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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 24, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, massive riots in apple's biggest supplier. the company making the iphone has shut down production. after thousands of workers clash with police overnight. will it make finding an iphone even harder? and developing overnight. hundreds of homes threatened by new fires in southern california, fueled by furnace-like temperatures. the smoke so bad in the northwest, entire families are wearing masks to breathe. stunning crash caught on tape. two trucks collide on a busy highway. but watch the incredible moment when the driver hurtles through the windshield and walks away with barely a scratch. and "modern family" sweeps the emmys. >> good morning, america. >> on a night full of laughs as little lily steals the show.
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and the rookie "homeland" wins big. >> "the daily show with jon stewart." >> all the jaw-dropping moments from tv's most exciting night. and the red hot styles. >> good morning, america! >> "gma's" emmys after-party starts right now! and good morning, america. robin on her medical leave. great to have amy robach here. hey, sam. how about that glam couple in l.a. for the fun night at the emmys? hey, guys. >> hey, george, how are you? good to see you. it was a night of glitz, glamour, actually some very unexpected moments. i think i can speak for lara when i say we've never actually seen a brawl break out midshow. at the emmys.
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and of course jimmy kimmel not disappointing. there it was. getting after each other. hold me back. and we saw the biggest prank ever at an awards show. >> it was also a great night for our friends at "modern family." they won four awards. we talked to all of them. and we will share that with you guys back in new york. >> you guys had such a night on the red carpet backstage. so much to share this morning. we'll get to that in just a little bit. let's start with the news. all right, george. we begin with that breaking news overnight. the company that makes the iphone for apple has shut down production at one of its factories because of a massive riot involving thousands of workers. gloria riviera is in beijing this morning. >> reporter: amy, 2,000 workers at the factory in northern china took to the streets last night after a personal dispute between several workers and possibly a security guard escalated out of control. [ shouting in foreign language ] >> reporter: the company that owns the factory, foxconn, says
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the incident was not work-related, but it is shutten down production for at least a day. 5,000 police were called in. 40 rioters sent to the hospital. foxconn as has faced charges of poor working conditions, low pay, and mandatory overtime in the past after a string of suicides at a separate factory in 2010. foxconn, with apple's help, sought to improve things. the factory that was the site of last night's riots reportedly makes casing for apple's iphone 5. apple isn't saying yet whether the shutdown will cause delays in orders of iphones for customers. >> gloria, thanks so much. back here at home, new video overnight of two wildfires that have erupted in southern california. at least 200 homes are in the flames' path in riverside county. four other homes have been destroyed. meantime, heavy winds have pushed thick smoke from wildfires in washington state all the way east to greenland, affecting air quality in several states. sam will have much more on the extreme conditions out west in just a few moments. a frightening ordeal at the philadelphia airport.
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a veteran u.s. air flight attendant was caught trying to take a loaded revolver on to her flight. when police tried to unload it, the gun went off, firing into the wall. no one was hurt. the flight attendant says she forgot the gun was in her purse. and this morning, they're investigating a new virus similar to the sars virus. which killed hundreds of people back in 2002. an infected patient is being treated in england but travelled to saudi arabia where one person has died already. and groundbreaking new findings in the fight against breast cancer. for the first time, scientists have pinpointed four specific types of the disease, each with a distinct genetic makeup. it could help lead to more precise treatments. one type of the disease appears to be vulnerable to the drug that treats ovarian cancer. and two dramatic moments to show you from the road. watch as the truck swerves into the path of another truck in russia. the driver of the oncoming truck goes flying straight through the
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windshield onto the road. but this is the amazing part. he walks away from the crash seemingly uninjured. and look where one driver ended up in brazil. he was hanging off that bridge for a half hour before being pulled to safety. he lost control after the car in front of him stopped short. that is incredible. glad both of them survived and apparently had no scratches. >> thanks very much. now, back to los angeles and the emmys. the stars out in hollywood for tv's biggest party, josh, you were there for the whole thing and there's some big winners, all our friends at "modern family"? >> oh, yeah, george, they got the show started with a bang and of course they ended it pretty well as well. as we just get started with the emmys afterparty here. lara and i got to catch up with big stars right to my right at the nokia. after they accepted, they were discussing the country's most watched comedy.
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"modern family" took home plenty of that gold. we chatted with julie bowen and eric stonestreet after their big wins. >> the emmy goes to "modern family." >> reporter: it was a family affair. >> thank you so, so much. >> reporter: america's favorite sitcom taking home four statuettes. >> an embarrassment of riches. >> i just want to share this with every actor whose got an audition tomorrow at 5:00 in santa monica. i went to every one of them. i never missed one. >> reporter: the night's other first-time winner -- >> to "homeland." >> reporter: a pregnant claire danes nabbing the honors for lead female. >> my husband, my love, my life, my baby daddy. >> reporter: while the show's male star used his winning moment to introduce himself. >> i'm damian lewis. i'm one of those pesky brits. >> reporter: and tackling winner jon stewart. >> i'm not in the kind of shape i should be in to do a bit with jimmy fallon. >> reporter: while jimmy kimmel also nominated in the category took out his frustration on his folks.
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>> they always told me you can do anything you set your mind to. so this year, i set my mind to winning the emmy. and guess what, mom and dad? i didn't win an emmy. security, could we please have my parents removed from the theater? go ahead and tase them, bro, if you need. >> reporter: and julianne moore. followed tina fey's footsteps, becoming the second actress to win an emmy for playing a certain former alaska governor. >> i feel so validated because sarah palin gave me a big thumb's down. >> reporter: and jimmy kimmel who took his late-night act into primetime, nabbed some of the night's biggest laughs. >> all of you are winners tonight, but in a much more literal way, most of you will be losers. >> reporter: at one point, even asking those who were watching to help increase the size of his audience. >> go on facebook or twitter right now. here's what i want you to post, oh, my god, tracy morgan just passed out on stage at the emmys.
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just lie there for ten minutes or so and when people tune in, they'll see this. >> reporter: and perhaps our friend and winner for best reality host, tom bergeron sums up the night the best. >> this is the icing on a very sweet cake. thank you. >> i've got to tell you, it was an icing on a very hot cake. 125 degrees on this red carpet as they headed into this theater. what a night it was, though. some surprises. "mad men" shut out, and bryan cranston finally not winning. and boy, we saw a lot from "homeland." we'll see the interviews that we had with julie bowen and eric stonestreet. much more from l.a. coming up. for now, back to you in new york, george. >> thanks, guys. a lot more coming up from the afterparty. but the race for the white house now. "your voice your vote" just 43 days before the final vote. and mitt romney working to pull his campaign out of a september slump as president obama with politics here in new york. jake tapper is here this morning. jake, the candidates were combative on "60 minutes." >> that's right, george, they're entering a new phase, the debate
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phase of the campaign. so right now, with the first debate coming up a week from wednesday, the candidates are looking for any edge to knock the other on his heels. >> reporter: mitt romney barn-storming battlegrounds, colorado, ohio and virginia, trying to regain momentum lost after a tough week on the trail. on the campaign plane overnight, romney was asked why he was trailing in so many battleground states. >> i think that the president's campaign has focused its advertising, in many cases, on very inaccurate portrayals of my positions. he's trying to fool people into thinking that i think things i don't. that ends, i think, during the debate. >> reporter: when he lands in ohio, tuesday, a brand-new tv ad from the obama campaign will greet him, assailing the republican for the hidden camera comments he made describing 47% of the country as irresponsible, government-dependent victims. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of the americans who pay no income
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tax, including, veteran, elderly and disabled. >> reporter: and president obama today and tomorrow will be here in new york for the united nations general assembly. he'll be taping an appearance on "the view" today. though he has no time to meet one on one with any world leaders. >> so he has time for whoopi goldberg, but he doesn't have time for world leaders? >> no, chris, look -- the president is going to be actively involved at the u.n. general assembly. >> reporter: while he leads in ohio, most notably, there's another number he's focused on. state-by-state unemployment, which went up in iowa, new hampshire, north carolina and wisconsin. and nevada. a new romney campaign ad hits the president on his economic record. >> fewer americans are working today than when president obama took office. >> reporter: the president responded on "60 minutes" saying the u.s. has been weak on foreign policy in syria and
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iran, says mr. romney. >> if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war, he should say so. >> one other item from that interview that the republicans are pouncing on, president obama talking about unrest in the muslim world, george, described some of the events as bumps in the road. the romney campaign saying that the death of four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya is far worse than a bump in the road. to former politician arnold schwarzenegger and his bombshell revelation in his tell-all memoir, "total recall." that hits bookshelves days from now. for the first time, he's opening up about the moment his wife maria shriver confronted him about his love child. abc's dan harris is here with all of those details. dan? >> amy, good morning to you. we all new about the scandal. now we know what happened behind the scenes. in book excerpts published in "the daily news," the terminator said he was blindsided by his wife. it happened the day after then governor arnold schwarzenegger left office as governor of california. he and his wife went to a counseling session initiated by her. quote, the minute we sat down
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the therapist turned to me and said, maria wanted to come here today and to ask about a child. whether you fathered a child with your housekeeper mildred. i told the therapist it's true. and then, according to schwarzenegger, he started to grovel, saying he had screwed up and that she was the perfect wife and that he was still turned on by her. it didn't work. shriver separated from him and then filed for divorce. >> if my life was a movie, no one would believe it. >> reporter: in the new book called "total recall" which comes out next week, schwarzenegger says he had sex with housekeeper mildred baena in 1996. in the family guest house when shriver and their kids were away on vacation and he was home filming "batman and robin." he said for years he tried to convince himself that her husband was the father, until the boy grew up and the resemblance to schwarzenegger was so strong, quote, i realized there was little doubt that he was my son. all the while he watched as shriver defended him from allegations of infidelity.
7:13 am
>> i am my own woman. i have not been quote bred to look the other way. >> reporter: but schwarzenegger says he kept it all a secret because he was embarrassed and because he didn't want to face up to his wife's family, the kennedys. he says he put it in a compartment and locked it up where i didn't deal with it every day. and he notes a parting shot he said shriver took after their marriage ended during her father's funeral. >> perhaps his greatest accomplishment to me was showing my brothers how to treat a wife. >> schwarzenegger who was in the audience said, that comment may have been, quote, partly directed at me. you think? schwarzenegger says he still hopes to reunite with shriver, quote, you can call this denial, but it's just the way my mind works, end quote. >> and arnold schwarzenegger will be right here on "gma" on monday. >> next week. >> thanks, dan. >> looking forward to that. now new details about the
7:14 am
man who jumped into the tigers den in the bronx zoo over the weekend. he's speaking out telling police why he did it. but he'll also have to explain himself in court. and abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: 25-year-old david villalobos plummeted 17 feet down right into the jaws of a 400-pound male siberian tiger, much like this one. >> he stated he wanted to be one with the tiger. was not an effort to kill himself. >> reporter: police say he jumped from the monorail on purpose, clearing two fences, one even electrified. and told police he landed on all fours like a cat. >> apparently, he has a fascination with tigers. he said he visited the zoo in the last month, month and half. >> reporter: in his nearly 10 1/2 minute romp in becoming one with the tiger, he escaped with a broken ankle and bite wounds. his most serious injuries were sustained from his fall, breaking his shoulder, pelvis,
7:15 am
rib, and suffering a collapsed lung on impact. responders managed to save him by distracting the tiger with a fire extinguisher. >> they instructed him to roll over by an electrified fence. they told him to be able to roll under the fence. >> reporter: and this isn't the first daredevil behavior at a public zoo. in this video from singapore, a man crosses a moat to get to a tirg enclosure. in ak, a this tourist went over the rails just to get a picture of a polar bear. in this latest attack, he told them everyone in life makes choices. this choice brought him charges for trespassing and nearly took his life. for now he's still in the hospital recovering, but early next year, police say he'll be in court to face those criminal trespassing charges. and he says he was not trying to commit suicide. he was not intoxicated. he just wanted to be one with the tiger.
7:16 am
still trying to get my mind around that. >> he paid a price for that. thanks very much. let's get back out to josh and lara for the emmy afterparty. >> that's right, george. it was a huge night here for television's biggest stars. last night did not disappoint. for "modern family." for the rookie "homeland" and jon stewart, the awards were plentiful. for jimmy kimmel, the laughing were nonstop. >> julie bowen in the house, everybody. congratulations. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> you're giddy? >> i really am. i'm sort of beside myself. i feel a tiny bit guilty, but i'm going to get over it. >> how is that, because obviously there's the sofia thing. >> sofia is amazing. i think people don't realize what she does is a character. they think -- and she always plays it, please, that's just the way i am. she does so much. and basically phonetically. >> how is it? sweeter second time?
7:17 am
>> i forgot thank people this time. i really didn't think i should write a speech. ever. and i thought, i'll never forget anything. >> how do you feel about your colleague, stonestreet? >> it's unbelievable what he does with that character of cam. it's crazy good. >> when they opened up the envelope, what was it like? >> it's awesome. i didn't think i was going to win this year. my parents are in town. my sister is in town. i know they're proud of me because they know the struggles and ups and downs of what it is to be an actor. for a long time. it's not digging ditches. it's not hard work. but it is a difficult journey. we give each other awards. i didn't come up with that concept and idea, but i'm certainly proud to be given one for my work. >> what was it like for your parents, what was it like to be able to tell them and share it with them? >> well, i gave it to them. i took it home, my first one on "good morning america." i gave it to them. i wanted them to see, winning is enough. winning an award is enough. i was in a bowling league once, i got a trophy.
7:18 am
this is special. i'm happy to have one for myself now to keep in my house. >> oh, gosh, to see the emotion on eric's face after that win, it was wonderful. we're just getting started here in los angeles. for now, you've got some answering to do, sam champion, for the hotter than cartoon weather we suffered through yesterday on the red carpet in the afternoon. i blame you, big boy. >> uh huh, not happy. >> yeah, breaking news. it's hot in california. josh, you're from there. you guys looked great. everybody else was shiny but you guys looked great, i've got to say. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> how was that? >> sweet lies. sweet lies. >> only thing that would have been better if you had been here, sam champion. >> well, it was 68 degrees here. we're kind of happy of what we have in new york city. how about that? move the emmys to new york city next year. we'll talk about the fire that's
7:19 am
going on. the heat plays a big part in those as well. from san diego to riverside, these fires have been at it in the last 24 hours. there is cool air moving into that region that should help a little bit. at least you're not going to see the crazy numbers like the triple digits. you're looking at salt lake from the 60s to 70s. denver goes to the 60s on wednesday. and sure late for josh and lara, but cooler breeze working that way. and the cooler temperatures into the northeast. check out the frost and freeze warnings in 16, 17 states. that chilly.
7:20 am
and coming up on "good morning america," the coach of a youth baseball team arrested for stalking a rival coach and his son over a strikeout. and the teenage girl spanked at school after she got caught helping another student cheat. why she and her mom are outraged. ♪ it's a good morning i'm stepping on my way ♪ it's a good morning ♪ strikeout.
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new chocolatey delight pastry crisps from special k. two delicious crisps. for 100 calories. so you'll never have to break up with your sweet tooth again. what will you gain when you lose? good morning i'm eric thomas. police in hayward shot and killed a suspect this morning who was allegedly involved in an earlier bar shooting. officers opened fire following a vehicle pursuit when he tried to run them over. investigators believe the man was involved in area earlier
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confrontation at a nearby bar when he shot another man that. man was treated and released from the hospital. >> busy to rob lems on the road this morning. >> -- >> started out real busy still "sig alert" finally lifted southbound 680 open at pleasanton earlier shot from sky 7 hd, bumper-to-bumper the back-up residual remains even though lanes open southbound 680, traffic on 580 backed to the central valley and 204, still 50 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. >> when we come back,
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welcome back. east bay hills some of the fog through there issues at sfo flight departure delays watch out for that. a little fog in the north bay all in the 50s this morning zero to five degrees cooler his afternoon, 70s, 80s
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♪ ♪ we don't even have to try ♪ it's always a good time watch out, jon stewart. stephen colbert and jimmy fallon don't want him to get that award for best variety series at the emmys last night. what a run jon stewart's had. scrapping it out, ten in a row for jon stewart. there are josh and lara. the emmy's after-party just getting started. good morning, america. robin on medical leave. amy robach is here. lara and josh, you are the star attraction this morning. >> what a big night it was, especially for fashion. super bowl of fashion, we like to call it. that red carpet, so much glamour there was. and we're going to take a look at all the hottest looks. my vote, it was not easy, i loved edie falco in stella mccartney, navy and white.
7:31 am
i had dress envy. >> i loved the chartreuse cow tour that julianne moore was wearing. >> what happened to you? >> i don't know. it looked tremendous. also, we were backstage at nokia. we went one on one with the big winners. claire danes, what a big night for of the actress and the show. julia louis-dreyfus. veep. the big winner. what a big night. back to you, amy. >> all right, josh and lara. looking forward to all of that. also this morning, we know that lady gaga is always surprising us with all of her looks. but her latest reveal is more than a costume change. it may be causing the most controversy ever. the superstar is opening up about gaining 25 pounds. we begin with the latest
7:32 am
outrageous example of parents behaving badly over afterschool sports. a new york dad is accused of stalking a rival baseball coach and his son all because of a strikeout. abc's rob nelson is here. >> they say there's no crying in baseball, but what about harassing and even stalking? we have another story this morning proving that perhaps the worst thing about kids' sports is the adults. instead of hearing the crack of a bat, this youth baseball team manager in long island, new york, is feeling the long arm of the law. >> didn't do anything. >> you did nothing wrong? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: robert sanfilippo was accused of sending harassing text messages and pictures to his rival coach, john raredon. >> they said watch your back. sleep with one eye open. >> reporter: the two exchanged
7:33 am
heated words after raredon's 10-year-old son struck out sanfilippo's son in a game. it started when reardon said he received texts, including photos of reardon's wife in the driveway and his son walking to the bus stop. you saw the pictures, the angle is coming from over here? >> yeah, i think he was hiding behind that fence there or parks in the car there. i can't believe i'm on "good morning america" talking about being stalked because of a baseball game, it's crazy. >> reporter: on friday, police arrested sanfilippo right in the middle of a game, no less. he's been charged with 20 counts of aggravated harassment and one count of stalking. the name of his team, oddly enough, the long island vengeance. you can see the decal here on the window of his home. >> are you innocent? >> absolutely. >> reporter: riordan says all of this should be a lesson to
7:34 am
parents to lighten up and let their kids simply enjoy the game. in the meantime, though, he wants justice. >> i want to make sure this guy's punished for what he did. i want him to feel the anxiety and the nervousness that me and my family felt. >> now, sanfilippo will be back in court october 9th. he could face 20 years in prison. he was released without bail over the weekend. wild story. >> long island vengeance? >> aptly named, perhaps. >> thanks, rob. >> what a story. and turning now to another shocking story. this one out of texas. a mother there is outraged after her teen age daughter was spanked at school for cheating. guess what, she's not mad about the actual punishment. she gave the school permission to do it. it's the person who swung the paddle that she has a problem. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: taylor santos is a sophomore with good grades at this high school in north texas. after she got caught helping another student cheat, taylor got a paddle to the back side. >> i still have welts on me today. >> reporter: taylor and her mother actually chose corporal
7:35 am
punishment over day-long suspension. they're not shocked at what happened but they are by who did it. it was her male vice principal. jada watt is a year ahead of her. she admits she smarted off to the same male principal with the same result. >> a swat is a swat, yes, it is and they do sting. but to bruise a child -- >> reporter: texas is one of 19 states that allows corporal punishment in schools, usually as long as a parent agrees. the school superintendent says in both cases, they followed texas law. but they violated their own school policy which states spanking a student can only be done by an employee of the same sex. jada says not only was she paddled by a male vice principal, it was observed by ail male police officer. >> two men giving her a swat behind closed doors, that is creepy.
7:36 am
>> reporter: tonight, school officials plan to ask the board the change that same-sex policy. these mothers will fight that. saying that men should not hit women under any circumstances. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc, springtown, texas. now it's time to head to the weather and sam champion. we were just talking to him ant how great our weather is. >> i'm still amazed at josh using the words chartreuse and couture in the same sentence. i'm still blown away with that whole thing. let's start out of alaska, alaska has been pounded by storm after storm. you're looking at one town. tawitna. we'll have more storms. over to the east coast, yes, we've got cool temperatures but we'll get a little warmup over the next couple of days. new york city in the 70s. washington, d.c., 80 degrees. atlanta by wednesday, near 82. a quick look at the
7:37 am
>> all of america's weather was brought to you by weight watchers. amy. george. >> all right, sam, thanks so much. coming up, all the emmy fashions. we talked with claire danes and julia louis-dreyfus. talked with claire danes and julia louis-dreyfus. weight watchers online was so easy you look up a food, you eat the food, you track the food. weight -- comes right off. you have lipstick on your teeth. ok. got it. using the recipe builder, i'm making 2 point enchiladas that will blow your mind. together, we lost 71 pounds with weight watchers online. quit dancing. i didn't do it... [ female announcer ] join for free. offer ends october 20th.
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♪ ♪ just get in the middle. just get in the middle. oh, yes, back here now, at the amazing "gma" after-party. the emmy red carpet, still alive and bustling with excitement. and everybody's still talking about the sizzling fashions as
7:42 am
tv's biggest stars heated up the already very warm red carpet. take a look. >> i know it's really early, but wake up! wake up, we're on the emmy's red carpet. see all the fun, all the action. >> omg, "gma." that's insane. >> reporter: the "pop heat" index was scorching on the red carpet, stars melting under the triple-digit heat. >> 104, i felt that. i actually felt cool stuff. >> reporter: ashleigh judd accessorized with diamond earrings. why are you and i sweating and you're not? >> she never sweats. she's a reptile. >> reporter: some trendty accessories never die. jimmy choo shoes were everywhere.
7:43 am
heidi klum in her supersexy aqua gown. >> this is literally the highest slit i've ever seen on a dress in my entire life. any higher, you might be arrested. >> reporter: i just want to slit mine up. i want to get wild. old hollywood glamour was out in force. zooey deschanel and her fashions. perfection. >> in blue? >> trend alert. playeds and color are in. and of course, hollywood kids know their couture. >> i'm wearing a zack posen dress. >> i thought i'd wear all black and splash the white to bring it out. good morning, america. boom! >> lara actually taking that piece to the inside. that was great work there. also, we have access backstage. the nokia theatre to our right there, talking about the winners of the night.
7:44 am
really wonderful moments just after their wins. kevin costner, claire danes, jon stewart, and actually, a woman behind one of the better acceptance speeches in recent memory. julia louis-dreyfus. take a look. how does it feel? >> well, to say it's overwhelming, it is overwhelming. but it got my mind off it. amy and i planned this bit together. so i was more nervous about the bit than the award. i'm so sorry. it says lastly, isn't it a shame that amy poehler didn't win. >> i know you have kids, but do you go out on the town or is it date night? >> it's going to be family night and date night. >> how is that -- ♪ >> we brought our 15-year-old son here tonight. he's never been to an awards show. first of all, here's the other thing, i forgot to kiss him and my husband. i'm sitting there, amy, we got to hug.
7:45 am
>> you can blow a kiss to them. >> oh, they know that i love them. >> you came on "good morning america" to talk about it, and 16 nominations later. >> yeah. >> i mean, people want to know a lot more than the hatfields and mccoys. rather than just the old adage. >> sometimes the things you love you have to push uphill. >> what now? >> i have to go to work. >> you have to go to work tomorrow? >> yeah this will probably go to my 5-year-old's sharing day. >> that's great. >> that's a pretty cool share. >> it is a cool share. >> and the emmy goes to -- claire danes. >> how are you feeling? >> okay. i'm feel be that there is a human being inside of me. >> yes. how does that affect the awards show experience. >> i won't be celebrating in the usual way. >> no champagne toast. >> in some ways, it's just very grounding, actually. there's something bigger going on. >> not again.
7:46 am
"the daily show with jon stewart." >> how does this one feel? >> this one felt really nice. this one, i thought we had everyone out here, and finally, we all came up on stage. we were trying to do a bit in the audience where we held hands, stephen and jimmy and i. >> what happened? >> it just degent rated into a fistfight. and i'm not in the shape i used to be in. it didn't work out as planned. they seemed to come out okay. >> everybody, claire danes' dress, what color was it? >> claire danes' dress was -- i don't remember. >> chartreuse. >> couture. >> what's coming up? >> "the play of the day," go nowhere! >> special emmy edition. ♪ you're in my way i beg borrow
7:47 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the
7:51 am
day"! wow. special. >> classy, fancy graphics. take a look. our man, jimmy kimmel over botox at the show. christina hendricks. kathy bates. a cast of thousands beating it out of him. ellen saving the day. and much more to get to here today, including emmy-winner tom bergeron. to have a winning team you need a great coach. so which coach has the most career wins? go now to on yahoo! to find out and to discuss your favorite coach. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd.
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7:55 am
still ahead here on "gma" --
7:56 am
tom bergeron! ♪
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's a good time whoa whoa whoa ♪ this morning, it's the ultimate party, and we're still going. ♪ it's always a good time >> "gma" at the emmys. the after-party. we've got your backstage pass to tv's main event. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> "modern family"! >> the biggest winners. >> this is the icing on a very sweet cake. >> the hottest fashions and most exclusive party! ♪ good time whoa whoa "gma's" emmy's after-party starts right now. we're feeling it all the way here in times square this morning. look at that happy crowd. and this beautiful monday right here in new york. robin, as you know is on medical leave. amy robach is here with us. the big story for us out in los
8:01 am
angeles. there they are live, josh and lara, nokia theatre, home of the emmys. the party has been going all night long. >> it does not stop. based on what i'm looking about at, it's about to get a little funky here, george. it's a red hot roundup of all big fashion hits and misses at the emmys. who wore the best. our fashion dream team, i daresay, here with all the answers. we'll take you inside the exclusive emmy party. we have so much fun popping into the emmy-nominated shows like "game of thrones." remember that, josh? >> i do. >> and now nick watt has that dr dragon on his shoulders. he was jealous seeing sam wearing the pantaloons. here he is. >> this is a bearded, bearded dragon.
8:02 am
want a -- >> no. >> are you sure? >> nick. >> there's the bearded dragon. in your hand. >> look at that one. >> wow. >> i didn't want to carry that one. >> so did you do "game of thrones" theme night last night? is that what this is all about? >> this is how i'm going. a tough night at the party. i dress like this in my spare time, okay? >> actually, when the suit comes off, it's underneath. good morning to you. >> i'm guessing that sam champion is wearing that underneath his suit right now. >> lara, right now. also, speaking about dancing -- hey, speaking of dancing, guys. we have a one-on-one with "dancing with the stars'" tom bergeron. of course, his moment last night, after he took down betty white and took home an emmy for best reality host. and tonight will be the night. the big premiere, the biggest ever of "dancing with the stars," it's the all-star edition. and our own niecy nash is behind the closed doors with the top
8:03 am
secret final rehearsals. she's standing by with her big report. lots to get to here in los angeles, george and amy. we have a big reveal from lady gaga, a brand-new look that is stirring up a lot of talk. now, she's speaking out about why she's put on so much weight and how she really feels about it. >> a lot different. >> but you've got news as well. >> i do indeed. let's start with the presidential race. with begin with mitt romney launching a more aggressive campaign schedule in key swing states. he said his goal is to offer more specifics about the economy and helping the middle class. he's also criticizing president obama for referring to the recent protests and violence in the middle east as, quote, bumps in the road. meanwhile, the president is defending his foreign policy record, saying, quote, if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war, he should say so. a new poll shows 17% of likely voters are still considered persuadable.
8:04 am
and a new wildfire burning east of san diego. the heat drought and heavy winds have helped to fuel three dozen major wildfires across nine western states. and the company that makes apple's iphone has suspended production in northern china after a riot involving as many as 2,000 employees. 40 people were injured. no word yet on what triggered that riot. and it's a story ripped right out of a hollywood script. italian police have arrested a man they say impersonated a commercial airlines pilot, and the big concern is he got away with it. his homemade uniform and his forged i.d. got him a free trip to germany and italy inside the cockpit of a flight. yes. authorities say he never touched the controls. the man said he was inspired, yes, he used the words inspired by the leonardo dicaprio movie "catch me if you can." all right. well, your free checking account may not be as free as you think. this morning's "wall street journal" says to avoid a monthly fee, bank customers must keep an
8:05 am
average monthly balance of $723. that's up 23% from last year. banks are looking for more ways to get revenue from more customers. and finally, a flock of sheep took a detour through a sporting goods store in austria. wow, that's just a few sheep there. one by one, they filed inside. the herd unstoppable. they hung out for a while until two shepherds finally persuaded them to file back out. apparently, one sheep saw his reflection in the glass window and that's why he led the entire flock inside. >> you never know what you might find. >> got it. >> absolutely. let's go to lara in l.a. "pop news." >> yes, george, it's a special emmy edition of "pop news." it's "pop news" in sequins. and for this special emmy edition, love is in the air on this very red carpet. not one, not two, but three nominees recently announcing
8:06 am
they are off the market, now officially engaged to be married. it was date night for host jimmy kimmel, "breaking bad's" aaron paul and jesse tyler ferguson all starting their own modern families. >> wow, that's terrific. that is great. >> give me a ding. >> ding, ding, ding. >> thank you. you're surprising me in so many ways this trip. if you thought the emmys were the only awards given out last night, oh, no, my friend, you need to think again. we revealed during our red carpet show the winners of's first ever poll to determine the sexiest man and woman on tv. and the award goes to sofia vergara from "modern family" and and that very hot werewolf from "true blood" joe manganiello. it's an injustice you were not named.
8:07 am
>> i just want to tell you, sam came this close, everybody. it was this close. who knew. >> its would either the weatherman or the hot werewolf. sam, we're sorry, there's always next year. finally in "pop news," there's no end to the phenom known as betty white. 90 years young and officially the oldest nominee in emmy history. she was front and center at the awards show last night. nominated for, i love this, for outstanding reality host for her show "betty white off her rocker." she did not win. not to worry, betty's got plenty of her own awards. she's won a total of seven emmys. and her first one, josh, dated back to 1971. >> seriously. we were talking with tom bergeron on the red carpet, he was in mortal fear of betty white. i mean, he took it home in the end, but, boy, he was like, i'd leave out a side door. >> hey, everybody, in new york, that's the edition of "pop news." and now sam champion with the weather. >> lara, josh, okay, that's enough, that's enough, you two.
8:08 am
the emmys are over. come home to new york. i miss you guys. it's not the same. get home. get on that flight, get home. good morning, everybody. how are you? >> hi. ladies, where are you from? >> i'm from florida. >> florida. >> long island, new york. >> long island, new york. >> biloxi, mississippi. >> biloxi, mississippi. >> orlando, florida. >> it looked like i stumped you. >> i was going to say claremont, actually claremont, right outside of orlando. >> orlando is a nice town, too. let's get to the boards. >> my mom. >> that's your mom right there? >> just connecting everybody together here. let's get to the boards here. we'll start with the squeeze play of rain. all of that moisture trapped in the front and cold front that can't get down too far. kansas city, st. louis, even a couple from oklahoma, you're getting rain. pittsburgh, cincinnati, louisville all getting soaked. here's where the heat stays. dallas, 94 degrees. houston, 92, that heat is still in texas and all the way to the desert southwest.
8:09 am
>> we are live in times square. it is beautiful here. lara, and josh, get yourselves home! >> oh, sam, we do miss you. we'll be back soon. but first, i want to tell you what's coming up on the "gma" morning menu. lady gaga with her curves right now. plus, the award bests, all the fashion hits and maybe a miss or two from the red carpet. and "dancing with the stars'" biggest premiere, yes,
8:10 am
is just hours from now. we're going into the top secret. all that and more coming up on "gma" live here in los angeles and in times square. ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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♪ coming up, "gma's" emmy after-party brought to you by audi. the official sponsor of the 64th annual emmy awards. lady gaga has a brand-new look on her concert tour that is surprising a lot of people. she says she's gained 25 pounds and she's not apologizing for her new shapely figure. abc's paula faris has the story. ♪ i was born this way >> reporter: it is the photo that launched a thousand rumors. a usually developed lady gaga visually heavier during her stop in amsterdam. on the latest tour. even called in fashion guru kelly osbourne to speculate if gaga is expecting her own little monster. >> i think she's pregnant. >> reporter: her weight has fluctuated over the years. telling radio host of elvis
8:16 am
duran of z-100 a couple weeks ago that christmas has been great on the lips, but not on the hips. >> i am dieting right now. i gained 25 pounds over christmas. i really don't feel bad about it, not even for a second. >> reporter: she told robin how much food plays a role in her family's holiday tradition. >> we just love food. eat, eat all day long with my grandma. >> she's all about self-acceptance. that's what her fans love about her, so if her weight fluctuates it doesn't matter to them. >> reporter: over the weekend, thanked her almost 30 million followers for accepting her curves, tweeting, thank you to my fans who love me no matter what and know the meaning of real beauty and compassion. i really love you. leaving her fans with this quote from marilyn monroe. to all the girls that think you're ugly because you're not a size 0, you're the beautiful
8:17 am
one. it's society who's ugly. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> self-acceptance is indeed a beautiful thing. lara, we're going to send it over to you. >> thank you, amy. i want to ask you, josh. your very favorite dress? >> julianne moore. >> it really was? >> no. seriously, the chartreuse. it was hot from the moment she stepped out of the car. >> joe zee, watch out. we have a new fashion maven in the house. the emmys were sizzling not only temperaturewise but fashions heating up the night. and we're going to talk to our fashion dream team about the fashions in just a moment. but first, the full fashion report. take a look. a red hot, red carpet short-sleeved, no sleeves were a must. the heat index which followed was over 100 degrees. >> hot as "gma" out here. >> reporter: and, of course, no one shimmered like the ladies in sequins.
8:18 am
connie britton, amy poehler, carrie washington, all dazzling. shiny clutches and shoes also covering the carpet. this year's red carpet was on fire, bright, dazzling colors. top chef's padma lakshmi and jennifer goodwin looked stunning in orange. sofia vergara and jane levy turned the carpet blue. and emmy winner claire danes and julie bowen wowed out chartreuse. but among all the popping colors edie falco and from the hit show "girls" showed there's nothing like the classic.
8:19 am
understated but just as beautiful. and to talk more about the fashions, we're joined by -- >> the fashion dream team this year. >> yes! >> oh, boy. the creative director of "elle" magazine, star of "all on the line with joe zee," the man who helped me and you choose my dress, joe zee is in the house. fashion editor in chief of "skinny" suze yalof schwartz. and i want to start with you, joe. >> yes. >> talk to me about your favorite look on the red carpet. >> first of all, i have to say, nicole kidman. the emmy red carpet is new for her. she looked dynamite. she's so statuesque and tall, she looked great in that dress. i just thought it was fantastic in ice blue. and then allison williams. and everybody was talking about the girls from "girls." seeing her in that green oscar de la renta it's so chic and elegant. for a girl that's really about williamsburg style. >> she somehow made something so sophisticated look young and
8:20 am
accessible. >> and fun, yeah. >> suze, let's talk to you. >> sofia vergara. she heated up the red carpet, and for a 40-year-old woman to be the sexiest person at the entire event, that's pretty amazing, i have to say. >> of course, julie bowen, i loved her dress. and it doesn't even bother me that paula patton wore it to the golden globes last year. but a little bit of a different color. it was tight and gorgeous and chic. >> i understand that you both loved zooey deschanel? >> i did. i thought it was a bit fantasy. it was fun. it was a fairy tale dress. >> it was fairy tale. she was coming backstage, we were supposed to do something live for the preshow, she barely made it. and in comes the fluff. what is that fabric on the bottom, josh? >> it's not -- a it's a belt -- >> a tool belt. >> ding, ding, ding. >> tulle.
8:21 am
>> done! >> that's tulle. >> and i liked that it was laser-cut, too. the powder blue with the white skin and black hair. >> she can pull it off. >> who else did you like? >> i liked tina fey. i thought she looked so good in that vivienne westwood dress. it was so tight, she never looked better. >> and we talked what about you thought you might see, and were you right? >> i was definitely right. body-conscious dresses and lace. and embellishment. >> what's with the color chartreuse? i know josh likes it. >> you can believe it, there was so much chartreuse, we saw it on julianne moore and claire danes, and julie bowen. i guess it was the lucky color because every single one of them won. >> that royal blue was another huge trend on the red carpet. i saw it all over the place. jon hamm's girlfriend was wearing the same color, i kept standing next to her, hoping he would get confused. >> did it work? >> no, it didn't work.
8:22 am
i have to ask you, joe, who got it wrong? >> i always hate to go there, but it is what it is. i have to tell you, when i saw ashley judd, she looked like a bonbon. i felt like it was a really pretty dress, i just thought it was not right with that hair. and i felt it was a lot. >> maybe it just looked a little older than she is. she's a young, beautiful woman. >> yeah, she say young beautiful woman. it felt a little too much. >> glenn close. print is very hard to wear on camera because it makes you look larger. it's very busy, and she's gorgeous. but that dress definitely was not flattering. >> wow, we thank you. i can't say i disagree. one dress i loved -- young, fun. >> young, fun, great. >> men got shut out. it was still a shocker.
8:23 am
a lot of fellas looked good. including tom bergeron who won the award for the best reality host. what do you know, as he gets set for the biggest season yet of "dancing with the stars." it's the all-stars edition and the top secret last rehearsal has continued, our very own niecy nash is here. she had a backstage look at it all. boy, niecy, what did you think? >> yes, i did. i'm going to show you what i saw. everybody, take a look. you know their names. we remember those looks. ♪ and tonight, on our "dancing with the stars", favorites step out with the season 15 all-stars, well, after they work out the last-minute kinks, of course. >> we're working on a move that's legal, i have to say. it's called the triple axle 900,000. >> it may save my marriage. >> reporter: the action is just hours away.
8:24 am
lights ready, cameras rolling. >> this is my shoes for this week. >> your cha-cha shoes. >> my cha-cha shoes. >> reporter: wow. and for those famously freakishly small women's outfits -- i think it's still pretty conservative. but definitely more skin. and willing to make more risks with it definitely. >> reporter: how much fabric do we have in the costume? >> very little. very little. >> reporter: very simply. celebrate the giggly. >> there's a partner for team that i can celebrate the giggly? >> you can celebrate it. i mean, keep talking. >> reporter: ladies, trust me, we've got something to watch for, too. here's the thing. i love him. isn't he gorgeous? >> reporter: i don't know if he's gorgeous, but i love him. >> you all relationship would be much better if you go ahead and sleep together and get it out of
8:25 am
the way. >> then we would be really evil to each other. >> reporter: max chmerkovskiy and kirstie alley will work on that, but how does their competition compare? >> there's a lot of ritual that comes with the territory. you got to wake up. the right leg comes off the back first, not the right one. it's important. >> i'll roll off the left, whenever i land. >> reporter: gilles marini and the strategy is a bit more -- face it -- people will vote for you if they see less of you? >> it's nice to look naked. >> isn't it? >> reporter: we've come a long way since i was on "dancing with the stars." can we talk about you coming out in this crop top after you just had a baby looking amazing. baby got to go. >> yes, we got that household to run. what about the baby? tripp, will he be here? will he be here or sitting on grandma's lap? >> yes, and he's old enough to come now. >> you look happy to be back. even a little nostalgic, i
8:26 am
daresay. >> you know what, i was. i'll tell what you i did. i showed up for the rehearsal before the interview, i brought my dancing shoes and my leg warmers. don't judge me. >> nor would we. >> do you still have it? >> you know what, honey, i have it and i have a lot of it and knew what to do with it, thank you very much. >> feel free to show us a sampling. >> niecy, it's an all-star cast. do you have a couple to beat, though? >> let me just tell you, first of all, i was so excited to see my old dance partner louis van amstel because he's with the fan favorite sabrina. the fans voted her on. they were so good. i mean, i cannot judge. i was proud even bristol is doing a little better this time. >> and i just tell you, you look fantastic. "dancing with the stars" all-stars premieres tonight on abc. coming up, a love story big exclusive.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. police in hayward shot and killed a suspect allegedly involved in an earlier bar shooting. officers opened fire on the suspect following a vehicle pursuit when he tried to run them over. this was the scene from sky 7 hd. investigators believe the man was involved in an earlier confrontation at a nearby bar when he shot another man that. victim was treated and released. right now your morning commute. still rough out there, several, right now "sig alert" west 580 grant line jammed all morning. earlier problem in pleasanton southbound stoneridge long gone traffic very slow there. southbound 880 almost 45 minutes to get to 238 to 84.
8:28 am
accident san mateo south 101 at 92. >>
8:29 am
clouds around the bay flight arrival delays into sfo. fog around santa rosa, visibility about a mile 50 there most of the news the low to mid 50s clear air inland now also where we will have 80s mainly east bay valleys.
8:30 am
upper 60s to mid 70s around i don't know, ten minutes or so. >> okay. >> when people tune in, they'll see this on the stage. >> all right. let's do it. >> wonderful. all right. this will be fun. >> yeah. >> the next three -- >> everyone buzzing about that moment last night. tracy morgan pretending to pass out. here in times square this morning, nobody in danger of passing out here. a lot of energy here. as you know, robin's on medical leave. great to have amy robach here. a beautiful morning. >> it is a beautiful, crisp fall morning. >> just the way you like them. >> i do like them. >> meanwhile, we know it's cooler in l.a. than yesterday afternoon. josh and lara with dancers there. the after-party at the emmys. hey, guys. >> it does continue, hey to you, george, amy, and sam.
8:31 am
it's a balmy 102. 92. nick watt, we know what lurks under that tuxedo. >> oh, my, wow, where is that dragon? also coming up, what does it take to get red carpet ready? aubrey anderson-emmons. little lily from "modern family" finds out when she attends her very first emmy awards. we were there for it. a great moment. >> she's a monster. >> for the dancers there in l.a. keeping the party going strong all morning long, they're the stalted students from l.a.'s dance complex. >> and we have a lot of stories coming up ahead, for taylor swift fans including, the world premiere of the superstar's brand-new song. we're all waiting for it. josh and lara? >> that's right. as we continue the after-party a big night for tomorrow
8:32 am
bergeron. six times a charm for him. the star going home with emmy gold after nominated five straight times. despite the looming presence of betty white, he got it done. we spoke to him moments after his big emmy win. >> there it is. there's the little baby. >> how's that feel? >> it's great. i mean, it's really wonderful. as i said on the stage to be part of the team that puts the show together, you know how much i love working with all them. so this is truly the icing on the cake. >> i remember you saying to me, running into me in the parking lot in connecticut, saying i'm doing this little dance project for the summer. >> for the summer. i know. i know. who knew? >> and look what it's become. >> it's nice. it's a good gig. >> and you were up against some powerful names tonight. >> absolutely. >> betty white. >> did you see the evil eye she gave me? >> you need security because betty white will come to you. >> i know. >> and you're looking forward to tonight, right?
8:33 am
>> i am. i mean, to get this on the eve of our all-star season is really special. >> we did that. >> thank you. >> are we surprised by who we think is coming out of the gate strong? >> i'll give you an honest answer in that. i haven't seen everybody rehearse. i saw some of them yesterday. but i have seen all the tapes of them in reversal, you know, leading up to the blocking on the set. some of their muscle memory is a little sketchy. >> o, yeah. really great timing for him, too, with the show premiering tonight. congratulation, tom bergeron. and do check out "dancing with the stars." also, our friends at "modern family" have lots to celebrate this morning. they snagged plenty of emmy gold last night. and we caught up with them backstage right after the big moment. here it is. >> it's amazing to come every year, and to win, i don't know what we're going to do when we don't win. i don't want to come if we don't win.
8:34 am
>> that's a good strategy. i will not come if we don't win. >> it's amazing. >> i don't know why, i wanted to win this more than the other two. and i wanted to win the other two. so it was particularly stressful. >> and you know, steve joined us back here and said what a treat it is to have actors that can do crazy things. what's it like to have the writers looking out for you? >> oh, it means everything. with good writing. it makes it so much easier. >> and you guys, both your colleagues won in their respective categories you were nominated in. how did that work behind the scenes? >> here's how that works. they won, and we lost. that's how it works. no it's fine. >> but you're happy that "modern family" won? >> i mean, honest to god, not to
8:35 am
take anything from anybody that wins the awards, for the categories, i always find myself going, flip a coin. really, flip a coin. >> really, really great. >> so happy for them. i'll tell you what, they opened the night with a bang. they closed it with a bang. congratulations to "modern family." our emmy after-party rolls on in hollywood. we're kicking off a big week for us. it's our "modern family" week with the littlest star of the smash hit show, the actress who plays little lily, her exciting first trip to the emmys, starting with her big red carpet debut. >> and the emmy goes to, "modern family." >> reporter: it was a big night for the abc comedy and especially for its littlest cast member, 5-year-old aubrey anderson-emmons who plays lily, mitchell and cam's adopted daughter.
8:36 am
>> i want to watch aunt claire. >> reporter: not only did she share the stage with the rest of the cast, but in a taped skit, she cracked them up. >> ty, they're ready for you. >> thanks, honey. >> hey, what's up? >> ty! are you okay? >> you're sick. >> you're next. >> reporter: but the day started with a special moment all its own. with a new dress. aubrey, these dresses were designed for you. which one do you prefer? >> i want the purple one. >> reporter: next hair and makeup, and this young lady was ready to go. but in the car, aubrey has only one thing in mind. >> at the emmys, why don't they have snacks? >> reporter: so french fries and a burger will have to hold her over. she hits the red carpet and it's all business for a young actress who some say has a future as
8:37 am
bright as her modern family. >> cute as a button. >> ferociously cute little girl. hey, everybody, the new season of the show, "modern family," most-watched comedy in america premieres this wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central, right here on abc. all this week, it's the cast of that show joining us, "gmas a modern family week." getting going. and oh, what a week. >> i've got to tell you, every one of them talking about it coming and talking to us about it. really excited. sam champion, we need one final check of that gorgeous weather. >> why don't we do it here with amy robach, i know it may be uncomfortable in l.a. what is it here, 53, 54? >> a little chilly. >> comfortable. >> good hair weather. >> couldn't sweat if we wanted to. let's get to the boards. we're showing you some pictures out of durango, iowa, because you guys sent us some frost pictures. and park city as well.
8:38 am
here's where the moisture drops in. we have so many problems with the wildfires. we talked about it in the top of the show. all the way down into california, and a slight bit of moisture, it can't hurt, it can only help. chicago, d.c., atlanta, we will get to milder temperatures as a push of warmer air gets to us by tuesday, into wednesday. >> all that weather was brought to you by tracphone. we're on a countdown for a special appearance by taylor swift right here on "gma." >> the new, highly anticipated
8:39 am
new album is released on october 2nd. here's taylor to introduce her song. >> hey, "gma," it's taylor. i'm so excited about previewing my new song "so red" on your show. you guys have been amazing to me. the new song that i'm going preview for your guys is called, "begin again." it's actually a song about kind of when you've gotten through a bad relationship, and you finally dust yourself off and go on that first date after a horrible breakup. and the vulnerability that goes along with all of that. you can buy this on itunes on tuesday. i'm very excited about it. and i really hope you guys like it. >> hang on. here's the song. wait, don't miss the song. ♪ ♪ i think it's strange that you think i'm funny because he never did ♪ ♪ i've been spending the last eight months thinking all i have
8:40 am
ever done is break ♪ ♪ i've been waiting to watch it begin again ♪ >> the lovely and talented taylor swift. that song will be available on itunes tonight at midnight and every monday night, we'll have a sneak preview of a song on "gma." >> and taylor will join us on monday, october 22nd. to perform a special concert right here on "gma." coming up with something else that's pretty big. steven tyler has a conversation. >> since he left "idol." >> yeah, first one. right here. stay
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
back now with steven tyler's first interview since leaving "american idol." the aerosmith star is back together with lead guitarist joe perry. and they talked to abc's cecilia vega about the real story and "american idol." ♪ working like a dog for the bossman, working for the company ♪ >> reporter: there's only one way to describe aerosmith's performance at this weekend's iheart radio festival in las vegas. they rocked the house. ♪ love in an elevator loving it up while i'm going down ♪ >> reporter: even backstage away
8:44 am
from the lights and screaming fans, aerosmith is 100% rock 'n' roll. and steven tyler is 100% steven tyler. >> this is butch cassidy and his brother is the sundance kid. ♪ living on the edge >> reporter: tyler and lead guitarist joe perry may be side by side now, but it's been a bruising year for this legendary man. the two frontmen made headlines for the decision of perry to be a judge on "american idol." >> you're going to hollywood. >> reporter: perry told reporters he did not want aerosmith's name involved with the show. and now with tyler, they're back and awaiting the release of a new album in november. >> this is the best record we've ever made. without any doubt. >> this year. we put our ideas together, we were like, what if we write a song for what they're going to listen to on the shuttle 20 years from now going to mars. what kind of song would they want to hear?
8:45 am
>> reporter: tiler and perry are rarely interviewed together. they've had a rocky relationship for decades. there's one topic that continues to be a sore subject. was doing "idol" worth it in the end? >> it was the biggest show on tv. every night, millions of people got to see that big -- singer being what he is. it didn't hurt aerosmith. they were a little jealous in the beginning that i took it. i didn't tell them i did. >> well, speak for yourself. i wasn't jealous. >> you were the first to go to the press. >> no, i was upset because i had to read about it in the press. >> that's what i just said. >> i wasn't jealous you were on the show. i was glad you were on the show. ♪ tell me that love is blind >> reporter: if tensions lingered inside the band, fans didn't see it this past weekend when they performed with a superstar lineup, including rihanna, no doubt and so many more. >> i'm sort of a superfan at these things. i'm so stoked to see everybody.
8:46 am
>> it feels like europe. because in europe, there's no genres. >> you got an electronic house. you got rock. country. everything. this is the type of event that you want to be associated with. >> reporter: those who really know aerosmith like the festival's developer said the band is better than it's ever been. what do you see this time around? >> how unified they are. excited about music. one of the best live bands ever. just that spirit is here. >> when i first heard the album, i was -- think this album is one of their best ever. >> reporter: after more than 40 years together, it seems they have come full circle. >> dare go where no man's gone before. we've thrown together the ideas. tom hamilton has two songs. joey's got a song. brett and i came together. and it's unbelievable. >> and how about that. ♪ don't want to close my eyes >> reporter: a band that's just getting warmed up. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, las vegas. >> so a little friction there. and coming up, inside emmy's
8:47 am
hottest party. and coming up, inside emmy's hottest party. ♪
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ we don't even have to try it's always a good time ♪ we're back now with more the "gma" emmys after-party. when the show ended last night it was really just getting started. the stars partying into the wee hours. some probably still out. as we're standing here -- at glamorous hot spots around town. nick had the assignment, tell us everything. >> i was scared i thought i was going to see betty white arm-wrestle with ryan seacrest and losers crying. instead, there were a lot of stars having a great time. >> reporter: first up, the big daddy, nearly 4,000 movers and shakers at the governor's ball. winners getting theirs engraved.
8:50 am
>> thank you. >> reporter: others thrilled to hold anyone's golden lady. look excited for us. >> it's not mine. >> reporter: and we met a loser. you didn't win, but you did well. >> i didn't win? you know, actually i was in the bathroom for that moment. so i missed it. >> reporter: bruno, beauty sleep, bruno, beauty sleep. >> looks are overrated, i'll tell you. >> reporter: free chocolate. free flowing booze. good crooning. there's "homeland's" damian lewis. modest or just scared he would get beat up, not holding his statue. we headed backstage to the kitchen. 210 chefs. 1,425 pounds of filet mignon. 6,300 bottles of wine. and if the stars don't like it.
8:51 am
>> then we have a couple of guys at supermarkets that can pick up anything you want. >> reporter: at the "modern family," they were high on the best comedy win. >> incredible. >> whoo, "modern family." >> reporter: next stop, the amc party. >> good morning, america! >> reporter: where "breaking bad" winner aaron paul was working the crowd. overnight, no dancing on the ceiling. but jon hamm, cool as draper. and "breaking bad's" bryan cranston, just shooting the breeze. over at the hbo bash. the hair. dancing, lloyd from "entourage." back at the governor's ball. >> i think you caught me at the right time before i become intoxicated and embarrassing. >> reporter: enjoy it. there's one thing i missed, i
8:52 am
will regret that until the day i die. i missed sofia vergara dancing to a gloria estefan track. >> there's something else you missed with sofia vergara. she told me 20 minutes before they got the award, the back of her dress got torn open and she had to have it sewn up. that wasn't the only faux pas. george, josh is already here, and lara, i need you to bring my shoes. and where are we going to get at the last minute a size 27 shoe in los angeles? you know, america, those socks you voted for, the striped ones, you almost saw them. that's almost all he had. we have these for you.
8:53 am
>> our intrepid reporting, i want you to have these. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ come with me something inside me ♪ ♪ wake up to a ♪ get up get up get up cause it's a good morning ♪
8:56 am
wow, we got to say good-bye to josh and lara at the emmys. what a great show you guys gave us. thank you so much. there they are. tomorrow, ty burrell from "modern family" is going to be here. have a great day. >> we want to thank you for watching abc news. always online at and yahoo!. see you tomorrow!
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lots of traffic delays. >> we still have a jam on the nimitz freeway 880 southbound earlier accident at hey tkpwerpb burger has things jammed into the fremont area bumper-to-bumper. we have a caltrain delay problem southbound and northbound with a train staupled at redwood city very slow traffic for caltrain in both directions. good morning let's take a look at temperatures cooler than yesterday from low to mid 60s coast best sunshine in the north bay upper 60s and mid 70s bay, 80s inland.


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