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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> good morning. a lot of news. thanks for being here i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. we want go right to the weather. good morning. welcome to hump day, a little fog along the coast some spilling into the bay especially north bay valleys half mile visible. as far as forecast for the rest of today, partly sunny, a few sunny spots at the coast. hazy sun around the bay by noon. upper 60s to mid 70s sunny inland by 10 the coolest day in the forecast mid 70s to upper 80s. >> >> good morning. live shot of the golden gate
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bridge sean, roadwork still blocking -- southbound roadwork still blocking lanes northbound should be picked up by 5:00. fog-free traffic light. other areas of roadwork, eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad just getting underway until 1:00 this afternoon. westbound dumbarton roadwork until 5 a.m., two left lanes. roanoke park area north 101 roadwork from the expressway should be picked up by -- >> san mateo police,1> parents and school administrators will meet to discuss student safety after a 9-year-old girl was abducted last week. the girl escaped and the suspect is in custody. terry mcsweeney is live at parkside elementary. >> reporter: parents have been promised more fences, more gates, more locks here at parkside elementary. this morning they are going to get a chance to talk to district officials and police about what happened out here on this campus last friday
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afternoon. take a look at video of the campus where according to police 25-year-old bradley mrozek followed a 9-year-old girl in the bathroom he groped her, put his hanover her mouth and carried her off campus. she kicked him, threw rocks at him and ran back to campus. police say he had been at other campuses friday offering vodka to some students two boys did take a sip. he foaled two girls who did not take vodka. he followed them, they were freaked out, ran home, told parents, parents called 911. after that mrozek was at another school, administrator saw him, phone him suspicious and had him signed in many he signed the name brad. he was arrested saturday charged with kidnapping and child molestation, being held out bail.
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parents promised more security in the form of fences and gates maybe more suggestions from concerned parents at that meeting at 8:30. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning police are searching for the shooters who exchanged gunfire as they sped down a road off i-580 in castro valley many police got calls of shots fired on redwood road 7:30 last night. highway patrol shutdown lanes between castro valley exit and redwood road for an hour so investigators could gather ed. that caused a big traffic back-up. -- >> no reports of anyone hit. investigators now trying to figure out a motive for the gun fire. man accused of murdering sierra lamar is due back in court in san jose today many antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may and held without bail he was supposed to enter a plea in july, several hearings have been
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postponed. police say they have!h]ñ dna evidence linking him to the 15-year-old who disappeared march 16th. her body has not been found despite regular searches. in san jose this morning, firefighters making sure flames do not flare-up again after a house fire displaced 11 people last night, five live in the home, the other six, next door. lisa amin gulezian has details. >> reporter: the fire started in the garage, this is cell phone video you can see how high the flames lept from the building. there was a lot of confusion when firefighters got here. the family that lives here got out safely. they thought one other person was trapped in the garage. firefighters went in, using thermal heat imaging cameras, trying to find that person. who it turns out wasn't even home at the time. crews were inside they realized the fire had gotten into the attic.
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>> the roof was weak early on. our crews took a lot of risk looking for potential rescue victim. once we determined there wasn't anybody there we pulled everybody out for their state and went to a defensive operation. >> a lot of smoke, the fire was crazy, jumping, a lot of sparks up in the air. i thought it was going to explode. >> reporter: no explosion but a moment when the roof flashed over meaning everything got so hot no one could be inside. firefighters had to fight this fire from the ground and up above. meantime, the entire cul-de-sac was evacuated for several hours that. includes six homes. firefighters were afraid the fire might spread, but it didn't. firefighters spent the night in front of this house, keeping a close eye on it. making sure the fire didn't flare back up. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. 4:35.
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residents of 14 units in a brentwood apartment complex are back home this morning after a gas leak forced them out nearly five hours yesterday. pg&e crews were servicing a gasline in the 1200 block of central boulevard during the noon hour when there was a leak. crews could not shut the line off quickly because the pipe was being installed by a contractor they had to wait until they received lay-out of the complex from the manager. >> the challenge was locating the pipe. their records weren't up-to-date or they weren't given correct information from the complex developer, the building people who place the line. >> firefighters stood by until after 5 to make sure the situation was safe. san francisco has its first case of human west nile virus in seven years. health officials say an unidentified san francisco man is recovering from the infection and it is likely he contracted the virus locally.
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infected bird was found near city college uncertain if the man was infected in the city or in one of surrounding counties. fliers may notice unusual activity at sfo just a drill simulated plane crash into the waters and a full scale emergency response with firefighters and other disaster officials to test response. that drill starts 9:00 this morning. if you see a lot of lights around sfo, it is only a drill. >> terrifying if you didn't know that. >> exactly. 4:37. we want to head obvious to mike and check on the weather. good morning. happy hump day we made it to wednesday. it is partly cloudy now at sfo, i believe some of the fog will work towards that area we could have flight arrival delays again. make sure you check our flight tracker not a strong sea breeze at the surface southwest wind 17 at
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fairfield, 7 napa, just a breath novato, hayward, livermore concord and san jose everybody else calm right now. as far as today, let's start around the bay, a few foggy spots 7:00,, low to mid 50s, mild by 4:00, mid 60s to upper 70s. inland most of the fog up in the north bay now, sunny by noon, low to mid 70s, by 4:00, mid 70s to mid 80s. at the coast cloudy, a little fog this morning not as thick as it was yesterday pockets of sunshine upper 50s to low 60s by 4:00. significant jump in the temperature tomorrow, it keeps going friday, saturday still looking to be the warmest day coast will get in on the warmth 72 your high, 86 around the bay, 96 inland. thought you didn't need the air condition ernie more, may need it this weekend -- air
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conditioner any more, may need it this weekend. from novato through marinwood past lucas valley road, which is right there, traffic very light towards the civic center into central marin no problems. macarthur maze flowing nicely from 580, 880 and 80 funneling into the with toll, which looks like this, very light no problems, metering lights off, no issues on the upper deck. if you are traveling from the central valley traffic flowing nicely at the altamont into the dublin-pleasanton area no delays. here 15 minute drive. if you are coming to san francisco this morning, the embarcadero will be closed starting 6:00 between bay and concern any, the reason, -- and kearney, the reason multiple cruise ships, they are shutting down that section just for today of the embarcadero expect delays through that area. coming up on 4:40.
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we want to take you live to greece this is happening right now. anti-austerity protests underway in greece these are live pictures from athens, 50,000 people hitting the streets right now, protesting government cutbacks two large unions call the strict today and there is tension between police and protesters, fire and smoke can be seen. you can see it faintly to the right of your screen. also, right now 3,000 police officers are standing guard at the scene of the protest. greece has promised the european union 15 billion dollars worth of spending cuts over the next two years in order to secure aid to avoid a default. protesting anti-austerity measures. >> lower left you can see what appears to be some of those security officers standing in ranks, ready to meet whatever happens there in protest. also that capital building security officers.
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we'll bring you more. he's hit at least two banks in the south bay. photos that police want you to see to help them nab a bank robber. police are about to get badly needed help. citizens who will be called on to help keep the community safe. hundreds of bay area jobs about to vanish. why the area's number one cable company says it is being forced to ship 1,000 jobs to other states. >> first this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: is blackberry poised for a comeback? facebook, twitter, linkedin and four square will be feature on the new devices expected to launch early next year. barnes & noble unveiled nook hd line, nine inch screen starts at $269, one feature is nook video streaming. people store digital photos in different places. new service gathers all photos
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d-con. get out. brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. good wednesday morning. 4:44. live look at downtown san francisco from our rooftop camera. you might see a cloud or two or four. mike will count them all up for you and let you know what is going on, coming up women >> the cloud count, i like that. antioch uping the ante when it comes to public safety, hiring of at least six nonsworn community service officers. they will handle transporting people to jail, booking and
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fingerprinting freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a year and paid for by the city's reserve funds. antioch working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. san jose police asking for your help in identifying a serial bank robber from a u.s. bank held up a month ago the same man has hit two branches in sunnyvale and one in san jose over the past three weeks. one thousand people in the bay area and northern california trying to figure out what they will do for a living comedies. comcast is closing all -- living in december. comcast is closing centers. bad news came at once. the last day for workers at call centers in morgan hill, livermore and sacramento, november 30th. operations will move to seattle, portland and denver to handle things like billing and repair calls. >> it is christmas is coming,
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i have two kids. >> they told us they are moving everything out of california and putting everything in different states. >> comcast says it decided to close the call centers because of the high cost of doing business in california and has offered workers financial help if they want to relocate. later comcast claimed it was relocating because so many customers do business online. apple co-founder steve wozniak has his sights on a new home. why he's thinking of making a move downunder. earthquakes this one may really work. baggage fees hit a record. if you haven't had luck with drugstore acne treatments we have news you want to hear.
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welcome back. east bay warmest low to mid 80s, 70s south bay, north bay. partly sunny at the coast, low to mid 60s from half moon bay, bodega bay into san francisco. 70s and 80s along the eastern seaboard coolest great lakes 60s and denver. 96 he knicks. -- 96 in phoenix. rain and thunderstorms ohio riff valley stretching to 70 back to denver there could be delays there right now all quiet at regional airports in the bay area. at the bottom. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad set to address the general assembly at the united nations 7:30 our time this morning. he told reporters that a new world order needs to emerge away from what he calls american bullying and domination.
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ahmadinejad discussed solutions for syria being dismissed question of iran's nuclear ambitions and claimed despite western sanctions his country is better off now than when he took office in 2005. seismologists from uc berkeley say they've develop add earthquake warning system that that works friday they will ask congress for funding. it uses sensors planted all over the bay area detect seismic waves from an epicenter the goal to send electronic alerts over the internet to the general public. >> it could change from zero seconds not everybody will get a warning after tens of second in the best case scenario a minute's worth of warning. >> bart has already developed a software program to analyze the date that. warning would -- analyze the data. steve wozniak may be calling brisbane home we are not talking about the one in san mateo county he tells an australia radio station he's
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going to apply for australian doesn'tship. he likes the weather, the friendliness of the people. wod seen here -- woz says australia places more emphasis on education than u.s.. he will keep his u.s. passport but will call himself an aussie. he better learn how to say mate. >> wozzie, aussie. >> any more puns before the >> no, i'm out. give me another two hours to think of one or: e two, maybe. nice having you here. >> thank you good to be here always. good morning. clouds, nice shade of grey, shot sure there are 50 definitely a couple shades the
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night sky has taken over. live doppler 7 hd, a lot of clouds like yesterday you may drive through some drizzle, mist, no drizzle, no rain. i'm going to walk across the screen and start the computer. one of the reasons i'm going to do that is because i was slowly putting maps in and i wanted to make sure you got to see all of them. one of my concerns was the fog around santa rosa half mile visibility there, 50s this morning monterey bay fog developing around watsonville, salinas, mid 50s. here's what i'm thinking, sunshine this afternoon, it will be the coolest afternoon in the seven day, patchy fog possible again tonight, tonight may be one of the last nights high pressure starts to take over, warmest everywhere, tie day, saturday sunday that means out to the coast.
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today, we are going to be close to yesterday, only exception santa rosa four degrees warmer than yesterday, san francisco two degrees warmer, oakland one. as far as temperatures south bay mid 70s sunnyvale, milpitas. peninsula low to mid 70s, millbrae 69. near 60 along the coast today mid 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito 65 mid to upper 70s north bay valleys, low 60s more sunshine at your beaches upper 60s to low 70s most east bay shore. 74 fremont, low to upper 80s east bay valleys. low to upper 60s monterey bay, mid 70s to low 80s inland. traveling around the state, low to mid 90s central valleys, 73 tahoe, mid to upper 70s san diego and l.a.. huge jump in temperatures tomorrow four to six degrees,
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another two to four degrees warmer friday, a couple more saturday mid 90s inland, mid 80s around the bay, low 70s at our beaches. get there early saturday, i bet they are going to be crowded. good morning. happy wednesday, if your drive takes you past golden gate fields on east shore freeway, light traffic, no issues into the macarthur maze. no problems on the san mateo bridge, tail lights headed towards the highrise foster city, san mateo everything at the limit, eastbound towards hayward direction as well. roadwork eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad scheduled to be picked up later this afternoon. not only 1:00 this is eastbound direction. westbound looking good out of antioch towards pittsburg. north 880 to east 37 roadwork on-ramp should be picked up in a little while. drive times coming to the altamont pass, towards the 680
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dublin interchange, hillcrest, less than 10 minutes 80 carquinez bridge to the maze less than 20 minutes. today on katie modern family star talks about life over 40 and reveals more about her battle with cancer. >> my guest today is really an amazing woman. we fell in love with her character on modern family. there's so many sides to sophia ver garr , 40, fabulous and -- cancer survivor. endorsement deals has made her the highest paid actress on television. today on katie. >> can't wait katie at 3 p.m. right here on abc 7. >> and that's katie at 4:55 on this wednesday morning. airline passengers with will likely face more baggage fees with fewer carriers to choose from as industry continues to struggle with
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high fuel prices and weak economy. us air lines collected more than 1.7 billion dollars in baggage fees the largest amount in a six machine period. experts say the industry is still in transition following day decade that lead to bankruptcies and mergers. number of airlines accounting for 85% of domestic flights has shrunk to five. staying active typically good for older people it appears there's a downside more seniors are getting knee replacement. from 1991 to 2010, the number of knee replacement surgeries more than doubled among medicare patients, 65 and older, 244,000 seniors have had the procedure in 2010. part of the reason is people are living longer and staying more active, also the issue of joint damaging obesity. encouraging scientific discovery could mean using a virus to cure acne, researchers identified a class
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of virus that attacks and kills acne bacteria they say the virus lives on our skin, harmless, when it is exposed to acne bacteria it goes on attack. researchers say viruses or enzymes they produce could be developed into a medication to treat the skin disorder. where was that when i was in high school? >> you and me both. deadly east bay hit-and-run case could take a dramatic turn. we are live with the possible change in plea and the vow the family of the victims is making. bart engineers think they know what caused huge spark that forced evacuation of a downtown san francisco last weekend. south bay muslims trying for years to build an islamic
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