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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> in the news this sunday morning, 16th, fairfield police investigate an early morning shooting this send three to the hospital. and the top commander of the iran revolutionary guard makes through threats against israel this morning if israeli leaders carry out a military strike on iran's nuclear program. thanks for joining us, i'm
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carolyn tyler. let's start with a first look at our weather with our meet olympics jest lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn, good morning, everyone. here is our high definition emeryville camera. the fog is moving across the bay. some of the fog dense to the north. in and around the santa rosa area and also around the central coast. starting out with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are in the mid-50s but dropping into the upper 40s in some of our north bay valleys. by 7:00 we should see mainly 50s. we will have more sunshine. and looking at some hazy conditions around noon with more 60s to low 70s in our inland east bay. notice we are still in the upper 50s at our coast with some partial afternoon clearing. upper 80s return to our inland valleys. low clouds and fog getting the upper hand today in some neighbors. i'll detail the forecast for the week ahead a bit later. carolyn. >> we will look for you later, lisa. developing news in fairfield this morning where we are
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learning more details about three people who were shot overnight. police say just after midnight they were called to the 1200 block of dana drive where me they found all three victims. they were taken to north bay medical center good a block away with nonlife-threatening injuries. no word on possible suspects or what led up to the shooting. police say there's nothing to indicate the incident is gang related. this morning two burn victims are recovering after their apartment went up in flames. the fire broke out near independence way in mountain view. the fire department said the top floor of the two-story apartment building caught fire shortly after 5:00 p.m. yesterday. a neighbor and a passerbyer are being called heros for helping rescue the victims, who only suffered minor burns thanks to them. >> there were two gentlemen that were like -- they live right next door.
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they were sleeping. so i literally thought they were going to like die, but one -- a guy from one of the houses that i run to, he actually went in and saved them. >> that's when the passerbyer saw what was happening, jumped in to help. after calling 911 a neighbor took these photos. the fire destroyed four apartment units and displaced four families. a firefighter has also been treated for a minor injury. a retired san francisco firefighter is missing this morning somewhere between here and canada. 69-year-old charles dowd was on his way to montreal to see his son. he left wednesday on an amtrak train and was last heard from in denver. police say he is on medication and may be confused. >> developing news in the middle east where the top commander of
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iran's >> referee: losingary guard said nothing will remain of israel if they take military action against iran's nuclear program. the general also says iran would no longer be committed to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. that allows u.n. en specktors to visit the nuclear sites. israel has left open the possibility of a military strike to take out the program if diplomacy fails. iran said their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. this morning there is growing concern for the safety of u.s. workers overseas. the state is ordering all nonessential workers to leave their posts in sudan and tanisha. this after they called for more attacks to exspell americans from muslim nations. chuck southeast son has more. >> tunesian police and military now guard the u.s. embassy compound and school damaged by angry protesters.
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the state department has ordered all nonessential government workers and family members to leave tanisha and sudan. the russ also issued travel warnings for americans in those two countries because of the threat of more violence. [chanting] in pakistan protesters stomped on the u.s. flag as the wave of anger continued to spread, even down under. the taliban released this video. the aftermath of a revenge attack on a base in after afghanistan. two u.s. marines were killed, several others wounded and extensive property damage, including six very expensive u.s. jets. security was beefed-up in paris as protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy there. and in benghazi u.s. teams began investigating the embassy where the ambassador and others were killed in attacks. the team is going to conduct their own investigation of the deadly assault. the man who believed to be
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behind the controversial film that started the outrage, nakoula basseley nakoula, left his home. he was questioned by probation officers and released. federal officials are investigating his activities. chuck seifert son, abc news, new york. >> we will have more on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya coming up at 8:00 when the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, appears on abc "this week." is there enough being done for diplomats during this wave of anti-american violence? they will take up that shalla. don't miss "this week"coming up this morning on abc7. on july 4 little an 82nd force army sergeant from california was severely wounded in afghanistan, the victim of a
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roadside bomb. he lost his legs and arm in a blast. yesterday some of his hometown friends put together a fundraiser in his honor. abc67 news reporter sergio has the story. >> this is usually a pretty boisterous place on saturday and this weekend there's a special reason for all the smiles. >> the out poor from the community has been tremendous. >> are you surprised? >> i am. i am. i truly am. >> 30-year-old sergeant monte bernardo. he was injured on july 4th by a roadside bomb in afghanistan, and this event is complete with a raffle, silent auction and pool tournament raised money for his continued recovery. the sergeant is now a couple months into his recovery at walter reed medical center in maryland. his mom said he is making a lot of progress, especially considering the extent of his injuries from the july blast. she moved from table to table, thanking everyone to turning out to support her son. it was a shock to get the call earlier this summer from the army that he was injured in
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afghanistan, but she was relieved when she first saw him at walter reed. >> he said, yeah, mom, about time you got here. first time you weren't late. i thought, oh, my god, his mind is okay. >> he's now learning how to use two prosthetic leg and a prosthetic arm. and although he won't be able to visit his hometown soon because his rehabilitation may take a couple years, this group is showing a lot of love and generosity. >> the army is covering a good portion of everything, but there are extra expenses as time goes on and that's why this is here. >> the plan is to hold a fundraiser like this every year and to donate that money to help other wounded warriors. abc7 news. today marks six months since morgan hill teenager sierra lamar vanished on her way to school last march. family and friends will gather at 6:30 tonight at the search center at the burnett elementary
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school in morgan hill to release balloons and hold a prayer vigil to show she is not forgotten. police have charged him with her murder based on dna evidence found in the 21-year-old's car. volunteers searched again for sierra yesterday. still no sign of her body. >> starting today oakland police are stepping up to protect motorcyclists. extra officers will be on patrol where motorcycle crashes tend to occur. they will be looking for riders and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. they are going to be cracking down on traffic violations that can cause motorcycle collisions. police say special enforcement efforts like that have been paying off by saving lives. over the past two years the number of motorcycle fatalities has dropped after ten straight years of increases. coming up next, the latest on the southern california brush fire that's threatened a bellaire neighborhood. also, federal agents say an
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new this morning, an 18-year-old chicago man faces federal terrorist charges after he planned to set off a car bomb in a downtown chicago bar. they have been going through his home in a chicago suburb of hillside looking for additional evidence. he was arrested friday night after an undercover operation. it involved agents who posed as extremists. he was arrested after investigators provided him with fake explosives. authorities say he is a u.s. citizen who became the focus of investigators after he posted material online about violent jihad and the kill of americans. in southern california firefighters expect to fully contain a brush fire today near
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the getty center art museum. it's burning east of interstate 405 in the hills above the pass. it broke out friday, moving quickly uphill toward a residential cul-de-sac in bellaire. no homes have been damaged or are threatened. the fire as charred about 90 acres so far. the fire is 90% contained. an animal shelter in pleasanton has to close for a few weeks. they need your help to find homes for their clients. 32 cats, 5 dogs, to be exact. they have only five days to find new homes. the floor at the valley humane society is going to be replaced because the epoxy has bubbled. >> and in most cases that would be -- wouldn't be a big deal, but for us the bacteria can get down, the bubbles pop, and the bacteria can get down in the crevasses and when that happens the bacteria can be bad for the cats and dogs. >> the shelter is going to close on thursday and reopen around
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the 1st of next month. >> well, our weather pattern is kind of in a holding pattern, i guess you could say, lisa. >> you are right. although we are looking at some cool temperatures this morning. 45 degrees in napa right now. here's a look at our sutra camera, looking toward vollmer peak. sun comes up in 35 minutes. still a chilly start out there and we will look for a pretty nice day and subtle changes. you are right, carolyn. i just wasn't paying attention. >> always. also next an exciting night down on the farm. i paid attention to this. stanford upset number two-ranked usc. mike shumann has your hi
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>> september is usually a little hotter than this. >> yeah, we usually have a heat wave. this week kind of going ahead with a cooler week. we have a little change to talk about. as we head outside, mount tam look very nice with the sun coming up. 6:52 and setting at 7:15. yes, it's getting shorter and shorter, those days. 12 hours, 22 minutes of daylight. the persistent onshore flow we've had will continue and that will keep us on the cool side
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today. we are looking at live doppler 7hd right in a second, and the low clouds and the fog right here where they normally are, banked up along the shoreline, making a little bit of progress to the east from oakland to hayward this morning, where we have that ground fog. also down around the monterey bay and up in santa rosa. but we have clear skies this morning in napa. as a result, 45 degrees there. looking at 52 with a west wind by the delta. 55 in livermore. it's clear for you, as well as concord at 51. and cloudy skies in san jose this morning. fog is at the coast and bay this morning. it will continue to make a little bit of a push east and north, but then it retreats. we will see the wide range again, about 30-degree spread. cooler days for the week ahead as the system offshore gets a little deeper and a little closer to the bay. but right now continues to sit to the north and west of us. and as it does, it's impact will be limited. so we will look for the sea breeze to kick up and temperatures to be cool.
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upper 50s. 60s around the bay with the fog kind of playing peek-a-boo along the san mateo coast. we should get into some clearing but for the week ahead we have high pressure to the north and east and low pressure here. we are truly kind of in a holding pattern. but this will allow for low clouds and fog and that per sis extent westerly breeze to keep numbers below normal for the week ahead. 101 in fresno, but notice temperatures are down in los angeles after triple digit heat there. the high pressure begins to relax, so somecology there. 96 in vegas and 86 in reno. the winds slackening off there too so that's good news. 60s for the a's game. mid-60s to first pitch. and later on today at candlestick park, bring the layers. we will look for numbers in and around the 60-degree mark with breezy winds. 80 santa rosa. mill valley has the arts festival today, low 70s there.
6:21 am
and burlingame. also low 70s for another outdoor arts festival. 64 in monterey. it will be cool and breezy there despite the sunshine. in the look ahead, temperatures just about the same as yesterday. maybe a couple degrees cooler. then by tomorrow and into the middle of the week, you will notice around the bay and inland the numbers come down to below average. we will look for the pattern to pretty much stay with us with not much change throughout the week ahead. you know, last week there wasn't much change either. >> so what's the deal on that? >> it's just september, really. we tend to like that, i think. although you said we should be a little warmer for this time of year. we will work on that. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00 is good morning america. we are joined live now from new york to tell us what you guys are looking at and working on this morning. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. we have a lot to cover this morning. breaking news. we have the latest on the attack that killed four u.s. soldiers
6:22 am
on a u.s. base in afghanistan. the same base that housed prince harry. so the real question this morning, was he the target? also, terror plot. the fbi busted an 1-year-old for planning to set off a car bomb at a chicago nightclub. just how close did the young man get to pulling it off and causing major destruction? we will have the latest. plus shocking video, you won't believe this, of an 18-month-old in the hands of a 300-pound guerrilla and this was no accident. so who would do this and why? i think the answer will surprise you, carolyn. and finally, he's being called the hottest man on the planet. from being on billboards around the world and appearing on just about every fashion magazine, he's the top male model and we had the task of spending the day with him and find out just what it takes to strike the perfect pose. >> carolyn, he's here as well showing us how to strike the perfect pout. so you may want to tune in and take some notes. >> that's what they do.
6:23 am
they don't seem too smile, they just pout. >> yeah. >> yes. i'll look for that. thank you. we are going to check out sports. san francisco 49ers fans should think twice before heckling the lions fans at the park today. it might be a police officer wearing that jersey. san francisco police plan to send undercover officers into the crowd as an ongoing effort to prevent fights and other security problems. police will also be monitoring for scalpers and counterfeit tickets. they used similar tactics last season and during baseball games at at&t park. the 49ers' first home game of the season kicks off at 5:20 this afternoon at candlestick park. at at 10:00 this morning the raiders will battle the dolphins in miami, hoping to rebound from monday night's opening game loss. last night stanford tried to beat usc for the fourth straight
6:24 am
year. here's schu with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. we kickoff with your upset of the day in college football. 21st-ranked stanford knocks off 2nd-ranked usc for the fourth straight year. matt barkley came back for his senior year and he's beaten everybody steam? the pac-12 except stanford. ten state transfer. find the end zone but he had help from his lineman. 7-0, usc. but taylor, check out his moves. not no one for his moves but he's gone. 59 yards. taylor passes 3,000 career rushing yards. third stanford cardinal to do so. 156 in a game. tied at 7. chargers get it back. it cost the reds. forced the second touchdown of the half. 14-7, trojans at the break. third quarter, nunez, screen pass to stephon taylor. gets the blocks, breaks tackles and a tie game, 23 yards, 14 a piece. then in the fourth. nunez finds zach.
6:25 am
and then stride. gets by the defense. dives into the end zone. 37 yards. nunez, 13 of 41. 215 yards, two tds. cardinals up 7. late fourth. fourth and 40, trojans last chance. it's incomplete. stanford gets usc for the forth straight year. maybe it's not an upset. 21-14, your final. cal visiting ohio state for the first time in 40 years. buckeyes control the first half. 25-yard dart to devin smith. ohio state led 27 at the state. cal takes over in the third. running back, brendon biglow. sweeps right, breaks a new tackle. great balance. you are not going to catch him. 81 yards. cal down 20-14. fourth quarter, tied at 28 on third down. braxston miller. finds a wide open devin smith. nats a busted coverage. he goes 72 yards. four touchdown passes from miller. a valiant effort by cal, but they lose it 35-28, that final.
6:26 am
san jose state hosting colorado state. spartans pulled away in the fourth. reverse and throws it to wide open chandler jones. he breaks a tackle. 43-yard touchdown. san jose state up 43-20. david sales, 2 for 3, including this 51-yard strike to jones, who has six catches for 133 yards and two scores. san jose improves to 2-1. 40-20, that final. 18 games left, a's holding on to the top wildcard spot. hosting the orioles. down 2-0, a's put up five in the third. stephen drew, see ya. they trail 2-1. next batter, chris carter sends it to the corner. josh reddick scores, cespedes scores. a's go on to win it, 5-2. they hold a three-game lead over the orioles for the wildcard and trail texas by only two games in the american league west. giants and d-backs tied at 1 in
6:27 am
the fifth. buster posey, you say mvp, his 22nd of the season. 3-2, the final. they lead the dodgers by seven and a half games. raiders and dolphins earlier today and niners and lions play tonight. the highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day! >> up next, bad news for sharks fans. a league-wide lockout officially begins in the national hockey league. the effect it might have on businesses in downtown san jose. and the prehistoric discovery unearthed in san francisco last week. what a member of the construction crew dug up at the new transbay terminal.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone. a lockout is now official in the national hockey league. it could have a big economic impact in san jose. for each home game the sharks draw about 17,000 money-spending fans to the shark tank. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon has more on what's at stake. >> reporter: word of the national league hockey lockout spread quickly along the
6:31 am
businesses along santa clara street saturday night. it wasn't good news. adam is a manager. >> it will be negative. that is a huge percentage of our finances downtown. >> nicky pierce is manager of this brewing company on santa clara street. she just hired seven more employees to deal with the crowd she expected when the sharks began preseason play september 26th. >> they will have to hold on and just kind of wait it out, just like everybody else. but it's going to hurt everybody in the pocketbook. >> but for how long? this is the fourth league stoppage since 1992. what businesses dread is that the lockout lasts as long as it did back in 2004, the entire shark season was cancelled. it's the first time a professional sports team lost an entire season. the first time a stanley cup wasn't awarded in 93 years. >> it looks very similar to 2004. my hopes, and i think all the fans' hopes, is it is not going to be the same way. >> rodger winn says a long lockout could be disastrous to his restaurant. >> we are looking at probably
6:32 am
over 60% down, yeah. probably at least 60%. >> an nfl lockout has been hang being over the teams for a year. this is the third in 18 months for a sports team. bill daily stated i think it's fair to say there was no realistic expectation to avoid lockouts as of developments on wednesday and thursday. sports analysts say they don't believe this lockout could last the entire season but it could cancel a good chunk of games. the national hockey league players association says informal talks are ting. -- are continuing. in san jose, i'm thomas ramon, abc7 news. a san francisco toddler is hoping a stranger can save his life. two-year-old jeremy of san francisco has a rare form of leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplant before undergoing a third round of chemotherapy scheduled for november. today you can see if you are a match. drop by the dragon boat fest on
6:33 am
treasure island. two other bone marrow drives are taking place in sunnyvale and milpitas, for more information go to abc7 and look under "see it on tv." new this morning it looks like marin county will accept a new less costly contract for bus service with the golden gate bridge district. our media partner, the marijuana independent journal, said the marin transit board of directors is expected to vote tomorrow on a new contract that saves them $1 million a year. the general manager recommend board members continue to contract with golden gate transit to provide the county's bus service. now if approved, this deal would save the jobs of about is 25 golden gate transit workers. those jobs would be owe eliminated in marijuana county were to go with a different bus service provider.
6:34 am
construction at sfo is causing some delays this weekend. crews are working through tomorrow morning to extend the runway and install new lighting. officials say delays are likely for flights arriving during peak hours from ten this morning to two this afternoon. the runway will shut down again over the weekends of september 21st and september 28th. a massive construction project in san francisco has revealed something really amazing. something that's drawing the attention of paleontologists. the discovery was made last week by a crane operator working on the new transbay terminal at first street between mission and hour. -- and howard. >> reporter: it started as just another day for crane operator brandon. >> i was excavating using a hammer grab, and going through layer of sand, and suddenly i noticed some strange object that came out. >> this is what he had pulled up from 110 feet below the surface. the tooth and part of a jaw of a
6:35 am
woolly mammoth, considered the most famous of the prehistoric mammals, cousin of the modern day elephant. >> this bay stuff is the original enamel that is preserved along with the tooth. >> a paleontologist calls the fossil a well-preserved and significant find. the woolly mammoth lived 1.8 million to 11,000 years ago. >> the bay was a grassy valley with herds of these extinct critters just roaming around. >> he believes these fragments could be 10,000 or 11,000 years old. >> it's a big deal so we can study it, get some age dates that help us figure things out. >> throughout the project transbay officials have had archeologists on the scene and a treasure trove of other artifacts has been uncovered. the work here continues on schedule, but now everyone is on the lookout for another piece of
6:36 am
what one observant crane operator scooped up and set aside. >> a few people tried to convince me it was just a rock, but it just looked too perfect to be a rock. >> certainly if somebody were to come in, we think there may be a tusk or some hair, some skin. if it's safe to do further excavation, we would do that. >> and she tells me that the transbay joint powers authority plans to donate the fragments to the california academy of sciences to exhibit. coming up, are you tired of dropped calls and lost data? find out what is being done to untangle the wireless networks where congestion is reaching the crisis level. and we have a live look, a beautiful look here from our sutro kam looking eastward toward diablo. lisa argen is going to be along with your full1ñrtes@pap
6:37 am
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough
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and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. there is a precious natural resource that's quickly running out. it's not oil or clean water or anything you can see, for that matter. abc67 news reporter johnathan bloom explains why the federal government has turned its attention to what some are calling a dire shortage of radio spectrum. >> reporter: you don't have to understand the complex diagrams or the jargon being thrown around in this stanford conference room to understand what google's eric schmidt told us outside.
6:40 am
>> people are going to be rioting on the streets at the rate that it is going. he sat on a panel that included the chairman of the fcc about the growing concern that americans are so deeply in love with their smartphones and tablets that the wireless radio spectrum is running out. >> it's like a highway that's getting too congested. the more congested it gets, the slower the traffic is. and the worst our experience will be on these devices. >> fcc chairman said apps like netflix and apple's face time are part of the reason that americans have doubled their wireless data consumption every year in five years thanks gotten -- thanks to the innovators of silicon valley. >> who knew that you wanted to have your phone be your matchmaker. who knew you wanted your phone to be your personal assistant for everything. >> but all the appears mean the virtual highway needs more lanes. right now the radio spectrum is divided up into slices. you have police radios and above that you have wireless mike
6:41 am
and mike phones. right in the middle you have the all-important smartphone and right above that you have bluetooth headsets and wi-fi. i'm not always using my microphone and the police aren't calling for backup but when these two devices aren't used their huge spectrums sit empty. part of the solution is to let all of them share one big chunk of spectrum, giving priority to this one. another part of the solution would let some tv stations sell back their over the air channels. >> overwhelmingly people don't watch broadcast over the year. they are watching it through cable or satellite. >> and on their mobile devices, if there's you enough spectrum. at stanford, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> that was pretty fascinating. lisa argen is here now. can you top that in terms of the weather? >> fascinating? >> yeah. >> well, how about usual in terms of the low clouds and fog, status quo as some would say. you can see the low clouds out there, and they are not everywhere. the marine layer still kind of shallow. we will talk about how extensive it is this morning and your
6:42 am
impact on the forecast for the rest of the weekend and the week ahead, too. that's next. >> all right. also ahead, the great divide and the great outdoors. a bay area group is working to get everyone outside. and wall street drama. richard gere stars in the new movie about the downfall of the 1 mercer. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez will tell us whether to buy or sell with [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe.
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if you took your family camping this summer, you may have noticed a lack of diversity at your campground. more than 90 percent of campers are white and african americans are less likely to go camping than any other race. one group is helping to close the racial divide of the great outdoors. danishly reports on a group that's trying to close the divide. it is where many childhood memories are made, a family camping trip. but look closely and you might realize there is something missing: african americans. rue mapp of oakland is trying to change that. she started "outdoor afro" three years ago hoping to reunite african americans with nature. "outdoor afro is a social media and in-person community that inspires and celebrates african american connections to nature," now, mapp has a national following. she created an online community for african americans to share their stories. "there are thousands and thousands of members across
6:46 am
various social media platforms. we get about 80,000 eyeballs to our facebook page and we have about 10,000 people engaging on our website," she says. despite those numbers, the national park service says just one percent of park visitors across the country is african american. mapp says that doesn't mean they aren't enjoying nature. outdoor afro organizes outings and camping trips like a recent one in coloma. the idea is to get more african americans out into nature. "yes, we do camp, most definitely," linda mcdonald of berkeley says. outdoor afro is also trying to diminish the stereotype that african americans just don't camp. "historically, black people have been a part of nature. from the time they were brought over from the continent, they've been a part of nature, cultivating the ground.". "the stereotype is true and then not true because my wife, she loves it. i don't love it, but i'll do it and i'm sure i will have a great
6:47 am
time at the end of it." many of the campers blame urbanization and segregation for disconnecting their community from the outdoors in the past. but today, they are trying to bridge that gap by reconnecting themselves and introducing a new generation to nature. i think that it's good to bond with people that look like me and to experience new things and my god, this is great. it's beautiful out here. to be able to have an organization like this, it allows more people to do it because sometimes it can be pricey and outside of peoples' means. outdoor afro isn't just for families or african americans for that matter. it's about creating a relationship with nature.
6:48 am
>> i think a lot of people of color are just not used to it, maybe from their childhood, they never really did a lot of outdoor activities. but i think it's great to connect with other people, to get out there, really connect back with mother nature, and i think that's really important not just for people of color, but for everyone. and we are blessed with such great weather to enjoy it. >> that's right. a little gray in some areas where it is cloudy and cool. but as you head outside you notice above the marine layer it is pretty nice. mount tam, you will see the marine layer still pretty shallow. it's about 1,000 feet, 1200 feet. from our roof camera we have a west wind at about ten to fifteen miles an hour. at the airport there are holes in the deck of low clouds and fog. so once again, it is not everywhere. so we will look for the rapid clearing in our east bay valleys. in fact, right now it is clear
6:49 am
there. over into hayward and castro valley, we will look for earlier sunshine while the fog holds on to parts of the peninsula and parts of the bay around richmond and oakland. but we do are some fog up into the valleys of the north bay. it's clear in napa and with that clear sky the temperature has bottomed out intoed mid-40s here. looking at 54 in oakland. cooler air up in the north bay. it's cool at our coast as well with 50 half moon bay. the low clouds and fog have made their way along the central coast from santa cruz to monterey. fog is around the bay and the wide range of temperatures again from the upper 50s at our coast. we are talking near 90 inland. but there is a trough offshore, and that's going to bring in the low cloud and fog deck. a slower clearing trend throughout the week ahead. here we are with this morning. look what happens by 9:00, 10:00. we are mostly sunny and the fog will still take another hour or two to clear the coast. then we will see some upper
6:50 am
50s to low 60s here. it will take some time around half moon bay and monterey. otherwise we see a return to the low 70s in oakland. still cool for this time of year. but the higher elevations, if you are headed around mt. diablo, still pretty warm there. we will look for the cooling trend to really take hold of our forecast throughout the rest of the work week ahead. it's because of this system here, it continues to hang back. but as it does, it will deepen. we've got high pressure to the north and east of us. so that puts us in a blocking pattern with very little change day-to-day. we will see that per sis extent onshore flow, the shallow marine layer, allowing the coast and bay to experience the breeze throughout the afternoon and and the inland areas to stay warm. still the numbers will trend downward and we will see numbers below normal throughout the work week. 90s for sacramento. 91 in los angeles. lots of cooling there from 7 to
6:51 am
10 degrees coolerred to compared to yesterday. the heat wave loosening well to the south of us, loosening its grip. 68 san mateo. burlingame arts festival today. mill valley has an arts festival. we are looking at the santa cruz county fair today. 76. a gray, cool start. by 1:00 today look for 64 in oakland. the wind picking up. maybe a couple degrees of cooling today around the bay. and the coast more significant cooling. two to four degrees cooling the middle of the work week. this is the last full week of summer. saturday the equinox in the morning where we enter into fall. >> so turning the clocks back can't be that far away? that's sometime in october, right? >> yeah, right around halloween. >> thank you, lisa. a good day to go to the movies, perhaps. opening in theaters this weekend, richard gere starring
6:52 am
in the thriller "arbitrage." its about a manage air hedge fund manager whose life is on the downward spiral. here's abc7 news arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez on the isle. >> our company, we make a great return. >> how much money do we need? do you want to be the richest guy in the cemetery? >> richard gere, financial hotshot, in control, immune, but around him the artificial word he created is collapsing. >> the way this behaves, half of the funds' assets are missing. >> that's ridiculous. >> but he's lying to his daughter. a bernie madhoff moment. this wall street powerhouse is in financial trouble. and there are other deceits. this family man has a mistress, and a disaster. he can run, but he can't hide. gym nails it as a new york detective.
6:53 am
>> we haven't located the driver. >> the driver? >> someone else was driving. >> what happened to your head? >> i hit it. >> hate when that happens. >> susan sarandon as his wife knows what is going on and plays her ultimate card. >> everything i do is for us, for our family. now you tell me how to run my business? >> this isn't about your business. this is about life. >> this isn't any hero we are cheering. devious inside, sophisticated outside. yet desperate. can he survive? the subtitle is power is the best alibi. >> the more time that passes, the more lies. >> there's one line where the gere character is asked do you think money is going to fix there? he says, what else is there? that's pretty much telling. arrogantly aloof and cool in the middle of a crisis. the advice tightens around him. gere is in top form. this is a top thriller and i will have to give it almost a full bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. we will see you on the isle. up next, the race to a
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6:57 am
the floats are pulled by up to 20 people. they can even take tight corners, as you saw. that festival was first held to pray for good crops. now they do it just for fun. >> lisa argen works just for fun and sometimes at breck-neck speed, as well. >> more than just for fun. we have the dragon boat festival this afternoon. >> that's right. >> treasure island. temperatures there in the low 60s. the rest of the bay, pretty comfortable, upper 80s in livermore. there is fog around the bay in most areas except the inland valleys right now. notice the cooling trend throughout the rest of the week. >> thank you, lisa. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on abc7 sun morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with our meteorologist lisa argen. we want to row mind you about our exclusive alarm clock app for the i-phone, download it for the free and wake up to the latest headlines, traffic and weather. good morning america is up next.
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