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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a tornado touching down in a crowded shopping mall parking lot, all caught on camera. and flash floods in the northeast. drivers fighting a losing battle with rising waters. tropical storm leslie getting stronger right now, on track to become a hurricane as soon as tomorrow. michelle obama takes center stage at the democratic national convention. her deeply personal speech electrifies the crowd. >> you see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom in chief. >> the president and their daughters watch from the white house, as the first lady makes the case for a second term. the latest on those bombshell claims about tom cruise. stunning, new details from the
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shocking "vanity fair" cover story about what it took to be his girlfriend. his alleged personal orders to change her look, including filing down her teeth. now, the writer who broke the story joins us. and apple's supersecret surprise. we'll reveal what the brand-new product launch really is. can apple top themselves one more time? and good morning, america, from the democratic convention here in charlotte. robin is with her family in mississippi right now. happy to have elizabeth vargas with us. what a night here last night. when michelle obama came out, the crowd was electrified.
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she brought them to their feet. she didn't mention mitt romney at all last night. all the other speakers did. their message was, mitt romney doesn't get the middle-class. his policies will hurt the middle-class. >> she did not mention mitt romney. but she obliquely talked about him, talking about the income gap. at any rate, we'll get more to the highlights of her speech. she brought a lot of people to tears in the hall last night. >> striking that chord of family. >> exactly. also developing overnight, a massive wildfire burning right now outside los angeles. thousands of people evacuating. now, new concerns that it won't be under control until next week. and that is really something. it's burning out of control at this point. lara? >> our thoughts are with them. i was asking josh, is that anywhere near -- >> it's right over the ridge. >> our thoughts are with everyone there. we know how hard it is to
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get your kids to go to sleep. believe me, we know. >> right. >> but should you drug your children to get them to go to bed? we're going inside this growing controversy. >> who hasn't been tempted at some point or other? all right. we'll get to that. i have. >> i have, too. let's get right now to that wild weather. the last gasps of hurricane isaac are still causing so much havoc. and tropical storm leslie is a growing threat, as well. sam has been tracking it all and has the very latest for us at the weather center. good morning, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. and isaac, ten days after it started bringing rain to the coastline, we're still talking about its remnants. look at the pictures out of the jersey/pennsylvania area. thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, rolling through the area. there's likely inside that cloud, a funnel cloud or a tornado. damage, plenty of damage. trees down on cars. power lines down. we have reports of power lines being ripped out of homes.
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that's exactly what you would expect as a tropical system starts to make its way east. >> there's a tornado over there. that's a tornado over there. >> reporter: just look at this dramatic video, shot on a cell phone by paramedic jeremy sutton last night in cherry hill, new jersey, in the height of the storm. >> it started to form. and it started to get windy. you felt that swirling wind. as it's starting to go, okay. we're going to follow this for a little bit. >> reporter: heather nielsen and her husband were eyewitnesses to a funnel cloud forming. >> we saw the funnel start. and the wind started picking up. he yelled to get in the house. and the whole house started shaking. and trees were flying. it was the scariest thing i've ever witnessed. >> reporter: soaking rains that never stopped. an estimated nine inches of rain in ocean county, new jersey, causing flooding. and in upstate new york, three inches of rain in two hours. a daily record rainfall, brought noticeable problems. these cars fought the flood.
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and the flood won. >> it's really bad. you can see the waves that the vehicle is making over the bumper. this is just ridiculous. you're seeing what i'm seeing. >> now, look at leslie in the atlantic. the best way to show you it is tightening up. it's likely on its way to becoming a hurricane. here's the track the hurricane center has laid out for it. look how close it comes to the u.s. coastline. and it's likely the signature damage will be coastal flooding, beach erosion, and really rough surf, as it makes a path within 48 hours or a little bit more, right by the u.s. coastline on a drive-by. still something to watch closely. elizabeth? >> keeping an eye on leslie. thanks, sam. let's go back to george in charlotte, with more on night one of the democratic national convention. george? >> that's right. michelle obama had the stage last night. bill clinton, tonight, building up to barack obama in a big stadium tomorrow night. the big question, can they do
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enough to break this tied presidential race? it's "your voice, your vote." abc's jake tapper is here in charlotte with me. hey, jake. >> reporter: good morning, george. president obama is not doing as well with women voters as he needs to be doing from the campaign's point of view. so, last night, first lady michelle obama stepped to the plate. first lady michelle obama's job was to testify to her husband's empathy, one of the advantages, polls show, that he has over mitt romney, the idea that people think he understands their problems. >> when we were first married, our combined monthly student loan bill was actually higher than our mortgage. yeah. we were so young, so in love and so in debt. >> reporter: the first lady aimed to cast him in aspirations. >> barack knows the american dream because he's lived it. >> reporter: all the while,
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contrasting the president's values with mitt romney. >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make. it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> reporter: as the president watched with their two daughters at the white house after their first day of school, the first lady grew emotional, as she talked about her top priority. >> you see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom in chief. my daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world. >> reporter: keynote speaker, julian castro, the mayor of san antonio, and a rising star in his party, also got emotional when talking about his mother, who was looking on. >> mom, i'm even more proud of you. >> reporter: earlier in the night, other speakers provided plenty of red meat for the ravenous democrats. >> if mitt was santa claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.
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>> reporter: and tonight, of course, the big dog will be unleashed, former president bill clinton will give the speech. george? >> thanks, take. and for more on bill clinton and barack obama, the man who has worked for both men, the current mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, george. >> michelle obama electrified the room here. but coming in, the president was facing tough poll numbers. abc news/"washington post," the first incumbent president in modern times to come in under water, more unfavorable than favorable. >> among voters. how big a worry is that? and how do you turn it around? do you need to lay out more of a specific plan? >> there's no doubt that the president needs to talk about his vision for a second term. what it will mean for america. that's a requirement. i wouldn't call it a state of the union. but i would call it about a clear choice and the direction he wants to take the country. he owes the country, if he gets elected, that type of clarity.
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in a state of the union, you talk about this and talk about that. >> why has it taken so long to get there? >> i think it's the appropriate time to do that. and i think it's continuing throughout the campaign, right now, through the debates, to election day, this is a choice. i try to say this in not -- in so many words, which is, you have one individual that said let detroit go bankrupt. and another, the president, said i've got your back. mitt romney said in vegas, when it came to housing, let it hit rock-bottom. the president said, let's figure out how you can refinance to hold on to it. clear policy choices. clear implications for the american people. different directives. and it's a choice. that's what it's going to take. and to finish that conversation, the president will lay out his vision, not just for the next four years. but their consequences for the next four years. >> president getting criticism for mitt romney. this is an issue the democrats took out, for the democratic
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platform, they said jerusalem and shall remain the capital of israel. mitt romney called it shameful. >> this is a red herring if i've ever seen one. the fact is, jerusalem has always been bipartisan, clearly, by all precedents. it's a discussion between the israelis and palestinians. and regardless of what george bush's platform. i don't know, george. i'm a mayor of the city of chicago. i know what the president's policy has been for four years. and i know a red herring when i see one. >> let's talk about bill clinton. newt gingrich, former nemesis of bill clinton has been a partner, negotiating partner, as well. says it's an enormous risk to have bill clinton speak tonight. >> please. that's ridiculous. a former president who is very popular, who will talk and explain about the policies and the track that the two have had, investing in education, investing in alternative energy, green energy, and a responsible way of balancing the budget.
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i think he can do nothing but help. and the notion that newt's going to give our party strategic advice? no thank you. >> the republicans say be careful what you wish for, that sounds like that's your message to them. >> let me say this, my only advice to them, not that they would take it, i would not have paul ryan's fact-checker looking over mitt romney's tax returns. >> your line of the morning. you're going to be leaving this convention right after president clinton's speech tonight. facing real problems in chicago. the potentially first teacher's strike in 20 years. are you going to be able to prevent it? >> i opened up before i came here, the school day. went to three different schools. we've added in the first time in a decade, an hour and a half and two weeks to the school year. five new science and technology schools. the kids belong in that classroom. the negotiators belong at the table. >> thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks.
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and diane sawyer and i will have more coverage of the dnc tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on abc. now, back to josh and the other top stories. hey, josh. >> good morning, george. we'll be back to you in moments. we're going to begin with a story breaking overnight. a man opening fire at a political rally in montreal. quebec's new premier was just delivering her victory speech when shots rang out. bodyguards sweep her off the stage, rushing her outside. she was not hurt. one man was killed and another was wounded. police captured the shooter yelling, i quote, the english are waking up, end quote. the army corps of engineers will investigate whether the new levees built around the city of new orleans, are to blame for pushing hurricane isaac's storm surge into rural areas last week. angry residents whose homes are under water want to know if they're paying the price for protecting new orleans. meanwhile, in california,
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crews say that wildfire burning east of los angeles may not be fully under control until next week. six-square miles of the angeles national forest have burned, forcing thousands to evacuate. the good news, the fire is moving away from homes. a surprising, new study could prompt hospitals to change how they perform cpr. researchers have found that doctors are giving up too early. the study found an extra nine minutes of cpr, on average, can significantly improve a heart attack patient's odds of surviving and with few long-term side effects. and in florida, police say an elderly driver didn't know his car was in reverse when he stepped on the gas and this happened. crashing through a restaurant in ft. lauderdale. fortunately, as you can see, there's no customers were in the restaurant yet. only staff. and none of them was hurt. and a different scenario in north carolina.
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if you think the of something challenger, an eight-foot sinkhole opening up in the parking lot. the driver, not hurt. not surprisingly, a little stunned. explain that to the insurance company. i dare you. >> they've heard everything. >> video evidence there. >> that's true. they're going to play a clip of that newscast to help them with that claim. >> you're welcome. all right. september 12th is the date that apple is announcing its newest products. and speculation about what it exactly is has gone into overdrive. abc's neal karlinsky has a story on what it just might be. >> reporter: whatever apple is about to announce next week, the faithful have already decided, it's going to be a new iphone. it's going to be cool. and the buzz is about to go into overdrive, whether you want one or not. >> i would love for the new phone to do my taxes and vote for the right candidate for president, to be honest. >> reporter: here's my invite
7:15 am
here. it's so typically apple. it doesn't say anything about the iphone. but under the 12, the date it throws a shadow of the number 5. you can bet that means it's for the iphone 5. scores of tech blogs have been playing the guessing game, basically nonstop since the last time they expected an iphone 5, last year. it turned out to be the iphone 4s. they say the new iphone will have a bigger screen and a new connector at the bottom. >> the speculation and the rumors drive more excitement. but i'm sure apple will do something that will wow the crowds. >> reporter: analysts seem certain apple will sell a record number, possibly $100 billion worth of iphones next year, securing its foothold as the single-most popular smartphone in a sea of competition. >> right now, everyone is tries to out-apple apple. they're trying to do things that they would expect apple to do. and apple is really setting the tone in the industry. >> reporter: by the way, did we
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mention a new ipad minimight be on the way, too? and what about iphone 6? for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, san francisco. >> they know how to bait the hook. now, to the big announcement by kelly ripa, on who would take regis' seat. and a face familiar to folks in new york. michael strahan. and now, kelly's new co-host. first, abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: we are honored to have him here. michael strahan. >> reporter: in what may be one of the most unusual pairings in television -- 5'3", kelly ripa, was swept off her feet tuesday, by her new 6'5" co-host, former giants defensive end, michael
7:17 am
strahan. >> he could bench press me if he wanted to. >> reporter: the announcement ended weeks of speculation, and a nine-month search for ripa's sidekick, which began after regis philbin left the program in 2011. >> i adore you. i'm so happy to be here and be a part of this. >> reporter: a revolving door of celebrities, entertainers and comedians filled the seats. but none was next to the former soap star, more than the retired athlete, who co-hosted 20 times. >> we went through 59 people. and there was something special individually with michael. and the chemistry was there. it just worked. >> reporter: while strahan may not have seemed like the most obvious choice, viewers who weighed in overwhelmingly said he was the best. >> in many ways, it's like the "american idol" of daytime television. america crowned a winner. and that winner is michael strahan. >> reporter: four years ago, strahan seemed to predict his role. >> what are you going to do with the rest of your life? you have a lot of personality.
7:18 am
a lot of charisma. >> there's a show i'm on right now that maybe you wanna -- [ cheers and applause ] >> are you saying? >> "live, with michael and kelly." >> reporter: tuesday, "live" was rebranded to include his name. and this morning, ripa is hoping her new co-host will not only excite her faithful fans, but bring in some new ones, as well. >> men might have less shame in admitting that they watch. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> thank you, paula. and, sam, you're heading uptown here to talk to the lucky, new duo. >> to talk to both of them. he's the greatest guy, by the way. and america picked him. it's an amazing thing. >> that's great. >> isn't it? it's just feel-good. let's show this front. we do have more powerful thunderstorms popping up along this front. chicago, indianapolis, detroit, you're all involved in these storms. they've been going this morning.
7:19 am
they'll be going again this afternoon. and kind of spotty throughout the day. what was isaac on the east coast pulls away. and in behind that front comes some cold air. watch these temperatures drop. denver goes down to the 70s. chicago does, too. dallas, you get into the 80s. it's a refreshing change of cool air that will drop in behind these storms.
7:20 am
>> there are some early-morning thunderstorms on the east coast. but it will be really nice when the remnants of isaac get off the coastline. >> finally. good-bye, isaac. sam, thanks so much. coming up on "good morning america," stunning allegations about the bombshell "vanity fair" story about tom cruise. his alleged personal orders on how this girlfriend needed to change her looks. we'll talk to the writer who wrote the story. plus, the clash of the titans. megamoguls over an alleged death
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good morning i'm eric thomas. developing news a vigil planned tonight for a highway patrol officer who is fighting for his life after being shot. the officer is identified at 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom of fairfield. the shooting happened during a traffic stop yesterday
7:25 am
morning. investigators still don't know what led to the gunfire. another officer shot and killed the driver. tonight's vigil set for 7:30. sue hall is following traffic. couple hot spots still out there westbound richmond san rafael bridge more towards mat rib side southbound 17 at laurel accident left lane in the clearing stages. accident eastbound 80 before fitzgerald multi-cars involved chp is on the scene. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco and the bay area forecastñcús
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best radar returns livermore now a little light rain for the great vine in that area fremont light rain developing moisture plume starting to move north i think we'll have more scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon temperatures in the 70s around the bay
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more explosive allegations about tom cruise's stunning "vanity fair" cover story. were there orders for his girlfriend to change her looks? we're going to talk to the writer, maureen orth, who broke that story. we bid you good morning, america. robin still with her family in mississippi. it's great to have elizabeth vargas with us. meanwhile, george in charlotte, north carolina, as the democratic national convention began last night. and he's on the convention floor. hey, george. >> hey, josh. how is it going today? it will be filled again tonight for bill clinton. he'll take center stage. president clinton and president obama have not always had the closest relationship. it's been kind of prickly.
7:31 am
tonight, he's going to make the case for president obama's economic policies. pretty stark contrast to the republican national convention, where george w. bush did not attend, did not address the delegates. we will bring it all to everyone tonight, starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> was not even mentioned, except in a video tribute. we're looking forward to that, george. also ahead, the battle of two megamoguls heats up in court. the creator of "girls gone wild" claiming a casino titan threatened to kill him. >> it's like a soap opera, playing before our eyes. it can be so hard to get your kids to go to sleep. or yourself, frankly. today, we're talking about kids. it can be really tough. but here's the question, is it okay to drug them? we're going inside the controversy over giving your children a little extra help to get them to go to bed. and it is divisive.
7:32 am
>> i'm sure it is. but first, let's get right to the new details emerging from that blockbuster article in the october issue of "vanity fair." it claims the church of scientology allegedly auditioned possible love interests for superstar actor, tom cruise. we'll speak with the author of that article in a moment. but first, here's linsey davis with the background. >> reporter: bombshell details, allegations that the church of scientology used videotaped auditions to find cruise, not only a devout scientology, but a drop-dead, beautiful true believer to share his life. according to "vanity fair," they found that person. a believer they thought could actually wear the glass slippers. nazanin boniadi, an iranian-born, london-raise, 24-year-old actress. according to the article, boniadi underwent a month-long
7:33 am
vetting process, asked to reveal her inner-most secrets. including every detail about her sex life. there's reports that the church told her to darken her hair, to emphasize her ethnicity. and encouraged her to break up with her boyfriend, who she was reportedly hoping to marry. then, the article says in 2004, boniadi flew first-class to new york, to meet her dream date. dining at upscale sushi restaurant, nobu. and private ice skating at rockefeller center. orth reports that boniadi and cruise were inseparable. but he also began to groom her. according to orth, the relationship began to hit sour notes when boniadi wasn't as publicly affectionate as cruise would like. and that she wasn't as respectful of david miscavige, the leader of the church of scientology. the relationship with cruise
7:34 am
ended abruptly in 2005. representatives for cruise say the report is false. and a spokesman for scientology says, there's no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the church to find a bride. the allegation and the entire premise of the "vanity fair" article is totally false. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. and for more, now, we turn to the author of that piece in the october issue of "vanity fair," special correspondent for "vanity fair," maureen orth. maureen, good morning. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> the first question i have to ask, is why does tom cruise need help getting a date? >> one wouldn't think he would. he didn't want just a date. he wanted a soul mate in scientology. and he's been considered by the head of the church, he's been called the second-most important person in the religion. he wanted someone or they wanted someone that he could feel very comfortable with and be his soul mate in the religion.
7:35 am
>> according to your sources, did he know the church was launching this special campaign to find him this soul mate, as you call it? >> according to my sources, and she was vetted very, very carefully for a month. i do believe he was very much aware it was going on. or he certainly had heard about her. by the time he met her, he did know all about her. >> at one point, you write that she was hold to darken her hair to heighten her ethnicity. was that -- he wanted somebody beautiful but also a brunette? >> well, he just -- his last girlfriend just before her was penelope cruz. i have no idea. we asked tom cruise, i asked tom for an interview. and he refused. so, you're going to have ask him that. >> according to your sources, things have run foul with both penelope cruz and tom's second wife, nicole kidman. why? what was lacking in them? >> one of the reasons i was told by my sources, i don't know the ins and outs of the whole
7:36 am
relationship. but one of the things that the church was very upset about was the fact they did not seem to be completely all-in about the religion. and penelope cruz had made a statement that she felt that a lot of religions were important. and buddhism was part of it. and nicole had really drifted away from the church entirely. and during his years of marriage to nicole, according to my sources, he had really sort of drifted away, too. so, then, they embarked, the church embarked, on a very intense process of having him be audited on a daily basis for almost a year, to bring him back into the fold. >> obviously, the church completely denies any sort of campaign. >> yes. >> tom cruise's denials could not be more categorical. >> well, my sources -- it would be very hard for the number of people i talked to on the record, to have corroborated the intense amount of detail that is in the story, to have made that
7:37 am
up out of whole cloth. we have vetted this story. we've legally checked it. we've done everything possible. and i feel very, very comfortable with the story. >> why did this actress, nazanin boniadi fit the bill? >> first of all, she was beautiful. and she was very much an eager, eager scientologist. and she was told that she was being chosen for a mission that was really going to help save the world. and that she would be meeting dignitaries. and it was very important for her to look good and to be worldly. so, she had no idea when it began, according to what i was told, that this was going to end up meeting tom cruise. >> you write that they started dating while tom cruise was shooting "war of the worlds" here in new york. >> correct. >> you write, "the two were practically inseparable. and soon, she was head over-heels in love. once he even complained she wasn't sufficiently demonstrative.
7:38 am
quote, i get more love from an extra than i get from you. if he was this public in his affections for three months while they were dating, why haven't we seen any pictures of the two of them together? >> i asked the same question. and i was told there were some pictures. but at the end of the relationship, they were taken away. and they no longer exist. i don't know anymore than that. >> you write that the relationship ended abruptly after three months. and three months later, tom cruise was dating katie holmes, who wasn't a scientologist, whose parents were highly skeptical of the church of scientology. why did katie holmes past muster? >> you'd have to ask tom and katie that question. >> i've met tom. and he's an incredibly charming man. >> very charismatic. he's one of the most charismatic person on the planet. it would be easy to fall in love with him. >> tom cruise on the record, has completely denied the story.
7:39 am
but, boy, is this article making waves. maureen orth, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> and "20/20" will have a special on the romance in hollywood, including the loves of tom cruise. that's friday at 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central here on abc. and now, time for the weather and sam champion. >> really good questions, elizabeth. josh told you this story at the top of the story, about the williams fire in the angeles national forest. it's been a really bad fire. it looks like they won't be able to get it under control until next week. they're trying. here's a little bit of help. if you want to look at the minutia here. there's a tropical system in the pacific that's pushing some showers into the l.a./san diego area early in the morning. what that does is puts moisture in the air. that's a good thing. it's been dry there. a little more moisture. a little less wind. maybe sprinkles or showers. and that's the best help. oklahoma city, dallas, san angelo, 100 degrees there. memphis, 94. look at chicago. 90 to 93 yesterday.
7:40 am
90 today. that means it will be the most 90 -- if they get there, that would be the >> big board. all that weather was brought to you by the american cancer society. elizabeth? >> small board. okay. thanks, sam. coming up, clash of the megamoguls. inside a dramatic courtroom showdown, coming right up. a world without breast cancer is a world with more birthdays. and signing up for the making strides against breast cancer walk will help us get there faster. the american cancer society invests in groundbreaking breast cancer research and we're part of every community. in fact, one in two women newly diagnosed with breast cancer
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7:44. we welcome you back. now, we have the dramatic testimony in the courtroom faceoff between two vegas titans. casino mogul, steve wynn, and "girls gone wild" creator, joel
7:45 am
francis. both took the stand. and john schriffen has the story. >> reporter: the kings of two vegas vices, gambling and girls, found themselves in a las vegas courtroom on tuesday, facing off over allegations of death threats, defamation and unpaid debt. >> joe francis decided he was going to destroy the company. >> reporter: steve wynn, the las vegas hotel mogul, is suing francis, the los angeles-based founder of "girls gone wild." francis says wynn threatened to kill him, in a video seen by music producer, quincy jones and others. wynn not only denies the allegation. he's accusing the 39-year-old of ruining his reputation. it's a grudge match befitting of sincele town. before cameras started rolling, francis told jurors, he was convinced the billionaire magnate was out to get him.
7:46 am
calling quincy jones saying, quote, i'm nervous. i just got an e-mail from this crazy expletive. francis says when he replied who? he said, your buddy, steve wynn. francis described that e-mail in an exclusive interview with "gma" friday. >> he was going to hit me in the back of the head with a shovel and bury me in the desert. >> reporter: but in court, francis admitted, he never actually saw that message. saying, he only got a glimpse of the wording when jones flashed a stack of e-mails in front of him. and he said on the stand, he never threatened to kill francis. though, he's not a fan of his. quincy jones will, in fact, testify as early as tomorrow. that testimony could very well decide who wins. >> thank you, john. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." what is this guy waiting for? we'll find out. i love him.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. we have to get to it. here we go. we want you to meet bubbles. >> oh. >> hanging out. just waiting for something. what could bubbles possibly be waiting for? >> oh. >> it looks so innocent. >> i know. and the mail something that bubbles didn't want to deal with. >> oh, my. with. >> oh, my. >> okay. here i come ♪baby ♪ and i'm bringing you a love that's true ♪ ♪ so get ready ♪ so get ready ♪ gonna try to make you love me too ♪ ♪ so get ready ♪ so get ready ♪ 'cause here i come ♪ get ready 'cause here i come ♪ i'm on my way ♪ get ready 'cause here i come
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7:56 am
good morning a congresswoman is expected to visit the sierra lamar search center this morning volunteers hope the visit will bring new attention to the case. another candlelight vigil will be held tonight. mike has the forecast. let's check live doppler over the last hour you can see showers still moving to the northeast at 30, 35 miles per hour the phraoup of moisture will move north across the bay chance of isolated thunderstorms today and tomorrow. slow traffic still with
7:57 am
the stall westbound on the richmond san rafael bridge eastbound 80 before fitzgerald slow due to an accident multi-car in the clearing stages westbound 237 at zanker accident clearing
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ a cast of thousands in central park. >> central park? >> you did. >> you know what it was? >> you were excited. >> there you go. jason aldean. and the song we're hearing, and lady ant be la lady antebellum was supposed to be here today. you might remember him from our wonderful concert in central park. >> there you go.
8:01 am
>> a long road for a short hop. luke bryan is here today. the cma nominations, here live on "gma." they are entertaining the faithful outside, as we bid you all a good morning. george, on the convention floor in charlotte, north carolina, as the democratic convention kicked off. robin in mississippi with her family. pleased to have along with lara and sam, elizabeth vargas. >> nice to be here. we want to take a look at an adorable little girl. take a look. >> no. >> is that you? >> we were on the road. just so you know. we were all on the road. everybody was asked to bring pictures of their first day of school. thankfully, elizabeth vargas answered the bell. can we take another look? >> it was my first day of kindergarten the. >> you looked like you were a well-behaved little girl. >> in okinawa? >> yeah.
8:02 am
my dad was stationed in okinawa. >> haven't aged a day. >> the reason we were asked, all of us, to bring in our first day of kindergarten pictures. there's a new trend for people going to kindergarten. my youngest goes to kindergarten. parents are pulling out all the stops to make sure their kids' first day of school is picture-perfect. look at the great photos they've taken. this gives me a lot of ideas for next monday, when sam goes to his first day of kindergarten. >> good luck with your first day. >> sam. >> i'm teasing. my sam. going to first grade. >> although, never having been to school, i'm very excited to go now. >> with a backpack. apple. oh, that's great. i love those pictures. i cherish mine that i did. those are gorgeous. speaking of gorgeous, our girl, kelly, boy.
8:03 am
what a day for kelly ripa. she got a new co-host after that intense search for the man who could fill regis' foot. we're going to talk to them coming up. >> i'm going to leave our studio and head uptown and talk to them. >> they're going to drop confetti when you run in, too. just fyi. >> like we do every morning. >> it's a requirement. the confetti. >> all right. first, let's get to the developing stories and headlines of the morning. josh, you've got all of them. >> yeah. we're going to head back to north carolina and begin with politics. tonight, it is former president bill clinton's turn. he will officially introduced president obama's name for nomination during a primetime speech at the democratic national convention. two-thirds of democrats view mr. clinton favorably, along with half of republicans. on the first night, first lady michelle obama called herself mom in chief, while praises her
8:04 am
husband's values and discussing his humble roots. chaos at a political rally in canada last night. as the victor was giving her speech. one man in the audience was killed. the shooter, apparently angry over the premier's push to separate from canada. and the nato helicopters crashed in eastern afghanistan, killing two coalition troops. taliban militants claim they shot it down. it's the third helicopter crash now in the last ten days there. video just in, showing an emergency onboard boeing's 787 dreamliner jet. passengers had to aboard takeoff. a hydraulic pump was apparently leaking. the plane has been taken out of service to be inspected. tense moments in idaho as a pilot was forced to land without one of his wheels. take a look here. when the left side touches down, the plane flips into the air. an experienced pilot
8:05 am
onboardwalkonboardwalk walked away without a scratch. an officer caught on video, striking the teen in the head with his gun. >> oh, no. >> you can see the gun went off. the officer claimed he was assaulted. and that the teen reached for his gun. the officer now faces charges for apparently lying about the incident. and finally, take a look at this. a young black bear near cleveland, once again, managed to elude authorities. he's been hanging out near an apartment complex all week long. you can see here, even climbing a tree. they tried, the firefighters did, by spraying him down. but you know what? he climbed higher and waited them out. he waited them out. i'll wait you guys out. and then, i'll make a run for it. he did. he took off. people wisely got away. one officer actually said it.
8:06 am
smarter than your average bear. >> ding. >> really said that? >> i can only -- i can only report the news. >> yes. that's right. we are the messengers. >> indeed. you are the messenger of "pop news." >> i love that. smarter than the average bear. thank you. good morning, everybody. country star -- we have a country feeling today. we're going to start with kellie pickler. she is causing quite a buzz today. give me a ding. >> ding, ding, ding. >> because, as you're seeing in this video, she has shayed off all of her hair. it's not a new look. it's not a cry for help. it is quite the opposite. she lost her locks as a show of solidarity with her close friend, summer miller, who is battling breast cancer and starts chemotherapy tomorrow. >> wow. >> kellie sent an exclusive video of the moment of truth. but claims that summer, is only 35 years old. and in addition to helping her friend through this tough time,
8:07 am
she wants to spread the message that early detection is key. >> they look beautiful. >> they do look beautiful. >> that's terrific. >> great message. yep. great girl. hey, from the hamptons, to flushing, queens. pippa middleton got the royal treatment at the u.s. open this week, where she was a guest of roger federer. and she scored big on the fashion court, showing up in a figure-flattering color block dress. pippa is in the big apple on a private holiday. but there's speculation that the sister-in-law might be making this trip for permanence. there are reports that she's going to consider moving here, which means i'm going to be covering a lot of pippa. >> i think i want to be pippa. i want to go to the open. >> the space/time continuum. >> is it pippa in new york? is that the rumor? or pippa in l.a.? >> there's been several reports that she loves new york. and she's considering it. she's allowed to live more freely. >> pippa in new york. that's the reality show that's
8:08 am
to come. >> yeah. and, hey. we know john mayer does like to, at least in the past, talk about his relationships. katy perry, however, might be happy to know -- not the reason. but she might be happy to know he won't be sharing any details of their recent dates. john mayer said he is, once again, on total vocal rest. and hoped that his recent and second throat surgery will allow him to perform again in concert. he took to his tumbler page over the weekend. and let his fans know they shouldn't expect him to sing or talk for the next few months. but that all signs point to this being the last step in getting to perform again. and he is so good in concert. >> more singing. less dishing. >> yep. he's a talented guy. and finally, time for a totally awesome '80s flashback. two of the most iconic movies from the decade that brought us
8:09 am
leg warmers and scrunchys are making a comeback. "e.t." october 3rd, one night. across the country. it's bringing movie to select theaters. get tickets while you can. and another film -- >> i love this movie. >> "flashdance," the 1983 film. >> i saw it ten times. >> i've never seen elizabeth vargas more excited than right now. >> i'm so excited. i love this movie. >> you're going to love this. across the street, it's coming to broadway. >> woo. let's go. >> get ready to have that feeling. >> thank you, lara. elizabeth, you can get pictures of you in a scrunchy and leg warmers for tomorrow. >> okay. sam, what are we looking at out there? >> josh, lara. i just want to ask. do you think that we ignored bringing the classroom pictures on purpose so elizabeth would be the only one doing it? or was it an accident? >> no. >> yes. >> we would never do that to
8:10 am
you. >> we mostly would not. >> we would never do that to you. >> good morning, everybody. how are you, gang? in times square, between a little albuquerque, right? and far, texas. tell me where it is. >> south of san antonio. >> towards brownsville. okay. got you. let's get to the boards. welcome in. we're glad you're here. we want to show you this morning. we're going to talk about the remnants of isaac. the humidity, the steam that's right here in new york right now and the eastern seaboard. pulling out later today. and that will allow fresher air to get into the picture. give it some time. it will be this afternoon, this evening, before we do that. but some place we'll see rain for a while longer.
8:11 am
>> we are live in a little place we like to call times square. lara? >> oh, sam. here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." getting your little guys to go to sleep. would you give them over-the-counter medication? plus, how moms are making their kids' back-to-school day picture-perfect. we're going to talk to kelly ripa and her new co-host, michael strahan, just ahead. all that and so much more, coming up on "good morning america."
8:12 am
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8:17 am
some parents are now turning to the dietary supplements melatonin to put their kids to bed. does it really work? and is it safe? abc's juju chang is here with the story. we've been comparing nightmare stories. i was up with my boys last night until almost 9:30. >> reporter: and talking about how crazy it is because they're kids. moms have long tried benadryl or hocus-pocus when getting them to bed. but it's back-to-school season. and getting to bed can stress parents out, when studies show that sleep-deprived kids perform poorly in school. so, what if the answer was just a pill or a droplet away? it's the dreaded bedtime ritual. getting your kids to go to sleep. both her kids had chronic trouble sleeping until she discovered an over-the-counter all-natural cure. >> before we started using melatonin on the boys, bedtime
8:18 am
was an hour-long process. >> reporter: she gives them 1 1/2 milligrams of melatonin, a manufactured sleep hormone. >> we had it cleared by doctors. no interactions or research to support long-term effects. >> reporter: her older son has been diagnosed with a form of autism. and some medical studies show kids with fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with the help of a supplement. >> within 15 to 20 minutes, the tension will fall out of his shoulders. >> it's really one of the most powerful chemical messengers that lets your body know when it's time to sleep. >> reporter: melatonin is naturally produced by your brain. it's the hormone that helps your body to rest. the manufactured version can provide your body with a higher dosage. because it's not fda-approved, some doctors have expressed concern that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe.
8:19 am
>> there's no long-term studies to look at side effects down the road. >> reporter: experts say in some cases, over-the-counter melatonin can have side effects like headaches, dizziness, and long-time drowsiness. banks says her boys haven't had those reactions. and for her family, getting a good night's rest is worth the risk. >> this is a good solution to getting them a better night's sleep. >> i spoke with several moms and dads who swear by melatonin for their kids and say it works. but some say they have vivid dreams during it. like all supplements, you have to be careful about mixing them with other medications. but the big question, if you're messing with hormone levels, does it delay the onset of puberty? elizabeth? >> thanks. with us is jennifer astin. we just heard the mother at the end of the piece say i do it because it's safe. is it safe for children? >> to be clear, this is not an
8:20 am
all-or none situation here. in some cases, melatonin can be safe for children. but in other cases, it can have serious side effects. when you're talking about melatonin, the biggest one that you worry about is that you're missing a medical, physical or psychological issue in that child that's preventing him or her to get good sleep. therefore, you're just treating it without looking at the underlying cause. >> but what about us that deal with kids that don't want to go to bed. it's the end of summer vacation. the waning night. tomorrow will be the first school evening in our household. and my boys don't want to go to bed. if you're confident you're not missing an underlying issue, is it okay? >> i like to resort to bribery. it's a nightly struggle in my household. and i have a 12-year-old dealing with this. but the biggest tip for parents
8:21 am
out there, if your child, at any age, is having difficulty sleeping. first, you want to go to the pediatrician to make sure you're not missing something that can be easily treated and needs to be treated. then, you want to work on what you can control, in terms of behavior and environments. you want to establish those bedtime rituals, routines. turn off the lights. dim light is what stimulates our body to naturally release melatonin. and cultivate those habits. if you go to melatonin, absolutely, you want to involve your child's pediatrician. you want to use the lowest dose possible for the shortest period of time. and long-term studies, there are none. so, we don't know how this drug or hormone works in children. >> you mentioned there are side effects, from vivid dreams to nightmares, what are the side effects? >> they can disrupt sleep, which is the opposite of what you want. and it's a hormone. the way our body's hormonal systems work, is a delicate
8:22 am
balance. it works on signals, positive and negative ones. we don't know how this can affect other hormonal symptoms. >> better than benadryl, i would presume. >> better than benadryl. but proceed with caution. and again, bribery in my household, works pretty well. >> we're bribing left and right, for everything. jennifer ashton, thanks for being here this morning. >> you bet. >> josh? elizabeth, you. we've seen it already. the first day at school. the photos our parents made us take. but parents are snapping off quick shots before the school bus arrives. they are pulling out all the stops to make sure the first days are picture-perfect. and "gma" special contributor, cameron mathison, takes a literal look. >> reporter: like scores of moms around the nation, brenda of irvine, california, is busy getting ready for the start of another school year. there's a lunch to pack.
8:23 am
forms to fill out. and a first day of school photo shoot to prepare for. >> there we go. that's the shot. yeah. i'm always surprised how much it makes a difference. preparing a little photo like this. it seems funny at the time. but i'll look back and say, i remember that. it's amazing how much you forget. >> reporter: brenda is one of a growing number of moms for whom the first day of school photo is no longer an afterthought. but instead, a carefully choreographed photo op. often filled with homemade signs. last year's theme for helena was hello kitty. this year, it's cat ears. >> i wish i had photos of this when i was growing up. my parents had one or two photo albums. they're all faded. and they're all badly cropped. it's really special that i can do this for my daughter. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast, moms are capturing first day of school in unprecedented style.
8:24 am
michelle maddic, founder of the mommy site momfinds, says social media is behind the photos. >> with pintrist, facebook and twitter, it's become almost a competition. and almost an arms race of who can take the best pictures of their kids. >> reporter: lauren of westchester, pennsylvania, says she used an x-acto knife and spray paint to create her photos of her son, braden. >> i think it's nice to have something to show their kids when they have kids, this is what i did on the first day of school. >> reporter: so, what makes a winning first day of school photo? >> what kind of pancakes are we having today? >> pancakes. >> reporter: i decided to find out from an expert. rebecca. >> facebook is jam-packed with every friends, first day of school photos, their kids. it's a fun way to -- i don't
8:25 am
want to say show off your kids. but you're showing off your family. >> reporter: last year, rebecca's photos of daughter, molly, went viral. this year, rebecca needs to prep three first day portraits, for molly, macy and little charley. after feeding all of the kids, with a breakfast of champions. preparing for the day ahead. going to be gentle. rebecca gets down to business, constructing larger-than-life chalk drawings. and setting up elaborate desk sets for their children to pose with. and each click captures a moment in time and a first day photo, worthy of a fashion magazine spread. if you put this much effort into first day of school photos, what can the girls expect for their big wedding day? >> oh, jeez. you know, i'll take that one step at a time. >> reporter: the moms we talk to say these first day photos have come a long way from the sort of
8:26 am
thumb over the lens candids their mothers snapped a generation ago. but the priceless sentiment, the first day excitement, the fist day nerves, remain the same. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, west jordan, utah. coming up, kelly has a new co-host permanently filling regis' chair. sam champion making his way up. jason aldean and my man, luke bryan. they're here for the cma award nominations. they're coming up. go nowhere.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. a vigil is planned tonight for a highway patrol officer fighting for his life after being shot. the officer is 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom of fairfield. the shooting happened during a traffic stop yesterday. investigators don't know what led to the gunfire. another officer shot and killed the driver. tonight's vigil is 7:30 next to oak brook elementary school. >> let's check in on your morning commute. good morning. still problem spots eastbound richmond san rafael bridge new accident at the toll, northbound 280 at 17 big rig accident slow past the scene. look at the bay bridge toll
8:28 am
metering lights on traffic backed beyond the west grand overcrossing into the maze. >> meteorologist mike nicco joins
8:29 am
beautiful picture from mount tamalpais showers moving across the bay area most of them rain not reaching the ground. gilroy 21 lightning strikes over the past hour moving northeast look out for light
8:30 am
rain and you will hear thunder this morning. here's the rest of the bay area coming in [ cheers and applause ] great crowd. and they are working with props today, as you can see. great to have you all with us here. great crowd in times square. george, he's in charlotte, north carolina. big day ahead at the democratic national convention. robin, with her family in mississippi right now. sam's uptown. we'll get to him in just a bit. great to have you here, elizabeth vargas. >> it's great to be with you guys. and our crowd is weighing in on who they think is the sexiest country stars. wave them up there. we are counting down to the cma award nominations. jason aldean and luke bryan is here to give us the nominations. la lady antebellum was supposed to
8:31 am
be here. but their plane was delayed in the bad weather. also, take a look. we have a trio of funny ladies. the stars. they're here live. and a few hours from now, it's the continuing roll iickin thrill ride of "good afternoon america." today, we ask, is it okay to break up with a friend. lauren conrad is going toe-to-toe. it's our biggest show not junk yet. one viewer will get a six-figure surprise. and dwyane wade is with us. 2:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. central, on "gaa." >> sounds like a great show. we mentioned, they are the duo of the moment. and sam is with them uptown. oh, sammy? >> we are here. i'm on the set. this is "live with kelly and
8:32 am
michael." >> yes. >> congratulations. i look around the set. and it feels manlier. is it true? is there a difference? >> yes. we have testosterone dispensing machines everywhere. look over here. we have basketball mats. >> there's more blue back here. there's visible, i think. >> there's more blue. >> they changed the l.e.d. lights. i think he told me that. >> we actually -- we have the vending machine in the back that dispenses steak. you can actually order steak from the vending machine. >> all right. so, we're all watching. and i feel like america really did pick this team. so, i mean, it feels good for all of us who are watching. and there's that moment when you open the car door and all we see is your foot dangling. and still, we don't know. >> the foot should have given it away. big 14 steps out. that's going to be michael. >> what were you thinking? and then, you have to make the run in. and you grab her. and the confetti flies. is there anything in your mind
8:33 am
at that moment? or are you kind of moving? >> i was thinking, don't fall. that's number one. and kelly's running at me. and it felt like a movie, if she just leaps and i catch her. i saw it this morning. i didn't see it until this morning. she was really high off the ground. >> for a moment i was, like, is my dress covering my bottom? it was one of those moments where, as i leap into his arms, i remembered a conversation where one of the producers said to me, now, remember, stay on your mark because we've got the balloons that are going to fall and the confetti. we don't want you running off your mark. and i'm thinking, i ran off my mark and i leapt into his arms. and now, i think i screwed up the entire show. >> but it works. and it works so beautifully. i love you two together. of everybody that was kind of working it, i love you two guys. >> between the three of us, you're a little bitter. you're a little upset. a little hurt. >> i tried everything. spray painting my name in front
8:34 am
on the screen. i tried to get you kidnapped. nobody would take me up on it. and nothing really worked that way. but you had to keep it quiet. but when you get the phone call, who's the first person you told? >> my parents. oh, yeah. definitely. nicole, and then my parents. it wasn't even a phone call i got. it was kelly personally. this is like a family. it wasn't okay, michael, you got the job. or do you want the job. it was, literally, we sat down with dave davidson, michael gelman. and kelly floats in the room out of nowhere. >> i rode in on a unicorn. forever, a unicorn that we keep in the back. >> and kelly just -- >> they were telling him about the history of the show. i've been to the history of the show meeting. it's a snoozefest. i have to tell you, they break out the ratings books. they tell you this and that.
8:35 am
they show you pie charts. >> they take the joy out of it. >> the joy was taken out. i hope they're going to offer me a job after this. >> if they didn't, i probably would have tore that office apart. but kelly came in. and we talked about what we had done together. and she told me she enjoyed me doing here. and she asked if i would do the honor of considering to be here? and that was more than i needed to hear. >> between the two of you, you're bigger than "the brady bunch." there's 20 kids between the two of you. >> i'm getting credit for so many of his now. >> the family is huge. we're going to see i'm guessing, a lot of family on the show. am i right with this? how is that? >> i mean, i always -- i always -- i always pimp my children out on the show. except now, you know, the older they get, the less they want to be seen. you still have little ones. so, we still have a chance.
8:36 am
but, yeah. it's part of our life. we have children. and part of this show is talking about your life. and that's part of it. it will always be part of it. it's what makes our show relatable. it's what makes people wake up and have coffee with us. they hear today is middle school orientation and my daughter is home with a fever. that's relating. people at home, right now, whose kid is also at home with a fever, missing the first day of school. >> i thank you guys for letting us in behind the scenes. it's so exciting to see what happens. i'm a huge fan of you. she's the best. the most competitive person. i've never won anything when we've done it. >> we tied inexplicably yesterday in a challenge where we had to carry eggs on a spoon in our mouth on a balance beam. >> i had on tights. let's not even go there. >> i have to get to the weather board. >> oh, the weather. >> let's do the weather
8:37 am
together. we'll show you what's going on this morning. we are live back at here at "live with kelly and michael." make sure you're up to date where that show is. we'll show you our twitter and facebook pictures. port angeles, washington. marco island, florida, one of my favorite places in the world. taste of fall drops in, right on schedule. there will be little bursts of cool air that get the heat out of the way. still dry in the west coast. watching the angeles fire. i don't think we'll give you much help. there will be scattered sprinkles and more humidity. really? nothing to say. . >> i'm staring at the map. i'm like, wow, the graphics are fantastic. i just -- i like when i see you in front of the map. that's when i like that. we like to see your body. >> did he rehearse that? he's just fly
8:38 am
>> it is a show i'm not going to miss every morning. i love you both. >> are we on the air? >> we're on the air right now. >> okay. i can't ever tell. >> it's all "good morning america." still coming up on "good morning america," you have the hottest women on the funniest new movie of the new year. this looks f
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] well, if you can hear a song playing, we can't hear it. it's called "blonde and beautiful." it's on the soundtrack of "bachelorette." it debuted on itunes. it was the top movie on the charts. it stars kristen dunst, ila fish fish fisher. it's "the hangover" meets "bridesmaids." i want to start with a clip. you find out the at least popular girl in high school is getting married before any of you. and you're not exactly happy
8:42 am
about it. >> i love her. >> she has a pretty face. >> remember in high school? all the boys called her pigface. >> everybody called her pigface in high school. >> the girls, becky. i want you to be with someone who shouts it from the rooftops. >> i know. that's why i can't really keep it a secret anymore. dale asked me to marry him. >> oh. >> that's insane. >> oh. you love that expression, don't you? i actually heard that this movie is so racy, kirsten, you didn't want your dad to see it. >> this movie, he doesn't need to see some of the things i do in this film. >> really? >> my brother, he can see it all he wants. my girlfriends, fine. my gram even watched it.
8:43 am
>> you were already in one of the biggest movies about weddings, called "the wedding crashers." you have a story about your mother's wedding that fed into the plotline for this movie. >> i was at a bachelorette for my mom before she got married. and i took her to a strip club. and i thought it would be fun. and we got there. and it was fun initially. i dressed her in a red dog collar. and i went to the bathroom momentarily. when i came back, a gentleman had removed his briefs. she was on stage, lying flat, and he was about to tea bag her. >> are you serious? >> good morning, america. >> making the case. >> i'm not going to explain it. >> okay. >> you can google it later. >> i'll google it later. >> i'm just curious. is that the wildest bachelorette party you ever went to? >> i thought it would be fun.
8:44 am
i thought it was going to involve, you know, gold boy shorts, not nothing at all. >> lizzy, this is a women's project. directed by women, written by women, starring beautiful women. how did the idea came for this? >> it was originally a play by leslye headland. and she did seven plays on the deadly sins, and this one is gluttony. >> lightning round here. which one of the three spent the most time at the kraft table? the snack table on the set? >> me. >> i have a very low budget. i'm not sure we had that. >> you didn't have that? >> we had cakes. >> we had a medic. >> we were on the streets of new york. we would go to random restaurants. one time, she had gray meat.
8:45 am
>> it was a philly cheesesteak that was amazing. >> perfect. the movie is called "the bachelorette." it's getting rave reviews already. congratulations. we're looking forward to having a big hit in the studios. coming up, jason aldean and luke bryan, with the cma award nominations, live. wi
8:46 am
[ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design?
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a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. so, we are back now, with the nominations for the top five awards from the country music association, exclusively here on "gma." you're misbehaving already. to help me do it, two of country
8:48 am
music's hottest performers. lady antebellum's plane is grounded in nashville, due to bad weather. luke bryan, and jason aldean. >> thank you. excited. >> we're going to start with you, with nominees of female vocalist of the year. >> all right. the nominees for female vocalist of the year are, my good friend, kelly clarkson, miranda lambert, martina mcbride, taylor swift. >> wow. >> carrie underwood. and those are your nominees for female vocalist of the year. >> the nominees for vocal group of the year are, eli young band. lady antebellum. little big town. the band perry. zac brown band. >> love it. >> all right.
8:49 am
all right. the nominees for male vocalist of the year are, jason aldean. >> what do you know? >> luke bryan. >> my first one. >> eric church. blake shelton. >> mr. lambert. >> mr. lambert. and keith urban. >> let the trash-talking begin. >> and here's your nominees for male vocalist of the year. >> congratulations. and what's up next? >> oh, i god good ones here. the nominees for entertainer of the year are jason aldean, this guy. kenny chesney. brad paisley. blake shelton. and taylor swift. [ applause ] >> all right. congratulations, everybody. now, the next category.
8:50 am
>> these are nominees for album of the year. "chief," eric church, by jay jayce. "for the record," miranda lambert." "home," dierks bentley. capital records, nashville. "own the night," lady antebellum, capital records nashville. and "tailgates and tan lines," mr. luke bryan. >> we have to get a shot of that. >> produced by jeff stevens and mark bryant on capital records. those are your nominees for album of the year. >> we want to congratulate you and all of the nominees. later this morning, the nominees in the remaining seven categories will be released here in times square. right now, we want to hear from
8:51 am
two of our nominees, starting with luke. album of the year. male performer of the year. how does that feel? >> it's great. i mean, to be recognized. it's been an amazing year. jason and i have been on tour together the whole year. gosh. just been a part of big, old sellout shows all year. and capped the year off with a cma award nominations is pretty amazing. you never can take this stuff for granted. you have to realize that the fans are making it happen. and you just ride the ride and enjoy it. and enjoy every little thing along the way. this is a good day. >> it doesn't go unnoticed, though, that your buddy is up against you, for male vocalist. >> yeah. yeah, i noticed that. we're friends now. >> let the tweets begin. right? >> i got to tell you, behind the scenes there's a little trash-talking going on while the nominees were being read. this should get interesting.
8:52 am
entertainer of the year. what a ride it has been for you, jason. >> yeah. it's been an amazing couple years. our shows, over the last couple years, have been incredible. you know, obviously, that's a big award of the night. and one that i think every artist, you know, would love to have. so, obviously, i'm very excited about being nominated for that. last time we were both up for awards and we won awards on the same night, we celebrated a little hard. >> yeah. >> we want full details. >> oh, yeah. you know, we'll see what happens. >> it on!
8:53 am
by the way, luke bryan will be back here tomorrow performing, live. >> got me for two, full days. >> we'll be right back. congratulations. here you go little man.
8:54 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:55 am
a lot of things.
8:56 am
a quick note before we go. the latest from robin can be found on her blog, she's keeping everybody up to date. she's doing fine. but she knows a lot of people want to know show she's doing. tomorrow on "gma," country star, luke bryan.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. vallejo police will hold a news conference this morning to address the latest fatal shooting involving officers in that city. the family of mario romero delivered a letter to the mayor demanding an independent investigation. police say he pulled a gun when officers fired 30 times. romero was carrying a pet let gun. tracking thunderstorms good morning. 82 lightning strikes out of these two storms as they pull away from morgan hill and gilroy the strongest storms now scattered showers over the rest of the bay area so dry barely any of that is reaching the ground. hot spot concord pleasant hill area "sig alert" southbound multi-cars and lanes blocked and debris of create in lanes in the


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