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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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new workweek hope you had a great weekend thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in the east bay a woman is in critical condition following a deadly weekend traffic accident that claimed a life the driver is in jail facing felony charges. amy hollyfield is in walnut creek with details. >> reporter: we are learning more about the relationship between the two women. the mercury news is reporting that the woman who is in the hospital and very critical condition is a young woman this her 20s. the woman who was killed was her mother-in-law, here visiting her son and his new wife. they got married over the summer now the young wife is here in the hospital.
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police say, the driver who hit them is 53-year-old man, he has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter. police say it is too early to know if he was speeding, on drugs or had been drinking. witnesses describe it as a horrific scene. the two women were walking with two men on the sidewalk, when the pick-up hit them. witnesses say 52-year-old sherry hicks landed 80 feet away, she died instantly. the younger woman hicks' daughter-in-law, was taken to the hospital described as being in her 20s. now this young man dealing with the death of his mother while at the bedside of his new wife. terrible tram did. one that witnesses say -- terrible tragedy, one that witnesses say they will never forget. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a father and son have
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quite a story to tell about their weekend on a flight along the central coast they were forced to make an emergency landing in the pacific ocean. coast guard raced to reach the then 38 miles off the coast yesterday afternoon. helicopter rescue crew from san francisco responded to the may-day call. video shows that rescue. winds were howling and the sea plane was partially submerged. the 70-year-old man was suffering from hypothermia, his son also rescued but they refused medical treatment. much more on the story coming up at the top of the hour. bay area man hailed as a hero after helping rescue two south san francisco kids kidnapped by their father and taken to the . the fisherman who encountered the boat -- suppose to
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abc7 news he says he was trolling for tuna thursday when he noticed a boat sailing in circles the man onboard say he was going to hawaii but had run short on fuel. robin net thought it was odd. >> -- i'll direct you to the field dock and you can get fuel. his answer was, no, if i go in there i'll have to stay, which i found another red flag. >> man was christopher maffei who police say kidnapped his son and daughter and stole the boat. robinnet conducted the coast guard. maffei is in the san mateo county jail. memorial service being planned for the missing lafayette man whose body was found on the sacramento river yesterday morning. a fisherman discovered brett olson's body two miles from where he disappeared a week ago. vanished while taking part in the annual float with
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thousands of other young people. >> the sheriff believes there was no foul play and that olson simply drowned. an autopsy will take place tomorrow. officials credited the dozens of volunteers to joined the search for the cal-poly student. >> a week helping look for him and unfortunately, it came to a tragic ending, but their efforts were not in vain. >> olson's family and friends plan to honor him with a candlelight vigil tomorrow evening at 7 p.m.. >> 4:35. community meeting will be held later today to address a tasing indent involving a dog-walker in january along a trail by the golden gate recreation area. a park ranger tased the dog walker after he gave the rainer a false name and began walking away.
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-- the park service has exonerated the ranger. the dog-walker is suing the national park service. the presidential campaign will be picking up steam this week now that both have wrapped up their national conventions. president obama is ahead in new poll numbers. mitt romney says, if elected, he would keep parts of the president's health care plan. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: the campaigns are hunkering down in crucial states with president obama getting a live out of the convention last week. gallup poll has mr. obama five point as head. courting seniors in florida over the weekend the president blasted the romney medicare plan. >> the president: here's the bottom line, their plan bankrupts medicare, our plan strengthens medicare. >> reporter: romney used the disappointing august job
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numbers, to rip president obama's record. >> it is a jobless recovery. if it is a recover. it didn't look like a recover. >> reporter: the obama campaign hit back with vice president biden in ohio attacking romney's economic plan. >> folks, we've seen this movie before, we know how it ends in catastrophe for the middle class. >> reporter: health care debated romney raising eyebrows for months he said he would repeal the president's health care law. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform, there are a number of things that i like this health care reform that i'm going to put in place, those with preexisting conditions with get coverage. >> reporter: today romney heads to ohio no republican has ever won the white house without winning the buckeye state. without ohio romney would need to win every other battleground state to capture white house. the obama team pulled ahead in fundraising bringing in 114 million dollars in august to
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the romney campaign's weather 11 million. tahman bradley, -- abc news. governor brown defending his fitness challenge against new jersey governor christie at the start of the republican nation cal convention christie called brown an old retread. brown issued a challenge, this weekend brown clarified that, saying it was not an attack against christie's weight but a way to show that at 74 he's not over-the-hill. >> i was warmed up, i said okay christie, i challenge to you a three mile race, try some chin-ups and push-ups. >> saying he's overweight. >> no, it says this old retread can beat you any day of the week. >> christie responded last week telling reporters that brown can have that contest with himself. 4:38. hope you joined -- hope you
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enjoyed yesterday, pretty warm. >> short. >> when you have that kind of weather they seem short. we'll have more of those weekends through the latter parts of september and early okay. low pressure to our south, low pressure to our north in between high pressure sandwich that's why temperatures continue to climb today, tomorrow and early parts of this week. today a few clouds and a few clear spots especially inland, low to mid 50s, a few 40s north bay, getting into fall when santa rosa and napa are starting to fall in the 40s at night. sunshine from time to time, temperatures 57 at noon, 64 at 4:00, 60 at 7:00. around the bay and inland sunshine the entire day mid 70s to 80 lunchtime upper 70s to mid 80s 4:00, upper 60s around the bay and upper 70s inland.
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temperatures near normal tomorrow as we warm up a couple more degrees. above average wednesday and thursday. time for traffic and sue. good morning many happy monday. hayward area southbound 880 industrial accident, it is off to the shoulder now and i don't see any major slowing past the scene. elsewhere westbound 580 eden canyon earlier this morning, overturn right line in the process of being cleared on the dublin grade. eastbound 4 continuing with that roadwork a few more minutes. eastbound lanes blocked loveridge detour in place getting off the freeway and right back on eastbound highway 4. northbound 880 at high lanes blocked for construction and roadwork until 5:00 this morning. northbound and southbound 680 lanes blocked into 6:00 this morning with construction and roadwork there as well. bay bridge toll traffic
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flowing smoothly, looking good into san francisco. next, good news for a u.s. insurer savedded from collapse in a -- safed from collapse. you know christmas is months away. toys "r" us is getting a jump on it with a tablet just for kids. bay area school district that is making its cafeteria meat-free today. what inspired the change? @
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>> a toys "r" us tablet expected to an today hand-held computer design for kids about $150. it is dangerous to search online for actress emma watson. she is the favorite celebrity
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bait to lure to you a malicious website. the supernatural expansion pack adds more to the game. >> this game takes elements from all those popular movies and tv shows and taxes night the expansion pack. >> that brings more excitement to simms three supernatural. google's models wearing google glasses. those are your tech bites. new this morning, u.s. treasury department selling more of its shares of aig that will decrease holdings and the move should bring the government's stake in the company below majority stake for the first time since the 182 billion dollar bailout in 2008. aig nearly collapsed until the
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government bailed them out. there will be something missing from lunch trays in one part of the bay area today, meat--- meatless mondays. part of an international movement that began in 2003 designed to educate students about the health benefits of eating less meat. officials admit it could take a while to get students used to the vegetarian menus. the terror warning from the feds ahead of tomorrow's september 11th, anniversary. >> bay area marks another tragic milestone how san bruno residents are remembering the 2010 pipeline explosion. a tornado wreaks havoc in new york. did you get that? the newest dance craze sweep being the nation. we'll tell b
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welcome back. highs across the united states today, almost fall-like seattle and portland, 60s there, also boston, 70s new york, d.c., chicago great falls, 80s and 90s elsewhere don't see triple digits anywhere today. if you are flying we have flight arrival delays into newark otherwise check out major airports across the lower 48 all in green which means they are on time. the lack of low clouds so far means we may get by without having delays at sfo. we'll keep an eye on it. flight tracker at the bottom. tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of the september 11th, attacks this morning abc news has obtained a bulletin that warns of a lone wolf attack where one person is the attacker. they are not on high alert. within example was may have
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2010 when a man tried to blow up a car parked in times square. authorities say these types of taxes are harder to threat. -- types of attacks are harder to track. federal recognition of a link between cancer and 9/11 rescuers at ground zero could come today. announcement expected final step in the process of getting cancers covered by the 9/11 compensation fund. it has been two years since the deadly gas lotion in san bruno when a high pressure main ruptured beneath the neighborhood, eight people were killed, three dozen homes destroy. lilian kim shows how the survivors honored those who lost their lives. >> reporter: no one has suffered as much as sue. she lost her husband, son and mother-in-law in the pipeline explosion. now, their names are part of a
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memorial plaque at san bruno's city park. also among the eight who died, was elizabeth torres, her two daughters say seeing their mother's name is bittersweet. >> it is nice she is remembered, but it was -- but would rather her be here. at least she is -- she liked this park. >> reporter: city leaders unveiled the plaque to coincide with the second anniversary of the pg&e pipeline explosion. >> this evening we gather to reflect and further commit to our promise, never to forget. >> reporter: the blast was traced to a faulty weld. in all the explosion destroyed 38 homes in the crestmoor neighborhood and damaged dozens more in addition to the eight who died, several others were injured, including sandy arnold she is still recovering. >> i've had lot operations, a lot more to go. this year i'm walking, i want last year. >> reporter:ors -- others who
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survived held a moment of silence at the intersection of clermont and glen view dry near where most of the destruction occurred. >> there's not one time that i don't think about it. >> reporter: despite the link gathering -- the lingering pain and emotion many have moved back, eight homes reabout it, 13 if the process. >> everybody is friendlier, everybody smiles and says hi, because we all went through the same thing. >> reporter: in case you want to see the plaque in person it is part of this number sculpture in the middle of san bruno city park near the gazebo. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> this is unusual, cleaning up damage let by two rare tornadoes that touched down over the weekend this new york city. this one touched down in queens captured on home video. the other touched down in brooklyn. in the past 50 years, 60 tornadoes in the nation's biggest city, 10 occurred in
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the past five years. two in one day, definitely unusual. >> as new yorkers cleanup the national weather service confirmed they were tornadoes. the queens' tornado was rated an e-f 0. the brooklyn twister was rated an ef-1 winds up to 110 miles per hour. tornadoes in new york. >> yeah. >> strange sounding sentence. >> how about tornadoes in riverside? we had one last night. both coasts are getting nailed by tornadoes. >> it never rains in southern california. >> i've heard that song once or twice. we are in between systems, a lot of sun, warm weather many good morning. that year where the coast starts to clear out a little and get warm. right now clouds hanging around not as thick as they were yesterday. expect warmer weather in all
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neighborhoods into the afternoon. live doppler not seeing anything in the way of organized areas of rain maybe a little drizzle along the coast dell mist there as the clouds are slightly thick area lone the coast, you can see everywhere else. -- temperatures, 40s out there already showing up mainly north bay valleys, santa rosa 48, everybody else in the low to mid 50s monterey bay low to mid 50s. during the next couple nights cool especially valleys, sunny, mild today and tomorrow a little warming happens each day. today one to eight degrees warmer one in oakland to eight in fremont. concord, san jose and santa rosa four degrees warmer than yesterday. san francisco about three. not going to get much more widespread through 9:00, it
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will retreat quickly to the coast bay 11, maybe 12 at the most then a little clearing from north to south along the coast into the afternoon. from 60s at the coast, 80s inland. mid to upper 70s the rest of the south bay, low to mid 70s peninsula, low to mid i beties coast. upper 60s -- upper 60s downtown south san francisco upper 70s to mid 80s north bay valleys low to mid 60s at your beaches. low to mid 70s most of the east bay shore. mid 80s to upper 80s east bay valleys, 66 monterey, 77 santa cruz and 80s inland around morgan hill, gilroy and hollister mid 80s temperatures keep getting warmer will hold on through saturday and sunday a lot of inthese inland, 80s bay, 60s coast. good morning.
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back to hayward accident on 880 near davis industrial -- off to the shoulder good news hopefully getting that cleared out. eastbound 4 continuing with lanes blocked for roadwork, a few more minutes there. they have a detour in place, north 880 at high, more construction until 5:00. once again, hopefully that is on time many marin north 101 sir francis drake, i saw this coming in, lane blocked on the right, that should be picked up by 6:00 this morning hopefully on time. san mateo bridge a few taillights westbound towards the highrise and foster city no problems headlights in the eastbound direction towards hayward southbound 680 towards highway 24 on to the san ramon valley everything good into the dublin-pleasanton interchange. excited to welcome a new
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show to our afternoon line-up today. katie premieres 3:00 right here on abc7. this afternoon she will be joined by jessica simpson who will talk about juggling motherhood and challenges of losing her pregnancy weight. katie will also talk with sheryl crow who wrote and performed the show's theme song. and a few other surprises. right here at 3:00 today, her show is part of the new afternoon line-up. general hospital will air an hour earlier 1 p.m.. who wants to be a millionaire at 2:00, followed by jeopardy 2:30. katie at 3:00, followed by abc7 news at 4:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the newest craze on youtube, video featuring korean rapper have gone viral more than 120 million hits.
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the videos parody people in a wealthy part of korea. the upper body movement and catchy tune has got him a contract with justin bieber. >> bibler's management has signed him on. >> first, a dramatic rescue at sea, live report from coast guard after father and son land their plane in the waters off california's coast. warning for fare cheats on muni. why more ticketless passengers are getting caught riding for free. study linking marijuana as cause of cancer why smoking pot could put a specific group
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