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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. you pointed out earlier something to do while waiting in line if they are still waiting in line after 9:30. , something to do is look up in the sky and hopefully get a glimpse of endeavour the
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weather very important. -- good morning. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd low clouds not much of a factor now. ground fog in napa and patches of fog along the san mateo coast. for the coastline clouds thinning out and it will be brighter by noontime, we are looking for the clouds to lift by 9:00, 10:00, temperatures in the 60s by noontime. it will be brisk out there with a little breeze and around the bay, just as nice in fact we are talking about temperatures climbing through the 70s by noontime, mid 80s and warmest inland valleys with the breeze coming back around the bay, after about noon and we will look for the numbers to stay nice and mild, not only today, the last day of summer, but transitioning into the first day of fall. subtle changes as we head towards the end of the weekend, i'll tell you about those later. good morning. expect major traffic delays with the shuttle deficient defer especially cross the golden gate bridge anywhere
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through mountain view on 101. right now "sig alert" in san jose south 85, two left lanes blocked with that accident. slow traffic as you head towards 101 in san jose. wells bound 580 past harrison, serious accident in the right lane temporarily blocking all lane westbound 580 past harrison. east 580 at first in the livermore area, reports of an accident blocking there westbound commute direction mild, less than 20 minutes from altamont to the dublin interchange. this morning the bay area will get a once in a lifetime view. it is a fact. the space shuttle deficient defer will fly over our region in -- endeavour will over our region in a final salute. john alston, looks like the guys. >> reporter: yes, gates are open, up a few minutes ago to the public. cars are just streaming in
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people trying to get prime viewing positions for the viewing which will take place probably four hours from now. the event will attract 8 to 10,000 here at moffett field. right now endeavour is atop that beg 747 at edwards air force base it arrived from texas yesterday in a few hours it will begin its swan song aerial victory lap. the fly by at moffett field will be a butte to the nasa ames employees, they tested wind tunnels and heat shields. this morning a fremont woman whose husband is a project manager responsible for moving the shuttle once it arrives in l l -- had l.a.. >> it is history this is never going to happen again. this is the last of it. i'm getting google alerts on my phone, i signed up for that and i've gone down there, i've been in the hangar where going
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to be temporarily. >> reporter: endeavour is expected to arrive piggyback from 9:30 to 10:30 this morning that was pushed back an hour to make sure any fog clears. the plan is to fly as low as 1500 feet. other viewing locations around the bay area include the golden gate bridge, the space and science center in the oakland hills, as well as monterey bay aquarium, before the endeavour heads back to l.a. later this morning where it will be retired at the california science center. people arriving here should know traffic is going to be pretty bad in and around moffett field on 101 and other area freeways. no more car passes to get in, they've all been handed out. nasa advising if you want could come here it is free you need to bring identification. but use public transportation an and ellis gate. right now traffic moving in
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the first of thousands here at moffett field, john alston, abc7 news. san francisco police investigating officer-involved shooting that sparked riot by dozens of demonstrators. more than a dozen riot police officers stood outside the station until midnight. protesters marched through the district making anti-police comments truth the march. earlier investigators say a plainclothes officer shot a suspect who pulled a gun on him. amy hollyfield will have a live report with more in 30 minutes. san rafael restaurant boarded up this morning after an suv smashed into the restaurant yesterday afternoon shortly after 5:00 chevy blazer smashed into lundy's homecooking at fourth and a streets luckily the restaurant had closed for the evening a woman walking along the
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sidewalk was hit, pushed through the restaurant's glass she was taken to the hospital for treatment. oakland police still hunting for the gunman who wound add 11-year-old boy. we told you yesterday morning luis hernandez was sleep when he was hit by bullets, he remains hospitalized, doctors say he will be okay after several operations. no one else was hit. police say the house was targeted and they are not saying why. oakland police stepping up enforcement to protect motorcyclists officers will be on patrol where crashes tend to occur, two years ago there were four motorcycle fatalities, this year one. police say the recent reduction is partly due to improved training requirements to get a motorcycle license. less than three hours remaining until the new iphone 5 goes on sale in bay area stores. hundreds are lined up in palo alto for the store to open at 9 a.m. some camped out
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all week. the store says 500 iphone 5's will be available today. but they will get shipments in daily. the new phone is leitner weight, thinner, faster, screen is bigger and speaker and camera are better than any previous model. you know on the east coast they've already started selling them. >> for seven minutes. >> a lot of tweeted pictures of people opening up the box. >> let's check in with lisa argen. there is a little fog out there, for sure, live doppler 7 hd starting out with a clear start in some parts of the bay in napa, you have some of that ground fog, the fog also is east in hayward and oakland patchy along the san mateo coast, temperatures cool this morning dropping into the low 40s here, around santa rosa,
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44 napa, in the 50s, 53 in mountain through now. here's a look at water vapor imagery a trough will impact our weekend not until the second half of the weekend this time of year inversion is weak, low clouds and fog not impressive that will continue throughout the around. as we head through 8:00, we'll see fog thin out. by the afternoon, mid 60s in the city with low 70s in oakland upper 70s towards napa, 84 in livermore. very little change from what we've had the past couple of days, 73 watsonville, autumn arrives 7:49 tomorrow morning we'll talk about the rest of the weekend ab the -- and the week ahead. south bay couple of problems "sig alert" still southbound 85, two left lanes blocked, vote towards -- slow towards 101, 580 westbound
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past harrison multi-vehicle accident in lanes slow westbound 580 through oakland now approaching the macarthur maze. new problem southbound 880 brokaw involving five cars in the left lanes as well, blocking problems in the south bay with your commute, on 880 south and highway 85. still ahead, problems continues for american airlines pilots reporting in sick, maintenance reports stacking up. generators are convenient when the power goes out. michael finney with the best options and the one choice
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good morning. labor dispute continuing to force american airlines to cancel-s of flights. federal officials are stepping up safety checks to make sure operations are running smooth pilots continue to call in sick in large -- smoothly. pilots continue to call in sick in large numbers. the sick calls and maintenance reports are punishment for cost cutting measures imposed by the company. generators are an easy way to keep the lights on during a blackout. there are several options to choose from. michael finney takes a look at the choices and the one you need to use with caution. >> reporter: good morning. a generator can keep things running until the power comes back.
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couldn't er reports tested more than a dozen. more -- more and more people are convince i had it is worth buying a power generator. >> once lose power for any period of time you don't need any reasons to get a generator, you are going to get within. >> reporter: which one? consumer reports tested 14 -- ranging in price from $700 to more than $3,000. some are portable, others stationary. consumer reports tested by hooking them up to small appliance, water pump and lights. testers found with portable generators run time tkepd depends on the type of fuel. >> most gasoline models were the same. from 8 to 10 hours depending on power demands. when looked at propane models they went through a tank in four to six hours. >> reporter: we have you choose be aware you need plenty of fuel on hand and a transfer switch to safely hook-up the generator it can run up to $900.
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stationary generators run on natural gas, large tank of propane and shut -- shut on automatically in a power outage. >> powering the holt house, it would power stove, dryer and stuff like that >> reporter: -- >> reporter: among stationary generators best buy, $1800 plus installation. for less consumer reports recommends a portable. it will keep your basic necessities going for $670. in you use a portable generator consumer reports has this important caution, more than 100 people a year die from the carbon monoxide produced. to be safe, never run a generator in a garage, shed or near them. always run it as far as possible from your house,
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10 15 feet, an tway from windows or doors. i'm michael finney, 7 on your big deal back east because of the storms there. people out for five days. it would be great out here in case of an earthquake. >> right. nothing severe weather-wise, all good certainly for the endeavour's fly by. >> isn't that gorgeous out there. looking from our roof camera clear skies here 6:57 official sunrise, 7:07 the sunsets, 12 hours and 10 minutes of daylight. live doppler in the north bay looks as though things are clear here this is a little fog up to the north around santa rosa look at temperatures san rafael and oakland numbers in the 60s we have 40s up towards the north. 50s elsewhere. we have really wide ranging temperatures around the bay.
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everyone will experience mild to warm conditions once again this afternoon. this area of low pressure influencing our weather tomorrow we will stay mild sunday going to increase winds we may see a little in the form of low clouds and fog reform across the bay into sunday morning. for the next couple of days, this low is staying out of the picture that will buy nice weather. here's what to expect from 8:00 this morning in sacramento with sunny skies, for the shuttle if you head towards golden gate bridge and east bay, sunny and that fog will continue to thin out. mountain view more sunshine with temperatures nice and mild in the 60s. looks like the weather will be cooperating, marine layer, nice and weak, 72 in sunnyvale for the afternoon, 75 campbell, low 70s from redwood city, little fog from half moon bay, mid 60s cooler than average for the city, nice out there upper 70s from petaluma, 7 in
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vallejo, near east bay, six -- 77 in vallejo, near east bay -- mid 80s return with 85 in pittsburg, 83 pleasanton by the monterey bay, mid 60s and mostly sunny for the afternoon, at&t park today for the game about 60 upper 50s later on your look ahead, including the weekend calls for slight cooling on sunday. good morning sue. good morning. happy friday. couple of issues out there on roads now. bay bridge looking good, minor back up metering lights just now being turned on. southbound golden gate bridge light, four lanes southbound towards the tolls. you might want to avoid the golden gate bridge after 9 a.m. when the endeavour does fly over the golden gate traffic will be bumper-to-bumper as spectators take a look. we have the "sig alert" southbound 85 in san jose, accident blocking two left lanes at coddle, slow
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approaching highway 101, southbound 880 brokaw multi-vehicle accident two left lanes so traffic forming as crews are on the scene. in the oakland area westbound 580 past harrison slow, earlier accident blocking all lanes there now just in the right lane as you head towards the oakland macarthur maze. 6:19. this is so cool. show of support 9ers quarterback smith is getting after that nearly $15,000 fine for wearing a giants hat. new update from gma's robin robert one day after a bone marrow transplant.
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good friday morning. gorgeous shot. >> gold. >> our camera on mount tam looking at the bay few clouds looks clear ready for the endeavour. >> exactly, any time after 9:30 look up in the skies in the bay area you may see endeavour's final salute. this does mean traffic may be bad on 101 in the mountain view area. >> if people stop to look at accidents they will be stopping for a child to check out the defer.
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>> just beware. -- in morning robin roberts says she feels ed as she covers -- energized as she recovers from a bone marrow transplant. her sister was the donor. robin was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. she completed eight days of chemo prior to the transplant that took five minutes. >> nobody can believe it, people have in their mind all kinds of images what is going to happen in a transplant it is still a powerful moment, inside of that syringe are millions and millions of stem stems are lating around trying to find their home in robin and start growing, which is what we are going to be looking for over the next couple of weeks. >> robin e-mailed her doctor this morning, saying she want goes home. got to be feeling good to do that "good morning america" will have more in 35 minutes.
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>> look at that spirit and smile, so robin, great. giants' manager bochy saying he's a big fan of the 49ers. showing supports for quarterback alex smith. bochy wore a red 49ers cap in the dug-out yesterday. wednesday smith said he was fined $15,000 last year for wearing a giants hat. then they dropped the fine. bochy say wearing the 9ers cap was a way of supporting smith for supporting the giants. more of the endeavour's voyage. mitt romney expected back in the bay area today. 90 minutes until apple's iphone goes on sale. vandals targeted the mission police station in san francisco overnight. i'm amy hollyfield, next, we'll show you what they did and we'll tell you why they
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did it. >> temperatures once again on the mild to warm side inland valleys, mid 80s, 65 in the city. this morning we are talking about warmer numbers around the bay as well. airport delays, not talking about any airport delays locally. thunderstorms in the mid mississippi river valley. back home, beautiful september weather, transition between summer and fall, very subtle. the end of
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. another gorgeous shot back up to the top of money tam sausalito, bay, -- top of mount tam, sausalito, the bay, great endeavour viewing day on the way. good morning i'm terry mcsweeney. sitting in forrer rims to may. and i'm kristen sze. not -- not too many clouds. good morning. looking at the sweep on top of mount st. helena, partly cloudy around the bay. for the coast a little fog.
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upper 40s, mid 50s by noon. low 60s by the 4:00 hour, breezy as well, should be a nice afternoon there. by the bay, how about a repeat performance. temperatures from 40s and 50s now, 60s and 70s noon time. we're talking about number as approaching the low 80s and our warmest inland valleys by 11:00, 12:00, i should say 1, 2:00, by the afternoon mid 80s another nice day fall begins tomorrow by the end of the weekend might feel a little more like fall. things beginning to bunch up a little. good morning. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on, pretty sky and traffic backing towards the west grand overcrossing into the maze. a little sluggish upper deck into san francisco. good news, southbound 880 earlier "sig alert" lifted that accident out of lanes. 880 near montague expressway
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that accident still in lanes multi-vehicles in lane four. westbound 580 harrison still in the right lane starting in the clearing phases. north 880 oakland stall lane four at embarcadero fifth exit. the san francisco police department is on guard this morning after late night protest entered in vandalism at its mission district station. amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: they were upset they took to the streets, spray painted the windows at the police station they've scrubbed it clean, a crew came out to take care of that. going to get back to business as usual in the mission this morning. video we shot overnight of what they did they spray painted the word "killers" across the door. they were roving around between 10:30 and midnight last night. witnesses say the protesters were yelling obscenities as
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they walked up and down the streets in the mission. police put on riot gear and monitored the march. protesters cursed at them and taunted them. protesters came out in anger because of an officer-involved shoot 8:00 last night in the 200 block of 14 street two plainclothes officers from the gang task force unit were work with two probation officers and saw people they recognized as gang members they say they tried to talk to them the men ran, one pulled a gun, turned on the officer and started to raise the pistol that's when officers shot the man. >> any time i come across police brutality i'm always in opposition to that. in san francisco where you have lots of violent crime, but very little gun crime, it is incredibly inappropriate. >> reporter: police say the man had a tech 9 pistol they did recover it. they shot the suspect twice,
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he's expected to survive. aside from the vandalism at the police station, they didn't do anything else to the neighborhood. that's a relief to the s. you might remember in the spring -- to the businesses. you might remember in the spring when an occupy rally had a splinter group veer off and break several windows and do a lot of damage. nothing like that last night. the vandalism was focused right here at the police department. no arrests were made and no one was hurt. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. contra costa sheriff's investigators looking into a shooting in rodeo. the victim shot 9:30 last night on mariposa avenue, lifted to trauma center with life threatening injuries. investigators not releasing s about suspects or motive. third case of chicken pox confirmed at san francisco state university. prompting health officials to provide another round of vaccinations today on campus.
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concern about people who might have immune deficiencies or who may be pregnant. earlier this month the university put out an advisory after two students were dogged. mitt romney brings his -- brings his campaign to the bay area today scheduled to appear at a $50,000 per person campaign fundraiser at a right home. he has no public events scheduled. he swung through the bay area in july attending fundraisers. while the anticipation is building for the sales of the new iphone 5 in the bay area, going to start in an hour and half, hundreds of apple fans lined up in front of the palo alto store. some have camped out since monday night to be one of the first. >> my way of thanking apple for being such a great company. >> people are saying i'll give you an extra $100, $200 if you let me come through.
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>> the store says 500 iphone 5's will be available today they will get shipments daily if you miss out today, you can go back. the new iphone 5 is leitner weight, thinner, faster, speaker and camera better than previous models. >> sounds like it is in shape. >> like us -- you. new iphone on sale on the east coast live picture from new york city the flagship store, hundreds lined up earlier this week there was rain, wind and cold. apple fans don't care they say rough elements and wait are worth it to be among the first to own the new gadget. >> a badge of honor. >> with the iphone's appeal goes across our shores. look at the line earlier today in tokyo.
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hundreds cam -- camped out, the gadget his stores in australia, hong kong on singapore. this is unique. bay area residents get a once in a lifetime chance to see the space shuttle endeavour fly into history this morning. the schedule got pushed back one hour to let some of the fog dissipate. it is now leaving edwards air force base 8:15. weather permitting nasa says any time after 9:30 it will fly over the space center discovery museum more for yum and hall of sigh -- exploratorium, and hall of science. the shuttle program has strong ties to california's aerospace industry it was bill here. yesterday it flew from houston to edwards air force base. we want to know where you land
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to see the endeavour this morning. you can let us know on news or tweet us. be sure to send us your pictures and video. >> 1500 feet is well below the top of diablo or mount tam that is low not only are you going to see it, you are going to hear it. >> they recommend you bring earplugs. >> good advice. >> [ unintelligible ] >> let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. looking at the live shot behind you, we have clear sky in the city, fog in oakland, also up to the north of us some of our north bay valleys and on the coast look at temperatures, low 40s santa rosa, 60s popping up in san rafael, low 50s in mountain view, winds are generally out of the north and some of the milder locations
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that's why we are looking at very little in the way of our inversion here's the way it looks for the fly over from the sacramento valley, clear conditions at 8:00, by 9:30 east bay things looking good, low cloud deck continuing to thin out at our coasts golden gate bridge will see sunny conditions, mountain view mainly sunny, in the 60s there by then. today we are looking at very much of the same, hopefully, you have been liking this with, 65 in the city, 71 oakland, 73 watsonville comfortable today and the look ahead showing warmer tomorrow, cooler by sunday. autumn begins tomorrow. good morning. good news to the south bay earlier accident southbound 85 at coddle cleared they've lifted that "sig alert" traffic should begin recovering there. southbound 88 oman hugh that accident to the shoulder
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should see speeds picking up right now 23 miles an hour west 580 past harrison accident there cleared off to the shoulder. sensors picking up minor slow traffic. 880 north embarcadero fifth stall still blocking lane four we've been talking about endeavour slow traffic on 101 through mountain view, 237, 85 as well you might want to avoid those areas. we have our traffic app it is free and can help you get around some of these delays with the endeavour on those highways also the golden gate bridge try to avoid that after 9 a.m. this morning. free app, trading is underway on wall street many apple shares are rising as the new iphones release this morning. >> live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. big board up 34 points. first 20 years after the o.j.
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simpson murder trial new admission a key witness is make kind of. when you think of lindsay lohan you probably don't think of goodyear
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. coastal low includes other than that skies are clear as you head out this morning. patchy low clouds and fog burning back and more 60s at
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our coast. record heat possible in reno at 91 today in the sierra nevada, die, high fire danger always a concern. area of -- dry, high fire danger always a concern. possibility of thunderstorms over the weekend. today 80 northern sierra, 93 yosemite, upper 80s sunny in sacramento sunshine last day of summer, first day of fall. one thing remaining constant around the bay. right now breaking news from pittsburg, pennsylvania. you are looking at live pictures from downtown quiet one, this area has been evacuated s.w.a.t. team responded to highrise office building. a man is reportedly holding hostages inside the gateway center. he's on the 16th floor. he claims to have weapons and explosives. you can see police have surrounded the area. they say the man entered the building after 8:00 their time, 5:00 our time. police have evacuated the
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building and they say there have been no reports of shots fired right now or anybody injured. we'll continue to keep an eye on this hostage situation possibly in pittsburg -- in pittsburgh. right now let's check in for what is coming up on "good morning america." good morning. coming up robin took a giant step in her journey back to good health yesterday undergoing her bone marrow transplant surrounded by friends and family this morning we talk to her doctor for the latest on how is doing and what is next for her. new this morning the obama administration is spending 70,000 on new tv ads not for the upcoming election. the white house bought ads on pakistani tv to condemn the controversial video mocks prophet mohammed. the new ads feature both president obama and secretary of state clinton. the man accused of that
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deadly shooting at a colorado movie theater now looks very different. james holmes appeared in court his hair brown not that bright orange we saw after the shootings. at the hearing prosecutors gave up their effort to see a notebook holmes made to a psychiatrist the night of the shootings saying they don't want to hold up that case. key witness in a closely watched trial, kato kaelin testified in o.j. simpson's 1995 murder trial he said at the time he heard thumps the night nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were killed. now he tells the post, the statute of limitations has passed so i can say, yes he did it. kaelin says he's making the admission because he no longer fears perjury charges. he says he was too scared to give testimony that would have helped in the criminal trial. new video shows a florida
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convenience store clerk fighting off a would be robber with beer chance. this happened tuesday night in volusia came. a man came in with a knife started grabbing cash from the register the clerk ran from behind the counter and started throwing beer cans at the man. i believe they are 12 ounces. the would be robber dropped the cash ran out and officers caught up with him and arrested him. >> improvise. in health news, you may not think of tea as medicine but researchers do. a symposium in washington, d.c. shows green tea can reduce the risk of osteoporosis especially when combined with tai chi, a gentle form of exercise based on chinese martial arts. green tea can burn up to 100 calories a day black tea has been found to be good for the heart. what do you think is the
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big tech story of the day? >> be the release of the iphone 5? >> might be. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. -- >> they are hitting another high today. bloomberg was interested, who are these people in line nor days to buy the iphone 5? they took a look, talked to hunts in the bay area and new york got paid to stand there for someone else. people using services like task rabbit to hire people to wait in line for them for about $11 an hour. investors lining up to buy apple shares, about $703. we have seen a new record high for apple this morning. investors not too ed that some apple users think -- not too concerned that some apple users think the company lost its map -- dow, s&p and nasdaq
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up in the green. bloomberg index higher. oracle reporting lower than expected quarterly sales because of weakness in computer hardware. oracle talking selling software for customers to develop their own private cloud system. true leah -- true leah went public yesterday, the company -- doing way better than facebook in its first day. and them blue cross -- anthem blue cross is testing sending out coupons to people on its -- [ unintelligible ] lisa is here to talk to us
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about the weekend weather. this endeavour thing is very exciting, gorgeous, so close to us. >> the fog is really hugging the coast now. live look outside looks nice and clear here. we are looking at some coastal fog that is shrouding parts of san bruno mountains and the coast. we will look for clearing to continue. boy, we are -- what a pretty start, sunrise 6:57 for this last full day of summer. autumn tomorrow 6:49. the weather difference between summer and autumn today and tomorrow, very little by the end of the weekend we will be looking at slightly cooler air. overall, we could probably take this forecast right into the end of the month. if you like what we've had, settlement turns out to be very comfortable -- september turns out to be very
6:52 am
comfortable with weak marine ininvestigation, numbers below average, sky conditions, -- inversion, numbers below average, doppler picking up a little clouds along the coast 40s as cool air drains into the valley, milder air with north wind in san rafael. temperatures jumping all over the place from 50s in san francisco, 60s in oakland, 50s around san jose. as you look at the sky conditions from sacramento 8:00 this morning, nothing but sun. marine layer well below 1,000 feet by 9:30. for the east bay sunny. for the golden gate bridge patchy fog, south of the golden gate, should be sunny and down around mountain view going to be a beautiful morning. area of low pressure will influence the weather east of us in the sierra nevada over the weekend. today and tomorrow, looking maybe two to three degrees warmer, not much of a change. possibility of thunderstorms
6:53 am
in the mountains tomorrow, 75 in campbell, 73 santa rosa, running a little cooler, mostly sunny, lighter winds, lighter sea breeze going to look and feel good, 65 in the city, 80 sonoma, near east bay, couple upper 60s from richmond to berkeley, low 70s union city and fremont, mid 80s return, 84 in livermore by the monterey bay, clear, sunny, beautiful day 82 in hollister. tonight at at&t park the padres looking at 60 then a little patchy fog upper 50s by 10:00 little change slightly cooler next week. good morning. if your drive takes you out of novato past marinwood and lucascus valley road into terra linda and san rafael moving well through southern marin. metering lights on at the bay bridge traffic backed beyond the overcrossing a little
6:54 am
sluggish upper deck headed into san francisco south of market at mosconey center for the rest of the day today and tomorrow convention howard closed between third and fourth causing major delays south of market from at&t park to mosconey center, mission street as well, give yourself extra time. right now the altamont pass looking good into the dublin pleasanton interchange, highway 4 towards concord and 80 westbound east shore freeway as it tunnels into the maze, 20 minutes from carquinez bridge to the bay bridge bridge. you know who needs driving help? actress lindsay lohan. new york city police arrested her, investigators say she hit a pedestrian while trying to park her pore shea -- her porsche and left the scene. latest driving mishap for the act tess -- actress.
6:55 am
goodyear tires is offering to fly her out to their headquarters and give her a private lesson. here's five things to know before you go: number one, mission district police station in san francisco vandalized, a couple hours after an officer-involved shooting. earlier investigators say a plainclothes officer shot a suspect who pulled a gun on him. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. number two, sometime after 9:30 this morning endeavour will fly over the bay area. due to leave edwards air force base 8:15. over oakland, berkeley, golden gate bridge and moffett field in mountain view. after that it returns to l.a. permanently displayed as a museum exit. >> number three, mitt romney brings his -- campaign to the
6:56 am
bay area today scheduled to appear at $50,000 fundraiser at a right home. >> number four, robin roberts says she feels energized as she recovers from a bone marrow transplant yesterday this is new video of her looking good with her friends and family. her sister was the donor. >> number five, live picture of san francisco's union square the apple store that is where the new iphone 5 is going on sale in an hour or two. hundreds of fans in line waiting for the doors to open at 9 a.m.. >> i think it is 8:00. >> let's check in with lisa one final time. i just tweeted this shot, tough to look on twitter for it, pretty shot, low 40s, they
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told me i was going to get a live shot. nice, high clouds, 60s, 70s, by noon, 80s inland. remetering lights oncoming into san francisco, golden gate bridge southbound light, delays when the endeavour flies over later this morning. accident 680 at at tkroty. -- at andreotti.
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