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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 14, 2012 1:40am-4:00am PDT

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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi, baby. welcome back. >> thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today is a very special day for rishi bhandari. he's not only sitting at $63,500, just one question away from round 2. that in and of itself is fantastic. but there's another reason why today means a lot to you. >> [laughs] it's my birthday. >> it's your birthday! [cheers and applause] and i kind of knew that because behind you, your sister, and your da have on "happy birthday, rishi" shirts showing their support to you. >> thanks, guys. thank you. >> all right, so, rishi, rishi, what do you want for your birthday?
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>> like, a million dollars? >> okay. that sounds pretty good. well, you're gettin' there. $63,500. you're still taking on round 1. you're five questions away from the million, one question away from round 2. at that point, you get to keep everything in your bank. and we know that this next question is worth $2,000. >> all right. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. all right, rishi, in the humor book yiddish for dogs, the definition of the word "putz" is given next to a photo of a dog wearing what? "putz." >> dunce cap seems like what you would give to someone who's a putz. >> [laughs] >> so it really does seem like it's gonna be "c." i'd just like a moment to make sure i'm not... >> a putz. >> missing something.
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[laughs] yeah. exactly. i mean, it's the only guess i have, and i think it's one which i'm comfortable with, so please, i hope it's right, "c," final answer. >> it is "c," dunce cap. >> yeah! >> you're right. >> yes! oh, yeah! [cheers and applause] >> a lot of love over there. >> oh, my god! yes! yes! >> i've never seen anybody your height jump as high as--you do jump high. give me one more. it's like--like you're-- >> now, it's my next-- >> wow! that's really good. well, you have reason to jump. you are now in round 2. your next question will be for $100,000. >> oh, yeah. >> it is time to play classic millionaire. [cheers and applause]
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now, rishi, you're now just 4 questions away from the $1 million. you have $65,500 in that bank. if you choose to walk away, you walk away with all of that money. >> all right. it's gonna be a good birthday. >> now let's take a look at your $100,000 question. [dramatic musical flourish] during the civil war, northern democrats who opposed fighting the south were given what snake-inspired nickname? >> i know that three of them are definitely snakes: copperheads, diamondbacks, sidewinders. [sighs] for some reason, copperheads is totally jumping out at me. and i don't know if that's because i know the answer or kn, in some strange reason, it's popped into my head. okay, so i'm just gonna think for a moment.
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i mean... i go to down to $25,000 if i'm wrong. that's still a good birthday. >> it is a very nice birthday. >> yeah. >> $65,500 would be a little bit better, but then you're not gambling on that $100,000. >> so i don't like gambling. i could be wrong. i mean, the problem is, with the lights on and the pressure, i'm not sure if it makes me more confident than i should be or less confident. i wish i could be on this show a lot more so i'd know. >> we can't afford you. >> but...all right. i would be so, so happy with $25,000. i think that's an okay amount. i hope that this is right, though, and so i'm gonna say "b," final answer. >> mom, you can uncover your eyes. he's right. >> oh!
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yes! yes!od, merediod, meredi oh, my god. >> we'll be right back with more millionaire. after this, it goes to $250,000. >> i'm so happy. thank you. [cheers and applause] here's my morning routine. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. mmm... a great way to help start the day. and it helps regulate your digestive system. new activia breakfast blend.
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>> we are back with rishi bhandari, who's having one heck of a birthday here. $100,000. feeling on top of the world. >> feels so good. >> what--do you have any idea of what you'd like to do with the money? is--anything that you've thought about? >> you know, heather and i talked about it this weekend-- >> heather, your wife. >> heather, my wife. >> hello. >> and we just feel so grateful and lucky to be on this show. the only thing we didn't argue about is, we're definitely gonna be giving some to two charities
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that we feel very strongly about. and then beyond that-- >> which is a wonderful thing to do obviously. >> yeah, so that was the--every other thing--there's flooring plans, furniture plans, travel plans--every other thing resulted in arguing, so we stopped talking about those. >> well, i don't want any arguing, okay? he's doing a great job. heather, you will agree he's doing a great job? >> oh, he's doing a great job, yeah. >> thank you. >> all right, so we're all in agreement on that. you now have $100,000, going for $250,000. you know at this point if you miss the answer, you go down to $25,000, or you can walk with what you have. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay, then let's play! [dramatic musical flourish] good luck, rishi. according to italian author ruggero marino's theory, pope innocent viii is the father of what historical figure? >> okay.
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so i know that most of the popes were italian, and so that takes out joan of arc. fortunately, that leaves columbus and da vinci. i believe gutenberg was german. joan of arc was french. [sighs] so i'm--feel pretty confident that it's down to those two. christopher columbus was from genoa. i wish i knew exactly when pope innocent viii was alive 'cause that would help...a lot. but they're both around the same time: christopher columbus, 1492; leonardo da vinci in the 1500s. so--oh, and popes are not supposed to have children, so is it probably not--got that. >> [chuckles] >> it's clicked. all right. it's a really good question.
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i'm just trying to think if there's any way--you know, christopher columbus, you would think, a seafaring guy would be less moored to a place, and if his father was not around as the potential pope wouldn't have been, who would've--so i mean, i feel like if i had to lean, it would be in the direction of christopher columbus. but i don't feel like it's much more than 50/50. oh, god. does anyone ever have an these talking these things through? >> sometimes, yeah. >> all right, i will try not to waste everyone's time. if i could just maybe be quiet for, like, a few seconds and just think. [mumbling] christopher columbus... and if i have a 50/50 chance, it doubles to 250--more than
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doubles, but i go down to 25, so i lose... [whimpers] i'm gonna feel so sad-- >> if-- >> if--either way, really, except unless i guess and get it right. that one makes me happy. but there are two things that'll make me sad: not guessing and getting it right, guessing and getting it wrong. i guess i'll be more sad with that, because $100,000 is so much money. um... oh, what do you think i should do? >> i can't tell you. >> don't tell me the answer. >> don't tell you the answer? >> don't tell me the answer. >> i'm not telling you the answer. >> just be like--should i go for it? be like, "do it." >> i think yfeel is right for yo you feel is right for you. >> okay. >> there's--i mean, look, if you guess it and it's wrong, you still go to $25,000, but you're at $100,000. >> yeah. >> you know, that's a lot of money. but if you guess it and you're right, and you think you have a 50/50 chance, then you're all the way up to $250,000. does that answer that for you or-- >> [laughing] um...
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i think i'm gonna have to... walk away. >> final? >> just, like, a few more seconds. >> okay. >> i'm so sorry. >> that's all right. >> i'm so sorry. man, oh, man. all right, so i feel like i have a really strong feeling for "a," but i just know that i've talked myself into it over the amount of time you generously allotted me. kills me. it kills me, but my final answer is, i'm gonna have to walk. >> final answer. >> final answer. >> it was... christopher columbus. [audience groans] but you know what? you didn't know that for a fact. and you got $100,000! >> yeah! thank you so much! oh, yeah!
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thank you. thank you so much. >> enjoy it. >> thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> and joining me now is phoebe search from edgewater, new jersey. [cheers and applause] >> nice to meet you. mwah! >> pleasure to meet you. [cheers and applause] all right, phoebe! fourth grade schoolteacher and a mom to 16-month-old boys, right? twin boys? >> yep. >> you are a busy lady. >> they're my little wrecking balls, and then i get to go to school and hang out with my big wrecking balls, but they're absolutely wonderful. >> so this may be actually a calming experience. we'll see. >> absolutely. there's--there's a calm. i'm--nobody's spilling. nobody's dropping. nobody's standing on desks. we're ready. >> okay, then, let's take a look at the money in your round 1. computer, please randomize the money and the categories. and now that everything is all shuffled, are you ready? >> yes, i am. >> then let's play millionaire. [cheers and applause]
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though it was eventually renamed, it's believed that a british surveyor gave the name river glades to a large marshy area that later became part of what u.s. state? >> i'm gonna go with "c," florida, final answer. >> and i think the new name was everglades. you got it right. [cheers and applause] all right, let's start building your bank, phoebe. how much is behind this question? gonna start you off with $2,000. okay. >> awesome. >> way to go. now just 13 away from $1 million. "half evil tattoo" is part of the name of a saskatoon, canada, tattoo parlor whose full name logically begins with what numbers? "half evil tattoo." >> so i'm thinking evil, half
1:55 am
evil, we've got the devil in there, so that's 666. and my fourth graders would kill me if i didn't get this right. so i'm thinking "c," 333, final answer. >> you are as smart as a fourth grader. you got it right. absolutely right. add some more money to the bank. you're at $2,000. show us the money, please. another $100. $2,100. >> yep, good. that's awesome. >> making your way up the ladder to $1 million. >> you got it. >> "paring down" is the next category. what is the name of a new dieting program where participants are held accountable to their social network contacts by announcing what they consume? hmm. >> hmm. i have an instinct. it's got social network in it.
1:56 am
but i think... i think i'm gonna jump it just to be on the safe side 'cause i've never heard of any of these. and i want to keep what i've got so far, so i'm gonna jump it. >> okay. by jumping it, you don't have to answer. what were you thinking? >> i was thinking "tweet what you eat." >> let's see if you're right. "tweet what you eat" would have been the right answer--or is the right answer. okay, but you weren't sure, and the idea here is to keep in the game. let's see what you forfeited, though, by jumping over this question. [audience groans] oh, phoebe. i'm sorry. well, we well, we're gonna regroup. we'll be back with more millionaire right after this. >> no problem.
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>> we are back with our fourth grade schoolteacher phoebe search from new jersey, already has $2,100 in the bank.
1:59 am
you still got two lifelines. you ready to keep playing? >> let's play. >> let's play. [dramatic musical flourish] calling its outline "kidney-shaped," the travel guide series lonely planet insists "there is no place like" where? >> i'm coming up with nothing. so i feel like, again, rather than risk it, i think i'm gonna jump it. >> okay. >> just to be safe. >> question is out of play. you don't have to answer it. let's see the correct answer. hungary was the correct answer. all right, the last time you jumped, you jumped over $25,000. >> i know, gosh. >> let's hope it's a lot less than that. $5,000, okay, well-- >> not bad, not bad. >> you still have a lot of good money up on the board, and by jumping the question, now just 10 away from the $1 million. "fashion forward" is your next category.
2:00 am
"skinny-jeans tug-of-war" and "horn-rimmed-glasses-throwing" are two of the featured events in what annual "olympics" of style? >> well, i lived in brooklyn for quite a few years before i moved to new jersey, which is the home of williamsburg, where many of these kind of guys live, and i think it's got to be "b," hipster olympics, final answer. >> you paid attention when you were in brooklyn. >> i did. >> absolutely right. it is hipster olympics. okay, it's time to put some money in that bank. how much is behind this question? $3,000, okay. up to $5,100 now. just 9 away from the million. you still have a lifeline life. "quick bites." the father of an iowa boy who bit 11 students at his middle school told police that his son did it after watching what movie? >> [chuckles]
2:01 am
my suspicion is that if he was hungry, because he's biting, this is gonna have to have something to do with eating, so i am gonna go with "b," the hunger games, final answer. >> it's not the hunger games. it was twilight. >> [groans] >> oh, boy. it made sense to me. >> it does. >> oh, thank you, phoebe. such a pleasure. >> oh, thank you. >> good luck with those babies and all those kids too. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with more millionaire right after this. [ female announcer ] when the spark ignites... go ahead -- be spontaneous because you use replens long-lasting feminine moisturizer. be ready for romance, anytime! replens.
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day. named after the village he was discovered in, and not for his love of cheese, a 9,000-year-old british skeleton is called what? stay tuned for the answer.
2:04 am
>> the answer to that question was cheddar man. welcome back to millionaire. we are almost out of time, so going to give one of ourw game, audience members a shot at winning $1,000. [cheers and applause] and our lucky audience member is daniel mecca. daniel mecca. [cheers and applause]
2:05 am
hi, daniel. >> how are you? >> i'm good. here's your mic, baby. >> how you doing? >> i'm doing good. >> i'm nervous. >> you dressed up for the show i see. >> yeah, yeah, i keep it classy. what can i say? >> now tell us where you're from. >> stamford, connecticut. >> love stamford, very nice, yeah, and-- >> yes, yep, lived there all my life. >> you d--and do you work there now? >> no, i--i actually work in norwalk, but i'm a student full time, so i go back to school soon. >> oh, you are? what are you studying? >> tourism and hospitality. >> oh, that's fun. >> yeah, i enjoy it. >> so do you want to do, like, work in a big hotel or-- >> i work in a hotel now, so i would like to be a general manager one day and see how that goes, maybe a cruise ship, see how it goes, you know. >> that would be fun. >> yeah, work on the water. >> a lot of ladies on that boat. >> yes. >> yeah. >> i'm excited. >> so let me tell you how this is gonna work. okay, you're gonna see what would have been phoebe's next question if she hadn't lost. you get it right, we're gonna give you $1,000. >> i'm excited. >> but no ma gonna give you 2 gonna give you 20 free plays for our millionaire facebook game. so you're gonna win either way. >> okay. >> are you ready to play? >> i am ready.
2:06 am
>> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. all right, kiddo. long before founding apple, steve jobs had a job entertaining children at a mall while dressed as a character from what story? >> i feel like i've heard this from somewhere, but-- >> okay. >> i don't know the answer. this is-- [laughs] i'm just gonna take a guess. i'm gonna say... "c," peter pan, final answer. >> it was alice's adventures in wonderland. he dressed as the mad hatter and the white rabbit. but that's all right. you came to just have fun and play.oney.thank you so much, ho. and good luck with your job. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> now look right over there and say good-bye to the folks out in tv land. we'll see you next time. until then, from new york, everybody, bye-bye.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a librarian from milwaukee, wisconsin... a urologist from baltimore, maryland... and our returning champion-- a graduate student in mathematics education from athens, georgia... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, all, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. in case you were not tuned in yesterday, let me tell you a little bit about our champion--ryan. he is emotional and he is demonstrative.
2:11 am
(laughter) so that makes for a lot of fun. justin and cathy, welcome aboard. good luck. here we go--jeopardy! round. and these categories are now in play. check 'em out... quarterback university. you have to name the alma mater for the quarterback we will mention... "n" in quotation marks... ryan, start us. okay. uh, quarterback u., $200. what is the university of tennessee? quarterback, $400. what is the university of alabama? no. ryan. what is the university of texas? $600, quarterbacks. what is alcorn state? no. cathy. what is b.y.u.? brigham young. you got it. quarterback, $800.
2:12 am
what is purdue? quarterback, $1,000. what is the university of miami? rivers, $200. as the central river artery, this is one of the world's busiest waterways. what is the mississippi? rivers, $400. although its ultimate source is still debated, this river flows into the atlantic. what is the amazon? uh, rivers, $600, please. from two small sources, this river flows to the north sea. what is the rhine? uh, rivers, $800. the head of this river is dry for much of the year and flows to an estuary on the north sea. what is-- what is the thames? uh, rivers, $1,000. flowing westward, this river has a drainage basin that covers seven states. what is the colorado? uh, i'll take, um, the "n" crowd for $200.
2:13 am
who is naismith? "n" crowd, $400. who is north? ollie north, yes. "n" crowd, $600. who is nijinsky? uh, "n" crowd, $800. you and ryan off to a very good start. and you have a slight lead at the moment. you can risk any or all of your $3,000. let's ma--let's go with $1,500, please. okay, here's the clue... who is neruda? pablo neruda. correct. $4,500. "n" crowd, $1,000.
2:14 am
who was nasser? and with that, you go to $5,500, and we go into our first commercial break. these guys are fast. we'll return shortly.
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2:16 am
we love stories with a happy ending, and that's certainly the case with cathy markwiese from milwaukee, wisconsin. we--this program-- helped you recover from cancer. i just didn't feel like myself while i was going through chemotherapy, but i had plenty of time to watch "jeopardy!" and you were talking about the online contest, and i thought, i'm gon-- i'm just gonna do that. who knew it would lead me here? it's been incredible. you passed the test, and how is the cancer? in remission, i hope. yes, it is in remission. okay, good for you.
2:17 am
justin sausville from baltimore, maryland-- a urologist who once ate... a w--an earthworm? an earthworm, yes. uh-- why would you do this? well, uh, i was in college... of course. i was spending some time with my friends, and a number of refreshing beverages had been consumed... i was just about to ask. and an earthworm was obtained, and, you know, it--it-- i was asked if it'd be a good idea for me to eat it, and, you know, my judgment being impeccable at that moment, i agreed. and i have to say, it worked out-- i think the reason it worked out as well as it did is because i didn't chew. ah. so it's like escargot. mm. still--fettucine that's a little bit... oh, okay. not al dente. ryan fox is our champion. yes, sir. he is from athens, georgia. you, it says here, are an avid platelet donor. what's that mean? is that just a blood donor? it's a--it's--they take out the platelets from the whole blood, and--and it's used for, like, cancer patients and--and those kind of things. so it's a different process than just only donating whole blood.
2:18 am
and you've been doing this for quite some time. for three years, pretty-- pretty fervently. okay. well, let's get back into this game, please. justin, you have the lead and command of the board. make a selection, please. all right, let's do animals in italian, $200. first clue... what is a bee? animals for $400. what is a donkey? animals, $600. a spider? what is a donkey? $800, animals. what is a dog? uh, animals, $1,000. what is a goat? uh, tools of the writer's trade, $200, please.
2:19 am
what is an index card? uh, writer's trade, $400. what is a typewriter? you are right, and as a matter of fact, it was an olivetti manual typewriter. i still have one of those. pick again. writer's trade for $600. what is a fountain pen? oh, no. justin. what is a quill pen? uh, writer's, uh, $800. what is a dictaphone? uh, writer's, $1,000, please.
2:20 am
what is a pencil? what is cherries jubilee? flaming foods, $400. what is the crepe suzette? flaming, $600. what is sopapilla? no. justin or cathy? (beep) what are fajitas? back to you, cathy. uh, flaming foods, $800. what is baked alaska? and now the $1,000...
2:21 am
what is bananas foster? and that takes you to $12,100. you are off to an excellent start. cathy, you're gonna start the double jeopardy! round when we come back.
2:22 am
2:23 am
cathy, cathy, cathy, you get to go first in this round. here are your categories... i'll explain that in a moment... "big" in quotation marks, and finally... now back to books & movies. you're gonna be dealing with two elements in each clue. i'll give you an example. if we said "tender is the blank of the living dead," you'd say what is night? because it completes one and works with the other also.
2:24 am
cathy, start. let's start with books & movies for $400. what is glory? (blows raspberry) "big" stuff, $400. what is the big apple? "big," $800. what is the big top? "big," $1,200. what is... the big finger? no. justin. what is the big toe? uh-- but i like big finger. go. "big" stuff, $1,600. what is the big dipper? "big," $2,000. what is the big dig? um, julius caesar salad, $400.
2:25 am
what is a bust? uh, julius caesar, $800. what is july? uh, julius caesar, $1,200. what is cesar? oh, what--what is julio? (stammers) you--you--you took a pause in between. it's julio cesar chavez. yes. we wanted both of them together. go again. uh, julius caesar salad, $1,600. worked out well for you. you have a big lead as you can see-- $13,000 almost. let's try $2,300. $2,300 for an even $20,000 if you're right...
2:26 am
what is "beware the ides of march?" yes. $20,000. julius caesar salad, $200, please. what is a laurel wreath? sanders of time for $400. who is colonel sanders? sanders, $800. what is "the larry sanders show"? sanders, $1,200. who is barry sanders? sanders, $1,600. olympic gold medal swimmer and tv personality seen here.
2:27 am
who is summer sanders? finish the category. who is bernie sanders? good for $2,000. yes. you know your sanderses. books & movies, $800. who is turner? books & movies, $1,200. what is bird? uh, books & movies, $1,600. what is fair? books & movies, $2,000. what is black? uh, boning up, $400. what is osteoporosis? boning up, $800.
2:28 am
what is marrow? uh, boning up, $1,200. what is the sternum? boning up, $1,600. and you trail justin, as you can see, by $8,800. (clicks tongue) let's split the difference. $4,200. all right. here is the clue in boning up... what is... the humerus? mm. no. what is the femur? the thigh bone--longest bone in your body. mm. costs you. you're at $11,800. yeah. go again. boning up, $2,000. all right. here's kelly... most broken bones in children are this type of fracture with a colorful name, in which the break cuts only partway through the bone.
2:29 am
what is a greenstick? uh, old west, $400. what is stetson? uh, old west, $800. what is the roundup? uh, old west, $1,200. oh, and that was virginia city. back to you, cathy. old west, $1,600. what is the chisholm trail? finish-- now the $2,000 clue...
2:30 am
who is... hickok? no. justin or cathy? who is bat masterson? bat masterson. all right. that wraps up this round. let's go to final jeopardy! and see what the category is-- world history. good subject. clue coming up.
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closed captioning sponsored in part by... for final jeopardy! today, we are dealing with world history. and these three players are dealing with this clue. take a look... 30 seconds, players. good luck.
2:36 am
♪ i love the smile on justin's face right now. we'll get to him in a moment. cathy, we come to you first because you were in third place. which, uh... you said "what was an elephant?" and you are correct. the elephant belonged to hannibal, and it was his favorite, as a matter of fact, and it lasted the longest. you will add how much? $1,798. you're almost double now at $3,598 as we come to ryan fox. ran into a little bit of trouble in double jeopardy! and couldn't prevent, uh, uh, justin from making it a runaway.
2:37 am
but he came up with the correct response, and he added... $7,400, taking him up to $18,800 and taking us now to justin. we're looking for an elephant. have you got one? yep, you got one. and your wager... $2,800. an even $30,000 for the second time this week for a winner. you get to wrap up the week with us tomorrow right here on "jeopardy!" please join us then, won't you, ladies and gentlemen? thank you so much for today. promotional consideration provided by...
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2:39 am
2:40 am
[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] meredith: thank you. thank you, guys. hello, and welcome to "millionaire." we have 2 questions to go before we get to round 2, and they are worth $25,000 and $15,000, a lot of money. about to face those questions is a woman who is hoping she does well enough to get her own tractor parade in the small town of cheraw, south carolina. please welcome jeanine mckinney. yeah, jeanine. last time you were here, you said if you do well, you're gonna get the 2-tractor parade down the main street, one road, right? you're on the new tractor. >> that's right. meredith: you'll be riding on the new tractor. if you don't-- >> with the mayor. meredith: with the mayor.
2:41 am
really? gets better, this story, every time. the mayor's on the same tractor that you are? >> yes. meredith: and who's on the other tractor? >> i don't know yet. meredith: oh, ok. but you're not going home if you don't win the million. >> no. meredith: gonna stay here. >> yes. meredith: yes? wanna come live with me? >> yes. meredith: sure, ok. well, i have a feeling you're-- i don't know. you're doing really well here. $21,500, 2 away from a million. both questions are worth a lot of money. >> a lot of money. meredith: you get these right and you will take a look at that $100,000 question. the only slightly bad news is you have run out of lifelines, so at this point, you're on your own. are you ready? >> i'm ready. meredith: audience, are you ready? [cheering and applause] meredith: then let's play "millionaire." when pronounced differently, which of these animals is also the word for a rich, chocolatey sauce from mexico? camel, mole, parrot, ape.
2:42 am
>> habla espanol un poquito porque vivia en brownsville, texas. meredith: oh. yeah? >> b, mole. meredith: final? >> final. meredith: mole. mole is right. is it 000? $25,000. $46,500. one question left in round one. we know it's worth $15,000. here it is. which of these magazines is commonly referred to by just the first five letters in its name? seventeen, redbook, cosmopolitan, glamour. >> meredith, that would be cosmo, c, final answer. meredith: you have $61,500.
2:43 am
[cheering and applause] jeanine... >> [laughs] meredith: you know, you are now in round 2. i hope you understand that. your next question will be for $100,000. it is time to play classic "millionaire." >> phew. meredith: all right. i want to pause for a minute and let the audience at home know what a great audience we have. jeanine, you came all the way from south carolina. you didn't have anybody with you. >> no. meredith: a member of this audience said if you need a hug, she'll supply it. do you know her name? >> no. meredith: come on down. she's gonna need a hug. this is a big question. that's how nice our audience is. [cheering and applause] and what's your name? what's your name? >> irene. meredith: irene. thanks, irene. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. meredith: that's irene, folks, by the way. very nice. now, doesn't that feel good? >> yes, it does. meredith: you need a little bit
2:44 am
of a hug there. you are now 4 questions away from a million dollars. the 61,500, that's your money, baby. >> wow. meredith: yeah, wow. you choose to walk, you can walk with that money. here's your question for $100,000. what country's chapel of the tablet claims to hold the original ten commandments received by moses? turkey, ethiopia, oman, afghanistan. >> meredith, i'm thinking turkey, but i truly am not sure, and $61,000 to someone who's retired is a lot of money. meredith: to anybody, it's a lot of money. >> so i'm gonna walk. final. meredith: well, you know what? jeanine, it was not turkey, it was ethiopia. and they better give you that tractor parade, because you deserve it. $61,500.
2:45 am
enjoy that tractor parade, 'cause you earned it. we'll be right back with more here's my morning routine. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. mmm... a great way to help start the day. and it helps regulate your digestive system. new activia breakfast blend. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile.
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2:47 am
meredith: joining me now is bradley werner from st. louis, missouri. nice to have you here, bradley. >> thank you. nice to be here. meredith: you're here with your mom sharon in the audience. hey, mom. nice to see you as well. >> thank you very much. meredith: i know, bradley, that your wife maureen would have liked to accompany you, but she couldn't. why not? >> she would have loved to, but she is due with our first child in 2 weeks, so she was unable to travel. meredith: that is great. and you do not know boy or girl? >> no, surprise. definitely a baby, though. meredith: definitely a baby, that's right. and you want
2:48 am
to start a college fund the minute that baby's born. >> i should have started years ago, apparently. meredith: ...the way that college goes. but you've come to the right place, ok? got a million dollars here. >> whoo. meredith: let's take a look at the money in your round one. ok, computer, please randomize the money and the questions. and now that everything is shuffled, are you ready? >> i am ready. meredith: then let's play "millionaire." ok, bradley, here you go. members of the e.u. having major economic issues, spain, ireland, portugal and greece are often known by what unflattering acronym? spig, ispg, pigs, gisp. >> uh, well, given that the acronym is unflattering, i will say c, which spells pigs. final answer, c. meredith: yes, it is, and it's not very nice. ok. let's start building your bank. that's nice. start you out with $1,000.
2:49 am
>> ok. good start. meredith: 13 away from the million dollars. that'll cover about a day of college. big consumers is the category. every year macy's department store orders around 300,000 cubic feet of what element? hydrogen, fluorine, helium, radon. >> ah. meredith: macy's. >> i would think helium balloons, so i will say c, final answer. meredith: the best parade ever, the thanksgiving day parade. it is great. ok, bradley, you have 1,000 so far. let's put some more in your bank. how much is behind this question? $100. 1,100. 12 away from a million. chipping away there. secret books is the category. to keep its contents secret, what musician's 1988 autobiography was reportedly given the code name "neil armstrong" by its publisher? frank sinatra, michael jackson, bob dylan, bruce springsteen. 1988 autobiography.
2:50 am
>> i don't know the answer offhand, so i'm gonna try to kind of look and figure it out here. 1988. i was around then and aware of what was going on. neil armstrong is the code name. it might make me think of michael jackson, because of moonwalk if it--yeah. i'm almost sure it would have to be michael jackson. i'll say b, final answer. meredith: michael jackson because of that moonwalk. title of his book was "moonwalk." very nice. let's put some more mor bank, bradley.r bank, br $7,000. up to $8,100. mom is happy back there, smiling away. 11 away from a million. still got all your lifelines. helping hands. that sounds like a nice category. what charitable organization was created in 1946 to provide food and clothing to children after world war ii? unicef, march of dimes, greenpeace, salvation army.
2:51 am
>> well, i want--ugh. it's tough. that's a tough one. i don't know off the top of my head. march of dimes i don't think had to do with food or clothing. that was polio. uh, greenpeace. salvation army. gosh, i really want to say that it is a, unicef, because of the children aspect of that. meredith: you want to make that a final? >> oh, that's a tough one. greenpeace is environmental. salvation army does food and clothing, though. um... meredith: well, you have lifelines if you need them. >> no. i'm gonna say a, final answer. meredith: absolutely right. it is unicef. ok, bradley, let's put more money in the bank. how much is behind this question? talking 2,000 more. $10,100. 10 away from a million, 6 away from round 2. literature is your next category. what famous fictional youth runs away from troubles at home by rafting down
2:52 am
the mississippi river? huckleberry finn, holden caulfield, oliver twist, scout finch. >> that is a, huckleberry finn, final answer. meredith: yes, it is huckleberry finn. it's a great book. let's see the money. what are we adding to the bank here? we're adding another $3,000. for bradley's bank, $13,100. all the big money is still up there, bradley. >> it is. i'm waiting for it. meredith: outrageous apparel. modeled by miranda kerr in 2011, and adorned with nearly 3,400 precious stones, the $2.5 million fantasy treasure is a what? jacket, bra, scarf, nightgown. >> i feel like i know this o i feel like i remember reading a story about it or seeingg the. something along the lines of it. meredith: ok. what do you think it is, then? >> i think it's bra, but... meredith: the way you looked
2:53 am
at me when you said that... >> well, that's one of the odd things, right? you don't expect it to be worth $2.5 million, but, um, i do think that that's what it is. um... i, uh, i'm gonna go for it. i'm gonna say b, bra, final answer. meredith: yes, it is. it is bra, by victoria's secret. it's pretty gorgeous, too. you have 13,100 in your bank. to that we're gonna add another...$10,000. gives you $23,100. way to go. building up that college fund. we'll be right back with more "millionaire" right after this.
2:54 am
meredith: we are back with bradley werner from st. louis, missouri. just weeks away from becoming a first-time dad. very excited about that and about being here at "millionaire," where you're doing a great job. >> thank you. meredith: $23,100 in your bank. 4 questions away from round 2,
2:55 am
at which point you get to keep all the money, and you know what? you have every single lifeline left. you're in a wonderful position at this point. you ready to keep playing? >> i am. meredith: then let's play. roughly speaking, which of these statements comparing the total area of georgia the u.s. state to georgia the country is true? they are equal in size, the state is twice as large, the country is twice as large, the state is 3 times as large.if >> ooh. that's kind of a tough one. none of those answers are extremely specific, but when i think of georgia the country, i think of it as being smaller compared to georgia the state, but you never see them awful close to one another on a map, unfortunately. um, so i would think that the state is larger, but, you know, i'm not gonna risk it. i'm gonna jump this question. meredith: no problem.
2:56 am
i don't blame you. this question is out of play. let's see the correct answer. you were right. the state is larger, twice as large. ok. let's hope this wasn't 25,000. please, no. how much money did you jump over? 5,000. fantastic.t's good. meredith: still leaves 2 big dollar amounts on the board, and by jumping that question, you are now 7 questions away from a million dollars. big money left. the "last chance workout" is a regular segment on what popular reality series? the biggest loser, dancing with the stars, the bachelorette, america's got talent. >> my wife would be proud. it is a, the biggest loser, final answer. meredith: yes, it is the biggest loser. >> she loves that show. meredith: i think you can take that one for maureen there. how much money is behind this question? we are talking $500, all right. $23,600. this is exactly the position our last contestant was in where the last 2 questions in round one were 25,000 and 15,000,
2:57 am
so, either way, a lot of money coming your way hopefully. what native american gave annie oakley a tribal nickname which means "little sure shot"? geronimo, crazy horse, chief joseph, sitting bull. >> sure shot. ok. native american, annie oakley, tribal nickname. annie oakley. i really have no clue, and i know it's a big amount that's left. meredith: well, you have lifelines to help you out there. >> considering using one. meredith: ok. >> i'm not sure if this would be a great one for the audience to help me out with. um...i don't know. i'm gonna jump this question as well. even knowing it's gonna have to be a big amount, i'm gonna go ahead and jump it. meredith: yeah. ok. 'cause the goal here is to get to the million.
2:58 am
>> of course. meredith: question is out of play. let's see the answer. it was sitting bull. >> i was leaning towards b, so i'm good. meredith: i'm very glad you jumped it. what did you jump over? 25 or 15, which one? 15,000, which means that 25,000 is still on the board. one question left in round one. we're gonna take a look at that question right after this co[ female announcer ] when the spark ignites... go ahead -- be spontaneous because you use replens long-lasting feminine moisturizer. be ready for romance, anytime! replens.
2:59 am
meredith: here's the "millionaire" question of the day. the 1477 union of archduke maximillian of austria and mary of burgundy allegedly begat what tradition? stay tuned for that answer.
3:00 am
meredith: welcome back. the answer to the "millionaire" question of the day is diamond engagement ring. we are back with bradley werner from st. louis, missouri, one question left in round one. we know this one is worth $25,000, more than any other question. you get this right, and you'll take a look at the $100,000 question. and you still have ask the audience, that lifeline to help you out. these folks are ready, willing and able to help you. are you ready to play? >> i am. let's play. meredith: then let's play. for $25,000, "you like to hang out in packs" and "you have a unibrow" are examples used on a howstuffworks quiz to see if you are a what? mummy, vampire, werewolf, zombie. you like to hang out in packs and you have a unibrow. >> i'm going to say-- ooh, wait a minute. i just had a second thought. i was initially going to say--
3:01 am
oh, wow, this is a bit tough. see, the packs is throwing me off. um... hang out in packs and have a unibrow. all right. i'm unsure about this one, and i'm sure everybody is groaning, thinking about me being unsure about this one. um, but, really, it's the packs and unibrow, and i don't find them congruent to the answers. i think one goes with one answer, one goes with the other. meredith: well, you have a... >> i'm going to ask the audience. meredith: ok. audience, bradley needs your help. on your keypads, vote now. ok, 91% believe it is werewolf. now, you tell me what you were thinking. >> right. you know, i was thinking zombie. meredith: for unibrow? >> right. yeah, i was thinking unibrow, hang out in pa-- i don't know. there's a-- meredith: well, 6% think it's zombie. >> right, so me and that 6%
3:02 am
are probably wrong. me and that 6% are probably wrong. meredith: or right. >> right. i'm gonna go with 91% of the audience and say c, final answer. meredith: if you want to take the easy way out, obviously it's werewolf. you have $48,600. you are done with round one. >> w mere meredith: that $48,600, that's a good start for a college fund right there, and that money is all yours. you're now in round 2. your next question's gonna be worth $100,000. it's time to play classic "millionaire." [cheering and applause] all right, bradley, you're now just 4 questions away from a million. as i said, 48,600, that's your money. if you choose to walk, you'll walk with that. gonna take a look at your $100,000 question. good luck. when hearing cases, the nine members of the u.s. supreme court sit behind a bench made
3:03 am
out of what type of wood? rosewood, mahogany, maple, cedar. >> wow. that is an interesting question, and i would feel really good about myself if i knew it. meredith: mm-hmm. >> but i don't. i don't. meredith: don't even have a hunch. >> i don't--i have not a hunch. in fact, i'm trying to picture it now, but even if i could come up with a mental picture of the supreme court, i still couldn't tell you what kind of wood they were sitting behind. meredith: yeah. >> so, giving that i am in round 2-- meredith: you are. >> i'm able to leave with my entire bank, correct? meredith: yes, you are. if you say please. >> please? meredith: yes. >> please? thank you. i think that's what i'm gonna have to do, meredith. i'm gonna have to walk. meredith: is that a final, bradley? >> yes, it is. meredith: well, congratulations. you're walking with $48,600. the correct answer, just so you know, is mahogany. >> that's what i was thinking. meredith: you were gonna say that? >> that's what i was thinking.
3:04 am
meredith: time is up for today, but you were fantastic. good luck with the baby. >> thank you. meredith: all the best to you. until next time, folks. we'll see you. take care. want to go say hi to mom? stouffer's is proud to make america's favorite lasagna... with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]
3:06 am
>> reporter: to put more fuel on the flames, nakoula falsely told reporters earlier this week he was an israeli jew and wealthy jewish donors put up the money for the film. in fact, authorities tell abc news he has admitted it was his wife's christian relatives in egypt who paid for the film no more than $60 million, not the $5 million nakoula claimed. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> interesting details coming out. it's interesting also that the trailer has been on youtube quite a while now, since june. it was only in the days leading up to september 11th where it was translated into arabic that it really caught fire. literally. >> and brian ross just mentioned that his family in egypt funded this film. he's afraid for their lives in egypt. afraid for his own life. now we are hearing about the million-man march in cairo, staging protests around the world. hamas and islamic jihad are teaming up for anti-u.s. marches as well. and the u.s. intelligence, they issued a bulletin that said violent extremist groups in the u.s. could exploit anger over
3:07 am
the film to advance their recruitment efforts as well. so we need to be on alert -- high alert here in the u.s. as well. >> yeah, no doubt. >> moving on. mourners packed washington's national cathedral to bid a final farewell to space pioneer neil armstrong. he set foot on the moon in july 1969 with those immortal words, "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." fittingly the tribute included the song "fly me to the moon" performed by jazz artist diana krall. armstrong will be buried at sea later today. how about this one? a controversial crackdown on super-sized sugar-filled drinks approved in new york city starting next march. sales of sodas and sweetened drinks will be restricted to containers of no more than 16 ounces. the first of its kind ban applies to any place with food service licensing, eateries, cafeterias, theaters, does not cover supermarkets. health officials say the ban is necessary to battle soaring obesity rates. paula, what do you think?
3:08 am
i bet you i can read your mind on this one. i know you now. >> read it. >> you think as americans we should have the right to drink big sodas. >> amen. >> i agree. >> doesn't apply to milk shakes. contain more fat. orange juice which probably contains more sugar in some instances. >> right. >> i understand the concept of it. >> i do too. >> but where do you draw the line? >> where do you draw the line? it's so many things like this. i always think of motorcycle helmets. do you have the right to get on without a helmet? don't want to wear one. crack your head open. maybe you have a right. >> your choice. >> same thing with sodas. but where does it stop? what's next? >> here's the thing. they say this isn't going to apply at most convenient stores. it's going to apply at broadway theaters, workplace cafeterias, movie houses, fast food joints. non-diet soda, teas, calorie-packed beverages. >> yeah. it's an interesting one. >> i'll just have to buy two 16-ouncers now. got to get around the system. >> and then we'll have more garbage and more litter, which is not good. >> no. bustling downtown of a major
3:09 am
american city is not where you would expect to find the remains of a prehistoric beast. >> but that's exactly what happened in san francisco this week. a building crane operator dug up what some thought was a rock, but what turned out to be an enormous tooth and part of a jaw belonging to a woolly mammoth. a pay leon toll gist says the remnants are in remarkably good shape, kidding they're 10 to 15,000 years old. >> the bay was a grassy valley with herds of these extinct critters roaming around. >> even more amazing allen says is that the enamel from the ice-aged tooth is virtually intact. he says the fossil and location, 110 feet underground will provide valuable seismic information about the area's notorious san andres fault. it didn't have a cavity either. >> amazing. i love this little factoid. the crane operate err gets the credit. he told everybody to stop digging. looked.
3:10 am
this is not just a rock. sure they're going, come on, keep digging. looked too perfect. he maid sure they all stopped. good eye. >> very good eye. kudos to him. pity the dentist that had to work on that. >> it's amazing. did you see the size of that tooth? it was huge. coming up -- a major high-tech product launch. potential game-changer. and get this. it's not from apple. and your most private information sold to the highest bidder on the internet with a couple of clicks? how do you protect yourself? you are watching "world news now." ♪ private eyes they're watching you ♪ ♪ private eyes >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lime away. er: "world news now" weather brought to you by lime away. wait a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of us, you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, you need something powerful. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner.
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because lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must.
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>> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ [ nicole ] so i'm trying new honey, i'm strong when i'm transported to a revitalizing world of golden honey. there, formulas help restore my hair
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to so silky and strong i rule. [ female announcer ] new honey, i'm strong from herbal essences.
3:14 am
♪ private eyes they're watching jooirksz jooishlgs ♪ private eyes they're watching you ♪ ♪ they see your every move well, good, bad, and ugly, you can find anything on the internet including your own private medical record. >> yeah. your most personal information is for sale as jim avila uncovered in an abc news investigation. >> reporter: i never met rafael, but i know his most private information. from social security number to
3:15 am
insurance, even previous illnesses. >> they got everything from my name, my address, everything. >> reporter: i learned all that because his medical records are for sale against his wishes on the internet. >> i thought my medical records is one of the most confidential records. i'm shocked. completely shocked. >> reporter: here's what rafael and millions of others don't know. those confidential records supposedly protected by federal privacy laws just are not. an abc news investigation has found thousands of patient electronic charts for sale. what is it the public doesn't know about their supposedly private medical record? >> your private medical record may not be private as you think. >> reporter: greg porter is a security specialist who tracks medical fraud. we asked him to show us how easy it is to buy private medical records on the dark side of the internet with nothing more complicated than a public wi-fi at the corner coffee shop.
3:16 am
>> we'll go to google here and click on one of these urls. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: it took two clicks. we won't show you details. all here, online price war. each name for sale for $14 to $25 each. diabetes patients sell for a premium. how did they get there? today's medical records are largely kept on computer, often available to not just your doctor but every nurse, clerk, and technician in the hospital. all it takes is one to sell to the black market. valuable lead for medical equipment sales people, diabetic patients who need insulin pumps or drug sales, targeting heart patients with needs and doctors. plus, with all that personal information it's also a medicare fraud gold mine. >> now with thousands of employees who can download hundreds of thousands of patient records in an instant, fraud is going to be a growing threat. >> reporter: the federal government has rules against the unauthorized release of medical
3:17 am
records but admits it's law that suffered nearly 500 large-scale breaches, exposing at least nearly 21 million records. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> that's a little disconcerting. >> a little scary, right? >> don't want embarrassing college photos to pop up on the internet. and your medical record. this is interesting. i had to go to the doctor the other day. the appointment took an hour and a half that she had to manually ingest her information into her computer because everything with obama's health care law, health care system, everything has to be electronically stored. took a long time. she says in the process of going home to 11:00 at night trying to convert everything from the files to the computer. >> interesting, too, in the old days, the file, little file was right in the doctor's office. you are legally entitled to that. if you want to say to the doctor on the way out, i want that file, it is yours. technically all information on the internet is yours. you don't know who has the it.
3:18 am
give me the file. >> i will buy yours for $14. >> let me think. do you have any juicy stuff in there? not really. nothing too good. yet. coming up -- what could be a game-changer in the computer video market. >> creator of mario brothers and donkey kong, reinvent the wii. we're going to show you why the wii is so advanced. try to say that five times fast, on "world news now." the wii. watching. >> wii. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after t
3:19 am
♪ because all i want to do is have some fun ♪ ♪ i got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪
3:20 am
ah, no, sheryl crow, you're not the only one. nintendo just revealed its new video gaming system in years. >> the new wii console, high definition. nintendo's competitor introduced the hd system years ago. still the wii system makes game play more adventurous and "world news now" got a sneak peek. >> hey, everyone. >> hey, everyone. it's tina turinen, at an event in new york city. nintendo is showing off a new way to play video games. called the wii-u. coming to living rooms this november. now along with nintendo's wii and numb chuck controllers, gamers can use the game pad controller which brings a whole new second screen to the game play experience. >> it features a 6.2-inch screen that allows brand-new ways for people to interact with their games, interact socially and with entertainment. >> say you and a friend are playing a game. what you see and what they see on the tv are different though
3:21 am
playing the same game. >> they have a different view, a different control mechanism, and maybe different goals. >> so in addition to being a game controller the new wii-u is also a remote control for your tv, and it comes bundled with a new feature called nintendo tv, which lets you record your favorite tv shows, view videos online, even do video chat. >> expect an everyday device the whether you are a gamer. like entertainment. connect with other people. it's going to be a device that people in the family are going to want to touch and interact with every day. >> the wii-u will start at $300 and go on sale november 18. abc news, new york. >> have you ever played wii? >> i have a 9-year-old daughter. >> i've played us. >> us and them. >> do i look any worse? >> they like to do that to us. >> i have looked worsen others. >> good hand-eye coordination. terrible at video games. can never get across the street without dying.
3:22 am
>> by the way, with the wii, you've got to be careful. i threw out, hyperextended my elbow once. >> we'll be right back. al expen, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral to see a specialist.
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♪ >> it is friday morning. time for "somnia ♪ >> it is friday morning. time for "insomniac theater." couple big dramas hitting the screen. >> yeah. john's going to preview the new "resident evil" picture, installation six in the series. i'll start off with nicholas cage and the movie "stolen," a little bit of drama here. rated r. pretty intense. mirrors a little bit, the movie -- with liam neeson, "taken." basically the plot is nicolas cage had just gotten out of jail after spending eight years for a heist gone bad. he gets out, wants to leave that criminal past behind and try to build a relationship with his estranged daughter allison. the thing is the fbi and his old cohorts actually think he got the $10 million in the heist gone bad, and the scene you're about to see is when he finds
3:26 am
out that his ex-partner played by a very crazed josh lucas, he finds out that josh lucas has, indeed, kidnapped his daughter, demanding ransom. >> there is no cash. >> i had a feeling you'd say that. >> i burned it just before harlan got to me. >> stop it. >> it's true. >> what's taking so long? >> hold on. >> wait a minute. who -- who -- that voice, who was that? >> oh, yes. that's his daughter. so basically nicolas cage has one day to uncover the $10 million that he never stole in the heist to begin with. don't have any reviews really except for one from npr. and they said what's been taken is mostly the plot. rated r though. i think it looks kind of interesting. you be the judge. >> that guy looks like an excellent bad guy. he looks bad.
3:27 am
"resident evil evil: retribution." it's the latest edition of this post apocalypse action drama. all right. i'm going to borough the interview she did from the new york "daily news." basically the plot is about killing zombies. there's been six of these, so they must have been doing something very right or very wrong. zombies don't die. they come back. she said it's the most complex movie because the characters who were killed are actually returned as clones. pretty cool, right? take a look. [ explosion ] >> let me know -- >> your little friend is back! >> as far as reviews, don't have any. but critics historically really don't like this franchise.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- bracing for friday fury. this morning on "world news now" -- bracing for friday fury. a wave of anti-american protests expected to grip the middle east. and the state department has now released the names of all four americans killed in libya. it is friday, september 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm john muller in for rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we're going to get the latest on a u.s. response to those violent demonstrations in just a moment. also this half hour, the fed throwing a new lifeline to the struggling economy. the stock market soared. but what happens now? ben bernanke pumping $40 billion a month into the economy. also coming up, it was a murder case with international intrigue. now the former boyfriend of amanda knox is telling all with a new book. and then, kate middleton you know, she usually makes news
3:31 am
for what she's wearing. >> yeah. >> not this time. >> okay. >> it's all about what she does not have on. that's coming up in "the skinny." a little d -- >> a little tease for you. >> a little drama with the royals. >> all right. but first we'll get the intense rage spreading across the arab world, putting u.s. embassies on high alert. demonstrations against the anti-muslim film are still bubbling over in cairo this morni morning. you can see, right there, live pictures. thousands of protesters clashing with egyptian police on the muslim holy day. we have the latest now from abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: protests in cairo continued from sunrise through sunset. the anger and violence sweeping the middle east is over an anti-muslim film made in the u.s. that depicts prophet muhammad as a womanizer and a fraud. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. >> reporter: but the u.s. is also condemning the violence in egypt, yemen, and libya where u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed.
3:32 am
>> we're going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. >> reporter: a larger spotlight is on the u.s. relationship with egypt. >> you know, i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. >> reporter: the u.s. sent billions in aid to egypt only to find protesters scaling the walls of the u.s. embassy in cairo. as for the controversial movie, authorities tell us the writer, director, and financier of this movie lives in this los angeles home. >> there was some need for our presence to be here to provide safety. >> reporter: police say nakoula basseley nakoula who used the name sam basseley, is a member of the egyptian christian cop tick church and also spent time in prison. >> i never said muhammad. i never heard muhammad. >> reporter: the actress says she was duped and there was no
3:33 am
mention of an anti-islamic message until after filming when the role of george was changed to muhammad. >> i just want the world to know that i did not know. >> reporter: at least 51 u.s. embassies and consulates sent out warnings to u.s. citizens asking them to be vigilant and to avoid large crowds. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. this morning, we learned the names of all victims that have been killed, ambassador chris stevens, a career diplomat who served two tours in libya. sean smith who works as an information management specialist. glen doherty, a former navy s.e.a.l. who was protecting the consulate and tyrone woods, another former navy s.e.a.l. who served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan also protecting the consulate. >> well, the man who wrote, produced, and directed the film is now in hiding. nakoula basseley nakoula asked police for protection and left his california home after getting death threats. a coptic christian, identified as a drug manufacturer and scam artist. he told authority he wrote the script in prison. secretary of state hillary
3:34 am
clinton said the movie was apparently intended to provoke rage. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. there is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> now, some of the actors in the film have come forward to say they were duped. told they were in a film to be called "desert warrior." but, john, martha raddatz reported on "world news" last night that there were warning signs that al qaeda's leader was encouraging american retaliation from libyans from the death of a libyan-born militant. the state department was aware that this arab movie aired on tv and did not send any sort of high alert out as well. so warning signs were issued. some what disturbing.
3:35 am
starting today. the other developing story, asian stock markets are following wall street's lead by rallying overnight after an announcement of the fed reserve's newest economic rescue plan. chairman ben bernanke said the fed is going to pump $40 billion into the economy each month there is no limit on how long that can continue. it is unprecedented. bernanke said the goal was to bring unemployment down to 7.6%, by 2013. all right. some optimism in chicago this morning at the teachers strike. it looks like it could be coming to an end. 350,000 students will have to sit it out for the fifth day. the union president said classes could resume monday. both sides appeared positive a deal was near on the contentious issue of teacher evaluations. they said they're still hammering out details. >> teachers have been saving for months. they're not getting paid
3:36 am
throughout this strike. they've been eating rice and beans according to the "chicago tribune" just in case the strike doesn't end swiftly. they're supposed to rally on saturday. they're going to have a bargaining team, union will have a bargaining update friday as well. >> and if it all goes well and it's ratified and they work out -- still details worked out afterwrd, but they think they could have the kids back in the classrooms on monday, which would be great. >> yeah. that's for sure. and if you like sipping on the super-sized sodas, well, new york is not the place for you. seriously kind of depressing i look to do that. city health officials approved a ban on soda and other sweetened drinks sold in containers larger than 16 ounces. the first of its kind crack down at any place with a food service license, eateries, cafeterias, and theaters though it does not cover supermarkets or convenience stores. it it's a ground-breaking move to help stem the soaring rate of
3:37 am
obesity. critics say it's just more government interference. >> i think that we have the freedom of speech and we have freedom of will, and we should be able to do and drink what we want. >> barring any court action, the ban goes into effect next march. i like a big soda. >> you like a big ol' soda? >> a big sugary beverage. >> you like yourself a big old soda? >> do you? >> completely affecting me. >> i have to save it for the cheeseburger and water. >> a what, a water? >> i'm from the northeast. >> i'll have a water. >> is that how they say it, in the michigan area? >> in the midwest. >> here's a look at the friday forecast. we'll take another soaking across texas. then the heavy rain will continue into oklahoma city. little rock, new orleans, memphis, thunderstorms from the carolina coast, florida. showers around buffalo, pittsburgh, and cleveland. >> mostly 80s along the east coast. 70s from minnesota to dallas. 90s in the desert southwest. here is a ray of sunshine despite the rain out there. a ray of sunshine in what's been decidedly a gloomy season for the boston red sox.
3:38 am
it comes from wednesday night's loss to the yankees. >> pretty cool. check out the reaction by dustin pedroia as he's told by bobby v. that his wife just went into labor. he didn't ask. he told him to leave the team. >> so that's what he did. congratulations. i love the expression. she's, what? her water broke, buddy. go to the hospital. their new kid joins big brother dillon, now 3. >> good for bobby valentine, just being cool and understanding. i do wonder if they were in the thick of the pennant race -- >> which they're not. >> which they're not -- would bobby v. have said, yeah, go to your wife. that's a tough one, right? >> it is a tough one. i'd say yeah. >> think so? >> i think, your wife is in labor, finish the game. you are out of here. coming up -- have you seen enough of kate middleton lately. you are about to see a lot more. >> really? >> yeah. >> good tease. and secrets revealed from amanda knox's former boyfriend,
3:39 am
a love affair, legal trial, and it's not over. it's all next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by nono hair removal. nono hair removal. y no no hair removal. the crisp northern air of acadia,
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the falling leaves. the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. when i smell that, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection from air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. ♪ tainted love ♪ tainted love ♪ now i know i've got to run away ♪ all right. we're getting new information -- inside information about an affair/murder case that had the world spellbound. >> amanda knox's former boyfriend is opening up about the night that landed them both in italian prison before they were found not guilty of murder. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: their torrid love affair the night of the gruesome murder, in raffaele sollecito's
3:43 am
new tell-all book "honor bound: my journey to hell and back with amanda knox." in it, he describes how the two undergraduates met in october 2007. he writes that he met knox at a classical music concert one week before knox's 21-year-old roommate meredith kercher's death. he says the couple became inseparable until they were arrested and ultimately convicted for kercher's death. a month after they were released, sollecito opened up on italian tv about the night kercher was killed. paradoxically he said for me that night was a beautiful night because i spent the evening in amanda's company. we were living in an idyllic love story. in a new book, he writes about his first night in prison where he felt those great waves of indignation and a nagging sense of guilt. while he maintains his
3:44 am
innocence, he admits that he and knox behaved oddly after the murder in this unforgettable and to some scandalous scene. he reveals he was angry at himself for having a foggy memory of the night of the killing because he and knox had smoked marijuana. sollecito also acknowledged they had no real alibi the night of november 1st except for each other. but then in october 2001, after spending four years in what sollecito calls hell, he writes he felt indescribable joy when they were finally acquitted. >> what's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone. >> reporter: in a private moment in the basement of the courthouse with knox, sollecito says she squeezed his hand and said she couldn't wait to see her home and friends. >> they hold something in common that very, very few people have ever had to deal with. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> it's not clear where sollecito is living, but amanda
3:45 am
knox returned to seattle. >> strangely, everybody considers the case, open and shut. it is not officially over. prosecutors and police appealed the decision and the italian highest court is going to hear arguments next month. >> it's going to drag on. coming up -- inside the clinton white house through the eyes of an infamous intern. >> can't wait to get to the story. eye-popping royal photographs not suitable for television. we'll show them to you anyways. see who is putting skin, in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc "world news now" will continue after thi
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny you know, most people can't get enough of kate middleton, but the palace can especially with this new story about to break. >> bring it on. >> a french magazine claims they have obtained topless photos of the duchess of cambridge and that they will publish them today. so the palace is bracing for yet another royal in her birthday suit. remember prince harry? the french magazine says world exclusive, kate and william in province, omg. this is not the picture obviously. it's going to be published a little later today. they show an image on the front cover which pictured her in a bikini, apparently about to remove her top. pictures taken in france. >> she's on a beach, in other words.
3:49 am
>> i think on a yacht. they were on holiday. >> way less scandalous. >> yes, ironically, france has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, but they were taken again last week. underneath the caption, see incredible pictures of the future queen of england as you have never seen and never will see again. the headline says that photos that will go around the world. and another mag blurb says she was perfecting her tan and to avoid streaking tan marks, she took off her bathing suit. >> if it is true, i think it will be the last time she does that little trick. see if the pictures materialize. all right. monica lewinsky, the most famous white house intern of all time, meeting with publishers to write a tell-all book. and wouldn't that be interesting, huh? former white house intern meeting with major publishers all to sign nondisclosure agreements before they see her. an insider familiar with the project says every major publisher is interested. lewinsky and then-president clinton had sexual encounters which did not involve intercourse, but i am sure there
3:50 am
is plenty to tell what it did involve. lewinsky's rep said yesterday, i cannot comment on anything at this point. i'm sure the president is cringing right now, going, please don't write this book. >> what would you name the book? >> i know, right. you could have fun with that. >> you should send us e-mails or tweets, what we should name that book. >> i'm sure you could have some cheeky fun with that, right? >> slightly. oh, i have another one. was that your pause -- >> that was my dramatic pause. go! knucklehead. >> mitt romney is going to be on "kelly and michael" tuesday, september 18th. romneys will visit kelly and michael, producers of "live with kelly," and michael confirmed this. and yeah, going to talk about their life and campaign trail. the romneys first appearance on the daytime talk show since 2012 campaign started. should be interesting. >> they do a lot of goofy stuff. >> i think it's a good idea and i think they should be warm and fuzzy and goofy and put the politics on the back burner and just be open and real. >> which isn't mitt's strong suit.
3:51 am
>> being goofy and letting his hair down? >> yeah. warm and fuzzy, yeah. >> hopefully he will. a little bit of baby news. nick lachey and vanessa minillo, finally had their baby boy. his name is camden john lachey. he was born on thursday. 8 pounds, 9 ounces, 21 inches, they released a statement to "e!." they said love has truly been redefined for both of us. they revealed back in june they were having a son. i'm sure the baby is going to be beautiful. look. how can you go wrong with those two. and we reported yesterday that levi johnston and his girlfriend, welcomed their little daughter, named after a gun, breeze beretta, welcomed her earlier this week. he obviously has a second child with bristol pay lynn who's currently prepping for a return to "dancing with the stars" all-stars, and she sent some flowers, a nice little gesture
3:52 am
to levi johnston and his girlfriend. she said i don't talk to him much. >> classy move. >> very classy. >> classy move.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ thank god it's friday ♪ friday friday friday a little tgif action. >> yep. from an unforgettable day in history to an unimaginable eruption of violence. there's political fireworks and splashy high-tech product line. it's all in our "friday rewind." today we only have about 6% of people that are truly swing and truly persuadable. if you can't beat barack obama with this record, then shut down the party. shut it down.
3:56 am
start new with new people. he risked his life to stop a tyrant, then gave his life trying to help build a better libya. as americans, we stand united, all of us, in gratitude for their service. i want to assure you we will bring their killers to justice. american leadership is necessary to ensure that events in the region don't spin out of control. think that everybody wants to remember 9/11, but we need to have our privacy too. the first responders who were there for us, we're now going to be there for them. we're going to compensate them. we're going to help provide treatment. we're fighting for dignity, respect and for a fair contract. how dare you guys stop school in session. how dare you do that to our children. what are you thinking about? not about them. >> the defenseman in lated that glove so that it did not appear
3:57 am
to look as if it fit. facebook has not been an uncontroversial company in the past, right? so it's not like this is the first up and done we have ever had. it will be a hit. so many people are on the apple bandwagow do you have "why me" moments? >> not especially. the thought has crossed my mind. i don't really tend to think along those terms. you know, it could have happened to anyone. i've lost enough weight to where i can pat myself on the back. >> good. well, i think we'll all pat you on the back. >> it's a small child. >> katie having a nice debut this week. >> absolutely her ratings were him, of course. and if you're a fan of u.s. today, like to get your fingers dirty -- i like to read. &íju2ê32jzo1]mv.s9ad@a.j
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