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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 1, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, path of destruction. the remnants of isaac now pushing north, as millions more are at risk of flooding. along the gulf, shows are left homeless. and the threat of dams bursting is not over yet. all of this is pushing your gas prices even higher. breaking overnight, this 17-year-old girl, abducted from her home. police say she's being held for ransom. an amber alert across two states this morning. abc news exclusive. the hollywood mom forced to give up her children. a judge's final ruling, they must live with their dad halfway around the world. she's now fighting back. and kelly rutherford speaking out for the first time, joining us this morning. he's the man caught on tape with the winning lotto ticket
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worth $52 million. but no one knew who was he. all of california looking for him. now, this mystery millionaire has been revealed. good morning, everyone. dan's off enjoying the labor day weekend. we're happy to have our legal analyst, dan abrams. >> great to be here. >> great to see you again, dan. we're thinking of our good friend, robin roberts, this morning. as you know, she lost her mother thursday night. she was able to make it home to mississippi to say her final good-byes. and robin is scheduled to begin her bone marrow transplant surgery next week. thousands of you have been reaching out over facebook and twitter. so many joining team robin. we have our bracelets on in support of our friend robin roberts. >> the amazing thing about robin is she's always so more concerned about people around
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her than herself. even when she's going through all of this. really amazing. and we have a lot of news this weekend. mitt romney riding high from his campaign speech. but he is still fielding questions about this. that strange clint eastwood speech. we have new details this morning on just how that odd scene came to be. >> that empty chair. also, the last thing anyone wants to see off the beach this weekend, the last weekend of summer, is a great white feeding. they're closing beaches along cape cod. there's been seven great white sightings on one day this week alone. incredible. an amazing story last night in florida. this is history being made. a gender barrier being tackled, so to speak. for the first time ever, a female took the field in a high school football game as quarterback. we're going to hear from her coming up. >> good for her. we're going to begin with isaac. no longer a hurricane. but still wreaking havoc this
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morning. here, we see the storm track. the remnants are coming further north and bringing dangerous rain to the northwest this morning. take a look at these pictures. new flooding overnight, in alabama, arkansas, mississippi and missouri. let's get the latest from our extreme weather team, starting with ginger zee in new orleans. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, everyone. to florida, through alabama, parts of mississippi, and now new orleans, my crew and i have had a long week covering isaac. at least seven deaths attributed to that slow-moving storm. and now, it still isn't done with us. isaac's idle leftovers are pounding the midwest. overnight, floods in arkansas left 5,000 people without power. missouri and illinois, bracing for impact. they'll get up to six inches of rain this holiday weekend. >> 25 bags of sand will help out, hopefully. >> reporter: and the aftermath in louisiana, catastrophic.
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an eerie sight in braithwaite, uprooted tombs lining the area. a horrible scene, leaving folks lucky to be alive. >> that tree right there fell right behind my r.v. and i was in it. that tree right there would have killed me. >> reporter: we hitched a ride through jean lafitte, louisiana. people here swamped by water and emotion. >> it's horrible to see anything you worked for just gone. >> reporter: and on the east side of the mississippi, plaquemines parish is littered with debris, displaced boats and displaced people. >> i lost my home in oakdale. we rebuilt here. that's strike two. waiting on strike three. >> reporter: officials at one gulf coast power company says isaac is the fourth-largest storm in terms of power outages, ever. the number overnight, still over 400,000. and although hundreds of thousands will spend the weekend in the dark, some are choosing to see the light. >> it's not going to run me off.
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i love it here. me and i'm sure hundreds and thousands of people feel the same way. >> the mississippi river, right behind me, opened today for the first time after four days. we're starting to see boats back and forth. i'll have that full forecast in a couple moments. first, we have to get to my other extreme weather team partner this morning. that would be ryan owens, in robert, louisiana. >> reporter: ginger, good morning to you. it is another sleepless night for the 50,000 or so people who live along this river and still cannot come home. the reason, well, it's painfully clear. look behind me. this is the main road in and out of the town of robert, louisiana. it is swamped and so is the town. all eyes on that dam to the north of us in mississippi. we thought earlier in the week, at least parish officials here in louisiana did, that that was about to breach. at this point, authorities up in mississippi are telling us it is still holding.
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and the good news right now, the lake levels behind that are slowly starting to drop. but officials here in louisiana, not ready to take any chances. they are telling people they still can't come home. we were there on thursday when they packed up all they could be just 90 minutes of warning. think about that. they got in their cars and got out after the parish president said that thing was about to breach. but right now, authorities tell us it's still holding. >> ryan, many thanks. we have radar and satellite. got to show you where this thing is. it is now all the way up in parts of missouri, illinois, and dropping heavier rains this morning. even some thunderstorms there. and there's a tornado threat, which i'll talk about later in the broadcast. look how much rain we're talking. up to six inches in that red targeted area. parts of illinois, st. louis, back into far northeastern iowa. i'm going to show you what this is going to help, that drought. south of st. louis, over to
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indianapolis, that's where isaac is going to be a good boy and we're going to be thankful that it's moving through. but look at the flood concerns still down here. rivers crest days after you get all of the flooding. so, we're having a lot of flood watches and warnings. other than that, it's going to be a pretty normal day here in new orleans. very summer-like, with the afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible. i can tell you this morning, it's really sticky. i'll have more of the nation's forecast coming up. now, back to bianna. >> thank you. isaac is packing a punch at the gas pump. it shut down gulf coast refineries, accelerating the spike in gas prices to $3.83 a gallon. up 9 1/2% in less than a month. abc's john muller is at a gas station here in new york. hey, john. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. there is some relief in sight. but the bad news is, it's not going to happen before this holiday weekend go through. we're in a historymaking h
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territory right now. never on a labor day has we have had gas prices this high. $4.15 for a gallon of regular. that's the cash price. it is 29 cents higher than the national average. but it is painful everywhere. americans filling up and hitting the road for one last vacation. the reason for all this, the u.s. refineries have taken a beaten. gulf coast refineries shut down last week as hurricane isaac advanced. 8% of capacity tied to the gulf refineries. and the big refinery fire at the beginning of the month in california, as well. now, to the good news. hurricane isaac didn't do much damage to the gulf refineries. they should be pack online this week. also, gas stations are using the summer blend of gasoline. it's a little more expensive. in a couple weeks, they'll go to the winter blend. experts say by october, we could
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be paying 20 cents less a gallon. won't that be nice? dan? >> thanks, john. both presidential candidates visiting the damage in louisiana. mitt romney touring the damage yesterday. governor romney tried to capitalize on his convention momentum. there's new questions this morning about that bizarre clint eastwood speech. it's "your voice, your vote." and reena ninan leads off our coverage. >> reporter: good morning. 66 days before the election began, team romney waste nod time. going straight to battleground states, convincing voters why there needs to be new leadership in the white house. >> governor mitt romney. >> reporter: just hours after leaving tampa, mitt romney and paul ryan hit the trail hard, driving their convention messages home. >> i want to make sure that every person in this country that wants a job can find one. >> reporter: romney, remaining
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positive, pushing his economic agenda. >> time to give someone new a chance. >> what a great convention, huh? >> reporter: ryan who took on president obama in his primetime speech, continued his role as attack dog. >> we're not just going to go to you and say vote against the other guy because he's no good. we could do that because -- the record's no good. >> reporter: it's too soon to tell just how much of a positive bounce romney has coming out of the convention. but what he does have, tens of millions in new campaign funds, now that he's officially his party's nominee. more to flood battleground states on ads like this. and we're learning more details about that strange improv between clint eastwood and, yes, that chair, meant to be an invisible president obama. >> what do you want me to tell
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romn romney? i can't do that. can't do that to himself. >> reporter: all of it, catching the campaign completely off guard. and an aide admitting they were eyeing the clock as the performance dragged on. in an interview with tampa's wfla, paul ryan weighed in. >> clint eastwood is clint eastwood. we're happy to have his support. >> reporter: team romney said that eastwood asked for the chair at the last minute. a stagehand thinking he would sit in it. no one knew he would channel his inner obama. the ball moving to president obama's court as he prepares for his coming convention this week. visiting u.s. troops on friday, exactly two years after declaring the end to the u.s. combat mission in iraq. david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, the president trying to draw some stark contrast with his challenger in that speech. >> reporter: dan, very quickly, the obama campaign pointed out that not once did mitt romney mention the war in afghanistan or the military. so, the president stopped at
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ft. bliss, surrounded by soldiers. it was an official stop. but that didn't stop the president pointing out his record. he meant what he said. ending the war in iraq, going aft after al qaeda. >> even as this war ends, we will stay vigilant until afghanistan is never again a course for attacks against america. never again. >> reporter: the big message for the president to the soldiers is that the commitment of the country to those soldiers is just beginning. he talks about mental health and several other issues facing our soldiers. dan? >> he talked about the message there. now, the president gears up for the democratic convention. is there an overriding theme they're hoping to convey? >> reporter: yeah. choice, choice, choice, choice, between the way the republicans want to run the country and the way the president has been moving the country. i asked if they would counter clint eastwood, how they're going to counter him at the
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convention. an obama official told me, we're not. >> shocker. david, thanks very much. >> how do you counter clint eastwood? we can't talk all about politics without noting this new trend. after that clint eastwood speech, the newest phase is eastwooding. people chastising empty chairs. even pets are getting into the act now. there's a twitter account for that chair. some 62,000 followers. >> amazing. i think how hard it is to get followers. wait a sec. an empty chair is getting 62,000. i'm kind of losing. maybe that will inspire ron claiborne to get a twitter account. >> okay, dan and bianna. everyone out there. breaking news out of nevada. police issuing an amber alert for a teenager snatched from her home in broad daylight. authorities fear her abductors may be taking her to another
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state. 17-year-old melissa duran was abducted from her home on friday. now, kid nappers are holding her for ransom. >> she's a great girl. i don't know. she's doing her schoolwork and stuff and working. i have no idea who would do this and why. >> reporter: police say two men knocked on the door of melissa's family home in henderson, nevada, when she was getting ready for school. when the teen opened the door, the two men grabbed her. police say this security camera from a neighbor shows the moment the kidnappers sped off with the teen. witnesses stood by helplessly. >> i hear screaming around the corner. i see a mother and a son running down the street trying to chase a car. >> i heard someone screaming. i looked out the window. and her mom was chasing a car and telling -- help, help. >> reporter: police say melissa's parents received two phone calls. her abductors demanding money for her safe return. an amber alert was issued that
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afternoon. and now, nevada police are fearing her captors have taken her across state lines. >> if anybody has information, we urge them to contact the henderson police. and if they see melissa or the suspect's car, it's important for people to call 911 immediately. >> and the kidnappers are asking for $150,000 in ransom. the navy s.e.a.l. that wrote the book about the raid against osama bin laden is fighting back to the pentagon. the pentagon's threat to sue him, saying he violated his agreement not to divulge military secrets. and his attorneys say the book reveals no secrets. a 20-year-old has died after falling 35 feet from the upper level of the georgiadome during a college game last night. that comes after a man was killed after falling from an escalator at a preseason game in houston. and hundreds of people attended a private memorial for
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neil armstrong in ohio on friday. friends, family and fellow astronauts remembered the humble hero that never capitalized on being the first man on the moon. a national memorial service is scheduled for september 12th in washington, d.c. finally, we know how hard it is to find a job these days. anything you can do to stand out, apparently helps. that's what one ohio man was thinking when he bought this billboard to help his wife. it says please hire my wife and lists her credentials. the couple says it's been worth it. they've been getting a lot of attention. but still no job. hang in there. keep hope alive. >> all right, ron. thanks. time, now, for weather. and back to ginger in louisiana. >> good morning, everyone. did you know that 28 tornadoes reported with isaac. whether it was a tropical storm or whether a hurricane, or today we have a tornado threat. i want to show you who has it as the remnants move north and
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slightly east. evansville, down to paducah and cape ri ardeau. i want to show you the southwest. a lot of folks this holiday weekend, thinking about hitting the beach. vegas might see some flooding, too. >> just as we say good-bye to isaac, we're saying hello to leslie, the tropical storm we'll
4:18 am
be tracking. dan? >> thank you, ginger. beachgoers in cape cod are thinking twice about the refreshing body surf. this summer's shark scare heating up, with even more sightings, forcing many beaches to close, as swimmers are being told to stay extra alert and close to shore. ron is back with the story. >> well, dan, they are back. and they back in force. seven sharks sighted off the coast of cape cod in one day. people hoping to get one last dip in the ocean this holiday weekend, well, they're going to be beach-bound. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it's scenes like this. this youtube video of a great white shark munching on a seal off the coast of cape cod just a few days ago, that has beach officials taking drastic measures this labor day weekend, kicking swimmers out of the water. >> i think the youtube video vol date e validated concerns we had. >> reporter: off the coast of
4:19 am
orleans and chattham. this shows state officials moving in to tag one of two 14-foot to 16-foot long sharks, spotted in the shallow waters. about a 15-mile threat to the cape cod shorelines, swimming this unofficial final weekend of summer has been banned indefinitely. >> they were definitely very close. we keep everybody safe and keep people out of the water. >> reporter: peter and his family were boating off cape cod just last week when they captured this remarkable upclose video of one very large great white in a feeding frenzy. >> some of my passengers might have been a little overwhelmed. it got real close to our boat. >> reporter: marine life experts say the sharks are venturing so close to shore because of the presence of large numbers of seals. the seal population around cape cod has been growing in recent years. and seals are prime prey for sharks. >> when i see the photograph, i say, stay out of the water. >> they made the right call. >> reporter: officials say watch
4:20 am
from the beach if you want. but don't go in the water. the cape coast is very much not in the clear of sharks. and all summer, there's been especially large number of shark sightings off of cape cod. just a month ago, a swimmer was bitten by a great white. that was the first shark attack on a person since 1936. you know, good odds of not being attacked by a shark. but don't go in the water. >> still a problem off the coast off australia, too. >> don't go in the water there, either. we're going to turn to girl power. just in time for football season, history is being made in florida. for the first time ever, a female is taking to the field as a high school quarterback, breaking another gender barrier in the sports world. with a snap and handoff, the gridiron ceiling was shattered. erin demiglio has become the first female in florida high school history to play at quarterback. >> i always wanted to play football. since i was a little kid.
4:21 am
it's like it's too rough for you. >> reporter: the 17-year-old south plantation high school senior was drafted to play by doug gatewood, who coached her in flag football and soccer. >> i liked it. i took to it. >> reporter: under friday night lights and in front of a packed crowd, demeglio's team was down by four points. >> we came to play tonight. >> reporter: but erin did come to play. when she marched on the field in the fourth quarter, the crowd cheered her on, as she made history. but none cheering harder than her parents. >> my heart starts racing. i'm so excited for her and all of the attention here today. she has the credibilities. and i knew she could do this. i wanted her to be able to prove it. >> reporter: the team kicker, zach leatherman, said she was more than welcomed on to the team. >> same as having a guy on the team. but she's a hard worker. i have to say that.
4:22 am
>> reporter: demeglio is focused on football. not fame. >> i'm out here to prove myself. i'm going to prove it by doing it on the field. >> reporter: the newly-minted quarterback helped to close out the team's 31-14 victory. >> amazing. >> what a strong arm, too. >> did they get a separate locker room? >> they must. >> obviously. >> i think the jets could use some help. >> yeah. >> new york should call her. all right. coming up on "good morning america," a family torn. a judge's final ruling. actress kel thi rutherford must send her kids around the world to live with their father in france. the actress is speaking out for the first time in an abc news exclusive. plus, megamystery. he's had all of california guessing, who am i? lottery officials have released this store surveillance video, hoping to find this lucky $52 million lotto jackpot winner
4:23 am
before his ticket expires. the man, revealed this morning. and call him mr. grey. the husband of the "fifty shades of grey" author speaking out for the first time. what does he think of his wife's steamy novels? did he help inspire them? we'll have that and much more come coming up on "good morning america." [ music playing ]
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♪ it's not about the money money, money ♪ he's the mystery man who had all of california guessing. caught on tape buying a lottery ticket worth millions. did he even know he bought it? in a dramatic move officials revealed this surveillance tape of him buying the ticket, hoping to find him before his time to claim it ran out. who is he? the $52 million man, his identity revealed this morning. good morning, america. i'm dan abrams. dan harris has the day off. >> great to have you on the show, dan. >> a lot of people probably want to know him, as well. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, september 1st. also coming up, call him mr. grey. the husband of the "fifty shades of grey" author is speaking out for the first time. what does he think of his wife's
4:31 am
steamy novels? first, that bitter international custody battle between "gossip girl" star, kelly rutherford and her husband. the actress losing another day in court yesterday. she's trying to get her judge return her 3-year-old and 5-year-old children to the united states, rather than remain in france with her ex. we'll talk to her in an exclusive interview in a moment. first, the latest from tanya rivero. >> reporter: actress kelly rutherford back to work in new york, on the set of "gossip girl." after the devastating custody ruling, keeping her children away. on the show, she plays a posh and polished mom, that rarely loses her cool. but behind the scenes, the three-year fight with her ex-husband, daniel giersch, over custody of their two children, ages 3 and 5, is reportedly crushing her. on tuesday, a judge ordered the children remain in france with
4:32 am
their father, who they've been visiting over the summer. friday, rutherford asked the judge for a stay, which would have brought the kids back to new york while she appeals. but the stay was denied, destroying her last hope of getting the children back before school. giersch is a european citizen, who can no longer enter the u.s. since his visa was revoked. the judge ruled in order to maintain a 50/50 care taking split, the children must stay in france with him and rutherford travel back and forth to see them. >> at the end of the day, this is a decision by judge bodet. >> reporter: giersch released a statement through his lawyer, saying he is focused on co-parenting the children. and continuing to promote any and all contact of the children with kelly. but rutherford's lawyers say the legal fight will continue. and they will appeal. but for now, her children will begin school in france on monday. for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news,
4:33 am
new york. and actress kelly rutherford joins us now. kelly, thanks for taking time to join us. i spoke publicly on "good morning america" on thursday. i view this opinion an outrage. were you stunned by the ruling? >> yes, dan. i'm still stunned. i'm still -- i'm a bit shocked by the whole thing. yeah. >> have you had a chance to talk to your children since the ruling? >> i have. i skyped with them the other day. i skype with them every day. yes. so, i've been talking to them on the phone and skyping. >> and you had been hoping to start them in school in new york next week? >> my son has been here in new york. they've both been raised in new york. they're u.s. citizens. they were supposed to start, yeah, tuesday in school here. my son's fourth year in school. >> did you get an opportunity to explain anything to them? how is that going to work, in terms of what the children will know about -- particularly, the older one who is 5, about where
4:34 am
he will be living? >> no, i haven't. i mean, they went away for the summer to visit their dad. and now, all of a sudden, they're starting school in france. i think it's a shock to everyone. >> what is your relationship like now with your ex? >> you know, it's hard because i don't know much about him. you know, these immigration issues are an example. he has immigration issues. only he can tell us about them. and he refuses to do so. a lot of things i really don't know about him. >> what are you most concerned about? >> not seeing my kids as often. i mean, they lived with me and i saw them every day. i never spent a night away from them in my life until all of this started happening. i'm concerned for them emotionally. it's my priority. and obviously, just trying to deal with it and obviously appeal it. and understand it. why it happens. >> are you going to be able to travel to france regularly? i mean, you've got a difficult
4:35 am
job. are you going to be able to make the trip on a regular basis? >> that's what's so confusing about this 50/50 setup. i mean, i'm all for 50/50. and all for children having a mother and father and co-parenting. it's just that the way it's set up now, i do. i'm a working mother. i've been the sole support of my children their entire lives. and i have a job. so, i mean, i'm going to do my best to be there, obviously, every chance i get. but i can't just be there on a regular basis when i have to work. i mean, i can't just pick up and go. you know, that easily. >> the judge suggested in her ruling that this is almost part of a grand plan. you had sent the kids to a french school. you had taught them french. as a result, this isn't as shocking a difference for them. >> but if i thought giving them the best education possible was
4:36 am
part of a scheme to deport two u.s. citizens to a father i don't know much about, i would have thought of things differently. i was doing my best to promote the relationship with their father because he is european. and promote a european education, while being raised in the united states. you know, they're u.s. citizens. >> his side has suggested that you're responsible for him getting deported. true? >> no. i mean, i haven't done anything personally to have him deported. it doesn't benefit me in any way to have him out of the country or the children. >> what's next for you in this battle? >> now, we're obviously going to appeal it. you know, dan, i will never stop fighting for my children. they're my babbabies. and they're very young. and this is going to affect them profoundly. i want to be there to show them this isn't my fault. this isn't something i wanted. and that's my concern. >> anything you regret about the way this transpired?
4:37 am
anything you would have done differently? >> you know, i went into this very peacefully. and i was pregnant when this all started. so, i did not expect all of this. i mean, i had hoped this would be peaceful. i think it's always in the best interest of kids to have two parents who can keep their own issues aside and do what's in the best interest of their kids. these are their formative years. this is a very important time. >> kelly rutherford, thank you very much for taking the time. i think an appeals court should step in and overturn this, as i said. we shall see. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate you taking the time. now, the weather with ginger zee. >> dan, a week later. and we are still talking about isaac. now, just the remnants of isaac. it's all the way to missouri and illino illinois. i'll show you where it's going pop follow it with me. up to six inches of rain to places that really need it. you can see flash flooding. even thunderstorms are on
4:38 am
outside chance of a tornado. something to note around that low pressure system. next, i'll show you leslie. that will be the next tropical storm we're watching in the atlantic. it looks like it's going to stay over water. just touched the clouds over bermuda. finally, a look at the labor day forecast. >> this weather report brought to you by sensodyne. back to dan and bianna in the studio. coming up next on "good morning america," the hunt for that mystery lottery winner. lotto officials revealing this surveillance video, having everyone in california guessing, who is he? his identity revealed this morning. and the equally mysterious mr. grey of "fifty shades of
4:39 am
grey" fame. the husband of the best-selling author is speaking out for the first time. what does he really think of his wife's steamy novels? what does he really think of his wife's steamy novels? find out, coming up. can cause acid erosion. les the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion. and i believe it's doing a good job.
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♪ it's not about the money money, money ♪
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all of california was on the hunt for this man, the winner of the $52 million mega millions jackpot. it took this surveillance footage for him to finally come forward, more than a month after the winning. what was he waiting for? abc's john schriffen has the story. >> reporter: authorities in northern california releasing surveillance video in their desperate search for this man. not because he did anything wrong. but because he is rich. really rich. $52 million rich. and from what they could tell, he might not even have known. the video was taken at this california quick stop. it shows the mystery millionaire purchasing his golden ticket on july 27th. but after a month of searching, lottery officials still didn't have their man. and on friday, the winner. he came forward to collect his millions. and he says it's because of the surveillance video. >> i wake up my wife.
4:44 am
i said, we're wanted. >> reporter: it was ignite that was searching, after his wife lost the winning ticket. >> and then, kept throwing away. wait, check your purse. >> reporter: one man who didn't need any help coming forward, is 44-year-old donald lawson. >> my name's right here. >> reporter: on friday, michigan lottery officials announced he won the biggest prize in the state's history, $337 million. >> i look at the numbers backwards. i looked backwards and lost my breath. >> reporter: hours later, he quit his job as a railroad engineer and told his mother and close family members to retire. he's taken a lump sum payout of $225 million. >> a millionaire now.
4:45 am
>> reporter: lawson's first purchase? a pack of bubble gum. but he does plan on buying a bigger house. back in california, the ignites also plan to keep it simple. >> we're happy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> i love that reaction to his wife. we're wanted. >> exactly. coming up on "good morning america," we've been reading all about him. mr. grey. married to the "fifty shades of grey" author, he's speaking out this morning. is there a dungeon in their basement? i don't know what they're talking about with that question. all that coming up next on "gma."
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you know it's dan's first "pop news" with us here on the weekend. welcome. >> this is it, dan. >> our entertainment reporter own host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, joins us from los angeles this morning with the hottest news. hey, rachel. >> that's right. hey, guys. welcome to "pop news," dan. we begin with mr. "fifty shades of grey" who is speaking out about his wife's success. he says she never dreamed it would become a best-seller. he says most of the questions about dungeons and a red room of paint come from journalists. he reminds them the book is a fantasy. another author, j.k. rowling, is building a hogwart's
4:51 am
inspired tree house at her house. it features a slide, a spiral staircase and a secret tunnel. neighbors actually tried to block the project. and fashion's newest star has her own commercial. this behind-the-scenes video, shows the queen of the catwalk, none other than choupette. this kitty certainly lives in the lap of luxury. she has her own ipad. you heard me correctly. >> rachel, we also hear she has her own manicurist and eats at the table. that's one lucky cat. >> true. >> i didn't hear mr. grey denying it. he says journalists ask me this question. and it's fantasy. is that a denial? >> he's a lawyer. he's a lawyer. >> yeah. he's a lawyer. >> yeah. we'll be right back. , throbbing, persistent ache.
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