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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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could not believe the size of the crowd. >> this is just part of our economy now. >> hi there. >> hi. >> and now consider the irony in brian's case. >> that is in chicks you know why everything is happening. >> and and and the connickly and you've got to keep plugging away, hopefully we'll get something. >> there is retail experience. >> and ever feel like you're jumping through hoops? >> all the time. you've got to jump through if you want to get what you want. >> and they're jumping. they describe the jobs and everything from part time jobs to full time jobs and management jobs to scales jobs this is bringing back candidates later on maybe to
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do hiring after that. opening day scheduled to be november 8th n livermore, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you and pay area companies will be filling 3,000 positions during the job mayor fostered by abc 7. that event will be at the hotel whitcom from noon until 4:00 p.m. we'll have details on abc 7 >> there is some parents at odds with a school district. the key issues are the growing number of student suspensions and safety at that school. police responded nearly 150 calls in martin luther king junior middle school last year, and abc 7 news joins with us the story now. >> there is a school that is average sized school but struggling with big issues. >> there is a former security
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guard injury injure afd telling a student to put his ball away. >> the student was suspended two days. martin luther king madel school located in visitation valley serving students from the bay view district. san francisco unified acknowledges the school had challenges. >> and i was told if i come back up here as concerned parent, i will have the police called on me. >> the teacher union says there are 80 suspensions last year, on that matter the district said, student suspensions did increase as the administration began greater enforce many of expectations for student behavior. the district hired new administrators in an attempt to turn the school around. in the process, 17 teachers have been transferred. >> two masters and english credential. i can't teach here?
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>> linda is one of the teachers and says everything changed when she reported an incident where the school principal pinned a student down after being involved in a fight. >> instead of the teachers being brought in for serious discussion was staff and oversight by the school board they've been retaliated against and the most mysterious way. they went after the jobs. >> the district said would it not talk about personnel issues only saying staff has had a history of challenging administrators in attempts to drive out previous administrators but these parents backed by the teacher union say they will continue to oppose the administration. >> not only do they bully teachers and parents but important person, are the children. >> and months ago a report came out stating that suspensions are more common for minorities especially for black students.
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data collected from nearly 500 school districts and the findings were put together for center for civil rights remedies in ucla and and and college prep in san jose acknowledged a credible accusation of sex abuse against a student by a jesuit. the letter released about the alleged incident which took place in the 1960s he said he met with the former student who worded at the school to apoll jidz and express support for him and encouraged others to look for a path to healing. the san francisco ethic commission official report is due out any moment now. all this on the conduct of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi in connection with that domestic violence case. the report going to the board of supervisors will decide whether he will keep his job. and there is supposed to be a
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very simple meeting where the ethics commissioners would ratify the decision made is that ross mirkarimi committed official misconduct and just moments ago, they will send the document on to the board of supervisors which has a final say. when will they do that? that is the question of. now, they're asking to delay sending their findings to the board until after the november election. he believes the case has become a campaign issue for supervisors running for reelection and that he will not be able to get a fair smaik. -- shake. >> there is a case that is exceptional never day. and this is not possible to
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move politics from the case. however, we believe that it's possible to reduce level of political pressure. >> there are tactic that's are being administered by representatives and i understand that. i think that there are really dragging this event out quite a long time. i think everybody now is expected to fulfill their responsibilities and that is what i've done. >> in arguing for the delay he points this poll commissioned last month and indicating that 51% of those surveyed would be less likely to vote for a supervisor allowing suspended sheriff to be reinstated. once officially given the vote, they have 30 days to act. it takes nine of the 11 to remove mirkarimi from office.
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the commissioners did ratify documents and they're ready to go to the burd but commissioners have put off a decision on whether they will delay that when they'll send that vote to the supervisors. and this commission chaifr expected to make that decision. >> there is a judge says mayor jean kwan faces consequences if she skips another deposition about the pace of court ordered depositions. she says she missed one because of an emergency counsel meeting. she's she's moving her schedule around and two local attorneys want the fed to take over oakland's police department. and hearings scheduled for december. >> a dozen residents without homes this evening following an apartment fire.
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that fire broke out just before 3:00 on villa monterey and southeast san jose. a fewer shot video showing a unit engulfed and i hope we have that video. there we go. there are three units badly damaged. there are another injured after jumping from the second floor. one resident is a man depending on a while chair. >> there is a fire, fire. so they had getting me down shares and take my wheel chair. >> crews had the fire under control now trying to figure out how it started. >> remembering the september 11th attacks. still to come on abc 7 news, a look at how the bay area is commemorating that event that took place 11 years ago, today.
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>> there is fog here will do a disappearing act. temperatures going up. i'll have a warmer forecast coming up. >> and later the drastic steps some leaders are ready to take as medical marijuana dispensaries don't start paying their taxes.
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an honor guard carried a at that timered -- tathered american flag. the families took turns reading names of the nearly 3,000 who died 11 years ago
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today. now we'll have a look at a tribute that lights up the evening sky after 8:00 p.m. in new york you can see the freedom tower rising from the world trade center site. >> there have been ceremonies to honor those who lost their lives 11 years ago. there is abc 7 news here to show us. >> there i was in this studio. images never go away. imagine what this is like for people who live in the bay area who lost loved ones or fellow firefighters. >> a bell tolls and firemen gathered on north market street to pay respects in san francisco, officials paused to remember the 343 firefighters who died in new york and what they did. >> there are sacrifices people
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make. >> 53 cadets going through this academy joins us and they will graduate in december. >> this is putting in their minds a great sacrifice they're about to embark upon. >> many gathered at the flight 93 memorial, built here because the flight that went down in pennsylvania was bound for san francisco. many lived or works here. there is a center in chinatown named after betty ng, the flight attendant who called airline emergency line to let the world know the plane had been hijacked. >> every day we remember betty and as well as all victims. whenever i fly i bring a story of betty with me. and i read it. and i always tell every flight attendant that i'm with that
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we're -- they're always in our prayer autos in a way, tears of joy and sorrow today. we have a beautiful center in san francisco to honor her so little kids will learn. >> to inspire us to do everything we need to do to make sure this never happens again. >> and you can imagine emotions today, saying the main never go as way. just hopes future generations won't forget. >> thank you. >> and there are more commemorations, hercules police officers wearing a special badge during the month of september. there are images of the twin towers ask there is nappa, steel beams taken from the rubble of the world trade center being used for a memorial. it includes glass panel was names of the victims. this will go up in downtown napa. >> there is organizers have
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been installing new save guards in the wake of last year's tragedy. there is a 74-year-old pilot from florida lost control of a plane going more than 500 miles per hour and crashed. that killed 10 spectators as well as pilot. this year, changes include moving racing pylons surrounding the course 150 feet from fans. a concrete wall installed and some tighter turns have been widened. >> you know a lot of distressed homeowners are finding surprisingly good news in mailbox autos michael finney has good news. >> we don't hear good news and mortgage very much. do we? we're today. we've told you plenty of stories of frustrated homeowners getting a run around. they try to negotiate a loan modification this, story just the opposite. some chase customers are getting mod ficks without even asking for them.
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this this has to do with a jeltment between attorneys generals of 49 states and five largest lenders. chase agreed to $4 billion in mortgage relief, sending out notices to customers but it's not waiting for those that it knows will qualify. one received a notice in the mail reducing the mortgage rate from 6.5% down to 2.8%. this includes reward for bank that's complete their adjustments within a year. >> you may have seen commercials advertising california based lender cash call. a judge ordered a company to pay $13 million in penalties and to cancel all rates and west virginia attorney general says cash call charged rates at 90% which there is well above limits. >> and tomorrow apple is
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expected to reveal the muc much-anticipated iphone 5. there are many sitting in desk draurz, here are things you can do with old ones, give to it your kid so they stop using your phone, and use the old phone as a camera. great idea. and send e mails and down load videos. or something you may want to sell your old phones they sold for $237 reports they're often going for more than that. you can go to our web site abc 7 there is a story how to do that. >> good news. >> checking weather now. >> and i don't think i'm going give my phone to my kids. not yet. there is are 3-year-old twins? no.
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and let's talk about the weather. there is a warm up coming up and there is a live picture right now from our south beach camera looking towards sutro tower, you can see fog layer is about 1400 feet deep. there is another perspective. you can see a wider perspective of the fog just sitting there from san francisco south. there is is coastal fog, temperatures this afternoon, into low 90s inland. there is fog going go away. and 76 in san jose.
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we do have 57 in half moon bay. there is toastal fog tonight, and it's beach weather for thursday. and there is reamy going to be a warm pattern for thursday and beyond. tomorrow morning starting out cool. upper 40s to low 50s into north bay valleys. rest of the bay area into. >>s and there is fog confined to the coast. boy bundle up if i were you if you're sending the kids to school. there is warm ridges and you can see the ridge here, this is going to start to move in over the bay area. and this will start to notice temperatures rising. there is fog pulling away, and it's a nice, sunny day. that fog layer underneath that building ridge getting
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compressed and this will disappear, temperatures warming. tomorrow afternoon, 85 into south bay and there is 86 degrees in saratoga. like today in terms of a number, 80 in redwood city. there is mid-60s coast notice there is no fog unlike today. there is 70 in south city. there is 81 in vallejo. mild, 74 in oakland. getting warm inland 87 danville z 89 in livermore for the monterey bay. 65 in monterey. 63 in carmel. accu-weather forecast mild to warm tomorrow, but notice temperatures climbing. thursday, mid-90s inland. near 70 degrees at the coastline. that is warm for september. and there is this kind of
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weather that will be duplicated on friday. there is cooler and dropping to upper 80s by sunday inland that is seasonal as we head into monday and tuesday. >> there is a woman sharing her emotional journey of survival after losing part of her limbs to a rare flesh-eating disease. this 24-year-old got the infection in may after calling from a skip line and gashing her leg over a georgia river. doctors had to amputate. she shared the first moments she knew her condition was serious. >> when i woke up, my entire left leg was a dark purple color. and i wasn't able to walk. i wasn't able to speak. the only thing i managed to battle was i think i'm dying. >> and tomorrow, super model and super mom heidi klum in
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her first national television interview following news of a pending divorce from seal. katie asks rather direct questions about all of that. you can see it here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. >> and still to come new research on the importance of high school sports. >> there is what this new iphone won't have whit goes on sale, soon. it's apple versus google.
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san jose city leaders will consider an ordinance to give the city to skip out -- shut down medical marijuana dispensary that's skip out on their taxes showing half have neglected to pay part, or all of the 10% of the tax passed by voters in 2010. one city council member estimates the amount of unpaid
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taxes is around $1 million to $3 million. >> good news, oakland a's pitcher brandon mcarjy released from the hospital today. and he was hit in the head against wens and underwent two hours of surgery but made excellent progress and said he expects to pitch again maybe this season, which could seem hard to believe there. is a statement thanking his doctors along with a's and fans saying in part times like these you realize there is an extended family and feel fortunate. now, we look forward to continuing the healing process and returning to baseball. >> high schools with strong participation in sports have lower levels of suspensions and major crimes in schools. there is 1200 public high schools were sampled and shows when the rate of the participation went up, crime, including violent behavior went down. minor violations remained
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about the same rate. >> and when abc 7 news continues,
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coming up in 30 minutes a story only on abc 7 news, after decades of war, roots of peace begin to spread in afghanistan. and that story and there is a report from the mother's milk bank there is now a tremendous demand. >> and thank you. believe it or not, 40 years ago today bart started a service and where would we be without it? >> it was in planning stages before that. voter as proved a $792 million bond measure in early 60s. >> and ridership was modest about 16,000 trips a week, and last year,


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