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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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do something here, either punt it, and in this instance all you want to do is get the punt off and make sure you cover. keith kostol, we should point out, dropped a perfect snap last week against wisconsin. make sure that he's sure-handed this time. >> chris: as the return man you want to catch the ball because you want to save as many seconds as you can and not wait for oregon state to down it. >> sean: there's a delay of game penalty. really don't care about the five yards. there's kostol, a sophomore. andrew abbott, the lone man back deep. over near the sideline asking the bruin coaches what they want him to do. seventh punt of the day for kostol.
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they come after him, and he got it off. abbott signals for the fair catch and makes it at the ten yard line. five seconds to go. no time-outs left. 90 yards away from a touchdown. espn college football is available anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device via and the watch espn app. >> chris: love that app. >> sean: just amplify and put a period on the mike riling conversation. had a couple of down years, but i think we've seen he and his staff have not forgotten how to coach. >> chris: outstanding. >> sean: averaged nine wins a year prior to the losing season. two seasons prior to a losing record they were playing for a chance to go to the rose bowl late in the year. hundley, probably be a bunch of
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laterals here. bell, looking for someone to throw it to. and that's the ball game. james couldn't get very far with it, and mike riley s has now tied lon schneider as all-time winningest coach in oregon state history. more importantly the beavers go to 2-0 with a huge road win. sean mannion threw for 379 and 2 touchdowns. here's quint. >> quint: coach, congratulations. how do you best describe the defensive effort today? >> it was an awesome job by our defense. i thought they kept playing and we gave up one big play, you know, but besides, that it was an awesome game, way to go by the offense. >> quint: you said one game in, kind of a mystery. where does this team stand in your eyes right now? >> 2-0. we'll keep trying to get better. like this team. working really hard. a great win for the beavers to come down here to the rose bowl.
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these guys run defeated. had some big wins, and i really liked how our team played today. >> quint: put yourself on an individual level, tying oregon state with the most wins ever. >> i love it. means we've been there a while. means a lot to me that way and very thankful for the time we've had at oregon state. just going to make it longer. >> quint: congratulations, coach. >> thank you. >> quint: sean. >> sean: all you want to do in this business is survive. so a big step towards survival and perhaps much more than, that perhaps a chance for a special season after two wins over ranked opponents. 27-20 the final. oregon state beats ucla. friends, be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern for "saturday night football" presented by windows. a dandy. tenth ranked clemson takes on number four florida state in tallahassee. oregon state a winner.
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now let's head to the studio for the post-game report.
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police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. he is wanted in connection with a shooting death last sunday afternoon. the victim wag killed during an altercation. an 18-year-old man was arrested thursday in connection with that shooting. >> a number -- calling for an end to the violence that is decimating the city. they set out from five known homicide scenes, soldiers against violence, known as sav, organized the protests. >> we need to bring back peace
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and trust in the community so we thought in the celebration event this would be one way to do that. >> alan: as they gathered in front of city hall, the protesters announced a resolution calling for action by officials and the police department, and a plea asking residents to speak out about violence in the community. so far this year there have been 85 homicides in oakland, two more than the same time last year. >> a grass four now burping near brentwood is under control. investigators say the fire broke out near gear valley road and albert court, and quickly grew to 50 acres. no homes were damaged and no injuries reported. health officials are planning on meeting with community members on monday to give residents an update on the fire at the refinery in richmond. they will provide an update into the investigation on the fire. thousands went to hospitals
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reporting breathing problems, and inspectors are blaming the fire on a pipe, saying it had worn down to 20% of its original thickness and should have been replaced during a november inspection. the community meeting will be 6:00 to 8:30 monday night at the richmond auditorium. 403 civic center peninsulas. >> alan: in a few hours the governor signs a bill to make it easier for women to get contraceptive. this allows nurse practitioners and nurse mid wifes wifes and de contraceptive. today republican opponent says medical standards will suffer under the new law. >> ama: nancy pelosi was in san francisco today to energize president obama's re-election campaign. she met with elect officials and volunteers with the democratic party and the obama for america campaign. pelosi in california -- said california needs to set an example for the rest of the
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country and focus on getting people out to vote. she called on her supporters to take back the house so democrats can take the lead on legislation and tax reform. >> time for us to have an agenda that lifts up our economy and makes everyone pay their fair share. >> i think it is important for us to do something bigger than the payroll tax. >> ama: pelosi urged democrats not to forget state and local issue others and reminded them to support governor jerry brown's tax measure and a campaign against the influence of big money at the state capitol. >> alan: mitt romney spent his day cam -- campaigning in california. the vice-presidential candidates are carrying a lot of the load. here's more. >> what is seen as solidly in president obama's corner, but with just over six weeks before election day, the badger state
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may now be up for grabs. today the president made his first stop in wisconsin since february. mitt romney has been there 17 times since then. in 2008, mr. obama won wisconsin by 14 points but now polls show a tight race. romney was fundraising in california today, so the heavy lifting fell to his running meat, who stumpedded in battlegrounds nsa florida. >> the president came in with hope and change. well, hope is farther away from us. >> ryan says the obama administration has failed on the economy. >> we must restore the american idea of opportunity. of upward mow built. -- mobility. >> the granite state has only four electoral votes but both campaigns are fighting hard for them. >> never, never, never, have we built this country from the top down. it's always been built from the
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middle out. >> rally union members in manchester, biden said the romney-ryan economic plan would take the country backwards. >> they're doubling down on everything that caused the economic crisis in the first place. >> absentee ballots are already available in wick and there's some sort of early voting in all of the other seven battlegrounds states. >> ama: investigators in new york say a man malled by a tiger at the bronx zoo told a police officer he made a conscious decision to jump two fences into the animal's den. he said he wanted to, quote, be one with the tiger. the police now plan to arrest him. here's the latest. >> a man jumped inside the tiger dep -- >> for more than 30 year millions of have viewed tigers from this rail. friday, one man did something unthinkable, jumping 17 feet
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into the tiger den. almost immediately 25-year-old david was in the powerful jaws of a 400-pound siberian tiger. this is the largest tiger in the world, can kill a man in seconds if it wants to. >> if the tiger really wanted to do harm to this individual, he certainly would have had the time to do that. reporter: quick thinking rescuers used powerful fire hoses to distract the tying examiner pull the map to haven't but the man sustained critical injuries, bite wounds on his arms, legs, shoulders, and back, broken ankle and arms. why did he do it? only he knows. his familiar hill declined to comment but a -- said he was acting a little strange. >> he made a deliberate effort to get over the fence. >> a tragic example of mind-boggling bad behavior at zoo. look at this tourist in alaska,
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jumpedded the railing to get a picture of a polar bear, and in this video, man crosses a moat to get into a tiger. >> somebody drops 16 feet down, i don't know how you national for that. you can encase the animals but that doesn't serve the animals. >> another big problem in taunting. it turned deadly in 2007 in san francisco. three men allegedly harassed a 350-pound tiger who leapt out of heir enclosure, killing one of them. in this latest zoo attack, doctors expect the victim to survive. >> officials at the bronx zoo say they're pleased by how everything went, fast response by enemy and the city, saving the man's life and the tiger's life as well. the tying sheer be back in the pen today. >> alan: san francisco theater which is a central venue for films in the city is closing its doors for good.
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the theater on california street will show the last picture show tomorrow night. the untouchables. according to the san francisco chronicle, landmark theaters, which operated the theater since 1991, lost its lease and could not come to terms with the landlord. just ahead, is apple trying to hide something about the new iphone? >> take care of it. >> ama: apple store workers whisk customers away from our camera. some apple fans say they found the iphone 5 experience frustrating. >> alan: first witnesses to a crime, stop an armed robber in his tracks. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. happy fall to you, yes. temperatures warmed up today. we're going to be even warmer next week. the seven-day forecast coming up. lamb almost -- >> the emmy awards are
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lan take a look at what happened after an armed man was stopped in seattle. witnesses say he ran from a jewelry store with a gun and shot a security guard in the hand. the security guard took him down and other people held him down, the police arrived and recovered a box of jewelry and a rubber mask that witnesses say the robber was wearing. some people who bought the new iphone 5 have already
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returned their phones. >> it's right there. >> alan: apple fans outside the palo alto store yesterday showed abc-7 necessary the iphone they just bought above chips. when an employee saw the phone she whisked the custom irairplane from our camera and got them a new phone. the customer had one word. >> frustrating you expect something coming out of the box brand new, and when you open it up and it's has dangs and cracks, it's frustrating. >> it's frustrating. i had to pay -- had a contract upgrade price so paid $600 for the phone, and i would expect to be pretty perfect coming out of the box. >> alan: at least three people at the palo alto store bought any iphones with scratches are chips. apple has not responded to our request for comment. some nonapple stores had them available today but many of them reporting selling out.
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the cupertino company is expected to release the results on monday. >> last night the stars came out for the hottest ticket in tinsel town, the nominees were celebrating. these cast members can't believe the fuss they created across the pond, and returning nominees anticipate the main event. >> so exciting, yeah. the fact we're just not even -- crazy. more exciting every year. >> ama: inside the stars dined on wolfgang puck's fabulous cuisine and mingled with their competition. one even practiced her acceptance speech. tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 with an on the red carpet emmy special. and "jimmy kimmel live" at 5:00, and encore presentation at 8:00.
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bad karma to practice your speech, you know. i don't know. >> alan: don't do it. just do it when you win. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: fall is here, arriving this morning at 7:49, but doesn't feel like it. temperatures warmer, as much as 70 degrees. a great place to be today, santa cruz cam looking at the beach there 70 degrees in santa cruz, and the low clouds and fog have moved well off the coast so they're actually seeing clear sky. live doppler 7hd checking in right now. most of the low clouds and fog well off the coast. also, santa cruz is clear, evident from live doppler 7 hd but towards carmel and monterey they're seeing a little bit of the cloudiness and some of this win venture up the coast overnight tonight. wow, mild to warm to maybe even hot. depending on how you like it right now. 91 in livermore. 88 in antioch and concord.
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san francisco, nice and mild at 66 degrees this hour. 83 in san jose, and temperatures were up as much as seven degrees in san jose today. up six in redwood city and san rafael, napa, up four degrees, and san francisco, oakland, up one degree. so here's a look at the forecast. high clouds will move back in overnight. slight cooling for the sunday, and then next week looks like mild to warm, especially the latter part of the week, as 90s return. these are the high clouds that moved through yesterday. they have sin pushed to the south. this area of low pressure is going to drag itself towards the sierra tomorrow. so we'll look for the high clouds to increase tonight, and probably see them tomorrow as well. here come the clouds tomorrow morning, with this, more of a northerly wind. we'll look for temperatures to cool slightly tomorrow, and monday, and then we'll start to warm things up wednesday, thursday, friday. here's the lows tonight.
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high clouds drifting in, most locations in the 50s. santa rosa, 46. but san francisco, 42. 54 for livermore. highs tomorrow with the high clouds moving in, in the mid-to-low 80s inland. livermore, 86. 8 5:00 antioch. north bay, santa rosa, 82. 66, san francisco, 79, san jose. warm inland, and santa cruz, 75 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures come down slightly sunday. offshore winds will pick up monday night and tuesday, so breezy conditions. the higher elevations on tuesday morning, wednesday and thursday, though, get ready for some steady warming and we'll climb back into the 90s heading into next friday and saturday. there you have it.
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>> ama: thank you, leigh. >> alan: the a's and the yankees started their game at 10:00 in morning. >> mike: just finished at 4:00. a six hour game. a's battling the yankees. started off with a bang. three straight double inside the first to take an early lead but it went extras. can
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>> mike: the as and orioles battling for the wild card spot,
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baltimore up on oakland by one game. a's jumped on the yanks starter, nova, in first. three straight doubles. cespedes scores. a's up -0. blackley pulled every two. alec rodriguez scores, yanks 4-2. then in the third, drew gets all of this one, solo shotful fourth as an a. oakland trailed 4-3. this one went to extra innings, tied now at 5 in the 12th. reddick robbed ode of the bases loaded. then ibanez coming home, slides, holds on, ibanez is out of there. a's broke out the big rum lumper in the 13th. johnny gomes. and cespedes and garcia followed with solo home runs.
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but the yankees respond, scoring four times, ibanez's two-run homer ties it at 9. in the 1st the yankees finally end it. ichiro scores, yankees win a six-hour driller, 10-9 the final. >> the red hot orioles hold the top wild card spot. boston battles back, scoring two in the seventh in the eighth, the double head to extras. baltimore, the runs in the 12th. orioles win 9-6. now up two game on the as for d a's for the top wild card spot. the giants number is down to one game courtesy of dusty baker's reds. so the g-men can clinch as they host san diego.
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dodgers in red, bruce, 34th 34th home run of the year. reds on top 1-0. in the fifth, todd ray frasher, singles home phillips, and reds win 6-0. >> it's saturday, college football taking center stage, stanford has the week off after upsetting usc last week. cal hopes to do the same thing as they're facing the trojans in l.a.
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>> mike: cal opens the pac-12 season on the road, facing usc in l.a. usc is 2-1 after the loss to stanford last week. usc, second drive of the game, quick one, silas red, penn state scampers. then they go for it. bears stop for a loss of one. cal gained 30 yards. then the field goal attempt. oh, boy, hi fourth straight miss going back to last week in columbus. makes a 44-yarder in the second. then barkley finds lee. 11 yards exprgs right now usc leads 17-3 at the half. we have some highlights on "after the game". >> instincts hosting oregon state. brandon cook is off to the
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races, 75 yards. oregon state on top. in connects with wheaton. beavers ahead 17-3. ucla came right back with an air assault of their own. hundley to eve vans. what a throw. ucla trailed at the break, 17-10. but the beavers hold on for the upset. win it 27-20. >> pga staging their tour championship, top 30 players battling at east lake in atlanta. shot hoff the day, luke mcdonald. that's an 8 iron. going to like this. right on line, two bounces, nothing but net for eagle. tiger woods, a 3-over 73 yesterday, a 3 under 67 today. brandt snedeker, round of the day, 6-under 64. hasn't missed a putt outside of three feet for the round.
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jim furyk was tied for the lead at 8-under and yanks the tee shot into the drink. takes a triple yoig. bogey,. >> coming up, florida state hosting clemson, our game of the day in college football. and stay tuned for "after the game" with larry beil and yours truly. >> just ahead, a man who takes risks. >> ama: they don't call him spider-man for nothing. >> alan: the left the battlefield with scars that may
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>> ama: the man known as the french spider-man reached new heights. he successfully climbed the highest tower in china. the platform was 879 feet above the ground. he is famous for climbing the world's highest skyscrapers. he has climbed more than 70 giant structures. >> after the last victory lap, preparations are underway to put the space shuttle endeavour on permanent display. this weekend crews are taking
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the shuttle off the jump jumbo jet that cruised over california, and the shuttle will be placed on a special trailer, and then endeavour will take a road trip to the science center? los angeles. there's concern for the trip because 400 trees are being reed moved to make room for the shuttle with the 78-foot wing span. >> alan: a lot of american soldiers are returning home with serious mental and physical wounds. now wounded veterans are finding peace under the sea. reporter: a group of soldiers, used to the dry sands of the middle east, embark on a new mission aboard a dive boat. >> i'd like too introduce marlene. >> marlene, fought in baghdad. >> an incoming mortar fire came in and exploded behind me. threw me forward. reporter: now she doesn't have a right leg and gets around on a prosthetic.
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>> in 2011, my vehicle was struck by a ied. >> cube da -- scuba diving is the only thing i feel alive doing. >> now he finds it easier to swim than walk so down here, under the sea, after a tour overseas filled with so much violence, peace is found among the cowl reefs and tropical fish. above the water the veterans also learn about sea life and the war against ocean ecosystems. the organizer of this dive hopes these vets take away an appreciation for the fragile world in her waters. >> if you think about the similarities between our wounded military and the fish in the sea, they both have the same problem. they need their story told so people know what's going on. >> back on land, life can be difficult. simple tasks can be frustrating. but down here, they get their sea legs. >> out here in the world, it's
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noisy and moves fast. when you get down in the ocean and you just watch the wildlife interact with each other and go at their peace, it's -- their pace, it's very peaceful. >> therapy at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. >> ama: up next, a big weight loss breakthrough. >> alan: the latest about the weapon in the battle against the bulge and why doctors are so excited about it. >> ama: the first day of fall. will our temperatures be changing with the season? the aku
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>> alan: federal health officials are warning people not to eat a brand of trader joe's pea net butter because of the possible connection with an
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outbreak of salmon salmonella. at least 29 people have gotten sick after eating it. the jar is number 97-11-1. and you can return the recalled peanut butter to any trader joe's grocery store for a full refund. >> ama: a new weapon in the fight against fat. the pill promises to curb craving for food, and here's why some weight loss doctors are very happy about it. >> bill hartman is a psychologist at a san francisco weight loss clinic who used to be a big believer in a diet drug called fen phen. it was actually two drugs in one pill, and in the late '90s it was outlawed when doctors discovered one of the drugs could cause heart problems. >> before the side effects were discovered, many people benefited and to this day will say the best they ever did with their weight chrysler with the ten feign. >> after the court battle fen
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phen was portland from the market and he says he saw the impact immediately. >> a very depressing time. patients dropped out of treatment. i don't mean just here. i mean all over the country. people felt they had been given something that was taken away. >> now hartman is on a new pill. it's another two-drug combination that includes fenframine, the safer of the two drugs in feign ten. the makers say the clinical trials show no serious side effect. >> this is something we have been waiting for, for a long time. >> this drug tells your brain you're not hungry. it only works if you also change your diet and exercise because it doesn't help your burn fat. i helps you resist the urge to eat, and the doctor told us. >> patients reportedded a thanksgiving, for the first time, they were able to walk airplane from -- away from the
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table and not eat all day long. >> the two ingreed yeptz have been prekind for years, but the combined pill has lower doses. >> we need to start thinking about obesity in a chronic way and think about keeping people on medication for a longer time. >> alan: fall is officially '90 minutes away, but experts say west nile virus activity is showing in signs of slowing in parts of the east bay. the san jose mercury news reports more infected mosquito, birds and chickens are showing up in east and central contra costa county. the discovery comes after the report of two human cases in corrosion coast -- contra costay this year. it's stale warm enough for the bureaucracies mosquitoes to brief.
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>> leigh: last week, a little bit of cooling right now from the high definition sutro cam, looking down towards a shallow fog bank that is slowly drifting by and through the span of the golden gate bridge. live doppler 7 hd picking up a little more activity. and then just a little to the south of santa cruz. santa cruz seeing plenty of sunshine, and some of the fog moving towards the west near ocean beach, and all of this will move slowly eastward overnight. here's our highs. looks summerlike. 90 in livermore, 88 in antioch. san rafael, 79. 56 in san francisco. los gatos, 87. here is a look at our forecast. high clouds will increase overnight. slight cooling for your sunday afternoon, and then as we work our way into next week, mild to warm weather will return. lows tonight, generally in the 50s.
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we'll look for a few upper ohs in the north bay, and here's the setup. low pressure tracking to the north of us, definitely going to bring in a few more high clouds. there they are, mid-day. and this is going to set the stage for slight cooling tomorrow, if you were near 90 degrees today, folks towards brentwood and oakley, probably go down to 87 tomorrow. so some slight cooling, and more cloudiness near the coast. tomorrow morning, a few high clouds. mid-50s inland. near 50 degreeser in the coast. start to warm things up by lurchtime, noontime, a few high clouds move in. 70s inland. 60s near the bay, and a little cooler tomorrow afternoon, 4:00, as those high clouds start to move in, and then the breeze will pick up around 7:00. those temperatures near the coast drop down into the 50s. highs for the sunday, inland,
4:52 pm
livermore, 86. 68, richmond, 78, san rafael. san francisco, 66. mild. 79 for san jose. quite warm inland for gilroy tomorrow. 86. 73, watson veil, santa cruz tomorrow, 75. a slight dip in the forecast for your sunday. not much change for monday. keep temperatures pretty steady. offshore winds develop monday night and tuesday, so the higher hills will be breezy tuesday morning, and then we'll start to warm things up thursday, friday, saturday,s a 90s rush inland and 80s around the bay and mid-60s at the coast. >> ama: usual live this time san francisco is warm. >> leigh: it's wonderful. the best time of the year. >> ama: thank you, leigh. >> alan: let's talk to shu. big day in college football. >> the big game is coming up right here on abc-7. usc had other ideas and we have
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highlights coming up next in sports. insure publish hello?
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mike: baseball playoffs, baltimore up one on oakland today. now the a's hosted by the yankees who have a one game lead over baltimore. a's jump on the yankees starter. three straight doubles. a's up 2-0. a's broke out the big lumber. oakland started blackee, wild pitch, alex rodriguez scores. then in the third, steven drew gets all of this one. fourth as an a. oakland trails 4-3.
4:56 pm
went to extra innings, tied at 35 in the 12th. steve pierce, robs josh reddick. the bases loaded to end the inning. then martin to first. ibanez coming home, collides with norris, he holds on and ibanez is out. the a's then break out the big lumber, three solo home runs. you're going to win, right? but the yankees respond. scored four times. ibanez, two-run homer tied it at nine. then in the 14th of. yankees finally end it. nunez grounds one to first. moss boots it. ichiro scores on the error. yankees win the thriller-10-9. >> the bears come to town 1-2, usc 2-1 after the last loss last week. usc's second drive of the game, a quick one. six plays, 71 yards.
4:57 pm
redd, the penn state transfer. next possession, fourth and one, usc goes for it. the bears stop red for a loss of one. then the 35-yard field goal attempt. boy, four straight misses going back to last week in columbus. made a 24 yarder in the second quarter. 7-3, then matt barkley hits lee, 11 yards. usc led 17-3 at the half. they just kicked off in the third with the score the same. florida state and clem con on deck. stay tuned for "after the game" as we break down the day in college football. >> alan: that does it for us here at 5:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. bam bam -- >> ama: the new alarm clock epa
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