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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 23, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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family," thank you to everybody at fox, at abc, dana, gary, thank you. and most especially thank you to all of our -- >> oh, did you want to stay another hour? good night, everybody. thanks for watching. >> announcer: tonight, it all started with gma's lara spencer and josh elliott, with the stars, on the emmy red carpet. and now, tomorrow lara and josh are at it again, with "good morning america's" emmy party live in l.a. plus, steven tyler finally speaks out about why he left "idol." and don't miss taylor swift with
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a special "good morning america" exclusive. tomorrow on abc. >> announcer: program nominations are made by all voting members. all other nominations are determined by peer balloting. emmy recipients are determined by peer panels who screened all nominations. votes were tabulated by the accounting firm of ernst & young llp and the winners announced at the awards ceremonies on september 15th creative arts awards, and september 23rd primetime telecast.
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an elementary school principal in jail tonight, accused of selling meth. >> a star-studded night at the emmies. we are live from the red carpet in los angeles.
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an elementary school principal arrested for selling drugs. i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. principal eric dean lewis was taken into custody early friday morning, and now school officials are scrambling to keep parents calm. john alston is live in santa clara tonight. john? >> principal eric lewis will not be coming to work at his office because he is at the santa clara county jail this evening. state agents conducted a sting operation when they got a tip he might be involved in drugs. and now school officials and parents are floored at the arrest.
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>> no idea. >> i am just shocked. that's why i came out here to find out what was going on. >> the man who was principal for the past seven years is under arrest for having methamphetamine for sale and offering to provide drugs. 42-year-old eric dean lewis was arrested at a cal train station. the department of justice said he planned to meet an undercover agent he contacted through a dating website. an interim principal had already taken over and lewis was put on unpaid administrative leave from his $114,000 a year job as district officials scramble to get the word out. >> we know of no allegations if there was any connections between san francisco where he lived or this place of work. and second of all we will be out in force. we will have district office folks here to answer questions tomorrow morning as well as putting sout -- putting out a letter in three lange edge withs tomorrow. >> they found a quarter ounce of meth, scales and the party
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drug ghb. parents who live near the elementary school started catching wind of the arrest on sunday afternoon. >> i don't know because i don't know the accusation is true or not. this is stuff you need evidence. >> we just got a call from another neighbor saying did we hear about principal lewis. i said what do you mean about principal lewis. he said he was arrested for selling drugs. that just doesn't seem like it would fit his demeanor at all. >> police have also seized his come ut pooher. lewis -- computer. lewis' photo has been erased from the website. he has declined any interviews, and he is due in court to hear the charges against him. live in santa clara, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. bart trains started running a few minutes ago after san francisco police chased two robbery suspects beneath market street. they were captured at the montgomery street station about 20 minutes ago.
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the chase started around 10:00 p.m. they stopped trains and shut off the power to the third rail while police searched for suspects. they -- police arrested a man who they believe kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl. he claims he abducted her on friday afternoon. the girl escaped after her kidnapper took her a short distance from the campus. she was linked to two other incidents near schools on fry. >> police were forced to close a large park for several hours. s.w.a.t teams zeroed in on morgan territory regional preserve after getting reports a suicidal man with a gun was on the loose. officers were searching for the man on the ground. a helicopter also surveyed the park from the air. he eventually surrendered. oakland police are looking for two people who tried to rob a drugstore. one shot was fired at the 3300
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block of fruit veil avenue near montana street. the suspects got away in a car, and no injuries were reported. and san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting to discuss an officer-involved shooting sparking two nights of protest. a plain clothed officer shot a suspected it gang member after a man pulled out a gun on thursday night. tomorrow's meeting will be held at 11:30 a.m. at the corner stone church located at 2459, 17th street. there is heartache at the national zoo in washington. the new baby panda cub born just a week ago has decide -- has died. the six-day old cub was 4 ounces and thought to be in good help. the mother seemed to be in distress this morning. >> this is devastating. this is devastating for all of us here. it is hard to describe how much passion and energy and thought and care has gone into this. there were no signs of trauma.
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a flight attendant is facing criminal charges after she tried to bring a loaded gun through a checkpoint. a tsa uh tin -- attendant spotted it. the environmental protection agency is conducting a criminal investigation of chevron after learn learning the company was releasing pollute tents. kyra clapper has the story. >> inspectors with the bay area quality district discovered a pipe in the chevron refinery in richmond was routing the hydro carbon gases around the equipment meant to monitor them. >> with what chevron did, it was not possible to actually measure how much emissions occurred. >> the district's investigation found the refinery used the pipe bypass 27 times between 2005 and 2009. chevron corrected the bypass
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and paid $170,000 in fines. now the epa is launching its own investigation to determine whether it was used to deceive air pollution regulators. >> it comes at a time frankly in the wake of the fire where it affects the credibility of the refinery. >> chevron issued a statement in response to this issue. it reads in part "we are currently cooperating with the government's investigation. protecting people and the environment are core values at chevron. we have invested millions of dollars to upgrade, improve and monitor our equipment. we developed a program to identify and reduce the volume of gas. implemented a robust planning process to reduce flaring. but neighbors of the refinery in richmond say that is not enough. >> i just don't like deception. and i think chevron is caught in between trying to make money, trying to satisfy a community and trying to make as much money as possible. they may be skirting issues. >> kyra clapper, abc7 news.
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tomorrow night chevron is holding a meeting to update the investigation into last month's refinery fire. it will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the richmond memorial auditorium. let's head to leigh glaser for a first check on weather and what is happening outside right now. hi, leigh. >> live doppler 7hd, picking up the fog across the bay area, and then 10 minutes later the fog bank moves out of here. really not a lot of fog to show you right now. that's because it is very, very shallow out there. i can tell you the golden gate bridge is pretty much socked in. this fog is just moving around. still mild, antioch 68, 65 in livermore. cooler as you head toward the coast with half moon bay 52 degrees. accu-weather seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thank you very much, leigh. and still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a star-studded night at the emmies. ahead the big winners and the best dressed live from the red
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carpet. >> and secrets revealed. arnold schwarzenegger's new book details how his marriage to maria fell apart. >> and the new exercise trend, ñ@ñ ñ,ñzñpr9ñíñy"itz worthy?
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maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger seemed to have it all until maria filed for divorce over arnold's love child. now he has written a book to tell his side of the story. josh griffin has more. >> if my life was a movie, no one would believe it.
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>> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger is back making scandalous headlines again. this time coming clean in his new book acquired by the new york daily news "total recall, my unbelievably true life story." schwarzenegger opens up about the wrenching moment maria schieffer confronted her husband about fathering a son with another woman. writing, quote, maria wanted to come here today and to ask about a child, whether you fathered a child with your housekeeper, mildred. caught off guard, schwarzenegger answered, it is true. it was back in 2011 when news broke that schwarzenegger cheated on his wife with the housekeeper. >> he fathered a child with a member of the household staff more than 10 years ago. >> rocking the 25-year marriage of the political power house couple. many read between the lines when shriver appeared on oprah's farewell show, praising the virtue of honesty. >> you have given be love,
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support, wisdom and most of all the truth. >> as for her husband's dishonesty, schwarzenegger writes he hid the truth from his wife out of fear of embarrassent in, a compulsion foresee craw see and not wanting her to tell her family, the famed kennedy clan. >> that book is scheduled to be released on october 1 st. word tonight that the east bay native and lead singer is heading to rehab. it follows his melt down on stage during a concert. green day is apologizing for the out burst at a music festival. he is seen smashing his guitar. he complains that the band's time is being cut short. the band says their set was not cut short. armstrong is seeking treatment for unspecified substance abuse. abc7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer. >> yes, that is right. we are so excited about the october 18th 49ers game that we are giving away $49,000.
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>> and if you like us on facebook, it is easy to enter the sweepstakes. just click the win $49,000 button on our page at news. >> and we will announce the winner on october 18th, right after the 49ers take on the seattle seahawks here on abc7. not a bad deal. and we have an having incredible weather. >> today was perfect. although you probably noticed the high clouds. it looked like it was going to be very cloudy today, especially this morning, and then the sun came up up. and then the temperatures went crazy. our high definition east bay camera looking downright now and of course way in the back the city lights of san francisco. and from this vantage point we are clear. as you get closer to the golden gate bridge we are picking up a little fog. you can see for yourself that it is projecting mainly clear conditions, but the reason why is that this fog bank is just
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so shallow that it is unable to pick it up. trust me. it is out there and it will thicken up overnight and we could be talking about reduced visibility especially the golden gate bridge near the peninsula and that could mean sfo tomorrow morning. shear a look at the highs. you can also see the high clouds. they came on through and this is a fog bank that sat near the coast. santee jobing 88. fairfield's high was 901. was 91. the sun came out and then the temperatures started to warm up. 84 was the high in santa rosa. 65 in san francisco. 83 was your high in san jose. right now we still have a little heat inland with antioch mild at 68 degrees. we have 50 degrees in santa rosa and 54 in san francisco and 60 in san jose. here is a look at our forecast. we will go with the dense fog hanging around.
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and it will be a cooler day inland. i don't think we will see any 90s. more like mid to low 80s. lows tonight are in the 50s. we may touch on the midto upper 40s. in the extreme north bay communities, santa rosa as well as napa. i want to show you the close up satellite, and you can get a sense of those high clouds. you can see the fog sitting there near the coast. and once the high clouds moved on out we saw a little of the daytime heating and the temperatures started to warm up. the area of low pressure to the north of us and passing to the east. the jet stream is over the bay area. this will bring us a little cooler weather for your monday afternoon. once it treks to the east the temperature will build in and that's when we will set the stage for warmer temperatures. coastal fog and sunshine innd la. inland.
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topping off at 86 and then the temperatures start to come down. 78 for san rafael tomorrow. interior east by, 85 for livermore. san francisco is 6578 san jose. 86 for gilroy and 64 for monterey. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, slight dip in the numbers on wednesday and then warming into the 90s on friday and saturday. and we will have an update tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thank you, leigh. you may have watched the 64th prime time emmy awards here on abc7. if not, kimmy skim medical can give you a -- jimmy kimmle can give on example. >> imagine all of your favorite television stars in one room looking at their phones and ignoring each other. >> "modern family" was one of the big winners with four emmies including best comedy. let's check in now with brandy hit live from the nokia
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theater. >> good evening. "modern family" celebrating big time, and this is a big evening for" homeland." the tv drama took home several awards including one of the biggest, beating "mad men" for best drama. the prime time emmy awards were filled with excitement and a few surprises. >> this is crazy. >> he couldn't believe he won best actor in a comedy while julia louis dreyfuss won for vib" and another big night for "modern family." not only did it win best comedy, but they won their second emmies for supporting rolls. >> i never knew i would be on tv as a gay man, but i love the pictures of hairy chests you are sending me. >> even host jimmy kimmle provided laughs. >> i don't think the president should be watching "homeland"
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and just like i don't think charlie sheen should be watching" breaking bad." >> in the world of drama, "breaking bad"'s aaron hall won for best actor. but it was "homeland"'s night with leading actors. >> i am so grateful, thank you. >> many of hollywood's silver screen stars were nominated for their work in a television mini series or movie. >> i would like to thank the television academy for this and for putting me in the company of actresses i so admired. >> and then the big announcement many were waiting for, the award for best drama. >> the award goes to "homeland." >> and "homeland"'s victory means mad men did not make emmy history in drought ma category. reporting live in los angeles, abc7 news. ama, back to you. >> brandy, i have to be honest, i love looking at the trash mags after the awards and seeing what everybody wore
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on the red carpet. there is usually a color or fabric everybody wears. what was the theme on the red carpet tonight? >> bright yellow. i don't know if you saw julianne moore's dress, but bright, bright yellow. we saw a lot of sequence. sophia vergara was sexy and beautiful in the bright colors with sequence and even whites out there. there were quite a few show stoppers i have to say. >> i think she gets talked about a lot. have a good night. the 49ers did not win an emmy for their performance today. >> they did not. but the raiders get their first victory of the year on a last-minute field goal. and the 49ers are bullied in th
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the 49ers play smash mouth football in all phases of the game. the vikings threw the niners around like a rag doll giving them their first loss of the season. smith was scrambling all day,
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disrupting his timing. he says hello to mr. smith. 13 tackles and two sacks. second quarter and he is showing some speed. 23-yard touchdown run. vikings lead it at the half. smith play action and finds davis and trailed 17-13. to rudolph and watch this catch. one hand and second touchdown of the game. vikings up 23-14. late fourth quarter and the vikings get to smith again. alan with the sack and he recovers the fumble. it is 24-13 the final. both teams are now 2 and one. raiders hosting the steelers which is always a black and blue contest in this rivalry that goes back to the 1970s had another classic match up in the black hole. mcfaden finally breaks one. he finds the seem and he's gone 64 yards and ran for 113. raiders were down 17-14 at the half.
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hayward bay was hammered and knocked out and gave a thumbs up as he was sent to the hospital with a neck injury. he will remain overnight for observations. carson palmer finds moore and three td passes on the day. raiders trail by three and time winding down. 43-yard game winning field goal and good. raiders win it 34-31 the final. >> it is a great feeling, but i tell you what, i am so proud of those guys in that locker room, the way they fought for 60 minutes. we knew it would be a 60-minute fight against a very good football team we played today. they fought up until the very end and we were fortunate to come out on top. a day after clinching the national league west, the giants come back to earth against san diego and the a's prevent a sweep in new york.
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the day after you clinch a playoff birth would be a let down and that's what happened. resting a lot of his players
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taking the day off of the alonso sing -- singles to center. padres up 4-2. padres pad their lead in the eighth. mark kotsay and a solo blast to center off brad penny. and then cabrera tries to steel third. the throw goes into the outfield 1k3* cabrera scores. the padres go on to win it 6-4 your final. bob melvin and the a's looking to avoid a sweep in new york. cliff pennington launches a two-run shot. it gave the a's a 3-0 lead. tied at four and when pennington singles to left. donaldson gets the green light. a's grab a 5-4 lead. no yankees rallied today. a's go on to win it and they trail for the top wild card spot. the number one putter and he drains the long birdie to go
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eight under. it is on-line and nothing but net. a four-voc lead. a four-stroke lead. it is a combined total payout. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you so much, shu. and justed just ahead, the workout sending good vibrations. we'll take a final look. >> and the final creation for independentrpesap
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i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wong. the principal in santa clara is facing drug possession charges. state narcotic agents arrested eric dean lewis on friday. they say he tried to sell methamphetamine to an undercover agent over the internet. police believe they arrested the man suspected it of kid p thatting a nine-year-old girl. the girl was snatched on friday. the victim escaped a short time later. >> police are looking for two robbers who opened fire at a cvs drugstore. it happened around 8:30 p.m. in the diamond district. no one was hurt. >> one of san francisco's most
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popular independent theaters is closing its doors for the last time tonight. the theater is shutting down. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live at the theater on california street with the details. thomas? >> ama, alan, lumire means light, and this light has gone out forever. >> it is so sad. >> marcia is here lamenting the loss of her neighborhood theater. they had their last showing on sunday night. they lost their lease. these long-time patrons say the city is losing a unique and necessary parts of its charm and identity. >> it has offered a broad range of opportunities and exposures and education. so i think it is going to create -- it is going to be a loss to the city. i'm sorry to see it go. >> the theater has been known for showing independent films that almost never get to the large screen theaters. it has been on california street since 1967, but an art
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house since 1991. the last film showing is "the intouchables" which john is here to see. >> we have been coming here for years over a decade. it it has great movies. >> they have been coming for years, and they streamed into the theater. while some are here to see another film they may not get a chance to see anywhere else, marcia is here to pay her respects. >> i am meeting my friends here. even though there is nothing i want to see particularly, we are coming to pay tribute to the very last of it. >> others are just grateful to the memories he provided. >> kind of strange that the theater is closing. it is bittersweet. >> theater employees wouldn't talk on camera, but off camera they say all eight employees will be offered jobs at the
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other theaters in the city. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. they are about to take a last bow. the purple onion will stage its last show. the comedy club has been a cradle for phyllis dill leer, the smothers brothers and more. it will feature comedians and lead to a tuesday morning auction of the memorabilia in the club. two oakland raider fans were injured while tailgating before the game. they were taken to the hospital with burns after raising a flag peel into a power line. it happened around 8:30 a.m., almost five hours before i can kickoff. neither suffered life-threatening injuries. bart passengers faced delays because an over night maintenance project took longer than expected. transit buses ferried
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passengers between the two stations. bart restored full service by 9:30 a.m. just in time for crowds headed to the raiders game. >> and a group of car owners got a charge when they gathered in san francisco. they took part in the second annual national plug in day. many say electric cars make sense when it comes to dollars and cents. >> we are seeing gas go up to $4 or $5 a gallon. we will see longer term savings. the economics are very good if you are charging at home and the off peak rates. joy nissan sponsored the event. they believe it was one of the world's largest gatherings of nissan leaf owners. teenagers who are learning to drive pick up more from their parents than they should. 1700 new drivers in the u.s., 90% talk on cell phones behind the wheel, and more than that
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admit to speeding. the majority of steen drivers -- the teen drivers say pair parents practice the same things. and coming up, a photo finish at the box office. the two films that came out on top. >> plus, the new way to get fit fast. the workout that has the fitness world buzzing. >> and it is monday and get away day. we'll look at some destinations if your travel takes you back ea
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it is a version of technology known as full body vibration. and as health and science reporter caroline johnson reports it promises to help shake up their exercise routine. >> there is no argument things are humming at this studio in san rafael. members filter through for what is billed as 10-minute workout all accomplished with the help of whole body vibrations. >> i can feel it strengthening. it is waking up and strengthening. >> the machines are a refined version of a technology studied during the days of the space program to combat atrophy from weightless space flight. in 10-minute sessions members stand, stretch and sometimes light exercises on these moving platforms. lee-novak says it compensates
11:45 pm
for the movement creating an accelerated workout. >> it vibrates and creating 1800 contractions of the muscles a minute and activates 97% of the muscles in the body at the same time. >> supporters report an increase in bone density to increased flexibility and even weight loss. he has mixed the vibration sessions with light weight training over the past four months. >> i have lost -- i can't tell you how many pounds, but i have lost four pant sizes. i went from a 42 to a 38 in four weeks. >> but scientifically documenting can be a challenge. search on-line and you will final -- inned foo studies with -- find studies with conflicting results. they found an increase in hipbone density in older women, a canadian study found no benefit in its trial. there are similar debates over muscle toning and performance.
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>> it is very controversial. >> dr. susan lewis is an orthopedic doctor. she said while it can build muscle and bone density, she is skeptical the vibration has much affect on the body. >> on most of these machines people might be lifting weights on the machine. >> even so, the interest is building. they have opened three new studios in the bay area. they believe it offers mullets pell benefits for a small investment of time including being fun. >> i feel the machine assisting me in my vie gor and my -- vigor and myiy ter national life force. >> one note is the machine is fda approved for medical rehabilitation as well as exercise. and a breakthrough in breast cancer. scientists 1r* just completed
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a major analysis of the genetics of breast cancer. they hope it can reveal genetic weaknesses that in turn could help target treatments. the study appears in the journal "nature." it was a photo finish for the top spot at the box office. i >>- q. i would like to have a -- >> i would like to have a daughter. that would be cool. >> don't let her date cops. >> she is not dating anyone. >> it brought in $13 million. it shared the top spot with jennifer lawrence's horror flick "house at the end of the street." "finding nemo" was in fourth followed by" retribution." we have been experiencing incredible weather, and leigh glaser is standing by with the workweek ahead. >> one of the big problems early flight at sfo. we have a pocket of dense fog moving around the bay area by tomorrow morning.
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that could slow you down. l.a. with clear skies and 81 dries. san diego is cooler and comfortable 79. 102 palm springs and tahoe with a touch of fall and 68 degrees. plenty of sunshine there. traveling back you will look for showers to develop near new york. 72 washington, d.c. perfect day st. louis 69 and plenty of sunshine. 59 in chicago, and we will look for 94 in dallas. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, low clouds and poke committees of fog -- pockets of fog, and then we will see it burn back to the coast. it will be cooler, antioch and brentwood in the low nineties. look for 70s in the east bay locations and low 60s near the coast. here is a cook at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a terrific week ahead.
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a little change for your tuesday. it will still be sunny and mild. temperatures take a little dip on wednesday, and then get ready for some nice, mild to warm temperatures, back up by friday. low 90s inland. low 80s around the bay and even upper 60s. we love this time of year. mike shuman is here with sports. >> a little bit of everything. interesting day for our team. 9ers and giants losers. the best doubles team in the history of
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the 49ers were ambushed by a band of vikings. did they take this team for granted? if so they learned a available lesson. he was coached by mike single terry and he was everywhere. it was his best day as a pro and 23-yard touchdown run. niners trail 17-13 and a close one to kyle rudolph. he makes an unbelievable adjustment and catch. his second of the game.
11:53 pm
the first interception and a franchise record 249 passes. 24-13 and arizona beat philly to take that lead in the west. they are now 3 and 0. the raiders and the steelers in the black hole. this is one of the most physical rivalries in the history of the nfl, and today was no different. we had a classic match up ending with a raider victory. mcfaden has been struggling all season with the new zone blocking scheme until today. first quarter finds the seem and he goes 64 yards. raiders down three at the half. hammered by mundy. he was knocked out for like 10 minutes. he was sent to an area hospital. moments later and carson palmer had three td passes. janikowski, 43-yard game winning field goal raiders win it 34-31 your final.
11:54 pm
>> we knew we were the only ones who believed we could win. we were fortunate we got some turnovers on defense. the defense played great and got us the ball back and got us a short field. we had big explosive plays and are fortunate enough to get a win. >> we have a rare day when two were in the same game. >> it is the famous music city miracle. totally fools the lions and go the distance. the hail mary and he makes the catch and sends it to over time. the titans win it and the jets and dolphins and tim tebow in motion. watch this. mark sanchez hits him in the head. with this rivalry, maybe he did that on purpose. jets win it 23-20 in over time. giants celebrated into the night clinching the title with yesterday's win over the
11:55 pm
padres and it showed today. giants resting most of their players. buster took the day off. a single to center and it is 4-2. mark kotsay a solo shot to center. cabrera tries to steel third. hector sanchez is a little off in his throw. cabrera scores and padres win it 6-4 the final. a's are in new york trying to prevent a sweep. pennington had a big day. pennington again and singles to left. josh donaldson gets the green light. no rally from the yanks. a's win it 5-4. they trail the orioles for a game in the top wild card spot. let's talk tennis.
11:56 pm
they have turned themselves into arguably the greatest men's double team of all time. they won the gold medal in the olympic game and their win a few weeks ago gave them 12 major titles tieing them for the most ever. >> it was our fourth u.s. open, but breaking the record we were tied with them and stuck on the mark for a year. it was awesome. we are still riding high. >> what are the chances of double team and their twins. >> the hit on darius hayward-bey, do you think he will remember that? >> hopefully not. that's pretty violent and that's the price you pay running up the middle in the
11:57 pm
nfl. >> you have been hit by that. >> yes, too many times. that's it for this edition of the abc news. >> abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for leigh glaser and mike shumann thank you for joining us. don't forget our new app for the iphone. you can download it for free and get headlines the moment you wake up. good night, everyone.
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