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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 17, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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accomplishment for a team predicted to fi tonight on "world news." anger in the streets. the largest anti-american protest yet. but are the demonstrations heating up, or cooling down? romney reboot. amid question tonight about a tape. what did he really say? royal rumble as will and kate file criminal charges because of those photos. bob woodruff tells us what he saw a few feet away from the royal couple today. and eastwood finally unplugged. clint eastwood goes in front of our camera to talk about that convention speech, that chair, and why he didn't want to use the teleprompter. good evening, we begin with the big picture of the muslim protests around the world.
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today the biggest demonstration so far incited by a longtime american adversary, and seven other nations saw sporadic demonstrations most of them denouncing that strange am tour anti-muslim film. tonight is the danger growing or cooling down? alex marquardt starts off in beirut. alex. >> reporter: good evening, diane. the protests here in beirut today is bigger than anything we've seen so far anywhere in the region or beyond. it was organized by the powerful militant group hezbollah, whose leader had a very stark warning for america. a massive show of anger today. everyone from boy scouts to clerics poured into the streets. then a surprise, a rare public appearance by the leader of hezbollah, a militant group with the real power here. he's called the film which
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calls the prophet mu hhammad the worst insult to islam ever. and today warned that if the u.s. doesn't move to ban the film, there will be serious repercussions against the u.s. all around the world. inside the u.s. embassy here tonight, there are reports that they are shredding classified documents because of the protests. the anger in this rally goes well beyond the film. the chants of "death to america" evidence of the fury against an american government that allows these sorts of insults against islam. >> do you believe that people should have the free some of speech? freedom to do whatever they want? >> yeah, but not when it comes to religion. >> reporter: there were anti-film protests in at least seven other countries today, including indonesia, pakistan, afghanistan, yemen and the west bank. but elsewhere, the protests have eased. egypt, where it all began, has been quiet. in libya, nothing since the attack that killed four americans, including the ambassador. as for the ambassador, the u.s. government believes that he died of smoke inhalation from the fires set in the compound. libyans say he was found alive. the u.s. is still investigating
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the attack, believing that extremists turned an anti-film protest into an assault. back here in lebanon tonight, no sign the anger is going away. hezbollah issued a call for four more protests around the country this week and the u.s. is bracing for more elsewhere as well. diane. alex, thanks so much as secretary clinton said, so many people are wondering and you have within writing us, asking the question, how can mid east mobs go on a rampage and claim they are do it because of a bizarre amateur film. we asked abc's lama hasan and her to track down the man who lit this fuse on egyptian television and ask what he is saying about what he did tonight. >> reporter: this was the moment on his program, days before the free tests erupted here and around the globe. when cleric khaled abdallah showed scenes from the anti islam film, he then told viewers
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of his talk show it was very important to defend their faith. so we went in search of him today, finding him at the studio. today, he says he's shocked at the fury sparked by the movie. he said he was never inciting violence and deplores it. across the region today, there are differences in how the main stream and religious media are covering the story of the film and the protest. just a few days ago, news about the anti-islam movie made headlines, but today, if we take this liberal egyptian newspaper, al shourouk, it's been replaced by this story, a arabs regret te diplomacy of the marines. but another newspaper which is more religious has a slogan that says, "defend the prophet muhammad. but read a little closer, and both the religious newspapers and the mainstream media are now encouraging non violent demonstrations, while demanding the u.s. government introduce a law to stop the defamation of islam.
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as for the broadcaster who was among the first to show scenes of the film, he says the rage aimed at the u.s. which has been simmering for years, when the people here saw the movie, that anger simply boiled over. he has no regrets he tells us, but hasn't shown the movie again. lama hasan, abc news, cairo. thank you. and now back here at moment. we move to the presidential election. 50 days to "your voice, your vote" and tonight the romney camp is engineering a reboot as there's a developing story of a new tape of the governor at a private event. abc's david muir is here with all of the details from the romney camp. david. >> two big developments, diane. and more on that video in just a moment.
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and listen to the individual yoecht 47% of people who he says he'll never get. >> 47% who are with him, who believe they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. who believes they are entitled to help care, to food, to housing, you name it. that that's an entitlement and they'll vote for him no matter what. >> reporter: in that same clip, it appears that he's talking about tax cut force the rich. and so my job, is not to worry about -- they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. what i have to convince the five to ten percent that are independent. >> reporter:ed video came on a day that the campaign hope ford a romney reset. >> you got to cut the deficit.
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you've got to stop taking more money than we take in. >> reporter: and today as romney spoke to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce -- his campaign was promising more specifics. after withering criticism from within their own party, that the campaign has been too vague. one of romney's top strategists repeatedly promising specifics, saying it's about timing, not tumult. >> the timing is right at this moment to reinforce the specifics. and highlight some of the specifics, reinforce -- >> reporter: but in a new interview that aired today, romney's running mate paul ryan was asked for specifics on romney's tax plan. which of those tax loopholes they plan to close to pay for the tax plan. >> is there a reason you guys aren't naming specific tax loopholes? >> yes, because we want to get it done. and we have to be able to work with congress on those details, on how to fill it in. >> reporter: no specifics on those tax loopholes and no specifics tonight from the
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romney campaign on that video posted by mother jones. to tonight the obama campaign said it's shocking, to go behind closed doors to say half of the american consider themselves victims, and will take handouts. there will be much more to come. as you know, diane, there are more clips to this video coming in. >> and i know you'll be looking over them. thank you, david muir. and now, we want to tell you the latest on the bomb plot in chicago. an 18-year-old man accused of trying to detonate his car bomb outside a bar, not knowing the fbi had given him a fake explosive. abc's alex perez has all of the new details. >> reporter: in court today, the attorney for 18-year-old daoud said his client was young and immature, but no terrorist. >> i know terrorism cases. this doesn't smell like a
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terrorism case. >> reporter: prosecutors charged he was determined to kill americans. according to court documents investigators tracked daoud for months. in one internet forum he allegedly wrote "i live in the united states of america/hypocrisy. i hate the oppression of the usa and i would love to do something that would hurt it from the inside." his target, according to investigators, a packed downtown chicago bar friday night. the co-owner of cal's bar and liquors told abc he believes his bar was the target. the location matches the description in the affidavit. authorities say daoud parked his jeep cherokee, containing what he believed was a bar in front of the bar, walked away and then attempted to detonate the device. that's when the fbi pounced. i graduate from his suburban high school. according to court papers he prepared a book report saying osama wasn't crazy for wanting to destroy america. this superpower killed millions of people. the teenager, a u.s. citizen,
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grew up and still lived with his parentses on this quiet block in hillside, illinois. family memberses at home today declined to answer question. >> you have no message to get across? >> reporter: and his attorney said that daoud's father is an emotional wreck. and described daoud as confused. he is due in court on those charges. thank you so much alex perez reporting from chicago tonight. and we move next to the s a surprising new threat to our nation's children, and the threat is salt. a new study in the journal of pediatrics finds that too many children are consuming staggers amounts of salt. more than adults. and it may be putting their small bodice at serious risk. sharyn alfonsi explains. >> reporter: they are the food
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kids crave. >> i love mac and cheese. it's so good. >> what's your favorite thing to eat for dinner? >> dinosaur chicken nuggets. >> what do you like to eat for breakfast? >> this cereal called captain crunch. >> i'm very familiar with it. it's excellent. >> reporter: some staples could have high levels of salt. a new study finds children and teens consume as much sodium as adults, putting them at risk of high blood pressure of more than 6,000 kids studied, 15% had high or elevated blood pressure. in the '70s, 1% had high blood pressure. high blood pressure can weaken vessels, causing strokes. and vision problems. it can also lead to kidney failure and cardiovascular disease. children should consume less than a teaspoon but on average have as much as 3,300 milligrams. where is it coming from? a single serving of mac and
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cheese has half of the daily dose of sodium, a small pizza too much 34 half cup of spaghetti sauce, 480 milligrams. handful of chicken nugget, 470 milligrams. >> i don't think parents are paying attention to sodium. we didn't realize that sodium intake was just as high as adults. >> doctors say like adult, kids who eat salty foods early, can develop a taste preference for salty foods as early as 6 months old. pay to tension to the crackers you give infants because some of those are loaded with sodium as well. >> less than a teaspoon. you really have to watch. >> thank you very much, sharyn. still ahead on "world news," the royals strike back. will and kate file a criminal action today. we have more. flu protection with a 90% smaller needle.
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duchess of cambridge spent their last full day in the solomon islands -- before enjoying a war canoe ride to a private island resort, something of a second honeymoon. surely it doesn't feel like that now. thousands of miles away, outside paris, lawyers for the royal family were in court pressing to stop further publication of the topless photos of kate. and seeking fines against, "closer," the french tabloid that was the first to feature them. but the fines may be too little too late. >> whatever the amount of damages that a french court will award, it will be a fraction of the publicity that the magazine will have gained -- as well as the number of issues of this particular issue of "closer" magazine which will be sold. >> reporter: when this tour began, the smiles came easily and often. and even after the scandal broke, it has been hard to detect their private turmoil in their public appearances. but one has to wonder what kate was thinking that morning -- as she visited a mosque in malaysia, just hours after learning about the photos. >> it's such a shocking thing.
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it's such an envision of that person's personal space. i think they can't believe this has actually happened. >> reporter: in the latest twist in the royal family's history with the paparazzi. princess diana, killed in a car crash speeding away from photographers in hot pursuit. >> william has first-hand experience of this type of invasi invasion, this type of photography. this is about setting a precedent for the future. >> reporter: while the scandal is certainly still boiling, you can see them traveling village to village, mountain to mountain, street to street -- to talk to the people on this tour for the queen. what is exactly going on in their mind, i don't think we'll ever know. but royal officials have privately described william as furious. and his exasperation may be beginning to show. since they were first published on friday, an irish daily and the italian magazine, "chi," have followed. william is reportedly insisting that those behind the photos be punished for invading their privacy.
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country that's up 3 cents in the past week, up 28 cents over last year. it is unexpected, given that gas prices traditionally go down in the fall. summer vacations behind us. but experts say the protest overseas may be contributing to the spike and they do predict those high gas prices should drop back down in the coming week. and we notice all of us in this country has been doing online. searching for the civil war battle 150 years ago today that the nation witnessed something unimaginable, the single bloodiest day in the history of this country and inflicted by north against south, brother against brother. after just 12 hours, 23,000 americans were dead. wounded or missing. it ended without a clear victor, and soon after president lyndon would issue his emancipation proclamation to free america's slaves.
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near the end in maryland, it took hours to read through the names of all of those who died, all of those decades ago. now here's an international mystery james blond might love. grammy winner adele the next to lend her voice to a james bond theme song. she was spotted slipping into abbey road studio where recordings are under way. if true, she'll join some very famous voices. >> can you name these? ♪ diamonds forever >> that is shirley bassey ♪ >> how about this one? ♪ live and let die >> paul mccartney -- and this one? ♪ nobody does it better >> the unmistakable carly simon. a new bond film, by the way, "skyfall" will hit theaters november 9th. and coming up here tonight,
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back. it was rated the most talked-about moment of the political convention and fodder for endless parody, including "saturday night live" just this weekend. but tonight the 82-year-old hollywood legend sits down in front of a camera with abc's nick watt. ♪ >> when did you decide what you were going to do and how you were going to do it. >> they are all looking at teleprompters. first place i'm not very good at that. i didn't have my glasses with me, so i probably wouldn't have been able to read it anyway. the guy said, do you want to sit down? i said no. but put that next to the podium, would you? >> it was like that? >> yeah, i thought i'll do this as sort of an oddball thing. >> but this weekend, "snl" was still poking fun. >> no, no, no. you go first. no, no, no. you go first. >> some people loved it, some
5:57 pm
people hated it. some people lampooned it. >> that's good. you're supposed to love it or hate it. >> reporter: and he talked candidly about his day job, his latest movie and that foray into politics. >> i've got mr. obama sitting here. >> the polls suggest people remember your speech not mitt romney. >> i didn't try to upstage anybody. >> and you wouldn't let the romney campaign see what you were going to say, because you didn't know what you were going to say? >> i didn't know, no. >> i can't tell a man to do that. can't do it to himself. >> do you think you went too far at all? >> no not really. everybody seemed to have a good time with it. that's all that matters. >> president obama said he's still a big fan of yours. >> that's his bad judgment. no, actually, he seems very charming to me. >> reporter: the most memorable convention moment in decades now, an indelible moment in american cultural history. nick watt, abc news. los angeles. we thank you for watching. we're always here at and "nightline" will be along later.
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see you once again tomorrow night. good night. they're back, occupiers marking the anniversary of the movement with a day of demonstration z we're on it for you, live. >> and a terror threat against airline passengers. today at jfk where the pilot was kept out of the loop. >> and a surprise from san jess yeah police chief.
5:59 pm
find out why he's calling it quits after less than two years. as the city's top cop. >> and in sacramento if you're applying or transfering to cal state campus your admission may be tied to the passage of a november ballot tax measure, critics calling that an illegal threat to vote yes. >> our country has been taken over by finance interests. >> and the aim of the move smt to take it back by taking over the streets. good evening, everyone, i'm carolyn johnson. >> they're at it again, tonight one year after the occupy movement began, demonstrators marking this ogs making their presence known in san francisco. there is a live picture from sky 7 over the financial district and there is where


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