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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 27, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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if you won't answer you sure are ours ♪ ♪ you make me want to live again if you won't answer you sure are ours ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the new "hot kids" album is available. i want to thank keanu reeves, ginnifer goodwin. apologies to matt damon, we ran
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out of time. tomorrow night, selena gomez, lenny venito and music from tony bennett. thanks for watching. good night. ♪
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i think they are great they are coming back. >> this is the most bizarre sequence you will see at a game. >> after mounting frustration among coaches, players and the fans, the nfl has struck a deal with the referee's union. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. it is a deal that means regular refs will be back on the field immediately. a deal no doubt prompted by the outrage that followed the last call of the game on monday night. >> boy, it was an unbelievable , and larry beil is here
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with more. it was an unbelievable call. >> you have to go back to the lingerie league. he may not be that happy. but it took one high-profile national televised blunder to end the lockout. a tentative agreement has been reached and the real refs will be back tomorrow night in baltimore. the blown call on monday night brought such outrage and criticism that the nfl had to get a deal done and done fast. so the refs will get more money and compromise owed a pension plan and 401k, and the nfl may hire some officials full time. after three weeks of the replacements, the fans were happy to hear the qualified refs will be back. >> it is about time. the nfl owners were said to be gridey and unre-- were said to be greedy and unresponsive even to the detriment of their product. >> when the niners lose i want to know they lost because of themselves and not because of some idiot who thinks wearing a prison outfit will make them
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a god on the field. >> the referees coming back are more experienced. the experience is what makes the referee a good referee. >> the nfl's best known is ed ho co ley known for his muscular physique. when he heard the deal was done he started doing push ups. he is ready to flex again. the new eight-year deal has to be ratified by the entire officials' union, but that will happen over the weekend. >> thanks, larry. chents about the deal flooded our facebook page. packer fans say, can we re-do the monday night game with the tee hawks against the -- with the seahawks with the real refs? join the conversation at news. >> they were entertaining. the negotiations between the nfl and the referees certainly spurred by the controversial call we have been talking about by a local referee. on monday night they ruled the final play of the game a
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touchdown. on tuesday night easily was seen in a -- easley was seen at a fresno bar and a friend defends him. >> i will tell you right flow is nobody, i don't care how much the players have tweeted or done whatever, but there is nobody that feels worse about that call than him and his partner. >> the bank manager from santa maria is an experienced high school and junior college football official, but many experts say the pro game is simply too fast for people unaccustomed to the speed at which things happen in the nfl. in antioch, a fourth grade student brought a weapon to school, and apparently a number of students knew about it. but what really shocked administrators was nobody said anything about the threat. it happened at turner elementary school, and it was a faculty member who saw the students gathered around the gun. alan wang has the story.
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>> the principal here at turner elementary sent a letter to parents that said "it was brought to our attention that the student had told other students he had the weapon and was going to bring it to school. he told a few students that he would hurt them if they told anyone. we are not sure of how many students knew of this, but it is disturbing that no students reported the threat to staff or to you, their parents. it turns out the weapon was an air soft pistol that shoots pellets with compressed air. the superintendant says it is still a serious offense. >> the problem with air soft pistols is they are so realistic that they can often bemis taken for a real -- be mistaken for a real weapon. and our police authorities do not know the difference. sometimes when they see a business stole -- see a pistol , and it can cause serious consequences. >> and that's why the school district was saying they are dealing with it as if it was a
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real gun. they gave a lecture between snitching and reporting something to help other when's someone's safety is threatened. the parents were asked to sign the letters and return them today. >> that was alan wang reporting. the investigation was completed, and now they will determine the proper punishment for the student. an armed man surrendered peacefully to san jose police tonight following a two-hour standoff at a law office. late this afternoon the man described as being distraught and actingy rad lickly -- erratically entered with a happened gun. all employees got out safely. police are trying to figure out exactly why this happened. a walnut creek woman sexually abused by two moraga middle school teachers in the 1990s is now suing the school district and former administrators. she says they ignored signs of abuse years before she was targeted allowing more students to become victims. leslie brinkley is here now with her story. leslie? >> that's right, kristen filed
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the lawsuit in superior court against the moraga school district and several retired administrators for as she said turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and letting etch tooers to prey on students. she shared the letter that triggered her filing the lawsuit this week. >> it took the air out of my lungs. i felt i couldn't breathe. >> in the letter dated june 12th, the moraga middle school student outlined being abused by a teacher. >> they knew he was abusing students. there were other letters in other memos and a documentation that he was abusing students and getting away with it. they created a culture and an environment. >> the principal and the other administrators ignored the abuse. at the time she was a 6th
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grader, and then two years later she became a victim. she turned to a trusted pe teacher. >> she watched that is other person got away with it. and she add free rein to do what she wanted to do. >> she was abused and threatened hundreds of times until she was a senior in high school. in the 2010 she told police and the teacher is now in prison. she is currently the assistant head coach of uc berkeley's women swim team. she felt she needed to do more to protect others from abuse. >> it is in the news right now with penn state. it has been in the news with the catholic church. to me that is a good thing. it doesn't mean the sexual abuse is just starting. it has been a problem, and i am glad people are now holding the actual abusers accountable and the people who allowed the abuse to happen. >> i spoke with the moraga
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school superintendent and they have just been served the lawsuit, and at this point there was no comment. all of this happened years ago. she wants all schools to stop and take notice and stop abuse before it is becoming rampant. leslie brinkley, dan? >> thank you. a daylight street robbery turned into a high speed chase and serious injury. it ended after the suspect's car t boned a mazda. the driver of the mazda had to be cut out from the car. she needed surgery. the child on a nearby playground was injured from flying debris. the chase started after a man grabbed a woman's backpack at fill more and sacramento. police arrested three people. a richmond police officer is out on bail after he was arrested on domestic violence and child endangerment charges. six-year veteran officer thomas hofschild was taken
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into custody. he is now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an an -- internal investigation. the d.a. has not filed charges against him. tonight a san francisco neighborhood is pro active in the street crime. they met with members of law enforcement and city supervisors to address the issues. a recent rash of cell phone muggings have them talking about prevention measures. >> we have an active and engaged community. people are really coming forward and wanting to organize and find a way to create a safer neighborhood. >> supervisors kristina and scott outlined measures including putting up warning signs and lobbying for more patrol officers. it is time now to get a check on the forecast. it has been foggy, but things are changing. sandhya patel is here. >> indeed changing.
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and i want to show you live doppler 7hd. the fog is getting thick. it is not just near the coast, but we have fog over the bay and the visibility right now is down to a mile and a half. the temperatures 50s and 60s. a fall warm upcoming that will feature a summer-like sizzle. we'll have you back with a look at the forecast in a few minutes. carolyn? >> see you then. thanks, sandhya. barack obama and mitt romney duking it out now at the home stretch. the new poll showing the race in a key battleground state is slipping away from romney. why he says he is not worried. >> and the bay area native who survived a deadly of a good afternoon. what he is saying about his ordeal. >> and a quarter of a million dollar jackpot lost in san francisco. >> and then later on "nightline" -- >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, coming up next on "nightline," in the rebellion against the new healthy school lunch
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guidelines. and from harry potter to a new book for adults only. jk
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there has been a major shift in momentum in the race for president. new polls show president obama now 10 points up on mitt romney in ohio which is a key battle ground state. abc news has moved ohio out of the toss up column and into the obama column.
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that gives the president 255 likely electoral college votes to 206 for romney. 270 are needed to win. both campaigned in the buckeye state today. abc news reporter david muir asked about the poll numbers tonight. >> i'm curious what you would say to some of your donors who might be concerned that this could be slipping away. >> i am pleased with some polls and less so with other polls. but frankly at this early stage the polls go up and the polls go down. >> the president seized on the momentum and linking him to the comments that they are victims who depend on government. >> i don't believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half of the nation as victims and don't take responsibility for their own lives. as i travel around ohio and look out on this crowd i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard work in ohio ans. that's what i see. >> history says ohio is a must
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win for romney. no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. avalanche survivor says he is alive, but certainly mourning the lost of two close friends. he survived a deadly avalanche that killed at least eight people on one of the world's tallest mountains. it happened sunday morning at 22,000 feet in napal. he is a three-time world champion freestyle skier based in tahoe. in his first interview since the tragedy, he said he was reading his bible when the avalanche struck. >> i was reading first samuel for the sake of reading it. the tent started to shake and we thought it was the wind, but it was the avalanche. >> besides his injuries he describes himself as one of the luckiest people on the -- in the world. he planned to ski down the slopes with the other climbers
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when this happened. moving on, someone in the bay area has lost nearly a quarter of a million dollars. today was the deadline to claim a winning mega millions ticket sold at fox liquors on larkin street in san francisco. the ticket was for the march 30th mega millions draw. the winner had until 5:00 p.m. to claim the prize. easy come, not so easy go. >> i'm sure they don't even know. >> they are not upset. >> oh, but what might have behya patel is here wi sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> can't dwell on the past, even if they are a mega millions winner, but obviously they don't know about it. tonight it is foggy and cool outside. i want to show you the time lapse from the roof camera. coit tower in and out of the fog. the fog is thick especially near the coast. i want to show uh another time lapse. this is a short time ago. this is what your morning commute will look like.
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live doppler 7hd, and you will see the fog is not only hugging the coast, but it has pushed in over parts of the bay. and you will likely run into poor visibility for the morning drive. dense in patches and warming begins tomorrow, and warm to hot weather coming for the weekend. it really will be a reminder of the summer-like steam, at least in the inland areas. coastal spots will be beach weather. give yourself time for the morning commute. it will be slow going due to pockets of dense fog. upper 40s not only in the north bay, but along the coast as well to the mid50s. and we will see the foggy areas. you will definitely need a jacket or sweatshirt. here is a look at the satellite picture. we have a warmer pattern setting up. it is a little warmer and then it really starts to change as we get closer to your week and. fry frye day temperatures will continue to rise. friday the temperatures will continue to rise. high pressure is going to set
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up shop just over the western u.s. when that happens instead of getting a sea breeze that keeps us cool and comfortable, we will get a land breeze. this is the offshore flow that will bring it toward the coast. on sunday the heat peaks. temperatures climbing close to 100 degrees in the inland communities. not tomorrow afternoon though. still pleasant in the south bay. a warmer day 82 in san jose. 86 in los gatos. on the peninsula, low 70s to low 80s. 1e69 8 in palo -- 78 in palo alto. the fog will hold your numbers down. 62 in pacifica. you will need a sweatshirt in daly city. north bay communities, 60s along the beaches, but we will see mid-nineties around ukiah. 77 in petaluma. a nice day and mild and sunshine and 74 in oakland and 75dro. head inland and these numbers
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are going to be running on the warm side especially places like brentwood, antioch, livermore, 90s there around the monterey bay, 70 knife in santa cruz and -- 75 in santa cruz. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. warming begins tomorrow. it takes it up a little bit as we head into your friday. look at the weekend. 96 inland and 98 on sunday. that's unseasonably hot. low to mid70s at the beaches. it will be warm beach weather coming your way. and then monday we will start to see a dropoff in the temperatures and cooling kicks into gear on tuesday and wednesday under partly cloudy skies. if you are a niners fan and you are feeling lucky, abc7 is about to make somebody $49,000 richer. just go to news and like us. and then click the win $49,000 button to enter. we will announce the winner on october 18th right after the 49ers take on the seahawks here on abc7 news. >> thank you already like us,
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spencer, mike and i, go to our facebook page and click the button that will take you to the page where you can enter. it is a very simple form. $49,000 in your pocket. mike will be here between 4:30 and 7:00 a.m., carolyn and dan, with any updates to get you out the door. >> thanks, sand you -- sand you you -- sandhya. >> one man's fascination with the iphone turns into a popular youtube video. ♪ >> do you like me? ♪ will you be high friend? ♪ >> the siri duet
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but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant with lower iq's show more intelligence. and findings indicated people with lower iq's were less happy partly because of lower income and poorer health. it is in the latest issue of psychological medicine. >> a berkeley man known for singing about apple products is unveiling the newest work called siri duet.
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>> i am not allowed to. >> jonathon mann writes a song a day. jobs screened it before going on stage to talk about the phone and its antenna. >> he is still going strong. >> well, let's check in with larry now. >> glad to see he is a friend. siri. after five straight one-run games they had a breather in texas thanks to some help from job hamilton. the up to the moment wild card [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet
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with one week to go in the regular season, every win is like gold for the a's. every victory gets them a little closer to the playoffs. they jumped on texas early and often tonight. how about some ice cream? yum. who cares about the game? the a's come out slugging.
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josh donaldson is up the middle. and hamilton and oops. two runs score and 4-0 athletics. and derrick norris drills it to center and here comes hamilton and he miss plays that one too. donaldson scores five. the texas starter was yanked in the first. the top of the second and chris carter and the a's with a new al record. 1,332 strikeouts this year and the previous mark was held by the 07 rays. steven drew singles home and 7-3a's. drew had four hits and six innings and allowed three runs. the a's win it 9-3 and remain half a game behind baltimore. they are three back of texas for the division lead. the giants are getting set for the post season and expected to announce tomorrow that cabrera will not be on their playoff roster. cabrera serving a suspension and the giants will moving move -- will move on without him. a proposal at at&t park and
1:35 am
she said yes with lucille presiding. knocks in pagan and the 100th r.b.i of the season. buster for president. matt cane and seven scoreless and struck out six. the giants win it 6-0 and the canes' 16th victory of the year. as we reported earlier, the real refs will be back working the nfl game tomorrow night. the replacements missed a lot of calls, especially down the field where the defensive backs were, shall we say, enjoying more freedom to mug receivers. michael huff was honest about it. >> i like the replacement refs. i know green bay is not excited about the replacement refs, and i feel bad for them. but we will still go out there and play football. >> the steelers find 21 grand -- fined 21,000 for the helmet to helmet hit on darius
1:36 am
hayward bay. he spent one night in the hospital with a concussion and neck injury, but will make a full recovery. and the bears signed carter before being sidelined by injury. the raiders visit denver and peyton manning, so they will need to rush the passer. sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the refs are back. >> the refs are finally back. we can all sleep easier. >> it was a long national nightmare that is over. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us, everyone. the next newscast is tomorrow delegations boycotted the speech
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which lasted roughly 35 minutes. and the civil war in syria has hit a grim milestone. more than 340 people were killed yesterday, making it the deadliest day yet. that number includes at four military guards who died in back to back suicide car bombs in damascus. syria's state tv released this dramatic video showing the moment the first bomb went off right there. exploding from a white van. the opposition claims that the twin blasts actually killed dozens. we are also following a bizarre story unfolding in phoenix. a man there has been arrested after posting this video that shows a teenager dressed in ape sheet aiming a rocket launcher at passing cars. at first michael hurley claimed it was a scene from a movie he was making.
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but when he posted it to youtube he said it was a test to see how fast the police would respond to a terrorist. they responded all right. arresting hurley for faking a terror attack as well as for endangerment. wow. >> a very bad joke. well, emergency crews rushed to the tarmac at jfk airport yesterday. set for a terrifying landing. the jetliner from rio lost control of the front landing gear. the pilot flew low enough for the tower to see the wheels were turned 90 degrees. after a second fly by and running low on fuel, the pilot told the passengers to get ready. >> they told us the front gear was -- had a problem. so we would have an emergency landing. >> miraculously, just 50 feet above the runway, the nose gear slips into place and the plane


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