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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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right now at 6 a.m., live picture from new york city a ceremony underway marking 11th anniversary of september 11th, attacks at ground zero. [ inaudible ] good morning. the 11th anniversary of 9/11.
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i'm eric thomas. quick look at your weather for some of the local remember brands of course your day's forecast. we start with live doppler, good morning. clouds along the coast not leading to radar returns, cloudy along the coast today, more so than yesterday, a few sunny spots here and there upper 50s to mid 60s. around the bay, a lot like it was yesterday, a few clouds to start the morning, late arriving sunshine the rest of the day, mid to upper 50s upper 60s to upper 70s by 4:00. inland going to get a little toasty during the afternoon 90s after starting in the 40s and 50s, drop down by 4:00 upper 70s to upper 80s. comfortable by 7:00 with upper 60s to mid 70s. back to livermore. good morning. happy tuesday. new report of an accident westbound past first on the
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shoulder earlier accident cleared out of lanes, reports there's a big rig blocking north flynn off-ramp top westbound 580. a lot of activity, slow traffic heading out of the central valley into the dublin pleasanton area. elsewhere in san jose almaden expressway at san jose avenue car vs. pole, power outages in the area. 6:02. happening right now in new york city, a memorial service to mark the 11th anniversary of september 11th, now taking place. live picture from ground zero. >> families of the victims reading the names of those lost. no government officials involved here. moment of silence at 6:03 the exact moment united airlines flight -- [ inaudible ]
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>> that is the moment of silence ground zero the memorial plaza. they will resume reading the names of victims shortly. you may hear bells churches in new york have been asked to ring their bells at each of these six moments of silence today. they are now reading the names.
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[ inaudible ] >> 3,000 lies lost there on that site. -- 3,000 lives lost there on that site. in san jose two people injured after an overnight fire at an apartment complex. terry mcsweeney has been there joining us live with details. >> reporter: firefighters still on the scene this fire is out the aftermath has 12 people out of their apartments, looking for a place to stay. two people in the hospital. look at what the flames appeared like going into the night sky this is 3:00 this morning, video from a viewer five units involved, three badly damaged the other two holes in the ceiling where firefighters broke through to get to the attic two people
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injured, one with second degree burns, another jumped from that second floor of this bidding to get out and away. that person -- of this build get out and away. that person all right but taken to the hospital for observation. one of the dozen or so in the apartments is a man in a wheelchair his provider got him out into the hallway that's when firefighters helped out. >> we see flames from out of the windows, they had to get me downstairs and take my wheelchair and carry me down literally carry me down the stairs. >> reporter: firefighters arrived about 3, 25 minutes later had fire knocked down. one person with second degree burns, all firefighters are
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saying is when it started it started in a hurry and spread rapidly. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. :06. an autopsy will be done today on the body of a young lafayette college student found over the weekend on the sacramento river. a fisherman discovered brett olson's body sunday the 20-year-old vanished a week ago the sheriff believes the cal-poly student drowned and there was no foul play. his family and friends plan to honor him with a candlelight vigil this evening at 7:00 at acalanes high he graduated from acalanes and his two younger siblings attend that school. for that vigil and firefighters locally in san francisco and san jose will be holding their own public remembrances to honor the firefighters in new york city who lost their lives. a lot going on today. weather will be unon y --
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unobtrusive except for the coast. satellite and radar active our east. small area of low pressure sure off the coast with that counterclockwise flow bringing the surge back a few more clouds today there upper 50s to mid 60s. 68 san francisco, mid to upper 70s bay shore, mid 80s to 90s starting to show up into the east bay valleys many monterey bay clouds keeping monterey at 63, cloudy for the better part of the afternoon enough sun to get to 72 at santa cruz 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister, next three days the warmest, start at the coast mid to upper 60s a few areas could hit 70 thursday. upper 70s to low 80s around the bay and low to mid 90s inland. definitely going to be warm. have a good one. here's sue.
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good morning. going now back to 580 westbound a lot of activity earlier accident cleared, now past first and livermore accident cleared to the shoulder, you can see slow traffic through livermore and big rig blocking north flynn exit that entire exit blocked with the big rig accident. almaden expressway at san jose car vs. pole power outages, slow traffic 580 highway 4 out of antioch towards pittsburg and 80 towards the carquinez bridge into the maze. still ahead, hospitals and terrorists new threat coming to light on this 11th anniversary of 9/11. apple expected to release. phone 5 tomorrow the big boost it could have on the economy. michael finney ahead with the steps you need to take before recycling computers and
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smartphones. another look from new york city ground zero where the ceremony continues with the reading of the victims' names. the people who perished on this day 11 years ago. local ceremonies honoring the victims of 9/11 coming up. stay with us.8taúes0p0p
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>> good morning. 6:12. 11th anniversary of 9/11 we have a live picture from ground zero in new york city where you can see families of those who lost loved ones are reading the names in a somber ceremony and they are observing moments of silence today and remembering at the national memorial plaza. >> 6:13 now. you have been watching that of course you saw momentarily a shot of governor cuomo at the sermon not speaking, but there. just released report highlighting potential dirty bomb danger at hospitals across the country. "washington post" says four out of five hospitals nationwide have failed to safely store radiological material that could be used in a dirty bomb in one case a hospital kept the highly poisonous chemical cesium in a locked room the come -- the combination written on a door frame in a busy hallway.
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>> the anticipated iphone from apple, the next one could provide a huge economic boost to the economy. apple is expected to reveal iphone 5 tomorrow analysts predict up to eight million could be sold this year. if that happens, overall retail sales could beat expectations according to "the new york times." analysts say it could lift the country's gdp. people get rid of 30 million computers, more than 120 million cell phones every year. michael finney has tips that will keep your information private. >> reporter: good morning. before you dispose of your electronic devices don't make the mistake of failing to erase personal data consumer reports shows you how. what is on your personal computer? your name, bank account, even your credit card information. same with your phone. recycling electronic devices
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without erasing that info is asking for trouble. >> you are giving your personal information out to the criminal world. >> best way to protect yourself, erase financial data. on the iphone it is easy go to the home screen, press settings itch then general, then -- then general, then reset, then erase all constant and settings. consumer reports expert says erasing info on android phones is a little more complicated. usually, you go to settings and choose privacy, then you have to consult the manual online for the next steps. to erase a personal computer, you need to download software. good choice is from >> download the software put it on a cd then put the cd into the disc drive and follow the instructions to erase the hard drive's contents. >> reporter: with apple computers operating system dvd comes with software to erase
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your files. >> put night the disc drive and reboot it holding down the c-key during start-up. >> once the computer is booted up, utilities, then disc utility, hard drive then erase. if you think you don't have enough time to wipe your device, think again. >> criminal enterprises live off of personal data they love a hard drive they can get. >> after you have he raced computer and cell phones, double check that everything is gone -- cell phones come with external cars if you don't plan to keep the card, erase it as well. michael finney, 7 on your side. pg&e investigating a power outage in south san jose, 3500 customers right now don't have power. they haven't had it for the last hour. we'll let you know what the outcome is as it continues. >> they are checking out the cause. right now let's check
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things out with mike. feels warmer this morning. is it colder? couple areas a little warmer, couple other areas cooler, yeah you could be feeling that this morning. 6:17. lack of clouds making late entrance into the bay area now and will do so through 9:00. live doppler showing just how die those clouds are not a radar return to be found. temperatures around 47 in santa rosa, rest of us in the mid to upper 50s except los gatos, 50. temperatures around 53, 54, 55 for monterey bay and inland. today sun around the bay and inland coast more clouds than yesterday. next three nights -- next three days will be our warmest in the forecast, followed by cool to comfortable nights. hopefully, it won't be too
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unbearable during the day. redwood city 80 two -- eight i -- san francisco three degrees cooler, 68. uncomes up in a half hour from now. fog trying to form in the north bay valleys, by noon back to the coast little southerly push that's why clouds are going to be more dominant at the coast than the northerly want we had yesterday. 70s, 80s, 90s from our beaches today many low to upper 80s south bay, 84 in san jose shared by cupertino. low to mid 60s coast. upper 60s downtown and south san francisco. north bay beaches bodega bay 61. 20 to 25 degrees warmer in
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valleys mid 80s. mid to upper 70s east bay shore upper 80s to nine these right now in antioch, brentwood and livermore. -- mid 80s inland. clouds along the coast fog north bay 48 santa rosa, rest of us in the 50s. two to tour degrees warmer wednesday, into thursday in fact warmest along the coast thursday near 70° warmest thursday and friday around the bay low 80s warmest inland thursday, friday, saturday a run at midnight -- run at mid90s. bull, clear, live shot of highway 24 coming out of the walnut creek area headed through orinda, lafayette, clear morning, traffic flowing smoothly to the caldecott tunnel. bay bridge toll earlier problem with a stalled car in the bus-only lane. i supposed that is karma, stay
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out of that lane. traffic backed up to west grand overcrossing metering lights on sluggish heading up the incline into san francisco. 580 westbound continues to be a grind. accident on the shoulder at first earlier accident also out of lanes still slow out of the central valley once you get to the altamont, 30 minutes into the dublin pleasanton interchange. in san jose power outage due to this accident car vs. pole at almaden expressway to at san jose avenue pg&e on the way they are expected in 15 minutes. good news there they are on their way. 3500 people without power right now. 6:20. the international tour for 's prince william and his wife. new security in place at oakland coliseum in time for the raiders' first game, first
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home game.
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prince william and the duchess are in singapore today. this is new video. the royal couple is representing the queen as she marks her diamond jubilee. the royals are set to visit malaysia, set to meet
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political leaders, and members of the public. raiders and chargers on monday night football for the first time fans had to pass through a metal detector now at all football stadiums nationwide as part of the league policy. raiders' fans had to arrive as early as possible for -- to give plenty of time for everyone to get through. after they got through, same story, they lose to the chargers 22-14. still ahead, developing news from the south bay. apartment complex fire leaves more than a dozen out of their homes two injured. live again to new york city ground zero where the 9/11 memorial ceremony is taking place. this year no political speeches.
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>> reporter: san francisco firefighters will pause to remember the 343 firefighters and paramedics who lost their lives on 9/11. that story coming up. good morning. sunshine everywhere and temperatures within a couple of degrees where they were yesterday, a few more clouds along the coast this afternoon. 60s and 70s pacific northwest and northeast a lot of 80s and 90s elsewhere. all major airports across the
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:30 on september 11th, 2012 of, the 11th anniversary after the taxes -- at the world -- after the attacks at the world trade center. right now you are looking at new york city with family members reading names of their loved ones who died when the twin towers fell. >> in a few minutes there will be a moment of silence at the pentagon to mash the 189 people who died there -- to mark the 189 people who died there. we have already seen two moments of silence one at the white house, another at ground zero. special report coming up tpwaoeufpltd morning i'm eric
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tom -- coming up. good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. clouds along the coast to spill across the golden gate into the bay hard time hanging around back to the coast quickly. good morning. dry out there on our satellite and radar. let's talk about the day planner at the coast, cloudy, 40s, 50s now, a few pockets of sun not as sunny as it was yesterday, upper 50s mid 60s by being. partly cloudy through 7:00, a lot of sunshine around account up to 7:00, temperatures top out around -- around 9:00, up to 7:00, temperatures top out around 70 to 80. inland warmest off to a cool start with 40s and 50s warm quickly foot 70s and 80s by noon hang out in the upper 70s, %ltób>@d 3 towards
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580 westbound, earlier accident hop yard and first cleared. beginning to lighten up a little once you hit the altamont pass into 680/580 junction. stalled big rig blocking north flynn on-ramp, very slow out of the central valley once you hit the altamont, 25 minutes to the dublin pleasanton interchange. almaden expressway car vs. pole avoid that area where they have pg&e crews on the way. 101 peninsula southbound millbrae avenue accident there. right now, san francisco firefighters are getting ready to begin their own 9/11 remembrance ceremony it is one that you can join. amy hollyfield begins her live team coverage from fire station 7. >> reporter: they are about to get started here they just opened the doors at the fire station 7. you still have time to make it to your local fire station if you want to participate. you will see a ceremony like
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this, video from the past they will be doing this at all 43 fire stations they start at 6:45. 6:59 they recognize the collapse of the south tower by ringing a bell to signify that last alarm. 7:00 they read the names out loud of the 343 firefighters and paramedics who died from the new york fire department about a dozen san francisco firefighters traveled to new york after the attacks to help with the recovery. some came back sick. they say at the time, their own health wasn't a priority. they say what they saw in new york 11 years ago, still haunts them. they stop and remember today they promised they would never forget the sacrifices the firefighters made on that day. here at this station, number 11 at folsom and 19th, the chief and the mayor will be here to participate. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in new york,
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washington, d.c. and pennsylvania, families of the 9/11 victims are gathering now to remember their loved ones. katie marzullo continues our live team coverage. >> reporter: two things right now. president obama at the pentagon for a 9/11 memorial ceremony. we want to take threw. here's a live look arlington, virginia we just saw the president, first lady, defense secretary panetta arrive at an easel that was set up and have a moment of silence at a wreath hung there the president and leon panetta, also the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will make remark there is. for now you see the crowd and the flag hanging from the pfpbt gone behind the group. another live look now -- ground zero in new york city. family members reading all 2977 names of the people who killed in the twin towers. they began the hours long
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process, 30, 40 minutes ago. for the first time no politicians are going to participate following that theme, president obama and mitt romney have pulled their negative ad campaigns for the day. let's listen in now live as some of those names are read. . christine eagan, michael eagan. samantha martin eagan. lisa karen airwick. >> reporter: this process will go on for hours this morning. about 45 minutes ago at -- [ inaudible ] the president and first lady observed a moment of silence on the south lawn of the white house, marking the exact
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time the first plane hit the world trade center. vice president biden will speak at the flight 93 national memorial near shanksville, pennsylvania, 40 people were killed on that san francisco bound flight. several things going on this morning. we are streaming the 9/11 ceremonies live to watch go to katie marzullo, abc7 news. developing news in san jose, fire crews are investigating a fire at an apartment complex this is home video firefighters got the call before 3:00 this morning they called for more help 10 minutes later because they had to perform rescues. the fire is out, two people injured, a dozen displaced. going to take you live to the pentagon once again where a moment of silence is about to be observed for the 189 people killed there on 9/11.
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you see defense secretary net the president, the joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey all there in arlington, virginia. chairman of the joins chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey. >> mr. president, mrs. obama, mr. secretary, distinguished ghosts, good morning. >> you have been watching from the -- guests, good morning. >> you have been watching from the pentagon. the president will speak abc news will have special live coming stay with us for that in a few minutes this happening at the pentagon because american airlines flight 77 hit the pentagon on that fateful day 11 years ago killing 125 people, injuring
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106. in the meantime, you can go to to watch this we are streaming the ceremonies this morning from washington, d.c., from pennsylvania and from new york city. time to look at our weather. good morning. water vapor imagery we have the heaviest water vapor or thickest amount over east of us:ñ that's why you see green there over top of us orange driest air curl low pressure developing southerly surge pulling up low clouds to our south and why the coast will have less sun this afternoon than yesterday still in the low to mid 60s upper 60s san francisco mid to upper 70s bay 80s to near 90 inland 90s; is that righting to show up in antioch and live more. the first of maybe six or seven days we'll have 90s inland.
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inland 80s from hollister, gilroy towards morgan hill. next three days the hottest. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, another couple degrees warmer thursday and then hold temperatures until at least friday that means upper 60s coast, upper 70s to low 80s bay and low to mid 90s inland. good morning. if you are headed out southbound 101 towards millbrae, accident does not look like it is causing significant slowing past the scene, may be partially blocking or out of lanes south 101 past millbrae to vallejo west 37 past mare island accident right lane traffic slowing approaching the scene. north 101 south bay gilroy at hollister exit highway 25 accident blocking left lane. live look at san mateo bridge, brake lights westbound, up towards the highrise, we don't
6:40 am
have problems there just a lot of company over towards foster city. bay bridge back-up beyond the west grand overcrossing, metering lights are on. 6:40. 9/11 anniversary coverage continues. we'll take you back to the pentagon in moments where you see live there defense secretary panetta addressing the crowd. president obama will address that crowd in just a few minutes. abc news will bring a live report, don't go away. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv kpwraosd center, there is abc7 news. we are waiting for a special report on ceremonies at the pentagon remembering the victims of 9/11 attacks. you are looking live at the pentagon now where defense secretary panetta is addressing the invitation-only crowd. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general dempsey made his remarks earlier. president obama will make his in a couple of minutes. that's when abc news will take over this event was designed to be modest, these speeches and a wreath laying and the ceremony will be similar to ones in past years, new project to look forward to,
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there will be a memorial built on that site. 189 people perished when american flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. right now you are looking at station 7 in san francisco where in a short while they will be holding a remembrance of their own this is to honor the firefighters in new york city, who lost their lives on that day over 300 of them. also, san jose's fire station will be doing that as well. you can see the firemen standing there they were also inviting the public to visit the various fire stations in the the city. you can join them if you want to go out there and honor the firefighters on this day 11 years from the day of the terror attacks. >> service members overseas also mark the 9/11 anniversary, ceremonies in kabul with a moment of silence. one of many taking place around the world. today u.s. forces remain
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vigilant in afghanistan san jose here where a ceremony will take place as well let's not forget several dozen area firefighters went to new york to help out. at 6:59 san jose's fire chief will address his fire department in remember bans of 9/11. over dispatch radio they will announce a moment of silence a bell ringing will follow in memory of the first responders who died 11 years ago. in san francisco, you are looking at fire station 7, going to be a similar scene here. mayor ed lee will be there later this morning to remember as well. certainly all the fire officials. once again, they want you, they want americans to show up at the local fire stations to join them on this solemn day. we were looking at the pentagon you were talking about how the remembrances have been scaled down there and in new york city. that is certainly on purpose. the design is to help the country heal and move past the tragedy of 9/11.
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now they are opting for the snailer more intimate prayer services this is the first year the national cathedral in washington, d.c. has not health a big event to mark the anniversary. last year being the 10th anniversary. right now are looking at defense secretary panetta, speaking at the pentagon. we'll go back later, president obama is scheduled to pooh speak and abc news is planning a special -- to speak and abc news is planning a special coverage. let's check in with josh elliot for what is ahead. good tuesday morning. coming up breaking on this morning, 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, new government warning raising concerns about our tphaoerbt to potential terrorists not at the airports or border but inside our hospitals. the latest details, next on general motors.
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-- next on "good morning america". we are going to the abc news special report from the pentagon and president obama speaking on this 9/11 anniversary.
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world, a stronger nation, and a people united. as we show you freedom tower, we're going to return to our regular programming. in some parts of the country, that is "good morning america." there will be a complete wrap-up
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