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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, the woman that abandoned her daughter during a shoplifteding in morgan hill is in jail in nevada this morning. latest in bizarre story. thousands of bicyclists mingle with cars during the critical mass anniversary in san francisco, good anded bad. we'll take a look. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with a look at really the lead story of the day hot weather is coming this way. >> lisa: this is spare-the-air day. not only fog across the bay but livermore and san jose. we looking at gray start and mist at our coast but by noontime, upper 50s at the shoreline. still a sea breeze here. 70s and 80s around the bay. look at that, we're not stopping
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mid 90s. 18 degrees warming today. we have full moon tonight but hot tomorrow. looks as though the heat wave is going to stick around for a while. high fire danger and we'll have a look at all the numbers coming up. >> terry: breaking news in vallejo. a fire has damaged the law offices of orders zi davis. it was put down by firefighters. nobody was injured but officials say the fire is suspicion. they are calling in arson investigators. they arrived at the fire scene and visibly shaken by what they were seen. it's considered a crime scene and that is all fire officials are saying right now. this morning, she is in custody. the woman accused of leaving her daughter behind after getting caught shop lifting in morgan
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hill. she was arrested in nevada last night ending a nine day odyssey. sheriff's deputies found her in motel room with a male companion and 11-month-old son. she said she was going to kill herself if ee she couldn't be with her baby. she had her daughter bring a cart full of groceries that were not paid for to the exit. they pulled up in the car to load up, she saw store employees and she took off leaving the ten-year-old daughter behind. she has been dodging authorities ever since. critical mass celebrations continue throughout the weekend in more than 300 cities worldwide as bicyclists celebrate their push for bicycle rights. 6,000 bicycle riders rode their bikes during rush hour.
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how did that go? >> reporter: the cyclists moved about the city in aimless celebration. while drivers could do nothing but sit and wait. >> we are not blocking traffic. >> we are traffic. >> for drivers it was utter frustration. at market and van necessary we saw one tussle with the driver. >> you are breaking the law. >> in texas we would shoot your [ bleep ]. >> they monitored the ride and they told drivers to be patient. >> it happens once a month. >> i wish i would have known that. it happens to be 20th anniversary. >> there were moments of politeness. at van ness and market a large crowd rode around in circles and held up their bike in victory. others took it in stride. san francisco police confirm
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that there have been no arrests. >> terry: demonstrations in the mission district, as well. at 18th and valencia a splinter group occupied the intersection by going through traffic light changes. drivers were frustrated but they kept their cool backing away from the intersection. no altercation there. cyclists and drivers we spoke with said the anniversary ride went pretty well. >> righters were peaceful people and we made eight positive ride. >> they were honking but i don't think it's too bad and you got stuck and you didn't know, it was really bad. >> i was waiting to run into something like this. i think it's pretty cool. >> a lot of people driving had to practice patience. for the most part they did. in los angeles this weekend, drivers are being advised to stay off the roads in what is
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being called carmegeddon 2. san diego freeway, a ten-mile stretch of freeway making west los angeles and san fernando freeways is closed. demolition crews are working. it's part of one billion dollar improvement project that adds a ten-mile car-pool lane. they have 53 hours to finish their work and if they are not done on thyme a late penalty of $360,000 per hour. will be charged. families in novato is remembering a young student struck by an suv as she rode her bike home from school. she was 12 years old and moved to nova from new mexico last month.
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hundreds of people mourned her loss in a vigil last night. >> reporter: they showed the grief and support for the family last night at the high school in novato. about 300 people came to the campus to join in a vigil and moment of silence for 12-year-old. the mom was hugged by friends and family. angela spoke to us off camera about her daughter. >> 12 short years he was here they have impacted more lives than most people do in an entire lifetime. >> police say haley was coming home from school on novato boulevard when she was struck by an suv. she was taken to oakland children's hospital where she died of her injuries. it has moved the community. >> when something like this happens, you just wonder how you can prevent it.
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>> it's sad when it hit the community because you think of your children how it can't happen to them. it's emotional. >> flowers and candles were brought to the vigil where a dozen of white balloons were released. memorial where the 12-year-old was struck is filled with flowers. the man who was driving the suv has not been charged in the accident. >> police say the cause of this accident is still under investigation. they say that investigation may take as long as three days or three weeks. governor jerry brown has signed into law that affect bay area residents. one regulates the use of red light cameras statewide. the bill prohibits the use of red light cameras solely to raise revenue for local governments. it requires the camera locations based on safety considerations
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and nothing else. and to notify drivers that the cameras are in use and make it easier for wrongfully ticket drivers to get it cleared. >> governor brown expanded the bill on openly carried handguns. new law makes it misdemeanor to display an unloaded firearm in a public place, but it does not apply to hunters, members of the military or anyone transporting guns to shooting ranges. >> san francisco's plastic bag ban is almost here. on monday you will have to pay 10 cents for a bag from the city's retailers. none of them will be allowed to offer you plastic. it goes down to smaller mom and pop stores. in july of next year it expands to include restaurants. ban is intended to help san francisco reach the zero waste goal. >> a casino has filed a claim against the city.
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m8trix card room say the permit process pushed the permit process and is asking for a minimum of $10,000 what they are calling the unpredictable nature in the licensing process. the claim is first step toward filing a lawsuit. they planned to open in april but didn't open until august. >> 19 military veterans have filed a lawsuit stating they were raped while in the armed forces that they face retaliation for reporting the crime. two of the defendants talked about their ordeal at hastings college of law. they told stories of harassment by military superiors. one says she was raped several times. >> i thought i had two choices, willing or unwilling. i knew if i stood up for myself again, i would have been punished more, isolated more and abandoned. >> terry: jackie speier joined
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the plaintiffs and sponsoring a bill called the stop act. >> last tuesday, secretary of defense leon panetta ordered to improve their program. >> a dog owner is going after united airlines. what happened when he tried to fly his dog across the country. and n.f.l. football might soon return to los angeles. huge step taken by the city to build a new
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a miami man after his dog died on a cross-country flight. his dog hop order a flight to san francisco. united advertises a program offering personal handling for vets during four hour layovers. he had a two-hour layover when he noticed him in a crate. >> he was so hot and his tongue was hanging down. >> terry: he died on the flight to sfo and united performed said he died of heart attack. they want to be clear when
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people fly with their pets. >> apple is apologizing to iphone 5 users for the new map application. ceo tim cook acknowledged several flaws in the mapping system and vows that apple will make corrections. they encourage iphone 5 users to download more reliable applications. photo sharing app had more users than twitter for the first time last month. data released this week free mobile app had 7.3 million, 400,000 more than twitter. instagram allows you to post photos. it was recently purchased by facebook and instagram does not maintain a website. christopher stevens will be honored at tonight's cal football game. a moment of silence will be held in his memory.
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he had a degree in history. the school announced it has established a memorial fund in his n stevens name. he was killed at an attack in libya. the attack was first believed to be spontaneous reaction to anti-muslim film but now it's known that was planned terrorist assault. >> they have approved documents to build a new downtown stadium in a major step for a new franchise. l.a. city council unanimously approved an array of documents that approved the path for the stadium, most environmentally friendly stadium in n.f.l. history. it's not clear yet if the developer of the $1.2 billion stadium will be able to persuade an n.f.l. team to move to los angeles. there may be a great stadium but you need a team to make it
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complete. >> lisa: that would help. >> terry: we have been talking about what is coming. >> lisa: there is a lot of fog out there. we have a lot of sunshine in concord right now. but other than that, we are socked in with mist and drizzle. here is our emeryville shot. 50s out there. it doesn't feel like it's going to get up to the 90s. near 80 today. i'll have a look at the numbers and talk about the excessive heat watch. >> terry: do you feel confident about this forecast? >> lisa: yes. >> a's [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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>> terry: i've seen it in stores. but with weather like this. i'm thinking shorts and suntan lotion. >> lisa: you know what happens. some of the hottest weather we have seen all year. right now upon us, really tomorrow is when the excessive heat goes gets underway. spare a air day for the
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afternoon. we have plenty of fog out there. this is san jose where the visibility has been reduced in spots. we're looking at a big warmup today. we had that warmup on thursday. cooled off yesterday. we are talking about everyone warming anywhere from 5-18 degrees just today. here is roof camera. marine layer is getting more compressed because high pressure is building overhead. live doppler 7-hd not picking up precipitation. mount st. helena lena. high fair danger taking us through several days of next week. 59 right now in mountain view. warm spot. 54 in oakland, when he have airport delays over an hour at sfo and cool numbers up to the north. visibility reduced at the airport two and a half miles. we are talking three miles at half moon bay. three-quarters of a miles santa
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rosa we have high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere for the marine layer getting more and more compressed and disappearing altogether. not only the fog we have mist and drizzle, a warm day today. hot weather tomorrow through monday and even tuesday. not looking at much in the way of cooling. so air quality coming down out there. poor air quality in the inland east bay and santa clara valley where moderate air quality. sea breeze will be confined to the shoreline and sunny at our beaches. mid-70s and 90s rurj with the weak breeze. it's clear right around fairfield, west wind at 12 miles an hour. if you are tempted to head to the beaches today. you need to know about the beach hazard right through monday for marina state beach. santa cruz boardwalk. this is due tote strong rip currents. large breaks we have had this week after week. keep that in mind. boy, what a warmup. average highs is around 80.
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above average and 86 in campbell. look for 83 in menlo park. we have lt fog fest in pacifica and we'll see sunshine throughout the afternoon. 70 downtown. a beautiful day in the north bay. getting who had towards clearlake. 85 in sonoma with sunny skies and low 60s for stinson beach. 78 in hayward and berkeley coming in at 75. if you head inland. yesterday, barely in the 80 degree temperature. today we are really warming up. 93 in livermore. 89 in dublin. you do expect this kind of thing september, october, but it's happening fast today with 73 in salinas. if you are headed to oakland, look for 73 this afternoon. a high of 77 at about 4:00. accu-weather seven-day forecast really hot tomorrow with near hundred inland and very little cooling until mid-week and then we cool off by the end of the week.
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over 49,000 viewers, like us on facebook and all are eligible to win $49,000. go to and click the win $49,000 button. just got to fill out a form. then it will take you to this page. they will be eligible to win it and announce the winner after the 49er game. i can't believe already they are just shooting up all the lights on facebook. it looks fun. >> terry: and to make that $49,000. what the heck. in sports this afternoon. a's have their quest and oakland two games ahead of the angels. five games left. after beating them at coliseum. larry beil has highlights in this morning sports. >> good morning. finish line is in sight. six games away as the a's took
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the field last night. question to the athletics, can they get there with the playoff spot. they opened their series with the mariners. accepting the nomination and we're great to see him back on the field after that line drive to the head. it's nice to see coco crisp leading off with the 11th homer. 1-60 a's. steven drew, high, deep and aloha. then in the 7th, josh donaldson with bases loaded. he lines to left. have no fear. and with a diving catch. a's win 8-2. one game behind the orioles and two up on the angels with five games to play. giants and padres in san diego. hey, giants leading 1-0 and pablo sandoval, deep to left
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center and that scores vogelsong and marco scutaro. vogelsong has allowed one run and struck out four and gets the "w" in a 3-1 giant victory. history was made last night, reds and pirates, david dewitda daly struck out ten, to be it to the ninth and this would be the final out. he pops up 1-0 is the final. seventh no-no of the year. he is the first reds pitcher to throw a no-hitter since 1988. >> tiger woods lost both of his matches as opening day of the ryder cup. being benched for the morning session that has never happened before. even with too longer struggling before. and phil mickelson and kegan bradley won their matches.
8:26 am
the -- in the afternoon match. along with steve stricker, two down and it's tiger time slowly rolls home the birdie. oh, yeah, he is pumped and how about this. first ryder cup had 8 birdies and an eagle. so on 18. woods needs this putt to square the match. it rolls right by. woods in shock and agony. still the u.s. leads europe, 5-3 after day one. first team to get to 14 1/2 points wins the ryder cup. a reminder we have college football for you on abc7, it's wisconsin and nebraska in big ten action. 5:00 p.m. action and we'll see you with "lexus after the game". >> next, the national campaign today to help people dispose of unwanted prescription drugs. also there is a critical shortage of some bay area food
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banks. they are low on supplies because the government has not the commitment. and special honor for a little boy killed in san jose. how the city is remembering him
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>> terry: topping our news this half-hour, president obama is
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trying to encourage the recovery of housing market by making it subject of a weekly address. he wants republicans to support his plan for homeowners that were hurt in the housing market by refinancing at lower rates. >> back in february i sent congress a plan to give every responsible homeowner a chance to save $3,000 a year on their mortgages by refinancing at lower rates. its plan that has the support of independents, nonpartisan economists leaders in the industry. but republicans in congress want to keep it from getting to a vote. >> republican response blames the collapse on tax rates that pushed jobs overseas. vernon parker calls for a pro vote tax code to help. >> today is day you can return unwanted medical prescriptions. it's to help rid your home of dangerous expired, unwanted or
8:31 am
unused prescription drugs. bay area police agencies are opening their doors today from 10:00 this morning till 2:00 this afternoon. service is free and it is anonymous. it begin in 2010 and sings then, more than 700 tons of prescription drugs have been recovered nationwide. for more information on bay area collection sites we have a link on our website at under see it on tv. a lack of shipments from the federal government is leaving some bay area food banks with empty shelves. it's happening as demand for food is especially high. laura anthony has details from the alameda county food bank in oakland. >> the empty shelves say it all at the community food bank. for the first time in a long time the food bank has had to go without deliveries of crucial items. reason the u.s. department of agriculture hasn't delivered
8:32 am
surplus commodities to oakland for two months. >> we only received a shipments. we haven't received a shipment since the end of july so we are experiencing a shortage. >> normally they would have one million pounds of usda food on the shelf. now, they are down to half of that. it's the same story of the food bank in contra costa and solano. it's not clear the food is being diverted or not just available due to the drought of the midwest. the usda has yet to give us those answers but the reality of shortages come just as demand for food in the countries remains extremely high. >> more families find themselves turning to the food bank these days and we are lifeline to them. so the need in alameda county, we are serving one in six alameda county residents. majority of which are children. >> to try to offset the shortage
8:33 am
they are appealing to the public asking for them to organize their own food drives and make monetary donation. >> we can turn every dollar that is donated into four dollars of food that we can distributed or come down here and volunteer and lend your voice, call your legislator. >> it's not clear when the government shipments will resume. if the public wants more information how they can help this food bank, that information can be found on our website at >> a lot safer for pedestrians in south san jose. new bridge opened up yesterday providing safer access to a shopping center. walkway comes after a toddler died in the same spot seven years ago. more from abc7 news reporter sergio quintana. >> reporter: ceremonial ribbon
8:34 am
opened pedestrian traffic. it was terrible day when the 2-year-old got killed by an amtrak train. his mother was devastated at the time. now she holds back tears as she crosses the bridge named after her son. >> it's a lot to take in right now. >> there in th is bridge designed for pedestrians and bicyclists and among the first to cross, she says she used to take her son across the tracks. >> my oldest son, let's go around. don't go on the tracks. >> she is relieved for this new crossing and along with the new bridge, a shiny new fence have been installed to block people from walking over the train tracks here. >> now we have the pedestrian bridge, to keep on doing the same thing. to talk people using the bridge. >> following the accident that killed little alexander the
8:35 am
family decided to leave san jose and call fresno their home. the death of child proved difficult but they returned for this emotional dedication. >> we are saving lives which is awesome. >> has anyone made it across the bridge and emotion overcame the whole family. this is called vanders crossing and his spirit will be giving safe passage for all those that cross here. it took years to design the bridge but it took nine years to line all the funding up for $10.5 million project. >> a rare chance to experience the america's cup firsthand today. we'll tell you where you can meet the crew and get a rare glimpse of the oldest trophy in sports and noble prize winner
8:36 am
that brought their message to the bay area this weekend. live view from the roof camera, a whole lot of sun. we have to update this forecast. is it truly going to be sunny everywhere later today? she is saying, oh
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to bay area. she will take part in a meeting in war memorial gym. she addressed an experience in san francisco. lyanne melendez tells us about this important visit. she received a huge welcome at asia foundation. she has come to symbolize the struggle of burmese people to be free. she was allowed to leave her home only two years ago. >> it's up to all of us to make sure that the transition comes as peacefully and as quickly as desirable. >> during her visit to the bay area, she met with political leaders and entrepreneurs who have expressed their willingness to help support her country. she cautioned true progress in burma must include all people. >> it's not enough to help a country that is emerging from
8:40 am
dictatorship to democracy. it has to be helped in such a way that foundations of a democratic society wlo be strengthened. this empowering the people. >> she spent 15 of the last 21 years under house arrest. during her confinement the world continued to acknowledge her efforts to bring democracy to burma. in 1991 she was awarded the noble peace prize. recently she was presented the congressional medal. under the leadership of the current president. country is slowly seeing social reform. john brandon is member of the burma task force for the asia foundation. he was looking for other parts of southeast asia were doing and how they were progressing and the economic development and felt his people were falling behind and something that was not sustainable.
8:41 am
>> please help us, but in the right way. please help us thoughtfully. please help us but with proper sequencing and at the right speed. >> she will receive an honorary doctorate and she will also meet with members of the burmese community from the bay area. >> terry: i think at 9:00. that speech at usf starts at 9:15. >> lisa: a's game was is at 8:00 a.m. >> we are talking about a lot of fog out there. we do have an excessive heat watch. >> terry: are you sticking with the forecast. it's hard to believe outside. there is mist and drizzle and poor visibility and airport delays but a warm and dry forecast starting today. >> terry: let me speak on behalf of all the viewers, we believe
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>> terry: spectacular new concert hall opens tomorrow night in the heart of sonoma wine country. it's modeled after one after
8:45 am
tanglewood back east. >> preparing for opening night. that is legendary banking executive. he and his wife donated $12 million to make it a reality. >> we care about the arts. we care about this university. >> this gem is on the campus of sonoma state university. man considered the greatest pianist the opening performer. ♪ >> he played a role in getting the building finished. he is a friend that asked him to assess the acoustics. >> a lot of people were waiting for him. he was about here 2:00 in the morning, moving the shades up and down and called me up and said he loved it. that is when we decided to make it the gift. >> it's the centerpiece of green
8:46 am
center from a donation from donald green. it seats 1400. back wall opens up and 5,000 more people can sit outside to listen. a new reason to visit sonoma county. for some of the best food and wine in the country, you can now add culture with the opening of this innovative performance venue. it will be a versatile place. the choir will perform. ♪ >> alison krause will perform and summer camps for at risk kids. he believes success was more than profit, it's about giving. >> how can a company do things to make their community and whole society a better place? >> here is an example. don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> oracle team brings the thrill of america's cup to everyone today.
8:47 am
visitors get a chance to appreciate fan appreciation day and encountered an ac-45 catamaran. america's cup itself, oldest trophy in international sports is going to be on display, as well. you can check it out at pavilion yerba buena gardens from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening. one of i think events going on today. >> not only that the weather is changing dramatically. we're not talking about a one, two day event. we're talking about four days. it's autumn so a summer heat wave that comes and goes. we are talking about marine layer disappearing in the next couple of hours. this is high definition emeryville camera. because of the changing weather, a spare-the-air day today and excessive heat watch tomorrow and into monday. we'll show you the record to beat in a few moments. right now, live doppler 7 hd
8:48 am
showing that the low clouds and fog not only along the shoreline. it's been foggy from san jose and just about through napa but stopping around fairfield and concord. the numbers have been typical in the 50s. warm spot in mountain view, 59. airport delays. because of the dense fog and visibility reduced, hayward two and a half miles. sfo three-quarters of a mile. in santa rosa, the atmosphere overnight is changing and by overnight tonight we're going to get into an offshore flow. we're going from warm to sort of hot today to excessive heat tomorrow and in to monday. we've had not only the fog and mist this morning. just a few hours left of that. then when we get into the sunny day today, poor air quality in our east bay, santa clara valley. spare-the-air day today with moderate air quality else where.
8:49 am
the onshore flow is going to stay with us today. it's going to disappear in the next couple of days. here are the records to beat. you notice we're not going to do this in san francisco and oakland but we get you a any close in san jose, mid 90s and today, ten degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow, ten degrees warmer than today. so we're looking at big increases day to day. keep that in mind as you are planning your weekend. livermore could see temperatures near 100 degrees tomorrow. this is how it's going to play out. tomorrow a much hotter day. tuesday doesn't even look that much cooler either. we're looking at the middle of the week for the changes. we are looking at fog, thank goodness for the fog along pacifica but that will disappear. it will be sunny and temperatures in the 60s and all around the bay today, today we're talking 70 in the city. but oakland and been a while,
8:50 am
80s in san jose. mid 80s today. low 90s for the tri-valley. we're talking 70s here with 90 in gilroy. but you know one good thing out of this. we are looking at clear sky for the harvest moon. it should be beautiful and temperatures will be quite mild. walk in saratoga today and hot numbers, cool down doesn't come until wednesday and we are still at about 90. you have to drink a lot of water and watch out for the pets. it's coming on strong and quick but today should be relatively nice. >> 8:00 tonight the lighted parade in sonoma, burlingame is starting about now. thanks a lot. research lab in palo alto is coming up with some pretty cool ideas for smart phone or tablet. david louie takes us inside.
8:51 am
at&t calms it their foundry but instead of molding metal it makes new service to tap in the wireless, two. networks. one is to link health care providers using a tablet to monitor vitals. another is expected to be released next we are promotes driver safety. a module inside a car will allow parents ta to track their teenager's speed. texting can be turned off and parents can say how far they are drive. >> it's a radius for the teenage driver, setting a radius so if the teenage driver leaves that area you receive an alert that the driver is out of the radius. >> at&t has invested $90 million to set up three foundrys to foster innovation. >> most of our partners are not
8:52 am
at&t employees. they are start-ups and architect. we think that drawing on that knowledge from the community is the only way we're going to move things forward. >> reporter: there is a lot 6 talk about replacing it with voice commands. >> audio gets sent up to the server and in the cloud it figures out what those words were and how it matches with the program content. >> at&t palo alto foundry is a busy place with about 30 projects underway at any given time. goal is to have a high percentage of them end up on the smart phone or tablet soon. coming up next, the annual blessing of the pets, we're going to have details about today's ceremony and tell you how you can get
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this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. >> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing. mega number was 28. folks, nobody got all six. so tuesday night's drawing is estimated at $28 million. >> petaluma little league team is helping out less fortunate ballplayers a world away.
8:56 am
they generated thousands of dollars in cash and donated gear. more than $4,000 was raised at victory parade alone. they report that the president of national little league is spending tens of thousands of dollars of donated gear to the baseball federation of uganda. after the team competed in the world series. congratulations again to the petaluma little leaguers. >> this morning, annual blessing of pets and animals. this year it takes place at parish on golden gate avenue. patron saint of animals, st. francis of asi. you can receive a blessing by e-mail. we have a link at under see it on tv. good day for a pet blessing?
8:57 am
>> lisa: yes, of course and fog will evaporate. still mist at our coast. 70 in the city and 77 across the bay. 93 in livermore. 85 san jose and down by the monterey bay, mid 60s there. mid-70s in santa cruz. we're having a big warmup today but excessive heat tomorrow and monday. hundred degrees inland and with a big bubble of high pressure until wednesday. then the cooling trend thursday and friday. big swings in temperatures. could have another big swing next weekend. >> terry: starting off october with a bang. we continue at 4:00 before college football. we want to remind you about our alarm clock app for the iphone. download it for free. wake up for the latest headlines weather and traffic.
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