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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 16, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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oaks. other targets were a restaurant and a gas station where he pointed a gun at the belly of a pregnant video. this is how residents of william avenue have been in the street all day and have been telling us police had the house surrounded as early as 8:30 this morning. the sure office confirms they've seen him signed of the house sh they keep asking him to turn on a cell phone so they can talk. his mother and sister live across the street. his brother also summoned to the scene. i talked to him briefly. he said he doesn't believe he's in the house according to what he learned from the suspect's girlfriend. now, the house does back up to the cal train tracks and this is for about two hours, cal train is single tracking trains. about an hour ago, restoring service on both tracks and they're warning there will be delays as they slowed trains down passing behind the house.
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so we have a fluid situation now. it's still unknown as to how long the s.w.a.t. team will be here, but they're trying to urge the suspect to come out. we'll continue to cover and bring updates as the situation evolves. we're live in north fair oaks, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we'll check back to you later on. >> developing news in san francisco. the city ethics commission is meeting to decide whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should permanently lose his job. we're live now from city hall. >> there is a final hearing ash 9:00 this morning and went until 2:30 when commissioners decided they need a break. they are now back up there, deliberating. let me show you ross mirkarimi this morning. with his wife back from
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convenient jail and his mother in town to lend support. she says this domestic violence incident hit her in the stomach. >> this is out of character for your son? >> this has nothing to do with who my son is. nothing. i can tell you that ross has been raised to be mannerly, he has been respectful to women. and this is just completely out of character. >> she has been sitting through hours of this testimony. the attorneys arguing for and against whether ross mirkarimi should be permanently kicked out of his job, then there was testimony from those both pro and con. >> personally i'm outraged and have been at at bus of discretion and abuse of power to attempt to remove a
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democratly elected official. >> i don't think mr. mirkarimi can do his job as sheriff. it will just create more fear amongst domestic violence. >> and his big supporter, i asked lopez if she is here to stay and she said for right now and says that she is sending a message of love, justice and democracy. keep in mind whatever the verdict from the commission, they'll forward their decision to the board of supervisors which has 30 days to act. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and there is a man from alameda county is dead and a woman seerlusly ill after contracting a disease in yosemite's popular areas. investigators believe they were infected with the hanta
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virus sometime in june. it's not contagious between humans but sit deadly in about a third of the cases. >> initially they would develop fevers and chills, it resembles a flu-like illness and could develop into a severe knew moana. they have trouble breathing. lungs fail this, can be very, very deadly. >> there are ways to prevent infections. clean areas with disinfectant wipes sh keep food sealed and remove piles and junk where rodents can hide and seal holes where mice can enter buildings. there is more information on the symptoms on abc 7 >> and more grim news out of yosemite. a 10-year-old boy is dead and a 6-year-old missing after being swept away by the merced river. it happened yesterday while the family was hiking in the park. they stopped in the river to
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cool off. current swept the boys downstream. the 10-year-old's body has been recovered. the search continues for the 6-year-old. there have been three drownings at yosemite national park this year. >> another attack on a worker at napa state hospital. these new safety measures to protect employees there. there is built in alarms and there are concerns it could pose a risk of strangulation for hospital workers. a male technician was punched in the face and this patient grabbed it off of him. officials say it broke and as designed to could do, but the workers say the patient used two ends to choke the staffer until help arrived. >> the staff member was sitting down. this individual was able to sort of lift up on the lanyard to pro individual leverage and pull it against the person's neck like that.
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>> and officials only saying because he was found incompetent to stand trial in a criminal case. >> san jose police made an arrest in a shooting they say was gang related. an 18-year-old was arrested last night on suspension of attempted murder and drug possession. it happened just after 2:30 in the afternoon. the 25-year-old victim being treated for nonlife threatening gunshot wounds. police arrested a suspected arsonist accused of starting a wildfire on wednesday at preserve in the palo alto foot hills. investigators believe the 50-year-old intentionally set five small fires burning four acres and being charged with felony arson. crews got the fire under control. no structures were damaged. >> update now on other wildfires burning in california. fire officials say the nearly 8,000 acre lake county fire is
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80% contained, things looking better now than they did when sky 7 flew over the scene mob. monday. all orders have been lifted including one for the wilbur hot spring area. highway 20 is reopened. full containment is expected by sunday. in southern california a lightning-caused fire in riverside county is now 60% contained. almost 2700 acres burned since tuesday ai. positive sign is that the fact that orders have been lifted. four structures have been burned so far. full containment there expected on saturday. this is just one of nearly a dozen wildfires burning across the state. firefighters are exhausted at this point from the heat and climbing hills. >> there is a milestone for the bears football team. the players have been working out nearby. the facility received a $321 million retro fit and
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makeover. the stadium is brand new with updated locker rooms, new rest rooms and a score board as well as that earthquake retro fit. it's not done yet. and what else needs to take place before the home opener, september 1. >> that place is going to be so nice compared to what it was! and what it is now. it's going to be fantastic. >> needed a makeover. >> yes. >> and whether looking nice as well. there is a sunny day, breezy near the coast and mild and there is mainly clear skies early. of course, fog developing. there is fog along the patches of the coastline now. there is more fog during overnight hours, patches of fog lingering into morning hours, lows from low 50s to low 60s. then, tomorrow afternoon, mild to warm and there is an
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increase in clouds, high temperatures range from low 60s to low 90s inland. but there will be more clouds on saturday. i'll give you a look at the accu-weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> and still ahead dmv taking responsibility for a massive computer failure. it turns out it wasn't just dmv customers affected. >> and facebook stock takes another plunge. how far shares have fallen and y a live report coming up from bloomberg west. >> taking a look at traffic right now on the san francisco skyway. if you're heading south on 101 it's moving along nicely. but for those drivers trying to make their way to the east bay, it will take time. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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the dmv is now taking full respongsibility for the computer shut down and found out it affected more people than first reported and admit it was their router that failed. on tuesday, blaming at and t and verizon. officials say the failed router affected more than 30 state departments, libraries and public health services with emergency medical services off line for approximately four hours. >> there is bart received 3,000 comments to lieu bikes on trains. bart is allowing bicycles on all trains all day during five fridays in august f you're a bart rider the agency wants to know about your experience. there is a link on abc 7
4:13 pm the bart board chose an insider for its newest member. and king replaces bob franklin who left in june to become bart director. she represents bart's third district, straddling parts of alameda and contra costa counties. king has experience in the bay area and on business news, cds reign as the biggest source of revenue might come to an end sooner than you might think. and there is more bad news from facebook. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. facebook hit a low as the first lock up expired today. soars plunging to $19.69 apiece. closing $19.87 apiece.
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that means facebook lost nearly 38% of the value giving a cap of $48 billion, investors free to sell 271 million more shares today including board members. and apple is in talks with one cable company to make a box carrying live tv and other contents by partnering with cable companies would get access to channels available to subscribers instead of having to strike independent licensing deal was companies and programmers after shows have aired. consumers would be able to purchase the device. and listen to what kbrin white had to say about this plan. >> this game is this, just like we saw in music. if you want to be in the game you needed to partner with i tunes and apple. >> the next place to win big
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at slots or roulette may be a mobile phone. big fish games is bringing real money betting to the iphone with a new version of its big fish casino app that will allow users to bet, and win real money instead of virtual occurrencey which could mean a big payout for big fish. and there is unused spectrum, however, regulators limit agreements to sell services. the fcc needs to give final approval. the deal will allow very on so expand its networks. and a jump for stocks today with s and p rising to highest levels since april. there is a report that said building permits in july jumped to a four-year high and cisco earnings came in better than expected. your bloomberg silicon valley
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index also closed higher, hoping to pull the index up. and another broken record for the music business. research firm strategy analytics say digital sales will exceed revenue for the first time ever year. that is thanks to down loads and growing popularity of streaming music services like spotify and pan dora. >> thank you. >> and we want to thank those of you who contributed to the sleep train foster children dream campaign. our thanks to lissa, jim, and arlene. to like us on facebook go to abc 7 news and click thumbs up button. every like will make a difference. >> and speaking of dreamy... >> there is spencer with the forecast. >> the forecast every so
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dreamy. there is early part of the weekend things have got to change but we'll get there. live right now from our high definition sutro camera. there is a beautiful view and clear skies around the bay area, a little bit of fog touching parts of the coastline and there is a little bit of fog pushing over portions of san francisco right now. from the coast. just a lovely afternoon around the bay area, let's go to live doppler 7 hd. i'll take a look at how much is being touched by the fog right now. you can see there are lots of breaks here and sunny spots around the coast. lots of low clouds and fog and sunshine around skbait inland. it's warm in spots. 98 degrees now in antioch. that is just high so far, current readings, also 93 in fairfield. and there are 80s in other locations and 70s around the bay. 61 degrees now in san francisco. highlights, we'll see areas of fog along the coast and near the bay.
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there are clouds moving out sunday. we may start out with clouds, there are sunny skies on sunday. overnight, mild again with our rather wide spread fog. low temperatures mid to upper 50s, maybe about 62 in antioch. pulling back to take a look at water vapor there is a upper level low moving westward is now lifting northward, still, it's counterclockwise circulation pulling up moisture. so there is a fresh batch of moisture headed our way from remnants of tropical storm hector. and there is sunny skies tomorrow, so later in the day, high clouds arriving and mainly cloudy overnight. and into saturday. it's not likely we'll see rain drops in the bay area, just passing clouds saturday. and there is probably a
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tropical storm in the sierra. highs friday back back here, tomorrow, south bay highs into low 80s. and 78 palo alto. low 60s on the coast. downtown about 66 tomorrow, 62 into sunset district. highs from 70s to low to mid-80s, low to mid-70s on the near east bay. upper 80s to low 90s and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cool down saturday. mostly cloudy skies. upper 80s inland. maybe mid-70s around the bay. scattered showers sunday, high temperatures around 90 and our inland locations there is a nice, steady mild pattern for the remainder of the period. >> thank you. >> okay. >> just ahead, iron man may not be so tough. how robert downey junior was injured on the set. >> and 20 years after these moves on the dance floor... a
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bar mitzvah video goes viral. >> and at 5:00 from michael finney new warnings from bumbo baby seats now adding a safety belt feature. >> and checking traffic, spencer talking about fog. there it s thaind fog exists golden gate bridge. the cars are head that had way. as far as traffic goes, moving nicely. whether heading north or making your way into san francisco. stay with us. more still to come.
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a 1992 bar mitzvah has struck a chord two decades later because of a little vogue. >> oh, boy. this is sean sperling celebrating by channeling his inner madonna. notice the print of madonna on the back of his print. the teen vogued his way through the five minute song. and 20 years after this, sperling decided to post it on you tube. and this is a an instant
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sensation. i think i would -- . >> i would like to see him do it now, 20 years later. >> i don't think i want that. i would have burn that had tape. but good for sean. >> that is gutsy and a big crowd watching. >> i'm happy for him. and he's happy, i'm happy. >> and work on a super hero sequel stopped after a star was injured on set. >> there is more in today's report. >> the scene, saying robert downey junior injured his ankle on the set in north carolina. filming will be delayed. disney announced "avengers" will suit up again for a sequel. and actor miya's left hand and thumb were hurt by an air bag. the 36-year-old typing in pain
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but will keep my fingers. a fan frenzy in hollywood at the black carpet premier. the mood on the carpet was playful. >> all of my co-stars are young. i'm 39 with 33 years experience. and sly is 39 with 26 years experience. he's a young guy. >> it blasts into theaters tomorrow. singer bobby clown checked into rehab, his publicist says it's part of an agreement. this is a day before opening of his ex-wife's final film "sparkle". and there is >> just head another milestone for construction on the new bay bridge. the changes you can expect to see over the next few months. >> and g.o.p. candidate mitt romney goes on the offensive
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and his demonstration about medicare. >> so excited here in petaluma. you can't believe how excited we are. >> they're pumped up. and the petaluma little leaguers win their opener. we have a live report coming up.
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another big milestone on the new bay bridge construction. you're looking at animation of the complex process as crews prepare to lift 35,000 tons of steel into place to transfer weight of the bridge on to cables. >> there are 35,000 tons. we're live with a look at progress they're making. >> there is the bridge sitting on top of the supports. what is going to happen is that they're going to move weight of the bridge from those to a super structure. this part of the bay bridge is a suspension span, largest in the world. the cables ampblg r anchored went over the top of the tower and then, wrapping around the end of the span and come back over the tower.
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that happened and suspenders have been put into place. what is under way now is the tricky job of transfering the weight of the bridge to those steel suspenders. >> we're going to be shifting 35,000 tons of steel. that is almost five eiffel tower autos saying it's the biggest lift by far. >> the operation is going to pull that cable into place and lifting the bridge up. >> this first phase to attach about half of the suspenders. and that is happening the road bed will be lifted three feet off the temporary supports. and that is transferred on the west side, main cable will be
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pulled into position. the main cable moving as much as 10 meters. there are a lot of potentials for tools to fall and that type of a thing. we want to keep people safe not to go under in this bridge. >> and that is going out to voters to take a look. we're talking about safety, caltrans is feeling the heat from an investigation into falsified construction reports on this project you'll hear it at this morn's presentation, that is the story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> in the meantime, you can keep track of the progress of the construction, you're looking at a live picture
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right now of the cameras selt up to give you a look at the wo. check them out for yourself go to abc 7 >> there is auditors say someone used special codes meant for large scale disasters to turn vacation time into overtime for managers. the code overrode software being that blocks managers from being paid ot. and another audit declared unreported funds. >> there is a bill lawmakers hope and would require major league arenas to post emergency phone numbers to get help from security if violence erupts. a profess poesal to keep
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violent people from stadiums was dropped. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney went on the phonesive on the issue of medicare in south carolina and has been on the defensive on this subject since announcing the selection of running mate paul ryan. and he used a white board to highlight the difference. >> you can see there is no change in medicare for seniors. nonunder -- none under my plan. which do you think is better? going bankrupt? or being solvent? >> the president took a break today and told voters his health care policy expands medicare. >> i believe you should have health care security. i like the phrase obama care because you know what? i do care. >> this issue of mr. romney
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releasing more of his tax returns resurfaced today. obama campaign respond bid saying prove it. >> and there is another deadly crash in afghanistan killing u.s. troops. is the taliban to blame? how this is adding to an already-deadly month. >> and an international fight over wiki leaks founder. the crisis his case sparked in london. >> from our high definition camera looking towards mount diablo. clouds and more clouds coming our way by weekend. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and to the bay bridge toll plaza now, you can see as long as there is fast track it's easy going and if you don't wait isn't too long here at the toll plaza. stay with us.
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taliban claiming fighters infiltrated police and army to replace a growing number of coalition forces this, is after seven troops and four afghans were killed node a crash in the kandahar provence. the area is a traditional strong hold. abc news reporter has more. >> there is another deadly bayday in a particularly deadly month in afghanistan.
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a black hawk helicopter crashed, killing seven americans and four afghan autos there is no question these are deeply concerning and our hearts go out to families and friends of those who lost loved ones. >> this seener defense official tells us they're leaning towards the possibility waits shot down. thursday's crash is adding to the death toll. and last week, 11 americans were killed. >> one of my toughest jobs is writing condolence letters to families of heroes. >> there are many attacks coming from afghan forces americans have trained having a debilitating affect on morale. >> make no mistake with it. i've been very concerned because of the lives lost and
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potential damage to our efforts. >> the increased death toll as u.s. troop draw down continues but tens of thousands of american forces will remain and facing enemy was out and within. >> we'll never let them rest. >> u.s. deaths increase in summer months because it's easier for rebels to move around. there have been to 20 deaths in afghanistan. >> wiki leaks founder julian assange has been granted political asylum in ecuador but has no way of getting there with out being arrested. he lost a battle to be-to-avoid being exindicted to sweden. supporters believe the u.s. plans to put him on trial for releasing thousands of cables. his mother spoke today. >> i think at this point in time other nations need to
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stand up to make this decision. imagine threatening to storm an embassy to do this because they're protecting rights of a journalist. >> official says they'll arrest assange if he leaves the embassy. >> and are you good with computers? google challenging hackers to break into one of its products. and is offering up to $2 million worth of rewards by anyone who can hack into the chrome browser. it will be held in a conference in malaysia. hacker -- google hopes to make chrome stronger based on what it learns. >> i have a feeling there is a 14-year-old kid somewhere... >> let's get the another check on the forecast now. >> there is one of the hottest summers naggally.
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there is 95 in seattle. 100 in portland. 95 salt lake city. 97 down in dallas, here in california tomorrow, hot weather interior locations looking for highs 99 in chico. there is 105 down in palm springs and there are numerous thunderstorms there as active weather is spreading into that region. there is a 93 in brentwood. that is a summer range typical of mid summer in the bay area and 9 to in antioch and livermore. highs 97 in clear lake and there is 70s in fremont.
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73 oakland. 66 in san francisco. and 62 in half moon bay there is fog at the coast and a chance of clouds. >> and there is a playground games that can help children keep weight under control into adulthood. >> you've probably seen nonstick pans. are they any better than old ones that you're using? i'll have consumer reports newest review coming up. >> also head how rescue crews managed to free this little boy from a balcony railing. oh.
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this afternoon a possible break through when it comes to birth control. testing for an anticancer drug scientists may have stumbled on to a compound that may lead to a reversible contraception pill for men. mice given the drug became infertile and sex drive and hormones were not affected and when drug use stopped, fertility returned.
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scientists predict it will be years before it's available for-to-human autos and time magazine reports people who use online weight loss programs lose more. and in person clients lost an average of 10% of their weight. >> and if children have self-control when it comes to food chances are they'll have fewer weight problems as adults. the author says kit be taut with red light green light as well as marshal arts and offering snacks is a no. no. another problem facing children, under aged drink bug it's not what you think. nuchl u.s. children drinking diet sodas doubled in the past decade, nearly 13% drink the
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beverages regularly. that has researchers surprised and concerned. no studies have been done on the artificial sweeteners on growing children. saying children should stick to-to-water and mic. >> -- milk. >> nonstick cook ware outsells uncoated pans. >> and this is an interesting tip. technology may change but that doesn't mean it changes for the better. consumer reports tested numerous pans and they turned up some problems. >> we have the most amazing cook ware set. >> home shopping network says it makes cooking easier. >> you can see there? technology so when pan is hot this changes color autos authorities found it did change to hol sol yid red at 400 degree autos color doesn't
4:48 pm
change if it gets too hot. you have to pay attention. >> there of krorts tested t fsh fal and many did a better job in this test. and in the tfal pan turned out a little blotchy. >> to test that, they're heated and scrubbed with steel wool. and there is coating on the tfal wore away quickly. >> these are unusable now. >> they're pans from earth pan plus cook ware sets but another earth pan is the best buy at $170.
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rated good for cooking evenly. there has been concern nonstick pans for the chemical ptfe can release potentially harmful chemicals when et heated. and consumer reports showing on a normal conditions levels are low. and there is a nonstick coating starts to flake, it's better to discard it take a look. rescue workers had to take time with a delicate problem in southwest china. there is a little boy managed to get his head stuck in a stone balcony. crews tried to squeeze him out, but they brought in hydraulic spreading pliers, firefighters freed the little boy. he was tearfully reunited with
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his grandmother after doctors examined him. he was not hurt, just really scared. >> that is understandably so. >> that poor little guy. his nais fais. >> for the first time in 30 years a player kicked out of the national scrabble championship for cheating. >> according to an official, one top young competitor was caught hoarding a pair of blank tiles, he was busted after another saw the teen dropping two tiles near his foot. >> the winner took home the $10,000 prize. his last word on the word, west. >> use it in a sentence. >> there is bay area kids making california proud this
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afternoon. >> there is a jock who beats cyber bullies on their own fields.
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a minnesota teenager is turning tables on cyber bullying and its catching on. he was saddened by the amount of bullying taking place. >> he created a twitter account and began posting nice comments about classmates. here are examples. >> she's so good at dancing she gets more scholarships an athletes. >> this is a great leader, makes the school better. >> and kevin got thumbs up when classmates found out ease the author of the tweets. word is spreading and similar pages have popped up in other
4:55 pm
minnesota schools. >> that is petaluma pride right there. nationals won their opening game in pennsylvania. >> that is very cool stuff. we're live where fans gathered to watch this hometown win. wayne? >> this is as much about contrast as anything else. 24 hours ago i'm outside at and t park and they're taking this one game at a time. you're watching affects and now, a baseball game playing out on two large screens in
4:56 pm
petaluma today this, city with a national stage stage playing their first game in the little league world series. >> that is the sister of porter along with 12 other boys. when a movie theater donates two screens and fills them, then donates money to send families back to williamsport, pennsylvania. >> this is all about community this, under scores community. >> what a trip it had been. the national little league president began dealing with a serious injury to brandon o'neal who took a fall to the head. brendan is okay now. >> so you've gone from dispair to delight in less than a year? >> yes. yes.
4:57 pm
>> this is a national past time. petaluma representing california with a city behind them. >> and if this looked big, it is big. this crowd, excited. next game will be sunday and if you can't make it here, we have it on abc 7. >> and before you go seems like the town is going to be at that theater. >> seemed like the whole town. only about 500 people, but they were loud. and everybody was here from mayor to city council candidates to corporation that's sponsored the team,
4:58 pm
everybody and parents. and friends, family. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and there is is a cool new alarm clock app you can down load it for free. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> there is breaking news as s.w.a.t. teams zero in on an ormed robber. >> the emergency lanyard that's help saved a worker's live within days of being put to use. >> as weekend approaches so will clouds. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> sky 7 live over the breaking news just outside redwood city where there is a s.w.a.t. team surrounding a home where a serial robbery suspect is holed up, expected of five armed robbers in just
4:59 pm
days. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> this is a situation escalating into the s.w.a.t. standoff this afternoon at third avenue and williams avenue. we're live at the very latest on this. >> there is a scene at williams avenue and third avenue in north fair oaks next to redwood city. the s.w.a.t. team here in full force and there are eyes on a weapon where it involved a suspect here in the north fair oaks district have happened over the past week. there is some clear surveillance video of a man police identified as the suspect. this is a video of a robbery in progress at a store. and there have been a total of five armed robberies over the course of the past week there


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