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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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5:01. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. the 17-year-old driver who hit and killed a father and daughter while they were riding their bikes is expected in court today. amy hollyfield is live in concord with what is ahead. >> reporter: the family says if the case does close in court today they are departmented to make sure that what happened is never forgotten. there are -- plans to dedicate a bench in the park to the
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9-year-old and her father. they were killed while fourth a bike ride april 7th. suv jumped the curb and hit them, they were on the sidewalk riding their bikes on treat boulevard. prosecutors did not charge the 17-year-old driver as adult, as the family hoped if he is sentenced to juvenile detention, he would have to be released when he turns 21, that would be the maximum sentence that is what the family is hoping for. relatives don't know what kind of a lee may have been made -- what kind of plea may have been made. possibly find out today. he is expected to enter guilty pleas today. the nouri family plans to lob which legislators in sacramento -- to lobby legislators in sacramento. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in east oakland, police are still looking for the gunman who fired dozens of
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shots yesterday afternoon, some of which pierced a pregnant woman's parked car with her three young daughters inside. a man with a white shirt pulled over his face stood at the corner of east 16th and seminary and unloaded 38 rounds throughout the neighborhood. the pregnant woman says she felt one bullet whiz past her face she turned to see if any of the bullets hit her children. miraculously her daughters were not hurt. >> it was terrifying it it felt like i was getting ready to lose everything that i worked so hard for. >> investigators believe a group of young men standing behind the woman's car was the target. police are looking for two men last seen in a brown car. . >> this afternoon a suspect shot by an officer in san francisco's mission district last thursday night is scheduled to be arraigned. police say 22-year-old is a
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known gang member, currently on parole. he was shot after police say he pulled a loaded gun on an officer. investigators say he was carrying a tech 9 semi-automatic pistol loaded with 25 rounds. the shooting sparked two nights of protests and vandalism at the police substation and nearby businesses. both presidential candidates will be in ohio today. president obama and mitt romney have been running neck and neck among voters in the buckeye state. one candidate is opening up a lead in the polls. kira klapper joins us from the newsroom. >> reporter: today's face off comes as new polls show romney falling behind and if he were to lose ohio his path to victory would be difficult. numbers out today one poll had romney eight points behind president obama in ohio. in another swing state florida, romney trails by four points. this map shows projections of
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the steep climb for romney without ohio he would need every other battleground state at the same time he needs to stay on message. yesterday at a rally in ohio romney backtracked a bit on the comment he made about the 47%. he said he doesn't have to worry about. >> i want to be president of all the people of america. i want to help all the people of america. you don't get into a race like this with myself and my family and do the work and commitment that we've put forward without the passion to help all of america. >> reporter: today in ohio the candidates are expected to clash over china. the obama campaign will hit romney for investments in chinese companies. after ohio the next face off will be the first presidential debate october 3rd. kira klapper, abc7 news. 5:05. prosecutors say they will not file charges against the san jose police officer whose
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3-year-old son accidentally killed himself with his father's gun in july. the boy found the gun in a nightstan drawer. the district attorney's office found no criminal on part of the officer. he did not low the boy was in his house at the time. -- not know the boy was in his house at the time. >> bart engineers say they think they've pinpointed the problem that caused a scare at civic center station. review says track side debris probably caused the flash of electricity and smoke that closed the station last sunday, 1,000 volt arch of electricity caused flash and smoke that filled the station. investigators say the spark was likely caused when a train hit debris, station evacuated two passengers complained of smoke inhalation. little saigon controversy heating up over a plan to put up freeway signs to direct visitors to the area.
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four years ago members of the city's vietnamese community demanded san jose rename the story road area little saigon the council compromised by lug privately sponsored signs. caltrans says it cannot post the signs unless the council approves a resolution. green light from the santa clara board of commissioners for an islamic community center in san martine. supervisors gave final okay yesterday after the planning commission approved plans for the center last thursday the project covers 15 acres on monterey highway north of california avenue. the complex will include a prayer mosque and community center with a cemetery. debate took place in two public meetings in morgan hill last week. time to check in with mike. couple foggy spots this morning. santa rosa half mile visibility, all below 10
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unlimited threshold, four miles visibility at half moon bay to five at novato, seven to nine everywhere else. definitely hazy if not cloudy in most areas this morning. the fog will hang around 7:00 for the bay, hazy sunshine by noon, low to mid 50s, low 60s near 70 by noon. during the afternoon, make sure you have sunglasses mid six sees to -- 60s to mid 70s. inland, 40s to mid 50s, 40s north bay valley, where we fan the fog. mid 70s to mid 80s during the afternoon. coast partly sunny, jacket weather upper 50s to low 60s. summer is making a return, always happens this time of the year not a real strong offshore event fire danger going to stay at a minimum. we will get warmth at the coast 70s friday saturday, mid 80s bay, mid 90s inland.
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here's sue with traffic. good morning. if you are traveling from san rafael towards southern marin traffic light, past lucas valley road here, no roadwork this morning repaving taking a day off, off-ramp will remain shutdown until 6 a.m. because of the roadwork otherwise not a problem towards the golden gate bridge that roadwork has been picked up traffic light, we saw crews configuring for your commute, four lanes southbound, two lanes northbound. farther north, north 101 still roadwork between the roanoke park expressway and santa rosa avenue northbound noncommute direction. no slow traffic there in san francisco between bay and north point the embarcadero will be closed today only, starting at 6:00 this morning until 2:00 to accommodate multiple cruise ships that will be in town. golden gate transit buses will be rerouted around the area. coming up on 5:10.
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california takes fast lane to the future. >> jetsons could have it, vehicle can take you to your destination. not planes or ships yet, the driverless car unveiled by google and the jobs they will create. battle between american airlines and pilots takes nasty turn. passengers caught in the middle, again. 49ers give a progress report on construction of their new stadium in santa clara. the big game they are hoping to lure there. >> first this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money home prices keep heading higher. steady increases in 20 big cities, nationwide prices up 1.2% in july compared to a year ago with big gains for lower priced homes. numbers are helping fuel consumer confidence. confidence is at its highest
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since february, consumer spending drives 70% of the total economy. where there is nfl action there's gambling a lot of money in the final moments of monday night's game some total a billion dollars when you figured in wageringing in nevada.
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>> welcome back. good morning coming up on 5:14
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looking live from our hd roof cam, you can see the bay bridge in the back ground beautiful morning with buildings lit up. mike says areas of patchy fog. he will have your forecast coming up. congress is considering minting commemorative coins with proceeds to help he raise the federal deficit. -- erase the federal deficit from moon oring the pro football hall of fame, mark twain and send 10 of mother's dame in the past 30s the coins have generated more than 400 million dollars for private companies. congress wants to make coins to help the federal economy. american claims pilots are deliberately causing delays and cancellations leaving passengers in the dust. the troubled airline says pilots are calling in sick or grounding planes for minor repairs. the union says american is operating with too few pilots and aging planes. some passengers say their flights have been cancelled
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more than once. >> my boss needs me back at work and i can't show up because i'm here to them i'm just a number. >> one flight tracker estimated 100 american flights were cancelled monday san francisco international reports no flight disruptions. san francisco 49ers say their new stadium is 15% complete and 100% on track to open on schedule for the 2014 football season. the media was given a tour of the 1.2 billion dollar, 68,000 seat facility yesterday. 400 construction workers on-the-job from 6:00 in the morning until midnight six days a week wrangling 18,000 tons of steel the weight of 3,000 elephants pouring enough concrete of 300 average sized homes, 40,000 parking spots, twice as many women's restrooms. the 9ers hope to host the super bowl at the stadium in
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2016. the nfl network is coming to abc7, see the october 18th, match up between the 9ers and seahawks as well as december 6th in between the raiders and broncos. america's cup is not the only event coming to san francisco, baseball officials in town giving new details of the upcoming classic. they say the u.s. team will be grouped with mexico and italy in the opening round. huge banners hang promoting the game. san francisco will host semifinal and final of the term mount next march. >> there's definitely something that goes with putting your country's even form on and trying to win the championship in this tournament and have bragging rights as the best team in the world. >> tickets for the games go on sale december 3rd. japan hosted the last games they generated 110 million
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dollars in revenue for the country. mike will have the forecast for next march's games soon. how about today. >> today we have a game at at&t park we'll look at that forecast. >> i was kidding. he knows i was kidding. >> no, you weren't. you have a wedding coming up three years from now you want the forecast for also? >> god, i hope not. >> still get some of those e-mails. good morning, what a great time to be in the bay area supposed to be some of the warmest weather during the fall and we are going to have it tomorrow. today we still have fog, low clouds, especially around the bay and out to the coast, live doppler 7 hd is dry this morning good news for your morning commute. light coat, low to mid 50s, thickest fog in santa rosa, half mile visible. fog around the monterey bay, in the mid 50s. into the afternoon hours, a lot of sun from the coast, coolest afternoon in the seven day forecast, patchy fog, a
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little tonight, then the warmth, beaches this weekend, 70s and sunshine on the way. all of is get into the warming trend this weekend. today above average where it has been the case most of the week and last week east bay valleys, 86 in livermore. san jose, napa, redwood city, san francisco all three to eight degrees cooler than average. oakland and san francisco supposed to be the warmest time of the year not close we have clouds hanging low this morning, going to be around for the entire morning commute except for east bay valleys and parts of the south bay, noon finger fog rolling across the golden gate, alcatraz towards berkeley, stubborn even in the afternoon, little pocket of sun here and there at the coast. south bay mid 70s to low 80s up the peninsula low to mid 70s. around 60° along the coast, mid 60s downtown, south
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san francisco and sausalito. mid 70s north bay valleys, upper 70s. 66 berkeley, 74 fremont. east bay valleys to upper 80s going to be mild compared to what is coming tomorrow. low to upper 60s monterey bay, mid 70s to low 80s inland. tonight increasing clouds, 7:15 first pitch, 59 dropping to 55° by 10:00. tonight you can see clouds in the same area temperatures the same as this morning. in the afternoon six degrees warm area across the board. by saturday mid 90s inland, mid 80s bay, low 70s coast. good morning. if you are traveling the east shore freeway this morning, 80 westbound el cerrito through richmond, berkeley, moving at the limit, no delays. good looking drive. funneling into the bay bridge traffic is very light, no
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metering lights so far. no delays on the upper deck into san francisco. little slow out of antioch, typical, starting this time of the morning towards pittsburg drive from hillcrest into concord less than 10 minutes. no problems out of the central valley, a little slowing at 205 things pick up to the altamont pass in through livermore, 15 minute drive to the dublin interchange. north 880 expect delays because of roadwork towards eastbound 237. bart, muni, all mass transit on time at this hour. 5:20. california drivers are poised to become the first in the nation to pilot driverless cars. governor brown arrived at google headquarters in a computer controlled google toyota prius yesterday to sign legislation green lighting the autos, google is the force behind the technology.
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google says its prototypes have logged 300,000 miles without an accident. >> the self-driving car is going to face far greater scrutiny and appropriately so. i think that's going to be a key element of making these things safe and available. >> google's co-fonder was wearing his google glasses. he expects to have driver-free cars on the road within 10 years. the dmv is tasked with coming up with regulations by 2015. nevada is the only other state to have approved driverless cars. the oakland a's seem to be specializing in anxiety. fan anxiety. they gave fans more extra inning drama. moss blows one, but he makes up for it later, sports is next. then there are 12. the big star who is going home following the first elimination in "dancing with
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the stars."pbookies, and online bets as well. that's "america's money." i'm paula faris. as well. that's "america's money." i'm paula faris.
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enter. we are giving away $49,000 to celebrate the october 18th, 49ers game here on abc7. this evening the a's continue their important series in texas trying to hold on to a wild card playoff spot in the first inning hamilton sings to right moss overruns the ball, two runs score, a's trail 2-0 in 4th quart -- in the 4th carter ties up, in the 10th, homerun giving the a's the lead oakland wins 3-2. a's lead angels by two games for the second wild card spot with eight games left to play. most of the giants' starters
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returned to the line-up last night against the diamondbacks. lincecum on the . he was erratic, -- on the mound. he was erratic. he gave up seven earned runs in four innings, d-backs beat giants 7-2. cain takes the mound tonight against arizona first pitch 7:15. first "dancing with the stars" all-star has again home. pamela anderson at the bottom of the leader board, meaning the viewers had to save her, but they didn't. pamela and her partner only danced once, but pamela skipped that is skipped out of doing interviews after she was eliminated. only tristin was talking. >> why is pamela not here? >> she is not feeling well she is disappointed. i'm here. i'm sorry i'm not enough for you. >> next, the quick-step and
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the jive. "good morning america" will have much more on last night's elimination, including interviews with pamela and tristin, at 7:00. >> tristin definitely -- 5:47. bay area city reporting first human case of west nile. we are live with new security measures following kidnapping and assault of 9-year-old girl in the south bay. major bay area freeway closed for hours. the shootout that snarled traffic. gas leak forces evacuation of a peninsula apartment complex why it took pg&e hours to shut off the gas. we are looking at high temperatures across the bay, clouds along the coast where we stay in the low 60s, mid 60s , upper 60s, mid 70s bay, 80s east bay valleys. around the country, 60s denver, seattle, great lakes 70s 80s eastern seaboard warmest dallas and phoenix mid
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90s. looking good right now as far as flight delays as we look towards the midwest, a wall of water from cincinnati towards denver, delays could develop if you are connecting through there. back at home all good. we have low clouds around the bay area. we'll keep an eye on sfo, oakland and san jose you [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed, in deep red apples and in each golden bead. it blends into a perfect crunch you'll savor, giving us the most perfect lesson in flavor. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. crispy granola, layered with creamy peanut butter or rich dark chocolate flavor. 90 calories. 100% natural.
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and nature...approves. granola thins. from nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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thank you sir, now 5:31 i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. in a few hours, parents,
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school officials and law enforcement will gather at parkside elementary in san mateo to talk about student safety after a girl was kidnapped from campus friday. terry mcsweeney is live at the school with more. >> reporter: that meeting is 8:30 this morning. district officials, police and parent rents are going to be here to talk about an -- additional safety measures. they've been promised additional fencing and gates, maybe more can be done. last friday, not enough was being done. take a look at pictures of the parkside elementary campus where police say 25-year-old bradley mrozek came to the campus friday afternoon, followed a 9-year-old girl into the bathroom, groped her, put his hand over her mouth and carried her off campus. he put her down and they walked to a house when they walked through the fence of that house the girl realized how dire the situation was she started kicking him, throwing rocks at him, ran back to
5:33 am
campus. according to police that was not his only stop at the day before that he was at another school offering vodka to girls asking one if she was a jury gain, they ran home, told parents, -- they called 911. mrosze was at another elementary school an administrator saw him, asked what he was doing, fond him suspicious asked him to sign his name and he signed brad. he was arrested saturday in court yesterday, did not enter a plea, he's facing kidnapping and child molestation charges. we don't have a picture of him, police are not releasing it as the investigation continues. today the topic is going to be additional safety procedures and reminding parents what to tell children if you are up against a stranger in his custody or in his presence. what that girl did was pretty much what you should do. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:33.
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this morning police are searching for the gunman who exchanged gunfire as they sped didn't a road off 580 in castro valley police two the first calls of shots fired on redwood road adjacent to westbound 580, 7:30 last night. highway patrol shutdown all lanes between castro valley exit and redwood road for an hour to gather evidence that caused a big traffic back up. no reports of anyone being hit by the bullets. investigators trying to figure out a motive. the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is due back in court in san jose today. antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may and has been held without bail. he was supposed to enter a plea in july, several hearings postponed. police have dna evidence linking him to 15-year-old sierra lamar who disappeared march 16th. her body has not been found despite regular searches. in palo alto, police have
5:35 am
arrested two they say broke into facebook's former corporate offices in palo alto and took 49 laptops, one is familiar with the property. investigators say one suspect is 21-year-old travis calhoun of sunnyvale facing several charges. the second suspect is an off-duty security guard contracted by facebook to guard the page mill road offices >> in san jose this morning firefighters are making sure flames do not flare-up after a house fire displaced 11, five live in the home the other six, next door. investigators say it started in the garage of the home, this is cell phone video showing how high the flames were burning. officials say there was lots of confusion when firefighters got there after 7:00 last night. the family got out safely but thought one other person was
5:36 am
in the garage. firefighters used thermal heat imaging to try to find that person who turned out to not be home. while inside, crews realized the fire spread to the attic. >> roof was weak early on our crews took a lot of risk looking for a potential rescue victim. once we determined there wasn't anybody there we pulled everybody out for their safety and went to defense. >> the fire became so hot crews were forced to fight the flames from the outside only and evacuated the entire cul-de-sac for several hours. residents in brentwood apartment complex back home this morning after a gas leak forced them out nearly five hours yesterday. pg&e crews were servicing a gasline on the 1200 block of central boulevard during the noon hour when there was a leak. crews could not shut off the line quickly because the pipe was installed by a carter, they had to wait until they received layout of the complex from the manager.
5:37 am
>> the challenge was locating the pipe their records weren't up-to-date or they weren't given correct information from the apartment complex developer, the building people who place the line. >> firefighters stood by until after 5:00 to make sure the situation was safe enough for residents to return. san francisco has first case of human west nile virus in seven years. health officials say an identified san francisco man is recovering and likely he contracted the virus locally. infected bird was found recently near city college uncertain if the man was infected in the city or nearby county. flyers may notice unusual activity at sfo this morning, it is just a drill. the airport will hold a simulated plane crash into the water near sfo, there will be a full scale emergency response with firefighters and other disaster officials to test a new emergency response facility. the drill begins at 9:00 this
5:38 am
morning. what are the chance there will be coastal fog to greet them mike? definitely they will see some not as thick as yesterday but out there good morning. thickest fog this morning north bay, santa rosa, half mile, half moon bay four, better than yesterday, the rest of us haze in the air wouldn't call it fog. calm around mountain view, -- the rest of us have a southwest to northwest wind in liver nor to west wind in fairfield all over the place which is showing high pressure starting to move into our neighborhoods and the big warming trend is on the way tomorrow. today, hazy sunshine around the bay, noon low 60s to near 70, going to be mild at 4:00, no need for a jacket then, 66 to 77. inland warm but not going as hot -- no need for the air conditioner today, near normal
5:39 am
mid 70s to mid 80s back to the coast starting off cloudy, upper 40s to mid 50s pockets of sun during the afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s. check out how much the temperatures jump tomorrow six degrees across the board still warmer through friday and saturday, 70 coast, mid 80s bay, mid 90s inland. first to the san mateo bridge traffic is moving nicely but getting more crowded westbound tail lights headed towards the highrise over towards foster city. toll plaza light, no delays here. traffic flowing nicely upper deck into san francisco incline and through the tunnel. new accident westbound 4 at hillcrest, already bumper-to-bumper scene coming out of antioch. once you get past hillcrest things pick up nicely into concord and 242. that accident westbound at hillcrest in the left lane. eastbound at highway 4, still
5:40 am
have roadwork between bailey and railroad ongoing until 1:00 this afternoon. downtown san francisco the embarcadero between bay and north point will be closed today only starting 6:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. the reason, multiple cruise ships arriving into san francisco, muni and golden gate transit bus detours in that area. drive times heading out now, 580 altamont pass into dublin pleasanton, 24 westbound to the caldecott highway 101 from santa rosa into marin under 30 minutes. 5:40. major shake-up at the top of electronic retailers. antioch police are go to get badly needed help. will be called on to help keep the community safe. under hads of bay area jobs about to disappear why the number one cable company is being forced to ship?xñ!ú
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>> antioch is uping the ante when it comes to public safety, council approved hiring of at least nonsworn community service officers, transporting people to jail, booking and fingerprinting, freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a
5:44 am
year paid for by the reserve fund antioch is working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. breaking business news. radioshack's ceo is stepping down immediately and leaving its board of directors. radioshack is searching for his replacement. he has headed the struggling company since may of last year. the company's chief financial officer will serve as interim ceo. radioshack has 4700 stores across the u.s. has focused recently on more expensive tablets and smartphones in july the company announced second quarter losses. 1,000 people in the bay area and northern california are now trying to figure out what they will do for a living in december. comcast is closing all three call centers in the state. employees got word yesterday. last day november 30th, at call centers in morgan hill, livermore and sacramento.
5:45 am
those operations will move to seattle, portland and denver to handle things like billing and repair calls. >> it is like holidays, christmas is coming and i have two kids it is just -- >> they told us they are moving everything out of california putting in different states. >> comcast says it decided to close the call centers because of the high cost of doing business in california. it has offered workers financial help if they want to relocate. later comcast claimed it was relocating because so many customers do business online >> barnes & noble unveils new viral to pad. bloomberg business report straight ahead. early warning system for bay area quakes. this may work. sky high baggage fees hit a record. wait until you hear how much airlines are raking in from passengers. if you haven't had luck with drug for acne treatments.
5:46 am
potential big breakthrough in the battle against acne. how the brain that ref ized physics can be downloaded for
5:47 am
5:48 am
temperatures warmest east bay valleys sunshine low to mid 80s 70s south bay and north bay hazy around the bay
5:49 am
with upper 60s to mid 70s partly sunny along the coast with low to mid 60s into san francisco, doppler over the last through hours dry across the state sunshine top to bottom and coast to mountains 71 big sur, 73 tahoe, low to mid 90s central valley. palm springs 100 mid to upper 70s san diego and l.a.. 5:49. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is set to address the general assembly at the united nations at 7:30 our time this morning. he told reporters on the sidelines yesterday that a new world order needs to emerge away from what he calls american bullying and domination. ahmadinejad discussed solutions for syria, dismissed the question of iran's nuclear ambition and says his country is better now than when he took office in 2005. small aftershocks still shaking southern part of
5:50 am
mexico's baja peninsula following a quick no reports of injuries or serious damage from yesterday as quake which was felt the strongest in la paz. seismologists say the epicenter was 50 miles northeast of the city in the gulf of california. >> seismologists from uc berkeley say they've developed an earthquake warning system that works. friday they go to washington to ask congress for the funding to build. it uses sensors planted all obvious the bay area detect seismic waves from an epicenter. goal to send electronic alerts over the internet to the general public. >> from zero seconds, not everybody will get a warning up to tens of seconds about a minute's worth of warning that's the time range. >> bart has developing a software program that analyzes the data a warning would let its slow trains down to minimizing shaking. clouds out there including
5:51 am
low clouds mike is checking for us. looking for fog, still seems to be fine to the north bay valleys around santa rosa not spreading like did it yesterday. hoping it stays from sfo this morning, we don't need flight arrival delays like the last couple of mornings. southeast from roof cam, epidemic 'em, bay bridge in the distance easier to see than yesterday. -- dry this morning, live doppler, no radar returns. let's talk about temperatures. light jacket weather this morning low to mid 50s in most areas, 57 redwood city, mid 50s around the monterey bay, a little fog developing around watsonville and salinas. afternoon sunshine coolest afternoon in the seven day forecast. patchy fog tonight, one of the last nights as warming trend will move in tomorrow and it will move out to the coast friday, saturday, sunday.
5:52 am
all of us are going to be warmer than average. today is four degrees warmer than yesterday, everybody else within one to two degrees not a big change from yesterday. south bay 75 sunnyvale milpitas no near 80 saratoga -- 60's across the coast today with partly sunny conditions, mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito, more sunshine up north, mid to upper 70s in your valleys. big spread east bay shore from 66 berkeley to 74 fremont. inland from 82 in dublin to 87 brentwood, danville 85°. 82 morgan hill warm spot inland 68 santa cruz low 60s monterey, carmel, at&t park --
5:53 am
cloud cover in the same areas and fog as we have this morning, 49 santa rosa, the rest of us in the 50s tomorrow morning. here's a look at the big warming trend. high pressure moves in, a little offshore flow the strong enough that we'll see a heightened fire danger definitely 70s at the coast friday through sunday mid 80s bay mid 90s inland. hope you a great day. -- nice drive south 101 through novato into central san rafael past lucas valley road and freitas parkway past the marin ymca traffic at the limit. no delays into san francisco, golden gate fog-free. four lanes headed southbound out of the waldo across the span, no problems heading into san francisco from marin. problem westbound highway 4 hillcrest, accident blocking left lane, very slow out of antioch, 12 miles an hour, once you get to hillcrest past
5:54 am
the scene speeds pick up, at the limit past that and into concord. eastbound 4 roadwork between bailey and railroad ongoing until 1:00 this afternoon. 280 north new accident in the median at 19th avenue if you are in san francisco out of the central valley starting to slow from 205 up the altamont into dublin-pleasanton, about 20 minutes in its entiretiy from the altamont pass. 80, -- highway 4, drive towards concord and highway 101 through marin not bad if you are headed towards san rafael. 5:54. got your halloween outfit picked out yet? >> no. >> you better hurry. [ unintelligible ] here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. record 170 million americans
5:55 am
plan to celebrate halloween this year with 70% getting into the -- in the mood. the average person expect today to spend $80 on decorations, costumes and candy up 10%. 15% say they plan to does up their pet in costume. -- plan to dress up their pet in costume. u.s. airlines collecting more than 1.7 billion dollars in baggage fees during the first half of this year. department of transportation says delta collected the most followed by unite and american. inexpensive ipad alternative, that's what barnes & noble is hoping you will think. the new 9 inch nook on sale for $269 with smaller $200 version. least expensive sells for $100 and weighs more. increasing services the nook offers, including video purchase and rental service. i'm jane king with the berg
5:56 am
business report. -- encouraging scientific discovery could mean using a virus to cure acne. researchers have identified a class of virus that attacks and kills acne bacteria. they say the virus lives on your skin, it is normally harmless. when exposed to acne bacteria it goes on the attack. researchers say the viruses or the in s they produce could be developed into a medicine -- or the in s they produce could be developed into a medicine to treat the disorder. new ipad app -- >> new ipad app launched today can help you see the brain of albert einstein. slies of his brain were made after his death in 1955 with his permission and hope future researchers could discover the secrets behind his genius. for $9.99 anyone can peer into the brain of the man who revolutionized physics.
5:57 am
there's a weird story about what happened to the brain and where it ended up. you can look it up. >> next, the plea change a 17-year-old driver who hit and killed a father and daughter in concord is expected to make today. everyone seems to have a smartphone. what is the real cost to the average american family? the new numbers, just released. michael finney will show us the websites offering the best online shopping and the ones you will want to avoid.
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