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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 7, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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we'll see you in half an hour. tonight, jobs showdown. the new jobs number, not good enough. the candidates facing off about what needs to be done. and clint eastwood finally weighs in about what he was thinking in that encounter with a chair. sand blast. a wall of sand 2,500 feet high blankets an american city. warrior prince. a secret mission in afghanistan for prince harry in the wake of his scandal. and what was he doing? a little girl tries to grab a baseball souvenir, when a grown man twice her size snatches the prize. the new twist to the story tonight. >> this little girl really wants a ball. good evening. as we come on the air, the confetti and crackle of the
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political conventions have ended, and it's back to a hard reality. those new jobs numbers, showing an american economy stuck in neutral, just 96,000 jobs created in the month of august. and that is far below prediction. and everyone is wondering, if the president already knew these numbers last night. if we were looking at it in his face. abc's jake tapper is here to tell us right now. jake? >> reporter: greeting from iowa city. white house officials had been hoping for the economy to start picking up this fall to help the president, but these numbers indicate that likely will not be the case, paving an all the more treacherous road for the president's re-election chances in these last 60 days. for the first time this campaign season, the president, vice president, and their wives hit the campaign trail, trying to portray an image of success and triumph. but disappointing jobs numbers rained on their parade. though in portsmouth, new hampshire, the president attempted the best possible
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spin. >> today we learned that after losing around 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row, a total of more than 4.6 million jobs. but that's not good enough. we know it's not good enough. >> reporter: no, it's not. the white house was given the jobs numbers yesterday but officials will not say if the president saw them before his big speech. this morning mitt romney called that speech extraordinarily surprising and disappointing. saying last night's party was followed with this morning's hangover. >> almost 400,000 people dropped out of the workforce altogether. it's just simply unimaginable. >> reporter: the race remains tight with neither candidate at majority support. the latest gallup poll has obama up 48% to romney's 45%. those undecided voters will decide the election. the president hopes they'll see this election not as a
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referendum on his performance as president, but as a choice between two competing economic visions. his -- tax increases on wealthier americans and spending on education, and on putting people back to work with jobs constructing roads and bridges. today romney attacked the president's economic policies as a massive failure. >> if president obama was re-elected, we would have four more years of the last four years and the american people are going to say no to that. >> reporter: romney is pushing less regulation and lower taxes for businesses. a pitch that met with the president's mockery. >> all they have to offer is the same prescriptions they've had for the last 30 years. tax cuts. tax cuts to help you lose a few extra pounds. [ laughter ] tax cuts to improve your love life. [ laughter ] it will cure anything. according to them. >> reporter: almost 36 million americans watched the final night of the democratic national convention, about 2.5 million fewer than watched it four years ago, but with these wanting
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economic numbers, the president's tv ratings can't be foremost on his mind. >> now let's break down the jobs numbers. abc's david muir is here. who won who lost last month? >> you saw the net number, 103,000 jobs added in the private sector. it would have been higher if not for the losses in the government sector and manufacturing. losing 15,000 jobs there too. >> what about the corporations? what are they saying about hiring? why the stall? >> we asked so many economists about this. they point out corporations are sitting on an extra $300 billion in profit, not spending it to hire, because they're going to wait until the election. wait until the fiscal cliff at the end of the year is addressed. >> so they won't hire until after the results of the election which leaves us with 8.1% unemployment. what does that mean for the president? >> that's what we asked for the economists. they point out, if they continue to create jobs, even at the pace we saw today, we could see the unemployment rate go from 8.1,
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down to 7.9%, a psychological threshold for this president. that he got it back to the number it was at when he took office. if he doesn't get it there, the romney campaign will hammer it home. >> thank you, david. jobs in america will be front and center with george stephanopoulos with paul ryan on "this week" on sunday and we'll all be watching. also today, the man who created probably the most talked about moment at any convention, broke his silence today. clint eastwood. he finally addressed what he was thinking with the monologue to that empty chair. here's abc's dan harris. >> i've got mr. obama sitting here. >> reporter: whether you thought it was rambling and cringeworthy -- >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself! >> reporter: -- or hilarious and brilliant -- >> i'm not going to shut up.
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it's my turn. >> reporter: -- there's no denying it was the most talked-about speech of either convention. and now, in an interview with his hometown paper in california, "the carmel pinecone," clint eastwood gives a blow-by-blow of how it came to be. the morning of his speech, as he flew to tampa, he still hadn't chosen his words. >> they vet most of the people, but i told them, you can't do that with me, because i don't know what i'm going to say. 15 minutes before he spoke, he arrived at the hall, still no plan. then right before he took the stage -- inspiration. there was a stool there and some fella kept asking me if i wanted to sit down. when i saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea. >> i just -- >> reporter: he acknowledges he stumbled a bit up there and that he went longer than he was supposed to. but when people are applauding so much it takes you ten minutes to say five minutes' worth. after the speech, eastwood went
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backstage, where he says paul ryan thanked him. they were very enthusiastic and we were all laughing. >> you're absolutely crazy. >> reporter: the speech immediately became a media phenomenon, but eastwood himself had no idea. until the next day. tonight, the hollywood legend is unapologetic. of his detractors, he says, they are obviously on the left. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> thank you, dan. now we move on to the virus causing a health alert at one of the nation's most popular vacation spots, yosemite national park. tonight the number of patients is growing and the virus is mysterious, potentially deadly. nearly 30,000 people could now be at risk. abc's david wright is tracking it all for us. >> reporter: in one of the most beautiful places on earth, a deadly disease is lurking. yosemite rangers are warning every visitor about the outbreak
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of hantavirus, spread by rodents. >> actually had a mouse run across my head! definitely scared me pretty good. >> reporter: already eight people are known to have contracted the illness. as of today, three have died -- in california, pennsylvania, and west virginia. and there may be more cases -- as far away as france. >> this outbreak appears to be unusual in terms of the number of people affected and certainly the number of deaths. >> reporter: the outbreak was first traced to the popular curry village campsite, where rodents had burrowed into the insulation of tents. officials now believe a second campsite in tuolomne meadows was also infected. last week, warnings like these went out to 10,000 people who visited curry village since june. overnight, notices went out to an additional 19,000 tuolomne visitors. 29,000 recent park visitors in all. >> this is possibly the greatest cluster which has occurred in the united states that i am aware of. >> reporter: early symptoms, can
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take up to six weeks to appear, including fatigue, fever, and chills, giving way to coughing and breathing problems as the lungs fill with fluid. the worst part is, there is no known treatment or cure. >> there is really nothing you can do preemptively if you were exposed to hanta virus. >> reporter: for one of america's oldest and most popular national parks, a serious threat. yosemite's majestic beauty attracts visitors worldwide. now that could mean a worldwide epidemic. david wright, abc news, los angeles. now to phoenix. imagine looking out your window and seeing this, a giant wall of dust, 2,500 feet high. as abc's neal karlinsky tells us, it's just the beginning of the extreme weather erupting there. >> reporter: the giant dust storm that blanketed phoenix,
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was so thick, so other worldly, people throughout the city took out their cameras to record it. >> this is insane. look at this thing move. it's just moving quickly. >> reporter: time lapse captures it best. in this one, recorded by a private photographer, you can see a wall of sand so well defined, it looks almost like a hollywood special effect as it coats the city, turning daylight into an unhealthy brown haze. mike olbinski was behind the camera. >> the winds weren't super strong, so there was dust and haze in the air for at least an hour after it hit. all my equipment got pretty nasty and trashed. >> reporter: at its peak around sunset, the cloud rose 2,500 feet into sky, causing some flight delays and forcing motorists to pull over for their own safety. this wall of sand and dust is known as a haboob. from the arabic word for wind. when it happens conditions have to be just right. a small, but intense downdraft is pushed forward by the front of a thunderstorm, picking up
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dust and debris as it blows in. >> when you see them, your visibility can go from unlimited down to zero in a very short period of time. >> reporter: the dust storm was just the leading edge of a very bad 24 hours in phoenix. it was cleared away by a burst of sudden, heavy rain, a downpour that quickly flooded streets, paralyzing the city for much of today. the good news tonight, waters are already receding on some flooded roads. the bad news, dust storm, or haboob season lasts another three weeks. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. still ahead on "world news," prince harry, what is he going to do as he heads on a new mission to afghanistan tonight? you know why i sell tools? tools are uncomplicated.
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there was a surprise announcement today. prince harry, who has been making tabloid headlines, arrived in afghanistan. his fellow troops there will know him as captain harry wales. abc's muhammad lila tells us about it from kabul. >> reporter: the warrior prince arrived in afghanistan overnight. a mission so secret we couldn't report it until he'd already landed. >> he will be in a difficult and demanding job and i ask that he be left to get on with his duties. >> reporter: his duties include flying a heavily armed apache helicopter into combat. his presence here may be public but because of recent attacks, where afghans turn their guns on coalition partners, harry won't come into contact with any afghan soldier. and for the next four months, he'll live not as a prince with privilege, but on base in an ordinary shipping container he'll share with another soldier. harry spent time training in
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the famous top gun flight school in california. he spoke to abc's bob woodruff about his desire to face combat. >> at the end of the day you're in a war zone and you're responsible for the guys to the left and the guys to the right. and i think it's really that simple. >> reporter: a responsibility shared by a long list of royal relatives who've served in the military. from brother william to uncle andrew, who fought in the falklands wars. it's a world away from the spotlight harry's used to. it was just this week the prince made his first public appearance since celebrity website tmz posted racy photos of him at a wild, late-night party in vegas. >> memories are short. now he's hare the -- harry the hero, not harry the play boy prince. >> reporter: the prince who's been training for the role of hero all his life. muhammad lila, abc news, kabul. and coming up, it looks like this man is leaving the airport with his own bags.
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rate of 5.375%. now they pay just 4.25%. we do have a new clue into the mystery of those millions of bags lost or stolen at the airport each year. watch this closely. it's a surveillance tape from an airport in houston. this man looks like he's collecting his things from the baggage claim, even enlists a porter to help him. then piles the bags in his pickup, then drives off, five sets of golf clubs, a mountain bike, $15,000 worth. police say it was brazen and they're on the hunt for the suspect tonight. we have a new study tonight from brooklyn college, telling us something we've never heard before. turns out women see colors more crisply than men mp this is a blade of grass as seen by a woman. and now, as seen by a man.
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now, there are a few cardinal rules in baseball. don't talk about a no-hitter when it's in progress. don't disrespect the umpire and maybe most importantly, if you catch a foul ball, give it to a kid. a man at a game in florida last night broke that rule and now we're hearing from the little girl who got aced out by someone twice her size. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: it's an age-old tradition, tossing a ball to a kid between innings. >> oh, my! the little girl is boxed out. rewind, we need to see that again, boxed out by a grown man. look at that pout! >> and look at the face. now tonight, it looked like you
5:54 pm
were gonna get a ball until some rude guy put his hand in front and stole the ball away. is that what happened? >> yes, that's what happened! >> reporter: similar situation at a recent ranger game. >> announcer: oh my god, they can't give it to the kid, that's awful. >> reporter: posing with her prize, while a 3-year-old bawled inconsolably. >> announcer: they're really rubbing it in the kid's face! >> reporter: they later claimed they never saw the crying kid. >> there's not a person that knows us that doesn't agree we we would given the ball to the child. >> reporter: back at the brewers game, little emily martin wasn't giving up. >> announcer: this little girl wants a ball. she's doing everything she can do. anyone, please, just a ball! >> reporter: it pays off, she wound up with two. >> nice going. >> thank you very much. i love you! >> reporter: you know the phrase, "easy as taking candy from a baby?" i'm coining a new cliche, "mean
5:55 pm
as grabbing a foul ball from a fourth grader." nick watt, abc news, los angeles. we want to invite you to watch a ground-breaking effort to raise money for cancer research. it's called stand up to cancer, 8:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to watch. but we want to leave you now with a different kind of person of the week. the people of charlotte, north carolina, and tampa, florida, gave us such gracious welcome amid the chaos of the conventions. we wanted to say thank you, including for the fried chick nen charlotte, and in tampa, one of the best cuban sandwiches of our lives. you can find the ingredients online. to all of you who love your hometown, including the people of charlotte and tampa, goodnight. ♪
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tonight a discovery along a rural highway. we're live to find out whether it will end the search for a missing teenager. >> a man has his children on board a stolen sail boat. a woman lost her baby because of his violent past. >> and late news from secretary.
5:59 pm
a -- sacramento. a ruling on the murder of an east bay college student and commuted sentence of a killer. >> and katie couric opens up about her personal war against cancer. she may have saved more lives than most doctors have. >> along this rural stretch of highway 101, discovery of a young woman's body. the question is could it be the remains of sierra lamar? good evening, everyone. >> the 15-year-old qorld will have been missing six months next weekend. she's presumed dead so is this now the tragic proof? authorities are on the scene now and a body has been found, discovered in a wooded area off cannon road. we're live with the latest on this developing story. >> right. we have confirmation that this is indeed a homicide investigation, and a body is back of a female. however,


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