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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 15, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. the mysterious man believed to be behind that anti-islam film that sparked an international fury is questioned by federal authorities in los angeles overnight. meanwhile, across the world, protests rage. a u.s. military base attacked, killing two marines, while embassies are set ablaze. also breaking this morning, a fast-moving wildfire flares up in the middle of los angeles. hundreds of homes in the wealthy neighborhood of bel air at risk. and new fears that the scorching weather today will only make this thing worse. royal fight back. the palace is suing the french magazine that took those topless photos of kate middleton. this as an italian magazine is set to publish them.
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meanwhile, the royal couple is facing the public half around the world. and how did this cat slip into a suitcase, slip past security, and fly almost 1,000 miles with nobody noticing. the abc news interview with bob-bob the stowaway cat. you know, there's a term of art in the news business, when we score a big interview, we call it the get. bob. bob the cat, a huge get here for "gma." >> he's not a small cat. that's a hard cat to miss. >> cat who loves its owner. we have news this morning. high anxiety across college campuses across america. three campuses evacuated. students told to get out of the buildings because of bomb
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threats. >> 150 buildings on that campus. a big story there. we know what a bucket list is. ginger and i, we checked off something from our bucket list when we went skydiving. but did you hear about this guy? this guy, he is telling people he only has four months to live. he's been living out those final days by knocking over banks. he has hit ten banks in nine states. >> ron claiborne will have that story coming up. also this morning, the highway hazard teen star, amanda bynes. driving what looks like a pipe. now, with her license suspended -- that's what it looks like. our lawyers approved that language. she's still driving. and she got into another accident. why has she not been stopped? that story coming up, as well. first, we begin with violent protests raging across the muslim world. anti-american anger is spilling
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over into the streets of 31 countries. mobs are attacking u.s. embassies in tunisia and sudan. and breaking this morning, the man believed to be behind it all, the director of that anti-islam film has surfaced in los angeles. abc's lama hasan has the latest in cairo. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, bianna. this wave of protests is sweeping across this region and beyond, to more than 30 countries. some peaceful, others deadly. meanwhile, there are new developments this morning in the hunt for who is behind this movie. overnight, in los angeles, nakoula basseley nakoula, the plan believed to have directed the anti-islam film, which sparked the protests, seen here with his head and face covered. he was interviewed by officers and later allowed to leave once the interview was over. meanwhile, across the world, the fury he sparked, still raging.
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here in cairo, police firing tear gas into the crowd, in what was a tense standoff. all across the region, embassies were under siege. look at this picture in tunisia. a cloud of black smoke from the u.s. embassy, after protesters stormed the gates, starting fires. two protesters were killed. in sudan and yemen, clashes at u.s. embassies there. and in lebanon, where the pope is visiting, promoting peace this morning, crowds set fire to another symbol of america, a kfc restaurant. and broke the windows of a hardee's. 50 marines are heading to sudan. other u.s. forces are heading to tunisia and others to yemen. and the obama administration has reviewed the film for possible removal. youtube denied the clip saying, the clip is, quote, clearly within our guidelines. and so, will stay on youtube.
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back here in cairo, egyptian security forces have just cleared tahrir square, one of the routes leading to the u.s. embassy. driving out the protesters and gaining control of the area. the interior minister said it is not just to protect the u.s. embassy, but other diplomatic missions, as well. this violence has claimed two more american lives. two marines in afghanistan were killed when the taliban pulled off a blazen attack on a major base there. they say it was retaliation for the film. muhammad lila has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this is not like other attacks we've seen in afghanistan. this was heavily-coordinated and involved a large number of taliban fighters. the attack has left two u.s. marines dead and a number of others wounded. the taliban has released what they say is the aftermath of the attack. nato is confirming at least 18 insurgents were killed in the
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operation, after they managed to storm the base. now, this base is camp bastian, one of the biggest in the country. it's where prince harry is deployed. but british officials tell us he was far away when this attack happened. this raises questions on how insurgents were anal to breach the security perimeter. and in an ominous warning, the taliban are vowing that revenge attacks like this one are on the way. >> thank you, mohammed. these metastasizing protests have thrown the obama administration into crisis mode. and they're mourning the dead. president obama and a shaken hillary clinton, welcoming home the bodies of the four americans, killed in the attack on the consulate in libya. ♪ >> four americans, four patriots, they loved this country. and they chose to serve it and served it well.
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>> this has been a difficult week for the state department and for our country. it is hard for the american people to make sense of that because it is senseless. >> and god bless the memory of these men who laid down their lives for us all. may god watch over your families and all who loved them. and may god bless these united states of america. and so, now the big question is what does the administration plan for putting out this spreading fire. abc's david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, what do we know about what the administration is actually doing to stop this. >> reporter: lama mentioned already, that more reinforcements, more marines are going to the embassies where there's been the biggest trouble. the president has been on the phone and will continue to work the phones, i'm told, talking to the leaders there. saying it's their responsibility
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to protect our embassies in these countries. those are the two big things you'll see. the president is here at the white house throughout the weekend and will continue to monitor the situation, dan. >> since this jump, the crisis had a real political overtone. how is it playing, as of this morning in the presidential race? >> reporter: you know, this is something that could be a problem for the president politically. he's tried to create new relationships in the middle east. some of his national security credibility is on the line, depending on where the situation goes over the next couple of weeks. mitt romney was very critical early in the week. yesterday, he said nothing about it. he did not renew his criticism. he left that to surrogates, paul ryan and others. there's a new ad out, as well, that says the president was campaigning while these attacks were going on. so, it has become political football, from the moments that even before some of these attacks broke out, dan. >> david kerley at the white house this morning. we'll have much more on how this white house could impact the presidential election tomorrow on abc's "this week." dan, turning out west, now,
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where a wildfire right in the middle of los angeles, is threatening hundreds of homes in the wealthy neighborhood of bel air. making things worse, it's going to be a scorcher today. ginger zee is keeping a close watch on the situation. ginger? >> southern california, bianna, is just getting into that critical point when fall fire season threatens, with single-digit humidity. it doesn't take much to ignite disaster. these huge flames, racing towards the affluent los angeles neighborhood of bel air, shutting down part of the busy 405 freeway and forcing the evacuation of the famed getty museum. it started in the afternoon and quickly moved uphill. >> i heard on the radio that there was a fire. so, i ran outside. and there's this huge, huge plume of smoke going up. and then, the helicopters came. >> reporter: more than 300 firefighters were called on scene, along with helicopters and two superscoopers from canada, dumping water on the fire to contain it. >> here's an area of l.a.,
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bringing in the resources, one after another. >> reporter: overnight, the fire was contained. but this morning, there are fears that when the sun's back up, the record temps, plus dry conditions, will flare that fire again. so far, the cause of the fire is unknown. but investigators are determined to find an answer. >> we'll canvas the area. we'll talk to people. we'll look for cameras and see if we can determine a cause. >> so, heat doesn't cause fires. but it does add all of the fuel that dries it out and makes it really bad for the firefighters, as well. look how hot it's going to be. record temperatures again in southern california. upper 90s and low 100s. and the fire danger spreads to the north. the northern mountains and the northern plains. i'll have more of the nation's weather. but for now, back to dan and bianna. a bunch of news overnight. for that, we go to ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. hundreds of people in indiana have been forced from their homes from a fire at a factory.
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the blaze left a chemical cloud in the air. and some residents complained of skin irritation and burning eyes. the federal government took over the former metal factory months ago to clean up hazardous chemicals there. and a big victory for public workers in wisconsin. a judge in that state has struck down nearly all of the controversial law championed by governor scott walker that's stripped unions of collective bargaining rights. the case will probably ultimately be decided by the u.s. supreme court. and striking workers in chicago could be off the picket lines and back in the classrooms as soon as monday. this coming monday. negotiators have a framework for a deal that could end the walkout that's kept students home. both sides plan to spend the week hammering out the detail of the votes. and a shocking end to a high-speed police chase in california. the suspect jumped out of a moving car after a chase that at times reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. he runs off the freeway
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overpass, trying to avoid the police. that clearly didn't work. the man, however, suffered, only minor injuries. and it was a different type of pursuit on a racetrack outside of chicago, illinois. a dog got loose during a practice for a nascar event at the chicagoland speedway. the puppy ran across the track and to the infield before security finally caught up with him in a garage. he was under arrest for trespassing and is now being held in a pound. just kidding. the dog is okay. >> disclaimer at the end of every ron claiborne newscast. >> that goes without saying. the dog is okay. the puppy is free on bail. >> all right, ron. thank you. >> thanks, ron. we turn, now, to the drama on three, major college campuses. tens of thousands of students across the country, forced to flee their dorms and classrooms, told that bomb threats had been called in. investigators are looking to see if the threats are linked. and abc's john muller has the latest details.
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>> reporter: bomb-sniffing dogs search for explosives late friday afternoon at ohio's hiram college. students are evacuated to the local firehouse. the third bomb scare in a long, eerie day. >> i was in the dormroom. and they were telling everyone that we need to evacuate. >> we got a mass text saying there was a bomb threat on campus. and ten minutes later, they say everybody evacuate the campus. >> reporter: the bomb scare began friday morning at the university of texas at austin, where a man claiming to be al qaeda said bombs were planted all over campus. >> i don't believe it's al qaeda. but it's scary with people getting so upset. they want to make threats. >> reporter: with all the chaos and rage in the middle east, the threats were taken extra seriously. just an hour and a half after the texas scare, another threat terrorized north dakota state. more mass evacuations and confusion. >> these guys in yellow jackets came running out, get off
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campus. there's bomb threats. >> reporter: in the end, they all were hoaxes. but were they related to each other or the troubles in the middle east? >> it is scary that it is this close to 9/11. and we're not the only school that they're saying had a threat like this. >> reporter: investigators will collect all the facts of each specific bomb threat first. then, they will compare them all with details of the others to see if there's any possible connection. and the possibility that it could be a coincidence. guys? >> a lot to look into. thank you, john muller. for the first time, we're getting a jarring inside look at a shooting rampage at a shooting in new jersey. you're about to hear the 911 calls from frantic employees, scrambling to get away from a crazed gunman, a former co-worker. here's abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: these are the panicked, terrified whispers by those trapped by the gunman's rampage. >> please. please. >> reporter: in these newly-released 911 tapes, you
4:15 am
can almost feel the fear, as exmarine played gunfire in new jersey, in the early morning hours of august 31st. tyler killed two store employees and left others scrambling for their lives and breathlessly pleading for help. >> old bridge. pathmark. they're blowing the place apart. >> reporter: the store was closed to the public at the time. but the gunfire forced frightened overnight employees into storage areas, back rooms and out into the parking lot. >> we're all scattered all over the commuter parking. everybody ran out of the exit. >> reporter: after reportedly firing as many as 20 shots, tyler eventually turned the gun on himself. family members say the 23-year-old had been discharged from the marines after battling depression. and that he was still grieving his mother's death. the 911 calls also shed light on his mood earlier that night. >> he seemed very angry tonight. he didn't say anything to me. he walked right past me.
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>> reporter: the call captured the fear of those forced to run and hide. >> he can find me. he can find me. >> reporter: tyler's two victims were 18-year-old, a recent high school graduate. and 24-year-old brian green. each died of a single gunshot. back in 2009, in a tweet, tyler wrote, quote, is it normal to want to kill all of your co-workers. maybe, but i'm actually in a position where i can. chilling stuff here. dan and bianna? >> happens way too much in this country. rob, thank you very much. now, to a wild cross-country bank robbery spree. this man telling people he only has four months to live. and he's finishing out his days by robbing banks. he hit banks in nine states as he travels the country. and is being called the bucket list bandit. but now, there's a new twist to the story. and ron is back with those details. >> the fbi says the bucket list bandit is the busted bucket list former bandit. he pulled off the bank jobs
4:17 am
spanning thousands of miles. after a routine traffic stop. when michael brewster was pulled over for running a stop sign on the border of arkansas and oklahoma, little did police know that this 54-year-old florida man was suspected by the fbi of being the bucket list bandit. investigators say he earned the nickname, after three months of robbing banks, telling bank tellers he had a gun and four months to live. >> was this guy really terminally ill? or was he just trying to be a mastermind? >> reporter: according to investigators, brewster never said just what he was supposedly dying of or why he needed the money. but his former landlord tells abc news, that brewster was evicted from his pensacola apartment on june 14th. seven days later, the fbi says he showed up in this stolen suv in arvada, colorado. and was in a spree of bank
4:18 am
robberies that would crisscross the nation. >> he committed a total of ten bank robberies is a little startling. and the fact he got away with these crimes is even more startling. >> reporter: ten banks, one outfit. and 85 days later, the fbi still didn't have their man. on tuesday, the feds launched an all-out digital assault. plastering the allegedly dying man's face on billboards, posters, tv stations and online. the next day, a tipster called with his name. if he is who police say he is, this monday morning erie, pennsylvania, bank robbery may be his last. robbers normally rob banks while roaming the country is very unusual, out of the ordinary. and the question everyone wants to know the answer to, you just asked me, bianna. was this guy allegedly really dying? he hasn't told anyone yet. so, we don't know.
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>> looking for sympathy, though. ron, thank you. time for the weather. and back over to ginger. >> it has been a super wet summer, especially in southern miami. not in the drought areas. they have had no problems with drought. around 30 inches above average for the year, above annual, at least. look at this. all this moisture being trapped. the stationary front draped across the middle of the country. that's going to mean a lot of rain up around this front in arkansas. big game in alabama and fayetteville. more as we head into east texas. houston, scattered showers and storms, too. and fall will be sticking around for a while. 60 for bismarck, after being at 87 today. cooling off as they start the week.
4:20 am
>> sometimes i'll get these twitter photos and i'll write back to the person and say, are you sure it's not photoshopped. and this one swears it's not. that yellow sky. and wichita, kansas. this one was just gorgeous. the angle it was taken. the cirrus clouds. who doesn't like a nice cirrus cloud? >> ron doesn't like the cirrus clouds. >> well, the veneer of authenticity. >> thank you, ginger. now, to breaking pet news. a commonly-employed argument in the age-old debate is that dogs are more loyal. >> it's an assumption being called into question by a cat
4:21 am
who found a way to tagalong, as its owner went to disney world. john schriffen has more. >> reporter: when ethel maze backed her bags for her group vacation in orlando, bob-bob the cat didn't want to stay behind. secretly purring his way into maze's suitcase monday. how did the cat get into the suitcase? >> i was packing. i just laid the suitcase out on the floor. >> reporter: wide-open? >> wide-open. >> reporter: not knowing the cat's in the bag, she checked in at the columbus airport and took off. 921 miles later -- >> unzipped to put my clothing in the drawer. oh, my. you'll never guess what's in my suitcase. >> reporter: how did bob-bob get through security checks and x-rays totally undetected?
4:22 am
the transportation security administration tells abc news, when they check bags, they're looking for security threats, not pets. saying, quote, we would not necessarily have the ability to look for or to identify a pet if it were inside a checked bag. so, after nearly a week hanging out in this hotel room, how is bob-bob getting back home? we contacted southwest airlines, and they're going to waive the $75 fare for you. >> really? isn't that something? thank you. >> reporter: but this kitty won't be wracking up any feline frequent flyer mile. app the trip home, maze will be making sure this little black bundle won't be hiding out in anymore bags. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, orlando. >> yeah. >> i like the official statement from homeland security. >> i can't understand how they can't pick up a cat in an x-ray. coming up here on the broadcast, battle royale. new pictures of william and kate out in public this morning. now, the palace is suing that
4:23 am
french magazine for publishing the topless pictures of kate sunbathing. who is going to publish them next. plus, teen star, amanda bynes, allegedly being a menace on the streets of los angeles. driving while smoking what appears to be a pipe. and questions this morning. can this guy travel across the country with no money, but only bacon to barter? we're putting america's love of pork products to the test. keep it here on "gma," this saturday morning. we'll see you soon. what's more extraodinary than the personal style
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that is the duke and duchess of cambridge, in borneo this morning, the latest stop on their tour of asia. prince william and kate appear to be all-smiles. but insiders say they are very angry of those photos of kate, published in a french gossip magazine. and this morning, appear in an italian magazine, as well. the royal palace responding lightning-fast. this is the angriest they have been in years. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. alongside ginger zee and ron claiborne, on this saturday, september 15th. if you see this woman on the road, you may want to pull over. she is amanda bynes, the hollywood starlet. she has a suspended license, after multiple accidents and a dui. so, what's the deal with these new pictures showing her around apparently smoking some sort of pipe?
4:31 am
why they allowed her to stay on the road. we're going to get into these pressing questions in a little bit. and 3,000 miles on 3,000 pounds of bacon. you're a bacon-lover. >> i love bacon. >> can it be done? one man tries to barter his way across the country using one of our favorite foods as currency. can he do it? >> social engineering coming up on the broadcast. we're going to start this half hour, with the royals royally peeved at the palace this morning. will and kate feeling violated and now feeling litigious, suing the french magazine that published the shots of the duchess. this as another magazine plans to publish the pictures this morning. reena ninan is covering the story. >> reporter: none of the british newspapers chose to run any of the images. but the headlines in today's "daily mirror" pretty much sums up prince william's feelings. i won't let kate suffer like my mother. william and kate touring the rain forest of borneo. where half the world away, those
4:32 am
topless photos gone global. an italian magazine has porched and will publish more photos next week. the palace striking back and striking fast. launching legal proceedings against the french tabloid magazine that published the photos of kate sunbathing on a private balcony. abc news has chosen not to show those images. the et tore of the magazine suggested there's more photos to come. photos she says were too personal to run. friday was kate's first public appearance at a mosque. so similar to princess diana, in egypt back in 1992. but it's this similarity of furious prince william doesn't want repeated. bob woodruff is traveling with the royal couple. >> there's no public indication on how william and kate feel. but as they continue on this tour, what we know for sure is that their blood is just boiling. >> reporter: a similar reaction
4:33 am
in london. >> poor girl will be afraid to take her socks off anywhere she goes now. >> reporter: and the french editor who published the photos says, don't blame her. the couple was tanning on to a terrace that looks on to a public road where thousands of cars pass. the question is more about security than media frenzy. a court proceeding is set to take place in france on monday. and it's likely we'll learn the identity of who that photographer was who owns the rights to these images. bianna? >> thank you. abc news royal contributor, victoria arbiter joins us for more on this scandal. the palace moved so quickly to file this lawsuit. does this speak to how angry they are right now? >> it really does. the palace moved at lightning speed. and that speaks volumes about william in particular to put an end to this. and to send a clear message, which the statement did. we're learning that this italian magazine is planning to publish
4:34 am
pictures later this week. in a way, it's good that william and kate have moved so fast. hopefully they'll be in time to put a stop to it. >> there's a chance they will? >> there really is a chance. everything is in favor of william and kate. they were at a private residence, on a private holiday. they believed themselves to be sunbathing completely privately. paparazzi were hiding in the bushes. and the french have strong privacy rules. so, they have grounds to really put an end to this. >> and not to blame kate at all. but given that she is probably the most photographed woman in the world, and she has done no wrong, since she's come to the public light. do you think she was wise to walk outside bearing it all? >> i think what happened has been a very harsh lesson. and perhaps it was a little naive to think as such a high-profile couple they were entirely alone. having said that, there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. they were staying at a family member's house. there was, perhaps, the full sense of security. but it's a lesson learned in probably the cruelest way.
4:35 am
>> and how about the damage control the palace is taken right now, since we just had this incident with harry here in the states. now, we're seeing this happen. >> i think, really, the different approach to this because with harry, yes, it was very stupid. but he knew that those photographs were being taken. with william and kate, it is a total different breach of privacy. it's an invasion of their privacy. as damage control, they're sending a clear message to say this will not be tolerated moving forward. we won't stand for it. >> prince william standing up for his wife and defending her? >> william really he witnessed firsthand what overzealous photographers can do. you have to look to his mother. he is protective. and he will take that stand moving forward. >> great to have you on set with us. now, the other morning's top stories. back to ron claiborne. >> really, the security issue there. someone said in the meepiece tot the photos there. the mysterious him faker
4:36 am
believed to be behind the anti-islam film was questioned by authorities overnight. and the taliban claimed it attacked a military base overnight in revenge for that film. and bank of america has settled claims it broke the law by discriminating against mortgage applicants with disabilities. the bank will pay up to $5,000 for borrowers who were asked to provide a letter from a doctor. finally, if you want the new iphone, i tried this and haven't been able to order this. you have to wait a little longer. apple sold out its allotment for preorders in one hour. orders will ship in two to three weeks, not this friday. time, now, for the weather and over to abc's ginger zee. >> good morning, ron. good morning, everybody. let's begin with what was a beautiful day in the northeast yesterday. some of the last 80-degree temperatures for a few weeks. this is boston. wcvb, our affiliate there. you see the thunderstorms on the
4:37 am
way. that's a cold front that's going to bring in much more fall-like air. look at the temperatures behind that front. new york, 76. pittsburgh, 70 with that northwest wind. it's a big high-pressure system that will pull down that cool, canadian air. across the nation, that's not the same. really hot back there. los angeles, 101 today. they will likely get close to or hit records. and down in florida, continued rain. rain also from southern missouri into parts of texas. >> this weather report has been brought to you by ashley furniture. just so you all know, colorado did have some of their first snow. so, you know it's coming. >> wow. getting a little chilly here in
4:38 am
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okay. so, lindsay lohan has fresh competition for dubious title of most highway minutes. amanda bynes, the teen star whose license had been suspended because of hit-and-runs and dui, has gotten into another accident. tanya rivero is here with this story. she's on quite a run. >> reporter: she is, dan. it's interesting you bring up lindsay. the same judge that sentenced lindsay to jail has ordered amanda bynes to stay off the road this week. she ignored the judge and the next day had a fender-bender. and now, many are calling her a menace. she's the former star of "all that." but many are calling amanda bynes a dangerous threat. accused of wreckless driving that may be putting others at
4:43 am
risk. despite a suspended license and a judge's order to stay off the road, bynes got into a fender-bender on thursday. the rocky road began on april 6th, when she side-swiped a cap car and was arrested for dui. on april 10th, her first hit-and-run charge. an august 4th, her second. on august 25th, her license was suspended. september 9th, bynes was pulled over for driving without headlights. and just this tuesday, this picture of her smoking an unidentified substance in her car surfaced. wednesday, a judge ordered her to stop driving. thursday, the fender-bender. >> it's a sad hollywood story that we've seen before. a child actor, who maybe doesn't get a chance to do kids things. and as they reach young adulthood, they start acting out. >> reporter: drivers in l.a. want her off the road. >> she is a danger, not to only herself, but people around her. >> i think it's pretty appalling
4:44 am
to get away with that kind of stuff, repeatedly. should be dealt with. >> reporter: bynes' reps did not respond to our requests for comment. but she has defended herself on twitter in the past. tweeting, i can't help but laugh at all after you writing fake stories about me. i was not in any hit-and-runs. i don't drink. so, the dui is false. bynes has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against her. she has two, separate court dates, and could get jail time if convicted on all counts. in 2007, "forbes" listed her as one of the highest-paid celebrities under 21. so, why doesn't she invest that money in a driver? >> good question. howard bragman raises a good point about the cautionary tale of child stardom. >> if you're not working, you have time, money and access. >> well put. thank you very much for your reporting this morning. coming up here on the broadcast, we're calling it the great bacon barter. how far can you get on 3,000
4:45 am
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we have a pav loefian response to that music. we know it's time for "pop news." rachel smith out in l.a. this morning. good morning. >> good morning, guys. nice to see you this morning. let's start things off with miley cyrus, who claims there isn't trouble in paradise, despite some bizarre tweets. the 19-year-old singer and actress started by writing, ever feel like you just want something more? not sure what exactly. passion, perhaps? she followed that up with, sometimes i feel like i love everyone more than they love me. hate that feeling. miley quickly erased any
4:50 am
speculation that her relationship with fiance liam hemsworth was on the rocks. she says, these were just thoughts. it's the start of a new nfl season. new fantasy football teams. and for eva longoria, she's drafted herself a new man. the former "desperate housewive's" star, says she's dating mark sanchez. she says the two are just happy dating. and penelope cruz is taking a page out of angelina jolie's movie. the question must be asked, who is better? penelope showing a lot of leg while wearing this versace gown. or the original, angelina pose? care to way in? >> it looks a little more natural on penelope. the leg's closer to the body. >> i resent being forced to choose, rachel. >> attractive women.
4:51 am
>> right? i know. well, guys, we have to get to this story. this is something. now, we know most americans, like dan, love their bacon. but is it a better currency than crash or credit card? actor and median, josh sankey, is finding out. he's trying to travel the 3,000 miles from new york to l.a., by bartering for everything, with 3,000 pounds of uncooked bacon. it's all part of a publicity stunt backed by oscar meyer. the bacon has to cover everything, including gas, lodging, food. josh has already traded for a taxi ride, jets tickets, and get this, a tattoo. of bacon, of course, right? he has two weeks to get to l.a. he has two weeks to get to l.a. and he has already made his way to indiana. interesting. >> not bad. impressed. i'm impressed. bacon goes a long way.
4:52 am
we'll be right back. bacon goes a long way. we'll be right back. rachel, thank you. [ barks ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make allie miss her favorite part of the day. [ laughing ] that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four snacks... to help spark play in your day.
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