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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we saw grey skies maybe thunderstorms not a word we are used to using this time of year. >> no, it is not but there's tropical moisture in the air. good morning. we had a thunderstorm just roll through santa cruz and santa cruz mountains now it is trying to ascend into the south bay and santa clara valley where it is falling apart now. it going to move up to the northeast which could push it across milpitas, possibly sunol towards pleasanton and livermore if it holds, most
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likely it is going to fall apart soon. partly sunny at the coast today. bay and inland a chance of isolated thunderstorms temperatures from 70 to 80 around the bay, 80 to 90 inland. wanted to show you the waze app tracy very, very slow westbound 205 we had an earlier accident you can see at a standstill here very heavy towards 580. look at the bay bridge toll, starting to bunch up behind the metering lights traffic a little heavy into san francisco. developing news from the east bay where a chp officer on life support this morning after a shootout with a suspect that crippled traffic on i-680 yesterday. we begin our team coverage with terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: this is the office that 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom worked out of. still a lot of questions about what happened, southbound 680
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in alamo yesterday morning about 8:30. take a listen: >> reporter: that was a conversation between chp dispap and officer at the scene. chp says the driver of a jeep wrangler shot officer youngstrom, a seven year veteran and in turn was shot by a second officer on the scene. the jeep we don't know why it was pull over, may have been pulled over for expired registration, the tags expired in june we are not sure about that. we don't know why youngstrom pulled up in front of the jeep instead of behind the jeep as usual, don't have an answer to that. perhaps we'll get answers from youngstrom's vehicle. . >> we have some dashcam video
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are going to analyze to see what happened. -- >> reporter: considering the chp car was in front of the suspect's vehicle it is leer how much information we'll be gotten from that dashboard cam. the second officer may help put the picture together. also, witnesses are talking to investigators, one witness called 911 another reported seeing a woman wearing scrubs i going aid to officer youngstrom. maybe more information -- giving aid to officer youngstrom. maybe more information from highway patrol, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> the officer is on life support this morning. amy hollyfield is live at john muir medical center with more. >> reporter: we are learning more about officer youngstrom he's a 37-year-old father of four he's married, he lives in fairfield. a neighbor of his told the san francisco chronicle that officer youngstrom devotes his
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entire life to family and his job and he does everything one 110%. officer youngstrom's family, friends and fellow officers arrived here at the hospital throughout the day and the evening yesterday with relatives coming in from northern and southern california. >> i have been speaking with officer youngstrom's family. they've asked me to convey their thanks to their extended family and friends, the law enforcement and public state community and the public for their support. >> reporter: chp officers have been having a tough time dealing with youngstrom's shooting. they all seem to have a tremendous amount of respect for him, saying he's a great guy. officers have been committed to keeping someone here throughout the night to make sure that youngstrom is never alone. they all too say they appreciate all the concerns they are receiving from the public all of the care all of the worry they say it means a lot to them when people are
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reaching out to them youngstrom is in critical he's on life support, he's community is working on planning a vigil for him tonight in cordelia at a park at 700 oak brook drive, 7:30 tonight. amy hollyfield, abc7 news i am >> i'm sure a lot of people will show up. authorities are not releasing the identity of the again man. we now know the vehicle the -- identity of the gunman. we know the vehicle is registered to a 36-year-old man last known residence at a sausalito duplex. the current resident said two police officers questioned her about the former tenant. the man's father living in alaska told us he was contacted last night suggesting he and his wife fly to the bay area and meet with them. the father tells us his son has a masters in computer science and has been a software developer for several
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companies they've not heard from him in more than a year. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the highway shootout you can connect on our facebook page and follow us on twitter. members of the san francisco labor count sill are planning to announce today they -- council are planning to announce today they oppose the removal of sheriff ross mirkarimi ethics commission expected to release report on the case september 11th. that mean the board of supervisors has thirty days from that time to vote on whether they will remove him or let him keep his job. last month the commission found mirkarimi engaged in official misconduct. they did not make any recommendation on his future. politics now. president clinton and rising star out of california will take the stage in charlotte, tonight at the democratic national convention. california attorney general kamala harris is scheduled to speak around 6:00 our time
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tonight credited with creating a homeowners' bill of rights. then president clinton will make his remarks around 7:00. last night the first lady stole the show giving an emotional speech about her husband's character and his desire to help american families. live coverage continues from charlotte tonight at 7:00, here on abc7 reminder, you can get instand updates from mark matthews in charlotte by following him on our facebook page mark is also tweeting. some aspects of today's forecast will remind you of the winter. >> i know, very strange. we have a thunderstorm or a previous thunderstorm live doppler captured three lightning of the storm as it moved through suz uzi now moving up -- santa cruz now moving up summit avenue.
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very light rain out of this storm system, a few drops probably falling in those areas around those particular cities this is all moving northeast watch out milpitas, sunol, you could get a little wet weather also, scott boulevard, lorenz expressway, miller avenue, prospect road those areas could get wet this is about it other than more developing off the coast those will probably fall apart in the santa cruz mountains, unlikely we'll see more thunderstorm activity over the next couple of hours as it will stabilize the atmosphere then the sun will come out and destabilize the atmosphere and more storms develop mainly over land into the afternoon, 60 at the bay by 4:00, 80 excuse excuse me 60 at the coast, 90 inland. one more chance of thunderstorms thursday, friday, saturday, quieter temperatures close to average. grind coming out of tracy 205 westbound earlier accident
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has traffic very slow. over and towards the altamont pass it does pick up a little still under the speed limit into livermore slow traffic there drive time altamont pass to 680 is about 20 minutes. hay in lanes 80 westbound near highway 12 drivers swerving to avoid that. hopefully they will clean that out shortly. live look at san jose 280 towards cupertino accident reported off the shoulder there at highway 17. 6:10. >> new report expected from chevron thirty days after the refinery fire what we could learn later today. hailing a cab in san francisco is being -- is becoming easier. growing trend in the restaurant industry. would you pay extra to eat at
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good morning. chevron to issue a report today with al findings on the refinery fire. the refinery caught fire on august 6th and leaked hydrocarbons after that. chevron faces daily fines up to $25,000 for violating
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air quality standards. you already know some toll roads charge higher fees at peak times. now restaurants are following suit. "the new york times" reports that some fine dining establishments on the east coast are charging a premium for eating on saturday nights and other busy times. high-tech is playing a lowell. you can book on a site called but they only give you discounts at off peak times. hailing a cab in san francisco may be a little easier. a plan approved by the municipal transportation agency will put up to 200 additional taxies on the streets later this year. a study shows potential customers had only a 40% chance of being picked up after calling for a cab.
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i would book the 5 p.m. reservation and save that 15%, right? >> yes you would >> 4:00 you would save more. >> on our shift, 4:00 is dinner. >> it is actually. saving up for a rainy day, any rain today? seeing eight right now. multi-layers of clouds from vollmer peak towards mount diablo. storm track on that storm that was a thunderstorm when it moved through santa cruz 30 minutes ago doppler captured three bolts right now heading towards fremont should be there by 6:23 up towards pleasanton 6:37 and livermore at about :40. watch out through sunol, you will have a chance of this bringing you wet weather. send photos if you have any.
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september a little unusual for time of the year. rest of the bay quiet. we will have a chance as we head into the afternoon of seeing some of these thunderstorms redevelop, especially over land. right now the strongest part of the storm between los gatos, campbell on blossom hill road. moving up to the northeast at 35 to 40 miles per hour. right now in the 50s by the afternoon and again tomorrow a chance of thunderstorms very scattered weekend drier with temperatures close to where they should be this time of year. low to upper 80s south bay campbell 84° peninsula low to upper 70s redwood city 78. upper 50 to near 60 coast. through the north bay valleys low to mid 80s beaches 60° east bay shore, from 70 berkeley, 81 fremont inland low to mid 90s here and mid to upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy,
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hollister mid 60s to 70 monterey bay. tonight cloud cover moisture keeping news the mid 50s to mid 60s. we have an upper level low developing to our west had been bringing us a very dry pattern now we have moisture starting to move in and because of that moisture, we are going to see scattered thunderstorms develop. the best chance during the morning is over the ocean i think that will dry up and during the afternoon we'll start to see more storms over land those will fade overnight with more storms developing over the ocean and then again tomorrow we'll repeat with more storms developing over land. after tomorrow temperatures close to average dry friday through tuesday. have a great day. chp going to do a traffic break highway 80 near highway 12 because of hay in the lanes. drivers will be slowing there. accident first reported northbound 17 santa cruz at
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laurel so far doesn't show significant slowing we'll keep our eye on that. san mateo bridge westbound towards the highrise traffic getting a little bunched up, a little below the speed limit towards foster city. bay bridge obviously metering lights on, traffic backed past the west grand overcrossing heading into san francisco. 6:19. i'm going to close my eyes quick check of the baseball scores coming up. forget the chicken crossing the road. how about a family of ducks. video good morning! wow.
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the first of yoga day at at&t park in morning where fans can take part in a stretching session on the field from 8:00 to 9:15 a.m.. tonight giants take on diamondbacks after playing into extra innings last night giants came from behind sandoval singles to the opposite field 7th, scoring pagan to tie the game in the 11th diamondback triples to center hill scores d back as head -6 end up winning 8-6. in oakland a's close out their series with the angels this afternoon. they lost second straight to l.a. last night 6-1 final a's drop back into a tie in the wild card race.
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it wasn't a chicken that crossed the road to get to the other side but a family of ducks this is video from a tv news helicopter in toronto over a busy interstate. a trail of young ducklings following mom dodging speeding cars and big rigs for fans of that 19 80s game frogger this may look familiar. mother and all her babies crossed to the other side apparently unscathed. maybe a little scared, but not hurt. >> lucky ducks. >> still ahead, the latest on the chp officer fighting for his life after yesterday's shootout on i-680 what we are learning about the seven year veteran. >> the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. why a south bay congresswoman is joining the effort this morning. new information expected today on a deadly officer-involved shooting in vallejo. thunderstorms possible around the bay today 50s along the coast, 70s to near 80 bay,
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80s to 90s inland, 90s mainly east bay, 80s, 90s across most of the country fall starting to break up out. we have flight arrival delays in detroit chicago o'hare midway and back here at home midway and back here at home in[k
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning welcome back to the abc7 morning news. you are looking at a live picture of the nasdaq exchange in new york this morning silicon valley tech company is ringing the opening bell there. the company is headquartered in san jose they are celebrating its inclusion in the nasdaq 100 a benchmark index if you will. joining this index is a positive sign. we'll have the latest business news from the new york stock exchange all coming up in 15 minutes. good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first up a look at the weather. let's see the indexes mike is working with. we are talking about rain
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now fremont, milpitas into san jose alum rock that whole area best radar returns now of what was once a thunderstorm in santa cruz live doppler you can see the lightning as it moves through there. this is going to move through the sunol grade, livermore, pleasanton, antioch, brentwood and oakley fit holds together. -- if it holds together. mostly cloudy during the afternoon, 50s to 60s, as you move through the bay, temperatures are going to run in the 68 to 78 range with isolated thunderstorm, 80 near 90 inland with chance of isolated thunderstorms. good morning. santa cruz mountains now northbound 17 accident at laurel blocking a lane. drive times from the altamont pass towards 680 in dublin over 20 minutes. hillcrest to 242 is a good drive out of antioch highway 4 westbound slow.
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24 to the caldecott tunnel, 10 minute drive. live look at the bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backed up beyond the overcrossing. we are learning more about an officer-involved shooting on i-680 that left a suspect dead and a chp officer in critical condition. sky 7 hd was over the shooting scene yesterday the investigation snarled traffic all day in alamo and sunning cities. highway patrol officials identify the officer as 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom. they say the shooting started as a traffic stop possibly for expired registration. youngstrom walked up to the jeep and officials say the driver just shot him. another chp officer shot and killed the suspect. >> officer young strum remains on life support this morning. amy hollyfield -- with the latest. >> reporter: i just spoke with one of his colleagues who described kenyon youngstrom as
6:32 am
a well respected family man with his feet firmly planted on the ground. youngstrom is a father of four, 37-years-old, married, he lives in fairfield. he's been with the chp for seven years before that he was an army reservist. a neighbor told the chronicle that youngstrom gives everything in life 110%. his family, friends and fellow officers have been arriving here at the hospital throughout the day and evening yesterday they kept vigil at his bedside all night long. relatives have been coming from northern and southern california. >> great individual, super individual, a man of faith and support encouragement to those around him and his family members. just hearing the stories that i did tonight goes along with the kind of guy that i know. >> reporter: sources in the chp tells me of a possibility of why officer youngstrom
6:33 am
pulled that jeep over. there's been a lot of speculation about why his patrol car was parked in front of that jeep, not behind it like you usually see patrol cars. they are looking into the possibility that jeep was being driven erratically and youngstrom was trying to force him off the road to protect all of the other motorists yesterday morning. they are still trying to figure out why the man shot youngstrom, officers say it appears for no reason. they are having a tough time processing that. there's a vigil planned for the officer and his family tonight in cordelia, at a park at 700 oak brook drive scheduled for 7:30 tonight. this morning officer youngstrom is in critical condition on life support. officers are trying to prepare for the worst although they don't know there is any way to prepare for that. lots of grief and distraught officers here in walnut creek. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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authorities are not releasing the i denny of the gunman. we -- releasing the identity of the gunman. the vehicle stopped is registered to a 36-year-old man who lived in sausalito the current tenant says he moved out last year. we talked by phone to the man's father living in alaska. he told us the sheriff's department contacted him last night suggesting he and his wife fly to the bay area and meet with them. the father tells us his son has a masters in computer science from san francisco state and has been a software developer for several companies but they've not heard from him in more than a year. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the highway shootout connect to our facebook page and follow us on twitter. 6:34. this morning a san jose firefighter who suffered a
6:35 am
heart attack while battling a church fire is showing signs of improvement. frank ryan is awake and talking to family and friends. ryan is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit. word of his improving condition is the news a lot of people have been waiting for. many of his co-workers have been by his side since he collapsed last thursday. they are vowing to stay with him and his family until he recovers. tonight former president boynton takes the spotlight at the democratic national convention. last night the first lady fired up the party telling them this election is personal for president obama. katie marzullo join us live with more. >> reporter: michelle obama was certainly a crowd pleaser tonight's line-up is expected to get rave reviews from democrats. attorney general kamala harris is scheduled to speak at 6:00, harris rose to national fame after winning a massive
6:36 am
settlement from the big banks. president clinton will speak sometime after 7:00. democrats are eager to portray the president, president obama's economic policies as mirroring those of clinton who presided during a time of prosperity. clinton has been actively campaigning for the president. last night it was all about the first lady she talked of her husband's character and charmed the audience. >> come together and stand together for the man we can trust! >> she did everything that i thought she was going to do and we are all fired up and ready to go, great speech. >> reporter: the mayor of san antonio, texas julian castro gave the keynote address he's the first latino to give that high profile speech considered an up and comer in the democratic party. remember, president obama was propelled to prominence after he gave the keynote speech at the convention, eight years ago. president obama arrives in
6:37 am
charlotte this afternoon. mark matthews will be live from charlotte today beginning at 4 p.m. get instant updates from mark by following him on our facebook page mark is also treating. live convention coverage continues tonight at 7 p.m. you can see it right here on abc7. this morning vallejo police will hold a news conference to address the latest fatal shooting involving police officers in that city. friends and family of 23-year-old mario romero delivered a letter to the mayor yesterday demanding an independent investigation. police claim romero pulled a gun when they approached him sunday morning officers fired 30 times, he was carrying a pellet gun. that pellet gun on the left a real baretta on the right see the similarity there is. congresswoman expected to
6:38 am
visit the sierra lamar search center this morning volunteers hope the visit will keep the missing 15-year-old in the public's mine. candlelight vigil for her -- 7:00 tonight she was last seen in march. antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may and charged with her murder after dna was found in his car. still no sign of sierra. you posed an interesting tweet, where are the roads wet right now? >> you saw that. that was directed at you. thunder and lightning, oh my what is going on? looks like a few thunderstorms, at least dying ones this was a thunderstorm when it moved through santa cruz an hour ago, three lightning bolts owl of it right now flew fremont through sunol towards livermore in 10 minutes and pleasanton in about 12 minutes is just the beginning of scattered to highly isolated thunderstorms that are possible you can see
6:39 am
the best chance now wet weather around milpitas into san jose heading towards alum rock. as far as what is going on, that could head up into livermore and bring a little to the wine country there much needed shrink s that's all we are getting just sprinkles, radar -- returns are light blue and green, lightening bolts through santa cruz best chance of more scattered storms across the east. today 50s along the coast, 66 in san francisco low 70s to near 80 bay mid 80s to low 90s. we have a chance of an isolated thunderstorm during the afternoon hours and again around the monterey bay same with mid 60s, 70 for the bay inland mid to upper 80s. within more chance of isolated thunderstorm tomorrow then the system moves east for the weekend temperatures close to average with a little cloud cover and sunshine during the
6:40 am
afternoon. good morning. commute starting to pick up as we reach 6:40, traffic bunching up southbound 101 through marin from novato towards the civic center into san rafael moving but starting to find yourself in company. 80 berkeley, 80 westbound through berkeley on into the macarthur maze crowded here as well speeds about 45 to 50 miles an hour. santa cruz mountain chp reporting accident southbound at laurel blocking lane there is. problem westbound richmond-san rafael bridge stall blocking left lane more towards the marin side of the bridge blocking that left lane only two lanes that direction traffic a little slow across the richmond-san rafael bridge. 237 eastbound at zanker accident lane two there. 6:40 now.
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trading is underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange. straight ahead -- dow is flat -- first, making space for endeavour plans to move the shuttle through l.a. has riled some residents. flying in coach could become a tighter squeeze what one airline is planning to do to pack in more passengers. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! we got a lotta empty cans.
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so fun. temperature upper 50s half moon bay 66 san francisco low to upper 70s bay 80s and 90s inland best chance of thunderstorms down to the south we have a few radar returns off the coast in san francisco expect isolated storms during the afternoon. mid to upper 90s central valley. tahoe 79 yosemite 91 thunderstorms down to the grapevine hottest in palm springs 103. 6:45. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." coming up first lady kicking things off last night at the national convention.
6:46 am
two days will bepv critical for president obama. this morning we talk to rahm emanuel the president's former chief of staff next right here on "good morning america." minutes. this story right now, tsa agents are testing drinks purchased beyond airport security checkpoints for possible explosives the agency is testing beverages purchased after they've cleared the checkpoints that is new. this video was uploaded by a pang to youtube. it shows two tsa agents asking people randomly to allow a swab test of their drink. these beverages were purchased in the terminal and in the process of being consumed. no word on what triggered these inspections. if you thought flying in coach couldn't get more cramped you are in for a tighter squeeze. united has announced plans to
6:47 am
install slimmer seats on airbus planes to fit more passengers 152 planes will be rest free fitted with the new seats to enable united to install additional row on each plane. facebook shares getting a boost from mark zuckerberg. starbucks offering an enticing deal this morning. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more on these stories. good morning. if you are leery about holding on to your facebook shares mark zuckerberg holding on to his he won't start selling his holdings of facebook for at least a year he has yet to adopt a share sale plan insiders use their plans to avoid -- flooding the market zuckerberg owns more than 440 million shares. all time closing low yesterday. markets lower quiet start to
6:48 am
things switched around a bit news from u.s. is bad, there's good news from europe, fedex is projecting first quarterly decline since 2009. they ship so many different items to so many different parts of the world there is growing speculation that in europe leaders will do something concrete to alleviate the debt crisis. bloomberg index is down about a quarter of a percent. livingsocial has a daily deal, starbucks offer $5 get $10 worth of gift cards. the pumpkin spiced latte is back. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. 6:48. hey, santa cruz mike that is where the action has been. >> yep and down into the south
6:49 am
bay now. thunderstorm rolling through santa cruz and now it is up in the south bay and heading through the diablo range into live more and pleasanton clouds from mount tamalpais doppler -- 84 into livermore, light rain there a few drops. back to the south sunnyvale, cupertino, los gatos and campbell about to get another ron of light drops. over the last couple of hours best storms to our east around merced towards sonora, a few more thunderstorms will come to the coast within the next hour. right now 50s when you step out, i think we not only have a chance of scattered storms today but another chance tomorrow weekend dry with temperatures close to where they should be for september. today low to upper 70s, 80s south bay, 83 san jose low to upper 70s peninsula, upper 50s
6:50 am
coast near 60 and you set mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco north bay low to mid 80s valleys upper 50s beaches from 70 berkeley to 81 fremont, 11° spread north to south across the east bay shore upper 80s to low 90s east bay valleys. mid 60s to 70 for the monterey bay. tonight temperatures mid 50s to mid 60s more humidity in the air tomorrow. you can see as we head through the afternoon, another round of thunderstorms develop with the heating of the day some will linger into the overnight hours and tomorrow we'll have one more chance of some of those scattered thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon hours by tomorrow night the system has moved on as we need friday, drier weather on the way temperatures close to average for the next few days watch out for thunderstorms light rain but the lightning always means the possibility of fires could start be on
6:51 am
lookout for that. bay bridge live you can see the metering lights on, traffic backed beyond the west grand overcrossing shrubbish incline section into san francisco on upper deck. heavy out of san jose 280 northbound towards cupertino, in some company. live shot of san rafael getting slow past the civic center as is typical this time of morning out of novato a bit bumper-to-bumper into central san rafael. streets may be wet here mike was talking about rain towards santa cruz a little bit ago 17 southbound at laurel accident blocking left lane fire crews on the scene westbound richmond san rafael bridge stall left lane slowing traffic towards the marin side eastbound 237 at stkafrper accident still blocking lane number two -- at zanker accident still blocking lane number two. police in chinatown warning you about a trio of women targeting residents. a woman in pink enters the video, she is the mark earlier
6:52 am
the suspects had convinced her she stepped on blood and needed to get rid of evil spirits by having her money and jewelry blessed. the woman went home, got her valuables and returned to the suspects, they switched bags on her, leaving her with an empty one. suspects told the woman not to look into the bag for thirty days. police believe they've targeted other people and hoping they come for. students pepper sprayed by campus police have reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit. it happened last november on campus protesters claim their free speech rights were violated when they were pepper sprayed after they refused to disperse. details of the settlement won't be released until the terms are agreed upon. san francisco supervisors have refused to overturn their vote approaching a 134 unit condominium project the issue will go to voters on next
6:53 am
year's ballot. the project is located in the waterfront area at washington street north of the ferry building. supervisors approached -- approved it in june with provision to increase the height limit. opponents gathered more than 30,000 signatures to qualify the referendum to overturn the height limit. the project will remain on hold until after the november 2013 election. southern california getting a street in a space shuttle on exit but they are angered at the chopping down of hundreds of trees to make way for it. the trees are being removed so the enormous space shuttle can be moved from the l.a. airport through inglewood to the california science center. endeavour will make the trip next month. the science center says it will plant 800 trees to make up for the loss. some residents say no amount of sap lidges can make up for
6:54 am
the shade and beauty of the lost mature trees. two space walking astronauts tried for hours but had to give up on a repair project. they are back outside again. the astronauts were trying to install a new power switching box outside the space station. these are live pictures from the international space station right now. they were trying to tighten bolts on a power box outside the station and although they tried for hours with different tools they could not bolt that rascal down. nasa told them to go back in and leave it for somebody else to do on a future mission. might want to take a can of oil or -- good solution. here are five things to know before you go: number one, bay area chp officer kenyon youngstrom is on life support in a hospital this morning. he was shot by a driver on 680
6:55 am
in alamo during a traffic stop yesterday. he is a seven year vet of the force and father of four. vigil planned for him tonight at 7:30. number two, in vallejo police will hold news conference to address latest fatal shooting involving officers in that city. friends and family of 23-year-old mario romero delivered a letter the mayor yesterday demanding independent investigation. number three, congresswoman expected to visit the sierra lamar search center at 9:00 this morning. volunteers hope the visit will bring new attention to her murder case. another candlelight vigil held tonight. number four, chevron set to issue a report with additional new findings of the company's fire. the refinery caught fire august 6th, part of it did, 18,000 residents filed health claims another 3,000 have reportedly signed up to file
6:56 am
legal claims. number five, the spotlight will be on president clinton tonight, you can see california attorney general and former san francisco district attorney kamala harris will take the stage. mr. clinton will formally nominate president obama for a second term. final check in with mike. thunderstorm in the east bay valleys, livermore, dublin, pleasanton through sunol back to milpitas light sprinkles showing up, green on the radar thunderstorms are over now we could see a redevelopment of them as we head into the afternoon especially inland around the upper 80s to low 90s.. 70, 80 bay, 50s coast don't let this keep from you going to either game today they are just isolated thunderstorms. ñtñ live look at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backing into the macarthur maze sluggish on the incline section coming into
6:57 am
san francisco stall on the richmond san rafael bridge and westbound direction blocking left lane there and traffic is slow towards the marin side of the richmond san rafael bridge. thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. reminder to download our new abc7 news alarm clock app for your eye phone wake up to headlines, weather, where the thunderstorms are and traffic info all on your phone.ñ!ús
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