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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 13, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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gun was brought to my attention. i told kenyon you either have to pay for it or take a one day suspension, your choice. kenyon asked if he could take some time to think about it? i said sure, all the officers behind this are standing in the hallway waiting to come in and laugh at him. he tells me, he says, well can i have some time to think about it? i said sure, take a few minutes. waited five seconds and i said so you made your decision yet? he looked at me with this convoluted, confused look he gets sometimes he said okay i'll pay . i said okay you can write me a check for $700 and cut me another check for $100 for shipping and handling. make both those checks out to me in my name. and he looked at me and his eyes got big and he goes, okay. as a commander, when you earn
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somebody's complete and total blind faith and trust like that, you know maybe you have had an up pack on somebody. kenyon -- had an impact on somebody. kenyon was one of my favorites anyone here who has been blessed to lead fine men and women as i've been, you know that's a statement you reserve for very few. kenyon is one who i reserve that statement for he was one of my favorites. just a great guy. somebody you see down in the holloway, manning -- just -- in the holloway, brightens up the hallway. there are a couple of officers in the hallway, even if i had to go to the bath room, i wouldn't walk past, i would go out, not kenyon, i always enjoyed seeing him and chatting with him during shift
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changes. i want to share one thing, kenyon from time to time, i used to get requests from friends or from colleagues who would ask if i could set up ride alongs either for their son or daughter or be they know. and i always i would always go to the schedule and look to see when kenyon was working and i would set the ride alongs up with kenyon. kenyon was a , conscientious officer. and he was just is up a nice welcoming person. i knew i wanted that person to get a good impression and there's no better person i thought that can do that than kenyon he was very welcoming. that is an e-mail i got from a ride-along, i set up seven years ago when kenyon first came in the office. a friend i grew up with, his son was interested in getting
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into law enforcement. i just got this e-mail a couple days ago. this is from the person that went on the ride-a-long, he said jim kenyon was great officer i remember when i went on the ride along with him that you set up, i was nervous, as soon as i met kenyon he made me feel at home and welcomed, i've often thought about kenyon since that ride along he was a great man and had so many ambitions that was seven years ago. you can see what what an impact that has made on that young man who by the way is now working in law enforcement. i want to thank karen and the family forgiving me a great gift in being able to speak today in honor of kenyon, thank you very much. to the coco command i love all of you, i think you know that take this tragedy, turn night a positive by embodying kenyon's compassion, empathy and his character in your duties each day and save lives as kenyon was committed to in
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life and in death as an organ donor. that's how we can honor him. in closing, god speed to kenyon on this amazing journey home that he's on right now to a place where were are all going to meet again many thank you very much. >> thank you. officer tyler carlton from the contra costa chp office would like to share a few inspirational words. my name is tyler carlton.
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my name is tyler carlton and i had the privilege of working with ken on daily basis and to be his beat partner the morning of september 4th and with him on his last enforcement stop. before i start to talk about ken, i'd like to read a passage of scripture out of he class asties, -- book of ecclesiastes chapter 3 it has brought me comfort throughout this trial. it reads: there's a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. a time to be born and a time to die. a time to plant and a time to
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uproot. a time to kill and a time to heal. a time to tear down and a time to build up. a time to weep and a time to laugh. a time to mourn and a time to dance. a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them. a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. a time to search and a time to give up. a time to keep and a time to throw away. a time to tear and a time to mend. a time to be silent and a time to speak. a time to love and a time too hate. a time for war and a time for peace. now skipping to verse 14 solomon writes: i know that everything god
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does will endure forever. nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. god does this so that his people will fear him. ken was a god-fearing man. a man that loved the lord and his family with all his heart. i remember the first time i ever went to coffee with ken, we were standing in line and we hadn't had a chance to order our cup and he whips out his fancy cell phone he said i want to show you a picture of my beautiful wife and children. and i think his true -- he took that opportunity to point out his son alex, he said i want you to look at him, he said i'll give him this, he got his good looks from his mom, but that hair he got from me.
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he did used to have a great head of hair, he did. i had the privilege of being ken's beat partner that day and watching him stan tall like he did everyday while doing the job him stand tall like everyday while doing the job he loved. it seems everyday i had funny story to tell about him. the last story that i have that i would like to share with all of you was the last morning we worked together. we had just 10 out of -- just gotten out of briefing we were in the back lot ready to go out many standing heineken's patrol car i heard him blurt out oh no, i think they stole my ticket book again. one thing you need to know about ken he was a hot pencil, he wrote tickets and he wrote a lot, the ones that mattered. a backing to that story a few years prior, an officer that
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will remain nameless, stole ken's ticket book and they held on to that book for about a week. i think that was probably the longest week of ken's career. one of the things you can always count on with my friend ken, was that no matter how hard of day day we would have out on the road, you could always count on him, he would come back to the office with a smile on his face and encouraging word to lift the rest of us up. i often have thoughts that creep into my mind why? what if? i could have. but then i keep reminding myself that everything does happen for a reason. that this was all in god's plans.
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and his plans are perfect every time. what buys me peace now is knowing that ken is resting easy up in heaven, beside the lord jesus christ and smiling down upon us. and i know that ken would want us to move forward with the life that god has given us to keep looking up, and to enjoy every minute we have with each other. ken, i know you can hear me, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again brother. [ applause ]
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thank you officer carlton. kenyon's four pwraers, cameron, clinton, brandon and tyson would like to share their special memory growing up with kenyon many clinton youngstrom will speak on their behalf. >> thank you everybody for being here today, it means a lot to the family. got some stories we would like to tell you today.
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for all of you that knew kenyon, i'm his twin brother so if you think there's a resemblance, i'm the one. i've heard a lot from a lot of officers. it means a lot to me. kenyon was our brother, our friend, our ultimate hero. there has been a lot of things that we naught about over the last week, week and a half -- that we thought about over the last week, week and a half since we got that call. kenyon was a devout christian. every time he called me on the phone he would try to get me closer to the lord. sometimes i would want to hear it, a lot of times i would just listen and probably push it off and not listen to it a lot but he was consistently wanting to make sure i was following in his path. and he got me better going back to church and making sure
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i get my family thrlt. so he definitely did his job. kenyon was dedicated to his family and friends many every time i talked to him on the phone or one of the brothers, he told us about his family and how much it meant to him. especially his son alex, he was growing up to be an outstanding boy. i could only hope to be as good as him. kenyon's passion was being a highway patrol officer. everywhere he men, i made yearly trips up here, wherever we went, he loved people to know that's what he did. when he came down to southern california he would tell everybody that he was a highway patrol officer and it meant a lot to him. i went on one ride-a-long with him edge one i didn't get a chance to ride with him again. i sat in the car and go to watch him, i'm like wow, i've
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heard it, but now i'm seeing it, my brother is an officer. guy a picture sits next to my desk at work, got the air force one and some of the officers next to him and i've told every person at work, this is my brother, and it means a lot and it will stay up there. but it means a lot to share that with everybody. couple funny stories for you. kenyon was a really jen person and whatever you needed he -- really generous person. and whatever you needed he would give it to you. if you needed a shirt or something, he would give it to you, two ways you would get it, he would either off your back or have the ram logo. it was a fun rival. another funny story about
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kenyon was whenever he fell, get a bruise or slight cut, 50 packs of ban aids would go over his knees or arms, for some reason that would make him feel better. we would hear from our mom or dad, kenyon there's no blood, yeah but it hurts. for some reason that would make him feel better. his other passion was duct tape between his dad and him they probably kept the duct tape company in business. he loved to play with tape, anything there was he would wrap with tape. we never had in the house the time we needed it off to the store we would go. kenyon had a little bit of a temper, some of you might have known. we got to know firsthand. one of our thoughts growing up was, kenyon would probably be the one that would be in the
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back of a patrol car, not driving one. [ laughing ] all of kenyon's temper and changed when he met karen and started having his family. it went from being angry about things to where he was really happy in his life. each one of his kids were really important to him. and he always made sure that we knew that and everybody else did. every time he would call on the phone, especially alex was the first one, he would hand the phone to alex and he would say, here alex, talk to uncle clinton. hello alex, nothing. you hear kenyon in the background, tell your uncle hi. it would happen pretty much every time we would call until alex got a little braver. it meant a lot that his family got to know his uncles, he was in northern california we were
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kind of scattered around, we loved his family to death. kenyon's christianity was really important to him and he was a really important person in his church. he led bible studies and it meant a lot to him he wanted to make sure anybody that he came in contact with would get to know jesus christ. i know a lot of people he lead to christ with that. said earlier he helped me in night walk. when i would come up here he would make sure that i would get to meet his church family and they are absolutely nice people. i remember when kenyon got accepted to go to the academy, i don't think i've ever seen a smile on anybody's face as big as that.
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he was so happy. i know while he was there he wasn't real happy but the day he graduated, i wasn't able to come up here so recently we took a trip the academy and got to see everything. just meant everything to him. he was a really good officer. no way i could have lived up to that. the final thing i would like to say is to everybody that is here today we would like to thank you on behalf of our family. california highway patrol that i done something to my heart since i've been up here. i feel like i've gotten hundreds more friends. and eye told a lot you guys that i'll be back. -- and i've told a lot of you guys that i'll be back i plan on taking more trips up here you moon a lot to me and the family you have been with us 24 hours a day since we've
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been here no matter what we need you are coming on our own time and giving us whatever we need and i never would have asked for half of that. it has made the mourning process kind of not really be there a lot. i know once i get home it is going to be really . but you guys have made it while we've been here -- really good for us and we love each and every one of you. for all the other officers that have come from around the united states or any other countries, wherever you came, we thank etch and every one of you it means a lot us to that you have come here to support our brother. i don't know what else to tell you for everybody that is here, the people from the hospital, officers, everybody behind the scenes, jut a lot of work and -- just a lot of work and we don't know how to thank you. all i can tell you is thank you so much.
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i feel like we should be doing something for you guys too because it is overwhelming what you guys have done for us, so thank you so much. brother we love you.
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