up. household incomes have gone down and for the first time in our nation's history our credit was downgraded. >> reporter: and how did ryan get to virginia without anyone knowing that he would be romney's pick? while reporters staked out his home in janesville, wisconsin, ryan snuck out the back door and escaped notice by going through a wooded ravine behind his house. ryan talked to reporters about that last night on romney's campaign plan. >> i know those woods like the back of my hand. so it wasn't too hard to walk through them. so i just went out my back door. >> reporter: from there he was whisked to an airport in
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illinois. where he flew to elizabeth city, north carolina, friday night and from there, drove unnoticed saturday morning to the announcement in norfolk, virginia. late last night on the campaign plane romney told us with ryan now on the team, it's two on two, instead of two on one. he added, dan, they now have somebody else to pick on. and trust me, democrats will. and democrats are already targeting paul ryan as an extremist. while team romney says that the pick is bold, team obama, says it's dangerous. they are saying he's a ideologue who wants to slash government programs like medicare while cutting taxes for the rich. abc's david kerley is covering that side of the story. >> reporter: you know, they're changing the playbook and this one is kind of a strange pick, because romney is happy. conservative republicans are happy, and so are the democrats. they believe that this changes
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the story line from a referendum on the president to a choice election about big ideas. as soon as he stepped off the aircraft in chicago, president obama headed to his campaign headquarters for a meeting about the new political landscape and a pep talk. how are they feeling? the obama website blared, "game on." romney calls his team the come back team and obama response is they are the go-back team returning to bush era policies. already a new obama ad on the web. the ad, like the obama campaign, suggests that the ryan pick fits their narrative, that republicans want to give tax cuts to the rich while dismantling medicare and privatizing social security, hurting the middle class. some democrats seemed lethal. harry reid claimed that the pick of ryan caters to the far right rather than standing with the
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middle class. others called ryan extreme. the ticket "a match made in millionaires' heaven." ryan, the author of disastrous budgets. what exactly does the president think? we don't know. he didn't say anything as he left the white house yesterday. he's in chicago for fund-raisers all day today. tomorrow, he's back on the trail. i have a feeling that he's going to have a lot to say about mr. romney's pick. let's bring in host of "this week" george stephanopoulos for more on the romney/ryan ticket. okay, first impressions. we saw them in virginia together. if their goal was to rally the conservative base, did they do that? >> i think they certainly did. you saw a lot of excitement on the trail and on the face of mitt romney. romney was a better campaigner yesterday with paul ryan by his side. i think that could make a difference in his campaign. as david just pointed out, democrats are very energized by this pick as well. >> they know him very well. he does come with his own budget plans, with his own ideas. with the unemployment stuck above 8%, is now the time that americans want to focus on
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fiscal policy? >> it doesn't show up in polling right now. debt abd deficit reduction is not the same as job creation. romney and ryan say their plans will be better for job creation in the long term. but what the democrats will target is that this idea of the deep cuts in entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid along with ryan and romney are calling for along with the deep cuts in the rest of government spending is act l actually going to cripple the economy and they're doing it while helping wealthy millionaires with tax cuts. this is going to be the core of their argument. it always was but believe it's years do now that ryan is on the ticket. >> and the ryan plan very famous in washington and political circles. as far as the rest of the country, what are americans going to think when they learn to more details about this plan? >> polling shows they don't like it so far. one of the advantages of ryan is that he's probably the best proponent of his own plan, he's the most articulate spokesperson of his own plan. that's one of the reasons why
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romney picked him going into this. the other issue is that paul ryan isn't particularly well known nationwide. just a congressman. we haven't seen a congressman on the ticket since 1984, geraldine ferraro. it will be interesting to see how he holds up on the national spotlight. >> we'll hear more details from dan about just who paul ryan is. but quickly, you have tim pawlenty on your show. we got word that last monday, he got the phone call from mitt romney that he wasn't going to be his pick? >> second-time runner-up. for tim pawlenty, former governor. he says he's fine with it. he thinks that ryan is a terrific choice. but there's got to be a lot of disappointment. >> all right, george, thank you. be sure to join george later today for a special "this week" when he talks to obama senior campaign adviser david axelrod as well as tim pawlenty. who is this man who would be veep? as we mentioned yesterday, ryan is a father of three young children. he loves boats, led zeppelin and beethoven and he leads congressional colleagues in an
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extreme workout called p90x. even though ryan has been in washington for years, he never had a home there. instead he stays with relatives or in his office on capitol hill, which he says makes it easier for him to get work done. we're also learning more about his wife janna little. they got married 12 years ago. she's a tax torn and a graduate of wellesley and george washington law school, who scaled back her career to become a stay at home mom. and while we knew that ryan is an avid hunter, he's a practitioner of a form of fishing of noodling where you catch catfish barehanded when grab their mouths. also like any good wisconsinite, he makes his own polish sausage and bratwurst. that is it on our paul ryan coverage this morning. let's get it over to ron claiborne with a look at the headlines overnight. good morning, everyone. firefighters in california are battling a wildfire that's forced the evacuation of about
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200 homes near fresno. crews are making progress containing the fire which has scorched 150 acres and is being fueled by dry, hot weather conditions. officials say that the blaze was caused by a discarded cigarette. six firefighters suffered heat-related injuries. and the death toll is still rising from those two powerful earthquakes that rocked iran, at least 250 people were killed and more than 2,000 injured after the quake leveled villages in northwest iran. rescuers worked through the night trying to free people trapped under the rubble. thousands slept outside last night, afraid of aftershocks. and the united states is stepping up plans for the possible fall of syrian president assad. the u.s. and turkey have agreed to work together to help the rebels that provide aid to refugees and plan for worst case scenarios, including a chemical weapons attack. and miami dolphins receiver and former "dancing with the stars" contestant chad johnson, is behind bars this morning, johnson, who recently changed
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his name back from ochocinco, was arrested saturday on domestic violence charge. he's accused of head-butting his new wife during an argument in front of their home. she was treated at the hospital for a cut to her forehead and johnson meanwhile will remain jailed until he faces a judge. and finally, some rather unusual in-flight entertainment cost one airline. the vietnamese airline was fined for having these beauty queens, five of them in bikinis, dancing in the aisle with blaring music. the male passengers appeared to have enjoyed the show. many took out of their cameras. the airline will have to pay 20 million dong in fines. a little less than 1,000 bucks. the official with the vietnamese civil aviation administration said they should have registered with us first. lesson learned. >> like a bachelor party up in the air. >> back to you guys. >> thank you.
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we're going to turn, talk some olympics right now this morning. >> good luck with this segue. the olympics draw to a close this morning and it is clear that american athletes are the best in the world, the united states well ahead in the medal count with a few big events left today. abc's jeffrey kofman has the latest from london. >> reporter: that's right, 16 days later and now just a few hours to go, and you're right, it's now safe to say that the u.s. is going to win the medal count at these games. for a while, china was on top. but not anymore. so, this is what gold looks like at 10 meters. american david boudia barely made it into the diving finals. the chinese were sure they grabbed gold here. but boudia was near-perfect. the chinese settled for silver. and they were not happy. these are proving to be golden
7:14 am
games for team usa. the medal count already over 100. a gap too big for china to bridge. american women's basketball team did its part. >> you can stamp the gold medal, made in the usa. >> reporter: trouncing france in the final game and collecting its fifth straight gold. while in the women's 4x400 relay, team usa made it look easy, as they, too, claimed gold. okay, so the american men couldn't match that, facing the massive strides of the jamaican team and usain bolt. the u.s. had to settle for silver, while bolt got his third gold of these games. >> who is the legend? it's me. >> reporter: and now, one guy, one olympian who will not be here for the final festivities, michael phelps and his 22 medals, he's escaped.
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tmz found him in maldives. at a fancy resort. take a look at this photo. he's with his pals, boating, not swimming down pool lanes. he said he's tired of that. he's just having fun and apparently doing a little drinking. one game to watch today, the gold medal basketball round, kobe bryant going, he says, for a final gold. so, stay tuned. >> hard to argue that phelps hasn't earned a little time on the beach and maybe some moderate alcohol consumption, right, jeffery? >> you got that. >> all right, thank you for your coverage throughout these games. shifting gears, back here at home, a neighborhood in las vegas terrorized by a marauding chimp again. these animals may look like us, but they are seven times stronger than us and very unpredictable. this is the second time this month that this chimp has escaped. abc's john muller is on the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the chimp owner doubts that it's an accident. she may have powered her way out of her cage again.
7:16 am
that's for investigators to piece together. but whatever the case the female chimp went wilding alone this time. her male partner in crime was shot dead in the last breakout a few weeks ago. c.j. is back behind bars and lucky to be alive after her second escape in about a month. last time she escaped she was with her pal buddy. terrorizing the same las vegas neighborhood. >> and you said they're chimpanzees? >> i know these animals are dangerous. >> reporter: and they were. one reached for a woman's car door handle. another banged on a police car. >> they're wandering down the street. they are dangerous. bring shotguns. i'm serious. they are wild animals. >> reporter: cops did bring guns and when buddy the male veered toward onlookers, the cops opened fire. buddy was dead on a vegas street. c.j. was tranquilized and put in a cage and the nightmare was over, or so everyone thought, but she escaped alone last night. knowing the drill, police set up
7:17 am
a perimeter. they safely shot her with a tranquilizer. >> this looks like we're complete idiots. like how the hell could the other chimpanzee get out? >> reporter: the chimp's owner can't believe it. she thinks that someone might have maliciously set her free. the first escape was brute force, c.j. and buddy battering their way out. in her latest cage, show that three metal bars slightly bent. it's unclear if the chimp bent those bars herself. >> we have gotten calls that people want to let c.j. out to pass this law in las vegas. i hope that nobody tampered with the cage. >> reporter: lawmakers are calling for tougher measures, laws that will ban chimps from being kept in people's backyards and basements. for the second time in a month chimp terror and relief in a vegas neighborhood, as no people were hurt. amazingly, no one hurt in either chimp escape. as you might expect, she was not returned to her owners this time. she's reportedly in a cage for lions and tigers now. meantime, the investigation on
7:18 am
her fate continues, guys. >> let's hope that it doesn't happen again. >> i think the lion and tiger cage will do it. >> all right, john, thank you very much. time now for a check of the weather and ginger zee. good morning, everyone. i want to start with a video out of phoenix. because they have had some wild weather. very hot but also dusty. monsoonal flow. a big dust storm, haboob, it comes with all of that heat. they have an excessive heat warning. today in phoenix, they could get near a record, 112. they could break a record tomorrow. 113. it's not just there. l.a. has been warm. they'll cool into the 80s through the week. fresno up in the 100s. las vegas will be 105 today, staying at 106 both monday and tuesday. there is heat out in the southwest. you put that up against a cold front and then you're going to get this. the isolated storms and some of them could be severe, anywhere from southwest missouri to dallas. tulsa in there, too. make sure this afternoon and evening you watch your local abc affiliates for the latest on
7:19 am
that. not quite the drought buster that we hoped for, every quarter of an inch will help. south dakota through iowa, central and northern illinois get a little bit, into peoria. i want to include that in the forecast. finally, what's happening in the northeast, a very slow mover getting out of here by this weekend. but look at this, boston up through maine, that's where coastal rain showers will be heavier again today. back to the northeast, we're looking okay. that's the big picture for now. let's get a check a litt
7:20 am
>> visibility went down to less than 200 feet. imagine driving on the highway. we saw it from the air before. i needed to show this photo from lisa, the haboob from the ground. this was south of phoenix. some gusting winds above 25 or 30 and some places more. i had to put a double rainbow. you talked about it this morning. i got such a beautiful one here from chris in ocean city, new jersey. a little twist for dan. >> i sent her a double rainbow picture weeks ago, she won't use it, but she'll use it from people in the audience. great colleague, ginger zee. >> i love it, ginger. okay, thanks. we're into the high holy wedding season. this morning, we got a megawedding blowout to show you. five brothers and sisters tying the knot to different people, but together, in a multi-ring, five in one ceremony followed by a reception to end all receptions. talk about big wedding.
7:21 am
not one. not two. but five siblings from one arizona family said their i dos yesterday in a mega-wedding to end all weddings. >> everything has been perfect. better than i could have imagined. >> it's all good. it's all happy. happiness is everywhere. >> all five got engaged within months of one another. sydney to doug. walker to jillian. emily to william. bradford to megan and brooke to todd. then, one of them came up with the biggest proposal yet -- a quintuple wedding. >> i wanted my own day. >> my biggest sacrifice was not in my backyard. >> we all wanted to be together. >> with some convincing all five couples bought in. after many planning sessions and preparations. >> every man for himself. >> the mega-wedding day arrived. their joint reception was preceded by five individual ceremonies. one right after the other.
7:22 am
little sister andi, a bridesmaid in four of her siblings' weddings, that meant she had to don four different bridesmaid dresses in a matter of a few hours. giving always being a bridesmaid never a bride a whole new meaning. >> we're pretty happy. >> it played out perfectly. without a hitch. >> there were five wedding cakes. 28 bridesmaids, 30 groomsmen, 11 flower girls. and one unforgettable celebration. >> the feeling is better than i thought it would be. >> you get all that, dan? >> i got it all. >> it's really hard to put together one wedding, let alone coordinate five. how did they do it? you can thank technology. weekly skype meetings. and we want to thank our phoenix affiliate abc-15 for their help with this story. coming up here on the broadcast -- the alligator that
7:23 am
tears into his trainer's arm and would not let go. the fight to free him all caught on tape. we'll hear from the man who survived this attack. >> plus, high-voltage adventure. look at these amazing pictures. lightning captured like never before. ginger is out storm chasing this morning, racing across the country to crack the secrets of these storms. >> yet another scary assignment for our fearless ginger. and this picture, it's gone viral. the whole story behind it coming up. it involves a nightly ritual. involves a nightly ritual. [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!!
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survived this attack plus, esap
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hold on. >> this thing is harrowing every time you see it. the alligator attack caught on tape at a county fair in ohio. the man is an alligator trainer whose arm was in the wrong place at the wrong time. how did he manage to get out of this situation relatively unscathed? we'll hear from him directly within moments. good morning america, i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, august 12, 2012. also, ahead, high-voltage adventure. look at these amazing pictures of nature's most destructive force, lightning. our own ginger zee out chasing the storms, trying to get the perfect shots of those lightning bolts. but there is a very important reason why these photos need to be studied. >> we have tried to find the most dangerous assignments for ginger zee. she's never shirked her responsibilities. and it's the picture that we have been talking about morning.
7:31 am
it's this picture. it has gone viral. what this man does every night to help his aging dog fall asleep. we'll hear from the very faithful dog owner coming up. but first, that amazing story out of ohio. man versus beast. the struggle that almost lost an alligator trainer his arms. we have the frightening details. >> any time a performer steps inside a cage with a live animal, anything can happen. but this traveling show said that it has been performing this act for three decades without serious injuries. until the other day. when you see this video, you'll understand why one of their trainers is lucky just to be alive. >> if you have a camera, go ahead, get them out. >> reporter: everything was going as according to plan, at this county fair in ohio on thursday. the animal trainer was attempting to show how quickly gators react once they detect something in their open jaws. >> you want to see dan put his hand in the gator achs mouth?
7:32 am
>> reporter: with dat kcatlike reflexes, dan pulls his hand away just before the gator chomps down. >> this is live takes. this is real alligators. no second chances. >> reporter: but when he increases the level of difficulty, trying to subdue the powerful reptile, cell phone video capturing how things go horribly wrong. >> my arm was higher than it should have been and it ended up in the wrong place. >> it's like putting your hand in a vice and cranking it down as tight as you can get it and then six more cranks. it's that much pressure. >> reporter: his partner dropped the mike, and rushes in to keep the gator from flipping over into what's called a death roll. to save his partner's arm, he must pry the gator's locked jaw apart. after 21 agonizing seconds, the alligator finally let go. >> there is no nerve damage or muscle damage. everything's working. just got a few stitches. >> reporter: here's how the show is supposed to go -- >> get those jaws shut.
7:33 am
that's how you do it. >> reporter: dan wowing a crowd without the gator getting the upper hand. while he heals, dan will be hosting from outside the gator pit. letting a fellow trainer put his neck on the line. >> i don't blame the alligator. you learn from your mistakes. it wasn't his fault. >> and believe it or not, dan said that he had so much adrenaline running that he didn't even feel the alligator biting him. only realized later at the hospital that his skin had been pulled off the muscle. the good news is that doctors say that he'll be able to get back in the ring in six to eight weeks. i'm sure you're wondering if he has anyone in his life questioning why he does this? well, his girlfriend actually works for the show, so she's onboard. >> i'm sure a lot of the alligators are asking why he does it. >> just asking for trouble. time for a check of the headlines again this morning, let's go back to ron. good morning, everyone. in the news, mitt romney and his new running mate paul ryan kicked their campaign into high
7:34 am
gear with several rallies today. the republican team began in north carolina and ends the day in wisconsin with a homecoming for ryan. first lady michelle obama made a surprise visit to aurora, colorado, the hospital that treated victims in last month's movie theater shooting. smet with hospital staff members and victims and their families. and a man that went missing more than two weeks ago has been found 1,000 miles from where he disappeared, he said that he hitchhiked and walked to north carolina from new hampshire. he couldn't remember his name after falling into a ravine while on vacation. and finally, well, it's not a hole in one. what are the odds of this happening? golfer rory mcilroy's tee shot struck and got stuck in the trunk of a dead tree. after searching for the ball and couldn't find it, a member of the television crew told him where it was. he took a penalty stroke and leads in that tournament. time now for the weather and
7:35 am
ginger zee. another soaker in miami. 3.35 inches. daily record rainfall yesterday. but let's look at a live shot from there this morning. going to be another rainy day overall. doesn't look too bad on the beach there. most of the state, really, of florida, going to see showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. all of this along the stationary front. temperatures about where they should be but spokane, warmer than ever. 97 there. seattle a touch warm at 83 and portland to 94. some warmth in the northwest. i'll leave you a look. houston, has a heat advisory in effect for today. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little >> this weather report has been brought to you by las vegas. and that city, today, in the 100s, all through the beginning
7:36 am
of the week. >> our sponsors are getting edgier. >> yes. >> the entire city. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on the broadcast -- the amazing photos. look at these. lightning like you have never seen it before, courtesy of our own ginger zee, chasing it down. she'll tell us what she learned on heratest adventure. >> your mother must be cringing when she sees you do that. the story behind this picture that has gone viral, why these watery poses are part of a touching nightly ritual for a loving dog owner and his ailing friend. and his owner. when it comes to toilet paper,
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it's been a wild year for weather and nobody knows that better than our ginger zee, who's been out in most of it. one of the features of the wild weather is lightning and that's what you're talking about today. >> it's not something i thought i would chase but it's the issue that tim samaras, one of my favorite meteorologists and respected scientist is doing, i got to go out with him as he tried to make history. check it out. we're chasing one of nature's most destructive and unpredictable forces. >> oh, look at that! >> reporter: tim samaras is a seasoned storm chaser and no stranger to wild weather. >> most of the core, i believe, is right here.
7:41 am
>> reporter: but today, he's focused on another nearly impossible mission. he's attempting to document the birth of a lightning strike. armed with an ultra high-speed camera, he'll try to capture this elusive moment as it has never been seen before. >> and the return stroke. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. his results so far have been impressive. these shots came from a high-speed camera called the phantom. it can record at 10,000 frames per second, but, in order to capture that fleeting moment, when the lightning bolt is actually born, samaras will need something much faster. okay, we're going to go see the kahuna. >> 82 cameras on this instrument taking one picture of the lightning in one microsecond steps of time. >> reporter: he's proud to tell us that it's the highest-speed, high-resolution camera in the world. tim and i have looked at the forecast. it looks like northern new
7:42 am
mexico between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., on this computer model, pops up a few thunderstorms and that is going to be our target. it's an arduous trip. covering four states, more than 800 miles, and plenty of pop and drop disappointing storms. >> yeah, this storm kicked out several lightning strikes and they were probably about five minutes apart. hardly worth firing the equipment over. but it's pretty. >> reporter: when all options were exhausted, a bright beacon of hope started gleaming on the radar. this has to be the storm. the last line of storms. it's the most promising we've seen the entire trip. the problem is, it's 85 miles in the opposite direction and we only have an hour to get into position. but thankfully, just as dusk settled in -- oh, my god. oh, my god. there it was. due north. a classic thunderstorm bursting with lightning. all right, it is happening. >> c.g. >> it's 12:00. >> reporter: and then we snagged one, a beautiful cloud to ground
7:43 am
strike, or c.g. pay dirt for tim. >> numerous branches. the first one hits the ground. >> reporter: it's a beautiful image, but it wasn't taken with a kahuna. see that bright flash, means the camera wasn't fast enough to capture the exact moment when the bolt was born. maybe next time. >> this condition here is very difficult to run the kahuna. >> it's not good enough. >> reporter: kahuna or not, for those of us who live for storms, sometimes the chase alone is reason enough to sit back and just enjoy the show. >> i don't know how many storms that i have seen in my lifetime, but every single one of them i still get pretty excited. the little boy in me just wants to come out here and watch and stare. >> samaras is featured in this month's "national geographic." it was such an honor to be out there. such an important issue because you and i have a 1 in 1,000 chance to be struck in our lifetime.
7:44 am
men 80% of the fatalities. >> because we're more likely to walk out in the middle of it? >> you take more risks. >> i love watching how exciting you get. weather geek in the best possible sense of that word. coming up here on the broadcast -- the picture that we have been talking about all morning. it's undeniably cute. but wait until you hear the backstory. keep it here. on "gma." ♪ you're my obsession on "gma." [ music playing ]
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7:49 am
this is john unger and his adopted dog, shep, who's 18 years old. blinded from cataracts. he's in constant pain from arthritis and hip problems. so, john has come up with this nightly routine, he takes the dog to lake superior where they sit in the shallow water, lie down. and the buoyancy gives the dog a bit of pain relief. >> he's my life. he has an incredible demeanor. the comfort for me is having him this close. i can only give him what i can. he's always given me his all. i know that it's taking the pain away. >> that dog looks really happy. millions of people have seen this picture on internet, and some are calling his vet to cover medical costs. so i'm on to more animals. we go to australia. what happens when you have a lamb that's left alone? dalmatian has never had puppies. so, this makes sense.
7:50 am
>> that dalmatian might be confused. >> either way, it's beautiful. >> that's sweet. now, apparently, the new thing is to make a dramatic entrance into your wedding reception. check out what happened with this couple here. this guy has the brilliant idea of -- i'll let you see for yourself. here they go. he's going to ride on the back of his new wife. look out! she's down for the count. >> she's in heels. >> what are they thinking? a good question. on the internet, they said it worked in practice. >> okay. >> it didn't work in reality. >> we didn't need to see that. >> i hope doesn't bode poorly for the rest of their marriage. >> prenup. good advice. my story once again takes me back to mother russia, this goes to a group of people working, sitting at their desk, they say, you know what, we need a break, and so check it out.
7:51 am
♪ >> they start dancing. this is what my family does at weddings. >> i was going to say -- is this some kind of russian dance? >> and they continue to do this. the question is, did they plan this ahead of time? right. the boss walked in. yelled something. for the life of me, i couldn't make out what he said. they go back to work. nothing ever happened. >> all right. >> that's a good one. >> that's what you found for me. >> you're welcome. >> if ron fails us, and can't find us something, or if you want to send us an idea, tweet us at "good morning america" or at bianna golodryga, or at dan harris. we'll be right back. k. golodryga, or at dan harris. we'll be right back.
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thanks for watching, everybody. big morning on "this week." george will be talking about the new veep pick that romney has made. david muir will have more more later today. we'll see you next weekend.
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