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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 16, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> today is national relaxation day. a day i've been preparing for for, i think, my entire life. >> thomas haden church. >> there's a sfaun and one of my cats. that's my friend todd. working on an art project. >> you guys are? >> and chef rick bayless. >> tell me what you think of that. >> oh! >> get ready to be
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel here with guillermo. little warm for a scarf, isn't it guillermo? >> it's a fashion statement. >> jimmy: i didn't think you were into fashion. >> yes, i'm not. >> jimmy: yes, you're not? okay. what are you doing, then? >> i'm trying to win a contest for ford fusion. you submit your worst fashion photos and if you win, ford gives you a trip to new york. >> jimmy: that sounds fun. can we see the photos you're submitting? >> yes jimmy, you can see my photos. let me show you. >> jimmy: what a kwuns dense, they're right here. okay, tell us -- this supposed to be bad fashion, right? that's the -- i think you actually look pretty good here. what's the problem? >> look at the neckline. it's a b-neck! nobody wears a b-neck, dumbass. >> jimmy: oh. all right. what is the fashion faux pas
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here? >> you can see my panties line. >> jimmy: oh yes. you're wearing panties? and this one -- you should probably have been arrested for this one. >> i know. sandals with socks. >> jimmy: you know what, guillermo? i think you have an excellent chance of winning this contest. >> thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: you're welcome, guillermo. >> dicky: the 2013 ford fusion is giving you an opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience at "fashion's night out" in new york city. for a chance to win, send a photo of your worst fashion moment to >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with thomas haden church, chef rick bayless and music from jjamz. no you don't, honey. yes, you do! don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. is that... whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counselor here. he's actually right... with cascade complete. see cascade complete pacs
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, once more, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, everyone. well, that's very nice. welcome. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for accepting me as one of your own kind. you know what today is? there are a lot of made-up holidays that some how become official, like national high five day, there's national talk like a pirate day. father's day. but today is -- [ laughter ] today is national relaxation day, a day i've been preparing for, i think, my entire life. today's the day when you can just check facebook and not think about work, just like every other day, really, here in
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america. this is -- you know what that call national relackization day in china? death. wednesday doesn't seem like the best choice of days for national relaxation day. and, by the way, i don't like it when people tell me to relax. you know who tells you to relax? dentists and rapists. [ laughter ] i feel like between the medical marijuana, the massage chairs and the sleep number mattresses, we're relaxed enough. some people are not relaxing today. students who started back at school this week. you know, you really know it's back to school season when the photographs of sandwiches on facebook have been replaced by photos of kids on their front porch wearing backpacks and today was that day. the l.a. unified school district started yesterday, even though it is still the middle of august here. we don't know what the season are, because nothing ever changes. and since kids are headed back to class, i thought i would take this opportunity to give our viewers, the ones that really care about the show, a youtube challenge. this is where i challenge you to pull a prank on a loved one, to
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videotape that prank and post it to youtube so we can play it on the show. we do this from time to time. one of the most popular videos, when we did this, when we asked parents to pretend they ate all their kids' halloween candy. that got a lot of great responses. well, like this one. >> last night, we stayed up and we ate all your candy. are you okay with that? >> no! >> why? >> no! dad, you're ugly! >> jimmy: turned out kids really like candy. during the super bowl this year, we asked you to torment the nfl fan in your home, by picking the plug on the tv at the critical point in the game. that went really well, too. >> what the hell! what the hell! >> jimmy: so, now, in the spirit of back to school, we have a new prank we are asking parents to pull. i'd like you to tell your children you got them a new back to school outfit, then hand them the most ridiculous or out of
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style clothing you can find. tape their reaction, insist they try the clothes on and upload the video to youtube with the title hey jimmy kimmel, i got my kid a horrible back to school outfit. that will help us find it. if we like your video, we'll play it. just try not to scar them for life, okay? let's -- why even have kids if you can't do this sort of thing to them? by now, i presume you are aware there is a presidential election coming up. things are really starting to come together. last week, 0 ba ma caka bama ob called his opponent romney-hood. and romney told obama to take his campaign aof anger and hate back to school. joe biden told a mostly black audience that republicans want to put us back in chains. and -- that happened. [ laughter ] and then, for good measure, obama brought up the romney putting the dog on top of the car thing again. so, we are finally starting to tackle the big issues.
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it's kind of incredible, they are going to spend close to $2 billion insulting each other. like the world's most expensive comedy central roast played out over a year. after he made the anger and hate comment, romney vowed to focus on the positive. and for the time being, that seems to be the plan. >> i'm mitt romney. americans say there's been too much negativity in this campaign and i agree. that's why, from now on, i pledge to focus on the positive. for instance, i'm positive that barack obama is a communist. i'm positive that he hates freedom and favors satan. and i'm positive that he wants to kill your grandma. how is that for positive? let's cut the negativity. vote for mitt romney. i'm positive. >> jimmy: 83 more days, folks. and then we start over again. [ applause ] today -- mitt romney, today, said he wants to cut funding for things like amtrak and pbs. both of which are subsidized by the government. i don't know much about amtrak, but i don't like the idea of
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cutting funds for pbs. things are bad enough already. one of the muppets is living in a garbage can. paul ryan has been getting a lot of attention. he has electrified this nation like a triple a battery. cnn and facebook have something called the election talk meter. measures how much the candidates are getting mentioned on facebook. in the first 54 hours after ryan was selected, he was mentioned more than barack obama and mitt romney and -- you can see from this chart, it looks like the carnival game where you shoot water to make the balloon pop. the meter combines the number of mentions, likes and buzz candidates have on facebook and gives them a score from 0 to 10. paul ryan had a score of 5.21. president obama had 4.84. vice president biden, 4.01 and mitt romney, 3.74. more people are talking about biden than romney? has anyone seen biden in the last two years? for all i know, he was lost in a
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boating accident in '09. here's some bad news for congress. a new gallup poll shows that only 1 in 10 americans approve of the job they're doing. a 10% approval rating is -- that's -- that's about the same approval rating that rabies has. it's not good. 10% ties for the lowest approval rating ever for congress in the 38 years gallup has been measures it. who is this tenth person that's still aproves of the job they're doing? that's the guy i want to live next door to, you know? you know, we watch a lot of news here at the show. some of it is important for sure, but some of it falls into a category that we have branded, well, take a look at this story. it's from out local fox 11 news last night. >> bobby brown has checked into rehab. >> jimmy: it is already? he never disappoints.
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there's a big scandal rocking the world of competitive scrabble right now, which is a sentence i never thought i'd say. the national scrabble championship has been going on for the last five days and yesterday, a young contestant was ejected from the competition after he was caught cheating. you know, you expect this kind of thing from boggle, but not scrabble. apparently he was stashing the blank ties down on the floor by his feet and another competitor noticed an the scrabble police were alerted and the kid is going to get, like, six years in prison or something. they stripped him of his previous wins, they kicked him out of the tournament. he's not allowed to compete again. they are saying the poor kid might even end up with a girlfriend. [ laughter ] i'm glad that there are still kids out there who are playing scrabble, but it isn't like it courthoused to be, with the computers and the video games. american kids are falling behind when it comes to learning. and our first guest tonight is one of the few people actually
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doing something about it. there are a lot of experts weighing in, but this guy actually has a plan to try to fix it. he asked me to air this on the show tonight and i hope you pay attention. here's a word from the very talented thomas haden church. >> hi, i'm thomas haden church. and i believe children are our future. but on test after test, american kids are just not keeping up with their foreign peers. i think it's time for a new approach. kid swap. kid swap takes failing american kids and replaces them with smart, foreign kids. >> wait, what? >> here's the math. if we take 12% of our dumb kids and replace them with smart kids from places like china and india, our test scores actually go up 80%. i went to public school in texas. i don't know what any of that means, but it sounds good. $500 donation is all it takes to replace a dumb dumb like bill little here with a whiz kid like
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ming, from china. he plays the violin. he did my taxes and i hear he's a scratch golfer. jennifer. jen ferp's interests are justin bieber, of course, and consuming her own boogers. jennifer's got to go. >> hey, wait. you can't take me away! >> getting smarter already! she does equations and studies with robby shan car on the it is tar. kevin is actually a very good student and athlete. there's really no reason to kick him out. but i can get a vladimir who is already fluent in four languages and knows how to make toilet vodka. >> wait, wait, i can sing! >> children are our future. if we want the best future, we need the best children. don't get sentimental. call kid swap today. >> let me go! let me out! let me out! >> kid swap. let's make our problem their problem.
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>> hey! >> bye-bye, jennifer. >> let me out! [ applause ] >> jimmy: and one more item. a revolutionary new television show premiered tonight on something called the cw. it's called "oh sit." it is a fun televised version of musical chairs, because, if there's one sport this country can get behind, it is competitive sitting. the way it works is, this is a real show. 12 contestants race through an obstacle course while a live band plays music. the music stops, everyone has to get a chair. you know how we landed a robot on mars and it was amazinamazin? i think this can semcels that o. this would be an exceptional little entertaining tv show provided you have never seen a television show. we were going to write a bunch of puns about the show "oh sit"
12:17 am
but we're taking it easy because it's national relaxation day. we're outsourcing this assignment to a company we contract in india. i think we have them on skype right now. hello -- hey, guys? hello? >> hello? bain capital. this is anjul speaking. >> jimmy: no, no, it's jimmy kimmel calling. >> oh, jimmy kimmel! jimmy kimmel! hi. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. very sorry to interrupt your lunch there. >> oh, it is okay. we have not eaten for three days. ever since we heard about the musical chair show, we have been losing our sit. >> jimmy: oh. >> you get it, mr. jimmy? losing our sit. >> jimmy: yes, i did get it. that's a good one. really good one. >> well, there's plenty more where that came from.
12:18 am
>> jimmy: excellent. i'd love to hear what you have for us. >> oh, well -- well, let me get our number one punjabi fun machine. >> who is this? oh, okay. >> jimmy. >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi. how are you doing? >> get ready to be hilarious. >> jimmy: okay. >> get ready to take a giant sit. >> jimmy: okay. >> sit is like a -- >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, i got that. >> like a giant -- >> jimmy: yes, i got it. it was good. have that it? what else do you have? >> no, no, we have a million of them. >> jimmy: oh, great. >> you want a lightning round? >> jimmy: yeah, i'd love a lightning round. >> okay.
12:19 am
>> 30 second timer. >> jimmy: okay, great. >> okay, and -- let's go! >> if you watch "oh sit", yget a -- >> jimmy: a site? >> my problem, i'm sorry. >> sit or get off the pot. >> i have one. >> jimmy: that's good. >> sit happens. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and -- sit is going to hit the fan. >> i don't give a sit. >> not the same old sit. >> jimmy: that's good. okay. great.
12:20 am
>> jimmy: there's a lot of these, huh? >> sit just got real. >> jimmy: oh. >> 30 seconds -- >> jimmy: it seemed like longer, but i guess -- >> i have one more. [ applause ] >> jimmy: is that it? >> that's sit. >> jimmy: oh, that's sit. thank you so much, guys, i appreciate that. is he all right? >> oh, yes. he just took a sit. >> jimmy: okay, all right. thank you so much, anjul and the gang there in india. they're in india. costs us a fortune. we have a good show for you tonight. tonight, we're going to cook with a great chef named rick bayless from chicago. we have music from jjamz. and we'll be right back with thomas haden church, so stick around. [ friend 1 ] so man, how was that bud light
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. tonight on the program, a very gifted chef from chicago. you can preorder his book now. rick bayless is here. are you excited, guillermo? >> very excited. >> jimmy: because you love mexican food, right? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: you love it. >> the best. >> jimmy: and then, music from an indie pop supergroup. this is their debut album. it's called "suicide pact." jjamz from the bud light stage. be sure to join us tomorrow night. we'll be graced by the presence of jennifer garner, the very funny paul sheer will be here and our musical guest is the x fixx tomorrow night.
12:26 am
in addition to being an oscar-nominated, emmy-winning actor, our first guest has also worked as a rancher, a gravel-separator, and a road-kill collector. although that was more of a hobby. you can see him alongside a very scary matthew mcconaughey in the new movie "killer joe," playing in select cities now. please say hello to thomas haden church. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? you're a big man, you know. most of the actors come out here are about the size of kelly ripa. you could probably have a career of throwing people out of bars, if you so chose. >> thank you, james. there's normal people and then there's kelly ripa. i got to throw something, my mom always wants me to say hi to guillermo. >> jimmy: is that right? >> she loves guillermo.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: i didn't know you habla espanol. >> i don't, really. i like to make the accent sound authentic. >> jimmy: you have a ranch in texas. how many do you have? >> we run cattle on probably five different ranches. >> jimmy: really? so, this is like a business. >> no, it's a business. >> jimmy: a lot of people have ranches and then they kind of pretend they ranch and then they have some animals that they talk about but they're not really ranching. nour r you're ranching. >> oh, yeah. we run several held of cattle. it's a fairly imprecise sort of business, because from one day to the next, you don't know who is still -- >> jimmy: do you eat them or milk them? >> they are beef cattle. but i neither eat them nor milk them. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah, we send them to auction and other people eat them and milk them. >> jimmy: you never see one, think, that looks delicious, i'll keep that one for myself? >> i mean, you do, you do sort of, you know, you get pets or
12:28 am
you have some that you're really kind of fond of, but the cattle are not so much. it's like trying to make a pet out of a chicken. you know what i mean? chickens never -- they don't trust anybody, they're looking for bugs, you know, but i have a -- i actually have a pet deer and i don't think i've ever really talked to you about it. >> jimmy: you can keep a deer as a pet? >> i have thousands of acres and i have this deer, she started hanging around the headquarters of the ranch a couple of years ago. and a month ago, she had a couple of fawns. and we have -- i don't know who the father is, quite frankly. >> jimmy: get them on maury. he should straighten that out for you. >> but i -- [ laughter ] i do -- if the audience is game, i have a little slide presentation. >> jimmy: oh, you do? [ cheers and applause ] in your pocket.
12:29 am
okay. >> might enjoy this. >> jimmy: okay. is it ready? >> i'm going to slide it right open there. >> jimmy: i'll hold it up. you can slide it as you go. i'll slide it for you, actually. that is cute. >> that's her little fawn. >> jimmy: okay. >> go ahead. and there, you see, the fawn is nursing. nursing the mother. >> jimmy: all right. >> there, she's really cleaning her. see she's cleaning the fawn, grooming. >> jimmy: that is genuinely adorable. oh, wow. >> there's the fawn and one of my cats. >> jimmy: that is really cute -- what? what is this? [ laughter ] >> that's my friend todd. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> uh -- we -- we were working on an art project together. >> jimmy: all right. >> okay, there's sissy again. very curious. thinks that the phone is -- >> jimmy: she's snitffing the phone.
12:30 am
>> she really likes fig newtons. really pretty brown eyes. >> jimmy: oh, there's todd again. it's -- >> todd. >> jimmy: yeah. todd and i are working on an art project together. >> jimmy: you guys are? what kind of project is it? >> i thought that was in a different pdf file? >> jimmy: no, that's right in there. well, i'm sure siri can help you with that. >> todd really works out. >> jimmy: you couldn't tell from looking at him. did you grow up in texas? >> i did. >> jimmy: you did. what was a summer like there? what would you do as a kid? >> other than work, you know, like, my very first job, can't believe todd was such a crowd pleaser. >> jimmy: bring todd along next time. >> facebook friends out of that one, todd. no, i was really, you know, it is very hot and when i was a kid, you know, had various jobs. but our focus was always to get
12:31 am
to go to the big summer concerts. and, you know, like, there was -- one of the big ones was the texas jam. which was t-e-x-x-a-s j-a-m-m. they misspelled both texas and jam. we really, we would work and focus our available cash and i went to a concert in as toustin texas, my freshman year in college and it was van halen was opening for black sabbath. >> jimmy: wow. >> and, you know, so, we got our heads together and we're like, okay, how can we get some attention? so, we rolled a huge, you know, cigarette. >> jimmy: okay. >> it was -- >> jimmy: how huge was it? >> this was literally the size of a witch's hat.
12:32 am
i'm like, hey, over here! over here! well, david lee roth comes running over and grabs it right out of my hand and i'm like, dude, we're supposed to do this together. and he rans to the other end of the stage and the next thing, security is grabbing us and they drag us out. and they, you know, the classic out the door, get out of here kid, keep your filthy satan -- and my buddies are like, oh, we drove 400 miles to see van halen and black sabbath. so, we go around to the back of the theater. there's a championship link fence. we're like, oh, please, let us in. we hear all of van halen's set and they came out and david lee roth, he looked over, i go, dude, i'm the guy that gave you the huge, like, it was like a fuel funnel joint, man. and he goes, that's right! and he said something to the guy and a security guy comes walking
12:33 am
over, he undoes the lock, he's like, come on in here. so, we go over and david lee roth is a beautiful man, beautiful man. [ laughter ] david lee roth is like, we're going to let you in. you're going to get backstage. we can't give you passes, but just wander around, don't talk to anybody, and act like you belong there. and we're like, okay. don't talk to anybody, act like you belong there. and he goes, don't stare at anybody. okay -- >> jimmy: what happened to the cigarette you gave him? >> he never said anything and i was too like, great, we get backstage, right? so, we go in and we're walking around and, you know, there's r roadies and girls. there was a table of food and beer and bagels. like bagels at a black sabbath concert. i don't note -- >> jimmy: well, the sabbath is a jewish holiday. >> exactly. and bagels, you know. but so, we're, you know, we're over by the food table.
12:34 am
we're like, don't stare at anybody. act like you're supposed to be here. don't say anybothing to anybody. and suddenly, everybody is parting and my buddy goes, holy [ bleep ], there's ozzie. thrown out again. like, within 90 seconds, we're thrown out again. >> jimmy: thomas haden church. more with thomas when we come back. we'll be right back. ♪
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hey. hey, look at you. you look like a movie star. turn around. turn around. yeah. just like a damn movie star. >> i feel funny. >> aw, don't say that. you look beautiful. >> my butt's too big. >> well -- let me let you in on a little secret. guys like big butts. >> they do not. >> i'm speaking from experience. >> doesn't have a big butt. >> yeah, well, give her some time. >> jimmy: that is "killer joe." thomas haden church. it's in select theaters now. tell everyone what the movie is about. the basic idea. >> the fundamental idea is, these are trailer park dwellers who will concoct any scheme to get money without actually working for it. and, so, emil he hirsch's
12:40 am
character and myself say we're going to kill my wife for insurance money, we don't have the backbone to do it ourselves. so, we hire matthew mcconaughey, who is a dallas police officer, to take care of business for us. >> jimmy: you have an nc-17 rating -- >> it does have that. >> jimmy: it is rare. >> well, you know, look. there's some rough, graphic portrayals of real life. and some people on the ratings board felt like it was a little too honest and too gafic for an r-rating, so. >> jimmy: sometimes that can help, though, because it gets people interested. >> look. it was a very famous play by tr tracy le tz who one a pulitzer prize. it's a well-traveled, new york, london, chicago play and people that are familiar with the subject matter know that, you know, tracy grew up in a very poor surrounding in oklahoma.
12:41 am
and he is a very honest, very authentic american writer. and he writes characters that will do and say the things that are done and said in "killer joe." i admire that, you know, there is this sort of rural sort of lower socioeconomic crime and punishment scale that doesn't apply to a lot of people's lives. but in that world, i think it's very applicable and i think, again, the legendary director, he was unflinching in making sure those details of the story were authentic. >> jimmy: that's great. maybe you should have been allowed to speak in front of the board. perhaps they would have reconsidered. >> do they let -- >> jimmy: i think they'd let you do it. >> guys with -- >> jimmy: bring them a big joint, they'll let you do anything. again, the movie is called c ee "killer joe," it's playing in select theaters now. thomas haden church, everybody.
12:42 am
we'll be right back with rick bayless. the fresh, citrus flavor in applebee's new lemon shrimp fettuccine is here just in time for summer. lemons... [ male announcer ] is this gonna take a really long time? i haven't even... [ male announcer ] here's the part you really care about. the new lemon shrimp fettuccine tastes incredible. it's one of the new fresh flavors of summer, starting at just $9.99 at applebee's. see you tomorrow.
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>> jimmy: well, hi there. we are back. it might surprise you to learn that some of the greatest mexican food on earth can be found in illinois. and that the chef making it looks like this. his next cookbook -- "frontera: margaritas, guacamoles and snacks," comes out in october. you can preorder it now. please welcome chef rick bayless. hey, chef rick. that's thomas haden church. now, your english is very good. you're not from mexico. >> i lived there for a long time. my english is native. >> jimmy: i got you. you are from where? >> i grew up in oklahoma city in a barbecue restaurant. >> jimmy: how did you wind up being interested in mexican food? >> fell in love. i went to mexico when i was 14 years old and i just fell in love with the culture. >> jimmy: i will say, i had dinner at your restaurant in chicago and it was unbelievably great.
12:52 am
very impressed by it. what are we making here tonight? >> we are going to make grilled tuna with an heirloom tomato salsa. >> jimmy: do you raise tuna on that farm? >> we don't ranch tuna. >> the cool thing about this, perfect dish for summertime. the cool thing is the marinade part of it, which is what we start with right here. so, we've got -- this is garlic that's roasted in the husk. and after about ten minutes in it there, it will get soft, black spots in places. once it cools down, you can peel that little -- >> jimmy: you roast it in the oven or the pan here? >> no, in the pan, because it gets the brown spots. i have that, a couple of chiles. it's a lot of garlic and a lot of the green chile. >> smells good. >> take this and this and juice that. i'm going to pour more lime juice, but we need a little bit more. because this is a marinade. >> jimmy: in there? >> oh, you got it right.
12:53 am
most people don't do it that way. >> jimmy: i drink a lot of -- >> i think i've opened up something here. i know something more about you. and a bunch of salt goes in. this is a marinade, a flavoring we're going to use there. >> jimmy: thomas, you just stand there. >> you are doing really great right now. >> at what point do we put in the tuna? >> next, next. that's going to be your thing. so, we're going to give it a couple of pulses here. now, you let it go until it's really, really smooth. takes about a minute or so for that to go. when you taste it, that's what i want you to do now. here, a couple of spoons here. so, this stuff is kind of pungent. it's pungent because it's a lot of roasted green chile, that sweetness of the roasted garlic in there. tell me what you think of that. >> oh. >> jimmy: oh! i feel like i've been duped. and yet i want more. >> i like the fact that your eyes are watering now.
12:54 am
i'm not going -- >> jimmy: wow! that's got real quick. >> it's all this roasted garlic and -- >> jimmy: i'm realizing that, sure. >> see what's going on in there. the tuna staeaks -- >> jimmy: take me to the hospital. >> tuna steaks go in there. this is a topical marinade. >> jimmy: put the steaks in there? >> right in there. topical marinade is a marinade that only flavors the external part of it. you are not going to leave it in there for a long time. >> jimmy: how long? >> just leave it. to stoep. you coated it. and the stuff is kind of pungent. a little bit goes a long way. we're going to let those go. >> the overwhelming acidic peppery taste going to break down the meat fiber of the tuna? >> it would if you leave it in there very long. that's the reason i don't. >> copy that. >> i don't want to turn it into ceviche or something like that. i want to flavor the exterior. >> jimmy: i like that you knew
12:55 am
that, thomas. >> impressive. >> i've seen tuna on the hook before. >> okay. so, now what we're going to do is, we've got the marinaded steaks here. going to put -- i'm going to ask you to help me, jimmy, with the salsa part of this. a little bit of olive oil in there. and you want to pick those up -- >> copy that. >> not quite -- >> 1,800 degrees, which i believe is the surface of the sun. >> jimmy: should it be there? >> hopefully it's an 1,800 watt thing. cooking with a hair dryer. >> jimmy: cooking with hair would be a great new book for you. >> i could go a lot of ways with that. ah, beautiful, beautiful. >> jimmy: just what we want. >> this here are heirloom tomatoes. cut the core out and chop that up. these tomatoes, what they give you is all these different colors and -- color equals
12:56 am
flavor in cooking. always. color equals flavor. this is a yellow tomato that is going to give you that sort of light sweetness. this is one that's a purple, a really dark one. jshg i'm making a mess here. what's the point? you have it made already. >> i just wanted to seal your knife skills. >> jimmy: it's terrible. >> no, you're doing really good. >> turn these over? >> not yet. just hod it. that's the important thing. don't get fidgety with stuff on a grill pan. >> jimmy: i said that to thomas the last time he was on the show. >> i have red onion here. i'm rinsing it off. i usually do this under cold running water. that's the most important thing you can learn. when you are making salsa, always rinse off any raw onion. when you cut an onion up, you are actually bringing two substances together that create a sulfur substance, which is what makes your eyes water, givens you that onion breath thing. in this situation, you can get
12:57 am
it off completely by just rinsing it. schumer important. >> jimmy: i didn't know that. does that apply when you're cooking -- >> you don't need it, because it goes away when you cook it. >> jimmy: i got you. >> can i have the tomato in there? >> jimmy: all right. >> we have herbs. everybody thinks about sicilant. just use anything you can put. i have the mint here, i have some thyme. >> jimmy: confetti? >> it looks really beautiful in there but it gets stuck in your teeth. i don't recommend it. here's the thing. we got some of that marinade to add to this salsa. >> jimmy: going to eat more of that. >> you get a little bit more of it. >> jimmy: let's get guillermo up here. guillermo, you're mexican. come check this out. >> okay. now we have our thing here. you want to turn -- >> jimmy: turn them over. they look nice. >> beautiful. okay. now, i'm going to switch places with you here so i can get this
12:58 am
guy up in here. >> jimmy: this is relatively simple, true? >> super simple. and to tell you the truth, i made it for some friends last week, had a bunch of people over, went, i grow a lot of tomatoes, herbs, i whip this kind of thing up. everybody loves to have grilled tuna or any other kind of fish. >> jimmy: that is nice. >> so, we have our salsa here. >> jimmy: nice and rare. guillermo, do you like fish? >> yes, i do. >> rare tuna? >> yeah. >> guillermo likes balloons. >> i like everything. i like everything. >> jimmy: guillermo, give that a try and i'm going to try it, also. i want to grab the book here and tell people, again, it's "frontera: margaritas, guacamoles and snacks," comes out in october. you can find recipes on what do you think, guillermo? >> wow. >> jimmy: what do you think? be honest? >> wow, this is the best tuna i ever had. [ laughter ] >> i was waiting for that. >> jimmy: it really is
12:59 am
delicious. >> and, you know, i have some bacon and tomato -- >> jimmy: we'll eat that, too. oh, wow. >> that's a crowd pleaser, i think. >> jimmy: you know what? >> you have to tell me -- >> jimmy: bacon makes everything better. rick bayless, everybody. we'll be right back with music from jjamz. release me, momigus!
1:00 am
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>> jimmy: this is their album. it's called "suicide pact." making their late night television debut with the song, "heartbeat," jjamz! ♪ ♪ who am i to say i want you back but you were never mine to give away ♪ ♪ i was waiting for a long long time for you to feel the same ♪ ♪ who are you to look at me like that is there something more you need to say ♪ ♪ i haven't loved you in a long long time so why do i feel this way ♪ ♪ can you hear my heartbeat
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please don't stand so close to me can you hear my heartbeat ♪ ♪ still beating strong ♪ maybe i'm ashamed to want you back maybe i'm afraid ♪ ♪ you'd never stay thought i hated you a long long time that was my mistake ♪ ♪ i just can't pretend that nothing's change can you comprehend just what's at stake ♪ ♪ if you break my heart ♪ a second time i might never be the same ♪ ♪ can you hear my heartbeat
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please don't stand so close to me can you hear my heartbeat ♪ ♪ still beating strong ♪ i haven't loved you in a long long time thought i hated you ♪ ♪ a long long time if you break my heart one more time i wont ever be the same ♪ ♪ can you hear my heartbeat


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