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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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6:00. tonight on "world news," caught on tape. new moments from the secret video of governor romney. talking to his rich donors about a lot of american voters. who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. >> tonight the candidate tries to limit the damage. did it work? fallout, a bomb in afghanistan. the u.s. announces it is pulling back from joint patrol with afghan. a dra ma'amic change in a ten-year war. stealing apples. watch as thieves crash into apple stores to steal iphone, even wrestling phones away from people walking on the street. and best in show. 1 million votes in. can you guess what your friends think are the top five tv shows of all time. we'll tell you. and the secret lucy and elaine have in common.
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get out! good evening. today there was a political earthquake in the presidential race and all because of a small camera secretly recording from the side of a room. it was a private fund-raiser for governor mitt romney. he was talking to some of his wealthy donors and now republicans and democrats are debating the fallout from the tape and the romney campaign is in full-on damage control with just 49 days to go before "your voice, your vote." abc's david muir who covers the romney campaign starts us right now. >> good evening. the campaign telling me romney has not watched the whole tape himself but it's been posted now in its entirety. the secret tape at a fund-raiser. it was a question from someone that asked romney, how do you convince everybody that they have to take care of themselves led to one of the
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answers now being debated tonight. answer. mitt romney on the tarmac with his grandchildren today in salt lake city, giving them a tour of his campaign plane. welcome images, as romney's campaign works to shake off those other imams captured in that video, showing romney speaking to wealthy donors at a fund-raiser in boca raton, florida last may. tonight the video out in its entirety. romney making the argument that nearly half of the americans believe they're victims. going on to say that his job is not to worry about those people. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. there are 47% who are with him, who believe they are victims, who believes the government has a responsibility to care for them. who believe they are entitled to house care, food, to housing, to you name it. that entitlement, that the government should give it to them and they will vote for this president no matter what. romney tells donors 47% of the americans don't pay income tax. >> my job is not to worry about
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those people unless they take personal responsibility and care for their lives. what i have to do is convince the 5% to 10% that are in the center. that are independents. >> reporter: last night a rare and hastily arranged press conference with a tense smile from a candidate doing damage control. >> good evening. i understand there's a video on the internet. >> reporter: romney standing by what he said. >> it's not elegantly stated. let me put this way. i'm speaking off the response to a question. i'm sure i could state it more clearly and more effective way than in a setting like that. >> reporter: in the video romney revealed how he plans to go after, in his word, the 5% or 6% of independents that he said he needs who voted for president obama last time. >> because they voted for him they don't want to be hold that they were wrong, that he's a bad guy. >> reporter: offering what they want to hear. >> they want to believe they did the right thing but he wasn't up to the task.
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they love the phrase that he's over his head. >> reporter: and then a joke, romney pointing out his father a one-time governor of michigan was born in mexico to american parents. saying had his dad been born to mexican parents, perhaps he'd have a better chance at winning. >> he was born in mexico had he been born of mexican parents i would have a better shot of wing this thing. >> reporter: he shares the strategy of carefully deploying his wife ann. >> use ann sparingly so people don't get tired of her. >> reporter: late today, romney himself asked about the response from the oh balm ma campaign. >> saying you essentially, disdainfully wrote off half of the nation. how do you respond to that? >> well, we of course talking about a campaign and how he's going to get close to half the vote. i'm going to get half the vote, approximately. i hope. i want to get 50.1% or more. >> reporter: i asked the campaign if they're concerned how the video might play among the persuadables, independent
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voters. you heard romney speak of there. you heard the president said in romney's words in over his head. the campaign adviser said they're not concerned about the video they're trying to persuade those voters, diane, by concentrating on what they say matters most, the economy. >> this was a big day. thank you, david. as you said, all day long, we've heard from republican fire brands as well as democrats grappling with what the governor said about 47% of potential voters. abc's jake tapper and jon karl bring us two perspectives on this seismic day. jon karl, we begin with you, tell us about the republican reaction. what the governor said about all of those voters. >> and, diane, there's also the 47%. who are those people. you know, for the most part, these are people with jobs. more than half of them work, but they make less than $50,000 a year. about a quarter of them are senior citizens who just don't pay taxes on their social security benefits. diane, only 15% of those who don't pay federal income tax are people who don't work and are
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on welfare unemployment. the kicker, diane, is that romney may have insulted some of his own voters. if you look at the last few presidential elections, nearly half of those who paid little or no income tax actually voted republican. as for the conservative reaction, conservatives have been deeply divided on this. some actually liking what romney had to say. listen to rush limbaugh today. >> this is, to me, such an opportunity to espouse conservatism and to explain -- and we know romney's got it in him, because what he said to these people. >> but bill crystal, who is a highly influence commentator today called romney's words quote, stupid and arrogant. >> so republicans divided tonight. thank you, jon. i want to turn to jake tapper, our white house correspondent here in new york with us tonight. jake what are they doing at the white house right now? >> the obama campaign is trying to exploit this, paint romney as out of touch and disdainful
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of many americans who are on that category of 47%. veterans, teacher, take a listen to barack obama on letterman today. >> my expectation is, if you want to be president, you got to work for everybody, not just for some. and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> that's going to be the tone from the president that he is the country. guy trying to unite the country, which is what those persuadable voters want. expect a tough commercial very soon from the obama campaign. >> we remember four years ago the president, then candidate was at a fund-raiser. during the primary, but he, too, was caught on tape. >> that's right. he was talking about the difficulty of reaching smalltown pennsylvanians, they get bitter, cling to religion and guns and xenophobia. here's the difference between what then senator obama said four years ago and this mitt romney tape. what obama said then was seven months before the election. he had time to change people's views.
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this was seven weeks and mitt romney does not have time to squander, diane. >> 49 days. as we said, thank you, jake, thank you, jon. now we turn to the mystery of the tape. did no one in the room see the camera? who pushed the button? abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, has been looking for these answers. >> reporter: the setting was this mansion in boca raton, florida, the home of longtime romney supporter and friend, multimillionaire investor known as a party boy. in gossip pages. it was may 17th and reporters covering the campaign were told the event would be closed to the press. >> too bad you can't come to the fund-raisers. >> reporter: dinner was supposed to be private and limited to those who paid $50,000 each to be there but someone placed a camera in the room secretly recording romney on what appears to be a wine-serving table off to the side. occasionally the camera was
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adjusted as romney delivers the candid remarks that four months later would make headlines. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> reporter: the romney tapes were first posted online on youtube, on may 31st, two weeks after the speech by a new user with the account romney exposed but they did not include the clip of the now infamous 47%. and it was only in late august when the story began to take shape as mother jones magazine was put in touch with the source through the grandson of former president jimmy carter who told msnbc today the source was not a $50,000 donor. >> i think it's probably fair to assume that. >> reporter: under florida law it's a crime, a felony to record someone who has an expectation they won't be recorded. although some say a candidate for president should always assume his or her words is being recorded by someone, somehow. >> somehow. with so many phones. thank you, brian, i know you're still working with story and will have more on it tonight on "nightline."
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we'll all be watching. now we move overseas to bring you up to date on what happened with those angry protests. there were sporadic demonstrations in ten countries still citing the anti-islamic movie. but in afghanistan, a bomb attack as 70,000 american troops receive dramatic new orders. and abc's mohammed lila has those details. >> reporter: it happened without any warning. a suicide car bomber rammed right into a minivan. the explosion heard around the city. the eight south africans inside were killed. this is all that's left right now. take a look. this explosion was so strong, look behind me, you see the building, it blew out windows 200 feet away. this is the latest revenge for the anti-islam video causing outrage in the muslim world. here in afghanistan, it wouldn't have come at a worse time. u.s. troops are fighting off a wave of insider attacks by the very afghans they are training.
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>> add in this video and intense feeling it's caused we think it's added additional threats to our troops. >> reporter: those threats are so serous troops on the front lines are temporarily pulling back, no longer going on joint patrols with afghan sources. the joint patrols have long been seen as crucial for training. a way to bring afghan forces up to speed before troops withdraw in 2014. as we awe firsthand this summer, some afghan battalions simply aren't ready. on this mission they refuse to fight demanding air support to bail them out. some might say this is a step backward. what's your answer? >> we don't see it that way. it's a temporary and transitory phase we're in and it's going be relatively short-lived. >> reporter: that may be but at least for now the afghans will take on the taliban mostly on their own. mohammed lila abc news kabul. now we shift gears. because tonight, down on the texas border of this country, everyone is looking for dangerous fugitives.
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nearly 100 inmates broke out of a mexican prison digging a 21-foot tunnel to escape. how did they do it? ryan owens has the details. >> reporter: tonight one fifth of this mexican prison, 129 inmates, are free after a daring escape just three miles from the united states. this border crossing at eagle pass, texas is on alert and residents of the sleepy border city have been warned to call police if they see strangers. mexican prosecutors say the escapees, including many members of violent drug cartels, dug a tunnel through the prison's workshop. while a great escape through a tunnel may remind you of the "shawshank redemption," in this case it wasn't just one escapee. all 129 squeezed one by one through an opening a few feet wide. they used ropes and electric cables to pull themselves to the guard tower where they tied up the guard.
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next they cut the chain link fence that stood between them and freedom and ran for it. authorities think the tunnel had been around a few months and doubt the inmates dug it without anyone knowing. in fact, police have detained the prison director and a dozen guards suspecting this escape was an "inside job." tonight, mexican special forces are working to put the escapees back there. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. now we have late news to report from chicago. the teachers who have been on strike for more than a week will return to the classroom tomorrow morning. the strike left 350,000 students without a classroom to attend but this evening, teachers representing the 29,000 teachers in the union, voted to suspend their strike. all of the teachers will vote on a new contract in the coming weeks but in the meantime they will be returning to school. and still ahead on "world news." you might call it istole, how
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iphone of all time. think of it as also a new temptation in a world which iphones have now become a center of a robbery epidemic. abc senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas is on this case. >> reporter: in southern california, watch as these thieves so desperate for more iphones, they crash a bmw into an apple store. look, the bandits drive the car in the middle of the store. they snatch iphone after iphone, part of a theft so common. it has a name. apple picking. and it's dangerous. in this surveillance video shot in brooklyn, the thug sneaks up on this victim and puts her in a head lock in an iphone robbery. the state of apple robberies is part of an expanding epidemic where all smart phones being targeted. according to the ftc last year, 1 out of every 3 robberies nationwide has involved a theft of a cell phone. >> the numbers are staggering. staggering. >> reporter: in washington, d.c.
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last year alone, 6,611 cell phones have been been stolen. >> they are targeting people that are vulnerable. women and women with baby carries. older folks. >> reporter: why so many thefts? often $100 a pop. they can be sold online. step one in curbing the epidemic, raising public awareness. and that means getting people to remember that when you walk down the street with your phone stuck to your ear, thieves just see a wad of cash. >> help, help, help, i have been snatched by a thief. >> reporter: to help, las vegas police have put out a public service announcement featuring the voice of siri -- the iphone's artificial intelligence. >> i really don't enjoy being stolen. >> reporter: and recently, the fcc along with major carriers, verizon, t-mobile, sprint and a&t&announced that they are developing a national database to track stolen cellphones, and then block their reactivation. the plan is to make stolen phones junk -- and in the long run, put fewer people at risk to disturbing attacks like these. pierre thomas, abc news, washington.
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pictures. so already 400,000 copies of the magazine have been sold and the photos have been published in ireland and italy. the family wants criminal charges brought against that magazine. and is there a new ancient clue tonight about the life of jesus right out of the da vinci code? look at this. it's a scrap of papyrus, dating back 400 years after jesus' death. revealed today in rome. no bigger than a business card. just eight lines but translated it reads, quote, jesus said to them, my wife, and later, quote, she will be able to be my disciple. an expert at harvard's devinity school claims it's the first known statement from antiquity that mentions jesus having a wife. it is not mentioned in scripture, as you low, a long source of heated debate. and coming up here next, the tv family that got your vote. >> honey, i'm home. >> lucy and ricky.
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the search for the best, "20/20" partners with "people" magazine and asked america to choose. 1 million votes later, the results are in and, by the way, one result, the all-time favorite tv mom and dad, and the answer to the question? the huxtables of "the cosby show." and sharyn alfonsi tells us about the top five shows. >> reporter: there are five favorite tv shows. and we noticed something, each of them, an american family. some traditional -- ♪ >> reporter: some unexpected. ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ >> reporter: families formed in bars, or on the battlefield. ♪ >> reporter: depicting the korean war -- "m.a.s.h." was on the air 11 years. eight years longer than the actual war. star alan alda pushed for more scenes in the operating room, to give a full portrayal of the
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heartaches of war. and it did. capturing our hearts in the process. that last kiss between hawkeye and hot lips, the longest on screen tv kiss ever. 35 seconds. and there was this kiss, too. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: that moment improvised by sammy davis jr. "all in the family" originally running a warning before the show saying they were trying to shine a light on our frailties and prejudices. doing it with a punchline. whoop-de e! >> reporter: some of our tv families almost didn't happen. the "seinfeld" pilot was apparently a disaster. producer said they needed a girl, so they got one. >> get out! >> reporter: and she changed everything. >> meanie, minie mo. and so did this funny lady. here's what you have to do. you have to take a full
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tablespoon full after every meal. she did it in one take. one take that kept our families laughing for decades. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. and if you want to see which show is rated number one and so much more, be sure to watch barbara walters, her two-our special on "20/20," "best in tv" tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. is thank you for watching. we're always here at we'll see you again tomorrow night. a simple solution to a dangerous problem. an injengs vengs to keep himself safe on the job. >> anger in antioch. someone setting fire to a play structure in a neighborhood that needs places like this. >> efforts to try to restore
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order on the streets in san jose. >> there is a super energy efficient glass. >> the power play designing a billing for designing as much energy as it uses. >> a napa state hospital worker pulls off a solution to a troubling problem, how to pull off employees lan yard autos they're holding out new lan yards replacing old one that's were controversial, ploimys say could be use bid violent patients to strangle them. it turns out they were a brain child of a hospital psych tech. we're live with a story you'll see only on abc 7


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