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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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show of support from those who didn't know the officer but one family and friends to know how much they appreciate his sacrifice. >> this is not the way he wanted to begin the day at office in martinez. raising the flag as they do every day, then, lowering it to half staff for the fallen brother. and there is community support followed and continued throughout the morning and all day. >> there we just don't understand why this happens. we want to go home, safe. and unfortunately he didn't get to do that. >> we wanted to bring balloons to show support. >> and. >> the officers out there, serving ous and protecting us for our safety. this officer was injured and killed innocenceless acts.
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>> i drive down the road and got caught in the traffic. and there is like, you know just happens again and again in my brain. >> impact of the death reaches far and wide. and there is a the fallen officer has the potential to help save mer than 50 lives. >> we can impact as many as eight lives from organs so they're hearts, livers and, lungs and we can split livers into two on occasion for very young donors. we can split the liver and give a segment to two different individuals. >> and recipients and families will be notified the gift will give them live. >> the family issued a
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statement regarding the donation that reads he was giving to others and serving others as a chp officer, our grief is overwhelming but in his way, kenyon carries on in helping others. those who knew him would not be surprised to learn he chos chose to register. and when he graduated from police academy he was sold toeld his job is to save a live. and through his gift, this was our kenyon. he's our hero. in our grief we're come nortd he continues to help others. in walnut creek abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and if you would like to become an organ donor contact the network. the number there is on the screen.
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and you can do so through a link on our web site. >> and dozens of people turned out for a ceremony to honor him at the chp academy. >> contra costa area end of launch, september 5th, 2012. >> this gives officers a chance to pay resfokts their fallen brother. he's the 223 officer to be killed in the line of duty since 1929. >> he joined a group of heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the premise of safety, service, and security. we thank him for his service and his family for their sacrifice. >> a trust fund has been set up for his family.
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and just go to any wells fargo branch and mention his maim to the teller and ask that your money be placed in at kt in his name. and there is a movement to rename the stretch where he was killed. and there is a link on our web site. if would you like to become involved in that. >> developing news tonight. a shelter in place has been lifted for residents but the search fr a killer continues. we're live near pittsburgh for us. vick? >> i'm standing on marina road in that house which the s.w.a.t. team stormed is behind me there. you can see that patrol car and another car that is parked there. the house is right over there, half a block away. the shooting victim found away from here down the road. now, at one point, most of the deputies have left the scene and this block was just swarming with deputies.
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the sheriff's office received a call around 2:00 that shots have been fired when they responded here they found the victim in his car, dead already. and they're told he could be in the foes house, then went in and found nobody there. there are three schools in the area and some kids, i'm told actually heard shots. here is captain williams. >> schools were locked down and then, about an hour and a half after, afterwards, we release that had line down. >> there are police still hear, waiting for a search warrant to go into the house and search the premise. investigators told me there is no description and they don't know if this is gang related.
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i think everyone agrees this is a act of violence in the middle of the day. >> thank you. specialized searching tos sniff waters of the sacramento river looking for signs of a missing man. the 20-year-old brett olsen vanished during the chico float on sunday. and there is a a spot on the river called beer can beach. and back home, missing flyers appeared on the campus of the high school. and two younger siblings currently attend this school. his family is poring over clips like this one taken at beer can beach hoping they can provide clue autos in just about an hour, the president will deliver one of the important speeches of the
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reelection campaign. the pressure is on. he's following a parn burner of a speech delivered by former president clinton last night. and we have a look at the speech and the mission kmoont. >> there president does have a tough act to follow. people saying former president made such a good case for barack obama he actually surpassed anything that president obama has said about himself. and president clinton deconstructed the republican argument but was he accurate? >> former president clinton called out on american autos we're losing 750,000 jobs a month. are we doing better than that today? the answer is yes. >> on jobs... >> president obama plus four and a half million congressional republicans, zero!
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>> and health care. >> last two years, costs have been under 4% in both years for the first time in 50 years. oof was clinton accurate? >> he we found plenty of things to check. there are managing editor found a suggestion the policies are responsible for that record decrease. >> this reason is the economy. >> and clinton said would it go broke for medicare in 2016. >> it won't have enough money to cover all benefits. >> after picking the speech apart it was pretty accurate. >> with a few exceptions, stats checked out. >> we've been hearing from kems upset about the misrepresentation autos they take half a sentence or something out of context.
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>> senator feinstein talking about the statement to business owners you didn't build that. >> the implications is that the private sector to grow had to depend on a certain infrom a structure present. >> and we've got to make this simple as possible. >> the convention chair expects the president will continue the compare and contrast. so does the lieutenant governor. >> if he can articulate in a twhai connects with real people, bring it down to this language in the living room. this will be a bump puming into the -- coming up into the convention. >> you can find it by going to ab cl. -- abc 7 and click on the see it on tv link. coming up, the impact of the weather, and tighter security here at the arena.
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>> and mark will join us live at 11:00 tonight and you can see reports on our facebook page and follow his tweets. be sthour stay with us for live coverage from abc news and the president's speech coming up at 7:00. >> there is a fast growing bay area grocery chain getting pressure to stop using the federal e-verify program. there are plans to start a boycott over this. there is david louie in san jose. >> this is for the community. >> organizers don't mince words aimed at a chain started by immigrant and targets hispanic shoppers. this began to use an e verify program to check the status of new job applicants. >> this is for workers and we
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believe we have the right to work in a decent place. not to be fearful of ice or anyone else. >> it's coming from leaders targeted them in the past for immigration issues. >> this is a decision we honor are. not something we're looking to do. and we must imbraes -- embris what is asked of us by the federal government. >> critics say the community that shops here will not accept that decision. a boycott set to begin next month. >> and doing the kind of work they're doing they're is fear and division among the people. >> this is one we've had to make under perfect the federal government across the country other retailers are spacing the same pressure and have been pushed to adopt e-verify.
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>> the company has plans to expand nationally. it's customers may, or may not accept the decision. >> there is most of the community here is immigrants so it would be an offense to them. >> there is no indication owners are willing to sit down to talk with the opponents of the program. and that means this boycott is on. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight an update on the a's pitcher hit in the head by a line drive. he had surgery today. how that came out. >> and there is another tourist died from a virus contracted in yosemite. national park service is busy seeking out other possible victims. >> from sacramento tonight, keeping california competitive in making movies. how much is a job worth to taxpayers? >> there is
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one of california's biggest industries is under scrutiny. the governor has to decide whether to extend a movie making tax credit. and as nannette mirrorand reports not everyone thinks we're getting all of that much bang for the buck. >> to help keep the production in california the legislature and former celebrity governor arnold schwartzeneggar gave hollywood $500 million in tax credits. now, the governor has to weigh a proposal to give to00 million more. >> and a great investment for california. >> there is a coalition representing the teamsters
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union says the first break created 39,000 jobs and provided $325 million in state, and local tax revenue in the three years in effect. and in contrast the institute says in the decade prior, california lost 36,000 production jobs and $200 million in tax rev few. last month, san francisco able to snag woody allen's new movie. >> we want to keep knit california ask there is a lot of competition from other states and countries providing similar kinds of incentives. >> but the state is broke, yikts think it could be better spent on programs that have been cut during this bad economy. a ucla study found for every $1 the state gave in credits california got back 1:04s skpdz might be less than that according to the office. >> this seems like a little bit misplaced priority autos educators say public schools can create jobs, too, by hiring more teachers or buy
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new textbook autos we're cutting education to the bone and making these really tough choices ask we're giving away $200 million. to hollywood for something that doesn't have a return. >> supporters of extending the break say it doesn't take into account the big picture. >> there is an affect for each of the dollars. more dollars are spent but not always measure ootd governor must act by the end of the month. in sacramento abc 7 news. >> and a san francisco firefighter will receive the highest honor next week in sacramento. william molkeen being honored for saving three lives during a fire last year that happened early new year's morning. he shimmied down a ladder to a window and pulled a frantic couple to safety. flames consumed their apartment and he rushed back to rescue another victim.
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he will be presented with the medal next thursday. >> he deserve that's for that brave action. let's talk about the weather forecast. just perfect. >> what a change from yesterday. >> there is thunderstorms out of here, temperatures into that comfort zone. here is a live view from mount tam camera. over the bay you can see there are clouds in the sky and lots of blue there is a sunny evening. there is a look you can see on the screen clouds near the coast and there is a couple streams of subtropical moisture coming up from the south. one stream with active weather here in the bay area, there are showers around santa barbara and there is wet there
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and dry here, readings at 59 degrees in san francisco. 65 across the bay in oakland. 68 in santa rosa right now. there is 69 down south in san jose. highlights, coastal clouds returning tonight. we'll see mild watterns and continuing friday through sunday and then, warmer days next week. there is fog at the coast and mild, low temperatures into mid 50s and cooler into the north bay valleys. there is return of dry air aloft to the bay area, and there is a forecast animation, areas of fog that will burn back to the coastline and away
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from the coast. there are 70s to 80s and upper 8 owes inland locations. there is a beach hazard statement from parts of monterey bay because of a building northwestern swell not so much producing big wave as energetic waves that could produce strong rip currents and so bear that in mind. back to the bay area, south bay highs into low to-to-mid-80s. there is mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. dourt 65 degrees tomorrow, north bay highs into upper 70s to mid-80s, near east bay highs 72 to 77 in fremont. there is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cool down, by
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friday, saturday, going to be warm days then starting next week with temperatures only into mid-80s inland sh bouncing up to low 90s by the end of the week. ups and downs in the range. >> thank you. >> and coming up here there is a new fine arts building named for its south bay lottery winner. >> and not because she paid for it. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am
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oakland athletics revealed pitcher brandon mccarthy underwent surnlry, hurt when eric ibar hit a liner at his head. he walked off the field but a scan revealed bleeding inside of his brain and a skull prak tour. he underwent two hours of surgery last night to repair the damage. he is currently alert and resting comfortably, we're told nrk the hospital. >> and there are officials in yosemite national park confirmed a third death from the rare and deadly hanta virus saying eight people have come down with the virus. seven of the eight stayed in signature tent cabins in curry village for at least one night. the park service says the five people who have survived the
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virus are improving and it's working with the cdc to identify other possible victims. and this is spread primarily through mouse dropping autos a long time employy who also happens to be a mumt yi millionaire, carmen castelano worked at there for 33 years before she and her husband hit the lottery jackpot. her name now graces the fine art center. official says not because they got a big donation but because she always supported the arts. >> before we're known as millionaires were people building community with us, side by side. along the way, always speaking to improve conditions. >> she the have another important tie to the city college. their son is a music professor there. >> continuing tonight there is
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more live coverage from charlotte. coming up the role twitter is playing at the democratic convention. >> amazon unveiling the new kindel. our question, will it set the world on fire? >> and there is a remarkable recovery of a wounded war veteran. stay with us.
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well, tonight is the big night at the democratic national convention, the night the president accepts his nomination. >> can he top the performance last night of former president clinton? it's your voice, your vote. there is mark matthews live in charlotte, mr. obama going to to have to hit it out of the park. >> he s the roar you can here behind me is for joe biden. you know that these conventions have momentum building towards a crescendo
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at the very end. tonight it has got to be over the top in order to compete what happened last night with president clinton. he had a barn burner of a speech. and the president needs to top that. >> and this is a good thing he changed his plans to speak outdoors, isn't it? >> it is. republicans saying the reason is because he couldn't fill it. well, it filled it with water this afternoon. it was pouring rain at 1:00 this afternoon. rained heavily until 3:00. we walked out of the center and came here into the time warner cable arena there were blue skies and sunshine. so there is weather pretty fickle in north carolina. >> twitter has an interesting
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concept for this convention. >> they have. there are people tweeting all over the place here. there are thousands of tweets per minute and twit jer touting tweets and measuring whether positive or negative. and there is a look. >> for michelle obama the peak at the end of the speech hit 28,000 tweets per minute. compare that too ann romney, just over 6,000. that is 6,000 to 7,000 range, per minute. >> that is the head of of government and news for twitter saying the volume of reaction is weighted to the democrats. tone is, too. tweets running about evenly split between positive and negative. for mitt romney, more negative than positive. and that does not translate into voter preference. this does measure ability to
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control the conversation. wruf got to say democrats are getting more tweets. >> all mark, -- right, mark. be sure to stay with us for live coverage from abc news of the president's acceptance speech coming up at 7:00. >> there is mark will be back and you can follow his tweets. >> and g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is in los angeles tonight. his first visit to california since being named mitt romney's running mate. and today' tacked the economic record and told supporters rights of americans come from nature and god and not from government. and there is one person that won't be giving advice is meg whitman. she spoke with terry mcsweeney today in an event. >> i'm out of the politics business now.
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if you're not in the campaign, living it your advice is not that useful. you have to be in the swim. like looking at hp but not being interest there and giving us advice. it's not that helpful unless you're in the middle of it. >> there is tonight's money matters, wall street give as proveal to a plan to boost the european economy. the dow jones shot up by more than 244 points. and today european central bank agreed to buy unlimit amount of bonds from country as agreeing to strict economic reforms. and there is a private equity firm thain vested in solyndra stands to lose $900 million or so but will be able to cut their tax bill by more than $300 million. and albert son's announced plans to close more than two
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dozen stores. and says the stores have under performed and will be shuttered. >> and. >> today, amazon with the second generation of the popular kindel fire. and you might just call it the kindel fire fail. the ceo proudly held up not one, but two tablet devices. one is a sequel to the rinl nal kindel fire. the other is a nine inch competitor to the ipad. both among cheapest you can buy. >> this is i think going to help them in the long run. >> says at $300 amazon is barely making money but that is the idea like the original, they're counting on users buying books, movies and
6:35 pm
muse from the store. the user experience is centered around it it's intended first to be a media device. >> amazon taking aim from google. it is $200 like nexus 7. both run android but besos quick to distance the fire. >> they're gadgets. and people want services. >> he bragged about the massive library and block says there is a right to. the nexus gets books and video from google play store which block says doesn't have as wide of a selection. >> i would pick an amazon tab blet or tow potentially in the future an amazon phone over a stock an droid one. >> and amazon adding a special mode for kids. >> it locks you in to books
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and you know, kid media and so they can't go around and rush out all over the device. they get to focus on just a couple things. >> and if you want a kid friendly price, the old kindel is now just $159. >> still to come on abc 7 news, beating problem perspiration. >> going to look into a
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this is a new option for people who suffer from severe perspiration. this noninvasive treatment is promising to cure the problem at its source. for her, walking in the sun could bring consequence autos i noticed amount of sweat i produced changed and it was more and add an odor all of a sudden. >> the sweating became so uncomfortable, she decided to undergo a approved treatment. the system called mira dry promises to get rid of excessive perspiration permanently. >> it's exciting and it's a noninvasive way to destroy sweat glands and these are responsible for under arm sweating. >> this dermatologist says it is safe because there are enough sweat glands in other parts of the body to
6:40 pm
compensate. and after marking a grid a technician uses a hand set to deliver heat. and this uses energy to focus energy at the level of the skin where the sweat glands reside and destroys them. >> the microwave component dhifrs energy to a desk, a parallel system produces a cooling affect preventing damage to surrounding tissue. and this is an nalt tiff to surgical treatments including a vaseor which uses a probe and botox injections. this can have side affects, pain, and swelling in the area. which can last for several days or in cases, several weeks. this is controlled by software in the base station and
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display is helping guide it through. >> the auto mated and computer gives it back when it starts and stops in the cycle. >> in an hour, ready to go home, hopefully to a new live, free from severe perspiration. >> it's a comfort issue. really. mostly physical. somewhat emotional. >> and treatment is not cheap. it costs roughly 5,000s skpdz not covered by insurance. >> and there is michael finney coming up next, movie gift card just didn't work. and how a man
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you can imagine michael finney heard just about every possible complaint about gift cards. >> tonight one he never heard before. is a case of historic preservation? >> or none?
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>> there is is next to the winchester mystery house there is another. do you know those famous theaters that sit there? what are they called? doug williams bought a gift card for a movie. here it is. a little beat up. you can see it says century theaters he brought me here to see the expendables, 2. and they refused to take the card saying we're no longer century theater autos no longer a century theater? take a look at the sign out front next to the street. look at the sign on the building. >> looks like a century theater. that is what he said. it's century 21 on the out side. and she said no longer century theaters. >> and there is the bottom of the sign says winkefter
6:46 pm
theater. back there against the wall there is another sign saying win chester 21, 22 or 23. so i go to the theater next door. there, i can find this sign. they're no longer accepted at winchester theaters 21, 22 and 23. see a manager for more information. >> a-ha. >> i'm michael finney. >> i'm told this guy is the manager. he says only assistant. he refers me to the manager who has the day off. and so i called the manager this morning he refers me to marketing vp. i leave a message and haven't yet heard back. i spoke with a cinemark person who says the theaters are separately owned. and doug didn't expect anything. he just wanted consumers to know. >> you've got these gift cards it says century 30 on one the
6:47 pm
theaters you can't use these cards here. this is just a heads up nice thing to do. >> thank you. there is a lot of incidents where people bought gift cards and unable to use them. use them before you lose them. >> and he's right. they work fine and you don't have to go far to use them. sheert sign for the century theaters. across the street, santana row, and look back there... a cinemark. it isn't much of an inconvenience and this is as long as you know, now, you do. apparently the century theet jer on the signage because these are now considered historic building. and when i make contact with the winchester theaters i will ask for increased signage so
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consumers will have a live bit better heads up. >> and that is good. >> work. >> today a case of life improvement through home improvement. you may remember brian jergens injured by a bomb in afghanistan. >> when there is a cup jelz i do, they include words better or worse. no one appreciates this more. >> no soldier comes back the same way they left. >> when this army medic returned from afghanistan last year, the condition pushed the envelope. a roadside bomb took his legs part of a hand, his hearing and caused brain damage this, man has come home but still has a long way back. >> are you angry or bitter about what happened in your life? >> that is a trick question. >> he can't change what
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happened but he's happy to have a permanent home here. he's grateful for his wife ask learning to get around now on artificial legs. he appreciates the work that went on outside, too. and there are volunteers combining force tosz put rails on a wheelchair ramp. chris does not think we do enough for returning wounded vets. >> there is help with being able to do his own thing. >> one goal is going to college and studying medicine. he did serve as a medic. >> i want to go to ledge and be a real doctor. >> it's a lofty goal and a long road but compare then and now. he's come a very long wi. >> and there mostly i just see the man i married. >> for better now, through the worst.
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>> that is an incredible journey. >> wish him well. turning our attention back. >> now there, is another nice-looking day. >> and and sunny skies and go together coast around the bay, mid to upper 80s into warmest locations and the accu-weather forecast topping out at 90 inland spots tomorrow and saturday temperatures dropping just a couple degrees sunday and warm monday, and by late next week, back up to 90s again. >> there is no rain. >> big showdown of the ballpark is almost here. >> up next, donlers come to town for what could be a winner take
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then imagine driving 85 miles per hour legally. the stretch of highway that will have highest speed limit in the country. >> also the president just arrived at democratic convention at 11:00 here on abc 7 where he'll deliver his
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speech. this going to be live from charlotte for us coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and we'll see you then, and now, let's turn our attention to sports and boy, that a's what a tough one for that pitcher. >> yes. there is on the mend. he is recovering after surgery to relief pressure on his head. and he was taken to a receive a ct scan. a's gm voted -- quoted saying we're glad to report he's stable awake ask alert. >> good news there. a's had their work cut out for them. the absence only magnifies it. there is baltimore topping wild card standings 17 of the next 20 games will be on the road. there is a come binned -- combined 77 games. >> a schedule is a schedule. if there are a lot of games on the road it means a lot at so
6:55 pm
there is nothing we can do about that. we've done well on the road at times. and we're going have to do it again. >> and a's in seattle, tomorrow, giants put a hold on nl west with a winning series against dodgers. there the teams open a set tomorrow might. name wise it's a marquis pitching match up. tim lincecum opposite josh beckett. both struggled this year. this is september. and there is a pen yat race, expect a duel. eem yogs run high. >> there is trying to do every season open for business. >> i think both teams look at this as a big series. it's going to be intense out there. it's the way you plate game. that is why we're here. this is what you should look
6:56 pm
for, too. >> and tomorrow night for what he did as a coach. nellie joined fellow class members today and won an nba record and this is often saddled with undersized teams. >> lift that score sup one thing we can do. we can't battle witness. open up and let's have fun and score a lot of points and we want a lot of games doing that. >> there is art model passed away at age 87. he negotiate negotiated the launch of monday night football but will be better remembered for moving browns to baltimore in 1996. >> and raiders open a season on monday night football,
6:57 pm
hosting san diego and both teams fail td make playoffs. what should we expect? >> week one, you never know what you're going to see. you've got to be ready for everything. so this is we're not real comfortable going into this. we've had a great start to the week. and are going to go in and we know we have to play our best football. >> for years field tried to keep up with tiger woods. now, tiger woods feendz himself trying to keep up with rory mcel roy. both men with three wins but rory coming off a win. the two appeared together first round of the bmw championship. there is a tiger two ask three one yards going in. ah. there is a tiger settling for
6:58 pm
par. an ace and he would have led the tournament. there is a chip in birdie a 7 under 65 for tiger. and there is fun to watch those two together. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news and for all of us here, have a good night. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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