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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. starting out with cloud cover around the bay and to the coast mist hanging at the coast also most of us dry as you can see on live doppler. as we head into the afternoon hours, sunshine even out at the coast temperatures in the lower to upper 60s, sunny around the bay, by 11:00 low
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to upper 70s sunny inland by 9:00, 10:00 tops upper 70s to low 80s, a little warmer than yesterday, warming trend will continue throughout the workweek, that forecast for new a few minutes. first let's get you out the door with traffic. good morning. happy monday. off to a good start. sky starting to get a little light in san jose headlights from san jose towards cupertino 280 north nice ride, this is waze app showing your drive out of the central valley and on in towards the livermore area. elsewhere traffic starting to been. up at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on fastrak lanes the way to go at this hour. annual father and son trip ends with an emergency landing in the pacific ocean. incredible rescue is caught on camera. kara clapper is live at the air station at san francisco
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international. >> reporter: the it is incredible the father and son are doing fine this morning, thanks to that daring rescue by the coast guard. we have video of the rescue it happened yesterday afternoon. it happened about 38 miles off the coast. 70-year-old man and his son on their way from santa barbara to canada when their plane down. a helicopter rescue crew responded to the may-day call. andrew kennedy is the swim responded when the two men and -- rescued the two men from choppy waters where their plane was overturned in a kelp field. >> swam over to the aircraft, put the quick strap around the 70-year-old gentleman and swam out away from the aircraft and them up. >> reporter: the father was rescued first, he was suffering from hypothermia. his son rescued shortly after
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that. both men refused treatment. kara clapper, abc7 news. :03. milpitas police searching for whomever shot and killed a 7 -- a 7-eleven employees. police respondepá to shots fired 2:15 saturday morning they found the body of a a 62-year-old employee. former supervisor nadia lockyer scheduled to be in court today on drug and child endangerment charges. investigators say they found meth and drug paraphernalia in a room she shares with her 9-year-old son. lockyer has pleaded not guilty. she was released and reentered drug rehab is the estranged wife of state treasurer bill lockyer.
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asian stock markets trading higher on anticipation the fed will announce new plans to stimulate the u.s. economy, markets in south korea hong kong, singapore and china, all rose. overseas investors betting the fed will announce new plans following friday's disappointing august jobs report. the u.s. economy added 96,000 jobs, fewer than forecasted. the fed is set to meet this wednesday. stay with abc7 news, coming up, live to bloomberg, at the new york stock exchange. :04, president obama sending his condolences to the family of the florida police officer struck and kill over the weekend while escorting his motorcade. it happened yesterday -- a pick-up truck hit the officer as he prepared to shutdown a highway. the officer died at a hospital, no charges have been filed against the driver. days after the end of the democratic national convention, president obama is enjoying a post convention bounce in the polls and treasury.
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katie marzullo joins us live from the breaking news center. >> reporter: his advisers said he did not expect the president to get much of a bum after the convention but he did new gallup poll has president obama five point as head of romney. he got a boost from one voter in florida, the bear hug seen around the world. the president popped into a pizza parlor in fort pierce and the owner maybe got a little carried away. president obama was courting seniors criticizing romney's health care plan. romney said we would not repeal all of the president's new law. >> the president: here the bottom line, their plan bankrupts medicare our plan strengthens medicare. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform there are a number of things that i like that i'm going to put in place, one is those with preexisting conditions can
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get . >> reporter: president obama raised more than 114 -- million dollars in august, romney brought in 111 million. the first time in four months the democrats have out-raised the gop. the third straight month romney has raised more than 100 million dollars. president obama plans to make another fundraising run to san francisco october 8th. today he is scheduled to be at the white house. mitt romney is holding a campaign rally in owe. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning the battleground state. >> i don't think i've ever seen anyone bear hug a president before. >> that's a first. >> you might want to give mike a big bear hug after you hear the weather forecast women >> my arms are not that long and he's over there >> and there's no secret service here either. >> i just gave you a big bear hug. >> will we have more days like yesterday and over the weekend?
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good morning. low to our south, low to our north and in between high pressure, will become more dominant, clouds in the morning, quickly will have sunshine everyday warming trend will continue today and points forward. clear spots especially inland at 7:00, most of us in the 50s, a few 40s like north bay valleys and santa cruz mountains. coastal clouds hang around through noon the rest of us sunshine, mid 70s bay, 80 inland. upper 70s to mid eight tie by 4:00 around the bay and coast still -- temperatures 64, 7:00, mainly sunny, upper 60s to upper 70s from the coast, about 60°. tuesday, near normal, temperatures warmer around the bay and coast wednesday, thursday mid 80s to mid 90s, a few 70s at the coast by thursday. here's sue. happy monday good morning.
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new accident to report southbound 680 at andreotti blocking left lane, slow past the scene. drive times heading out right now 80 from the carquinez to the maze less than 20 minutes. bunching up out of antioch highway 4 to hillcrest towards concord good. 580 off the altamont pass is starting to slow especially out of tracy area, eastbound 580 reports of an accident at grant line. live look at walnut creek southbound 680 starting to slow a little towards highway 24, brake lights down the san ramon valley towards dublin-pleasanton area no areas of concern. san rafael past freitas parkway north san pedro road moving at the limit through southern marin. public vs. private schools,
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money isn't the only difference, key health difference they find between students. apple is about to release new iphone. you want to sell your old one? the cash you can expect if you want to get rid of the phone you have now and upgrade. let's just relish this, later the victory for the 9ers not seen in more than 20 years.
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new in health news, study just released shows letting a baby cry to sleep may be best solution for sleep deprived parents. letting little ones cry while teaching them to sleep by themselves causes no long term psychological problems. the study says it doesn't harm the parent-child relationship to just let the kid cry for a while and fall asleep. the new study in the journal of pediatrics. >> new analysis from the associated press shows parents who send children to private school are much, much more likely to skip immunizations,
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opt-out. the percentage of children in private schools who didn't receive some or all vaccinations two times greater when compared to children in public schools now there's a california bill that would require parents who want to opt-out to talk to doctors first. apple is expected to release new iphone wednesday. that is setting a wave of sell-offs websites that buy back used. phones seeing a surge in interest from people who want to ditch old phones and upgrade. one website says there's demand because many apple fans decided against upgrading to the iphone 4 -- iphone 4s a year ago. bay area travelers flying to southern california will be able to enjoy free wifi. l.a.x. is offering the free service, the airport is behind the times, several large
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airports across the country already offer free wireless internet. previously l.a.x. visitors had to a $9.99 an hour. >> every fast food restaurant offers it now, l.a.x. was still charging? >> another way we beat l.a.. :15 time for a look at weather. pretty murky out there in some areas especially around the bay that picture there. other areas we have clearing, through the east bay hills and valleys vollmer peak and highway 24 headlights from the east and mount diablo in the distance, sunrise coming up in 20 minutes or so, live doppler 7 hd dry there, no clouds, coast a little mist hanging around otherwise a good commute weather-wise today. 46 in santa rosa, 49 in redwood city and los gatos rest of us 50s monterey bay low to mid 50s inland to salinas 48 gilroy.
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today more warmth, still cool in our valleys tonight especially up north, los gatos, i expect a repeat of the 40s tomorrow morning. sunshine and warmth will hang out through the week into the weekend icloud cover some of it trying to spill into the north bay -- now all of it trying to court bay by 9:00, already starting to put out of whatever is in the east bay and south bay which isn't much. by noon, out to the coast already sunshine developing from north to south, during the afternoon hours. 60s to 80s, our spread today, south bay, a little smaller spread from 76 milpitas, 80 campbell, 82 los gatos, low to mid 70s peninsula, 76 redwood city, low to mid 60s coast, sunset 62, bayside downtown south san francisco warmer upper 60s same sausalito, upper 80s upper 70s to mid 80s
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north bay valleys, over to calistoga to get upper 80s 90s clear lake and ukiah. east bay shore low to upper 70s castro valley and fremont upper 70s mid to upper 80s throughout the east bay shore pretty close to temperatures in morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tonight expect 40s in the north bay valleys, mid to upper 40s the rest of us in the 50s any drizzle along the coast. temperatures by wednesday 90 inland, hang in the 90s through sunday, 80s starting wednesday through the weekend, 60s will dominate the coast everyday. here's sue. good morning. traffic flowing nicely past golden gate fields in through berkeley, emeryville on 80 westbound a little crowded, we don't have problems to report.
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into the bay bridge toll the fastrak and commute lanes carpool lanes moving well, metering lights on and traffic is backed beyond the west grand overcrossing getting shrubbish on the incline section headed into san francisco. san mateo bridge, brake lights towards the highrise westbound towards foster city, 15 minute drive from hayward to foster city. traffic flowing nicely eastbound direction, if hayward is your destination. problems southbound 880 at andreotti accident blocking left lane through the sunol grade through the central valley to the altamont pass, continues slow, 25 minutes from the altamont pass into the dublin-pleasanton area. :18. the 9ers break an ugly streak in green bay >> the health update from robin roberts, including the order she just received from doctors.
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i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. good monday morning, 6:22 live look outside of in monday on -- of the embarcadero partly cloudy start around the bay, a little chilly, meteorologist mike nicco has a warmer forecast coming up.
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the sun is already up, looking live at chicago a teachers' strike is taking place, they called a strike this morning it affects 400,000 students, the strike comes after months of negotiations, fruitless negotiations. the issues preventing a new contract are standardized student testing and teacher evaluations the first time in 25 years chicago teachers have gone on strike, 25,000 on the picket lines. today general motors anchor robin roberts will start preparing for her bone marrow transplant. she tweeted yesterday she is due to arrive at the hospital this morning. she also tweeted doctors ordered her to put on a little weight before she gets to the hospital. roberts arrived back in new york city a few days ago, following her mother's death last week. she traveled to mississippi for that in july roberts was diagnose with a blood and bone
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marrow disease. the 49ers and fans are relishing the team's victory in green bay. that's right in green bay, which may be one of the best wins on opening day in team history the 9ers first win at lambeau field since november of 1990. 9ers scored first on this pass from smith to moss. first half capped off by 63 yard field goal. 112 yards, 9ers old on for 30-22 victory they host the lions at candlestick next sunday. raiders and monday night football seem to go together they open tonight against the chargers. key to the success is mcfadden, a threat to score every time he touches the ball. he led the league last year in rushing for the first six games before injuring his foot and missing rest of the
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season. quarterback palmer who joined the team the mid of last season is look forward to playing with mcfadden. later on we check with mike to fan out about the weather for the game. still ahead and new, almost a year after his election, the sliding support for san francisco mayor lee. >> next step for family and friends of the bay area college student found dead in a california river over the weekend. remembering the san bruno disaster, two years later. the solemn ceremony bringing victims toeufplgt a look at high temperatures, 60s coast san francisco, more sun than yesterday, 70s bay, 80s inland, warmer than yesterday, fall up in the corners, 60s for seattle and portland, boston, 70s and 80s until you get down south, -- most airports on time the only one we have is newark with a flight arrival delay. live look at walnut creek
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southbound 680 drive from pleasant hill, concord towards highway 24, brake lights starting to slow just a little, another accident sunol grade. another accident sunol grade. we'l i'm a professional stylist
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is abc7 news. about 6:30 on this monday morning welcome to the abc7 morning news you are looking live at what is happening in some of the areas close to the bay. low clouds and fog, other places clear as well a bell is not true, thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze maybe some places but not around san francisco. things will change as the day goes on. good news, no flight arrival delays into sfo even with the cloud cover. live doppler mainly around the bay and coast maybe a little mist at the coast otherwise dry. upper 40s to mid 50s, sunshine by noon, mostly sunny to partly cloudy with upper 50s to mid 60s by 4:00. if you are going to be around the bay today, start with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s mostly cloudy, by noon sunshine and spread 60 to 70, 4:00 upper 60s to upper 70s, inland we hardly have
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clouds at all, temperatures run in the mid 40s to mid 40s warm into the mid 70s to near 80 by noon, upper 70s to upper 80s at the 4:00 hour, a lot of sunshine. warmer weather in the forecast coming. that in a minute. here's sue. good morning. situation on the sunol grade, southbound 680 at andreotti, i wanted to show you the waze app, that orange line showing slow traffic with our traffic reporters if you look here, picture that was sent by one of the drivers, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the sunol grade at this hour with traffic very, very slow as you head all the way from burnell in the pleasanton area towards the scene of this accident. elsewhere back-up at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on and traffic backed into the maze past the west grand and 880 overcrossing into san francisco. once you get through the metering lights, slow traffic
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on the incline up into the tunnel and traffic moves well into san francisco past the tunnel. :32. oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting near lake merritt. amy hollyfield joins us live with what is going on. she will be join us in a -- she will be joining us in a few minutes. right now this story in san leandro. police investigating a shooting that happened last night on orchard avenue, police fond a 48-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds he's in critical cal -- critical condition. woman killed in a crash in walnut creek saturday night has been identified as 52-year-old barbara hicks of santa barbara a red pick-up truck drove up on the sidewalk and struck two women. the second woman who witnesses
6:33 am
describe as hicks' daughter-in-law is in critical. the driver 53-year-old hosein tabrizi faces vehicular manslaughter. autopsy will take place tomorrow for the young man found dead over the weekend in the sacramento river. a fisherman discovered brett olson's body yesterday i am the 20-year-old vanished last week while taking part in a chico float, the sheriff believes there was no foul play and olson drowned. his family and friends plan to honor him tomorrow evening with a candlelight vigil. to solemn ceremonies in san bruno mark two year anniversary of the pipeline ex-blow shupbl and fire there. city leaders unveiled a plaque at the city park yesterday bearing the names of the eight people killed and the phase, we will never for the ceremony was attended by two surviving daughters of elizabeth torres
6:34 am
whose name on the plaque. >> nice she is remembered but i would rather her be here. at least she is part of what -- liked this park. >> another ceremony at the scene of the blast in san bruno's crestmoor neighbor -- neighborhood. tomorrow is the 11th and of september 11 . this morning officials are warning of new potential danger. bulletin warns of a lone wolf attack where one person tries to cause damage. officials say they are not on high alert. one example was may of 2010 when a man tried to blow up a car parked at times square. authorities say these types of attacks are harder to track. new poll shows san francisco mayor ed lee is losing support. the chronicle reports he's approval rate something 49% down from 60% last year.
6:35 am
political experts say the decline is not surprising. police officers association commissioned that new poll. something missing from students' lunch trays in one part of the bay area today, meatless money taste in pleasanton. novato district also takes part in the program -- part of an international movement designed to educate students about the health benefits of eating less meat. officials admit it could take a while to get students used to the new menu. >> i'd say that is probably true and maybe an understatement. >> time for the forecast. >> maybe hot like the lunch, in some areas it will be, calm conditions to a light breeze out of the south oakland three concord six fairfield eight minimal onshore wind if at all this morning stuck between an area of low pressure north and area of low pressure south
6:36 am
that brought a tornado to riverside yesterday. over top of us orange is where the driest air is, i don't think the clouds will hang around long warmer today, mid to upper 60s coast san francisco, 70s bay lower to upper 70s upper 70s to mid 80s most inland neighborhoods monday ray -- monterey bay, 66 mid to upper 70s rest of the bay. warming trend will continue today, baby steps tomorrow and then jump a couple more degrees wednesday warmest afternoon thursday low to mid 90s inland low to mid 80s bay mid to upper 60s coast. if you are looking for sunshine at our beaches wednesday, thursday, friday. over to sue with traffic. good morning. live shot of the san mateo bridge, westbound a little slow brake lights towards the
6:37 am
highrise section from hayward towards foster city. still 15 minute drive. trouble spot this morning on the sunol grade southbound 680 at andreotti reports of possibly a second accident at sunol avenue, boulevard i should say as well, very slow out of the dublin-pleasanton area towards the scene. looking at about 20, 25 minute drive heading out of the dublin-pleasanton interchange from bernal to andreotti southbound 680. 80 traveling towards the maze from the carquinez bridge, 25 minute, 22 minute dive i should say typical, bunching -- out of antioch towards pittsburg bunching up altamont pass very slow from tracy to the altamont just under 30 9's the dublin pleasanton area. -- oakland police are investigating an overnight
6:38 am
shooting near lake merritt. amy hollyfield join us live from lee street. >> reporter: it was an attempted robbery, but the robber got a surprise when the man he was attempting to steal from pulled a gun and shot him. this happened at about 1:30 in the morning in the 400 block of lee street. the suspect was taken to the hospital. the victim is okay. we just spoke with a woman who lives in this neighborhood out for her morning jog she said she heard of two or three robberies all involving a gun in the last month. she says everyone has been on edge here. it has been a very nerve-racking time knowing this is going on she was very surprised to hear this time it was the victim who shot the robber. no word on the robber's condition. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. :38. trading is -- 6:38 trading is
6:39 am
underway on wall street. >> the dow starting off about 23 points. first the controversy that has nasa scientists hoping their newest rover won't make a big find, won't make a big find on the red plan at the time. all new afternoon kicks off today with katie couric what to expect on the premiere episode of her brand new show.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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welcome back. high temperatures little warmer than yesterday, 70s, 80s inland valleys, 70s bay, 60s coast into san francisco a little more sunshine than yesterday. all is quiet down south now live doppler showing how dry sitcom paired to yesterday record rains in san diego and tornado in riverside. thunderstorms possible in southern california once again farther north you are like central valley, temperatures in the 90s through yosemite, upper 70s around tahoe and big sur. 6:43. what is trending on twitter now in the bay area: ryan reynolds and blake lively one of the tweets we are seeing a lot of because these two just got married supposedly in south carolina according to e-news. they are both trending. let's get abc7 news mornings to trend as well and katie
6:44 am
couric her show starting at 3:00: >> let's not forget ryan reynolds was married to scarlett johansson. governor brown depending his recent fitness challenge against new jersey governor christie. at the start of the republican national convention christie called brown an old retread many brown issued christie a challenge many over the weekend he clarified saying it wasn't attack on christie's weight but a way to show at 74, he's not over-the-hill. >> i warmed up in one of my speeches, i said okay christie, i challenge to you a three mile race try some chin-ups and push-ups. >> saying he's overweight? >> no -- >> christie ponded last week telling reporters that brown can have that contest -- responded last week telling record there's drown can have that contest with himself. tornadoes touched down
6:45 am
over the weekend in new york city, this one in queens the other one in brooklyn. in the past 50 fears -- in the past 50 years, -- new yorkers cleaned up and downed trees national weather says confirmed they were tornadoes queens ef-0. brooklyn twister rated ef-1 packing winds up to 110 miles per hour. while nasa scientists said they don't expect the rover to find water on mars, they are in fact, secretly hoping it won't. there's been a simmering controversy over what could happen if it did find watering drilling into the martian soil. curiosity's drill bit may be contaminated with microbes from earth that could survive if they come in contact with water thrust bringing life
6:46 am
from earth to mars. the u.s. treasury department selling more shares of aig that will decrease holdings of the bailed out insurance giant. the move should bring the government's stake in the company below a majority stake for the first time since the 182 billion dollar bailout in 2008. aig nearly collapsed then until the government bailed them out in one of the biggest wall street packages offered. more bad news this morning for employees at palo alto's hewlett-packard. good morning. there are bigger than expected job cuts over at hewlett-packard. the palo alto pc maker disclosing -- cutting 29,000 jobs, 2,000 more than announced as it targets annual says up to 3 1/2 billion dollars because of cuts. many of the cuts in the enterprise services group
6:47 am
which manages data centers, also provides information technology consulting, hewlett-packard shares slightly higher. as for stocks small declines into the trading session greece struggling to qualify for aid payments, a lot of folks waiting for the fed meeting this week. bacon the newest currency actor and comedian traveling from new york city to l.a. by car with no cash or credit card just a trailer filled with 3,000 pounds of bacon he's going to try to use that to barter for food, fuel and a place to spend the night all in a huge stunt for oscar meyer which the company plugs butcher thick cut bacon amid growing competition from gourmet bacon makers. live at the new york stock exchange, bloomberg news. >> what a shock that a bacon
6:48 am
maker would stage a stunt like this. >> i was thinking she can't be talking about bayonne now it is cruel. >> bayonne. -- about bacon it is cruel. >> let's talk about sunshine, chocolate covered have you tried it? [ inaudible ] >> tastes like chicken. >> let's move on clouds, no flight arrival delays into any our airports. live doppler showing how dry it is outside this morning. let's talk about temperatures, still in the 40s around santa rosa, redwood city, los gatos rest of us in the 50s. monterey bay low to mid 50s inland salinas, gilroy 48° the
6:49 am
kids probably need a coat, warm again this afternoon, cooler valleys tonight, sunny and warm through the forecast into the weekend. one degree warmer oakland, three in san francisco, santa rosa, san jose, concord four degrees warmer, fremont eight degrees warmer than yesterday. south bay mid 70s sunnyvale and milpitas everybody else upper 70s to low 80s towards los gatos at 82° low to mid 70s peninsula, redwood city 76 warm spot, upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito upper 70s to mid 80s north bay valleys, afternoon sunshine beeps low to mid 70s east bay shore 71 berkeley 78 castro valley, mid and upper 80s into the east bay valleys that will stretch into morgan hill, gilroy hollister mid 60s monterey carmel, pacific grove.
6:50 am
if you are heading out to the coliseum tonight not for baseball for monday night football chargers in town 7:15 kickoff, 64° dropping to 56, 3 1/2 hours later hopefully it is a 3 1/2 hour game. enjoy that tailgating all the way -- a lot of sunshine. tonight 40s around the north bay valleys, rest of us in the fives we have mist or drizzle like this morning out at the coast. couple areas of low pressure moving from us, storm track to the north cold front going to hit the pacific northwest why they are in the 60s today, not going to make it towards us, high pressure taking over, going to push in today and make an extended stay. how long? you can see starting wednesday, we are near 80 around the bay, low to mid 80s through the weekend, inland starting wednesday, low to mid 90s through the weekend, mid 60s
6:51 am
to near 70 with sunshine along the coast. hope you have a great monday here's sue. good morning. tough drive on the sunol grade this morning, three separate accidents we are tracking that for you with your waze app this is what it looks like. even 84 out of livermore is very, very slow towards the scene. complete standstill reported there. 680 south through pleasanton, very, very slow, accident at sunol, accident at andreotti and that one is cleared to the shoulder. another accident at sheridan, this is what the waze app is showing. different view this is a map 680 at sunol multi-lanes, multi-car accident, 18, 14 miles an hour past the scene, southbound 680 not a good way to go, try 880 as an alternate, even 84 into the scene is very slow out of livermore. southbound otherwise in san rafael moving well, in
6:52 am
some company past the civic center into southern marin, traffic a little slow 30 to 35 miles an hour feeding into the bay bridge toll, metering lights on and traffic backing into the maze into san francisco. we are excited to welcome a new show to our afternoon line-up today. "katie" premieres 3:00 right here. here's a preview from katie couric. hi everyone, as our theme song goes, i am ready for this day. i'm also excited. a little nervous toot. we have a great first show with a few surprises and some guests i'm excited to he will you about. jessica simpson will be here for her first tv interview since having her baby girl in may. she has a lot to say about being a new mom and how she handled nasty tabloid headlines about her weight gain. sheryl crow stopping by. she will be talking about the
6:53 am
brain tumor her doctors discovered and through -- and how that has impacted her life. hope you tune in. see you later today for the very first episode of "katie." >> catch katie here at 3:00 today, her show is part of our new afternoon line-up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you've seen in before, at least millions of the newest craze on youtube videos featuring korean rapper gone viral 120 million hits. the videos parody people you might see in a wealthy part of seoul. he describes it as being like beverly hills. by been to seoul, i didn't see that.
6:54 am
>> i've never seen it. here are five things to know before you go: >> number one, robbery attempt in oakland neighborhood near lake merritt foiled when the victim shot the suspect. the robber was taken to a hospital for treatment. >> number two, woman killed saturday when a driver drove on to the sidewalk now identified as a santa barbara woman, 53-year-old sherry hicks died at the scene. her daughter-in-law in critical. the driver a walnut creek man faces vehicular manslaughter. father and son doing fine this morning after bay area coast guard members helped save them from their sinking small plane that crash landed in the pacific. it happened 30 miles off the coast between monterey and the
6:55 am
bay. oakland raiders open in front of their fans at the coliseum tonight. raider running back mcfadden is back! he led the league in rushing for the first six games last year before he was sidelined with a foot injury. >> number five, we are excited to welcome all-new show to our afternoon line-up today. "katie" premieres at 3:00, right here. she will be joined by jessica simpson. >> let the tailgating begin. >> mike? >> any time is tailgating time let's look at satellite radar, clouds around the bay to the coast, everybody dry except mist in the air along the coast no flight arrival delays. coast increasing sunshine during the afternoon, low to
6:56 am
mid 60s around the bay sunshine by 11:00, near 7078° inland upper 70s to upper 80s, sunshine here by 9:00. still back-up at bay bridge toll, metering lights on, slow and go towards the macarthur maze into san francisco. the real hot spot this morning is a noel grade southbound 680 you can see the -- drive time, all to 101 over 45 minutes, three accidents?t3÷, one cleared at andreotti, one at sunol boulevard another at sheridan the reason for very slow traffic southbound 680 you want to go 880 if possible you can see the drive from 80 this morning and 580 up and over the altamont pass still slow out of the central valley. it is a monday. have patience. >> it is a monday, all day long. >> just want to remind you, you can watch our new
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afternoon line-up today for $250,000 what time will millionaire air? =ñ8where is my money? >> are you buying usoney? breakfast? >> no, where is my money. >> jeopardy 2:30, another million dollars for that, 3:00 is katie. download the alarm clock app at the. tunes store.
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