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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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very unusual weather, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. developing news from the east bay a wounded chp officer is on live support after a shootout with a us is on i-680 yesterday we have live team coverage. >> reporter: 37-year-old officer kenyon youngstrom worked out of this office he took off on another day on the job yesterday morning still a lot of questions about what happened during that traffic stop southbound 680 in alamo yesterday morning about 8:30. take a listen:
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>> reporter: that was radio communication between the chp dispatch and chp officer at the scene. chp says driver of a jeep shot officer youngstrom a seven year veteran of the force that suspect was in turn shot by a second chp officer. the jeep may have been pulled over for expired registration, the tags expired in june. why did youngstrom pull up in front of the jeep instead of behind the vehicle, as usual, we don't have an answer to that. perhaps we'll be getting answers from young strup's vehicle itself, according to contra costa county sheriff's department spokesman jimmy lee. >> we have some dashcam video to see what happened. >> reporter: the second
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officer on the scene may help put things together. witnesses talking to investigators one witness called 911 another saw a woman wearing medical scrubs giving aid to the officer. the shooter's name not released. the jeep is registered to a 36-year-old man his last known residence sausalito hasn't lived there for a year. from alas cat man's father tells abc7 news the sheriff's department is urging him to come back to the bay area. officers would not tell him why. he says he has not talked to his son in a year. perhaps we'll get answers from the chp and sheriff's investigators when they talk to the media today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. officer youngstrom is on life support in critical condition this morning. amy hollyfield is live at john muir medical center with more on this army veteran and
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family man. >> reporter: we are learning more about him. here is his picture, 37-year-old officer kenyon youngstrom is married, he has four kids. a neighbor of his told the san francisco chronicle that officer youngstrom he devotes his entire life to his family and his job and he does everything 110%. officer youngstrom's family, friends and fellow officers arrived at the hospital throughout the day and evening yesterday. with relatives coming from northern and southern california. >> i've been speaking with officer youngstrom's family. they've asked me to convey their thanks to their extended family and friends, the law enforcement and public safety community and the public for their support. >> reporter: chp officers say they are having a tough time dealing with youngstrom's shooting. they all seem to have a tremendous amount of respect for him, saying he's a great
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guy. they are committed to keeping someone here with him, at all times. they had someone here throughout night to make sure never alone. officers say they too appreciate the calls of concern from the public they say it means a lot to them. young strum is still in critical condition and is on life support. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the highway shootout. you can connect on our facebook page and follow us on twitter. 5:05. tonight former president clinton takes the spotlight at the democratic national convention. last night the first lady fired up the party faithful telling them this election is personal for president obama. katie marzullo joins more. >> reporter: bill clinton will be a big name tonight. there's a big name hits closer to home. california attorney general kamala harris is scheduled to
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speak at 6:00 tonight. harris rose to national fame after winning a massive settlement from the big banks for victimized california homeowners. president clinton will speak after 7:00 his support of president obama is a cue. -- this is a coup. 2/3 rate clinton favorably and half of republicans do. last night it was about the first lady. >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make, it is about the difference you make in people's lives. >> so sincere and so real and you cannot help but know that it touches everybody. >> reporter: the mayor of san antonio, texas julian castro gave the keynote address he's considered the up and comer in the party. and president obama is counting on the latino vote. president obama was propelled to prominence after he gave the keynote speech at the
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convention eight years ago. the president arrives in charlotte today. mark matthews will be reporting live from charlotte today beginning on abc7 news at 4:00, get instant updates from mark by following him on our facebook page mark is also tweeting. live convention coverage continues tonight at 7 p.m. see it here on abc7. 5:07. chevron set to issue a 30 day report with new findings on the company's fire. the refinery caught fire august 6th, leaked hydrocarbons for several weeks after that. 18,000 area residents filed health claims with chevron and another 3,000 have reportedly signed up to file legal claims. chevron faces daily fines of up to $25,000 for violating air quality standards. members of the san francisco labor council planning to announce today
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they oppose the removal of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. the ethics commission is set to release its written report september 11th. that means the board of have advisers have thirty days from that time to vote on whether they will remove him from office or let him keep his job. last month the commission found mirkarimi engaged in official misconduct for bruising his wife's arm on new year's eve. they did not make any recommendation on his future. 5:08. time for a check on the weather and a little odd weather for this time of year. >> already, thunderstorms moving through, good morning mike. strongest one in merced where doppler is picking up the best radar returns and best lightning right now as we've had one in the last minute or so. closer to home we have radar returns, san jose you can see on the eastside and southside around pearl avenue, also around ruby and heading up towards mount hamilton on
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sierra road, also santa cruz watsonville, one nice radar return there. a few sprinkles for you also. the last three hours or so you see them developing and moving northeast that means places like the santa clara valley, possibly the tri-valley even towards tracy a drip or two during the morning. more chance of thunderstorms in the forecast once we get the heating of the day going and start to destabilize this atmosphere these will fall apart towards 7:00 then regenerate by noon, 4:00 and 7:00, very isolated with maybe brief heavy rain and lightning the biggest concern because it could spark a fire or two. by 4:00 upper 80s inland, 80 around the bay, 60 at the coast. as we look the next three days, possibility exists for more thunderstorms, random, tomorrow and then drier, quieter friday, saturday, temperatures close to where they should be for this time of the year. time for traffic.
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happy wednesday! pretty light conditions out there at this hour as you might imagine live shot of 680 through walnut creek, what a difference from yesterday morning when we had a nightmare of traffic situation there. right now flowing smoothly, a little slowing towards the 24 junction through the san ramon valley southbound 680 construction through danville and alamo area, various lanes blocked for the next little bit. no significant delays past the scene. looking good through the emeryville area into berkeley and macarthur maze this is 80 westbound east shore freeway no delays. bay bridge toll remains light. earlier accident 580 west after grant line that is clear. flowing smoothly from livermore up and over the altamont pass into livermore i should say less than 15 minutes to the 680 junction at pleasanton.
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80 to the maze coming out of antioch and 580 there's your drive times. 5:10 -- 5 whrfpb 11. confirmation from apple and a victory for samsung, tech bites, next. facebook falls flat. zuckerberg takes new action to shore up shares and makes a promise as the blame game gets nasty. crackdown on a day lenders in california and what could
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apple all but confirming the new iphone 5 invitation has the number 12 with the shadow forming the number 5. apple may announce a mini ipad and new ear buds. for the first time the samsung galaxy s 3 was the top selling smartphone in the u.s. last month many members of the apple core are holding off buying the -- corp are holding off buying the new phone -- "wall street journal" says it is quick a easy to use. >> it does make it simple for to you add text to each side and an image to each side and hit done in 20 to 30 minutes i could create these very nice visually engaging slide shows. >> there should be an android
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tablet version by the end of the year. i'm rob nelson. secretary of state clinton and chinese leaders still at odds over how to end the crisis in syria and some territorial disputes close to china. clinton met with the president today the united states wants china to start backing regime of syrian president. the secretary tried to press china to peacefully resolve disputes with its smaller neighbors over energy-rich islands in the south china sea. big yak down on line lenders who offer -- big crackdown on online lenders many advertise they can get up to $1,000 into your account in as little as one hour. >> the ones that are unlicensed are offering loans in excess of the caps, with interest rates in excess of the caps. the other thing is some of them are being very
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unscrupulous in collection practices to try to get payment on those loans. >> many of these companies are operating out of state or offshore. the department of corporations warns consumers to be wary of payday lenders who charge triple digit interest rates. facebook says mark stuckerberg will not sell stock for the next 12 months. the company lobbying back shares to reassure investors. facebook stock has been a d ud since its -- public offering, yesterday new record low. drop of over 53% in over three months loss of over 50 billion dollars in the value of the company. facebook users say they see shortcomings from finances to popularity. >> they have the revenue, but
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what really does facebook have besides all that data? i'm not convinced they've figured out how to monetize that information. >> i think it is kind of losing its luster. but i doubt that you know where it -- [ inaudible ] >> "the new york times" and forbes are doing serious finger-pointing. forbes blames zuckerberg the times blames his former chief financial officer whoever is at fault it will impact the rest of valley. hailing a cab in san francisco maybe easier soon. a plan approved by the city's municipal transportation agency would put up to 200 additional taxies on the streets later this year. a study showed customers had only a 40% chance of being picked up after calling for a
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cab. the mta will begin issuing the $1900 per month operating permits within the next thirty days. >> we know cabs get busy when there's inclement weather. possibility of that today? first, moisture hanging in the air marine layer back interesting marine layer 1500 feet, a lot of moisture around 7,000 to 10,000 feet which is kicking off the thunderstorms. above that dry air very layered forecast today. radar returns from the dumbarton towards san mateo bridge heading towards livermore. these are heading up to the northeast 30, 35 miles per hour, strongest storms modesto heading from
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there a few sprinkles possible around monterey bay and south bay over the next 30 minutes or so. if you are stepping out now, 61 antioch everybody else in the 50s. today scattered thunderstorms and another chance tomorrow. then it will all move to the east and we'll have temperatures close to where they should be for the weekend without threat of wet weather. low to upper 70s south bay today with santa clara 80 to and saratoga up to 85, peninsula low to upper 70s, san mateo 74, menlo park 78, mid to upper 50s coast, 60 sunset, mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito 72, low to mid 80s north bay valleys. 70 berkeley up to 81 in fremont. east bay valleys low 90s, dublin could be 88. mid to upper 60s monterey bay mid to upper 80s inland. widespread cloud cover tonight
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warmer than this morning a lot of mid 50s to mid 60s. area of low pressure weak strong enough that it is changing our flow a very dry one to now a moist one. this new stream of moisture is coming in and bringing us the thunderstorms this morning. this initial batch is going to fall apart then redevelopment into the afternoon probably another chance tonight over the ocean and then another chance tomorrow afternoon over land. if you get caught under one of these the lightning is the biggest threat, rain light, a lot will evaporate before it reaches the ground. friday through tuesday, smooth sailing all the way through. good morning. happy wednesday. peninsula first reports of a stalled vehicle blocking lane number four at embarcadero road be forewarned. doesn't look like too much slowing past the scene. hopefully they will get it out of lanes momentarily.
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880 from 84 to 237, good drive, just over 10 minutes, 92, san mateo bridge westbound from hayward towards foster city under 15 from santa rosa to novato about 30 minute drive which is typical for this time of the morning. very light in san jose, headlights from downtown towards the cupertino area southbound pardon me northbound 280 and 17 coming out of santa cruz mountains moving at the limit no delays to the summit bay bridge toll looking good, very light, so far, so good, no metering lights incline section moving smoothly through ti into san francisco. 5:21. in spain, bullfights are about to return to live tv after six years. spain's socialist government banned the televised bullfights in 2006 based on cost and opposition from animal rights activists.
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the new conservative government has lived that ban the new prime minister is a bullfighting fan. the first live televised bullfight in six years takes place tonight you grew up on e.t. but your kids have no idea what phone home means. you will now have an opportunity to connect. the extra terrorist shall is returning to thee -- the extraterrestrial is returning to theaters. it will include an interview with drew barrymore. tickets go on sale this friday we have a link to bay area theaters go to us click on see it on tv. >> you know what my initials are? how many times do you think i've been asked phone home? >> enough. you are not missing -- >> billions. the a's do a back slide and giants come close, sports is next. nfl gets down to business
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but there will be one thing missing.
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. good morning. live look at san francisco this morning with some cloudy skies mike was saying that there's even spots where we may see thunderstorms that's right i said the "t" word in september. he'll tell you more coming up. nfl season opens tonight with dallas taking on the giants, a lot of new faces on the field won't be playing, they will be refereeing. lockout continues for the regular referees since no
5:26 am
agreement has been changed -- has been reached. both sides met last week but didn't come to a deal tone the three-month-old lockout. replacement officials will officiate the first week of the season starting tonight. it is yoga day at at&t park where fans can stretch on the field from 8:00 to 9:15 amount. tonight giants take on diamondbacks. giants came from behind sandoval singles to opposite field in the 7th, scoring pagan to the -- to tie the game at 6. in the 11th, triple to center, d-backs go on to a 7-6 win excuse me 8-6 win. in oakland the a's hope to avoid a sweep when they close out their series this afternoon. a's drop back into a tie for the wild card race.
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5:26. a lot more news still ahead. highway patrol officer shot during a traffic stop if the east bay. we are live outside the hospital where he's fighting for his life it. latest on his condition and unanswered questions about what happened. >> >> special encouragement volunteers get today as they resume a search for clues -- extra reinforcement on the balance lines of two fires. here's a look at some of the fog going to hang along the coast today keeping temperatures in the 50s to near 60s. high clouds and sun a lot of areas 70s bay 80s and 90s inland 90s east bay valleys 80s and 90s most of the country fall--- new flight arrival delays into detroit, o'hare flight departure delays
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out of charlotte.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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>> chance of scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon upper 50s to low 60s coast 70 to 80 bay, 80 to 90 inland. 5:31 on this wednesday morning. we are learning more about the officer involved in a shooting on i-680. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. that shooting left a suspect dead and a chp officer in
5:32 am
critical. the investigation snarled traffic all day in alamo. highway patrol officials identified the officer as 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom, a seven year veteran and father of four. the shooting started as a traffic stop possibly for an expired registration. youngstrom walked up to the jeep and officials say the driver shot him. another chp officer shot and killed the suspect. officers have held vigil all night in walnut week where the wounded officer is on life support after being wounded in that shootout that closed 680 for several hours yesterday. our live team coverage begins with amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. officers were committed to making sure that kenyon youngstrom was not alone overnight making sure someone was at his bedside at all times. we are learning more about the officer, youngstrom is 37-years-old, he's married, has four kids.
5:33 am
he lives in fairfield, and has worked for the chp for seven years before that he was an army reservist. his friends and family members arrived here at the hospital throughout the day and the night yesterday arriving from northern and southern california they asked for privacy but did want to get a message out and thank everyone. chp officers having a hard time with this they all seem to have a tremendous amount of respect for officer youngstrom. >> great individual. super individual. a man of faith and support, encouragement to those around him and his family members of the just hearing the stories that i did tonight it goes along with just the kind of guy i know. >> reporter: the shooting has impacted all of the bay area the community members are very concerned and have been calling chp offices and
5:34 am
officers say that means a lot to them. our reporters have had people coming up to them and asking them how the reporter is doing -- excuse me, vigil planned for him for tonight in cordelia at a park at 700 oak brook drive scheduled for 7:30 tonight. the officer right now is on life support at john muir medical in walnut creek. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. authorities are not releasing the identity of the gunman. we know the vehicle the officer stopped on 680 yesterday is registered to a 36-year-old man whose last known residence is at a sausalito duplex. the current tenant says the man moved out last year. two investigators questioned her about the former tenant. we talked by phone to the man's father who is living in alaska. he told us the contra costa county sheriff's department
5:35 am
contacted him half night, suggesting he and his wife fly to the bay area to heat with them. the father tells us his son has a masters in computer science from san francisco state and has been a software developer for several companies. they have not heard from him in more than a year. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage. always connect to our facebook page and follow us on twitter. this morning vallejo police will hold a news conference to address latest fatal shooting involving officers in that city. friends and family of 23-year-old mario romero hand delivered a letter the mayor yesterday demanding an inup investigation itch police claim he pulled a gun when they approached him sunday morning. officers fired 30 times. romero was carrying a pellet gun. take a look at the cop parson pellet gun on the left. baretta on the right. congresswoman expected to
5:36 am
visit the sierra lamar search center in morgan hill hill this morning. community members are holding a candlelight vigil for her at city hall 7:00 tonight she was last seen in march. antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may and charged with her murder after dna was found in his car still no sign of sierra. this morning more firefighters are being called to help battle two blazes in a remote area north of sacramento fires broke out late yesterday off highway 16. so far the fires have burned 1200 acres of forest land. the area is difficult for crews to get to on foot. they've been relying on air drop to fight the flames no homes are threatened now. 5:36. former president clinton will take center stage tonight last night it was a two-pronged
5:37 am
approach with up and coming democrat there is to attack mitt romney and the first lady to champion her husband. good morning brandy. >> reporter: good morning. yes michelle obama was definitely the star of opening night here at the democratic national convention. she revealed personal details about president obama as only she could. being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> reporter: in' al speech the first lady reminded voters her husband still stands behind working families with every tough decision he makes as president. >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make. it is about the difference you make in people's lives. >> reporter: president obama and their daughters watched the speech from the white house while others at the democratic national
5:38 am
convention went on the attack. >> mitt romney talks about all the things he fixed. i can tell you, massachusetts was not one of them. >> working families have paid the price for mitt romney's success. >> reporter: a new face hit the national stage. san antonio mayor julian castro the first latino to deliver a keynote address. >> my mother fought hard for civil rights so instead of a mop, i could hold this microphone. >> reporter: the president is counting on turnout from latino voters and women in november. new poll shows more women disapprove of the president than approve. down 11 points since april. that's where the first lady comes in. >> come together and stand together for the man we can trust. >> reporter: president obama arrives in charlotte this afternoon. tonight former president clinton will be taking the stage. experts believe he's the most
5:39 am
effective salesman for the democratic party. our time is 5:39. >> pretty unusual weather this morning. thunderstorms in the region, not what you might expect in time of year. >> is it january already mike? >> seems like it when you look at the radar, live doppler tracking thunderstorm move you through santa cruz on highway 9. lightning possible out of the storm as it drops two bolts within the last five minutes. also, maybe light rain. biggest storm is still overmerced towards sonora up into the sierra. move to north 35 miles per hour northeast more developing offshore anywhere along the coast you may get a
5:40 am
little sprinkle during the morning. i think more than the offing -- more in the offing during the afternoon this round will slowly taper towards 7:00 to 9:00 sunshine starts to irritate the atmosphere, destabilize it and create more thunderstorms during the afternoon into the evening. very random, going to have lightning means possibility of a fire or two and the rain will be light as the air is not all that moist at the lower levels of the atmosphere most of this moisture is mid levels. within more chance of thunderstorms scattered again -- one more chance of thunderstorms scattered again tomorrow. seasonal temperatures friday and saturday. happy wednesday. a look at incidents that might be in the clearing stages on the peninsula as a matter of fact chp just cleared that stall north 101 out of lanes on embarcadero road. drive times now 101 if you are traveling up the peninsula, to
5:41 am
highway 90 two highway 4, still a grind starting out of antioch picks up from hillcrest towards 242. highway 24 to the caldecott tunnel looking good. live look at san rafael southbound past the civic center flowing smoothly no problem into central san rafael to the golden gate bridge where fog-free. wanted to look at our waze app, free app for to you download, earlier accident on 205 in the tracy area you can see very slow towards west of grant line and if you would like to download this you can check out the free app and join our traffic spotters at still ahead, major improvement for bay area firefighter injure in the line of duty. reaching a deal. the settlement between uc davis and students who were pepper sprayed during a protest. we have the golden gate bridge but a southern california town will have a space shuttle as a tourist
5:42 am
attraction. the community split over the cost of hundreds of trees being removed. we'll have more.
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good morning. uc davis and students who were pepper sprayed have reached -- [ inaudible ] >> work use in los angeles have been angering residents by chopping down hundreds of trees to make way for the space shuttle. four hundred mature ficus, pine and other trees that line the streets of l.a. are being removed so the enormous shuttle can be moved from the airport through inglewood to the california science center. endeavour will headache that trip next month the science center says it will plant 800 trees to make up for the loss. some residents say no amount of saplings can make up for the shade and beauty of the lost mature trees.
5:46 am
victory for american airlines. warning about three wanted women. how police say they are ripping off innocent victims. a shrub named after san francisco gets help from the federal government. silent heart attacks. millions of people get them and don't know it. what you need to know if you have had one and how to prevent it again.
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welcome back. chance of scattered thunderstorms today 80s, 90s inland, 70s, 80s bay, 50s to 60s around san francisco bulk of the wet weather in southern california we have a few thunderstorm moving into the sierra from santa cruz towards san jose now get ready for a little wet weather there. in the around bulk of the thunderstorms in the high country from tahoe, yosemite towards the grapevine. mid to upper 90s central valley. near 80 tahoe and big sur, san diego, 103 palm springs. 5:49. this morning a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack battling a church fire is showing significant signs of improvement. a special person says frank
5:50 am
ryan is awake and talking. he's still listed in critical in the intensive care unit. word of his improving condition is the news a lot of people have been waiting for. many of his co-workers have been by his side since he collapsed last thursday. they are vowing to stay with hill and his family, until he recovers. police in chinatown warning about a trio of women targeting residents. a woman in pink enters the video she is the mark. earlier the suspects convinced her she stepped on some blood and needed to get rid of evil spirits by having her money and jewelry blessed. the woman went home got her values -- her valuables and returned to the suspects they switched bags and returned an empty one they told her not to look in the bag for thirty days. demolition of a sanctuary
5:51 am
for hungry and homeless underway. crews are tearing down st. anthony's dining room. it opened in 1959 and now serves 3,000 meals a day. for now those meals are being served in a temporary soup kitchen across the street. the dining room is scheduled to reopen in 2014 in a 53 million dollar complex that also include seven stores, affordable housing. san francisco's namesake shrub is under federal protection. it was thought to be extinct until one plant was found three years ago during the doyle drive renovation project currently on the grounds of the presidio. fish and wildlife has listed the plant as an endangered species. two space walking astronauts tried for hours but had to give up a repair project. the astronauts were trying to
5:52 am
install new power switch outside the space. you are looking at live pictures of the space walk going on now at international space station. the the two astronauts did their eva to try to install the power unit and the bolts got stuck. they tried everything, different tools for hours -- they gave up, nasa told them to call it quits and leave it for a future crew maybe they could use one of those boosters and send them a can of wd-40 if it sticks or squeaks. >> it works for everything. this morning we check in with mike he has unusual weather. this morning you see the multi-layer of clouds as we look from mount tamalpais this morning low clouds going to cause issues at sfo i believe we'll have flight arrival delays even mist in the air, mid and upper level clouds are
5:53 am
dropping a little rain, very light rain moving through the santa cruz mountains now as you can see blues and greens. this was a thunderstorm 15, 20 minutes ago as it moved ashore around santa cruz and now moving to the northeast campbell and los gatos a few sprinkles for you even towards hellier and camden avenue maybe a few sprinkles as this as sends into the south bay it will probably -- as this ascends into the south bay it will probably fall apart. there's a few more blips off the santa cruz coast, for the most part, strongest storms remain in the sierra and down south through the morning. 50s everywhere now. into the afternoon hours not only a scattered chance of a storm today, another chance tomorrow it will all move away and the weekend will be close to normal for this time of the
5:54 am
year of the low to upper 70s south bay, saratoga 85°. low to upper 70s millbrae 70 palo alto 79 this afternoon. upper 50s to near 60 coast, sunset at 60, downtown south san francisco mid to upper 60s today, 72 sausalito low to mid 80s north bay valleys near six -- near 60 pwaeps. quite a spread along the east bay shore. we'll be in the upper 60s mid to upper 60s monterey bay mid to upper 80s inland tonight cloud cover hanging around will keep temperatures up in the mid 50s to mid 60s we have an upper level low off the coast bringing such dry air in the upper parts of the atmosphere now starting to get tropical moisture as it does chance of scattered showers moving across most of our neighborhoods during the afternoon and evening redevelop tonight over the ocean, repeat of this morning
5:55 am
tomorrow morning then by tomorrow afternoon another redevelopment of scattered storms over land during the afternoon and evening pushes off, friday through tuesday dry with temperatures close to where they should be. have a great day here's sue. good morning. happy wednesday. compute off to a good start live shot in san jose, 280 northbound first reports of an accident 280 northbound to southbound 17 off-ramp not affecting your 280 commute as you can see traffic flowing smoothly. elsewhere, live to walnut creek southbound 680 taillights towards 24, you're in company no significant slow downs nothing like we had yesterday on through the san ramon valley traffic flowing smoothly to the dublin-pleasanton area. 80 westbound a little crowded past golden gate fields into the macarthur maze no delays at the bay bridge so far
5:56 am
metering lights off. we did an earlier problem with late roadwork picking up eastbound highway 4 westbound slow through antioch past that looks good into concord. our time is 5:56. you've been waiting for it, apple sets the date and american airlines pilots dell with a contract blow. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. victory for bankrupt american airlines in its effort to cut cost at the expense of employees, winning court approval to throw out labor agreement with pilots, pilots say the cuts go deeper than necessary. if you are thinking about buying a car you might try a honda discounts and incentives more than 8% last month
5:57 am
overall average 5% toyota cutting back on discounts the most. apple sending out invitations to a settlement 12th prod event in san francisco. -- . [ unintelligible ] at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. news about silent heart attacks, those are the ones without chest pains. according to a new study researchers found 17% of seniors over 68 have had a silent heart attack, having one means you are 10 times more likely to have a heart emin the future, symptoms may be nausea, and unexplained fatigue. experts say always tell your doctor about these symptoms. 5 and 57. next, new information -- 5:47.
5:58 am
next, new information about the highway patrol officer shot during a traffic stop. the progress report chevron is set to give on the devastating richmond refinery fire.
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