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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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stevens died trying to evacuate others from the consulate. team coverage begins tonight with heather ishimaru in the neighborhood where his mother still live autos he was born in grass valley in 1960, living in marin and davis before coming to piedmont high school. huz younger brother told reporters his brother was unflapable, eneven tempered and never communicated fear or anxiety to the family. >> my name is chris stevens. >> he made this video to introduce himself to the people of liba. friends and family described him as a natural diplomat, one called him a dream ambassador, knowledgeable, experienced and unpretentious. >> the world needs more of these guys not fewer. and i think it is why he was so... good in his job.
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this is because he was trying to find ways to find common ground. >> this is unexpected considering how well liked the ambassador was in libya. and how effective he has been. >> he was fluent in arabic, a language he began to learn in the peace corps. >> one of the thing that's impressed me last in libya was listening to stories from people who are old enough to traveled and studied in the united states back when we had closer relations. those days are back. >> he was a history major at cal and a 1989 graduate of hastings. one professor was still in touch with him. >> he went to go save his own people. he didn't have to do that. he could have sent marines. he didn't have to go in there. he chose to try to save his people and that is just what is he all about. >> he was a 1978 graduate of
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piedmont high school. he was active in the theater department. he loved tennis, and running and his friends. >> after he had been appointed on facebook he was staying in touch with people and never lost ability to just reach out to people and be great. >> and he says his brother tom, says chris never married and spent final weeks of his life in sweden in a friend's wedding and then twont vienna for good restaurants and muse seems before returning to libya to get back to work. >> and there is a from a ternity tonight at 9:00 on wearing street. >> stevens won respect of
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piers in washington and throughout the world. the president went to the state department to sign a book of condolences to his family and later spoke to stevens mother from aboard air force one. the president is in las vegas for a campaign appearance. this is a live picture. he was just introduced and the crowd is giving him an oration there. we'll monitor his remarks and i'm sure will reverence the situation ahead. and there secretary of state hillary clinton says stevens will be remembered as a hero. >> chris stevens fell in love with the middle east as a young peace corps volunteer teaching english in morocco. he joined foreign service, learned languages, won friends for america in distant places and made other people's hope his own. in the early days as a libyan revolution, i asked chris to be our envoy to the rebel
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opposition. he arrived on a cargo ship in the port of bengazy and began building a relationship with libya's revolutionaries. he risked his life to stop a tyrant then gave his life trying to help build a better libya. >> former secretary of state rice had this to say today, he was a wonderful officer and a terrific diplomat dedicated to the cause of freedom. his service was legendary. later on abc 7 news at 6:00 there is motivations for the attack and its political implications here at home. >> now we move on this weekend marks six months since morgan hill teenager disappeared. she was last seen march 16th on the way to the school bus stop. today, volunteers conducted a search.
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her parents spoke with abc 7 news about the journey. >> 181 days after sierra lamar disappeared, streets of morgan hill still lined with pink ribbons and a heartaches for the little girl becoming a young woman. >> there are times she rushed to the bus stop because she didn't want to keep the driver waiting. and that just shows me she demonstrated respect for adults no matter who they were. you know? and that just -- gives me peace that you know... she was like that. >> those moments of peace are hard to find. the pain for her parents is hard to describe. >> crying harder than i've ever cried like where you can't catch your breath. >> despite the many tears, the lamars say this search center and outpouring of support have given them an amount of strength. congressional leaders have
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visited athletes have shown support. thousands of people have adopted a girl they never met. >> she's become everybody's daughter. you lay down, wondering where she is. we wake up driving, wondering where she is. >> in may authorities arrested a suspect for her murder. they found dna in his car and on her clothing but sierra has never been found. today marked an tond wednesday search autos to me it's an honor, we're not going to stop. if this is the last month, we're going to continue, saturdays. >> the six-month anniversary will be difficult. but marlene says her daughter's 16th birthday, nemplt month will be harder. >> i'm going to be thinking how much more she has to offer. and i so want her to come back and experience things that a normal teenager experiences, going to the prom and helping her with her school projects. you know? i realize how much i miss that. >> the family says the search will not end until sierra
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comes home. in morgan hill, abc 7 news. >> governor brown announced he will attend a memorial service tomorrow for a fallen bay area patrol officer, brown and law enforcement from around the state will honor the 38-year-old officer shot to death by a driver last week during a traffic stop. that service will take place at mission church tomorrow morning at 10:00. we'll have live coverage here on abc 7 news as well as abc 7 >> the santa clara county district attorney will not charge a preach at the center after bus allegations. the former jesuit preach lindner testified in the trial of willism lynch. prosecutor says they can't charge him with perjury because answers were not material to court proceedings. >> issue is whether mr. lynch
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assaulted mr. lindner 30 years later. so unfortunately, as despicable as conduct is, was, as despicable as it was, unfortunately it's not purr jerry. >> and he was then allowed to use his fifth amendment right against self incrimination. >> san jose police are investigating the death p of an elderly woman as she crossed the street this morning. the 81-year-old hit just before 6:30. the driver of the car that struck her is cooperating with police. investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in this accident. the woman's name being withheld until next of kin are notified. >> milpitas police looking for three men involved in the deadly shooting of a 7-11 store clerk. pictures show the three running into a store. a 67-year-old was shot just moments later.
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7-11 is offering a $10,000 award for information. leading to arrest and conviction. >> few companies have figured out a way to create more of a frenzy when releasing a new product than apple. david louie has seen, and touched, this new phone. >> is some cool stuff to show you what makes this cool is the size. it's thinner, lighter and faster than any predecessors except for one aspect. the high resolution screen about one and a third inches taller allowing five rows of app icons instead of four. >> this is just because everybody else is making bigger badder devices we're going keep it the same size in terms of width ask just give you more dimensions and in the screen. i think that is a smart move. >> iphone 5 will run on the fastest networks and battery life has been improved.
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apple is dropping google for map program and created its own providing turn by turn naf investigation. there are overhead maps that give you a view. apple introduced a new digital dot connector called lightning and new ear buds called ear pods. this made them fit better measuring ears of hundreds of people. >> they've made some important changes to the product, added new technologies. our consumer goesing to love it negligenters didn't stop there, coming up with new features for the nanno player. it gave ipod touch improvements including a faster processor sure to be a hit among those using this as a game device. i tunes store has been redesigned. analysts say apple spared no expense to create the products consumers will snap up. >> very deep pockets, increasing r & d. they go after best components
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and the best processors for manufacturing. to assure quality. >> in san francisco, david louie, abc 7 news. >> did you see that? >> yes. >> you've got to try that new, also. >> and still ahead tonight at 6:00, an east bay city under fire from sacramento, $50 million in questionable spending. almost nobody was keeping watch over it there is a discovery made in downtown san francisco. what construction crews unearthed at the transbay terminal sit. >> new classes for the masses.
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>> city of hercules is still reeling by the way the city is spending mb. many politicians are now gone, but there is light shed on the questionable spending and accounting practices. nick smith joins us live now. looks like the city is trying to pull away from the brink of bankruptcy here. >> they're doing a good job. you know voters just passed a half cent sales tax that. will help to flush out the bottom line. and where did the money go? the state auditor just finished his controller work ask says do you know what? he's trying to answer that same question himself. >> craig, like most small business owners is care tofl watch every penny he makes. >> this is a really hard couple of years from second and third year in.
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>> that is why findings of two state audits calling into question $50 million in redevelopment funds is frustrating. the mismanagement almost pushed hercules over a financial cliff, taking craig and his business with it. >> everybody says oh, bankrupt? so, they start holding their wallet close to their bod eyes nobody is out, spending money. >> the audits covered from july 2005 to june, 2010. the biggest red flag was the use of credit cards and property transfer was money targeted for redevelopment. the auditor accused of engaging in questionable business practice that's are now the subject of several lawsuits filed on behalf of the city. and the damage may have been done. city services have been placed into jeopardy everything from public lie briry to police force, under the microscope were a review. the city had to stop development of some projects and sell some real estate to
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settle debt. >> we're in a clean up mode. >> steven is this new city manager. he's been on the jobless than a year. >> this community swept out the city council. and they're all new. they've been doing a great job and focusing on finances as the number win thing. >> the caltrans audit shows the council was capable of handling state and federal funds in excess of $10 million to fund a new amtrak station. >> this came in today and they'd be able to find everything and deal with the-to-see we're doing things the way we should be doing them. >> there is a city council that has won community support at the ballot box. 70% of the voters approved a half cent sales tax corrected to generate thousands of dollars in revenue taking them on the path to fiscal sol conveniencey. >> the largest public pension roll back in california
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history is official n los angeles today, governor brown signed a measure increasing co-pay new state employees will pay, including reducing rear tirmt benefits and raising the age at which they can receive them. >> there is we're going to cap the amount. you shouldn't be getting a pension when you make bigger salaries like some managers do. the more you make you're supposed to know how to invest it. >> the cap the governor spoke of is still a healthy $132,000 a year. the public pension fund is $165 billion in the red this, is expected to save as much as $55 billion over 30 years. >> amazing discovery here. a crane operator working on san francisco new trance bay terminal uncovered an artifact that may help seismologists study our faults. the tooth and parts of a jaw of a woolly mammoth. some 110 feet below beal
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street. the beast has not roamed for at least 11,000 years, when it did, the earth was still form oogt big deal we can study it, and this helps us figure out tech tonics and transbay project officials say they'll donate the finds to the california academy of sciences. >> and in san francisco,. >> we're diverse here. >> yes. >> and that is. >> and there is more than a finger of fog, there is a range of fog moving through now. and and later in the day there is some disappearing. so there is there is 60
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degrees for you in san francisco. and there is inland east bay, warmest weather with low to mid-80s from concord to fairfield and livermore. in the south way, 74 and a cool 57 on the coast at half moon bay. there is coastal fog developing and will be very warm tomorrow and friday. and then there is a cooler pattern beginning on sunday, much cooler, overnight, a pleasantly cool in the north bay valleys lows dropping into the upper 40s to low 50s. most of the bay area will see lows into low 50s. it might push beyond the coast. so there is a ridge, a warm ridth trying to come together. two parts not qilt together yet but will merge and will
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have a nice ridge of high pressure coming together to bring us a lot of warmth over the next couple days. starting at 5:00 in the morning fog burn back and away from the coast tomorrow. giving us sunny skies. and there is a wide range of temperatures, highs into 60s on the coast. 70s to 80s around the bay. 90s inland. let's get specific here and travel down to the south bay. sunny skies and warm. highs into low to mid-80s, 83 in san jose. there is 77 san mateo. 80 redwood city. there is and downtown san francisco. 70 degrees tomorrow, 65 in the sunset district. north bay we'll see highs into 80s, mid-80s in santa rosa. 90s in yu kia. near east bay highs, 74 in oak ln. 76, hayward. there is there is 94 in
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livermore and 94 in antioch. 95, brentwood. 70s in watsonville, inland. there is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see is mid to upper 60s on the coast. cooling down saturday cooling begins on sunday, continuing into next week ask will be mild just no extremes one way or another. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, a
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>> looking for a job is no easy task especially if you're not familiar with the online job applications many companies are using. and today in san francisco, employment experts were on hand to provide resumes and helped with ideas on getting a resume noticed by software worker autos we stress using action verbs. instead of saying my duty to come turn on the lights say managed something.
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or directed something. >> several companies were on hand looking to fill about 300 openings ranging from account executive to software engineer. the next job journal hire event take s place wednesday october 10th in emeryville. >> super model heidi klum denied accusations from her estranged husband she had an affair while stale stil married to seal. klum sat down with katie couric for a first extended interview since she began divorce have singer, seal, admitting sheegs seeing her long time bodyguard but the relationship began after she split up with seal. >> there is very hard when you then start seeing somebody again. you know? for the first time it's hard then, all of a sudden, everyone is watching you. it's almost like you can't have a real, proper chance. >> and katie airs at 3:00 p.m. and tomorrow will interview
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motivational speaker renee brown, offering tips about the key to happy mes. katie is a big part of the afternoon line up starting with general hospital on at 10:00 followed by who wants to be a millionaire and jeopardy. >> and as we continue tonight here on abc 7 news, late remarks from president obama on the killing of the u.s. ambassador to liba. a bay area native. how his death has already become political. >> and are you tired of dropped calls and lost data? what is being done to untangle wireless networks. congestion is reaching a crisis level. >> and
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two american naval ships headed to the libyan coast tonight. authorities investigate the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other people. both warship was fire missles
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at inland targets. the ambassador, christopher stevens died last night in bengazy. he graduated from uc berkeley receiving a law degree from uc san francisco. the fallen ambassador helping other staff evacuate when killed. and there is president obama says the country promised justice will prevail. >> there is i want to assure you, we'll bring killers to justice. >> the president pledged to increase security at u.s. embassies. >> there is mitt romney reacted and mark matthews is here now with more on that part of this. >> mitt romney told reporters
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u.s. embassy responded to the angry mob attack by a a.poll jizing and was talking about a statement regarding the video that sparked the assault on the u.s. embassy in cairo. >> i don't think we hesitate when we see something that is a violation of principal autos mitt romney was talking about a statement in which he said the embassy condemns continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt religious feelings of muslims. romney called it an apology. >> how simply the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those breeching our embassy and egypt instead of condemning actions. >> he assumed the statement came out in response to the angry mob attack but the state was made before the mob
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stormed this embassy referring to a movie trailer offending muslims and there is a the president responded in an interview with cbs's 60 minute autos there seems to be a tendency to shoot first, name later. and as president one thing i've learned is that you can't do that. >> there is no question the campaign created a real mess for itself. >> the professor says the gaffe did not help his foreign policy credentials and this latest misstep, endorsing a negative impression. >> this is an attempt to proof. >> and and this is problematic for romney in this campaign. >> and he told reporters never
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too earlly to stand up. >> and a 25-year-old woman inspired bone marrow drive as cross the country died today after a three-year battle with leukemia she was a senior at ucla and went into remission and graduated from college before the disease returned last year. janet chronicles her struggle in a series videos. she passed away just six days after receiving her transplant. >> san francisco ban on plastic bags is about to get tougher. today a superior court judge upheld an ordinance expanding the existing ban to stores and restaurants. there is a 10 cent fee if they provide a paper bag to customers. it takes affect next month and will be implemented in all restaurants by next july. >> there is a precious natural
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resource quickly running out. this is not oil or anything else you can see. abc 7 news explains why the federal government has turned it's attention to what some are calling a dire shortage of radio spectrums. you don't have to understand the complex diea grams or jarringon being thrown around this conference room to understand what google's eric schmidt told us. >> people are going to be rioting. >> he sat on a panel that included a growing concern that americans are deeply in love with their smart phones and wireless radio spectrum is running out. >> this is like a highway that is getting to congested. and the more congested it gets, slower traffic is and the worse our experience will be on the devices. >> the fcc chairman says apps are part of the reason americans have doubled their wireless data consumption every year for the last five years.
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in part thanks to the innovateors. >> who knew you wanted to have the phone be your match maker who. knew you wanted to be a personal assistant? >> the apps mean now this needs more lane autos this is divided up into lots of slices. down near the bottom there are things like police radio. above that, things like wireless microphones in. middle all important smart phone and blue tooth. >> i'm not always using my microphone. police aren't always calling for back up wh. these aren't being used, there are huge slices sitting empty. >> the part of the proposed solution is let all share a chunk of spectrum. priority to this one. >> there is another part of the solution would let some tv stations sell back their over the air channel autos people don't watch broadcast tv over the air. they're watching through cable. >> and on their mobile devices. if there is enough spectrum.
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>> just ahead, silicon valley eye wear technology. >> glasses fit your every need
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are you always switching eye glasses? one driving one computer one watching tv? there is technology that might have a solution for you from
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electronic lenses to shifting ones there is a drive to discover the one lens to move along. >> i often work at home and there are things to read and and i was one of those that liked to have the full for whatever. >> and that is why he is happy with his eye glasses. >> he can change lens was out changing glasses skb there is sort of a normal lens and there is a distance prescription in it. the back is a numbing where this is. by moving this lighter on the bridge you can change the flul flul-filled membrane from zero and up. it has every focal point. >> and this is one of the
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first places to offer the system alongside the array of designer frames she says san franciscoins demand. in the same price range. there are an after yeah of tints. there is a touch interfaith and now, on your eye glasses. there is a swipe of a temple like changing lenses. >> you can turn them on just to work with a tilt. >> there is by altering that part of the lens they alter a magnify fiction. one of the first to offer them is art and science for eye wear. and there is a biggest change in 50 years into is just the beginning. the future is bright for
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electronics. >> the glasses aren't for everyone but they're worth a look with the next step in eye wear abc 7 news. >> and michael finney is coming up next there is a
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owe for years you've been able to learn things online. >> tonight the honeymoon ends this weekend. >> this is a book about dracula. >> matthew bought owe e books this week. more than he can possibly read at once. >> i have to admit buying more books lately. >> this isn't just a penchant for reading. he knows this is the last week of tax-free shopping on amazon. beginning saturday the internet giant will begin collecting sales taxes on california purchases for the first time, ever. >> maybe subconsciously i'm trying to save that 8%. >> depending on where you live, sales taxes range from 7 and a
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quarter to nine and three quarters percent that. can add a big chunk to the price. >> i think they're go tg see this is a price increase without a warning. >> a market professor thinks most will be shocked to find the tax added to the price at checkout. >> there is most customers not aware this is coming. >> twitter is ablaze with warnings like this one saying amazon begins collecting sales tax. go on a spree. and they won't say if sales have spiked but some say it's inevitable. >> someone is on the fence this might be the incentives they need. >> this prefessor kit yarrob says after saturday consumers can be less eeger to buy. >> it's hard to take thing as way without them becoming angry. what happens is that there is
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more time thinking about whether or not they want that. >> saying she and others like shopping from home. >> ones that buy just about everything there are obsessed with convenience without having to wait in line, drive, park. >> californians have been rired to pay tax on the purchases all along as a use tax reported on the state returns. few actually pay it. and enforcement has been lax. a lay requires major online retailers to collect sales taxes from consumers. amazon says it isn't worried about losing business, it collects sales tax in several other states and the company says we're thriving in those geographyes because there are low prices, selection and fast delivery. >> i'd rather not pay any taxes you know? and that, said, you've got to do what you've got to do.
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>> this affects any out of state retailer that sells more than $1 million worth of good autos e books are not a physical product so there no sales tax z there is no tax on weather. >> yes. yes. that is real. >> and there is a look at our forecast for tomorrow, going to be a sunny day in the bay area, and there is coast to inland summer spread if affect. highs into 60s at the coast to 90s inland. and here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-90s inland locations there is upper 50s on the coast and still warm. bigger cool down sunday, and that continues into next week approaching fall. and there is up in the sky. those aren't just cloud coverings. they're digits of the number
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pie. first thousand digits, no less and there is five flames to find the numbers. the brain child of one an san -- san francisco artist that wants to raise awareness about math and science. >> it's tough to see. >> yes. you have to know what it is. >> there gou. the best tv commercials of the year are screening tonight. and there are just minutes to make it to the barrel house south of market for the showing. the career of justin beeb year, part of the best of show award. his story has inspired marketers. >> there is an understanding i
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better give the audience something that is paying back. >> there is these awards judged by a panel of professionals. here are a few. there is i swirl of color that is yogurt. singing dogs, a car commercial. and there is a spot about a family looking for dad's old car. there is a mini movie of discovery. >> there is something great. >> and some don't shy away from controversy. there is a rough foul-mouthed
6:50 pm
character to sell shoe autos probably mothers and there is probably a lot of letters from are the a lot of fruits. the fact is that it's going to resonate with the core they want. >> there are the things people will go. advertiseors don't shy away from social issues. >> there is museum of modern art we're up 2000 pieces collecting this wrk. >> there is a screening thursday night in one, market n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> wonderful. >> sports is next. and coming up... one tall order. >> how do 49ers cover receiver known as megatron? spor
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join me tonight at 9:00 the discovery could make jur razic park a reality. what scientists hope to find inside of these bones to bring this giant to life. >> an attack on a turkey, this
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one rushed to an animal hospital after being shot with an arrow. the search for the suspect is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> there is talking about proper handshake et yi quit. >> talk this week seems to be focused on the post game handshake with jim schwartz. and is he tired of hearing about it. what 49ers have to deal with is megatron. best wide receiver in the league with ability to stretch the field. niners know they have their hands full trying to shut it down. >> i think all of the superlatives being associated with him as a football player are accurate. he's a proven football player, we're going have to have do a
6:55 pm
good job defending him. >> biggest thing for us is play our style of football. and bet our hands on him, trying to slow that guy down. >> good luck with that. >> and talking about raiders yesterday could get worse sunday. miami has one of the best run defenses in the league allowing 83 yards last week. there is and has to be a threat or teams will rush their quarterback. >> we've got to get the running game going. i feel confident we'll be able to do it. it's a tough challenge this week to against a good run defense. so we've got to be on our game. >> this is going to be out there and they're going to swarm through the wall. and nfl network coming to abc
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and of course we'll have raiders on thursday night as well. >> there is cal bears traveling to columbus, ohio. this will be the final for cal before hitting the pack 12. if playing buck eyes isn't tough enough they play usc coming week. there is nothing like playing in front of over 100,000 fan autos preparation has to be the same whether it's 70s or 65 in ohio state. >> this is for all sports except football they'll remain independent and play five acc teams. there is a exit fee worth coming. >> giants in colorado looking to take the series from the
6:57 pm
rockies. there is hector sanchez one to left bringing home hunter pens. there is joaquin arias scores. there is a throw to the plaicht he's in there. there is a wind knocked out of him. we'll have highlights for you coming up at 11:00. >> excellent participation. >> and there is a clap. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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