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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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is. good morning, america. high stakes. the campaign now in top gear as mitt romney's new running mate, paul ryan electrifies the trail. the congressman already hitting hard at the president as we hear from the former prom king who once drove the wienermobile. and secrets to his selection for the ticket. pump and rock. the spice girls particular-sized reunion as team usa celebrates victory, far outnumbering china in the medal count bringing gold home to america. plane crash caught on tape. watch the moment an 84-year-old man and grandson come in for a landing and get snagged by a power line. they both survive with cameras
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rolling. america's girl next door engaged. jennifer aniston said yes to justin theroux's romantic engagement, how she finally found her happily ever after. and good morning, everyone, hope you had a great weekend. ro robin is still on vacation, happy to have amy robach back. got to visit your family. >> i did. >> packed weekend as well. the race got an early jolt when mitt romney announced congressman paul ryan from wisconsin as his running mate. today, ryan will be going head-to-head with president obama in iowa. >> perhaps more noticeable over the weekend. gas prices now up 30 crepts in
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just a month. we'll tell you why they are going up a penny a day. >> the last several weeks. that's right. hey, and this morning, a special "gma" event. the new season with "dancing with the stars" six weeks away. we'll tell you who is on the first ever all-star edition and more importantly we'll reveal the pairings for each of the all-star contestants. there's a lot of overlapping. >> i got a sneak peek, this is interesting stuff. >> let's get right to the campaign trail. turbo charged now, that mitt romney picked running mate paul ryan. the 42-year-old congressman is married. he has three kids. also a fitness fin naturanatic. there you see him with tony horton. we have the election team with jon karl, jake tapper. david muir has all of the details from st. agustin,
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florida. >> turbo charged that perfect world. headlines this morning, bold choice. others say romney rolling the dice. if this campaign was looking for a brand-new burst of energy that's what they got as they carved out new battleground lines in the race for president. paul ryan choking up greeted by a crowd of 10,000 strong in the home state of wisconsin. >> it's good to be home. >> reporter: ryan is known in the political world for the controversial budget plan that calls for steep cuts and the obama campaign said it would change medicare as we know it. mitt romney and his running mate seemed ready for the incoming fire on "60 minutes." >> there's only one president that robbed medicare $716 billion to pay for new risky program of his own that we call obama care. >> ryan pointing out his own mother is on medicare in florida. >> our point, we need to
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preserve their benefits. >> reporter: romney said it's two on two. and ryan is wasting no time taking on the president. >> they are not working. they are failing us. they can't run on that. they are making hope and change to attack and blame. >> reporter: when asked about releasing only two years of his tax return, ryan shifting again to the president. >> what i hear from people around this country, they are not asking where are the tax returns, they are asking where the jobs are. >> reporter: and the first time, president obama weighing in on the republican ticket. >> i want to congratulate congressman ryan. the president calling him decent, a family man. then he started winging. >> he's an articulate spokesman for governor romney's plan. they tried to sell us this trickle down fairy dust before and guess what? it did not work. >> reporter: what did work was the romney campaign plan to deep
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the vp choice a secret. as speculation grew he would be romney's choice, he was dropped off at home by an aide on the eve of the big announcement. ryan telling us he lost his trees but we know he made a mad dash behind the woods, the same woods he played in as a child. an aide waiting for him. >> i know the woods like the back of my hand. >> reporter: waiting for paul ryan in that truck, they drove him to illinois. he flew to north carolina, members of the romney team waiting for him there. they had takeout from applebe s applebee's. who knew we should have staked out applebee's. >> he got one on you. thanks so much. >> and paul ryan is electrifying the republican base. best known as the man with the controversial budget plan. abc's jon karl is in iowa with more details.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. paul ryan hits the campaign trail on his own for the first time as the candidate energized by a massive sendoff in his home state of wisconsin. >> i like to hunt here. i like to fish here. i like to snowmobile here. i even think ice fishing is interesting. >> reporter: paul ryan is a native of jansville, wisconsin, a town of 60,000 that seemed to be filled with ryans, he played football, volleyball. was class president. when he was 16 his dad died. he's been an overachiever ever since determined to make his dad proud. >> i was raisesed with the packers, dodger, bucks and brewers. >> reporter: he first came to washington as a 22-year-old intern, moonlighting as a waiter in this restaurant and fitness trainer at this gym. five years later, running for congress, elected when he was
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just 28. he met his wife, jana, on a blind date. she's now a stay at home man. they live on the same block where ryan grew up. on capitol hill, ryan made a name for himself as a numbers geek. the kind of guy that gets excited reading the federal budget. >> you literally go through it line by line. >> reporter: but he gets a charge out of catching giant catfish with his bare hands. it's called noodling. he's an avid bow hunter and is obsessed with fitness. >> paul ryan is in phenomenal shape. it gives him the energy to think clearly and gives him the enthusiasm to do what he does. >> reporter: ryan seems to work the way he works out like he's in a hurry to make his mark to do big things. now, george, of course, he has really got a chance. >> stick around we'll bring in
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jake tapper for how the white house is viewing this. litlet me begin, the president surprised by this pick. he had his eye on the congressman for a while. >> he singled him out as someone to be taken seriously. they've gotten into conflicts at these republican meetings that president obama has had. >> he called him out a couple of times. they will be focusing on medicare, medicaid. >> this morning the obama campaign sent me front pages of these florida newspapers which focus on paul ryan's pick hurting the romney ticket in florida because of what ryan proposes doing to medicare. >> jon, i take it the best defense for the romney team will be go on offense here? >> they fight fire for fire. you're already hearing that. talking about the medicare cuts that are in the president's health care plan. but they are also going to channel ronald reagan when he turned to jimmy carter and said
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there you go again. they said the president is going gutter politics that paul ryan's changes to medicare don't affect any current seniors and won't go into effect for 20 year. >> the white house is pleased with the choice because they see him as a target. is there anything about ryan that worries the obama campaign? >> certainly, the potential to inspire young voters, catholic voters and energize the republican base. >> it sure did energize mitt romney over the weekend, the choice. >> unbelievable change in romney, he seemed more natural, more at ease with ryan at his side. those crowds, george, we haven't seen it ever with romney. we saw people waiting for hour, lining up, overflowing through the heat. really a huge bolt of energy. of course we have to see if it remains that way. right now there's no question this is an energized campaign. >> we know the white house will target ryan's budgest.
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is there anything they'll focus on? >> he is catholic and opposes abortion being legal in casesin. you'll see that factoid. >> thanks, very much. >> from politics to the olympics, after 19 days and more than 900 medals the london olympics wrapped up with a blockbuster closing ceremony. let's go to abc's jeffrey kofman for all of the details. jeffery. >> reporter: good morning you to, from olympic park. very quiet after 16 days. this park was jammed. now it's a virtual ghost town. that followed a very late night of farewells. ♪ the london olympics ended with a mix of pomp that was as distinctly british as the quirky opening ceremony, making a
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glittering entrance in five cabs, the spice girls came together for an olympic-sized reunion. it was a jam-packed celebration including the best of british bands. there was george michael. ♪ freedom freedom >> one direction. and a spectacular finale from the who. but yet, again, it was british comedy that stole the show, this time monty python's "eric idle" performing a sing-along with "always look on the bright side of life" as the night began, instead of marching in, the 10,000 athletes filtered in through the aisles of the the stadium. >> we lit the flames and we lit up the world. >> reporter: the night capped a closing day that saw the u.s. men's basketball team win yet another gold giving team usa 46
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gold medals. the biggest gold haul of any country here and the biggest ever for americans at a full olympics. but now, the games of the xxx olympiad are over, and spectacular olympic caldron, extinguished. and now, it is over to you, rio, four years from now. the 31st summer olympics will be reld this rio de janeiro. just as these were distinctly british, the next will be distinctly brazilian. where do i sign up? >> thank, jeffery. as always let's go to josh for the final medical count. >> let's face it. the usa medal count thanks to the women. kevin love, minnesota timberwolves tweeting surreal feel. special moment for all of us, at a loss for worlds, hashtag usa.
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we take a final look, the u.s. finishing with 104 medals overall, as you can see clearly outpacing china, finished second with 87 medals overall and russia just nipping the host british. 82 overall. lots of news to get to. we begin with the increasing pain at the nation's pump. surging gas prices climbing roughly a penny a day. in this morning the nationwide average hit $3.69 a gallon up 8 cents in the last week alone and 30 cents higher than just one month ago. also breaking news from afghanistan this morning. a new attack on u.s. troops by their afghanny partners. an afghan policeman turned his weapon on coalition members this morning. two u.s. soldiers were injured in the attack. it was the fifth attack in just a week. and an accident in the strait of hormuz left a giant
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gash in a u.s. naviship. the tanker collidship collidedea tanker. and chad johnson faces a domestic abuse charge and now it's cost him his job. john schriffen has more. >> reporter: chad johnson was released from jail on bound and from the dolphins. he once changed his name to ochocinco to match 85 on his jersey, charged with head butting his wife of over a month. >> you've been charged with battery domestic violence. >> basically, they cleaned out his locker and sent him on his way. they said he was not welcome here. >> reporter: seen on one of the violent outburst, "basketball wives" told police he head
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butted her and left her with a 3 inch cut on her forehead. he denies that saying the new wife head butted him. the former "dancing with the stars" contestant made this joke while filming for a show "hard knocks." >> i promise i'll get arrested before we're after. >> he kept that promise and his career may be over. we reached out to his represents overnight. they have no comment. he would make $1 million with the dolphins. if convicted he faces up to a year in jail. josh. billy graham in the hospital this morning being treated for bronchitis. the spokesman said graham is in good spirits and is looking forward to going home. and we brought you the remarkable video at the top of the show. take a look. a small plane from michigan taken inside the cockpit, again, both members of that plane's
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party are safe. somehow the landing gear catching the power line, causing experimental aircraft to nose dive into a corn field. the 84-year-old pilot and his grandson taking the picture, obviously very lucky. we want to thanks our detroit station wxyz for the video again. both safe and sound. >> the lines were so close to that landing strip. we have another airport story, startling airport breach. it happened at jfk airport, one of the nation's busiest with a $100 million security system. but a man stranded on the water after a few drinks was able to break through. jim avila has it all. >> reporter: good morning. it was an unplanned test of the security system. the unofficial test officially failed. new york's john f. kennedy airport, $100 million state of
7:17 am
the art security system designed to safeguard against terrorists. could not keep a 31-year-old jet skier out. he was able to swim up to and stroll on to airport ground. bypassing motion sensors and closed circuit camera. >> he should be given dinner and champagne for showing our faults. >> reporter: instead he was arrested. but not until an incredible investor stunned security officials. his night began racing on jet skis, when his watercraft failed him. after calling for and receiving no help, he managed to swim for the only thing he could see. runway lights. once on lands, he climbs an 8 foot barbed wire fence, walked across two runways into delta's terminal three unnoticed. dripping wet and wearing a life
7:18 am
jacket. when a delta employee noticed. they charged him with criminal trespassing. >> it's outrageous why we don't have a security system throughout our airports. >> reporter: this is not the first time. remember this black jeep speeding down a runway in philadelphia's airport in march and jfk. a huge uproar over the same perimeter fence that was knocked down by weather and remained down for days. overnight, the port authority issued this statement to abc news, they took immediate action to increase police presence with round the clock controls of the perimeter and increased controls by boat of the surrounding waterway clearly not trusting that security system alone. george. >> jim, thanks very much. time for the weather. ginger zee is in, sam is on vacation. >> yes, it was a rocking sunday in texas and oklahoma. durant, oklahoma had intense
7:19 am
wind, look at that. big time damage. ahead of that cold front affecting paducah, memphis. type l tupelo, make tour to pay attention to abc stations. bigtime heat in phoenix, above 110. a days in a row.
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that is a look at your nation's weather. i'll have much more coming up. right now back to josh, amy and george. >> ginger, thank you. coming up on "gma." a shocking twist in a bizarre case of a wife on trial for trying to run her husband over with an suv. she said xanax caused it. >> and jennifer aniston getting married. she said yes to justin theroux's proposal. details ahead. and are you ready to see who is on the brand-new all-star
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areas. hundreds -- hot springs areas. the wye fire is 25% contained and the walker fire is 30% contained. now your morning commute. a couple of areas of concern westbound 37 mare island big rig accident cleared. speeds slowing there. northbound 280 san francisco at 101 earlier accident now cleared to the center divide. 101 north bay at san antonio accident lane 4. eastbound 580 north livermore, slowing westbound. scorching heat inland.
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check out this picture from san francisco looking south fog across san francisco today is going to be about the same in concord 93, one to four degrees warmer in most areas. 60s coast, mid to upper 90s east bay
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bachelors all over the world in mourning, jennifer aniston engaged. there's her new fiance, justin theroux, he proposed on his birthday, she said yes. and now they are making it official. we'll have all of the details on this surprise engagement coming up. good morning, america. great to have amy robach back. robin is on vacation for another week. >> good for her. >> i think she has not had a tough time. the tabloids had a tough time. >> she hasn't been single for very long. >> happy birthday to justin. >> we have a huge announcement live. "dancing with the stars" is getting ready to kick off the
7:31 am
biggest season ever with an all-star edition. we'll tell you who is back in the ballroom and who they are pairing up with. those partners kept top secret this this morning. apparently george already knows. >> i did sneak a peek. but i'm not going say a word. >> but we'll be surprised? >> i don't know about surprised but you'll be impressed. >> interesting choice of words. >> i wonder if this will impress any of you. we have a picture here, an edgy look for miley cyrus. but the pop star gave herself a stunning makeover. we have the pictures, it's pretty shocking. she explains why she did it. makes no apologies. >> that's not the new look. >> it's totally different. you and i had a lot -- >> if she shaved her head, i'll be shocked. >> short of head shaving. >> tune in to find out what miley did now. let's get right to the latest on the bizarre trial we first told but friday. brenda white facing charges of trying to murder her estranged
7:32 am
husband by running him over in her suv. she took the stand last week and blamed it all on xanax. only hours later, the judge declared a mistrial. our legal team, dan abrams and nancy grace standing by but first here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: for an attack that seemed so clear-cut. a woman caught on surveillance video trying to run down her husband. it is a case filled with unexpected twists. this time a mistrial after a friend of the suspect told the judge she rode an elevator with jurors and overheard them talking about the case. something they are not supposed to do in court. >> we pulled the videotape by the surveillance cameras. and that's consistent. >> reporter: it's a sudden and surprising road block to a case that hinges on unlikely defense. brenda white does not dispute she was behind the wheel when
7:33 am
she ran her husband down, breaking his legs but she says it's not her fault. she wasn't in her right mind after taking too much anti-anxieantia anti-anxiety drug, xanax. >> he was my best friend, my lover. they did not want to hurt him or kill him. >> reporter: the attack behind the wheel was part of it. hours earlier, she reportedly visited her estranged husband john white at work and played the song angry johnny, mimicking a gun with her hands, while repeating lyrics ♪ i want to kill you ♪ i want to blow you away. >> reporter: after the mistrial john white issued a statement saying it's unexpected. it doesn't change what happened and will continue moving forward. prosecutors don't buy the xanax
7:34 am
defense and are expected to retry the case as soon as they can. >> let's bring in our legal team. nancy grace. "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. i guess the mistrial kind of a surprise. but the judge didn't have a choice once he heard the evidence. >> the judge has discretion, remember, the jurors are told probably every time they leave the courtroom, you are not allowed to talk about the case. don't begin deliberations until the evidence is in. nevertheless, this is a pretty severe punishment, in effect which is to declare a mistrial to say we'll force this case to start all over again. so, if these jurors were talking about, let's say a witness' red sweater. if they said did you see the witness is wearing a red sweater. but the problem should not declare a mistrial but in this case, the jurors were talking about evidence, testimony, et cetera. >> i guess the person said the
7:35 am
jury was saying they were a friend of the defendant. >> well, this is how i interpret it. number one, i disagree with what dan said. because once you get up on appeal and say there is a criminal conviction, that's a perfect grounds for an appellate court to reverse the case then you have to try it all over again. as far as the fact that this is brought to the attention of the court by the defendant's friend, if she had heard the juror say, wow, this is a slam dunk, this is a not guilty. i mean, their speculation it would never have been reported. but that's neither here or there, the reality is that the law requires a 12-person jury. they are to deliberate amongst themselves, not off in splintered groups. there are reasons for this. and this would have been overturned on appeal. speaking of appeal this has already been up on appeal since 2005 because the defense went defense shopping.
7:36 am
they first wanted to claim extreme emotional distress. she was so upset, she chased her husband through a parking lot, across a grassy knoll and into a building to run him down. then when the court got rid of that. they threw that out and debunked it. she went with xanax. >> we heard that thursday, dan. >> we're deep into the case. this is not the beginning of the case. the defendant has already testified in the context of this case. so the notion that it would have reached an appellate level and they may have to retry it, again this is a very severe remedy here, and, again, i would think and hope that the judge believed -- remember, the jurors had denied that they were talking about it. jurors very often deny it, et cetera. >> they're on video, dan. >> yeah, they're on video -- >> they're on video. but i don't think there's audit yoerks is there? >> of course they're going to deny it. there's a contempt fine if you
7:37 am
violate the judge's order. next thing this woman will do is blame pfizer. she's looking to blame anybody but herself other than her husband. sure, she allegedly caught him on the cell phone telling another woman he loved her. that's true, according to the testimony. but that aside there may be a few women jurors that might let her go. >> prosecution wants to bring this up. does it help that they've seen the defendant on the stand? >> they've said that. the fact that they've seen, heard the beginning of her testimony, they can use that later. prosecutors are also saying they think it was the right decision by the judge. this has to be a tough blow for these prosecutors. yes, maybe they'll have a stronger case. this is not a tough case. this is not a case where in my view it's all that close. >> it's never good for the delay. that's the defense's number one strategy in every case be it guilty plea or murder trial. delay, delay, delay. i have a mistrial, in an opening
7:38 am
statement once. it's not a good thing. >> particularly because she was released on bail. that's why there have been very serious questions about the witness who said she heard the conversation in the elevator. you have to believe the judge gave it a lot of credit. >> dan and nancy, thanks very much. time for the weather. ginger zee in for sam. >> good morning. everyone. amy was telling me she was running in minneapolis, and it was goal. in the 50s. all of that great lakes coolness. settling in chicago. they're waking up in the 60s. you see the low-lying clouds, as well as a high of 72. a touch of fall in parts of great lakes and midwest. chicago gets rain. look at heavier rain in indiana
7:39 am
a normal high for redding, california. in the upper 90s. they'll be 109 today. this record report brought to you by ally bank. coming up. jennifer aniston engaged to boyfriend justin theroux. we'll have all of the details when we come back. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. nobody beats officemax for back-to-school... with great prices on thousands of supplies.
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and we welcome you back with big news for jennifer aniston. officially now, more than friends with actor justin theroux. the two met while filming a movie over a year ago and on friday night, he asked her to be his bride. >> it looks like america's sweetheart may finally be getting her happily ever after. aniston's representatives tell abc news the 43-year-old star was engaged friday to actor and screen writer justin theroux, who gave her quite the present
7:44 am
on his birthday. >> yes, of course i will. >> every time she's interviewed about justin she was extremely happy, using words like joyful and peaceful. she was feeling incredibly lucky to have him h in life. >> reporter: the couple met on the set of the movie "wunderlus "wunderlust." >> we're not a bunch of hippies sitting around playing the guitar. >> reporter: in addition to acting, theroux was the screen writer for "rock of ages" and "tropic thunder." he had roles on sitcoms like "parks and recreation." >> check out part 2. >> reporter: last june aniston was coy with me when i asked her about the new man in her life. >> are you happy with the personal area of your life? >> yes, i'm very happy and extremely lucky and extremely happy. >> reporter: but aniston has not always been so happy.
7:45 am
for years her love life had been tabloid fodder about her breakup with vince vaughn. . and then when brad pitt was leaving her for angelina jolie. aniston gushed about pitt a year earlier to diane sawyer. >> i can't imagine being with any other human being. i married him because he was the love of my life. >> reporter: but shortly after the breakup, she told "vanity fair" she was lonely and some of pitt's actions lacked sensitivity check. >> after they divorced in 2005 we saw jennifer try different relationships with different men but seems to have found real happiness with justin theroux. >> we're so happy for her. no word when they will tie the knot. >> coming up justin has the "play of the day" and miley
7:46 am
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here's the "play of the day." >> you earned your money today. >> how are you, america? >> hey. >> heard any good jokes? no? let's get to the "play of the day." some friends fishing off the coastline, off vancouver, british columbia. >> what is that circle? >> these are a small squadron of boats. >> what is that noise? >> i don't know what noise you're speaking of there. i don't know. >> oh! >> hi, hello. >> wow. >> so what are you fishing for? certainly not hump back whales. take another look at this. that's breaching -- we actually had to scratch the reactions of the fisherman off the audio. >> yeah. we didn't want to teach all of
7:51 am
the kids all seven words you can't say on television all at once. suffice it to say, when it breaches five feet off a tiny boat -- >> it was absolutely gorgeous and absolutely terrifying. >> everybody is okay? >> everybody is okay. no fisherman hurt in the filming of that humpback whale. >> we're counting down to the biggest announcement of the all-star edition. >> it's fascinating and surprising. >> as stephanopoulos say, it's also impressive. go nowhere. touches your lips. the delightful discovery, the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself. well, almost. the sweet reward, making a delicious choice that's also a smart choice. splenda no-calorie sweetener. with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. more traffic delays are expected in san francisco starting today because of prep work for the central subway project. two weeks ago closures began on stockton between ellis and geary. today columbus near union and powell will be shutdown for the next four months. >> warm inland today. still hot there temperatures above average 10° in livermore, two in napa and san jose below average san francisco and redwood city. 70s and 80s around the bay, 80s and 90s inland.
7:57 am
slow tapering of temperatures the next several days. still slow from vallejo towards marin accident off to the shoulder, big rig earlier accident there. accident eastbound north livermore and 5890, westbound slowing due to rubberneckers. raiders football tonight at
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i want to dance one more week of amy robach with very happy monday crowd. here in times square. robin is still on summer break. one more week of amy robach with us again this morning. you know where that music comes from, "dancing with the stars." we are closing in. suspense is mounting. just weeks away from kickoff. the most exciting "dancing with the stars" ever. the all-stars. we'll tell you which are headed back to the ballroom for the first time. right here live and in a few minutes we'll tell you who they are paired with. >> all right. >> there's a problem with it, too. cheryl has had three of them. so which one, if any, will she get? there's so many -- >> does she get a say in it?
8:01 am
>> does she get a say in it. you do know -- >> i do not. >> we have a really inspirational story ahead for everyone who struggles with their weight. this working mom, over 300 pounds to save her life. "extreme makeover's" chris powell called in a secret weapon, his wife. trainer heidi powell. wait until you hear how much the success story is. there's chris. >> giving high five to the crowd. >> yeah. he's always happy. >> oh, and look. he loves his wife. >> they're right there. >> they are. they also have the cutest baby boy. he is magic. and is this magic? could you get a facelift without surgery? we're going inside this hot new beauty trend. this is the latest. it's called an acufacial, it's acupuncture for the face. it's supposed to make you look years younger. >> it getter after all of that. >> really.
8:02 am
or a refund. >> get ready for boo. put up some pictures if we're going to talk with boo. there he is, the world's cutest dog. we're on the road with him. >> i have to say, i haven't heard from my cousin in a while, my cousin e-mails me and asks, can i get an autograph from boo. this is a really big deal, apparently? this is a really big deal, apparently. >> i met boo the last time around. the only thing that impressed my girls. >> apparently. >> so that's coming to you. we have news to get to as well. we're going to begin with the new face now in the race for the white house. congressman paul ryan returning to his home state of wisconsin yesterday for the first time since mitt romney invited him to join the republican ticket as his vice presidential pick. it was an emotional homecoming for ryan there. today they'll be campaigning separately. romney in florida, ryan in iowa and colorado and president obama also making stops today in iowa. and another sleepless night
8:03 am
in parts of iran where hundreds were killed by two devastating earthquakes. 20 villages have been destroyed. people sleeping in tents for the second night in a row fearing their homes could collapse upon them. and extreme heat in the southwest fueled this. another blinding dust storm that seemed to swallow phoenix whole. inside that storm visibility just a quarter of a mile. the city suffered temperatures 110 or above for days. this, by my count, the third such storm we've seen this summer. ginger will have an updated count in a few moments. encouraging news in the battle against childhood obesity. strict state laws keeping junk food out of schools appears to be slowing child obesity overall. it is the first such evidence that those efforts are paying off and that is great news there. finally an alligator demonstration at an ohio county fair turned all too real. take a look here.
8:04 am
the handle letter demonstrating how quickly gators can react. when they sense something in their mouth -- he got his arm stuck. his partner rushes in to free him. again, that gator biting down, thankfully small gator, and after 21 agonizing seconds, finally the gator let go. again, the trainer wants you to know, no nerve damage. no major damage. just a few stitches. >> at least it was a small alligator. >> not even bleeding. >> again, as good as an alligator bite could have gone. he'll be healing up and will be back in the gator pit zone. he said it's his fault. the gator is just being a gator. >> my guess it's the gator's fault. >> by definition. >> how about some "pop news." >> good morning to you all and to you. the olympics may be over. but team great britain isn't done partying yet. many of her majesty's biggest
8:05 am
olympic stars, including cycling champ are all tee toured in this adidas ad singing the quinn hit "don't stop me now." david beckham is in the ad, he plays the director, yelling "action." it's a subtle wink that he was cut from the uk's olympic soccer team. he has a good sense of humor. the commercial is adorable. and michael phelps will not be focusing on swimming any longer, he'll still be working on his stroke. thank you very much. ding. the olympic star -- don't encourage that behavior. he signed up to star on the upcoming fifth season of "the haney project." on the golf channel. in it, he'll find out if his golf game is up to par as he plays some of the world's best courses with the help of
8:06 am
tiger woods,' former coach. i don't doubt he's a great golfer. there's a lot of pressure there. >> not necessarily. >> i would think with that wing span. >> there's very little crossover. it's harder, theoretically, for those of us challenged in that particular area. >> that might make even better tv. >> his job is to play some great golf courses of the world. >> right. sign me up. >> hey, it's not quite the level britt brit /* britney took it to. miley cyrus is keeping her fans on her toes with the new shaved hair style. you're right. she tweeted out a picture about to get the blond bun chopped off. fans immediately weighed in. miley tweeted back, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head and no one else's and it's going bye-bye. after she tweeted the do. she tweeted never felt more like me in my whole life. i want to see the do one more time. can we get a close-up? >> she wants to get rid of that
8:07 am
hanna montana thing. >> what do you all say? >> she wants to be edgy, and -- >> hanna montana is way -- >> i think of punk rock peter pan. justin bieber? >> 20, 21, let her do whatever she wants. >> exactly. >> we have nice things to say, miley. >> hair grows back. >> for some people. finally it's not every day you see youngsters going to great lengths to eat veggies, let alone cabbage. this young little pooch, this dog will have his day, and he gets it done all right. he wants that cabbage badly. he's enjoying it tremendously. he really -- he likes it. >> he really does. he's chewing very well. he's very happy. his owner so enjoyed this. they sent it in. he finally goes for the whole kit and kaboodle. apparently it ended like this and not everybody is caught. >> ginger, how about some weather, sam is away on
8:08 am
vacation. >> i don't know if this puppy loves veggies, baugh we have a beautiful dog and a great crowd. look at this. 40th anniversary, true parents they say hi to their son where? >> springfield, massachusetts. >> we love our affiliates. >> here's the rest of the family. >> got to get them in. >> beautiful day in the northeast. that's where we'll begin with the forecast. you can see it here. there's your forecast for new york. 86 with lots of sunshine, beautiful. that should require a cheer. big high pressure system there. out in the west. southwest. phoenix, eight days in a row. of 110 plus.
8:09 am
[ cheers and applause ]. less humidity out here. you are doing a trip. final fling before the ring. lara we'll head back into you. we're going to celebrate. >> that sounds like a good time. thank you, ginger. >> here is what is coming up on the ""gma morning menu"" this time it's all about the all-star, live right here on "gma," we'll tell you who they are pairing up with. and one amazing transformation. how this working mom managed to lose more than 300 pounds. we have her story and inside tips. plus, the hottest new facelift. no surgery required, just needles. all coming up live on "gma" from times square.
8:10 am
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♪ whatever lola wants ♪ lola gets ♪ and, little man ♪ little lola wants you ♪ i've been looking for you all night. ♪ thank you. ♪ whatever lola wants ♪ good morning america,
8:15 am
"dancing with the stars," all-star cast on "gma." brought to you by diet pepsi. nothing refreshes like a diet pepsi. >> wow, the crowd here is so excited for what is coming up. we are getting ready for the biggest and starriest "dancing with the stars" ever. best of the best back in the ballroom when the season kicks off on september 24th. right now we reveal who is tangoing together. >> this is quite interesting. half of the stars have taken home a mirrorball trophy. we asked what they're looking for in pro partnerships in what is sure to be the most competitive season ever. ♪ it is the burning question. will the pro dancers reunite or compete against stars they once taught. cheryl burke won with emmitt smith and drew lachey and barely lost with gilles marini. what if none of them are assigned to cheryl this time? >> it's not her fault she's not
8:16 am
dancing with me. it will become a competition. >> i was not one to be with someone i wasn't comfortable with. >> bristol palin is worried she won't get her former pro, mark ballas. >> take me under their wing, show me the dance systems like mark did. someone i'm comfortable with. >> melissa rycroft suspects the show's producers don't necessarily care about comfort. >> i can't have this on my show. >> reporter: will apolo ohno and helio castroneves need a champion like julianne hough again? >> it's tough, i know what it takes to win. >> reporter: and there may be know surpriseses for kirstie alley, tweeting it's tough keeping a secret. is the secret that she and maks are reuniting. >> kirstie was able to keep the secret until right now.
8:17 am
let's start with kirstie alley. yes, you guessed she'll be back with maks chmerkovskiy. >> can't imagine her with anyone else. next up. apolo ohno will partner with karina smirnoff. >> nfl star and season three winner emmitt smith will be dancing, yes, cheryl burke go was emmitt. sorry drew lachey. >> and gilles marini as well. >> and pamela anderson will dance with handsome and adorable tristan macmanus. such an adorable pair. >> and joey fatone is headed into the ballroom with kym johnson. >> i like that too. >> brit toll palin does not have to worry about having a teacher like mark ballas, she'll be
8:18 am
dancing with the two-chime champion this season. >> and melissa rycroft returns with her partner tony dovolani. tony joins us live from l.a. hey, tony. [ cheers and applause ] s well -- >> i'm very excited about this season, i have to tell you. i'm really excited about getting my name back. >> you got that big smile. you have a great partner in melissa rycroft. >> yes. i'm ecstatic. i couldn't be happier. i prayed for her and i got her. i'm very, very happy right now. >> i think we have one little surprise for you right now. i hope this works out. melissa, can you hear me? i think i have her on the phone. >> i can hear you. >> i guess congratulations are in order for you too, huh? >> i'm pretty excited. i had him the first time around. it's going to be a great season.
8:19 am
>> let me ask u-tony, what will your strategy be this time around with melissa, the competition so stiff in this group. >> well, we both came so close to winning that mirrorball trophy, we know we didn't. we know we need to bring it every single week. the strategy will be keep having fun, keep smiling, keep entertaining the audience and hopefully they get behind us again. >> you guys know each other's move, have you started practicing yet? >> no, we haven't started practicing yet. >> i want to ask you, you got each other again. there are a few people that did not get matched up with their former pro. how do you think drew lachey is feeling this morning, melissa. >> i think he might be a little jealous. there's something cool about getting to do it again, because we know each other. there's camaraderie. he might have been jealous that
8:20 am
he'll get someone else. personally, i'm happy to be back with my partner. >> melissa, thank you very much. tony, can't wait to see you later. we have five more all-stars who need partners. you can find them on on yahoo!. "dancing with the stars" premieres september 24th. thank you very much. now to an incredible transformation. sally ballooned to over 300 pounds an and was eager to lose the weight. she helped chris powell and heidi poul from "extreme weight loss: weight loss edition." first let's listen to her story. >> reporter: this body belonged to tour guide sally adams, before a severe leg injury led to a 200-pound weight gain and
8:21 am
10,000 a day calorie diet. then her tour bus made an unexpected stop at the lincoln memorial. >> one year from now, you will be half your size. >> reporter: and chris powell of extreme makeover weight loss edition gave her the honest truth. >> i'm going to kick your [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but despite the trade mark aggressive workouts. sally still wasn't losing the pounds she needed to meet her goal. >> you've lost 20 pounds. you fell short of 40%. >> reporter: when chris busted her red-handed. >> sally, come on. what are you doing? >> how can i be going backwards? >> yeah, i'm wondering the same thing. and i know exactly where to start. >> reporter: he called in the big guns. his wife and fellow trainer, heidi poul. >> if you compare us to dogs, she would be the pitbull and i'll be the golden retriever.
8:22 am
>> i see through people's crap more than chris does. >> reporter: when heidi couldn't motivate sally -- >> i'm done. >> sally. >> sally's own words, don't stop. don't stop. >> reporter: recorded before the journey began which provided that push. >> self-respect as well as looks, it all doesn't matter, because you won't be here if you don't do this. >> i'll never take this for granted again. >> reporter: sally kaconquered r workouts, reclaimed her life. >> when i first started this process, i could not fit on the slide. >> reporter: and wowed a packed house in d.c. >> please put your hands together for the new sally. >> reporter: all thanks from that message from the old sally. >> i'm so disappointed in myself. >> i'm so glad i didn't give up this year. look where i am now. >> and we are going to see the new sally live here in just a moment. first let's talk to chris powell, author of "choose to
8:23 am
lose" and his wife heidi. the transformation helped sally turn her life around. thanks for being here both of you. the golden retrevor and pitbull, i like that. one of the struggles she was dealing with is being a wife and full-time mom. fitting in the workout regime is tough. do a lot of people experience that schedule problem? >> absolutely. sally is every mom out there trying to lose weight. at the same time with kids you're busy. she has a beautiful little son but he's a disaster maker. and he's all over the place. at the same time she's trying to work. i get it you about i can't relate to it. as i was trying to carve out time for exercise and nutrition, there's difficulties there. >> bring in your secret weapon your wife, heidi. tell me about working with heidi. i saw you chase her into the bathroom at one point last night. . i can relate to sally. i, too, am a working mother.
8:24 am
i have three kids. i know how challenging it can be like chris said to fit everything in. having that experience myself. i was able to call her on things that i knew were just excuses. and she's a strong, strong girl. it really wasn't tough. i am a pitbull. i'm pretty tough. sally actually called me the peregrine falcon. >> i like that. falcon, pitbull. >> let's bring out sally. we don't want to wait any longer. >> you look gait! [ cheers and applause ]. >> congratulations, sally, tell me how your life changed. >> it's like asking someone how does it feel to resurrect from the dead. in some ways the struggles i went through are exactly what makes it so sweet. because i got through the hard times. as a woman in my 40s. losing weight is much harder. i'm not going to lie.
8:25 am
you're playing the long, slow game. you're not giving up hope when it seems like hope should be lost. that's a really hard thing to do. getting through that was great. it was fun to see my journey last night. i had never seen the show either. i was watching with heidi and chris. we were screaming at the tv. >> how do you feel getting up on the surfboard. you are able to do things nowta you weren't able to do before. >> i actually -- one of the people i work with in d.c. said you started off the show at a negative size fitness left. now he give he's a begrudging 6, 7. he's tough. >> on the way to a 10. >> i couldn't even walk up stair, normally. i don't think the show showed how disabled i really was before i started the process. to be able to jump up on that surfboard, pick up my body weight, not only do it but do it on the first try, was incredible. >> it's inspirational for everyone working at home.
8:26 am
>> congratulation, sally, enjoy your new life. >> absolutely. "extreme makeover weight loss edition" is on thursday. coming up the facelift that requires no surgery, inside acupuncture for the face and we're going on the road with the world's cutest dog. get ready for boo! friday everybody is adoing it, party in the park with neon trees. it's a live concert you don't want to miss. only on "good morning america" summer concert series and pepsi, live for now.
8:27 am
>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. breaking news from lake county where firefighters say they are making progress against a pair of wildfires was the scene an hour and a half ago, 480 homes are threatened in the spring valley and wilber hot s areas hundreds have been evacuated -- east of clear lake. the wye fire is 20% contained the walker fire is 30% contain three buildings have burned. couple of conjested areas eastbound 4 dumbarton bridge at toll big rig accident on the shoulder there. 80 westbound gilman first records of an accident lane 3, traffic slowing towards gilman
8:28 am
and golden gate fields. bay bridge toll very light on this monday. we'll check in with
8:29 am
clouds between mount sutro and san bruno mountains, low clouds and fog oversan francisco short-lived warm day on the way the same concord 93 from -- from one degree warmer fremont to four
8:30 am
in san francisco, 60s from richmond, san francisco to the coast, 70s [ cheers and applause ]. big crowd out here in times square. i see a new spot out here in times square. it's great to have everybody here. it's fun. boy, what a week we have this week. so many big stars coming. first of all we have amy robach. >> thank you. not among the big stars but yes, thank you. robin has another week of vacation. and who else? robert patton son. jennifer garner, sylvester stallone. all fab five of the golden girls and paul giamatti. >> that is impressive, all of that. plus we revealed seven all-stars and pro partners on the big season of "dancing with the stars." so, who are helio castroneves,
8:31 am
shawn johnson, drew lachey, gilles marini and kellie monahan teaming up with? you can find that on yahoo! right now. >> take a look. that's the world's smallest car. gee, i wonder who they'll make get into the world. smallest car. >> the world's smallest man. >> it will not be diana perez, you'll find that out in a minute. >> on top of that we have the world's cutest dog. >> there's boo. >> boo, i'm sorry. there he is, the internet sensation, went on the road. he even has his own paparazzi. that's a few hour as way. what's coming up on "good afternoon america"? >> lots. huge day today. we have "supernanny" giving advice on raising your kids.
8:32 am
then we'll teach you how to turn your kids' toys into cash. >> also, we have the rockettes on the show. i don't know why, but you got to tune in to find out. i mean, we usually find out why as they arrive. it will be terrific. 2:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. central and pacific. look at you, diana perez. >> this is why i can't be put in the tiny car. >> look at you. >> i say that with all due respect. the most gorgeous pregnant woman in the world. >> thank you. you guys too sweet. >> we are going to talk about this hot new trend, a facelift that says that -- it can make years disappear and there's no surgery involved. and you are going to explain. i saw lots of needle, so -- >> lots of needles, interesting enough, a lot of people say this doesn't hurt. most of us of course heard of woe tox cosmetic surgery but the results are sometimes unnatural looking faces. we don't like that.
8:33 am
acufacial is going to change that. giving men and women a similar outcome of pulling the skin without putting anything underneath it. >> it's the hot trend taking the beauty world by storm. a nonsurgical alternative called acufacial. >> we're taking your face to the gym. we have muscles in our body and face. no other procedure actually exercises the muscles and improved circulation in your skin. >> reporter: acupuncturist said you can come away looking five to ten years younger. >> we're working with your energy, energy of your body to lift it up. work with the muscles in your face to reduce fine lines and wrinkle, improve muscle tone and give you a beautiful overall flowing complexion. >> explain how this feels as the needles are going in. >> it really feels like a little
8:34 am
pinprick. it's not painful at all. you don't feel it after she does it. >> i usually fall asleep when i get this done. >> reporter: 35-year-old allison is on the ninth of ten treatments. before and after shows a noticeable improvement. >> i was starting to see a little breaking out on my face. my face is looking tired. the biggest thing, my skin looks so clear and i rarely wear any makeup offer my face. i have a nice glow to my face. my eyes don't look tired or puffy. i noticed tightening in the jawline area. people look at me and say, something's different but they don't really know what. it's all from the acufacial. >>. >> reporter: a professional dancer in her mid 50s say when people see her, they react the same way. >> i feel like my skin is the way i used to feel when i was 30 years old. it feels really nice and taut
8:35 am
now. i feel it has such a glow to it. >> reporter: dr. francis has been tweeting dalia for three years and said the overall health of the patient is also important. >> the healthier someone is over all, the more improvement they get and the more long term it comes. >> reporter: it costs from $150 to $200 percent session. ruts seen after ten sessions. the procedure is low risk but does recommend you go to aer issed acupuncturist to get that done, especially with those little needles. >> diana, thank you and good luck with the baby. now we turn to ginger zee, in for sam. >> a mother daughter trip. you in to see the yankees play the rangers. texas rangers. big baseball fan. so, the game tonight, what's the forecast? looks good. high clouds come in but other
8:36 am
than that a nice day in the northeast. we have to check out another spot that's not been as nice. over the weekend, record rain on saturday. 3.35 inch, 90 today with scattered rain and thunderstorms. that's the florida forecast. and some of the dust storms from the heat phoenix had. and finally i'll leave you with the pleasant fall air mass. look at minneapolis, boston, slightly still on the east coast like it should be this summer. that's the big picture. when you make a great sign, i can't leave you out. we have lots of them out here.
8:37 am
let's go to the little car and the big guy. >> that's the world's smallest. 1965. and you're looking at the funniest dudes to get behind the wheel. adam fee era of history's "top gear." before we get to the high jinxes part of the show. >> he looks like us, but much smaller, he's our pro driver, it's really just the three of us doing crazy stuff with cars that we dream up and stuff you've always wanted to do. >> pretty much every guy's fantasy on a budget. >> you have a job but it doesn't feel like one. >> you're nickname, adam, is the wrecker. i think we have video. explain a little bit. >> i like stunts. i like to --
8:38 am
>> but you own it. >> that's it. >> the coupe deville -- adam -- >> i went full throttle -- >> that's a car. four of these can fit in that car. when you hit the gas real hard coming out of the water like here. i didn't know what was going to happen next. which is -- i almost rolled it here. a lot of people at that point would have stopped, right? adam is like, you know what, i'm going to try to leave the ground with this thing. that's a motor cross track not designed for cars, as you might know. >> you have some special guests -- >> i made a pope mobile out of a '69 lincoln and drove it to the emmys. >> we're huge fans, i thought given josh's size, we should try out using this car. >> justin said he wanted to drive, so -- i'm not saying you
8:39 am
have to. but this is like getting in a bad suit. yeah, get one leg -- very -- >> there you go. >> ready? >> that's it! >> this is amazing television. >> this is so ridiculous. >> open it up. i can't breathe. >> i literally -- you don't want to watch me have an attack of clauft fo claufter fo cloft phobia on national television. >> it has a 200 cc enjoin. it's two times and no safer. >> four times as fast on three wheels. >> i got stuck on a set of railroad tracks and that was it. i was saying my prayers. >> it's four times as powerful. how do you make it brake? >> not easy.
8:40 am
that's your brake right there. it has pedals like a normal car. it's like a dog wagging its tail when you hit the brakes real fast. >> let's close it up -- >> you have to go up and down. >> rod, adam, we love the show. >> he are barely in. >> the world's cutest dog, so i'm told -- >> go nowhere. >> are we driving? are we going? >> stay with u-everybody.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ]. all right. boo is back. the world's cutest dog took times square by storm when he was here with us recently. there he is. now the pup is hitting the west coast in his new book. to show you how popular he is. becky worley went out to play with the adorable dog. take a look. >> can't keep up with this dog. ♪
8:44 am
>> weight, 9 pounds. age, 6 year, internet celebrity. master of cute. >> i seen you on youtube. aren't you the cutest dog in the world? >> oh, my goodness. look at the face. >> boo is a pomeranian with a hair cut. one that has everyone reaching out, even if some are not sure what he is. >> is that a panda? >> a panda? >> he's not a panda but you're awfully cute. >> you were on boo's facebook page this morning? >> she's not alone. boo's facebook page has almost 5 million fans. this superstar even does product endorsements and his own look-alike line of gund toys. >> you're so cuter. >> reporter: and even has international pupparrazzi. >> you're looking at the new definition of celebrity. simple, mass appeal and master
8:45 am
of social media. >> oh, look. it's you. >> boo has two books out. this day, he gave out autographs. >> a real dog, not a statue. >> reporter: his second book just published is a tour of san francisco, the historic houses. >> over here, over here. >> reporter: the table cars. >> okay, boo. where to neck? >> reporter: gir dehirardelli s an the golden gate pinch. the day touring this city with the world's cutest and most popular pooch -- >> i feel like i'm hanging out with brangelina. this dog is a megaceleb. >> reporter: i give in to the pure, warm fuzzy that this cuddly celebrity evoked. >> it's still foggy, you can
8:46 am
take these off. there you are. the cuteness. >> reporter: for "good morning america," beck y worley, abc news, san francisco. >> i can't get enough of boo. if you can't either, you can see morehotos of the world's cutest dog at on yahoo!. coming up. guess who is sitting right
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] robin pattinson coming up wednesday. he stars with our next guest in a fascinating movie called "cosmopolis." and paul giamatti joins us now. >> this movie is really something. kind of a head trip. >> very much so. >> robert pattinson plays a billionaire, very young, wall street trader. you're his stalker, would-be assassin. it's described as a fable that
8:49 am
turns the future into his there. >> that sounds about right. it's like a kind of science fictiony, black comedy. sort of satire. it's a lot of things. >> it hits on a lot of things in the news. you're filming when all of these occupy wall street protests started. a lot of that resonates through the movie. >> absolutely. it's actor, a lot of things. it wasn't trying to be. the book was written ten years ago. while we were shooting it, there is a guy that hits people with pies. and robert pattinson gets one. as we were shooting, rupert murdoch got a pie when doing the whole thing in london. >> so, stuff was happening. >> it's still going on right now. you actually don't appear in the movie until the very end. it's one of the most intense, and to use the word i've used, impressive scenes, 20 minutes head to head with robert pattinson. as i said, you've been stalking him. let's show a little bit.
8:50 am
>> all right. >> you are foully and berserkly rich. don't tell me about your charities. >> i have no charities. >> i know this. >> you don't resent the rich, it's not sensibility. >> what's my sensibility? >> confusion. this is why you're unemployable. >> why? >> because you want to kill people. >> that's not why i'm unemployable. >> then why? >> because i stink. >> right in the middle of the debate that's raging right now, then it veers off. >> absolutely. it's all over the place, this movie. no. it was intense to do that. 20 minutes long, you don't get to do that in a play. >> no. it really does bring the whole movie together. i have to ask, i read somewhere that you don't know much about robert pattinson until you worked with him? >> i had never seen him, really. i didn't see those movies. >> you didn't know about the "twilight" craziness? >> i'm an old man.
8:51 am
i'm rapidly aging. my kid is too young for that stuff. i met him. i didn't know he was british. i thought he was fooling around. i assumed he was american. >> really? i had no idea he was british. i didn't know anything about him. >> you didn't have to be followed around -- >> we were shooting. there weren't all these girls around. i get more girls than this guy does, what's the big deal. who cares? right? >> lovely ladies. >> i wouldn't bet a lot against a bigger crowd for robert pattinson. >> you think maybe some people will show? >> i got to ask you about your other big movie this summer. loved "rock of ages." you went back to the '80s with a lot of other big stars there. was it fun to go back to that decade? >> it was fun in the movie to do it. i wouldn't want to actually do it. >> why not? >> i was in high school. which was fine, but it was high
8:52 am
school. i actually prefer it now. things were okay. >> you prefer life as a movie star. i prefer life as a movie star than being in high school. >> yeah, it was great in the movie. i didn't have to sing much but wearing the ponytail, it was great. >> you've developed a specialty playing presidents. john adams. terrific hbo series. now you're doing the voice of teddy roosevelt in a new concern burns documentary. >> yeah, he's done a documentary about all three. teddy, fdr and eleanor. meryl streep does eleanor. yeah, the presidents. yeah, i did teddy roosevelt. i would love to do william howard taft, those guys, sure. >> you're fantastic, very far from a president. >> it's fantastic. >> paul, thanks for coming. >> thanks, george.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
championships. robert pattinson not the only big star this week. arnold schwarzenegger and [ cheers and applause ] jennifer garner later in the week. >> we have misty may-treanor all live in times square. that's going to be pretty
8:56 am
exciting stuff. >> great to be back out. have a good day, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze the oakland raiders open their preseason tonight when they face the cowboys at the coliseum. mike has the forecast. >> going to be a great time out there, 734° -- 73 for that 5:00 kickoff, very cop take. warmer than yesterday one to four degrees hot inland 90s to near 100 east bay valleys,. slightly cooler later this week. 80 east shore freeway albany accident in two lanes traffic bunching up towards golden gate fields, another hot spot


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