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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 28, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, high anxiety along the gulf coast. >> isaac barreling across the gulf of mexico. it's expected to landfall this evening. are the new levees in new orleans up to the task? mitt romney and paul ryan arriving in tampa as the republican national convention gets into full swing. and a dramatic landing for a helicopter during rush hour. instead of covering the story, the pilot and passenger actually became the story. good morning, everyone. and paula faris. >> i'm john muller in for rob
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nelson. we begin with isaac, within striking distance of the gulf coast. >> isaac, to get more strength before blowing ashore this evening. brandi hitt is there as the levees are put to the test. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's the big concern. but officials say they do believe the levees will hold up in the storm. right now, there isn't a lot happening as you can see. the winds are slowly picking up. but that's about to change as isaac comes ashore. the gulf coast is bracing for isaac. >> it brings great danger with it from floodwaters. >> reporter: the storm is gaining strength as it moves across the gulf and is heading straight for louisiana. >> everybody leaves. nobody is staying. >> reporter: families in the lower ninth ward are boarding up their homes and moving out with the potential for flooding. >> the rain, potentially 18 inches of rain. >> reporter: a state of emergency has been declared in four states, with 5,000 national
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guard troops on standby. >> we're opening shelters in the morn panhandle of the state. >> reporter: isaac has made its mark on parts of florida. the heavy rain is flooding schools. >> we sandbagged the doors. but the water came over the sandbags. >> reporter: this is what families throughout the gulf are now planning for. >> groceries for firestations in jefferson parish. >> reporter: and for louisiana, many have hurricane katrina on their minds, with the seven-year anniversary tomorrow. almost every levee has been rebuilt and reinforced. >> we feel pretty confident about the system. it's almost not comparable to what was in place when hurricane katrina hit. >> reporter: but many people don't want to be here when those levees are tested by isaac. >> reporter: several areas of mississippi and louisiana are under mandatory evacuation right now. new orleans is only voluntary e
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v vacuations. as far as the airport, there's only flights going in until the storm. the salvation and army and the red cross are mobilized in case they are needed to help in the aftermath of isaac. volunteers are traveling to the gulf coast to help distribute shelters, meals and water. and for a bit more on what to expect, we turn to accuweather for the latest of isaac's next move. >> meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, john and paula. isaac likely to strengthen for the next 24 hours as it nears landfall. the northern gulf coast, likely to strengthen to a category 2 hurricane when it makes landfall near new orleans, late tonight if not early tomorrow morning. this storm going to bring strong, gusty winds. in some cases, 100 miles per hour not out of the question. that's with storm surge. water will be piling up in lake pontchartrain. massive storm surge is expected.
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>> thank you. there will be more on isaac coming up on "good morning america." now, we turn to politics and the republican national convention kicking into high gear today. >> the two of the most highly anticipated speakers are on tap for the primetime audience. t.j. winick has a preview. >> reporter: good morning to you both. that's right. after a lost day due to tropical storm isaac, the republican national convention kicks off with a full program today, highlighted by ann romney's speech in primetime. in all, 150 members of the romney family are heading to tampa. abc news has learned the candidate himself will arrive later today, two days earlier than expected. monday, mitt romney spent the day in new hampshire, working on his acceptance speech scheduled for thursday night, in primetime. >> i like my speech. i really like ann's speech. >> reporter: the campaign is counting on ann romney's charisma.
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they're hoping she can convince voters her husband cares about their needs. that there's a personal side to him voters haven't seen yet. she'll talk about mitt the family man. as their five sons sat down with diane sawyer. >> you ask about my dad, he'll get emotional. you ask about my mom, he'll get emotional. he'll get emotional when he talks about god and christ. >> reporter: according to a poll, romney is 58% of the americans think he favors the wealthy over the middle-class that his policies would do the same. the only real noise around the convention monday was protesters. though the proceedings were convened, yesterday's official program was canceled due to concerns about the impact of tropical storm isaac. >> clearly, a lot of people are going to be concerned, after what they've been through with katrina. they have another big hurricane
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come there. it's a cause for concern. >> reporter: that same abc news/"washington post" poll also shows the presidential race in a dead-heat, with many voters still unhappy with president obama's handling of the economy. john and paula? >> abc's t.j. winick live in tampa this morning. thanks so much, t.j. abc news has learned senator rob portman will play mitt romney in a debate for the president. he has played others in the past. with the spotlights on republicans in tampa, president obama is trying to connect with young voters in two, key states. president obama speaks at iowa university. and makes a similar appeal at colorado state university. iowa and colorado, very much in play this year. former pennsylvania senator arlen specter fighting for his life this morning. he is suffering from a serious illness. they won't say exactly what's wrong.
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in 2005, specter was diagnosed with hodgkin's disease. the cancer returned in 2008 but was detected early. time for the weather on this tuesday. isaac, dumping heavy rains in the southwest. morning showers from boston to d.c. scatter thunderstorms in the carolinas. >> 80s along the entire east coast. 90s from new orleans to dallas. and much of the rockies. phoenix, though, hitting the triple digits. just 70s in the pacific northwest. coming up, the isaac effect. we're all going to feel it at the pump. and the decision on using electronics during takeoff and landing is on the way. those stories in your business news next. and say it ain't so. lindsay lohan, could she be in more trouble? is it possible? thanks to some jewelry. stay with us.ñ!ñcús
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welcome back, everyone. there are growing fears this morning that isaac will send gas prices even higher. almost 80% of oil production has been shut down in the gulf of mexico, as the powerful storm moves in, cutting about 1 million barrels every day. gas, now averaging $3.78 per gallon, with predictions that isaac could add another dime or more to that in the short-term. general motors putting brakes on the volt electric car. the plant will be closed starting in mid-september. there's too many volts on dealer
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lots. and gm is retooling the plant to build the impala. apple did not take action against samsung, after a jury found that samsung stole iphone and ipad technology. apple wants eight products bulled from store shelves and banned from sale in the u.s. a judge will decide if that ban will be carried out. and alec baldwin better watch his words with friends. the faa isn't moving at lightning speed on the idea of letting passengers use ipads and other electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. no decision is expected for at least six months. taxes and the economy, front and center this election season. there's a new look at what americans think about the rich. 58% of americans say wealthy people should pay more in taxes. and the pew poll finds 58% find the republican party favors the rich. and "forbes" out with this
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list of the highest-paid entertainers. and the same name is at the top for the fourth year in a row. >> just imagine it. oprah, pulling in $165 million. "transformers" director, michael bay, with $160 million. steven spielberg, jerry buck heimer and dr. dre with his line of headphones, round out the top five. >> did you get the headphones yet? >> not yet. a long-suspected husband finally charged with the death of his wife. and one major league team's nontraditional way of hitting the road. if you can get away with it, you're winning. we'll tell you about it. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save.
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begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. ♪ we see 50% off lenses. ♪ you see a sale you can't miss. lenscrafters. hurry in. sale ends september 9th. isaac is spinning in the gulf of mexico this morning on a slow and steady march to new orleans. the storm's now south of the mississippi river with 70-mile-per-hour winds. but it could become a full-blown
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hurricane by the time it makes landfall tonight. now, a look at the morning road conditions. the approaching isaac drenches highways along the gulf coast. a slick ride across texas and part of the rockies. roads could be wet from the carolinas up to new england. >> if you are flying, airport delays possible in new orleans, and on the east coast, boston, new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. i think everything has been canceled. now, the dramatic landing of a news helicopter at the top of the show. this happened in yesterday's evening rush hour in los angeles. the news chopper suddenly started spewing smoke from the engine. the footage was shot by another station's chopper. >> after several moments of trying to land, the pilot was able to put the copter down in a parking lot. the smoke came from an oil leak. that pilot was quick thinking. >> wow. >> why i'll never get in an helicopter. >> good news there. a utah doctor has been formally charged with the death
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of his wife five years ago. his wife was found dead in the bathtub. two his mcneill's daughters pushed for his arrest. there will be more on this case later on "good morning america." visitors to yosemite national park is being warned of a possible health alert now that a person has died by a rare disease carried by rodents. two other people have gotten sick. all of the victims stayed in cabins. now, we're learning about that fatal grizzly bear attack in denali national park. the man who was killed got within 40 yards of the bear. that's ten-times closer than recommended. they say that victim was not carrying bear spray. the first day back at a maryland high school ended in violence when a 15-year-old student opened fire in the
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cafeteria. the boy reportedly brought a shotgun to school in pieces and assembled it there. he got off one random shot, critically injuring a 17-year-old student before a guidance counselor tackled him. and the navy s.e.a.l. that wrote the firsthand account of the killing of osama bin laden. the book is expected to hit shelves on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. time for some sports highlights. let's get those from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. go out to coors field where josh beckett made his rockies debut. making his first start for a national league team since '05. kyle corver, up 1-0. d.j. mayhew, singles to center.
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josh beckett, the rockies go on to win it. blue jays taking on the yankees. pick it up top nine. blue jays up 6-4. colby rasmus, with a home run off of rafael soriano. his 23rd of the year. the blue jays taking a 7-6 lead. go bottom nine. derek jeter, 0-13, against casey jansen. not anymore. and the yankees tie the game at 7-7. darren oliver getting nick swisher looking. the blue jays go on to win, 8-7. the rays looking thr a win. evan longoria with a two-run to left. his seventh bomber of the year. bottom second, adrian beltre, see you later. six home runs in the game. the rangers down 2-1.
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bottom five, now. beltre singles to left. one hit away from a cycle. the rangers go on to win, 6-5. that's going to do it for your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a great day. up next, "the pulse." the white sox getting colorful. and new research on what smoking pot does to a growing mind. some might say, no surprises here, dude. we're right back. i was living with this all-over pain. a deep, throbbing, persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can do more of the things that i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone.
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and i believe it's doing a good job. it is time to check "the pulse," stories that you will be talking about today. we're guaranteeing you will be talking about this one. li-lo, can she get in more trouble? >> apparently, yes. >> she is in trouble with the law, according to tmz. they are reporting that the actress is suspected of stealing $100,000 of watches and sunglasses during a party in the hollywood hills recently. >> after reporting the theft, the party's host now denies anything was taken. but lohan could be in serious trouble since she's on probation for another jewelry theft. now, he's taking the accusation back. but police aren't letting it go. >> and allegedly, it wasn't only
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li-lo, it was her assistant. >> hard to believe. we shall see. this one is going to completely blow your mind. reefer may not lead to madness. but it's a pretty good bet it's not going to make you smarter. new research finds that a long-term drop in i.q. among people who started smoking marijuana regularly before the age of 18. >> 23% of american teens admit to smoking pot. but it would be smart of them to lay off, at least for now. apparently the earlier you start, it impedes your i.q. >> just makes you hungrier, right? >> pepperoni pizza to go. and finally, a story that's near and dear to my heart because i worked and lived in chicago for six years and covered this scene. the chicago white sox, the first place white sox, they are wearing what their manager calls loud mouth clothing on their recent road trip.
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here's a couple of examples. >> the players say it's no big deal to wear the flashy pants and bright colors. they welcome the change to travel in those clothes than regular suits and ties. >> they are keeping it loose in a long season. the bright clothes didn't bring them good luck last night because they lost to the orioles. i saw some of these guys tweeting about it. but robin ventura, their first-year manager who played for the white sox years ago, he -- he ordered a caddyshack-themed dress code. >> they look like john daly. >> this is what happens when you're winning. when you're losing, not so much. >> i love the flood level on those, too. up to his ankles. >> okay. well, for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with the latest from the
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surface of mars.
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developing news in even police have killed a suspect in exchange of gunfire. >> isaac headed straight for the gulf. mike has that and the bay area forecast. still a tropical storm we'll talk about when it will become a hurricane and what affect it will have on theing r. thunderstorms on the carolinas. and scattered showers in the northeast. finally, the new mars rover continues to amaze. it's been beaming down extraordinary sights from the red planet since it's arrived. >> and now, curiosity is sending
4:28 am
sounds and smells, as well. john harden reports on the rover's new senses. >> reporter: three weeks after scientists erupted with excitement, the celebration is tempered. but they're celebrating nonetheless. they showed off a new mosaic. spectacular enhanced images of the surface of mars, captured by the curiosity rover. >> you get this feeling, you know, that's what i'm talking about. that is why we picked this landing site. >> reporter: it looked like terrain out of a movie. scientists' own curiosity is piqued by mt. sharp. they say cameras discovered something they were ignorant to, something they weren't expecting. but getting to the base of mt. sharp for another look will take a year and a half. >> this is where we want to get in the next year and a half to two years. this is the place we want to be.
4:29 am
it's ten kilometers away. and it would take the rover, even with the rover driving flat-out, 100 days to get there. we're not going to drive it flat-out. >> reporter: scientists showed how data transmission has improved, with the first human voice transmitted from another planet. >> speaking to you, via the broadcast capabilities of the curiosity rover, which is on the surface of mars. >> we hope this will be an inspiration to someone who is alive today, who will become first to stand on the planet mars. like the great neil armstrong, they'll be able to speak aloud to the first person in the next giant leap of space exploration. >> reporter: scientists say they're beginning to sniff and analyze the gases on mars. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a terrific tuesday, everybody.


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