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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> next on abc7 news, investigators think a fire at the law office of vallejo's mayor could be a federal crime. and he may have been the target. heading live outside, it is heating up. the bay area will be under an excessive heat watch. we'll have a look at the hot spots. a woman who helped change history gets an honorary degree in her landmark visit to san francisco. the news starts right now.
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this is abc7 news. >> federal investigators will soon be arriving on the scene of a fire at the law office of vallejo mayor, osby davis. the fire is being called an act of did mestic terrorism. good afternoon, everyone. it happened at the law office of mayor osby davis on tuolumne street across from the solano county courthouse. we have a reporter there to fill us in. >> reporter: yeah. i just finished talking with a spokesperson over at the vallejo police department. they tell me that their detectives are treating this, as you said, as an act of domestic terrorism. that's why they are calling in the fbi and the atf to assist in this investigation. this is the burnt-out reception yirr of what used to be the law offices of mayor osby davis. we got the first look inside as davis and cleanup crews sifted through the ashes to recover as much as they can. mayor davis was clearly stun bide the fire.
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>> i am not going to express my feelings. i am just telling you, they are going through the investigation. we are trying to piece together the pieces. we will deal with what we have to deal with. >> reporter: this is office space davis has rent forward more than two decades. what hangs on the alls now are scorched and singed proclamations and plaque, mementos from a career in public service. this is a fire that started that started early this morning, at about 1:30. >> a fire coming through one of the windows. in the waiting area. crews aggressively attacked the fire to sustain it to the room of origin. >> reporter: according to the fire department, indications are that it may be arson, so they will turn this over to the vallejo police department so they can pursue the criminal part of this case. amongst the soot and debris in the front office, crime scene tape marks where investigators believe this fire tarted. the owner tells us off camera, that this is the late nest a series of attacks on his offices. he showed us rocks that have
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been thrown through the front windows on four different occasions in the last few months. one woman who snapped pictures of the damage believes heave is, targeted. >> i believe it's a direct attack against mayor davis. i believe this is in regards to his deciding to stand up and call in the a.g., attorney general nregards to what is happening in the city of vallejo. >> reporter: throughout the day, we have talked to a few friends of the mayor who have comprehend out to check out the damage here. of course, they are trying to figure out why and who would possibly target the mayor. of course, investigateddors at this point, while they are simply trying to preserve some very basic pieces of evidence, so they haven't offered any information as to any possible persons of interest or even any reason why this would have happened. reporting live in vallejo, abc7 news. >> thank you. we will stay on it. things are heating up in the bay area today. we are already under a spare the air day.
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let's go straight to our meteorologist. >> today, actually, very mild in comparson to what we are going on experience as we head into sunday and definitely on monday. live doppler 7 hd showing quite a bit of fog off the coast. an indication of cool air moving in. but, folks, get ready. the winds will shift tomorrow offshore, a warm wind direction as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday. currently, it is 90 in livermore, comfortable in oakland, 71. 61 in san francisco. but let me show what you will happen tomorrow. as the winds begin to shift, temperatures will start to move up and very close to record high, especially for livermore, expected highs, 98. the record as you see there is 99. we could possibly set a new record in san jose, 95. the record there, 94. so yes, a record will be evident there. a heat watch in effect, sunday night through monday, while most
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of the interior valley areas, 90 to 100-plus forecast temperatures expected sunday and monday. we will have more on this coming up a little bit later. >> thank you. to help deal with the heat, the city of morgan hill has opened up a cooling center at the centennial recreation center on west edmonson avenue until 8:00 p.m. tonight and reopens tomorrow t. will be open all week next week, monday through friday from 5:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. she is an international symbol of personal sacrifice and struggle for human rights and today, she was here in san francisco. the now freed political activist addressed thousands this morning. >> reporter: they lined up before sunrise, anxious to see the woman with many names. >> she is like my mom. and she is like my hero. >> reporter: she is nobel peace prize winner and burmese
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opposition leader. sthis is the 67-year-old's first trip to san francisco in more than 40 years. congresswoman nancy pelosi gave her an honorary doctorate from the university of san francisco. while the mayor gave her a key to the city. >> she has been and continues to be an inspiration to our city and our residents and our communities here in san francisco. >> reporter: the bay area has the third largest burmese community in the country. she addressed the thousands here in english and in burmese, as she laid out plans for her country's future. >> we look to our people from all over the world to helpinous our transition to genuinely democratic society. >> reporter: she has spent her life fighting fors in, a position that led to her house arrest in 1989. she spent the last 15 out of 21 years in forced confinement.
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all the while, a throng of people supported her. she is now a member of parliament and demands change. >> we better start seeing progress in one or two years because our people are in great need. >> reporter: and those here answered the call for action. >> we want to help the country rebuilding. so it's very important. that's why we are here. >> it is not done yet. we are still trying. we believe it's a really good leader. >> reporter: this was her last public appearance in the bay area. but she will spend the weekend here. monday, she leaves for los angeles and then, back to burma. in san francisco, abc7 news. [chanting]. >> outside the ceremony, burmese muslims called on the leader to raise her voice against genocide and discrimination. they claim tens of thousands of muslims have died in nearly 100,000 have been displacedplacd
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denied food and shelter. the muslims came to burma from bangladesh. they accuse the mayan mar government of discriminating against them because of their dark-skinned color and religion. christopher stevens, the late ambassador to libya and grad here was killed this month in an attack on the u.s. cancalate in libbia. initial reports blamed it on an american-made anti-muslim film. but further investigation revealed that terrorists were behind the murder. stevens was honored in a moment of silence before the cal/arizona game and a memorial fund has been established in his name. the imlufs came-- the gloves came off in a heated debate this weekend. he opposes measure "n," which moore and the progressive alliance supports, it would
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charge merchant who is sell sugar-sweetened drinks a penny-per-ounce tax. moore said that buswrai hit him first. a manhunt for a man and a teenager wanted for murder in san leantro. this photo was released. they are looking for a 17-year-old suspect. the two are accused of shooting and killing a man inside his home, on kentwood lane on september 16. in oakland, a rally is set to begin in an hour to protest a deadly shooting by police. 18-year-old allen blue ford was shot three times in the chest and arms in a confrontation with police. police say witnesses saw him point a gun at officers right before the shooting. but the victim's family is accusing the department of a coverup. protesters will gather at eastmont mall at 5:00 p.m. a woman accused of leaving her daughter behind after being caught shoplifting in morgan
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hill will have a hearing on monday. she was arrested in nevada last night, ending a nine-day search. she was found in a motel room with her son and a male companion. she is accused shoplifting in a safeway. police say she had her daughter bring the cart close to the exit. but when she pulled up, store employees tried to stop her and she drove off without her daughter. a man says he was robbed after inviting two women back to his room here at the amsterdam hostel. the man left and returned with two men, one armed with a semi-automatic handgun. he said she was struck with a tire arm and all four left the room with the victim's cell phone and two notebooks. the man was not seriously injured. this weekend, governor jerry brown is going through nearly 1,000 bills that must be signed
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or vetey -- vetoed by midnight on sunday. he signed one prohibiting red-light camera use solely to raise money for government. and it must be based on safety considerations and must require adequate signs to notify drivers that the cameras are in use and makes it easier to get wrongfully ticketed drivers to get the ticket cleared. bart trains are being rerouted in pleasant hill. bart is trying to stop the water dripping from the concourse ceiling and in the gates in the winter months. it will be four weekends between now and the end of october. check with bart on how to get around the work. record number of riders are taking caltrans, so now it is adding six more train, starting on monday, there will be two
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brand-new trains and four others that were moth balled because of budget cuts are now being restored. caltrans is rearranging its schedule to give passengers greater flexibility and adds a silicon valley stop for 12 limited service trains. in june, caltrans averaged 50,000 week-day riders. critical mass events continued over the weekend in more than 300 city, celebrating two decades of pushing for cyclist rights. the celebration is not over yet. a fare farewell bike ride is set for tomorrow at 16th and valencia, going to ocean beach. no one was arrested after yesterday's massive ride through san francisco. thousands of cycling supporters took to the streets during the evening commute t. did frustrate some motorists and some words were exchanged. but fortunately, no serious problems. bay area mobs are supporting a georgia mother who had police called on her for breast-feeding
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her baby in a restaurant. today's nurse-in got underway in applebeao -- applebee's got underway n. covington, georgia, managers called police after a woman refriewzed to breast-feed her son in the restaurant or leave. >> they promised in 2007. but if a customer complained about a berate-feeding mother that they would relocate the customer, not the mother. >> applebee's issued a statement apologizing for the incident, calling it an unfortunate misunderstanding. but efforts to reach them today have gone unanswered. the drug enforcement administration held a national event to get rid of expired, unwanted or unused prescription drugs from 10:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon.
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the program began in 2010, since then almost 774 tons of prescription drugs have been recovered nationwide. >> a criminal trial of pope benedict xvi's butler got underway for stealing and leaking secret vatican papers. why he claims he did it. and a journey of history. big guns coming to the north bay. the first debate between
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>> the first debate between barack obama special mitt romney is just four days away. while they are preparing for the showed own in denver on monday, their runningmates are in the battleground states. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney were out in the public eye today, as they get ready for their first debate this wednesday. so the campaign trail duties fell to their runningmates. vice-president biden stumped in florida for a second consecutive day. he slammed republicans and the bush administration for the skyrocketing deficit. >> by the time the reins got turned over to barack and me, they had doubled the national debt in 8 years. >> reporter: with his path to the white house shrinking, florida's looking like a must-win for romney. but today, his runningmate, ckman paul ryan, focused on new
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hampshire, with four electoral votes. but ryan said that could be a difference in the race that will come to a handful of states. >> thank you, granite staters, for sending mitt romney to the white house and barack obama back to chicago. [cheering] >> reporter: the campaign shifts into a different stage this week, with wednesday night's high-stakes showed own showdown between about the barack obama and mitt romney. >> every change that has happened in a debate, if you look at the history, it's changed because of somebody's mannerisms or style -- they did badly or well. >> reporter: both candidates will spend the next few days in intense sessions. romney may have the most on the line. his campaign is looking that the for a chance for a game changer. abc news, washington. >> one of the country's best-imeen newspaper mat nats day died. arsure solsburger was 86. he page passed away.
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his paper published the pentagon papers. known as punch, the former marine captain was a fierce defender of the freedom of the press. he increased the paper's circulation and corporate revenues rose to $1.7 billion. president obama and his wife issued a there -- tribute saying, quote, arthur's legacy lives on in the newspaper he loved and the journalists he inspired. a sensational trial at the vatican. the pope's personal butler is accused of stealing secret documents that ended up in a highly controversial book about the papacy and the inner workings of the church. did the butler do it? >> reporter: by all account, pope benedict trusted his butler, completely. he rode in the pope's car and poured wine for the catholic church leader.
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today, he is a criminal defendant, before a vatican tribunal, accused of stealing papal document, called the worst security breach at the vatican in recent history, and the most embarrassing scandal of the papacy. he seemed calm, serious, a bit tense at times. >> reporter: the former butler faces four years in prison nconvicted on charges of aggravated theft. the 46-year-old father of three children has already confessed his guilt. but reportedly told prosecutors he only took the documents to expose the evil and corruption within the church. prosecutors say he hoped that by publishing the documents, he would put the church back on the right track. several witnesses will be called up, the most important of whom is the pope's personal secretary. >> reporter: today, the panel of judges tossed out some evidence against him and decided to separate his trial from that of his co-defendant, a computer expert charged with aiding and abetting the crime.
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>> the judge was very decisive in what he was doing. he said they set aside four days next week, basically giving the idea it could be over next week. >> reporter: he has asked the pope for a pardon. vatican watchers expect if he is convicted, one will be granted. >> a peace of war-time history saved from a scrapheap has found a new home in the bay area. on monday, an original 16-inch gun is returning to the golden gate national recreation area. as you can see in the video from the marin independent journal, it is a 68 feet long and weighs 120 tons. it was once on the battleship uss missouri. getting the gun here is no feat. it will require two diesel trucks and a special permit, and tell take up to two lanes of traffic. all right. let's check in on meteorologist, and heat on the way? >> yeah t. certainly is.
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we actually enjoyed a very mild saturday across much of the bay area, on the high-definition cam. the fog right here, making its way through the gate. but higher pressure is shrinking that, compressing it close to the surface, so some areas seeing the dense fog near the coast. live doppler 7 hd, picking up on that very nicely right now. you can see the fog off the coast. and really moving more of an onshore trajectory. that will switch the winds will switch overnight to more offshore, meaning less fog, all of this will back off the coast tomorrow. here's a look at current readings, very comfortable. in anticipation of this excessive heat for tomorrow and monday. 92 right now, livermore, 89 in antioc. 77 in san raphael. the fog, onshore wind, keeping san francisco cool and 58 right now. we have 79 in san jose.
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so, folks, here's a look at the foredaft. we will go with less fog, mild inland. overnight temperatures there, mid to low 60s for lows. heating up for sunday and monday. and that's what prompted the excessive heat watch for much of the bay area. this is the setup for tomorrow. higher pressure builds in. and tell brings those offshore winds, winds pulling from land to sea. what wh that happen, the wind starts to heat up, through the elevation. so even the coast will be warm tomorrow, as well as monday. and excessive heat expected inland. here's a look at the heat watch. once again, sunday night, through monday, temperatures, interior east bay and the north bay. santa clara and santa cruz mountains from 90 to possibly as high as 100. maybe even as high as 104 degrees. maybely -- maybely away from the coast. more warming expected on monday. tomorrow, already a spare the
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air alert has been prompted for unhealthy air, poor to ulling unhealthy air, north bay and east bay and santa clara valley. and moderate air as the high pressure compresses the air close to the surface. so moderate conditions expected. coast and central bay, as well as the south bay for sunday as well. here is a look at another advisory. if you are heading to the coast, and you want to cool off there, be advised around monterey bay, we are looking for a beach hazard with the potential for a strong rip current, along the shore breaker. keep that in mind. stay close to the shore and don't let the little ones venture out. a nice treat in the sky. it is the harvest moon. cnn rise is at 6:31. it will be almost full. 99.9%. so get out there and check that out. lows tonight, mild inland, in the 60s. 50s elsewhere, with less fog near the coast and the heat is
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on near 100 inland, antioc 98. 98 in livermore. santa rosa, 94 and avshore winds. san francisco, 83. 98 tomorrow in gilroy. 87 in watsonville. more heat doing here, possibly hot or monday with 102 inland. 90s around the bay and even 70s at the coast. we will start to cool things down as we go into wednesday, thursday and friday. by the way, 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook and all of you are eligible to enter our sweepstakes to win $49,000. go to our site and click the win $49,000 button. that will take to you the page where you can fill out the entry form. we will announce the winner, october 18 at the 49er game, right here on abc7. be careful with your pets, the little ones and the elderly in this excessive heat.
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>> it's going to get hot. cal bears back home. >> hopefully that, would help. a rare must-win this early in the season. arizona state in town. the bears' weakness? allowing sacks has been excised. zac
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>> the cal bears return home with a 1-3 record, hosting arizona state, who comes in 3-1. this is a must-win situation for cal to keep any bowl hopes
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alive. got it see say, sun devils line up first. play action, wide-open darwin rogers. cal answers... 24 yards, 89 in the first half. game tied at 7. minutes left in the half, a bullet to kevin odeer, nine yards and cal trails at the half. the cal offense couldn't get anything gminor sacked 6 times. just ugly. we go to the fourth, 20-10, arizona state, looking for more. team of aid 37-yard field goal, block bide cal. a 10-point game. cal marches down the field, minor finds his brother in the end zone, thanks to a big defensive play. cal down 3. but asu retakes the lead, complete highlights later. tennessee state looking for a fourth straight victory, by navy. travis johnson, strips miller,
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the quarterback. recovered for the spartans, not a lot of offense. here's a terrific play. looks like the sack, escapes. tosses it up and an outstanding one-handed grab. late third quarter, navy with a play action, abburn junior, picks off miller. spartans led after 3. spartans not fooled on the pitch. san jose holes the midship men to 144 yrs of total offense and shut out navy 12-0, the final. top 10, west virginia, facing baylor. wild game. mountain ears, nick lawrence give its away, 67 forwards for a touchdown. 35-35 at the half. five t.d.s, but west virginia's quarterback has game. 45 of 51, for 656 yards passing,
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8 t.d. passes and more touchdowns than incompleegdzs, 133 points, 100 total yards of offense and west virginia win temperatures the a's matching number, down to 4 . the mariners are not laying down. in fact, they are laying heavy lumber down. no
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>> the as have 5 games left in the regular season. the magic number for at least a wildcard spot is down to 4 . every game is important with seattle in town. you can't have lays like this. groundout to first. brandon moss throw its into the outfield trying to get second. and then the throw to third. the score on two as error. 2-0, michael saunders deep off straily. 4-0 mariners. josh donaldson -- see ya with a man on to tie it up. the amazing as do it again. we head to extras. brandon moss? again! a 3-run shot. and the as walk off with a 14th time this year, winning 7-4. golf becomes a team sport with ryder cup underway, medinah
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country club. team usa tominating europe. no other conference with an atmosphere like the ryder cup. 8-4 for the u.s., after the morning rounds. bradley drains the birdie. he and phil mickelson won. tiger woods and his teammate the only ones not to win a match. simpson, with 4 straight birdies with a 5-4 win. and dustin johnson and matt coucher on 17. johnson, birdie putt -- yeah! to win the hole and the match. gotta love this atmosphere. here's the overall lead. usa up 10-4, two matches on the course as we look forward to sunday's singles matches. might be the most dominating performance by a u.s. team in years. more from the cal/asu game later. >> the as magic number 4, how hard is that, considering the
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schedule? >> they have one more with seattle and 3 with texas. they can win the american league west. that's what haythey are looking for. but they should get the wildcard spot. >> thank you. one of the nation's busiest freeways is off limits. carmageddon 2, as l.a. tries to keep drivers off a major stretch of high
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>> traffic is flight los
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angeles. nearly 16 hours after the start of carmageddon 2. the closure of one of the world's busiest freeways. a 10-mile stretch of interstate 405, linking west los angeles and the san fresh valley is shutshut down. crews are demolishing and rebuilding a bridge there. right now, the work is on schedule. the contractor faces huge penalty fist they miss their deadline to reopen the bridge monday morning in morning n. a similar closure last queer, drivers stayed away and it was a success. twitters, a new promotional campaign encourages people to send in photos to use to direct a short film with the help of director ron howard. wayne freedman shows us what it's all about. >> reporter: if art is in the eye of the beholder, maybe the same holds true for inspiration. one need not look further than hermman in san francisco today. >> it's just an awesome
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opportunity judge a man is in a booth, tweeting. does he look familiar? yes, tweeting with the purpose of inspiring other people to take photos that will in turn, inspire him to make a movie. >> there is always something going on. i mean, your mind just wanders. even if it's as simple as a man walking through a city. why did he walk into the city? did he run out of gas? >> reporter: in another time and place, we might call this street theater. now the word tweet theater might seem more appropriate because the man is none other than biz stone. biz stone, the co-founder of twitter. an absolute rock star among those in the know. >> people my age, rock stars were the rolling stones, you know. hendricks, i don't know. maybe nirvana. >> reporter: as part of a promotion, rock stars have been asked to make and direct 10 short movies with the aid of ron howard, from the pictures he has tweeted to him, including maybe
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one of these, mr. stone is to choose an idea and october act on it. >> i want to create something relevant and asspirational and meaningful and hopefully, something people can take away with them and feel good about. >> reporter: spoken like a true director to be. in 1902, rodan gave us the thinker. in 2012, now we have... the tweeter. >> i'll look it up on the internet. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and you can cnn spire biz stone by tweeting your photos with the harb tag inspire biz. we have more details on our web site. just ahead from, prank to princess. >> i feel like i'm aitle a little thing that no one really cares about. >> one high school student gets her day in the spotlight, after bullies try to humiliate her. heading outside, a warm day in san francisco.
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we will find outer when the heat is really on the way. the
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>> people across the country are rallying behind a be-- bullied michigan teenager who was elected to her homecoming court as a joke. but she's the one having the last laugh. >> reporter: a super star practically overnight. 16-year-old whitney crop is a role model to anyone who has ever been bullied. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> we love you, whitney! [cheering] >> reporter: but this sophomore's journ tow stardom was no fairytale. when she was picked for the homecoming court as a joke, she had thoughts of suicide. >> i'm like, wow, i feel stressed like i'm a little thing that no one really cares about. >> reporter: at her sister's urging, she decided to keep her title on the court. >> if i were in your position that, would be really hard to do. >> it's really hard to do right now -- because at first, i had
4:45 pm
thought about dropping out of the homecoming court. i am not this joke that everyone thinks i am. i have to prove the kids wrong. >> reporter: that's exactly what she did. since then, she has been swamped with support from the local hair salon that gaveler a new 'do. >> to find out that it was a joke treally touched me. >> reporter: and the facebook page with over 100,000 fans. >> it's so cool to see, you know, emails haee are getting from parents and other students from all over the place, telling their stories and how, you know, it helped them and it touched them. you know, my daughter's out there, the inspiration to a lot of people ask that's a really cool thing. >> you are like cinderella, mistreated, and abused. but after much support,ul have a great time at the ball. >> i thought, no one cares about me. i thought, you know, not even my own brother and sister care. burr they are proving me, they do care. the world is showing that they care about the situation.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: folks from all over the state are here. this group of girls traveled more than an hour away, you left your home game to support whitney. why? >> we wanted to show her that our entire student body is 100% behind her. >> reporter: to being bullied to the bully pulpit. >> stand up for what you believe in. go with your heart and go with your gut. that's what i did -- look at me now. i am just as happy as can be. >> reporter: whitney said she will likely face bullies again. but she says when that happens, she will be able to confront them with her head held high and a new confidence. >> the whole prank backfired. on to consumer news. the 50er karma is the sportiest, priciest electric car on the market, costing more than $100 thousand. we have a look the how the car actually performs.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: good morning, everyone. a number of celebrities own the fisker karma. we put it through the paces to find out what a $100,000 car will get you. justin bieber made a splash on his 18th birthday with a fisker karma from his manager on the ellen degeneres show. >> we want to make sure that when you are on the road, you are looking environmentally friendly. >> reporter: it is a super-sleek luxury car. it runs on gas and electricity. and it sports a celebrity-style sticker price, nearly $108,000. the most expensive car consumer reports has ever tested. the before testers could run it through the pacers, the karma broke down at the track and had to be towed away. once testing got underway, it was clear the unique electric sportscar does a lot well.
4:48 pm
the interior is beautiful and the ride handling and braking performance are solid. the testers... found some problems. >> unfortunately, the controls here are a nightmare. acceleration is not what you would expect from a sportscar. >> reporter: but how efficiently does it get you down the road. >> driving on electric power, you will get 66 miles per gallon, but only 38 mieldz of. on the gasoline engine, you get 22 miles per gm gallon. >> reporter: you can do better. if you want an electric vehicle and no one's planning to get you one for your birthday, you might want cocompromise on the sporty factor and go for the chevy volt t. costs $40,000 and delivers the equivalent of 99 gallons on electric power and 32 miles per gallon on gas, much person the fisker karma. if you are looking for another environmentally friendly vehicle, consider the toyota prius. it won't give you the super high
4:49 pm
mileage equivalency of the volt. the engine delivers 44 miles per gallon and you will save more at the dealership. the prius costs $26,000. >> okay; i guess we better enjoy the weather. >> today was spectacular. you can see, as we look out over the ocean, ocean beach here, that's pretty much where the fog sat and that's where the coolest temperatures were. but you can clearly see that most of the fog is near the coast. we have clear skies inland. and you will notice that this fog is just moving more of an on-shore push. that will change overnight tonight. we will get a wind shift. and everything will start going offshore and that will push this whole fog bank well off the coast. that's going to mean, our beaches will start to warm up as well, as we head into sunday and definitely on monday. right now, we have 89 in antioc.
4:50 pm
92 in livermore. and 77 in san raphael. san francisco, thanks to the fog sitting very close by, only 58 degrees. half moon bay, 54. and it is 79 mild temperatures in sabjose right now. here's a look at our forecast. less fog tonight will mean some mild temperatures clear sky inland. it will be heating up, all locations tomorrow, especially interior east bay locations and possibly even hot or monday. and that has prompted excessive heat watch in effect for most interior valley areas. this is going to be the setup, folks. high pressure builds in t. brings that compressing air t. compresses close to the surface and also brings us the return of those off-shore winds. a warm wind direction and that is definitely going to mean hot temperatures inland. near 100-degree heat expected the next couple of days. as the air filters down toward sea level, even the coast will experience a warm day and warmer
4:51 pm
temperatures as we head into sunday and monday. here's a look at the temperatures for sunday. now, compare that to the records. we could have some record, especially livermore, forecasting 98 tomorrow. and record high in 1952, 99 degree, more than likely, a record set tomorrow for livermore. possibly a record for san jose and 95, 1 above the 94 record set in 2001. i think san francisco probably will not see the record, which is 96. i am looking for 83 degrees. these being change, though, as the high starts to build in and higher heat is expect as we head into monday. here's a look at the excessive heat watch, sunday night through monday evening, 90 to 100-plus degrees expected away from the coast, both suspected and monday and then as i said, temperatures could get even warmer as we head into monday and it looks like things will not ease until the middle of next week. spare the air day has been in place for tomorrow, with the
4:52 pm
poorest air quality in the north bay, inland east bay, as well as the santa clara valley. a treat tonight, the harvest moon is going to be big and full. check it out with the clear skies this evening. and speaking of clear sky, get ready for mild temperatures inland with the 60s there and 50s and spotty fog at the coast. tomorrow, antioc, 98, livermore, 98, 88 for oakland. 83 in san francisco. the temperatures jumping as much as 10 degrees in some locations, near 100 for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, hotter monday inland, over 100. 90s in the bay, sevens at the coast. we will starts to cool things down by mid-week. >> thanks. >> all right. she was back -- we have an update. >> cal is not hot. as we have said. dropping 1-four, hosting pac telph opponent arizona state. and the amazing as come from behind again. have you to see the
4:53 pm
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>> things are not looking good the federal cal bears, with a 1-3 record, hosting arizona state, 3h 1. this was a must win for cal for hopes of the postseason. not going to happen. the coach is on the hot seat. third and goal,icle wea bullet. nine yards, cal down 17-7 at the half. the offense couldn't get anything going. minor sacked seven types. minor 126 yards and one touchdown. here it is. fourth quarter. finds his brother... fade. 10 yards, cal down 27-10, but arizona answers. finding odear again, cal fall toss 1-4, loodz losing, 27-17. the hottest team in the bay area, hosted by navy, tennessee state. stripping miller, the quarterback, san jose state recovers it. not a lot of offense. but here's a terrific play.
4:56 pm
david fails looked like a sack. tosses up. and one-handed grab, leading 3-0 at the half. navy, play action... but damon otion borne jr., pick its up into the fourth, fourth and 7 for navy... not fooled. san jose state holds. they are now 4-1, shutting out navy, 12-0 is the final. the as have 5 games left. the magic number for clinching a wildcard spot is down to 4. seattle in town. every game important for bob melvin and his club. saunders deep. trailing, 4 innings left. 4-0, mariners, as down 4-2 in the ninth, until this one. with a man, two-run shot, ties it up and the amazing as do it again. extras, brandon moss -- see
4:57 pm
ya! two men on, three-run shot and the as walk off the 14th time, winning, 2 1/2 back of texas. angels and rangers near a rain dlai. as did it again. alabama and michigan on deck right here. stay tuned for after the game with us, afterwards, as we break down the day in college football. >> and the as -- wow. they are a team that made strange trades in the mid-season. >> young pitchers and they continue to be amazing. we thought testify over, 4-2. and they tie it and win t. they will be in the playoffs. i guarantee. you don't want to faze face them in the first round. >> that's it. thank you for joining us. college football is next. we want to remind to you get our new alarm clock app from the
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