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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it is kind of sad. >> it is bad for us. >> melky cabrera has packed up and left, suspended for the season after testing positive for a banned substance in baseball. gink. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is on assignment. the milk man admits he took testosterone to boost his strength and stamina, but he won't need either for the rest of the season. he's out. let's go out to the giants' ballpark where john alston is here with the latest on this black eye for the giants and baseball. >> 50 games out. cabrera was not out on the
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field and he won't be for the rest of the season. his paychecks have stopped. he admitted to using the drug, and it has broken a couple hearts. on the first day with no cabrera in left field, at least one fan was reduced to tears. >> obviously it is not a good thing. and we are disappointed because we liked cabrera. >> he was bounced for the next 50 games after testing positive for testosterone. the allstar mvp said he was tested for performance enhancing drugs, but it is not known if that lead to the positive reading. the players union filed a grievance, but then dropped it and cabrera came clean. in a statement cabrera said "my positive test was the result of my using a substance i should not have used. i apologize to my teammates, to the san francisco giants organization and the fans for letting them down. >> it is more of an iq test than a drug test. you have to be dumb to get
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caught. >> he served four months in the belco steroid steroid that ensnared barry bonds. even after that case major league baseball has a weak drug testing program that lets players get away with using testosterone in tiny amounts. >> they show up at the ballpark the next day and test negative. i think there are a significant amount of players using testosterone on a daily basis. >> they have had trouble with stair roads for 10 years and this is just the latest. >> he wrote the story "game of shadows," and he says the testing has gotten better and the cabrera case is not likely to turn off fans. >> giants fans have been tolerant of steroid use. they were extreme lisa leb bra tore about -- sell law bra tore of bonds breaking the record while under investigation. >> i know some people will try
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to get ahead and it is hard to eliminate. it it doesn't hurt my confidence in baseball at all. >> cabrera is the second giants teammate to get a drug suspension this season. the reporter lance williams says it seems to suggest that players still think they can get away with it. at at&t park, john alston, abc7 news. >> which is hard to believe. bruce bochy says the team is still focused on the rest of the season despite this setback. larry beil has an interview with the giants' skipper coming up a little later in sports. moving on now, redwood city police are looking for a serial armed robber who even threatened a pregnant clerk. his image was captured by surveillance camera during one of the heists. this guy has hit five locations, all in the same area of redwood city. leslie brinkley is live with the story tonight. leslie? >> that's right. five locations in seven days. police say this armed robber would pull a gun and say give
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me the cash from the register or i'll shoot you. >> did he point the gun? >> yes, like this and here and then put it over here. >> he pointed the gun at your baby? >> yes. >> you are pregnant? >> yes. >> maria torres, eight months pregnant was robbed at gun point at this redwood city gas station store last weekend. >> he said "i'm sorry you have baby" and opened it. >> reporter: she is finding it hard to get past the terror she felt. so far redwood city police say the same man, this man, is responsible for robbing five redwood city businesses in one week. the spree started on august 7th and the gunman struck this market on middle field road the next day. the owners's eight security cameras captured this clear shot of his face.
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>> it is sad. we all work hard. the little you earn, it is taken away in minutes. they still haven't caught him. but i know they are on him. >> residents are passing photos of the suspect as crimestoppers offers up to a $3500 reward for information leading to his arrest. the armed robber last struck this restaurant on tuesday afternoon. stuffing the money in his pockets as he walked away. >> we are worried about him because of the frequency of the robberies. he is robbing these people with a handgun, so we are very concerned about the public safety. >> a lot of those people i spoke with were posting pictures of this suspect. and there is a feeling that with that surveillance video circulating, there is a good chance they may be able to track him down. reporting live in redwood city, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> leslie, thank you. now this developing sorry is just in. we learned a patient tried to choke a male psych tech at
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napa state hospital this evening. it happened one day after abc7 news reporter vic lee told you about the new safety measures to protect employees at the facility. now, these plan injureds -- laniards are alarms that can be triggered by staff in an emergency, but there are concerns that the laniards are a choking danger and that's exactly what happened when the patient grabbed the laniard around the tech's neck. he was sent to the hospital, but was not seriously injured. the pup health officials and the coroner are looking at a baby at the ma ryan general hospital -- at the marin general hospital. it was after a nurse administered a labor enducing drug without a doctor authorization. they say it was in compliance with standard procedures. marin general is not commenting. a delivery truck apparently over shot the delivery zone. we have a wild picture to
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share with you. a viewer sent abc news these pictures via you report. a delivery truck slammed into the overhang at a walgreens drive through pharmacy with this result. no one was hurt, but as you can see, boy, it sure left a mess. and as you look at the last photo, you can see the painted pavement warning and the exit sign on the building. suspended sheriff ross mercurimi is hoping to keep his job after being suspended because of a domestic violence incident involving his wife. abc7 news reporter uh ma dates is here with -- ama dates is here with the latest. >> they will be meeting about the case against ross mercurimi. they are making a recommendation to the board of supervisors on whether he should stay in office. suspended san francisco sheriff will soon find out if the ethics commission believes
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he should be removed from office after a domestic violence incident involving his wife, eliana lopez. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment. mayor ed leigh believes -- ed le e believes it is cause for removal. >> the actions added to the amounts, i believe it does. >> states that his conduct reflects failures of judgment and integrity that falls below the charter standard for any public officer. but the closing which calls the hearings an unnecessarily counters that there must be an official with a direct relationship and performance of official duties, but the showing has not been made. mayor lee believes the facts are there and he hasn't thought much about the possibility of mercurimi remaining in office.
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>> i haven't thought about the consequences of this. we have to take a step at a time. it is the record that was established, and i think people need to make the responsible decision, and we hope they do. and then we will deal with whatever consequences are thereafter. >> tomorrow's hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. at city hall. outside supporters will be holding a rally, and advocates for victims of domestic violence will gather for a press conference. we will have complete coverage. >> we will indeed. ama dates reporting. it has been five years since michael finney first told you about the problems with the bumbo baby seat. now there is a warning and a recall. >> one of the nation's most popular baby seats is removed from store shelves for the second time. i'm michael finney ahead on 7 on your side. the latest warning on the bumbo baby seats. >> and a flood of facebook stock could hit the market tomorrow. why that is such a concern to investors. and hawk rescue.
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a wildlife team finds the bird of prey stuck in the crook of a tree. that's coming up on "nightline." >> coming up next, the winning numbers are being drawn for one of the biggest jackpots ever. we will tell you how the mass geniuses at mit would play the lottery. and the super stylist behind
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one of the most popular baby chairs in the united states is being recalled for the second time. michael finney has been investigating the bumbo baby chair since 2007. now four million bumbo chairs are under recall. michael finney explains why it is being pulled from the shelves yet again. >> it is very great. it is handy and i was able to set my daughter in it and play with her. >> millions of parents love the bumbo because it lets them sit upright and interact with the world. >> i heard a thump and there she was on the floor. >> however, this is the frightening possibility.
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children flipping out of the chair and on to the ground. we first investigated this in 2007. the cpsc says back then there were 46 falls and 14 babies fractured their skulls. after our investigation, bumbo recalled the chair of the the company changed its packaging and added bigger warnings not to place the chair up high. and then bimbo went back on the market, but children kept getting hurt. 84 more and 21 of them suffering skull fractures. >> what we are doing is a safety enhancement in the form of an added restraint belt. >> they removed them from the store shelves again, and they will add a safety harness and offer a free fix it kit. this on-line video explains how to install the fix. >> i think for some smaller children it will keep them from popping out of the device
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, but not for all children and not every circumstance i can imagine. >> john fox says they still have concerns. what if kids tip over and the belt merely brings the seat along for the ride. >> this product still has some risk to it. parents need to know that. >> will this be the fix that makes the chair completely safe? the consumer product safety commission only says the seat will be safer. the agency would not appear on camera, but spokesman alex philips says the children were wrigling out of the chair which seems the bigger problem. there is no product that is completely safe. we came to the conclusion that this restraint belt we will, believe, make the product safey. safer. we asked bumbo, does this mean no more tipping. >> bumbo is confident this is a safe product on the floor with adult supervision and with the belt.
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>> for many parents there is no safe use. her baby nearly died when he felt from a bumbo chair. >> i can't lose him. i don't know what i would do if i lost him. >> there is a website where you can find out where to get the safety harness and where to install it if you want to continue to use your bumbo chair. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. facebook stock faces a lockout period when the period ends on the shares owned by insiders. if the early investors bail they could flood the market sending the price lower than the $21 at which it closed today down from the ipo price of $38 a share. but many analysts expect that many insiders will hang on until the stock recovers a bit. employees cannot sell until november. for your first look at how the market is responding, watch the abc7 morning news and a live report from the stock exchange at 6:45 tomorrow.
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rescuers had to pull out the heavy equipment to save a hawk in san jose. the bird was stuck in a tree, its leg trapped under a branch. volunteers got it loose by breaking the branch. it is from the group wild rescue. the bird was there for several days, two or stlee -- two or three at the least. well that bird got lucky. rescuers stepped in and there is one lucky person. the red powerball had the $1 stwent million -- $120 million dollar jackpot. the odds of winning were 175 million to 1. the game is played in 42 states and the clicket of -- and the district of columbia. california is not one of them. now let's go to spencer christian. >> let's start with a live look at doppler hd.
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we have hoe clouds and fog, but it hasn't pushed far innd la. perhaps overnight we will see patches of fog. temperatures are mainly in the upper 50s to the low 60s inland and upper 50s right around the bay. look for areas of fog developing, and it will be partly cloudy this weekend. overnight we will see a little fog pushing across the bay. low temperatures in the midto upper 50s. then we will look at the satellite that shows you what is happening in the atmosphere and pulling away from the coastline and allowing hot air to expand from the interior western states through the state of california and parts of the bay area. circulation is pulling up subtropical moisture into the bay area. this coming from the remanence of tropical storm hector. it could produce a sprinkle or two late friday into saturday. early tomorrow morning we will see fog pulling away from the bay and pushing back to the coast.
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we will be left with high temperatures from 60s along the coastline to 70s around the bay to 80s and 90s inland. south bay highs in the low 80s, 82 in san jose and on the peninsula we will see midto upper 70s. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 66. 61 in the sunset district. mostly 80s in the north bay. up north it will be high at ukiah and clear lake. 73 in oakland and 80 at fremont. they will see 94 in antioch and livermore and monterey bay, look for 70s near the bay and low 90s inland. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will see a gradual tapering off of temperatures after tomorrow and early next week highs reaching to the 80s inland. by midweek we will have highs back up to 90 degrees. >> thank you, spencer. up next, the flash mob that ended in one of the most romantic proposals you will ever see. and we have three more people we want to thank tonight for taking part in the abc7 sleep train dream campaign to help
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foster children. deshawndab and joanne m from mountain view. if you want to help just like us on facebook. every like will make a difference in the life of or
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. here is an idea that may catch on. a los angeles restaurant may give customers a tip if they don't use their cell phones while they eat. the owner of the restaurant is giving a 5% discount to customers who agree to check their cell phones and digital devices at the door. the owner says so far about half his patrons are taking him up on this offer. he says he wants his restaurant to be about people sitting together and connecting with each other and not talking and texting on their phones. what a weird concept. it is called the most romantic proposal to appear on youtube. but it started out like something from a spy movie. >> eyes on target now. target wearing eyelet top, black skirt, black satchel. >> the target, teresa elsey. she was given flowers by strangers one by one along the waterfront in boston.
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and then she was bombarded by dozens of carnations. what was going on? it was part of her boyfriend, jack's plan. while she was swarmed he took time to change into a tux and then the proposal. she said yes, by the way. duly impressed. she's on youtube. you have to say yes then. >> they are watching you. larry beil is here. >> quite impressive. melky caw cabrera will miss the rest of the season, but has he played his last game ever as a giant? a costly decision on and off the
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concern about melky cabrera was how many tens of millions of dollars it would take to resign him. now the question is will he
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again be a giant? he was banned for 50 games for using a banned substance. he will miss five playoff games and now, he is devastated. >> he is a big part of our success. at the same time we have been through this before, and we have had big guys go down for us and we expected them to do the same. >> you know, ultimately it was a bad decision and that's all i am going say about them. >> the melky news overshadowed the series finale. lynn saw yum against -- lincicum went against strasburg. scored was posey and hunter. penn is safe and tieing it at two. the timmy whoas continue. top three and there it goes. danny ease spa snow swraw with a two-run jack. he gave up four runs and is now 6 and 13.
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giants down in the 9th. posey is blown away by clifford. 6-4 is the final. the dodgers won so the giants drop out of first place in the west, a game back of l.a. in kc tonight, this is what dan ashley calls his appetizer. oakland hitting .170 with six hits. the big fly and fair or foul? that's fair. still 2-1 in the seventh and lorenzo cain and i got it and i got it. you don't have it. it is 2-2 of the sean doo little relieves mccarthy, and he gets him. that's the game winning run right there. 3-2 royals. the a's suddenly lost three straight. in seattle, a slice of perfection from the man they call king felix. felix hernandez against tampa bay. >> he got him! 34 years and 119 games.
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it has finally happened! a perfect game by a seattle mariner! >> king felix feeling rather regal with 12 strikeouts in a 1-0 victor ree. only the 23rd player ever to throw a perfect game in the biggs. the national spotlight will shine on petaluma tomorrow as they compete in the little league world series for the first time. manager eric smith says his team was sky high after qualifying for the 16-team event in williamsport, pennsylvania. this is video from the workout today. petaluma will face fairfield, connecticut. you can watch it at noon tomorrow on espn. go petaluma! abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> super exciting. thanks. "nightline" is up next. for carolyn johnston, larry beil, spencer christian, i am dan ashley. we remind you about our
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