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. good friday morning many i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. vallejo police looking for the gunman who shot and killed two people in a home with a small child nearby. amy hollyfield is live at the scene on atherton street. >> reporter: good morning. police are still here this is a very active scene. take a look at what is happening now, they are telling -- they are towing a car out of this driveway, the second we've seen towed out of here since we've been here the last 30 minutes. i don't know why, that will be one of our questions for police as soon as we are able to talk to them. they are still busy inside the crime tape this morning even though this happened at 9:18 last night in the 1000 block
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witnesses saw two black men in hooded sweatshirts running from the scene they headed south inside the home. police found a 28-year-old woman and 31-year-old man both shot to death. they also found a toddler in the home, the child is okay. family members late area rifed here at the scene and were -- later arrived here at the scene and were distraught, including a woman who fainted when she heard about the murders. police have not told us what they think the possible motive could be. this investigation is still very active. we will be here throughout the morning stay with us, check back with us. we'll let you know as soon as we get more information. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning, a memorial outside the california highway patrol's martinez office continues to grow in honor of a fallen officer. 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom
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was wounded tuesday he was taken off life support wednesday night. youngstrom's body is still at john muir medical center. he's an organ and tissue donor doctors say he has the potential to save more than 50 lives. community members ever touched by his sacrifice and leaving flowers, cards and balloons at the office where he worked. >> this officer was injured and killed in a senseless act. we just wanted to bring these balloons to show our support. >> there's a facebook campaign to dedicate a stretch of 680 in memory of youngstrom. this morning there are 16,000 likes. to become an organ donor contact the network you can reach them at the number on your screen or through a link on look under see it on tv.
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if you would like to contribute to the officer's family visit any wells fargo bank. we've received thousands of condolences for officer youngstrom's family, friends and colleagues on our facebook page. go to the contra costa county district attorney's office dropped charges against a man accused of attacking a san pablo councilman. the d.a.'s office could not find enough evidence to charge the man with assault he had been accused of punching the councilman july 3rd, in richmond. he says he fell and hit his head and woke up in his car near golden gate fields itch investigators say beale had give -- given them a different account of what happened. president obama hitting the campaign trail in
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new hampshire and eye way, mitt romney will hit the same battleground states. the president is trying to keep up the momentum following his speech. mark matthews reports from charlotte, north carolina. >> the president: madame chairwoman, delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [ cheering and applause [ >> reporter: president obama said he wants to restore the values that built america. >> the president: the largest middle class and strongest economy the world has ever known. >> reporter: and characterized the republican plan as the same prescription they've had for 30 years. >> the president: feel a cold coming on, take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations and call us in the morning. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: he cautioned some in his party not to depend on government to solve every problem and lit into republicans for believing government is the problem.
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>> the president: any more than our welfare recipients or corporations, or unions or immigrants, or gays or any other group we are told to blame for our troubles. >> reporter: on foreign policy he listed his successes including the death of bin laden and jocked about mitt romney's lack of experience. >> the president: you might not be ready for diplomacy with bayning -- with beijing if you can visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. >> reporter: he finished his speech telling americans they are the hope and change. >> the president: we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eye on that distant horizon knowing providence is with us and we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth! [ cheering and applause ] >> he really gave us a lot of hope, we the people who have
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brought us this far. >> he was the president of the united states speaking with the passion from his heart. >> barack was emotional and inspirational. talking to the heart of the american people. >> i thought he nailed it. i thought he was inspiring. this crowd is going wild and they are all going to be voting in november. >> reporter: reporting from charlotte, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> after the president, it was former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords who received the biggest applause cheers and tears as she led delegates in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america. and to the republic for which you stand, one nation. >> giffords was critically wonned by a gunman in tuscan inian 2011. her recovery has captured the
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heart of the nation. she left congress in january of this year to continue her recovery. this morning we are waiting for the government's august employment report which could show stronger than expected gains in hiring. early forecasts predict the unemployment rate will remain unchanged at 8.2%. a tracking firm reports 200,000 jobs created last month with hiring in the private sector. yesterday the government report the number of americans applying for unemployment fell by 12,000. we'll bring the numbers as soon as we get them. we've got another set of numbers ready to go now. >> yeah, lisa argen is in to employ all her weather tools and give you a look at forecast. good morning. we are starting out with live doppler 7 hd, quiet we've had activity the past couple of days, today most of that activity confined to the sierra nevada, southern sierra, fog has pulled from the coast if you are headed into the city from marin, a few areas
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of patchy fog. the rest of the day everyone will be seeing ive sunshine. by 7:00, from the 50s to upper 50s. noontime getting a few 70s inland. by the afternoon looks like around the bay today, very comfortable temperatures numbers climbing through the 70s by 4:00, in the afternoon highs in the upper 70s that's bayside. inland you are going to warm further another 10° or so taking your high today to around 90 even at our coast 60s, sun, look at the weekend doesn't change too much, up and down a little. by sunday looks like numbers will be on the warm side inland. good morning many happy friday we go to southern marin area where we've got golden gate bridge all the way to sir francis drake, repaving work. i just came by there, a lot of machinery out there, bright lights, it is hard to see
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coming in the southbound direction the lights are shining right in your eyes, expect that to be picked up hopefully by 6:00 this morning. accident in that vicinity northbound 101 tiburon boulevard two trucks moved to the shoulder. they shouldn't be blocking any lanes. elsewhere, roadwork eastbound highway 4 at loveridge traffic diverted off right there and right back on eastbound highway 4 should be picked up by 5:00 this morning. live shot of the golden gate bridge southbound, northbound side roadwork one lane then opens up to two lanes in both directions for the rest of the span. bay bridge toll is very friday light, no -- no metering lights. 4:40. opening up old wounds for a purpose, the mission a film maker is on to turn the tragedy of the san bruno pipeline explosion into an
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good morning. live picture of san francisco you can see the bay bridge both sides of the bay few clouds, lisa argen says we've got good visibility. going to be a beautiful day. she will look at your weekend forecast coming up. right now this news for you. if you have business with the city of oakland, you will have to wait until next tuesday. today is a if you are lay day. city hall offices closed monday for the holiday celebrating california's entry into the union. police, fire and emergency services are not affected. there will be no street sweeping, but parking regulations will be enforced. city employees will take the
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time off unpaid as part after the agreement to help balance the city's budget. almost two years after the san bruno pipeline explosion a film maker has turned the tragedy into a document it is titled "trial by fire." it includes interviews with people who lived in the neighborhood where the explosion happened. as well as first responders, witnesses and city leaders. survivors. 2010 blast attended a special screening yesterday. >> it was very edgey, thank goodness i had my family to walk through, i've had a hard time just you know, recovering from this. >> the documentary is available at the san mateo county history museum in redwood city. it can be checked out at the research library. a woman seeking revenge against an ex is in custody this morning accused of phoning in a bomb threat that forced a jet to turn around and return to philadelphia shortly after takeoff. we brought this story to you
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live yesterday on the morning news. police say the woman wanted to get her ex-boyfriend on that flight arrested. he was dragged from the plane in handcuffs by a s.w.a.t. team who thought he was carrying explosives. first he was cleared and released. but his day got worse when he arrived in dallas he was arrested on an outstanding warrant on a marijuana charge. he was going to texas to celebrate his birthday. 4:45. bay area firefighter about to be honored. how he put his life on the line to satisfy three stagers. east bay student vanishes rafting down a river what investigators are using to try and find a sign of him. apple tunes in on a new venture. how it could be streaming on your virtual radio. what is going to be missing from the lunch menu at
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good friday morning many plenty warmth across the nation should be a nice day we are expecting strong storms across chicago midway and o'hare you have to check in if you are flying into the nation's mid section. back home low clouds and fog absent for now. pretty good conditions no delays at sfo. nice weekend ahead, details on that coming up. sheriff's deputies considering their next move in the search for a bay area man missing along the sacramento river, 20-year-old brett olson of lafayette vanished sunday. his friends last saw him near a spot on the river called beer can beach, dogs sniffed for any signs of olson. his family and friends have joined the search, led by deputies. missing flyers have appeared on the campus in lafayette where olson went to school
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he's in his junior year. it was very emotional, the campus is emotional about it, the community is emotional about it. our thoughts are with them hopefully this will end okay. >> olson's family is pouring over video like this one taken at the beach hoping they might see him in the background. san francisco firefighter will receive the state's highest honor next week in sacramento. he is being awared the governor's medal of valor for saving three lives during a fire in chinatown early new year's morning 2011. he risked his life down a ladder across an alley to a third floor window where he pulled a couple to safety. he immediately rushed back to rescue another trapped byrne. the governor will present him with the medal next thursday. state officials say
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governor brown's travel ban has saved the taxpayers at least 85 million dollars since he took office. brown issued executive order in april of last year banning unnecessary travel for state workers. officials say the state spent 144 million dollars in travel during brown's first year in office, compared to the 229 million spent during governor schwarzenegger's final year. let the image cleanup begin. prince harry returned to afghanistan this morning. the prince will be flying apache attack helicopters during a four month tour. britain's process it will not open an investigation into the tabloid that ran these now infamous nude photos of prince harry in las vegas. the sun was the country's only paper to publish photos of harry. the agency says it is not looking into the matter because buckingham palace has not filed a complaint. lawyers for the royal family
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warned that running the photos would violate the prince's privacy. more coming up on "good morning america." apple may be taking over a popular app, considering getting into the virtual radio station business. apple is in talks to license music for a custom radio service which would put it in direct competition with pandora and similar sites. apple service would work across devices including iphone, ipad and mac but not android phones. apple yet to comment. [ unintelligible ] this time of year we don't have to worry, we settle into this nice pattern, september, october, i think we are due in fact no radar picture will get active over the weekend. quiet start, 6:45 official
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sunrise, 7:29, nights are getting longer and we are giving -- we are getting cool north bay valleys. north bay clouds from marin they pulled away temporarily from the coast. half moon bay clear also along the peninsula. we will see a few more sneak in and around the bay throughout the next couple of hours. right now numbers are chilly at our coast 46 half moon bay, 49 santa rosa, with this drier air and not much in the way of low clouds and fog we are getting cool numbers, temperatures dropping into the valleys and draining into the valleys there. bundle up if you are headed to napa this morning. 56 oakland, 58 mountain view, 5 san jose. a few -- 56 san jose. a mild pattern setting up for not only today, tomorrow into sunday so the weekend looks nice if you like it warmer, we will have a few warmer days
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here and there next week not looking for any big changes. headed to the easted is sierra nevada showers and thunderstorms possible especially around yosemite points south overall, drier air in the forecast going to allow for temperatures today to warm quickly with a lot of sunshine, 92 with threat of er in yo telly, -- yosemite, south bay 82 san jose, seasonal, 77 menlo park on the peninsula, cool but sun in the sunset at 60 in the north bay highs from low 90s you have to get far up to clear lake 72 oakland inland east bay mid 80s from dublin 91 in brentwood here not that much fog none ray, 76 later on in santa cruz. comfortable through the weekend and with a few degrees up and a few degrees down.
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good morning. happy friday. big game tonight at at&t giants back in town, dodgers you can expect delays around the embarcadero, 280 extension king street around at&t park game time 7:15. friday get away traffic in that have y. -- in that vicinity. we have an accident off to the shoulder the same vicinity where roadwork going on northbound 101 at the tiburon boulevard exit. live look at traffic south on san rafael light, taillights past of the civic center as you head into the macarthur maze traffic smoothly light too past golden gate field into the bay bridge toll where metering lights remain off, traffic very light incline section into san francisco. stunning new research may
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have some women rethinking getting mammograms. researchers found the x-rays could raise chance of breast cancer for women under 30, certain women. the study found they mostly affect women with a certain gene mutation common in eastern european jewish population. the study suggests mri's are safer for those women. the study raises caution flags about how doctors treat women with gene mutations. tonight dozens of hollywood stars will be asking you to step up in the national fight against cancer. in the third stand-up to cancer telethon watch beginning 8 p.m. right here on abc7. stand up to cancer has raised more than 180 million dollars for cancer research. 50 hours per year a study shows grandparents provide at
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least that much time caring for grandkids more than 60% at least for one year from the decade 1998 to 2008, during the same time 70% of them did it more than two years. the study finds that grandparents with more education and higher incomes provide more childcare, probably for free. the study is in the journal of family issues. students at one school giving up meat one day a week. meatless mondays, take effect next week in mess san ton school district part of an international movement that began in 2003. the goal is to promote healthy living for students and the planet. pleasanton is the second district in the bay area to give up meat one day a weak. novato district also takes part in the program. we are following developing news on the peninsula where the search is on this morning for a father accused of kidnapping his
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children. terry mcsweeney will be live with the bizarre twist in the escape this case is taking. frightening scene in a bay area neighborhood. the police manhunt that forced neighbors to lock themselves in their homes. and the health hazards city says homeless are posing to water ways.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.


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