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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now in the middle east, the u.s. navy moves two missile destroyers right off the coast of libya, as the entire region heats up. hundreds of demonstrators storm the u.s. embassy in yemen overnight. opening fire, smashing windows. we're live inside the hot zone. filmmaker under fire. tensions blazing over the anti-muslim film. questions about whether the film does exist. we hear from one of the actors. explosive, new details from amanda knox's new boyfriend. revealing for the first time why he and amanda were acting so oddly right after her roommate's death. and why he feels so guilty right now. ♪ go on take the money and run caught on camera. racing at 100 miles per hour through the streets of l.a. the men in this stolen car, chased by police after fleeing a
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bank holdup. alleged robbers tossing cash out the windows. people running through the streets to pick it up. are these the high-speed robin hoods? and good morning, america. robin on her medical leave. amy robach with us. so much to get to. we're going to show you the brand-new pictures from yemen. chaotic scene there today. protesters broke into the u.s. embassy compound. hundreds of them. and you see they set parts of it on fire. gunshots were fired. still developing. we also have a report they tried to burn the american flag. we're going to get into all that this morning. >> there's so much to report on the region right now. it's on high alert. angry protests escalating outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. and demonstrations outside the u.s. embassy in baghdad. security raise at u.s. embassies
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and consulates around the world. >> a lot of politics on that, as well. our entire team is tracking this live from the hot zone. let's get right to abc's lama hasan in cairo. lama? >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, we've been forced to come to the studio this morning because our satellite truck that was parked outside the u.s. embassy came under attack. the area around the embassy right now is a battlefield, with protesters clashing with egyptian security forces. an explosion of anger spreading quickly across the region. protesters took to the streets of cairo again this morning, as police fired tear gas. overnight, they broke through a barbed wire barrier and burned tires near the u.s. embassy. also, demonstrators stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen. overnight, protesters smashed windows before breaking through the main gate. security guards fired warning shots to stop them. tensions ablaze over a 13-minute youtube trailer, depicting the prophet muhammad as a womanizer and fraud.
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outrage over the film spreading. in cairo, we spoke with muslims chanting death to america. this man says seeing the trailer made his blood boil. just who made the movie remains a mystery. it is credited to a shadowy figure using the pseudonym sam bacile. knack kul la basseley nakoula, a 55-year-old california resident tells the associated press he was a producer but denies he was the director. actors in the film say it was originally called desert warrior. filmed on sets like this, at blue cloud movie ranch outside of l.a. and on green screens with backgrounds added later, digitally. >> we were supposed to be playing a film of how life was 2,000 years ago. and compared to today. >> reporter: these script pages
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obtained by abc news, show dialogue for a character named george. in the trailer, george's name has been changed to muhammad. and much of the most offensive dialogue appears to have been dubbed over the actors' voices. back here, the egyptian president is trying to restore calm, by saying we condemn these unlawful attacks and promming to protectitect the u.s. embassy. that's falling on deaf ears here, with protesters continuing with their battle and calling for a million man march. amy? >> lama hasan, in cairo, thank you. and as we mentioned, two u.s. warships now positioned off the libyan coast. and martha raddatz is tracking the latest details on what really happened in libya, that left a u.s. ambassador and three americans dead. martha? >> good morning, amy. overnight, u.s. navy forces began moving those two u.s. destroyers, armed with cruise missiles, to the coast of libya. part of the heightened state of alert across the region.
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this is all still very volatile. the situation in libya is at a flash point. all nonessential u.s. diplomatic workers have been ordered to leave the country this morning, as the fbi and other agencies try to figure out who carried out the malicious attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> i want to assure you, we will bring their killers to justice. >> reporter: the attack was complex and preplanned. likely, for the anniversary of september 11th. it was around 10:00 at night in libya. 20 heavily armed attackers began firing at the libyan security guards protecting the american consulate, before setting the main building ablaze. inside, ambassador stevens and several others were trapped between the flames and the gunfire. stevens became separated from the others by the heavy, black smoke, while trying to exit the building.
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it was nearly a five-hour gun battle. additional security eventually regained some control, while employees escaped. but the buildings are now abandoned. it was also nearly 12 hours before ambassador stevens' body was returned by local libyans, who had carried him to a hospital in an effort to save him. a contingent of some 50 u.s. marines is now at the embassy in tripoli this morning. every u.s. mission around the world has been ordered to reassess its security, beefing up where necessary. and these attacks, george, and protests are clearly continuing. >> no question about it. martha, thanks. all this chaos, also shaking things up on the campaign trail. politics not stopping at the water's edge, as mitt romney and president obama trade pretty fiery charges. abc's jake tapper has that from the white house. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, george. polls indicate that president obama has an advantage over mitt romney when it comes to handling of foreign policy. but romney senses an opening,
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even if his original criticism of the president was assailed, even by some republicans, for bad tone and timing. even as he deals with the fallout from the attack in libya, the president obviously feels that the campaign must go on. so, overnight, he hit las vegas in battleground state, nevada. he took a moment to honor the four fallen americans. >> as americans, we stand united, all of us, in gratitude for their service. and we are mindful of their sacrifice. >> reporter: this morning, however, many questions remain about insufficient security at those diplomatic posts on the anniversary of 9/11. and u.s. leadership in the region in the wake of the arab spring. after all, the president told telemundo this about egypt, the former stalwart ally. >> i don't think we would consider them an ally. >> reporter: if not, some are asking why the u.s. gives egypt billions of dollars in foreign aid each year. meantime, the republican ticket is sensing a new front in the campaign.
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hitting the president on foreign policy. >> the administration sent mixed signals to those who attacked our embassy in egypt and mixed signals to the world. >> reporter: but mitt romney is now facing tough questions, too. while the battle in benghazi was still going on, romney attacked the obama administration as disgraceful. saying the administration's first reaction was to sympathize with those who waged the attacks. this was based on a statement from the u.s. embassy in egypt, condemning the anti-muslim movie, one issued before it was even attacked. in a press conference, romney was unapologetic. >> an apology for america's values is never the right course. >> reporter: eager to throw a punch himself, the president fired back on cbs news' "60 minutes." >> governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later. as president, one of the things i learned is you can't do that. >> reporter: george, conventional wisdom has it that any day the campaign is not focused on the struggling economy is a good day for
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president obama. but there remain these unanswered questions about insufficient security at the diplomatic posts on the anniversary of 9/11. one that could potentially hurt president obama. >> you also raise that question in your piece. now that the president said that egypt is not really an ally, are they considering how -- is the white house considering fending off sending the billions of dollars in aid to egypt? >> reporter: i've not heard that the white house is considering withholding that money. where the egyptian president has been in all of this has been a source of tremendous frustration for the administration. george? >> jake, thanks very much. later today, i'm going to be in virginia with mitt romney at this flashpoint period of the campaign. we'll have a preview on "world news." we'll have the full interview tomorrow on "gma." let's get the rest of the top stories with josh. >> looking forward to that interview. good morning. we're going to begin with new security concerns at one of the nation's busiest airports. more than a dozen food service workers and private security guards at new york's john f. kennedy airport have been
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arrested, accused of running a liquor smuggling ring for years. all of the men had access to planes and had been vetted by security, worked together to steal some $20 million in liquor bottles from american airlines and resell them to convenient stores. officials are trying to figure out how the scheme could have gone undetected for so long. another developing story, the ruthless head of a drug cartel linked to deadly violence along the u.s./mexico border has apparently been captured. the kingpin jorge sanchez has been nabbed in mexico. u.s. firms had offered there are 5 million for information leading to his arrest. and a bizarre turn in that strange bank robbery in los angeles a week ago. the bank manager claims she was kidnapped and robbers strapped a bomb to her chest. you see her walking from the bank there. it turns out, the bomb was a fake. and now, her boyfriend has been arrested in connection with the heist. no word if police have recovered the stolen cash, an amount they would only describe as significant.
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and a health alert for parents about a popular children's vaccine. a new study finds the shot to prevent whooping cough wears off much sooner than expected. experts may begin recommending a booster shot or a new vaccine altogether. and a special milestone for our friends at espn today, they will broadcast their 50,000th "sportscenter." the show launched back in 1979, when the only sports highlights on tv were, let's be honest, a few minutes on the local news. look at that set. they've had many sets. >> who is that? >> oh, boy. and many anchors over the years. including that fella. wonder what happened to him. but there's no question, espn certainly redefined sports reporting as we know it. oh. ♪ it gets better every time. i'll tell you what. and i have to say, as our colleague robin roberts, who also came from "sportscenter,"
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it remains the very best job in all of sports. >> thanks so much. we turn, now, to a major headline from the makers of the big mac. mcdonald's announcing plans to put calorie counts on menus across the country, making them the largest food chain to do so. jim avila is at a mcdonald's in washington this morning with more on this. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. you want fries with that? from now on, you'll be able to tell just how much treadmill time it will cost you, right from the mcdonald's menu. a new day at america's most popular guilty pleasure. mcdonald's will now tell us how much those french fries are costing our waistline. >> they're being up front about their ingredients and stuff. and i think that's kind of important to have that visibility in what you're eating. >> reporter: rare praise for mcdonald's from those in the nutrition world, traditionally critical of the company. now impressed by the fast food giant's decision to post calories on its menus. >> it's great that mcdonald's is going to let their customers
7:13 am
decide for themselves how many calories they want to eat. >> reporter: what difference will it make? experts say seeing those calorie counts could encourage diners to pass on the angus bacon and cheeseburger with its 790 calories, in favor of a mcchicken sandwich, with only 360. or say no to the double-quarter pounder with cheese, at a whopping 750 calories, in favor of the regular cheeseburger, at 300 calories. diners will also see the big mac packs 550 calories. but the honey mustard snack wrap carries a mere 250. >> we don't feel like we're pushing the customer one way. we're giving the customer inf infinite choice. >> reporter: a choice, say critics, to end the mindset of, i'm here, so i might as well indulge. >> is the large fry really worth it? could you be just as happy with the small fry when you see what
7:14 am
the calorie difference is? >> reporter: does it really work? many studies conclude when it comes to fast food, we pick with our stomachs and our pocketbook. not our head. healthy fooded a sew -- food advocates say the studies were done too soon. as consumers get used to seeing calories on the board, they'll make better choices. what happens at mcdonald's never stays at mcdonald's. they're an industry leader and it will spread. george? >> okay, jim, thank you very much. big day for another american iconic company, the richest in the world. apple unveiled the brand-new iphone 5 yesterday. it's got apple fans in a frenzy. is it really better than all of the other smartphones out there? neal karlinsky takes a look. >> reporter: in what looks to be an apple first, the iphone 5's launch came with all of the fanfare and none of the surprise. >> iphone 5. >> reporter: from the longer screen to the thinner and lighter body. even the new headphones called ear pods, bloggers and reporters had photos of all of them,
7:15 am
actual dead on photos, ahead of time. >> the world has changed. we're so interconnected. a lot of people feel there's a lot to gain by leaking out a little information. >> reporter: even with the unprecedented leaks, the chosen few who got a chance to put their hands on apple's latest liked what they're were seeing. the phone no longer does things the competition can't. it does work in a way that many tech journalists say is more streamlined, more efficient, and more elegant. >> faster processor. faster speeds with lte. and also, even, a better camera. >> reporter: iphone users love their gadgets. but one thing that will annoy a lot of people is a new connector at the bottom. get ready to throw out all of the old plugs or buy an adapter. now, the world's richest company. the phone makes up an estimated 60% of apple's revenue. beyond that, its sales are so mind-bogglingly huge, the chief
7:16 am
economist of jpmorgan says it could push the nation's gross domestic product. >> i would not be surprised if apple sells over 10 million of these phones in the next couple of months. >> reporter: what's next? if you believe the hype, a newer, smaller version of the ipad could be right around the corner. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, san francisco. >> okay, i admit it. i want one. but don't you hate paying for the new chargers? >> i'm the last person in the world that doesn't have an iphone. >> not at all? >> i don't have one. >> josh has like five of them. >> there you go. my little gift to you. >> thanks. i got the 4 now. move on to the latest on will and kate's royal tour. big day today. kate's first speech on foreign soil. and abc's bob woodruff is covering it all in kuala lumpur. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this is the third day of this nine-day trip. we have heard prince william speak several times. but we've not heard from kate, until today. the first stop in malaysia this morning, a hospice where kate would make her first overseas speech since she and william
7:17 am
were married. >> it's been wonderful meeting the patients, families and staff here. you have given us the most wonderful welcome. >> reporter: hospice care is one of kate's most important charity commitments. and she is loved here. outside, the malaysian kids wave flags. they feature red an white stripes much like america's. have you watched her a lot on television? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think of her? >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> reporter: right across the street is a huge muslim cemetery. and the caretakers told me, they couldn't get enough of her. are you excited about seeing kate speak next to us? >> yes. >> reporter: because she's beautiful? or because she's the possible queen someday? >> queen and beautiful. >> reporter: queen and beautiful. early this morning in singapore, under a blazing sun, a quiet moment. the couple walked among the headstones that honor those who
7:18 am
lost their lives in world war ii. she did seem a little nervous speaking today. but on this trip, she has begun taking a much larger role. >> thank you, again, for inviting us here. and all the very best for this exciting new initiative. thank you. >> reporter: amy, i have to tell you, this is the second foreign trip i've been on with william and kate together. and i have to say that every day, she seems to be getting more and more comfortable. amy? >> all right. bob woodruff in k.l., as the locals call it there. don't you love the sound of her voice? >> she talks so well. so does ginger zee. >> thank you so much. and i'm getting more and more comfortable every day. there's so many parallels. okay. let's go ahead and start with that first snow. i told you it was going to snow. and here's the evidence. mt. evans, colorado, one of the spots. we have video to share with you from aspen. it's brilliant. now, the snow, not going to continue. but it will bring lots of rain
7:19 am
to people who need it. del rio, texas here. and all the way up to oklahoma city, a place that needs it, as well. i'll leave you with a really nice look in the northeast. uuuuu
7:20 am
>> so absolutely beautiful weather. look at this. nashville 85. cincinnati 85. and low 80s and upper 70s in the northeast. you can't beat it. we have to talk about heavy rain, though. that will be coming up in the florida forecast in the next half hour. >> no, we don't. >> yes, we do. >> ginger, thanks. coming up, the stunning moments caught on tape when police stopped a woman for speeding, pulling her out of her suv. did the officer go too far? and are these high-speed robin hoods, the alleged bank robbers, throwing cash out the window when they're on the run? what happened when police got their men. plus, get ready for oprah. she is joining us live. with a a sneak peek at her big new project. and emmitt smith and cheryl burke. are they headed for an all-star victory? tar
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you have got to look at this. bank robbers in l.a., on a high-speed car chase, throwing bills out of the suv as police are on the run. and people are trying to scoop them up. are they robin hoods on the run? we're going to look at that in a little bit. >> people braving traffic. >> come on. $100 bills. >> l.a. giveth. >> amy robach in for robin today. plus, explosive new allegations from amanda knox's ex-boyfriend. opening up in his new book why he and amanda were acting so strangely right after her roommate's death. and why he feels so guilty right now. supermodel heidi klum. she is fighting back against the comments from seal about the relationship with her bodyguard. we're going to hear her side. and also, justin bieber may only be 18. but that's not stopping the pop
7:31 am
superstar from coming out with his second memoir. a lot of life lived in those 18 years. >> second memoir. >> he's trying to keep private. and his ideal girl. >> he's revealing what he's trying to keep private. >> yes. >> makes total sense. >> more ahead. i'm sorry. >> it's your turn. >> my turn. let's go and let's begin with the new book from amanda knox's former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito. he reveals new details of that night before that landed them in prison. >> sollecito is now in the u.s., to promote his new book. for the first time, we hear the back story about sollecito's budding romance with amanda knox. and what he describes as their strange behavior in the days after knox's roommate was brutally murdered.
7:32 am
their torrid love affair, the fight of the gruesome murder. it's all detailed in raffaele sollecito's new tell-all book, "honor bound: my journey to hell and back with amanda knox." he describes it how the two undergraduates first met in october of 2007. he met knox at a classical music concert, just one week before knox's 21-year-old roommate meredith kercher's death. the couple were inseparable, until they were arrested and ultimately convicted for kercher's death. a month after they were released, sollecito opened up on italian tv, about the night kercher was killed. paradoxically, he said, for me, that night was a beautiful night, because i spent the evening in amanda's company. we were living an idyllic love story. he goes on to write about his first night in prison, where he felt both great waves of indignation and a nagging sense of guilt. while he maintains his
7:33 am
innocence, he admits that he and knox behaved oddly after the murder, in this unforgettable and to some, scandalous scene. he revealed he was angry at himself for having a foggy memory of the night of the killing because he and knox had smoked marijuana. sollecito also acknowledged they had no real alibi the night of november 1st, except for each other. but then, in october 2011, after spending four years in what sollecito calls hell, he writes he felt indescribable joy when they were finally acquitted. >> what's important for me to say is thank you to everyone. >> reporter: in a private moment in the basement of the courthouse, with knox, sollecito squeezed his hand. >> they hold something in common that very few people have ever had to deal with. >> reporter: knox is also writing a book, due out next spring. her deal with harper collins is reportedly worth $4 million.
7:34 am
>> linsey, thanks. now, to the high-speed car chase through the streets of l.a. the bank robbers throwing watts of cash out of the suv, at speeds of hundreds of miles an hour. nick watt has all the incredible details. >> reporter: right there, that's the getaway car. four guys allegedly held up a bank in santa clarita. driving a stolen car. and the cops were on their tails. a chase that at times topped 100 miles per hour. then, bundled of greenbacks tossed from the back of that black suv. that's cash thrown from a moving vehicle. >> look at that. people running out in the street, picking up this money. >> reporter: "the french connection" meets "it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world." at times, the robbers tossed their ill-gotten gains on the street, snapped up by cheering, waving, gathering crowds. >> they robbed a bank in west santa clarita.
7:35 am
and they throw money out in the ghetto. >> reporter: this is the third high-speed chase in l.a. alone. monday, a suspected drug dealer got away on foot. tuesday, a suspected murderer, cornered, opened up on the cops with an ak-47. what exactly was going on here, we still don't know. some sort of robin hood gesture? getting rid of evidence? creating havoc for tailing police? we don't know. but the crowds, well, they were cheering for those speeding bandits. >> it's not every day that someone drives through town here and throws out fist fulls of 20s, 10s and 1s into the street. >> reporter: game over. a truck got in the way. the sheriffs got their men. next problem, keeping that crowd away from that getaway car. there was more money inside. >> what a wild pursuit. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> that was a wild scene. thanks. let's get the weather. ginger zee, in for sam. >> i want to start with the drought. we know the plains have been
7:36 am
dealing with it. a little pocket in the southeast, too. but florida, not even close. look at some of these. this is how far above average we are for the year. miami, almost 30 inches. tampa had its second-wettest summer ever. this is really incredible numbers here. 10.8 inches above average for new orleans at this point. they're going to get rain going into the weekend. stationary front, not going anywhere. even in new orleans, will have a high of 87. we're seeinguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >> this weather report, brought to you by babies "r" us. back to all of you. >> thank you so much. now, to justin bieber. the 18-year-old superstar opening up in his second memoir out today.
7:37 am
taking on the paparazzi, opening up about his love life and revealing who his perfect girl is. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: most teens his age are sweating school essays. but pop superstar justin bieber has finished writing his second memoir. the book just getting started is due out today. the teen sensation filmed a message to his fans ahead of its release. >> my life has changed so much within the past couple of years. i wrote it so you can see all the behind the scenes in my world. >> reporter: exclusive excerpts and photos from the book. but don't expect the 18-year-old to dish on everything. in a nod to his relationship with singing star selena gomez, bieber writes, there are some things i am trying to keep private because i'm young and figuring it out. i'm learning about trust and the joys and struggles of it. i like being with someone who is smart and who i can have an
7:38 am
actual conversation with. bieber takes aim at over zealous paparazzi, writing, it's not okay when they come at me. there's a misconception that i hate the paparazzi. i don't. i simply don't like the aggressive paparazzi. the pop star has had several high-profile run-ins with photographers this past july. a scared bieber even called police to report that he was being chased. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting? >> hello. i have, like, five cars following me. >> reporter: and in may, bieber confronted a photographer outside a movie theater. but it's not just paparazzi. while waiting for gomez at a toronto airport, bieber had words for over overeager fans. >> i am a human being. >> there's is a price to pay. and he talks about that in some depth. and the price he pays is giving up a lot of freedom. >> that's right. the price of fame. coming up, heidi klum speaking up with her side of high-profile breakup with seal.
7:39 am
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back now at 7:43. with the latest from supermodel heidi klum. we heard from seal and the controversial statements he made. now, heidi is speaking out to katie couric about her high-profile split from seal. and what's really going on with the family bodyguard. take a look. heidi klum did not hold back. >> i don't know if we're like the greatest friends right now, especially the things he said. >> reporter: in her first television interview on "katie," the supermodel turned supermogul talks about a rollercoaster of emotion and shocking headlines, since her split from seal eight months ago. >> talk about how you're doing right now. >> it's very hard. especially being in all of the magazine and gossip pages. that's hard and hurtful. it's hard to go through a divorce, you know, if you're not in the public eye.
7:44 am
or if you're in the public eye, it's horrible. >> reporter: the once-loving couple was famous for renewing their vows every year. but those public moments hid deeper problems. >> people saw it laughing and smiling. but it's not always like that. when you have a bad day, you don't say that all the time. you just deal with it and move on. >> reporter: and at first, that's what the couple seemed to be doing. in what appeared to be an amicable separation. >> still, in my opinion, the most wonderful woman in the world. >> reporter: but soon, public civility turned ugly. two weeks ago, the soulful singer delivered a low blow, when he responded to rumors that heidi was romantically involved with the bodyguard for four years. >> i would prefer that heidi had more class, and waited until we separated before deciding to fornicate with the help. >> that's a unique choice of words. i'm used to them. >> reporter: klum talked openly
7:45 am
with couric about the accusations. >> i was never with another man when i was with him. >> reporter: and today about the bodyguard, martin kirsten. >> we got to know each other from a completely different side. he's been with our family far the last four years. he cared for our entire family. mostly for our four children. helped us tremendously. >> you are in a relationship right now? >> i don't even know if i can call it that. i don't know. it just started. so, i don't know. >> we wish both of them the best. coming up, though, we do have "the play of the day." you're not going to want to miss this. can't get into it. but also, oprah is live with us, with a sneak peek at her brand-new project. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress!
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7:48 am
starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> coming right up here, look, we all know what it's like to
7:50 am
break in a new pair of shoes. not always -- i don't know what it is to break in a new pair of shoes. except if you're barkley. that's so me can walk in the snow. oh, barkley. >> he's very fashionable. and you know what? so are you. we have a hijacked "play of the day," everybody. >> a hijacked "play of the day." josh elliott, named as one of "us weekly's" top 25 most stylish new yorkers. nice, wearing all black. why don't you wear that to work? we thought it was only appropriate to take a look back at some of josh's most glamorous moments. >> oh, yeah. >> i hope this has a big finish. >> yes. >> oh. >> that was -- >> george, there's no way i make it through here.
7:51 am
look how stylish that was, huh? >> "us weekly" we so get why you chose him. >> can i just say? ginger was there last night, as well. oh, yeah. here we go. >> don't talk over there. >> you know, it's all about the accessories. >> it's not how you look, it's how you smell. >> exactly. >> that was an aromatic day over there. coming up, emmitt smith and cheryl burke are with us. >> thank you, "us weekly." it was a great time. oh no, not a migraine now.
7:52 am
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8:00 am
♪ it's a good morning ♪ wake up to a brand-new day good thursday crowd out there. but you have to bring the cameras inside. we have a very special guest. there is zeus. the world's tallest dog. >> come here, zeus. come on. i have treats. zeus and i will be over here. oh, okay. bye, zeus. >> zeus is on the loose. >> cupcake. >> oh, gosh, cupcake. no, i'm kidding. lara and i were just saying, it would be much funnier if mine was named zeus and hers was cupcake. >> where is zeus? >> zeus is truly loose. >> zeus is on the loose. >> i think he's taller than i am. >> he was so good up until the very second when you said bring the cameras inside. >> those treats. good morning, everyone.
8:01 am
robin on her medical leave. amy robach here. >> thank you very much. can't top what just happened. but check out this. one of the new guinness world record holders. wait until you see his amazing hair and whattic takes to get it this way. i walked by his room this morning. i saw a man lying down with his hair. what is going on in there? >> i was very concerned. >> i know. >> oh, it's a thursday. >> yeah. also this morning, oprah's going to join us with her life coach, iyanla vanzant. has a brand-new show on the own network. and emmitt smith and cheryl burke are in times square, on their way back to "dancing with the stars" ballroom. what fancy footwork will it take to win it all? >> i'm going to throw it out there. they may be the ones to beat. also today, kardashian central.
8:02 am
kim, kourtney, khloe with their new fashion line. the kardashian kollection. we're going to get to the news. we're going to begin with anger rising now across the muslim word, aimed at the united states. all stemming from that controversial anti-muslim movie. hundreds of protesters poured into the grounds of the u.s. embassy in yemen. we're told all personnel are safe at this time. new protests broke out in cairo. police fired tear gas to disperse protesters. president obama said the country of egypt is not an ally of the u.s., but not an enemy, either. and the investigation into tuesday's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya is just beginning. jeffrey kofman is there. >> reporter: it's blistering hot here. there's an undercurrent of anger
8:03 am
and sadness. tell the american people we are so sorry about the killing of ambassador stevens, one person said to me. conveying that the murder of stevens and the killing of three over americans on tuesday night do not speak for all libyans. there have been spontaneous demonstrations on streets against extremists and expressing gratitude for the united states. another big one planned here in martyr square on friday. jeffrey kofman, tripoli. in other news, now, back in this country, allegations of police brutality near dallas. an officer was caught on camera, dragging a 77-year-old woman out of her suv. you see that here. demanding to see her license. the woman said she had a bladder
8:04 am
infection and needed a restroom. she was held in a squad car for 35 minutes before being ticketed for speeding and failing to show proper identification. police say the officer in question did nothing wrong. and a hopeful new turn this morning as the chicago teachers strike enters its fourth day. both sides said substantial progress had been made. and they suggest schools may be reopened by tomorrow. teacher evaluations have been the main sticking point. and oscar winner kathy bates is recovering from a double mastectomy. the 64-year-old found out she had breast cancer two months ago. she's now recovering. bates beat ovarian cancer nearly a decade ago. our thoughts are with her as she recovers. this body builder from egypt has the world's biggest biceps.
8:05 am
31 inches around. bigger than some men's waistlines. he credits chicken not spinach for the gun show. and those things are bigger than zeus. >> they're weird. >> why -- >> what happened up here? >> and here? >> 12 follow-ups here. you have a freakishly large bicep story. and scene. >> follow-up-free zone. >> yes. please. i don't know. >> then follow your own rule. here we go. bring it. good morning, everybody. you may remember we at "pop news" brought you the first pictures of daniel day-lewis in character as abraham lincoln. now, we can bring you the trailer for "lincoln" including
8:06 am
lewis, jackie earle haley. and directed by none other than steven spielberg. >> this nation, under god, shall have a new birth of freedom. a government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. >> i want more. the full trailer will debut in a google-plus hangout today. it's really remarkable. oscar. saying it right now. big on the predictions today. it will air right here on the abc jumbotron, 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific. "lincoln" was produced by dreamworks and distributed by abc's parent company, disney, which is why we may have had the first look. just saying. apparently i'm not the only one saying that making a "magic mike" sequel has to happen. has to happen, people. star channing tatum still believes in his amazing work in the film that he'll direct it, if he needs to. steven soderberg, who directed the original, may retire, he's
8:07 am
now saying. and channing says he is ready to step in and fill those chaps. he has an idea for the film. it's a road movie, where a bunch of strippers reunite. it's riveting, people. riveting. let's make it happen. >> can i ask one question? >> yes. >> what story has possibly not been told about "magic mike"? what's left to be told? >> you don't understand the subtle undertone? >> i have another one. steven soderberg retiring? >> that should have been -- we buried the lead, perhaps. he is talking about it, reportedly. and channing is ready to fill the chaps. >> thankfully. let's move on, shall we? as you know i love to cruise flea markets and hunt for buried treasure, so to speak. well, a woman at a west virginia flea market beat me to the holy grail of found fortunes when she bought a box full of stuff for $7.
8:08 am
and there was a painting by a little-known artist named renoir. >> what? >> yes. it was an 1879 pointing by renoir, missing since 1926. $7 painting, being sold at auction with an estimated between $75,000 and $100,000. >> it says renoir right there. >> did they think it was a fake? >> there's a million copies out there. sometimes there will be -- a photo board. they'll put it on there. this one wasn't. it was the real deal. they believe that estimate's super low. it could go way higher. >> i'll brake for 100 grand. >> exactly. now you know why i do it. >> now you know. finally, everybody, photo bombing, jumping into photos unexpectedly, often without the subjects being aware. it's become a funny, new sport for friends and family, especially here at "gma." don't you dare. i see you ready to go. now, even the animal kingdom is becoming camera hogs with these photos capture, so very well. >> is that a llama? >> look at this one. look at the seal in the corner. furry friends, hamming it up, all in these photos. the pigeon blocking the beautiful scene in italy. this fish.
8:09 am
these are trending on buzz feed. >> good there. >> love these. and we showed you that one last year. i believe that sloth, as slow as they are, was the first to start this trend in the animal kingdom. that's "pop news." >> thank you very much. let's get to ginger zee and the weather. >> thanks, george. really great crowd out here. these ladies are from arkansas. and really big fans. whose going to win this weekend? >> all: arkansas! >> they have a big game. and they have a chance of thunderstorms on saturday. brr, look at those numbers, everybody. 37 jackson. 43 billings. a cool start in the mountains. that's why they had the first snow in colorado. and the cool air settles in again. detroit.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
8:10 am
>> i hope you all plan on coming out, because it's a really nice morning here on times square. i'm going to toss it to you, lara. >> go to it, ginger. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we're going to talk to oprah live. hi, oprah. she looks great. and emmitt smith and cheryl burke are with us. the dancing champs are in times square before heading back to the ballroom. we'll talk to them live. the kardashian sisters are also here with their brand-new line. all that and more coming up on "good morning america," live from times square.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
the fall weather. and our morning co-star here on "gma," oprah winfrey is here to talk about the brand-new show on "own." it's how iyanla's "fix my life." let's look at the new show. >> you are a hot mess. >> reporter: it's the reality show that cuts to the core. >> not on my watch. >> reporter: to get to the truth. >> who are you? >> reporter: it is "iyanla fix my life." a no-holds barred journey. the facecy and faith-focused life coach we first show on kwp the oprah winfrey show" in 1990. >> across the street. >> reporter: since then, she has faced tremendous life struggles. losing her job, her marriage, her wealth, and her own daughter to cancer. she now draws from her own healing process to help others. >> the minute i gave up the need to be right, the suffering
8:17 am
turned into healing. and learning. >> reporter: her mission now is healing. starting with the show's premiere episode. >> what scares me the most i iis -- >> reporter: the journey of estranged wife, chad johnson. >> did you ever raise your hand to him? >> never raised a finger. >> reporter: who turns to iyanla to move forward with her life. >> i'm going to hold on to you because i'm not really sure anybody's really held on to you at the hard moments. oprah and iyanla join us now. oprah, already clapping away. i know you're so excited about this. you have written that this is the best show you ever produced on own. tell us why. >> it's because -- hi, george. hi, iyanla. >> hi. >> it's because it has everything that viewers love in a reality show.
8:18 am
you know, those jaw-dropping moments. that cause you to -- i can't believe i'm watching this on television. and it also has everything that i love about the power of television. entertainment, plus aha moments. there's not a show that i've seen to this point, and i've seen about five of them, that you don't come away from them being a voyeur in someone else's life but getting something for your own life. i think that's the best combination of what television does. and so do so many women across the country. we've shown previews to. and their reaction has been just knockout. we've shown it mostly to women. but it's a show for men and women. and iyanla is at her finest. this is her birthday. happy birthday iyanla. >> hey. >> happy birthday. >> you did seem to be having -- >> this is the moment you were born for, i think.
8:19 am
>> and you can see the power of it. in just that little clip, you see a break through with evelyn right there. >> it's participatory television. not only do the guests participate. but there's a chance for the audience to participate. to take notes. >> that's what makes it different. >> that's what makes it different. it's a healing process. it's a learning process. it is a loving process. >> this is a big step for you, as well. we showed some there in the piece. you have overcome a lot of obstacles. also, you and oprah have had to bring your relationship back together. >> we are a living demonstration of what it takes to mend a relationship breakdown. we did it publicly. and now, we've been able to move on. in so many places in our society today, people are in relationship breakdowns. >> oprah, so many people are excited about this starting on saturday. it seems like own has turned a corner. >> let me just say, we have made
8:20 am
the pivot. call it the pivot in our offices. and you know, it's been really an exciting challenge. and i am so really happy to, you know, announce to the world, we have made the pivot. iyanla is a part of that. she's been my biggest supporter from the very beginning. and when i first saw these tapes, you know, i don't watch a lot of television. but my friend, gayle, does. and so, i said, gayle, take a look at this. and she was talking back to the tv, watching it. and saying, the same thing i thought when i first saw it. never seen anything like it on television. and i wouldn't be up this time in the morning. >> that's right. you've been so busy. i have to ask you what you're down in new orleans for because you've been tweeting out some fantastic photos, oprah. this movie called "the butler," you're working on.
8:21 am
jane fonda as nancy reagan. and allen rickman, on ronald reagan. i'm excited. you're going to bring people inside one of the most historic white house butlers ever. >> yes. it's a story about eugene hall. and i play his wife. the character's gloria. and forest whitaker's by husband. and it looks into the life and times of this butler who was in the white house for eight presidents. and it's about looking at the historical happenings during that time, the civil rights movement, the freedom riders. the life of so many people who contributed to the possibility of me being able to sit in this chair today, through the eyes of the butler. it's wonderful. and last night, we had the white house scene with jane fonda as nancy reagan. so, i was up late last night. >> we love that. you look fantastic this morning.
8:22 am
tell us more about what we should expect from your show? >> our show opener is with evelyn lazada, the estranged wife of chad johnson. evelyn is every woman. she's got a story that many women lived. we want to bring that and the lesson she's learning, the healing she needs, to the "iyanla fix my life" audience. take notes. >> that's all taking place on own on saturday. oprah, we cannot wait. you're going to come to us as a guest host. >> george, can i say this? >> yes. >> can i say this, george? people love to hate evelyn lozada. they come away feeling something different at the end of watching that tape. it's really amazing. >> saturday and sunday. >> we're all watching on
8:23 am
saturday and sunday. oprah, thank you very much. see you in a few weeks. let's go outside to amy. >> we keep rolling out the stars here. pro football hall of famer, emmitt smith, and his dance partner, cheryl burke, won the third season of "dancing with the stars." now, they are making a triumphant return for the all-star season. we're going to talk to them in just a moment. they're sitting next to me. first, let's look back at how they won the mirrorball. he caught cha-cha fever and tackled the tango on season three of "dancing with the stars." legendary running back, emmitt smith went from crossing yard lines on the football field to perfecting lines on the dance floor. winning audiences over with husband authenticity and pure joy for life. >> i think every man wants to hear, that's the way i want to dance. >> reporter: he became almost as well-known for his colorful shoes as his fancy footwork. and after this unforgettable freestyle.
8:24 am
>> emmitt and cheryl. >> reporter: became the first athlete to ever win the coveted mirrorball trophy. >> i will always remember. i'll do this, as long as i don't have to wear spandex. we never put him in the spandex. but he did get used to the high-heeled shoes. >> reporter: now, smith and cheryl burke are trying to go for gold one more time. and now, from "dancing with the stars," let's welcome emmitt smith and cheryl burke. thanks for being with us. we're going to get you over the fear of spandex. look what we got for you at "gma." we know you like color. you think they will fit? >> your favorite color. >> this will not fit. this does not work with me. >> you can try that in the privacy of your own home. maybe we'll see that this season. seriously, emmitt, you are the only football player to have
8:25 am
ever been on "dancing with the stars" to play and to win. do you think that gives you an advantage? >> no. it doesn't give me an advantage at all. i think cheryl and i, we talk about it all the time. we have to concentrate and focus on what we have to as a team, in order for us to give the best performance that we need to give. >> what is that? what's the secret? >> i think six years ago, we had a great formula. that was to work hard, have fun, and just really take everything step-by-step. and i think, why change that formula? it worked six years ago. we're going to try and do it again. >> this is a little crazy for you, cheryl. two of your former partners, drew lachey and gilles marini are returning. do you feel strange as to who you give your allegiance to? >> i think in the beginning when we were doing the promo shoot, it was a little strange. but emmitt's my partner. that's what i need to focus on. i still have love for gilles and
8:26 am
drew. >> any reservations about taking to the dance floor again? >> no. >> you were laughing at yourself. >> i was looking at the moves i was doing. i don't think i can do those moves any longer. >> give us new moves. >> we're going to reserve the right to wait until the opening night to show america truly what we can do. >> cheryl, who's your biggest competition? >> everyone says this. it's our yourselves. no one has ever been eliminated first for this all-star season. it will be so interesting. we're going to focus on what we have to focus on. and so fun. so happy to be with emmitt again. >> where do you keep your mirrorball trophy? >> it's in my game room. it's the most talked about trophy in the house. people wanted to see the trophy. i brought it down. and everybody got up. >> thank you so much. emmitt and cheryl.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] great crowd out here in times square this morning, having a whole lot of fun. what a gorgeous morning it is out here. robin is on her medical leave. great to have amy robach with us again today. and lara is keeping up with the kardashians inside. >> hi. >> hi, guys. >> wave, everybody. >> there's so much to keep up with, when it comes to the kardashians. lara's going to tell their story. we're very excited to have oscar winner, susan sarandon with us. she has six movies out this year. and she's going to talk about, among other things, reuniting on screen with richard gere. also, zeus and cupcake are back. >> they found zeus.
8:31 am
they corralled him. >> and there's cupcake, too. both are brand-new entrants in the guinness book of world records. and one of the hairiest records here in times square. he was just trying to say hello. now, let's go back inside to lara and her friends. lara? >> thank you, guys. you saw them. i'm surrounded by the ladies. the kardashian sisters are with us. they're celebrating a big anniversary. it's the first anniversary of the wildly popular kardashian kollection. we were here when it was born, a year ago. >> i cannot believe it was a year ago. we're so excited. we're celebrating. we're having a huge party at sears in yonkers tomorrow at 4:00. >> sears in yonkers? >> yeah. we're going to have a huge party. we're so excited a year has gone by. >> i want to hear about the collection. can we take a look at models in your looks? >> let's do it.
8:32 am
>> this is our first look. everything from head-to-toe is kardashian kollection. she's wearing our sears optical that just launched. our eye wear. she is wearing the lace trench coat. the gather-neck blouse. and the cummerbund short. everything head-to-toe, under $100. >> and everything available at sears and exclusively. >> we ship worldwide. >> our next look. >> hello. >> this is our red faux fur bolero jacket. no flower bums here. and the really cute dress underneath, one of our kardashian kollection purses. and our shoes, as well. >> the bella pump. everything here is phenomenon.
8:33 am
and everything on this beautiful young lady is under $100, as well. >> we have another look. you have an extensive collection. >> why are you laughing at me? >> you're cute. >> this top is one of my favorites. it's a very kortney top. >> it sure is. >> this is from our plus line, kardashian kurves, sizes 18 to 24. and she's wearing the kim fit jean. and the best friend bow-neck blouse. >> and denims are the new thing. sunglasses and denim. >> our denim and our denim kurvy just came out. >> and our kardashian kurves is launching in october. we're so excited about that. >> you have the info. >> i'm very crazy. >> and i love the pop of the
8:34 am
color bag. >> next, we have stephanie. stephanie is also in the plus side. again, this is going to be at sears and, shipping worldwide. plus size is new, will be coming in october. like kortney said, our denim is in stores. >> you can get casual. >> thank you, stephanie. >> thank you, stephanie. >> this is from our loungewear. and the leggings are from our kardashian kurves line. the leggings goes from extra small to extra large. and then, plus-sized. and this is our turquoise hoodie. it has the k.k. blinged out in the front. >> even if it's plus-size, you can still get it if you're a petite. we don't discriminate. we go from plus-size to petite. we're a little bit of everything over here. it's like 31 flavors. >> when you're not busy taking over the fashion world, you guys have been busy taping the tv show. let's catch up on all the things
8:35 am
going on in all of your lives. want to start with you, kloe. you've been honest on how difficult it's been to try to have a baby. how is that going for you? >> it's going good. i never knew all the difficulties with getting pregnant. you know, i think my mom has so many kids. and kortney pops them out like a pez dispenser. you think it's so easy. but it's not as easy as you might think. it was hard for me to show what i was going through. but i feel like i'm helping a lot of people. but i'm still figuring it out for myself. >> and watching kloe go through this, you are getting concerned, i understand. are you taking action to make sure you can have children? >> i think was there to motivate kloe and motivate her. i'm not ready to go there yet. but it's good to have the
8:36 am
information. you know, i didn't know how, like, all the technology that's involved with it. just so much. >> it is a miracle. >> it really is. >> it's not to be taken for granted. >> and i appreciate kim pushing me to do that because i was kind of like, i just don't want to know. and you do have to know. kim made a good point. you can't run from your problems. it's better to know what's going on. >> as long as you have the information, you can figure out what to do and how to get there. >> it was really informative to go with kloe. >> i -- what steps are you and lamar taking? what's happening now? i can imagine one of them, no need to share there. >> one of them is self-explanatory. it's really, you know -- it's trial and error. you get put on hormones. see if they work. if they don't, you move to the next step. you know, there will be a part two coming up to the season, which airs this sunday on e! >> the finale.
8:37 am
>> and you'll find out more of the treatments i've been doing. but it's really trial and error. >> before we go, i want to say congratulations to you on a beautiful baby. how is being a mom to two for you? >> i love it. it's so amazing. i don't know. i thought it was going to be harder than it is. >> that's good to hear. >> i know, right? >> it's really -- it's like, i don't know. >> being a mom is so easy to her. and she's so good at it. so, it's inspiring. >> that's great. >> you seem very, very happy. >> i am. >> she likes it look easy. >> this is the first time i've left her this morning. and i'm very upset. >> speaking of moms. can we look at your mother? >> oh, lord. >> the recent shoot of her. >> this, i could not see before. i don't need to see boobs like that. >> here she is, showing everyone her -- the cover is my bikini
8:38 am
body at 56. >> she looks amazing. >> she really does. >> good for her. >> she does look amazing. and she's had six kids. but even if she didn't, she looks phenomenal. it's like, that's my mom. i don't really want her in a bikini. you know? >> i understand. >> and seeing her boobs. can't you wait until the tape is off? i don't need to see the boobs. >> there's something to be celebrated about being your age and celebrating every age. >> absolutely. >> may you all look that great. >> i agree. >> and everything is good with the new love in your life? we've seen a glimpse. >> everything is good. everything is good. it is. i'm happy. >> any wedding announcements you want to make sheer exclusively on "gma"? >> absolutely not. i'm happy. that's a good announcement. >> that's great. congratulations on everything. on penelope, on the collection. >> thank you. >> in sears. and the big celebration. >> tomorrow, yonkers. >> tomorrow, at yonkers.
8:39 am
sears. ginger, we're going to meet the k. sisters there. >> okay. a beautiful times square morning. i think we need -- not sunglasses but 3d glasses. get this. "finding nemo" is being re-released. disney pixar, disney, our parent company, is letting out digital 3d. such an exciting time. we're familiar with the story of nemo. now, we get to see it up close and personal. it is the fifth-grossing animated film worldwide. at the time of its release, "finding nemo," was the highest-grossing g-rated movie of all-time. a special forecast for all of the nemo lovers out there. our meteorologist, max, made this. sydney, florida, 88 degrees. that's where the whole story takes place. nemo, texas. sunshine in ocean city,
8:40 am
maryland, and bass harbor, maine. i have to share the forecast with you, back to where the extreme rain will fall along that cold front. boy, they need it. tonight, through the weekend, places like dallas, ouaustin, del rio, texas. the one to three-inch range. if you missed your forecast, check out your neighborhood there. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >> this weather report brought to you by ocean spray. i have to -- since i made you wear these glasses, where are you from? what's your name? >> st. petersburg, florida. joyce coughlin. >> gave me a free hug, too. >> we love having the kardashians here.
8:41 am
you can see the season finale of "keeping up with the kardashians." a special deal on the kardashian kollection. all you need to do is go to on yahoo! for all of the details. coming up, sus
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14 we're back, now, with susan sarandon. she's one of the biggest stars in hollywood.
8:44 am
she has more than 60 movies to her name. that's incredible. she has an academy award, as well. she's busier more now than ever, with half a dozen movies out, including "arbitrage," which opens tomorrow. we have susan with penny and rigby. >> penny is in "arbitrage." she wanted to stand up for it. >> wanted to get credit for her role in the movie. we're happy to have them with us. you continue to have a phenomenal career. it's interesting. you know from being a sex symbol in "bull durham." you won your oscar for playing a nun. what do you consider when you look for playing a role. do you look for something you haven't done before. >> i consider myself a character player. i want it to be fun, first of all. when the kids were small, i wanted to stay in new york. that didn't always work out. and you look at the directors. "arbitrage," i have a few movies
8:45 am
coming up when they're first-time directors. you don't know if you're going to be lucky with the director. the part has to be fun. working with richard, i love richard. and that made it really special for me. >> you played husband and wife before. >> yeah. we've known each other, actually, since we both came to new york. we go way back. we have a lot of the mutual friends. i've watched him become who he is. and he's been there for me. so, it's pretty easy for us to play husband and wife. i want to graduate to the mistress, though. they seem to have more fun. i hate being the wife. i want to be the bad mistress at some point. >> you look fantastic. you could be the mistress. watching you in that movie, it was incredible. and to know you have 60 movies under your belt, it's truly phenomenal. let's look at one of the clips from the movie. a scene where your character and your daughter are discussing richard. >> it's complicated. you wouldn't understand. >> you know, i know that the
8:46 am
police came to the office. you know what that's about? >> i honestly have no idea. >> about your father's head. he cut his head. and the pain that's hiding in his stomach. and the fact he hasn't slept. and now, for some reason, it's way too complicated for me to understand? there's no money for a routine gift? does that seem a little strange? >> of course, it's strange. >> tell me what's happening. >> ooh. >> the movie. >> richard gere plays your husband, as we mentioned. he said the part of the wife wouldn't work unless the audience felt some of her pain. and she has left a very gilded life. you have to think she knows about the mistress from the beginning, as he walks out the door. >> well, the point that is kind of interesting and we rewrote it a little bit, is i don't think it's the mistress that creates the crisis. i think that after being with somebody for 40 years or 30 years or whatever it is, you
8:47 am
start to negotiate a little bit. maybe she's not so threatened by the other women. but he steps over the line where the daughter's concerned. and brings her into this web. suddenly, that, for me when -- that's the deal-breaker. so, the scene with brit, who is fabulous. i worked with her in another film, is really important because that's when she realizes, whatever it is he's been doing that's been a little odd has now -- >> it's more than a little off. it's a major problem. and i like that "arbitrage" is just one of six movies that you're currently in this year. another one is "cloud atlas." tell us about that one. >> that's a hard one to talk about in just one sentence. it's from a book. and it's made from the people who did "the matrix." and it encompasses many time periods and many characters. and the fun of it is, everyone plays different genders and
8:48 am
races in different time periods. so, it's kind of a cirque du soleil. at one point, i say our lives are not our own, from moon to tomb, every act of kindness or crime bursts your future. everything you do eventually happens to affect someone else or affect your future. >> once again, a very different role for you. among others. >> indian man. i'd never played an indian man before. that was a stretch. penny had a big year also. >> such a great guest this morning. susan sarandon. rigby, too. "arbitrage" opens tomorrow. coming up, from the smallest to the biggest. the new guinness world record
8:49 am
8:50 am
ready to be astounded? you better be. we're going inside the guinness world records 2013 edition. hits bookstores today.
8:51 am
you're going to meet who made the cut. we've seen a couple already. first, stuart claxson, good enough to join us. stuart, i'm amazed, 50,000 inqueries every year to get in. some 40,000 made the cut since 1955. >> correct. >> so many extraordinary additions this year. the hits keep coming. >> it certainly is. there's close to 4,000 records in the guinness of records book that is out today. i think we're going to have a look at some of the highlights right now. can i take you through some of the good ones. >> first, "good morning america," we actually made the cut. >> indeed. "good morning america" is the recipient of a guinness world record for the most makeovers in 24 hours. >> hey. congratulations to us. that's great. all right. here we go. we're going to start. denise, we've seen zeus today. he's the world's tallest dog. >> yep. >> 44 inches. you got him as a puppy. >> yes, we did. >> tell me, what's it like when you're out there taking him for a walk? >> it's pretty crazy.
8:52 am
everybody just kind of mobs around him. everybody wants pictures taken with him. they think he's awesome. >> i can understand. it's okay, zeus, buddy. it's all right. and meanwhile, they are of the same family, hard to believe, canines both. tell me about little cupcake. >> this is cupcake. everybody wants to take a picture of her, too. >> of course, they do. >> getting this picture taken. this is, i want to introduce everybody to the world's tallest mohawk. 3'8.6" tall. what's the secret here? >> three packets of hairspray, jell on the. >> does he do this? >> he has to walk in all fours inside the building. only a special occasion like
8:53 am
this. >> unbelievable. again, congratulations to you all. stuart, thank you so much for being here. again, it is the guinness book, being here. again, it is the guinness book, i'm a professional stylist but styling my friend's is my favorite. they all love the latest trends
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but none of them want to pay full price. they each have their own unique style, so t.j.maxx is a great place because they have such an incredible mix of designers for so much less than the department stores. when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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[ cheers and applause ] thank you for joining us, as always.
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tomorrow, lara's exclusive interview with lady gaga, like you never heard her before. >> and green day is live. we can't wait for that. >> thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! >> and we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for joining us.
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