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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  August 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm passing on that one. >> world news is up next. tonight a special edition of "world news." eye of the storm. isaac still the size of texas barreling through the gulf. evacuations under way. families fleeing the storm zone. and new orleans, bumper to bumper, once again bracing for a dangerous new storm. abc's extreme weather team out in force tonight. >> oh! >> while here in florida, everything's on hold. the delegates are hoping tomorrow they get to do what they came here to do and nominate a presidential candidate at the 40th republican national convention and we are here in tampa bay. good evening. tonight from the hall of the republican national convention,
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the events here postponed one day because the giant storm isaac is barreling toward the gulf coast. and it is really seven years to the day since katrina devastated new orleans. at this moment, the storm is gaining strength on track to become a category 2 hurricane. it's almost the size of texas. it's already sideswiped the florida keys, and at this hour, is moving through the gulf. toward the gulf coast. a state of emergency in four states, more than 5,000 national guard troops mobilized. and our extreme weather team is spanned out across the storm zone. and abc's weather editor sam champion leads us off in new orleans right now. sam? >> good evening, diane. and that's lake pontchartrain behind me. the wind's up and so are the white caps. it was a real problem for flooding and hurricane katrina and it will be a real problem with isaac.
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the new headline from the national weather center is the long anticipated intensification of isaac has started. >> reporter: after pounding the caribbean and lashing the keys, isaac's now pointed towards the northern gulf coast. gaining strength and size in the warm waters of the gulf of mexico, the storm could be a category 2 hurricane by the time it hits land, with maximum sustained winds of 100 miles an hour. but many are not waiting. evacuations are already under way along the gulf coast. >> all we can do is that and what happens happens. >> reporter: traffic backed up for miles as more than 50,000 people in low-lying louisiana were ordered to evacuate. >> today is the day for those folks waiting in those areas to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: still, some are choosing to stay put. >> we're here to just pick up flash light batteries, water. >> reporter: they're stacking up and battening down. >> i've got water up here. i've got food at home. i think i'm set. we'll just hunker down and do the best we can. >> reporter: isaac has already
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put cut a path of destruction in the caribbean. in haiti, 19 deaths have been blamed on the storm. flooding and mud slides the big danger. overnight, isaac dumped 14 inches of rain in south florida and the keys causing serious flooding. abc's matt gutman rode out the storm in key west. >> even though the storm passed 24 hours about and it's hundreds of miles away, the winds are still fierce, it gives you a sense of how raw this storm is. and still dumping a tremendous amount of debris on the island. >> reporter: is it a massive storm. 350 miles wide. it will bring heavy rain, high winds and a 6 to 12-foot storm surge through a wide part of the gulf coast and that could mean serious flooding. a big concern tonight. and let's look at that all-important track tonight as we follow what is isaac all the way up the gulf, towards that northern gulf coast, it sure does. and we don't want to follow just the center of this. we want to follow the cone. and the cone goes all the way from louisiana over towards biloxi.
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but it sure does look like the center line of that will have a bull's-eye looking towards louisiana. there's that one model, all of these are fairly reliable when it comes to the hurricane that shoots that farther out towards the texas border, so we're not done picking the exact location, that's why everybody on the gulf should be watching. and it's not just the strike point that's going to have a problem. all states along the gulf coast that are going to get the rain are going to have a problem. it's going to run into a front once it causes land and stall. that's going to mean in some cases up to 20 inches of rain, falling in a place with strong winds that just can't handle that much water. diane. >> prepare for flooding. thank you so much, sam. but as you said, it is a direct hit, a possible direct hit on new orleans, bracing with the memory of katrina still so fresh. and abc's meteorologist ginger zee, a veteran storm chaser is in the crescent cities tonight and standing on one of those levees.
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ginger. >> reporter: diane, during hurricane katrina, lake pontchartrain has so much storm surge -- come with me -- that it pushed up and over all that water into neighborhoods just like this one. now, these levees are taller. isaac is a different storm, and new orleans is a very different city. >> we're dealing with tropical storm isaac. >> strong winds, rain and storm surge. >> reporter: in new orleans tonight, they're not taking any chances. >> we're going to leave later today. >> reporter: reminders of that 2005 disaster are everywhere and anxiety is high. >> will we evacuate? will we not evacuate? will it be a level 1 or will it be a 3 or better? >> reporter: linda anderson lost her home in katrina. >> we had nine foot of water in our home. >> reporter: she moved back just a few months ago. >> we're really hoping that the corps of engineers have done their job. >> reporter: the corps said, we have. are you ready? >> we feel confident about the system. it's almost not comparable to
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what was in place when hurricane katrina hit. and this storm, of course is no katrina, and so we feel very comfortable with the system as designed will perform the way we think it will. >> reporter: after katrina swamped the levees and swamped the city, almost every levee was reinforced or rebuilt entirely. that's 133 miles of work over the last seven years. an example, the 17th street canal, during katrina, it breached, flooding the entire neighborhood of lakeview. now, a temporary series of pumps and 11 gates, 11 tons apiece, separate the storm surge that comes across lake pontchartrain from that canal and the city of new orleans. the cities say the levees are ready and the people here say they're ready, too. within the last hour, "road closed" signs going up over the more vulnerable spots around new orleans. also we were hearing loud speakers telling people the floodgates close in a half hour. most flights coming into new orleans canceled, diane.
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>> all right, ginger, thank you. and we will be there day and night watching the storm. and as we said, isaac has effectively put the big event here in tampa on hold. in fact, when i look out here right now in the hall, i see mostly just journalists. but there was one brief event earlier today. there it is, the gavel marking the official opening of the convention, though minutes later, the day adjourned. in "your voice your vote," what about governor romney tonight? a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows it is a dead heat three days before the speech of his life and abc's david muir is covering him. david. >> reporter: diane, good evening from boston, we're hearing the romney campaign is mindful of the track of that storm, today, the governor and his wife ann romney practicing their speeches inside a high school auditorium. a member of the team telling me
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ann romney did very well, but they wanted to give her another run at it today. aware of that storm-gathering strength governor romney and his wife ann also wear something else is approaching, their moment in front of a national audience. practicing their speeches in new hampshire today for the second day in a row. a sign of how much is riding on their every word. both times they were asked, how's the speech coming? >> how's the speech? >> great. >> yourself isn't great, governor? >> my wife's. >> reporter: ann romney, of course, up first. tomorrow night, the first night of the convention, the campaign is counting on her star power play ought in prime time, particularly among women that she can convince voters that her husband cares about their needs. and that's there is a personal side of him. >> when he is around the house, he's a great help. >> reporter: she'll talk about mitt, the husband, the father, the grandfather. a story they need to tell. in a new abc news poll, 58% registered voters feel mitt romney would do better to favor
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the wealthy than the middle class and president obama leading 61% when come to be seen as more friendly, more likable. as for governor romney's speech thursday night, he gave a thumbs up for his practice run. but his campaign aware of the uncertainty that surrounded isaac. the governor, meanwhile, hinting don't expect a personality makeover, when asked what he makes of some voters are not liking him -- >> you know, all i can do is be who i am. you know that popeye line "i am what i am and that's all that i am." >> reporter: as to who he will be on that stage, his late father george and his mother lenore who ran for senate, her son right there. >> i'm drafting a campaign speech and thinking about the kinds of things my dad would say if he had the chance to offer that speech. >> the governor there talking about who he'll be thinking about on that stage. first up, though, ann romney, in
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front of the biggest audience tomorrow night. tonight, though, they tweeted out this picture of her baking in her boston area home, her favorite welsh cake. they plan to take that down with them as she headed down to tampa. >> thanks so much, david. i'm here, the abc news broadcast booth up above the convention floor, where we can also look up at the 120,000 balloons waiting to drop down and the convention stage. by the way, every inch of that stage has been planned to the tv viewing audience at home. and the chairman of this convention, the man in charge, speak of the house, john boehner. >> are you following the hurricane minute by minute? >> yes, i'm watching it. >> do you feel it's tamped the enthusiasm? >> certainly, a lot of people are going to be concerned after what they've been through with katrina, they have another big hurricane coming in. it's a cause of concern. >> ultimately, he says governor romney and the republican national convention will make the call about tone. his job is planning. and he points out something on the wall. a ticking clock. it's the national debt. >> it's the debt clock there. >> is that like a ticking
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heartbeat up there for you? >> this is going to be the burden for our kids and grandkids and we don't deal with it. instead of getting smaller it's getting bigger. >> one impetus for governor romney's selection of paul ryan as his running mate. yet, a new abc news/"washington post" poll says 2 to 1 americans oppose the ryan plan to change the current medicare system. >> you want to fix it, fine, but don't change the medicare system the way it is now. >> i think what people are saying, they want to make sure that medicare's going to exist. >> but it doesn't worry you, they're saying, we don't want to change the system? >> if the system doesn't change, it will go broke. republicans have been forthright about the needs of fixed medicare. and our colleagues across the aisle want to be critical of us, but they have no plan. they've put nothing on the table to help fix medicare. so they want to have this debate, let them. >> the speaker says they're here make this week count, including for the man who has to reintroduce himself as the nominee.
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governor romney said in a recent interview, he said, i am emotional. i'm not as emotional as john boehner. >> that's okay. listen, you only tease the ones you love. >> from the speaker of the house, we go to abc's jonathan karl, a pro here. so tell me exactly where it stands tonight and the hard numbers. >> the race right now is essentially tied. tied nationally. virtually tied in every battleground state. this race right now is a contain toss, diane, just like the last three campaigns going into the convention with a race with this tie. >> seems to be the way of politics these days. and they're supposed to come out with a change in that. a bounce of how much? >> average is about seven points. they are counting on a bounce. they want a big bounce out of this convention. they want to leave here with a lead and they think they can. >> and almost 40 million people
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have watched these speeches in the past so it makes a big difference what happens on that stage in the next three days? >> this is the one chance to get the attention of the country to introduce mitt romney. this is who mitt romney is. >> and what do you think about the storm? how much is it going to change the dynamic in this hall? >> they're full speed ahead. they've got contingency plans to change things. but they're full speed ahead. they're, of course, competing for attention. >> not happy about that. >> well, you know what, they can't control the weather. >> that's right. okay, jon will be here. of course, we'll all be covering it in force throughout the week. but after break coming up right here on "world news" -- >> our friend and colleague robin roberts announces her bone marrow transplant will begin soon. next, what she wants all of us to know about the road ahead. tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ normal voice ] nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan.
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♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. as we said, our friend, our
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colleague, our robin roberts made an announcement today. she is ready to embark on her bone marrow transplant. the next phase in her battle against a rare blood disorder. she'll be taking her leave from "good morning america" starting friday. and she has already inspired 36,000 new donors to sign up with the be the match bone match registry. a spike of more than 50%, and now she's inspiring us yet again. tonight, abc's sharyn alfonsi tells us about robin and what lies ahead. >> reporter: from that couch, where she's been a fixture for so many years, robin roberts broke the news. >> friday, george, will be my last day, and i will check into the hospital the following tuesday and begin the process. >> reporter: it starts for chemotherapy in preparation for her bone marrow transplant and myelodysplastic or mds is a disease where the bone marrow doesn't make enough healthy blood cells.
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each year, as many as 10,000 americans are diagnosed with mds. only a small number come from cancer treatments like robin's. so how will doctors try to replace robin's sick cells with healthy ones? first, the chemotherapy to wipe out all robin's problematic cells so her body will accept the good cells from her donor. her sister, sally ann, swapped with robin this weekend -- her marrow, a perfect match. robin will be given an iv full of her sister's stem cells which will begin to rebuild her bone marrow. the procedure will take about 30 minutes. robin will actually be fully awake. then the waiting begins. doctors will be monitoring her blood count closely. >> we have to give antibiotics and blood products and immune system-regulating medications to keep the patient's body in good shape and accepting the new cells. >> reporter: robin will remain in the hospital for weeks, possibly months. doctors say her prognosis is excellent, but as her body heals, her immunity will be so compromised. she told viewers this morning she had to send her beloved dog,
5:48 pm
k.j., to maine to stay with friends. robin sharing she can't wait to get her friend back. so many of us feeling the same way. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> and all this week, of course, "good morning america" will be telling us more about robin's journey. and if you want to learn more about becoming a donor, please head to as always, team robin is standing by for her. a storm of small earthquakes hit southern california coming up next. and one family videotaped their wild ride. here he comes. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid-related erosions in
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we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. there was pandemonium this morning at a high school in maryland. the first day of school. two loud cracks rang out, first students thinks it was a bag popping, but it was gunfire. a 15-year-old opened fire in the
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school cafeteria, but quick-thinking teachers tackled him in the chaos, a 17-year-old student was shot. he is in critical condition. school officials say those teachers are real heroes. and there were hundreds of tremors in california this weekend. they're called a swarm. and here's home video that takes us into the living room of a family during the event. bracing for the quake, the camera shaking as glass shatters on the floor. >> i don't like this. >> minutes later, a second vibration, but somehow, the family managed to stay smiling. and coming up right here, mitt romney's sons, all five of them together, sit down with me to talk personally about their parents. touches your lips. the delightful discovery, the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself. well, almost. the sweet reward, making a delicious choice that's also a smart choice.
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and finally today, the romney boys, tagg, matt, josh, ben and craig came into the convention hall to talk with me. first, they expressed concern for everyone in the storm watch tonight. but then, we turned to the subject of their dad, their mom and what is, after all, the highs and lows of running for president about to be a dream achieved. >> none of us expected to be here, i think this is a big -- it will be a big moment for us to watch our dad go up there and accept the nomination. >> despite all the stuff, the
5:55 pm
hoopla, he's still dad to us. >> a lot of the nerves worked their way out early in the campaign. now, we're just anxious and excited. >> reporter: this moment, more than six years after their father first began his quest for the presidency. >> i want to introduce my family, my oldest, tagg, father of four. >> reporter: five sons in all, four in business like their dad. one, ben, a doctor. all are married and there are 15 grandchildren. >> we have a photo here of the family gathering of the romneys. absolutely incredible. you can tell when you guys get together, there's a global khaki shortage. [ laughter ] >> i'm a rebel because i -- >> no one wears khakis anymore. you can see that. >> reporter: they say they're a family like any other. anybody ever run away from home? >> many times. >> many, many times. >> half an hour. >> seven, eight minute. >> reporter: really? >> i would run away.
5:56 pm
>> hiding in a bush. >> hiding in a bush, watching tv, hoping that everyone was, you know, missing me. >> there has been a rumor going around that paul ryan actually is the sixth son. >> yeah. is >> do you feel this? >> he's got my dad's hair. he's got the good hair. it made us, yeah, a little nervous. >> but my dad ended up picking the person he thought would be the best. somebody who he thought would pick up the mantra of the republican party eight years from now. >> reporter: and the brutal reality of campaigning has left the children protective. what would you say are the toughest moments? >> the hardest moments for me by far the debates. >> you're not speaking -- >> i hate the debates because you just -- >> yeah. >> you experience huge amounts of stress. if i'm watching him on tv, i'll just be laying on the floor. it's pretty tough. but -- and if you're in person, you're just sitting there trying to be cool and keep a smile on your face and just want to fall down. >> reporter: but they say no battering by the campaign can
5:57 pm
equal the moment their mother was diagnosed with m.s. >> that was really only time he really struggled. that was important. you know, winning and losing, those things, you know, you have a couple days of struggle, but you get through that. it's not the end of the world. but when your loved one is in harm's way or sick, that's really what had him upset. >> reporter: they also watched the stresses on their mom. >> i'd put carlton on that road, the campaign manager saying, that's your schedule, and she's tired and you need to pull her off for a day or two. she'll fight and say, no, no, i'm doing fine. >> she knows how to rein it back in. she's been doing a good job of that. >> reporter: all in all, 150 members of the romney family are heading to tampa to watch the man who's going to reintroduce himself, personal, emotional and the nominee. >> he gets emotional -- if you ask him about his dad, he'll get emotional. if you ask him about my mom,
5:58 pm
he'll get emotional. he gets emotional when he talks about god and christ. >> i mean, the campaign really brings a family together. >> and we thank you for watching. and we're always here at by the way, go on if you want to know which roy orbison song governor romney loves to sing. the boys told me. and "nightline" will be along later. we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night when the republican national convention really begins from tampa bay, florida. good night. tonight a south bay church reaches out to stop the violence two. former gang members hit the streets to show young people there is a better way. >> the bay area latest catholic bishop stopped for drunk driving with his mother in the car. >> and a week to go before the
5:59 pm
session sends ends for the year, lawmakers still have to tackle pension reform. >> and we're live in tampa where california's democrat governor is the republican idea of a joke. >> i used to run these streetses a gang member. >> now, he's found jesus, tonight he's reaching out to young people in san jose with an appeal to stop the violence. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. few people understand better than those who have been there. tonight former gang members are on the tough streets delivering a message. and we're live with how the message is being received. >> we're here at city hall, dan. in less than an hour, the mayor, police chief and others


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