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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. not much mist and drizzle like yesterday but some fog. low clouds once against i think we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo. no real organized areas of wet weather, pockets of drizzle
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along the coast not as much as yesterday, 50s clouds stubborn but i think we'll see a little sunshine, more than we did yesterday that means temperatures could hit low 60s by 4:00. for the bay, grey with temperatures in the 50s, clouds open up by noon sunny not as breezy mid 60s to low 70s by 4:00, not as many clouds inland 50s now, quick clearing by noon sunshine and mid 70s to mid 80s by 4:00. slow spot westbound 80 berkeley past university several cars off to the shoulder, chp running round robins and slowed traffic down so westbound 80 very heavy right now as you make your way through berkeley everything looks to be on the shoulder. the drive time from the carquinez to the maze has grown too 21 minutes. bay bridge toll still light, heads-up on the --
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just about : 2. right now, chick-fil-a opening a new restaurant in san jose only the second location in the entire bay area. customers are already lined up. amy hollyfield joins us live from headquarters drive. later protest are expected there too? >> reporter: that's later. no protesters here now, just happy people who are now getting the prize they camped out for. these people are getting free food from chick-fil-a for a year and they slept out here in the parking lot all night to claim that prize. here's a shot of the tent city that was set up here overnight. great overhead look from up above courtesy of sky 7 hd. officials said there were 120 people here yesterday morning, when they raffled off the 100 prizes. those 100 people had to stay, they had to be here this morning to claim their prize. the campers, we found a three
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machine old, his parents said bringing him is no big deal they say they just really like this food. >> we have [ inaudible ] i don't think there's any issue with the weather. >> sleeps through night already. he slept great. i didn't sleep that great. >> reporter: lots of happiness and excitement here that doesn't mean this grand opening will be without controversy. protests say they will be here. they plan to be here more around dinnertime. they predict they will have a strong presence around 5:00 they are upset about the president of the company saying he does not support gay marriage. this is the first location here in the bay area until now the closest was in fairfield. another one will be opening in october that one will be in
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walnut creek. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose is responding to a new cycle of gang violence by putting more police officers on the streets following the community outcry after a stabbing victim was found tuesday night inside a safeway. the city declared an emergency response protocol. all available officers are knew signed to patrol duty and overtime has been ok'd to keep officers on the streets around the clock. in a few hours attorneys from three law firms will announce they filed a class action against pg&e. the suit claims pg&e used more than 100 million dollars in customer fees to pay for executive bonuses, programs to improve public perception of the company and state ballot initiatives that benefited the utility. the suit claims pg&e could have prevented the san bruno explosion nearly two years ago if they had not delayed fixing the pipeline.
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san francisco couple accused of murdering their daughter's pimp will be back in court today for a bail hearing. the couple face murder and other charges in the june 4th, shooting. the victim calvin sneed was fatally wounded in the bay view district. sneed allegedly pimped out the couple's 17-year-old. the america's cup world series races resume 2:00 this afternoon through sunday. it started yesterday drew a large crowd to the viewing stands along the waterfront and the -- it was a warm reception by raising enthusiasts on a chilly summer day in the city. fans can watch for free or in the nearly sold-out $25 beachers. tonight the petaluma all stars will try to survive an advance at the little league world series. last night they were doing scouting to see who they will
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be playing. they will face texas the winner of that game will play tennessee in the championship game. owner of boulevard cinemas in showing the game in two theaters. i bet there will be no room left. if you have to stay home petaluma faces texas today at 5:00 you can watch live on espn 2 and rebroadcast at 8 p.m. on comcast 195 and 715. and on kgo digital 7.2 and 7.3. >> our terry mcsweeney covering the story in petaluma has found the one person not excited with about this he'll tell you about that in his next report. mike has the weather and everyone is always excited to talk to mike, hear from mike, what is going on? >> you will find that one person. >> i know mike nicco, but you are mike -- i'm sorry i can use that line. >> it didn't work. here's a look at low pressure
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on top of the bay moved to the east overnight took storms with it and took the deeper thicker clouds that's why i think we'll see more sun northerly wind will be stronger today and slight warming trend briefly today and tomorrow before cooler weather this weekend. let's talk about today, mainly cloudy, 50s through 7:00 clouds open up especially around the bay and inland by noon mid 60s bay mid 70s lunchtime inland mid 50s coast you need a coast at the coast all day, 50s low 70s -- you will need a coat at the coast, all day, 50s. upper 60s at 7:00, upper 70s inland. start with friday, temperatures like today, then we drop nearly two to six degrees by sunday. good morning. i circled this earlier problem on westbound 80 near
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university, really hard to see because of the low clouds, still there on the shoulder. westbound 80 traffic recovering, moving a lot faster now even though it is still sluggish, 35 miles an hour towards the bay bridge toll, adding a few extra minutes to your trip. bay bridge toll minor wait for cash paying lanes. san mateo bridge getting more crowded still flowing well in both directions this is eastbound for headlights towards hayward no problems south bay or the peninsula or north bay. we are following developing news in texas where firefighters are still trying to put out a fire sparked after a freight train and fuel tanker truck crashed overnight. you are looking at live pictures now from willspoint, texas of them using heavy -- machinery to get to that fire it out. the tanker got stuck on the
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tracks moments before it was hit in that area 50 miles east of dallas. kphroet rattled nearby homes and two a -- the explosion rattled nearby homes. no one seriously injured. it is not over. still ahead, frolicking fallout. questions raised in britain following the release of photos showing prince harry in the nude.
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major setback for boeing qantas is cancelling order for 35 of boeing's jets because it needs to cut costs. qantas lost 250 four million dollars last year. boeing says it stands -- stands by qantas as a long time customer. nearly 75% of americans using fluorescent lightbulbs, fewer have tried l.e.d. bulbs. michael finney puts the new types of bulbs in the spotlight and tells us whether they are worth the money. >> reporter: good morning. l.e.d.'s are expensive, a consumer reports test shows well worth considering. deciding which light bull to
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be buy has gotten tougher. >> i have no idea what the difference is -- >> i don't know the difference. >> reporter: consumer reports tests both types and says l.e.d.'s have real s. here lightbulbs are turn on and off every two minutes all the e.d.'s going strong after 200,000 cycles some can be dimmed as low as an incandescent bulb. another plus, they come to fulbrightness instantly. brightness and color temperature tested a computer analyzing the results. >> some l.e.d.'s have the same warm glow as incan does sants. >> reporter: not all l.e.d.'s are -- stellar this claims to be evil to a 60 watt incandescent.
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while it is long lasting it gives obvious a strange blewish-white light with all the big disadvantage is cost many $20 or more per bulb. >> l.e.d.'s are designed to last 23 years or more you will likely save $130 over the lifetime >> reporter: which are best? consumer reports top rated two, this echo smart from home depot, produces white light and this 12.5 watt philips that has a warmer, yellower light both costs around $25. consumer reports says prices of l. 's are coming down and expected to continue to drop. here's another plus, unlike -- l did's do not contain mercury that means cleanup is easier if a bulb should break. -- it is:15. live to phoenix more
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developing news happening right now. emergency crews are performing a water rescue you see cherry picker looks like they've rescued at least one person from the scene. the scene being a medical transport van that was stuck in water reports are the van might have gone around a barricade into a flowing wash that van gogh stuck in three feet of water it can take even less than that. two people, a driver and patient in the medical van were trapped in the water again close-up of the cherry picker part of the water rescue effort. it appears they've gotten at least one person out of that van. you can see one victim there sitting in the cherry picker with the rescuers around him. we'll continue to follow this
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news out of phoenix. mike always warns us that you can't tell the depth of the water when you are looking at it and driving through it is always dangerous to do that. >> turn around, don't drown is the tip. let's talk about here at home clouds moved in over the last hour into the east bay valleys from vollmer peak towards mount diablo. let's head up to the north bay, fog around napa, visibility to a mile and quarter, mile and 3/4 in santa rosa, san leandro unified school district heading back-to-school today starting off with clouds maybe mist and 55 by 11:00 clouds fade 63° maybe slight breeze sunshine 3:00, 70°. over to the other side of the bay, ravens woodies strict
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east palo alto, east menlo park looking at cloudy conditions and 58°, sunny by 11 and 66. let's talk about what is going near 60 mountain view and redwood city rest of us in the 50s, mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay with clouds. slightly brighter and slightly warmer this afternoon, low clouds and fog returns tonight cooler afternoons in weekend highs already below average and more so saturday, sunday, livermore, 86, san jose 78, oakland 68, napa 77, san francisco 63, six degrees below average in redwood city. let's talk about the game braves and giants at&t park 7:15 first pitch dropping to 56. america's company world series won't be as breezy as
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yesterday 58 to 60. temperature the same tomorrow cooler saturday, sunday before a warming trend next week. new injury crash just reported south bay heads fun you head through cupertino emergency crews en route to an accident either on northbound 280 at highway 85 or northbound 85 at 280. somewhere in that intersection this is northbound 280 moving well still out of san under highway 17. this this area looks good check out how foggy on i-80 through berkeley westbound sluggish because of earlier accident. bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backed up beyond the end of the parking lot. a heads up on muni l line, running slowly due to water main break near 32nd and 33rd. 6:19.
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fall-out after prince harry's naked and photographed romp inside a las vegas hotel room. palace planning more than two years after the devastating quake in haiti what hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. good morning. you are looking live at embarcadero cloudy in the
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background almost obscuring the bay bridge. i can attest to the fact that did not see moisture in the streetlights of san francisco when i drove in this morning. different people have different stories to tell. mike will tell you what is going on in your neighborhood. >> i'm one of those different people. more than 2 1/2 years after a devastating quake haiti's once grand presidential palace is about to be demolished the ruins still stand but a government spokesman says demolition will star in the next 10 days. a group fronted -- will start in the next 10 days. a group fronted by actor sean penn is paying for the job. the palace is expected to be re fallout continues as -- as pictures of prince harry appeared. photos show the young prince frolicking in the buff with others in a las vegas hotel room. britain's daily mail newspaper
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reports the prince's staff has requested the british press don't run the photos. still ahead, new morning, cars go up in flame in the north bay, the early morning fire now under investigation. itchy problem on the peninsula solution getting under way to stop a mosquito infestation. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in fume if you want a conversation you better brush up on your little league world series knowledge. local team in pennsylvania looking for a win tonight all anyone's talking about getting ready for the big celebration this evening. i'll tell you about it in a live report. warmest inland mid to upper 80s east bay valleys, 70s to near 80 east north bay and south bay, 60s, 70s bay, around the country in the 80s and 90s except seattle and portland mid to upper 60 no
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one00's again for a while. east coast rain moving away, no yellow, no organized areas of wet weather, one major airport with delays sfo
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live right now to texas
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what you see is a train, cars on fire this is after a fright train and fuel tanker truck crashed overnight the fuel truck got stuck on the tracks moments before it was hit in the town of willspoint, 50 mights east of dallas there was an explosion that rattled nearby homes, police evacuated two radius as precaution. you can see firefighters and railroad people getting closer they must think it is not so toxic. you see heavy equipment they've been digging up dirt trying to drop that on the car to put out the fire. the truck driver and train conductor were not seriously injured. firefighters and emergency crews still have their hands full. good morning thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first the weather forecast.
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behind you guys fog got thicker thickest north bay valleys less than two miles visibility at santa rosa and napa, everywhere else dry on live doppler. drizzle at the coast, 50s, a little more sunshine and not quite as breezy as it was yesterday, still 50s with the breeze will make it feel brisk during the afternoon. great start around the bay, 50s, clouds over by noon mostly sunny 4:00, mid 60s to low 70s inland clouds making a late push quick clearing by noon low to mid 70s lunch time, sunny 4:00 with mid 70s to mid 80s. look how quickly things have changed at the bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing due to a stall reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge hopefully that will clear soon, boom just like that the back-up grew. cupertino injury crash reported chp route we've heard about the accident either on
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northbound 280 at 85 or northbound 85 at 280 i'm checking out the speed sensors so far traffic light it could slow once crews arrive at the scene. 6:32. new this morning from san rafael, three people escaped a fire that destroyed a garage. the firer respected shortly before 2:00 this morning. smoke detectors went off to alert the two adults and child in the house. firefighters put out the blaze, contained to the garage. the flames destroyed three vehicles and personal property. fortunately, no one was hurt. later today, petaluma's little league team has another showdown in pennsylvania. terry mcsweeney is live in petaluma. >> reporter: where everybody is talking about those boys in pennsylvania a neat story here front page of the press democrat, the article this morning is price of glory worth. what is neat is the reporter
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they sent back there, it was paid for by the petaluma community he's back there, complements of the local people. what the boys doing? they are checking -- watching baseball what else would they be doing watching texas against tennessee last night they will be playing texas tonight. back in petaluma it is all anybody is talking about. they are getting together two dozen of ice cream so when the boys come back, hopefully that won't be for 10 days. copperfield's books a scrap book of the boys, all the papers are dealing this. >> more of like a gathering spot for people to get together and talk about stuff that matters. this little league team
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matters now. >> people are pumped up at home. i want them to have fun here and enjoy this. when we get home they can enjoy the stuff the community has to offer. >> reporter: petaluma junior high yesterday, 12 absences, all excused that would be the member of the team and the principal told the 800 students gathered for the first day of school assembly, how proud the school is of those boys. tonight's game on espn at 5, also on the theater screen at the boulevard theaters seats are $5, they will give away towels, raffle prize, 500 seats available. the hope is that this is not going to be the last screening of the local team, just think what it would be like if they get to that world series game? terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we will win, positive
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thinking. petaluma facing off against texas today at 5, watch the game live on espn 2 and rebroadcast at 8 p.m. on comcast 195 and 715. also kgo digital 7.2 and 7.3. in less than a half hour at 7:00 vector control will use ariel spraying -- use aerial . 400 acres of marsh to the east of highway 101 in palo alto. broken floodgate subamericanned eggs in the water which allowed them to hatch. the chemicals used are not threatening humans some aren't so sure. >> if they are spraying it in the air it is improper way of administering it could be dangerous for people. >> so far the salt marsh mosquito has not been shown to
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carry . this morning, firefighters are continuing to make progress containing the nearly 25,000 acre wildfire in tehama and shasta. the ponderosa fire 55% contained. the it is moving in the -- it is moving in a new direction. hundreds of new homes are now threatened. governor brown declared a state of emergency yesterday which opens the wait for more aid. in los angeles, two good samaritans are dead after being electrocuted by a downed power line. police say an suv struck a hydrant and power pole at 8:30 last night. a woman who lived nearby rushed in to help the driver but was shocked by the water which was energized by the power line she died. another woman in a passing car tried to stop and help but she was killed as well. the driver only suffered minor injuries. this morning, the oakland a's facing what the giants
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grappled with a week ago, a pennant drive without a key contributor. mlb suspended bartolo colon yesterday for 50 games. he has issued an apology and taking full responsibility. five have tested positive for the drugs this season. new this morning, new chick-fil-a restaurant open in san jose, 100 people camped out at the parking lot overnight so they could be among the first to claim one year of free chick-fil-a meals. same-sex marriage supporters plan to come this afternoon to department state in front of the restaurant for equal rights. comments by the head of the chain against same-sex marriage created a national controversy last month. it is 6:37, we want to check in with mike. fires burning here, fog in the city, and a hurricane threatening florida.
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>> widely scattered fog -- >> thickest in the north bay, good morning, the fog is not doing much in the way of reducing visibility making travel hard this morning. you can see the orange dry air is what we have in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere counterclockwise curling move from us that brought us cooler weather yesterday. with the high pressure i think we'll see the sun a little faster today, 7:00 mostly cloudy in the 50s, by noon, already sunny and inland valleys, sun starting to break out around the bay, 60s with 70s into our inland val less 50s clouds along the coast. -- 60s and 70s bay 4:00, 70s, 80s inland cool quick dry air by 7:00, 60s and 70s inland
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50s coast, 50s and 60s bay shore. weekend forecast we are looking at friday conditions where there -- they will be like today, have a great day. good morning. stall upper deck has traffic backed up at the bay bridge toll to the foot of the maze, good 20 minute wait. also this accident in cupertino highway 280 at 85 or 85 at 280 seem like traffic was flowing well as i go to the intersection with the traffic app we are able to pinpoint exactly where the crash is, it is northbound 280 at highway 85. a spraf fix spotter just reported -- a traffic spotter just reported sick minutes it is heavy on northbound 280 this person is just on that connector ramp where this accident is.
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luckily from the chp, no injuries with this crash they did the ambulance away. good news that means they will clear it quickly. but, new accident just reported a few minutes ago by another traffic spotter this is westbound 80 past 680 and you can see folks are starting to report heavy traffic approaching the scene. we'll keep an eye on this as well for folks heading out of fairfield and down towards american canyon. ahead, the big box retailer that wants to you come through its doors for immunizations. trading underway on wall street, a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. first up, live look at the big board dow starting off down 53 points. first, tracking isaac the growing concern the atlantic storm could make a direct hit on tampa, florida as the gop gets ready to converge on the city. new freedom casey anthony is getting more than a year
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after a jury acquitted her of killing her daughter. rpep
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welcome back. coming up on 6:45 sunshine
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quicker today temperatures maybe a degree or two warmer mid to upper 80s east bay valleys. 60s to 70s bay, 50s and 60s coast with more sunshine. doppler showing showers pulling away one or two may develop around yosemite and 95, palm springs 99, tahoe 81, big sur about 67. 6:45 now. we want to thank some who have become part of the sleep train foster kids dream campaign thanks to steve w of daly city, car do e of san jose anna marie p of san francisco like us on the facebook page and one dollar will be donated to help local foster kids -- now what is trending on twit bay area. rnc and isaac as we've been telling you the atlantic storm is making its move toward florida as republicans get
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ready to converge on tampa for their national convention. more on the story in a minute. follow us at abc7 news bay area. more than a year after a jury acquitted casey anthony of killing her daughter today is her last day on probation. her probation ends midnight tonight. she will no longer have to report to a probation officer and will be able to leave florida without permission. and any has been on probation for check fraud charges unrelated to the 2008 disappearance and death of her daughter. new this morning, freight train and fuel tanker truck collided overnight sparking huge explosion. we brought you live pictures of the flames earlier this is how the scene looked overnight. the sheriff's department says the tanker got stuck on the tracks moments before i was hit in the small town 50 miles east of dallas itch the explosion rattled nearby -- homes and two block radius
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evacuated. truck driver and train conductor not seriously injured. we are watching a new storm threat morning isaac changed course overnight become a hurricane today. also on a new track that could threaten the republican national convention in florida next week. the system expected to make landfall on the island of hispaniola as a cat 1 with winds up to 75 miles an hour. forcasters predict isaac will move to cuba then florida. preparations continue for next week's republican national convention there are fears about isaac. >> we could have a tropical storm. we could have a cat 5. we could have nothing. each of those would cause us to have a different response. >> tampa's mayor says he will cancel the convention if weather poses a threat. republican officials say they have contingency plans in place. in texas, county judge now asking his residents for a tax
6:48 am
increase in case president obama wins reelection. the judge says he's afraid the president may be trying to hand over to have continue of the united states to the united nations he says that could lead to civil unrest, civil disobedience even a civil war the judge plans on using additional tax money to hire more deputies. it is official, the middle class is shrinking. new pew report out this morning says the middle class only makes up 51% of all americans. a drop from 61%, 40 years ago. the middle class is defined as those with a household income between $39,000 and $118,000 a year. 6:48. you might be able to get a good deal on a bunch of immunizations at wal-mart as the retailer tries to lure customers in. >> jane king with that and hewlett-packard still struggling. good morning.
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let's start with hp, shares are down the company indicated it just suffered through another quarter of slumping demand for pc's and services aimed at businesses. forecasting lower than expected -- that is the picture from meg whitman the ceo almost a year now into her tenure. brought in to help turn things around. markets started weekly jobless claim numbers took a surprise jump, market down, dow down by 60, s&p and nasdaq down. bloomberg index also trading lower. wal-mart expanding number of immunizations you can get to include 10 recommended vaccines include -- they will all be administered by registered nurses, at store events starting next tuesday through
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november 15. wal-mart says the first national retailer to use nurses to administer these vaccines. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. time to check in with mike. we have flight arrival delays into sfo because of the clouds. not at oakland and san jose. flight tracker east bay valley, clouds are not as thick as they were yesterday. doppler showing dry conditions now which is good for the morning commute and for getting clouds out quicker. hayward unified school district, cloudy through 7:00, 56, sun return 11:00, 64 sunny by 3:00 and 71°.
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across the bay over towards brisbane district going back-to-school today, misty this morning, 50 three breezy pockets of by 11:00. mostly sunny with 65° at 3:00. right now temperature-wise, we are in the 50s everywhere except redwood city 61 these are the latest conditions outside mid to upper 50s monterey bay slightly warmer today low clouds and fog again tonight cooler afternoons this weekend, 24 hour temperature change, four degrees warmer -- east bay valleys warmest, mid to upper 80s east bay shore richmond and berkeley, oakland the last to see sun, 60s, low to mid 70s everybody else south bay mid 70s to near 80 saratoga and los gatos 70s peninsula millbrae 68 coast low 60s to mid 60s downtown and south san francisco
6:52 am
coolest north bay beaches mid to upper 50s, 20° warmer valleys cloudy and 63 monterey, santa cruz 70 throw me 80s gilroy and morgan hill, america's cup won't be as breezy today, 58 to 60 southwest winds 5 to 15 knots multiply that by 1.15 and you get miles per hour. first place giants are back to take on the braves 7:05 first pitch at at&t park dropping to 56 by the end of the game. high pressure will hold today into tomorrow sea breeze temperatures well below average saturday and sunday warming trend for monday through wednesday of next week. stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge still not be blocking right lane i'm waiting for a confirmation whether it has been cleared. this has traffic at the bay bridge toll backed up into the
6:53 am
maze slow ride there to the metering lights, 25 minute wait. westbound across the san mateo bridge more conjested, the heaviest traffic getting there on southbound 880, which is jammed now from highway 92. the waze traffic app, you can see traffic spotters reported a come sphraoet -- complete standstill 14 minutes ago, slow all the way down to union city because of an accident reported 16 minutes ago, major crash reported initially reported with injuries now they are saying no injuries but it is blocking a couple lanes. another slow spot westbound 80 out of fairfield approaching red top, traffic spotter reported minor crash. reported toon minutes ago, you can see traffic backed up near the 680 interchange.
6:54 am
also better news on muni, no delays now reported on that l line. :54. you may want to check your cub boards for licorice recalled -- cup boards for licorice recalled. american licorice company of union city recalled 16 ounce packages of black licorice twist because of elevated levels of lead it comes in red and white bags with a display window. best for date february of next year. here are five things to know before you go: number one, tonight at 5 on espn 2 the petaluma all stars try to survive and advance at the little league world series. they will face texas. the winner will play tennessee in saturday's championship game. >> number two, in a few minutes vector control will use aerial spraying to stop more salt marsh mosquito eggs from hatching, millions have
6:55 am
been tacking palo alto residents in the past few weeks. 400 acres to the east of highway 101 unless winds pose a problem. >> number three, chick-fil-a opened in san jose less than a half hour ago 100 people clam camped out overnight to claim free meals. >> number four the america's cup races resume 2:00 this afternoon through sunday. a large crowd filled the waterfront along the marina green and in the bleachers. >> number five, isaac expected to make landfall today on the caribbean island of hispaniola as a category 1 with winds up to 75 miles an hour. forcasters predict isaac will move to cuba, then florida.
6:56 am
officials are keeping an eye on making back-up plans for next week's republican national convention. time for a final check on weather. good morning welcome to thursday, another grey start i with less moisture in the air than yesterday. you can see on live doppler, we are following flight arrive -- arrival delays of 65 minutes into sfo. coast a little more sunshine than yesterday still limited upper 50s to low 60s more sunshine around the bay mid 60s to mid 70s inland sunny mid 70s to a few upper 80s. bay bridge toll is backed up to the foot of the maze. with the waze traffic app would you know why, due to a stalled car someone reported that you can see the back-up starts as you get into the maze. slow spot southbound 880 from hayward to union city because of a crash that just cleared
6:57 am
from the chp westbound 80 slow approaching highway 12 due to another accident. thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for the iphone. i downloaded it on my sister's iphone. of course i gave her your ring tone.
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