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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you've been warned and he's been warmed. >> i like that. >> thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. we need desperately to get over to mike nicco right now. skies jammed with a little fog especially north bay swral along the coast some spilling into the bay now we don't have organized areas of wet weather other than the mist that you are going to drive through in those routes. foggy around the bay, low to mid 50s through the morning, hazy sun by noon, mid 60s to mid 70s close to where we should be by being, around 70 to 79, then back into the 60s towards 7:00. inland valleys, a little fog up north, 47 to 53 warm by being, 82 to 91 coast cloud covergzn; the better part of te day. time for traffic. happy friday. earlier stall bay bridge
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incline gone, traffic starting to up for cash paying folks no metering lights yet, minor delay at the toll plaza westbound as you head into san francisco check in with bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time, great way for to you get out and about. drive times if you are headed out now over the altamont into dublin-pleasanton, 20 minutes hillcrest to 242 getting jammed, 22 minute ride 80 east shore freeway into the maze. traffic tie-up of epic proportions is expected tonight in san francisco as the monthly biking event known as critical mass celebrates 20th anniversary. katie marzullo joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. this is where it begins, where it goes and how many people will participate, that's anyone's guess it is the 20th anniversary of critical mass where bay sick lists gather
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and ride in a huge group an all over city streets the last friday of every month. -- 20 years ago 50 took part knew it is hundreds, even thousands sometimes. participants say they do it to make a point with drivers that they need to share the road. it does make for a frustrating evening commute for drivers. there are those who take issue wu with the city's bike plan which is creating more bike lanes. >> all day long, everyday motorists are bullyinging bicyclists. once a machine we turn the table, not to bully just to say we are here respect our space once a month for a few hours while we take the road. >> one of the problems with the bike plan is it takes away traffic lanes and street parking on busy city streets. that creates a problem. environmental impact. >> reporter: the event is typically peace full in years past we've seen fights -- and
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bicyclists arrested for violations and even assaults. san francisco list chief tells us there will be -- police chief tells us there will be extra patrols out tonight. critical mass getting started around 6:00, police department recommends an voiding the downtown area in a car, if you can. katie marzullo, abc7 news. novato police investigating accident that killed a 12-year-old girl riding her bike home from school. hailey ratliff was heading west on her bike on novato boulevard when she collided with an suv going in the opposite direction. the driver is cooperating with police so far does not face any charges. amy hollyfield will have more coming up in a live report from novato. in east palo alto, fight continues for a stop sign where a 6-year-old girl was
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killed while walking to school a year ago in a crosswalk on gloria way yesterday was the anniversary family and neighbors have pushed for a stop sign there. the city has installed flashing lights and added pavement markings and crossing guard. morgan hill police looking for a mother who abandoned her daughter at a store last week taking off after a shoplift ago tempt. marcy keelin and her 10-year-old daughter filled the cart with beer and other groceries, instead of paying keelin told her daughter to wait the cart near the exit doors while she got car. store employees stopped the 10-year-old keelin saw them and drove away. the 10-year-old is not charged and is staying with her grandmother in morgan hill. the woman who was mugged and had her iphone stolen in a marina district bar in san francisco is announcing a $1,000.
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heather sweeney was celebrating her birthday with friends last month the place was packed with people dancing to loud music when she went to check on coats she was attacked by a man and woman who took off. >> i don't take my phone out in a parking garage, corner, i take my phone out if i'm sitting, stopped in a public area or once inside my home or office i don't check while i'm commuting. >> police say cell phone thefts are rising the law firm sweeney works for is puting up the reward money airing public service announcements on radio to alert residents to the problem. we are learning more about yahoo's turn around plan. the ceo is making changes when it comes to how the company will roll out new products sources say she demanding products be shipped out within six months and generate 100
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million users or 100 million dollars towards the company's bottom line if that can't happen, yahoo won't bother with the product. yahoo hered her from google this year. californians appear to be against granting drivers license and in-state tuition breaks to illegal immigrants. new poll finds 56% of registered voters believe illegal immigrants should not be able to get a drivers license 40% believe they should. the poll finds 61 of voters believe the state should not grant in-state tuition breaks to illegal immigrants most voters believe the government should create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 100% for the fog southbound 101 at 3:00 in the morning. the rest of us we better
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check with mike. good morning. visibilitys quarter mile in santa rosa hasn't leaked to novato yet winds fairly calm along 101 now. we know for sure there's low clouds all around the bay and possibility of flight arrival delays into sfo. here's what is going on. we have all the fog this morning, going to hang around longer than yesterday, temperatures close to where we were yesterday the big warming trend is slated for tomorrow into sunday spill into monday 90s east bay valleys warmest, 80s rest of inland neighborhoods, 70s bay, 60s out towards the coast even a few upper 50s from time to time, monterey bay mid to upper 60s. heatwave, saturday to monday
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mid 90s inland to triple digits by monday mid 80s to near 90 around the bay low to mid 70s at the coast. good morning. now to the golden gate bridge very heavy fog over the waldo and into the golden gate bridge area no traffic delays if you head into san francisco maybe limited visibility. to san jose, 280 northbound towards cupertino highway 17 over crossing you can see light conditions if you are traveling from san jose this morning. if you are traveling to the southern california area los angeles, anticipation of a lot of traffic 405 shutdown between 101 at getty center to demolish the mulholland bridge this weekend. major delays, asking that you stay out of the area. drive time out of the central val >> -- valley. >> even warning signs here
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they are talking about watching out for the freeways with the carmageddon. >> hopefully, nothing bad will materialize. nfl refs officially back. the thursday night football game where they made their first appearance since the end of the lockout and show of support from the fans. >> which kristen wants me to mention she predicted. >> legal decision just announced from britain's royal family after nude photos of princej
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welcome back. 6:13. we've got fog on the golden gate bridge not a surprise. thick in places along when you are near the coast mike says
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the fog is going to be lifting at some point late morning, midday, early afternoon somewhere around there sunshine will come, overcast right now. the royals will not pursue legal action over those naked pictures of prince harry in las vegas that appeared in a british tab hreufpld after the paper ran the snapshots last month they were reproduced around the world. the royal -- [ unintelligible ] starbucks expanding global reach. the coffee giant will open first ever store in india. going to happen by the end of next month new location will be in mumbai next to a hermes store. starbucks plans on opening 50 stores in the country by the
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end of the year. or wall world brings in 50,000 to -- oracle world brings in 50,000 that -- the show expected to help pump 120 millions into the local economy and will coincide with america's cup racing world series -- a lot of people coming to town for that and what is going on, on the bay they will want nice weather. it seems no matter what you got a breeze on that bay you are never going to let down a sailboater. >> the weekend will have a breeze will challenge them. right now a look at some of the cloud cover, fog creeping across san francisco as we look to the east from mount sutro. live doppler in search of patches of wet weather this morning, live doppler not
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seeing any of that wet weather because it is not there. fog made of mist hanging in the air not falling. let's talk about temperatures, dress for 40s north, still upper 40s santa rosa napa, latest temperatures around the rest of our neighborhoods 50 antioch at 60, locally dense none ray bay and inland mid 50s here. sunshine about an hour slower today, patchy fog possible again tonight excessive heat this weekend will spread to the coast probably not as economies sieve for you guys. -- probably not excessive for you guys. livermore 90 napa same at 82, san jose where you should be at 80, oakland, redwood city and san francisco cooler, san francisco 72 the warmest high we have throughout the year not there today, tomorrow
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more likely. cloud cover surging from now through 9:00 all the around the bay noon back to the coast few pockets of sunshine probably not as much as yesterday. 70s and 80s south bay upper 70s to mid 80s up the peninsula mid to upper 70s millbrae 71 half moon bay 62 daly city 60 mid 60s downtown south san francisco low to mid 80s north bay valleys upper 50s beaches along the east bay shore 69 berkeley low to mid 70s everybody else. mid 80s to mid 90s. monterey bay mid to upper 60s 80s inland. big story this weekend near 100 inland, 90 bay, mid 70s
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coast. happy friday, live shot of 80 as you drive past golden gate fields into berkeley. traffic light, not seeing slow downs into the macarthur maze. once you get to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco now backing into the macarthur maze past the over passes. we have slow traffic out of antioch again speeds of about 26 miles an hour bunching up, 30 minute drive towards pittsburg and concord want to thank our viewers brian and amy for updating me on their highway 4 westbound commute, tough, critical mass 6:00, expect delays, justin herman plaza as that gets underway. very serious accident just reported southbound 880 past alameda overturn two left lanes, waze app take a look at 880 towards -- maybe we won't see the waze app.
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there you go. wait -- great way to look at alternate routes. start communicating with other spotters and get around the -- get the information to get you around these traffic issues this weekend. let's go live to los angeles, the 405, l.a. bracing for carmageddon part two, doesn't start until tonight's regular friday traffic there. crews will finish demolishing the mulholland bridge, 405 shutdown in both directions expected to begin 7:00, continue to monday morning. caltrans advising commuters to stay away from the western part of l.a. this week. similar shutdown took place last year, again we've had signs up, warning signs by the sides of northern california freeway saying l.a. freeways are going to be a mess, something to that effect. >> don't need extra traffic.
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:19. stanford -- standing ovation predicted by kristen sze for regular nfl refs now back on-the-job.
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thursday night football
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fans in baltimore gave returning refs a standing ovation. here they are walking out, actual officials i hope they enjoyed it. the love lasted 60 seconds. here the first call. >> offense, number 74, penalty declineed 1st down. >> kristen sze tearing up at the sound of an official referee making a official call in a timely manner. in case you are wondering ravens went on to win 23-16 with few questionable calls. college football last night 8th ranked stanford at washington. defense scored on interception 40 yard run to put cardinal ahead 13-3 wait a minute, huskies came back with two more scores, including this you got that wrap him up, 35 yard touchdown pass downside
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lines washington upset stanford 17-13. today on katie chelsea handler. also, the santa cruz father and son responsible for the latest youtube sensation. video showing a toy train they put in space now viral more than two million hits online. catch katie today at 3:00. still ahead, the in the race getting national attention, the new controversial comments from missouri's todd akin following his remarks on legitimate rape. court appearance today for the bay area principal accused of dealing drugs. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in novato, administrators of a middle school are preparing for a sad day full of grief. a student here was hit by a
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car and killed yesterday. hear from the emotional principal. check out 70s and 80s in most of our neighborhoods, 98 phoenix, 58 boston. most major airports on time, green there, as you head out to the west coast, guess who has flight
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>> live look from our mount tamalpais camera you can see the fog out there sitting on the water talking to mike temperatures in southern marin going to be 70s for the most part, sausalito might make uper 60s that's about it gorgeous day and warmer weekend on the way. >> you've been listening to mike, pay close attention. >> i listen to his every word. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in forrer rim thomas. let's check in with -- in forer rebel thomas. let's check in with mike. fog is the big story this morning. the fact that we don't see radar returns mean it is mist hanging around the sky this morning.
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visibilities lowest [ unintelligible ] flight arrival delays into sfo. and the bay foggy through 7:00, clouds fade by noon mid 60s to low 70s, hazy sun and upper 60s to mid 70s by 4:00. valleys we have a little fog north bay, bright by noon and warm low 80s to low 90s by 4:00. at the coast foggy and temperatures in the upper 40s to low fewties, by 4:00 partly sunny, upper 50s to low 60s -- good morning. san jose nice drive on 280 northbound as you head past 17 overcrossing. towards cupertino traffic light so far, so good i am problem in san jose southbound -- alameda, overturn blocking two left lanes a little slow traffic on that map sensor.
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drive times from the altamont into the dublin-pleasanton area highway 4 westbound grind as usual, 237 past 280, 15 minute drive there. grief counselors will be at a novato middle school today, one day after an suv hit a 12 year-year-old girl who later died. amy hollyfield joins us live from the school. >> reporter: the principal is already here this morning and she has -- she told me she's bringing in a bunch of grief experts to help the kids deal with their loss. 12-year-old hailey ratliff just moved to novato last month from new mexico she was hit by an suv yesterday before 3:00 while riding her bike home from school. police say the driver did stop, cooperating and it didn't appear he had been drinking or
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was diving recklessly many they are still trying to figure out -- was driving recklessly. they are still trying to figure out why the accident happened. the principal said she was a -- >> there are no words to expresso the pain is deep and it will be deep for our community what we want to express most is our deepest love and support for the family of hailey and for her friends and for our school community as we grieve her loss. >> reporter: the spot where she was hit is marked with balloons and candles it happened on busy novato boulevard police are asking for witnesses to come forward and tell investigators what they saw many longtime residents say the street has always made them nervous they feel like some drive too fast they would like speed bumps put in place and speed limit signs posted. the principal tells us she
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isn't sure what today is going to look lake she will have meetings to determine that. what she does know is they are going to do their best to comfort the staff and students. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this afternoon an elementary school principal charged with selling meth is due back to court. 42-year-old eric dean lewis made his first court appearance monday he's the principal of montague elementary in santa clara. at his home officers found meth, date rape drug ghb and a dozen hidden cameras including one in a teddy bear. he was arrested last thursday and faces five felony drug counts. parents-only meeting took place last night to discuss arrest of sixth grade teacher james izumizaki the 28-year-old is accused of having inappropriate contact with a former student under
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14. parents were told students in his class will be placed in other classes monday. izumizaki is set to be arraigned today >> san francisco city college board of trustees explained 14 point action plan for keeping the college open at a hearing last night hiring new financial watchdogs, laying off faculty, closing or leasing some of its properties refocusing on basic course work the commission has given city college until march 15th, to turn things around. morgan hill police looking for a mother who abandon her daughter after a shoplifting event. marcy key len and her 10-year-old filled the cart with beer and groceries, instead of paying she told her daughter to wait with the cart near the exit doors will she went and got the car when she pulled up the girl was going to roll the cart out,
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employees stopped the girl keelin saw what was going on and drove away. >> she sacrificed her daughter for her own gain. >> 10-year-old not charged now staying with her grandmother in morgan hill with ordinance banning plastic bags from all stores takes effect monday. the new ban will be expanded to claude all restaurants by next july. retailers will be charging 10 cents if you want paper or compostable bag. you probably bring your own, right? >> as often as i can. when i for -- when i forget, give for paper. wondering if there are any sfo delays? >> 71 minutes due to low clouds oakland and san jose on time. system to our north next system staying north you can see a little curl in the atmosphere area of low
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pressure right now is the reason why we have so much fog going to get kicked out of the way starting tomorrow high pressure comes in significant warming trend. inland around 91 brentwood. we have a typical summer spread even though they are not into summer now. it is that time of the year fall where we warm weather, 90s in the east bay valleys, 80s inland, 70s bay, 60s coast sunshine about an hour slower than yesterday. monterey bay mid to upper 60s inland 80s around morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. three hottest days tomorrow, sunday and monday many inlaid mid 90s to near 100 monday, mid 80s to near 90 bay, mid 70s coast, heat could be a little dangerous especially santa clara valley by sunday. good morning. 80 berkeley east shore freeway
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beginning to up a little crowded speeds there, a little slow speeds i should say traffic moving as you need macarthur maze eastbound at carquinez bridge three place blocked with roadwork will not be picked up until 8:00 this morning eastbound. here's a look at toll plaza bumper-to-bumper metering lights on, sluggish traffic into san francisco, good news san jose southbound 880 to the alameda accident cleared, traffic getting by. mass transit everybody on time. critical mass at 6:00, you will find delays kicking off at justin herman plaza we have a great way for to you get around some of these delays this weekend with the waze app this is san jose now it is a free app you can communicate with other traffic spotters and download it at
6:39 am indeed all morning we've been trying to get you prepared for delays if you plan to dry in san francisco tonight many bike riders are expected to jam city streets to mark the 20th anniversary of critical mass movement began two decades ago when 50 people chose to ride their bikes home from work together. it evolved into a monthly ride for cyclists sometimes numbering in the thousands. also sparked altercations since critical mass has no leadership, no word what might happen. if you want to an individual that area, if you can, maybe a good idea. ahead and new, iphone apology what the ceo of apple is saying this morning, one week after the release of the new smartphone. trading underway on wall street. live look at new york stock exchange, big board shows down
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66. four people left dead after a workplace shooting in minnesota. the next step in the ongoing investigation. first he made comments about legitimate rape now missouri's todd akin is saying his opponent isn't very lady
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time for the california forecast live doppler dry over the last three hours everybody getting in on the heatwave starting today mid 90s through the central valley tahoe for the weekend above average mid to upper 70s, threat of thunderstorms possible today same around yosemite left thunderstorms today low to mid 90s saturday and sunday heading to l.a., 93 by sunday, definitely going to get hot there. san diego the hottest weather will be around monday with 90s, also 80s as we head through saturday and sunday. how would you like to win $49,000? go to the abc7 news facebook page and like us and click the win $49,000 button to enter. did i say you could win $had,000? we'll announce the winner after the -- after the game.
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if you already like us, you still have a chance go to our page and click the $49,000 button that will take out to page to fill out the form. >> i'm speechless. >> that's a rarity. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." coming up a very provocative new debate about motherhood, could there be such a thing as a mom gene? new study sparking a lot of reaction saying some women aren't that genetically programmed to be mothers. both sides of the debate, next. names of two more shooting victims in minneapolis, minnesota released. both injured executives of a company where a gunman went on a shooting spree. investigators trying to determine if the shooter was a disgruntled employee. four people were killed, including the company founder in yesterday's shooting. four others injured, three
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critically. police confirmed early that the shooter was among the dead. >> i can con peurp that the suspect the shooter -- i can confirm, that the suspect, the shooter is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> dozens police and s.w.a.t. officers swarmed the area after employees called 911. less than -- ♪ ♪ >> less than one week until the first debate between president obama and mitt romney and both will be spending the weekend getting ready. the president will be in nevada this weekend for his preparation. romney campaign trying to lower expectations, released a memo yesterday, calling the president one of the most talented political communicators in modern history. romney's team goes on to add the debates will not decide the election in iowa early voting already underway. this is yesterday in iowa city, 32 other state as will you
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early voting, including california in 2008, 30% of all votes were cast before election day either by mail or in person. that percentage is expected to be higher this year. congressman todd akin is running for senate in missouri his opponent is incumbent claire mccaskill the two recently debated after he told a newspaper mccaskill was aggressive towards him he said she was more ladylike in her 2006 election than this time around. several democrats are calling the comments demeaning to women. apple's ceo tim cook apologizes for problems with the new map app. apple ended its partnership with gaggle for its maps to
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make its own application customers who have the new iphone 5 have not been happy. saying the new app is leading them astray. he recommends users download apps from somewhere else the best idea i think download our abc7 waze app. >> that will work. apple shares taking a beating following that apology jane king joins us with that and more. >> here's the reaction how that apology is being greated. apple showers lower less than with% but trading down that is after the apology from tim cook with the -- over the maps problem not often you see the head of apple apologize to customers for letting them down haven't seen something like this since 2010 when steve jobs apologized for
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antenna-gate. investors waiting for next friday's unemployment numbers more jobs created than lost since president obama took office, labor department uping number of jobs created by 386,000 if estimate is confirmed in the final report it will more than wipe out the 261,000 job deficit we had been looking at that the economy loss since the president took office. even with the job creation the unemployment rate of 8.5% higher than the 7.8% when he took office. stocks on the defensive, losing streak yesterday, under pressure the dow down 100 points bloomberg index is trading slightly lower. witches, princesses, vampires, batman among top choices for halloween costumes more than a million adults and kids plan to does as some type of
6:50 am
athlete more than 75,000, a political costume as americans gear up to spend 8 billion dollars. any thoughts about what we are going as? >> teletubbies. >> are you? >> all of us. scary. >> she will trick-or-treat alone this year folks. >> it feel too much like halloween is around the corner. going to feel like a return to summer. >> warm weather on the waymont diablo from vollmer peak haze around the east bay valleys, hills. flight arrival delays into sfo because of the low clouds this morning about 71 minutes there oakland, san jose on time new york organized areas of wet weather just mist in the
6:51 am
air due to cloud cover, thickest around santa rosa, 48 there 49 napa, fog along the coast 52 at half moon bay most of us in the 50s, antioch around 60 fog around monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s sunshine an hour slower today temperatures like yesterday, patchy fog tonight excessive heat for this weekend will spill into next week if you have to work this weekend, still hot monday, today one degree cooler san jose, san francisco concord, may notice it in santa rosa drop about 8° today. upper 70s to mid 80s across the south bay. mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula. the coast 59 pacifica and sunset mid 60s downtown south san francisco, 68 sausalito low to mid 80s north bay valleys upper nice beaches not as much sunshine as yesterday low to mid 70s most of the
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east bay shore if you didn't need the air conditioner today temperatures the same as today. upper 80s to near 90. low to mid 70s inland. a's back in town still in the playoff race taking on mariners 7:05 first pitch, 61 will drop to 56. tonight the same type of cloud cover as this morning, 50s once again. temperatures could stay in the 60s in the santa clara valley the next couple of nights excessive heat advisory may be issued there for sunday and monday the most dangerous days of this heat as high pressure moves in tomorrow, clearing everywhere late in the afternoon, sunshine will dominate and warm weather to the coast sunday, monday coast could hit 80 in a few spots monday, 90 bay, 100 inland, start to cool tuesday, wednesday temperatures won't be back to average by thursday. have a great weekend.
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happy friday many if your travels take you up to the waldo tunnel to the golden gate bridge in fog, cemented on the deck, traffic light, four lanes headed into san francisco and no delays at that toll plaza. traveling this weekend to los angeles, 405 freeway shutdown 101 to the getty center they are vicing to please stay away. -- they are advising to please stay away. 101 northbound towards san jose at dun in avenue, stall, before the stall slow once you get past the scene speeds pick up as you head into san jose. san francisco oracle open world howard street closed between third and fourth they that closed last week for another convention it does cause delays out of market, muni rerouted around. if you want to get around it a great way is to download our free waze app this is showing 880 in oakland a stall subat embarcadero this is a free app get it at
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one of the bay area's legendary broadcasters will be turning on his microphone for the last time this morning. >> san francisco northbound 101. >> that's stan retiring after 51 years. he's been one of the most familiar voices on bay area radio he updated traffic on the morning news i am his traffic broadcasting career was landed on the iconic don sherwood show reporting from a passenger helicopter and we were lucky enough stan wound up with us in 1976 he became executive producer and winner of the emmys he was flying october 17th, 1989 when a producer yelled quake and he the next few days helping the bay area get around during a tough time. we will miss you hope to see you.
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>> thanks for the directs. here are five things to know before you go: number one, grief counselors will be on hand today in novato after a 12-year-old girl was hit and killed on her way home from school. >> number two, montague elementary principal lewis heads back to court to face drug charges arrested last week after offering drugs to an uncover officer he met online. officers found 10 cameras in his home, including one stuffed in a teddy bear. >> number three, albany middle schoolteacher james izumizaki set to be arraigned today on lewd conduct charges. the 28-year-old is accused of having inappropriate contact with a former student under 14. >> number four, thousands of bicyclists expected to pack into the streets of downtown
6:56 am
san francisco, 20th anniversary of critical mass, delays are expected for the bike ride that takes place on the last friday of each month no word how many might show up for the anniversary. >> number five, streets near the mosconey center in san francisco already being closed as preparations get underway for oracle conference. the weeklong tech event kicks off sunday expected to bring in 50,000 people this year. final check of our forecast. live doppler 7 hd, we have a lot of cloud could have in the form of low clouds, fog around santa rosa, along the coast spilling into san francisco that's why we have 71 minute flight arrival delays. oakland san jose on time partly sunny at the coast, upper 50s to low 50s, 90s inland today. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll, traffic backed in towards the maze soap for friday light, heff --
6:57 am
so much for friday hraoeurbgt heavy into san francisco, problem in san francisco north 280 at 101 accident on the connector ramp, don't forget critical mass at the embarcadero. >> that does it for the news that abc7 morning news. >> down don't forget to download --.
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