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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 26, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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i thought it was fireworks. i thought it was a joke. >> but it was no joke. with bullets zipping in every direction, a pregnant woman escaped with her life. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. somehow, someway she was not hit by a bullet. amazingly with dozens of shots fired, neither was anyone else. it all went down on east 16th street and seminary avenue. alan wang is live at oakland's eastmont police station where the search for the gunman continues. >> that's right, dan.
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this happened around 3:30 this afternoon. i spoke with several residents who say they were extremely surprised that no one got shot. but they weren't surprised this happened. this is a tough part of oak -- oakland and this is what life is like here. >> i am a marine. i know. >> tony goodwin says he returned from iraq suffering from severe ptsd. the sound of machine gunfire went off right next to his apartment and reopened some deep mental wounds. >> immediately when i woke up i wanted to grab a weapon. i thought we were being attacked. >> it is scary. >> police say a man with a white shirt pulled over his face stood on the corner of east 16th street and seminary avenue and unloaded 38 rounds. >> i looked up, and i just started seeing stuff flying. i told my daughters to get down, get down. >> six bullets pierced this pregnant woman's parked car with her three young daughters inside.
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she felt one bullet whiz past her face as glass shattered over her body, and then she turned to see if her children were still alive. >> it was terrifying. it felt like i was getting ready to lose everything i worked so hard for. >> miraculously her daughters, 10, 4 and two years old were unscathed. >> we think there was a group of other young males standing beyond here that was the target ssments. ssments-- targe. >> homes were shot up, and one bullet went through belinda mclaughlin's wall. >> what did you find in your closet? >> a bullet hole through my blouse. >> but a bullet in the radiator of struggling family's only car will turn their lives upside down. >> without a vehicle, how am i going to get my kids to school? >> a lot of us don't have to worry about that happening to us, but now it is preventing that woman from volunteering at her children's school, and
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it is forcing her to lock them up in her house at all times. dan and carolyn, one person walked up to me and told me, it is just another day. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. well, developing news in castro valley where police say two cars exchanged gunfire near interstate 580. the shots were reported about 7:30 on redwood road adjacent to westbound 580. the chp shutdown all westbound lanes between the castro valley exit and redwood road for about an hour so they could gather evidence. there are no reports of injuries. it doesn't appear anyone was hit. the investigation is on going. new tonight in san jose, a terrifying time as a house goes up in flames. terrifying because it appeared that at least one person may have been trapped inside. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. lisa? >> dan, the fire started just after 7:00 tonight in the house behind me. take a look. you can see a lot of damage
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left behind. and right now firefighters and investigators are sifting through the remains. the cause is still under investigation. itthe fire started in the garage, and you can see how high the flames left from the building. there was a lot of confusion when firefighters first got here in east san jose. the family who lives here got out safely, but they thought one other person was trapped in the garage. so firefighters went in using thermal heat imaging cameras trying to find that person. who it turns out wasn't even home at the time. while crews are inside they realize the fire had gotten into the attic. >> the roof was weak early on. our crews took a lot of risk looking for the potential rescue victim. once we determined there wasn't anybody there and the roof weakened we pulled everybody outside for their safety and went to a defensive operation. >> there was a lot of smoke. the fire was crazy.
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the fire was jumping. there was a lot of sparks in the air. i thought it was going to explode. >> there was no explosion, but there was a moment when the roof slashed over. it was so hot no one could be inside. and so firefighters had to fight this fire from the ground and up above. meantime, the entire cul-de-sac was evacuated for several hours. that includes six homes. firefighters were afraid the fire might spread, but it didn't. in all 11 people including the five who live in the home and six others who live next door will be displaced tonight. the red cross is putting everyone up in hotels. and firefighters will be here you through the night keeping a very close eye on this house. making sure the fire doesn't flare back up. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. tonight san francisco has its first case of human west nile virus in seven years.
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health officials say an unidentified san francisco man is recovering from the infection, and it is likely he contracted the virus locally. ar city college. was found but it is uncertain if the man was infected in one of the cities or surrounding bay area counties. a person under a train forced bart to close a station in berkeley for about an hour tonight. it happened during the evening commute. authorities are trying to determine how that person ended up on the tracks. witnesses say he climbed out from under the train himself. he did not appear injured. and hayward police identified a man killed in an officer-involved shooting by a known gang member. 24-year-old edgar alvarez was a suspect in a shooting at the dirty bird lounge when he was confronted by police. officers say alvarez was shot by three patrolmen when he lurched his car in reverse toward them. a handgun was found in his car.
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the shooting sparked protests and resulted in several arrests. let's get our first check of the weather now and sandhya patel is here. >> we do have fog out there. it is reducing visibility in places like santa rosa and half moon bay. as we look at the view from our live doppler 7hd, you will stey there. and that fog will be around for the morning commute. right now visibility is down to three miles in half moon bay and santa rosa down to seven miles and the temperatures in the region in the 50s and 60s. it is only going to get cooler first thing tomorrow morning. watch out for pockets of dense fog for that morning drive. now, we are about to head into warm to hot territory later this week. i will be back to let you know when you might want to break out the shorts and the t-shirts. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. san jose's little saigon controversy is heating up again. this time over a plan to put up freeway signs. remember four years ago members of the vietnamese
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community demanded that san jose rename the area known as little saigon. it was compromised by allowing privately sponsored street signs. cal trans says it it cannot post the signs unless the council approves a resolution. a vote is expected on election day, november 6th. up next, comcast is slashing jobs and closing call centers and moving out of the bay area. why the cable provider is heading for greener pastures. >> also here, look, ma, no hands. california makes it legal, but how soon will we really see these driverless cars. >> and lady gaga is talking about her body. her confession and call to action to her fans. and then late other "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next, the home makeover, how an expert's cheap and easy tips helped one couple increase the value of their home by tens of thousands of dollars. plus looking for latter day love. what it takes to win the heart of the
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wondering what they will do for a living come this summer. comcast is closing all three of its call centers in the state. abc7 news reporter john alston is here with the impact on workers and the customers. >> carolyn, 600 jobs will disappear from the bay area and hundreds more from sacramento. it has revived the complaints and the debate about the cost of doing business in california. camee bad news camee at three different comcast gatherings in northern california. it impacts call center workers in livermore, morgan hill and sacramento. their last day will be november 30th. >> christmas is coming. i have two kids. >> they told us basically they are moving everything out of california and putting everything in different
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states. >> a total of a thousand people work at the call centers morgan hill, livermore and sacramento. those comcast operations will move to seattle, portland and denver to handle things like billing and repair calls. >> the high cost of doing business in california makes it difficult to run cost effective call centers in northern california. >> comcast is not the first big business to complain about the burden of operating. other companies have pulled outcome pleatly citing lower taxes and more lenient regulations. >> sometimes the complaints are legitimate. but i think the business climate is an excuse for companies wanting more generous incentives or tax relief in one area or another. >> later in the day, comcast claimed it was relocating the call centers because so many customers do business on-line. adding "our customers will be served better in the long run by establishing specialized call centers focused on the particular customer needs rather than on geography." as for the company's thousand employees, comcast says it will offer financial help to relocate even though many say
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a move will be possible. >> i have been through it before with the adp security systems. it is becoming a pattern. >> comcast will have about 20,000 employees in the state. the governor's office shot back for blaming the high cost of doing business hearsaying california has lead the nation in job growth in the last dan? dan? >> john, thanks. the 9ers say their new stadium is 15% complete and 100% on track to open on schedule for the 2014 football season. the construction team gave the media a tour today at the $1.2 billion facility. it will seat 68,500 fans. dprownd breaking was in -- ground breaking was in april. the steel rises 200 feet above the gridiron. 400 construction workers were on the job from 6:00 a.m. to midnight six days a week. >> we are looking at the interior finishes and the
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technology pieces and the scoreboards and we are looking at seats. all of the things that the fans will experience when they walk in the place. >> i have done a bunch of these stadiums, and this is the fastest we have put one up. >> the niners hope to host super bowl 50 in 2016. and the nfl is coming to abc7. you can see the october 18th game between the niners and the seahawks right here as well as the december 6th game between the oakland raiders and the broncos. lady gaga is firing back on tabloid attacks on a 25-pound weight gain after these unflattering pictures were posted from an amsterdam concert. gaga says she has battled anorexia and bulimia since the age of 15. she talks about her relationship with food and body image in a radio interview earlier this year. >> i am dieting right now, but my god, i think i gained like 25 pounds over christmas. i love eating pasta and pizza. i really don't feel bad about
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it, not even for a second. >> gaga says she is celebrating her so-called curvey flaws in the body revolution 2013. she is encouraging fans to post photos to show off their own bodies. california drivers are poised to become the first in the nation to allow driverless cars. governor brown arrived at google headquarters in a computer-controlled toyota prius to sign legislation approving the vehicles. google is the driving force behind what is making it possible. they use software, radar and gps to guide vehicles at up to highway speeds. google says the prototypes have logged 300,000 miles without an accident. google expects to have driver free cars on the road within 10 years. >> and don't you have the temptation to grab the wheel? it is hard. let's get a check of the forecast. >> it would be nice to sit and read. sandhya patel is here. >> giving you all kinds of ideas. dan and carolyn, good evening to you. we have autumn heat headed our
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way. we hillary run the sum -- we will rerun the summer heat. right now from the east hills hills camera, i want to show uh beautiful sunset as we look toward the camera. notice the fog. it was coming in, and it was coming in fast. i want to fast-forward to our rooftop camera. here is the time lapse. notice the fog. the bay bridge is in and out of that fog. it is going to cause some slow going on the roadways for the morning drive of the so as we check out live doppler 7hd you will see where the fog s. it is over the coast and over the bay and give yourself a little more time as you head out the door for the morning commute. it is dense in spots and a little afternoon.oler tomorrow afternoon. it is heating up thursday through saturday, and you are really going to feel it. you might want to hit the beaches during that time period if you haven't made plans yet. the temperatures tomorrow morning on the cool side. the nights are getting longer and the fog is getting denser during the overnight hours. it is that time of year. it is only 1200 feet deep
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right now. but it is going to be low on the ground in spots. so watch out for that. bundle up in the morning as well with the cool conditions first thing in the morning. you will need that extra layer. here is the satellite picture. we have small changes coming our way for your wednesday. temperatures will come down a few degrees. but then we will start to see a big change. starting on thursday, and really continuing right on through your weekend, higher pressure is going to start to build in over the western u.s., and as that ridge builds in, we will see offshore flow developing of the the winds will move from the warm land blowing toward the ocean, and that will bring the heat with it. much warmer weather for your weekend. as i mentioned, you might want to hit the beaches. it will definitely be short sleeves and shorts weather heading into your thursday through sunday time period. tomorrow afternoon, 76 degrees in the south bay in santa clara. 77 in san jose. 81 in los gatos. 75 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, you are looking at a mild afternoon
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with sunshine. 77 in loss altos. mountain view 75 and 69 in millbrae. along the coastline, you will need the sweater in pacifica. the usual fog will hold you down. 59 degrees. the same thing in daly city. upper 50s there. 64 degrees. these temperatures are running a few degrees cooler than where you should be for this time of year, but not for long. in the north bay, 78 in santa rosa and 74 for san rafael. head out toward napa. 77 degrees, and then in the east bay, upper 60s around a oakland, richmond, 72 in union city. inland areas on the mild to warm side. airfield 85. 86 in livermore. for the monterey bay, 61 in caramel and 79 inland in gilroy. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. a slight dip in your afternoon readings tomorrow, but a big rebound starts on thursday and low 90s inland and mid60s coast side. and then we crank up the heat. we will bring you to the mid-nineties range in our inland valleys. that's unseasonably warm. what is not so out of the
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ordinary is the low 70s at the beaches friday through sunday. we expect the warmest weather at the coast september and october. cooling off early next week as you return to, would. mike will be mike will be here between 4:30 and 7:00 with updates. abc7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer. go to news and like us. click for the win $49,000 to enter. we will announce the winner on october 18th right after the 49ers take on the seattle seahawks right here on abc7 news. if you are already like us, don't worry, you still have a chance. go to our facebook page and click on the button that will take you to the page where you can enter. and it is a simple form that you don't have to spend a lot of time. we can't enter, but all of those viewers have a chance. >> thanks, sands yaw. the apple co-founder has his sights on a new home. >> why he is thinking of
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there could be a virus to cure acne. researchers identified a certain class of virus that attacks and kills acne
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bacteria. it can be developed into a topical medication to treat the skin disorder. the new findings are published in the journal of the american society of microbiology. steve s who knee yak may be calling brisbane home and not the one in san mateo county. he told a brisbane, australia radio station he will apply for aussie citizenship. he says he likes the weather and the friendly peep. seen here prepping for "dancing with the stars" says there is more support on education. he will keep his passport and hold dual citizenship. >> they are big dancers down under. >> i believe that's the way they dance down under. in sports, the a's specialize in anxiety these days. can they hang on to the playoff spot? more extra inning drama in texas. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. crushing losses coming down the stretch and clinging to a wild card spot. the a's went into extras tonight in texas. reddick not in the starting
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lineup. tommy malone facing josh hamilton, two men on and base hit to right. moss made a big error on saturday. over runs it right under his glove. two runs in and 2-0 rangers in a flash. the a's answer and here it comes and there it goes for chris carter. his 16th, and we are tied at two. still 2-2 in the seventh. bases loaded for andrews again. deep to right off sean doolittle and brandon moss atones for that earlier mistake. on the run to the warning track and makes the catch right at the wall. no damage done. to extras and tied 2-2 in the 10th. he came over in the trade for suzuki and crushed to the second deck. a's up 3-2. in the 9th and 1, 2, 3 and gets his 14th straight save. 3-2 the final. a's within a half game of baltimore now for the top wild card spot. but the angels remain two back of oakland with eight to play. he struck out 13 in five innings of work against seattle in the fifth.
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tory hunter, a two-run bomb for a four-run lead. the angels hold on and hanging tough as they win it 5-4. when it looked like tim lincecum was back on track and primed for the playoffs, erratic against the d-backs. started with a four-pitch walk and then a wild pitch through the legs of sanchez. 1-0 arizona. he just owns timmy. gold member. five homers in 14 career at bats. a three-run homer and lynn succumb -- and -- and the giants look flat and lose it 7-2. if any good comes out of the replacement ref mess, maybe the nfl will be forced to work out a deal with the real refs, embarrassed and ashamed into settling this. even president obama and bill clinton weighed in on this botched call from last night where seattle was awarded a td on the final play after the replacement zebras said he had possession of the ball and it
1:36 am
was clearly intercepted. the fallout continues today. >> i received more text messages and e-mails than i did after the super bowl. i can tell the impact it has made. >> in this case it came down to what i understood from the officials there was a simultaneous catch. that's how they called it. and the tie goes to the runner. >> pete carol says excellent call. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. he had no problem with it. >> looked good to him. >> of course. thanks, larry. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time, as always. the morning news begins tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> you can always find us at and on facebook and twitter. >> check us out there. see
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came so close to colliding that pilots had to rely on quick reflexes, reflexes, and sheer luck. as abc's alex perez explains, changes have been made to keep it from happening again. >> reporter: a potentially deadly midair collision. express jet flight 6075 was taking off from chicago's o'hare airport in may 2011 when panic suddenly filled the cockpit. sky west 5958 coming in on a, quote, collision course. the express jet pilot was able to react quickly averting
1:39 am
disaster. newly released interviews reveal the pilot's fear after nearly being killed, i keyed up the mike and yelled to the comptroller what the [ bleep ] was that, he said. just a few months later, close call at o'hare airport, same situation, same runways. as a result of the close calls here at o'hare airport, the faa has taken corrective action. there's a new virtual intersection warning, and the controllers responsible for those two runways now sit next to each other to eliminate confusion. there were seven serious near collisions across the country in 2011. in this case, the credit goes to the pilots. >> it took overt pilot action to avoid an error. we got lucky. that's -- that's clearly cause for concern. >> reporter: the faa points out 99.99% of airline operations went off without a hitch. though pilots and passengers may wonder if that's good enough. alex perez, abc news, chicago. at least one tornado touched down in a rural area near st. louis. as a severe storm moved through. the twister destroyed an


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