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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 30, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it is foggy by the coast and it is cool. the heat will be on. an excessive heat watch begins on sunday. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. ama dates has the night off. let's go to leigh glaser with a look at what is ahead. >> we will take a look at live doppler 7hd. we are picking up quite a bit of fog. the on shore winds are still prevailing coast side. that will keep the coastal communities on the cool side today. inland right now we are looking at clear skies, and in fact here is a look at the highs today. today was perfect. low 90s inland locations. antioch the high was 92. very comfortable in san rafael. 66 in san francisco. it was 80 in san jose. folks, tonight the winds are going to shift to more
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offshore. a warm -- a warmer wind direction. that's what prompted the heat watch sunday night through monday for much of the interior valley areas. we are looking for temperatures warming anywhere 90 to as much as 102 degrees tomorrow. we will detail some of the bay area highs coming up a little later on in the show. >> thank you, leigh. several bay area counties are opening cooling centers to help people deal with the heat. in santa clara county, they will be open in cupertino and morgan hill. contra costa county has three centers in san ramon. you can cool off at three city libraries and the sports center. for more information go to and click on see it on tv. well, in vallejo, federal investigators are helping police with a fire they say was intentionally set to destroy the law offices of mayor davis. it started at 1:30 this morning in vallejo. abc7 news reporter sergio
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quintanna has the details. >> in there was burned out machines and crime scene tape. police say this is a fire that is more than just suspicious. >> because we suspect it is an arson and because we are characterizing this as perhaps a form of domestic terrorism, we involved the atf and the fbi. >> we were able to get a look as they were sifting through the damage. it is clear the mayor was still shaken by the fire and didn't want to say much. >> what are you feeling about all of this? >> i am not expressing my feelings. i am just telling you they are going through the investigation. we are piecing together the pieces and we will deal with what we have to deal with. >> the fire teams were able to quickly knockdown the flames when they arrived. >> heavy smoke and fire coming from the window. >> inside the office the front door and waiting area was sealed off with crime scene tape. investigators say this is where the fire started. but they have not yet said how
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it started. and now friends are speculating about why this happened. >> i believe it was a direct attack against mayor davis. i believe this is in regards to his deciding to stand up and call in the attorney general with regards to what is happening in the city. >> the owner of the building says vandals have repeatedly targeted davis' office. he has shown the rocks that were hurled throughwthe windows over the last few months. following the fire, there are now concerns for davis' safety. >> any reason to believe the mayor might be in danger? >> that's a difficult question to answer. i will certainly tell you that we are going to take all of the precautionary steps to address the incident. >> abc7 news. now to a political battle in the east bay that turned into a physical altercation between a richmond city councilman and a community activist. abc7 news reporter thomas
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roman has been looking into it, and he is in the newsroom with more. >> he has often been at odds with other members of the richmond city council and the mayor. a political rival took issue at those meetings. instead of just v, opinion, he decided to show it physically. >> you are rude and you are i'm polite, and i am sick of it. >> that's what the richmond city councilman says a political rival yelled at him just before he was assaulted. >> the next thing i know i feel this big thud to the back of my head, the neck line and back of the head. i am going, wow, what was that? i turn around to look and i get a sock right in my right temple here. >> this video supplied shows 72-year-old david moore being lead away by richmond police in handcuffs. this was thursday night. the assault happened at a councilmember candidate meeting on brickyard cove in point richmond.
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moore was taken into custody for misdemeanor assault. they wrote this e-mail in his defense. things got pretty heated and i got in his face and said some pretty mean things including .alling him a bully and a at that point he punched me in the face and i tried to hit him back. they said an off duty police officer saw moore punch him. he did not see him attack moore. that's why moore was taken into custody. while this incident is being investigated, richmond police are also investigating what they call improper touching of a female which they say is also a misdemeanor assault that occurred on september 20th. he denies doing anything of the sort. >> b no charges pressed against me. there was conversation, but there was no charges. >> david moore did not return our calls for further comment. he fears that thursday's violence is a sign of things to come. the naacp and other community organizations will be at
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tuesday's city council meeting to voice their displeasure at what happened and support. in the newsroom, i'm thomas roman. >> thank you, thomas. the family of an 18-year-old man killed by oakland police rallied against racial profiling and police brutality. the demonstration took place at the police station in oakland. in may, the two friends were stopped and searched by police. that's when he was shot three times after he ran away for unknown reasons. >> their job is to protect and serve. i got no service and now i got no protection. and it is a shame. it is a shame. everybody should be outraged. >> oakland police say he had a gun that was found near his body at the scene. the family says it was planted. governor brown vetoed a bill that would have banned government agencies like bart cutting off cell phone service without a court order. that's what bart did during a protest against a bart police
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shooting. the bill was a direct response to that decision. the governor says the measure could divert attention away from a true emergency. the governor did sign a new legislation that targets abuses by the used car dealers who sell older cars to people with bad credit. now they will have to provide warranties for 30 days and post a fair market value on the vehicles they are selling. governor brown vetoed a deal that limited the interest rate. governor jerry brown has 108 bills left to sign before tomorrow's deadline. the power is back on for 11,000 customers in the east bay tonight. it was cutoff for hours after a squirrel crawled into a power substation and did some damage. pg&e says the outage started after 5:00 p.m. in the oakland hills and the berkeley hills. crews restored power before it went out again. the problem has now been fixed. in san francisco, a close call for a driver knee
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candlestick park. the car smashed into a pg&e utility pole that fell on top of the car. the emergency crews were on the scene early this afternoon. there are no reports of any injuries. firefighters are still keeping an eye on some hotspots after a huge fire tore through a warehouse in downtown san jose today. it broke out on east heading street near 10th shortly before 2:30 p.m. crews say they could see a huge column of smoke as they were driving to the fire. when they arrived, the commercial building was fully engulfed. witnesses say the warehouse may have been abandoned or empty. a mom accused of ditching her daughter during a shoplifting incident has an extradition hearing scheduled for monday in nevada. this is 38-year-old marcy keelan's mug shot. she was arrested late last night in a nevada motel room with an 11-year-old -- 11-month-old son and a male friend. authorities were looking for keelan for nine days. the search began after she
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left her 10-year-old daughter with a cartful of groceries thisy were trying to steel at this morgan hill safe way. in washington an 11-year-old boy is safe after grocery store employees stopped a would be kidnapper in his tracks. it happened at this albertsons store. investigators say the man followed the boy into the restroom and dragged him into a stall. the group of workers heard the boy screaming and came to his rescue and then held that man down until police arrived. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the high-profile visit to san francisco by a nobel peace prize winner and activist. we will tell you why she is here. and rioting over you austerity measures. why more problems are expected. and forget solar panels. solar trees are the latest technology.
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uc berkeley honored a former graduate who died tragically earlier this month. ambassador christopher stevens was 52 years old when he was killed in a terrorist attack in libya. before today's cal football game, stevens was honored with a moment of silence. the university also announced the creation of a memorial fund in his name. nobel peace prize recipient was met by protesters in san francisco. bermese muslims were speaking out, and they claim tens of thousands of muslims have died and a hundred thousand have been displaced in berma.
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su-chi receive had an honorary degree and a key to the city. >> they lined up before sunrise, anxious to see the woman with many names. >> she is like my mom. and she is like my hero. >> she is nobel peace prize winner anne burmese's opposition leader. this is a 57-year-old's first trip to san francisco in more than 40 years. congresswoman nancy pelosi gave her a doctorat from the university of san francisco while the mayor gave her a key to the city. >> she has been and continues to be an inspiration to our city and our residence and our communities here in san francisco. >> the bay area has the third largest burr meet community in the -- burmese community in the country. she laid out plans for her country's future. >> we look to our people from all over the world to help us
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in our transition to a genuine democratic society. ji she has spent her life -- >> she has spent her life fighting for do democracy. it lead to her house arrest in 1989. she spent the last 15 out of 21 years in forced confinement. all the while a throng of people supported her. she is now a member of parliment and candy maned change. >> we better see progress in one or two years. our people are in great need. >> and those here answered the call for action. >> we want to help the country rebuild. it is very important and that's why we are here. >> it is not done yet. we believe she was a good leader. >> this was her last public appearance in the bay area. but she will spend the weekend here. monday she leaves for los angeles and then back to burma. abc news. protests in spain and
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portugal turned violent today. tens of thousands demonstrated against uh strair tee measures -- austerity measures. they clashed with fot police for the third time in less than a week. in southern california work crews have less than 30 hours to finish a major construction project that closed down a part of a major freeway. so far officials say karma ged done -- carmagedon2 is on schedule. this is the 405 freeway near the sepulveda pass. it is expected to reopen by 5:00 a.m. on monday. and you can now have an energy plant in your own backyard. all you need is one of these. it is a solar tree made by made. the solar tree is connected to your electric grid. you can earn energy credits while enjoying the shade. it is a smaller alternative to the roof. they are targeting the electric car owners with a solar tree that has charging stations. and today was a good day to
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put out your solar tree. >> that's right. tomorrow is a great day to seek some of the shade out there. the heat is mainly for the interior north, south and east bay areas. remember when we have this excessive heat to check on the elderly, watch out for your kids and keep them as well as yourself hydrated. beware of your pets as well. if it is too hot, bring them in the house and put them in front of the fan. you run your ac because temperatures tomorrow especially inland up near 100 degrees. our high definition sutro camera showing you an arm of fog out there right now. live doppler 7hd is seeing that some of the fog bank, and we have a mass of it near the coast earlier today. it is starting it abate and starting to thin out and squish to the south of us thanks to the winds. still a westerly wind component and on shore wind component. but overnight they will shift to more offshore, and that will definitely bring us rapid
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warm up for our sunday. here is a look at current readings. mild in antioch and 68 in livermore and 60 in concord. the closer you get to the bay, the peninsula and the coast, the temperatures really start to drop off. san francisco, 53, 52 degrees in santa rosa and 48 right now with some fog in half moon bay. here is a look at our forecast for you. we will go mild inland with fog and pockets of dense fog. the high pressure is really sinking that air and pushing or compressing the fog close to the surface though. look for pockets of dense fog near the coast overnight. get ready for a rapid warm up for your sunday afternoon, and it will remain warm to hot sunday right through the time frame of monday. and it is all because high pressure to the north and to the south starting to build in. clockwise circulation will help to bring those offshore winds and develop those warm winds going from land to sea. it is compressing close to the surface. even the coast will start to
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warm up by about 5 or 10 dries tomorrow. it will be a beach day tomorrow. inland those temperatures are going to sore right up into the upper 90s to the 100-degree range. we could also have some records. here are my forecasted highs. santa rosa to 94. your record for the day is 102. probably not going to see that. your high tomorrow 98. the record for the day is 99. so more than likely a record will be set there. san jose i am forecasting 95 and the record you can see is 94 degrees. more than likely a record set in san jose as well. definitely these temperatures are running anywhere from as much as 10 to 15 degrees warmer than where we were today. poor air quality and another spare the air day. poor air quality is expected there tomorrow. here is a look at your highs -- your lows. we will keep it mild inland. low 60s and low 50s near
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the coast and your highs tomorrow near 100-degree heat for antioch and livermore. 94 for santa rosa. 83 for san francisco. 94 for -- 95 that is for san jose. near 100 degrees for gilroy as well. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, another hot one on monday. temperatures inland 102. 90s around the bay. more 70s at our beaches. then we cool things down wednesday, thursday and friday. and by the way, 49,000 viewers have now liked us on facebook. all of you are eligible to enter our sweepstakes to enter $49,000. go to news and click on the win $49,000 button. that will take you to the page where you can fill out all of the information and the entry form. we will announce the winner october 18th right after the 49ers game here on abc game. go niners. >> turks leigh. shu is here and another thriller at the oakland coliseum. >> the a's have been the surprise of major league baseball. they did it again today.
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the a's have become the drama queens of baseball. get a lead, blow it and tie it up and then a walkoff in extra innings. the drama continued in seattle as the a's are closer to clinching the wild card spot. every game is as important for bob melvin and the boys. 2-0 and saunders and allows four runs and three strikeouts and 4-0 mariners. the a's were down in the 9th. see ya with a man on. that's a two-run shot. ties the game and the amazing a's do it again. we head to extras. two men on and gone. three-run shot and the a's walkoff with their league leading 14 times winning it 7-4. they are two and a halfback in the west and two and a half ahead for the angels of the wild card spot. giants and padres in san diego. i think i should wear this on the air. giants get on the board first.
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three-run shot off stultz. his third of the year and 3-0g-men. the next pitch and nady goes deep to center. may vin -- mavin at the wall and he is up and leaps and robs nady. what a catch. check it out. it took out a chunk of the wall in the process. baumgardner on the mound and he got rocked. headily and a two-run shot and padres take the 4-3 lead and two strikeouts and four walks as the giants lose it 7-3. the cal bears are becoming the sad sack of the pack 12. they gave up six more against the sun devils and yet another loss.
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well, the well, bears are reeling. they fell to 1 and 4 in the loss against arizona state. this is the worst start in his 11 years with the bears, and the pressure is mounting. tedford is on the hotseat with cal alumni. a minute and a half left.
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taylor kelly with a bullet. they trailed 17-7 at the half. the offense couldn't get anything going. he was caked six times in the -- he was sacked six times in the game. he had one touchdown and here it is. the fourth quarter and finds his brother keenan. in the end zone and 10 yards on the touchdown. cal down only three. but arizona answers. this time 22 yards. and cal is now 1 and 4 on the season. they lose 27-17. san jose straight looking for a victory hosted by navy. this is a defensive battle. he strips miller and he recovers it for the spartans. here is a terrific play. he looks like he escapes and makes an outstanding one handed catch. late third quarter and navy with the play action. he picks off miller. they lead 6-0 after three quarters.
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is anybody going to score a touchdown. he is not fooled on the pitch. it was 144 yards and improve to 4 and one with a 12-0 victory. golf becomes a team sport including the ryder up underway outside chicago. team usa and europe day two. no other golf tournament with an atmosphere like this. it was an 8-4 lead after the morning round. bradley drains the birdie putt. they win it 7-6. the rookies continue to dominate. four straight birdies and propels them to a 5 and four victory. and then we have dustin johnson and all square on 17. johnson with a 35-footer. you have to love this atmosphere. down two with six to play. he made five straight birdies and drains it for the win. usa leads it 10-6 and heading into the singles matches.
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they need 14 and a half points. the abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, shu. >> and coming up, the presidential candidates gear up for their first big debate. what they are doing to prepare. and an abc7 news i team investigation. @
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to nearby apartment buildings. and toll picks is becoming a sport. they want to sue an activist who he claims punched him in the head. the activist seen here being arrested, and he claims the councilman hit him first. it is going to get hot out there in the next few days and leigh glaser is standing by to tell us about that. hi, leigh. >> if you are heading back east, get ready for a nice fall cool down. showers will move into the southeast with new orleans tomorrow 84 degrees. if you are traveling to new york look for afternoon light rain showers there. 68 and 75 in st. louis and 75 in denver. but if you want the heat, yes, california is where it will be tomorrow. 108 in palm springs, all the way up toward fresno, 100 degrees. sacramento near 100-degree heat. tahoe tomorrow 78 degrees. the state will remain cool, the bay area hot. sunday inland as well as 80s around the bay. 70s at our beaches tomorrow with those offshore winds. even hotter inland on monday,
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and then we will start to cool things down. the fog returns wednesday, thursday and friday. so a brief or mini heat wave the next few days. >> thanks, leigh. the first debate between president obama and the republican challenger mitt romney is just four days from now. karen travers reports what they are both doing for the showdown. >> they were out of the public eye as they get ready for their first debate this wednesday. there will be campaign duties to their running mate. biden stumped in florida for a second consecutive day. he slammed the bush administration for the budget deficit. >> they had doubled the national debt in eight years. >> with his path to the white house shrinking, florida you is looking like a must win
2:37 am
scenario for romney. but today paul ryan focused on new hampshire. the granite state has four electoral votes, but ryan said that could be the difference in a race that will come down to a handful of states. >> thank you, granite staters, for sending mitt romney to the white house and barack obama back to chicago. >> the campaign shifts to a different stage with wednesday night's high stakes showdown between president obama and romney. >> if you take a look at the history of debates, it is not about policy specifics. it is not really about facts. every change that happened in -- because somebody's style did badly or did well. >> both candidates will spend the next few days in intense prep sessions. trailing in the may have romney may have the most on the line. his campaign is looking at this debate as a chance for a game changer. karen travers, abc news, washington. the city and county of san francisco are looking for poll workers for the upcoming
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election. applicants must be u.s. citizens, at least 18 years of age and registered to vote in california. all positions are one day assignments and pay between $125 and $170. for more information on how to apply, just go to and click on see it on tv. critical mass events are continuing throughout the weekend in more than 300 cities worldwide as the group celebrates two decades of pushing for cyclist rights. and a farewell bike ride is set for tomorrow afternoon beginning at 16th and valencia, and going to ocean beach. no arrests after yesterday's massive rides through san francisco as thousands of cycling supporters took to the streets during the evening commute. bay area moms are supporting a georgia mother who was kicked out of a restaurant after refusing to breastfeed her baby in the restroom. this nurse in got under way at this appleby's in alameda.
2:39 am
mothers' right to choose is behind it. >> it is to support a mother who was kicked out of a georgia appleby's for breastfeeding her child. the cops were called on her for that. >> appleby's issued an official statement apologizing for the incident calling it an unfortunate misunderstanding. pilots in the north bay worry their safety is at risk. the fight between two neighbors that is bmenting a pas swrerd -- that is becoming a hazard for a pilot. dan noyes has the
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the owner of a small airport is battling with a neighbor. and whether it puts pilots and the public at risk. the sonoma valley airport is located off 121 in an area surrounded by vineyards. and now a whole lot more. the story from i team re@orter dan noyes. >> the 65-year-old sonoma valley airport is a magnet for vintage airplane buffs and home to some very rare planes like this grummond, one of two in the world still flying. pilots came here decades ago and plan to stay until the end. tinkering with the plane that started flying when he was a british paratrooper. >> i decided i wanted to be british. i wanted a british airplane. >> even in this crowd he stands out. here he is in 1993, flying and
2:43 am
turning loops for the camera. he restored planes by hand and he actually bought the airport in 2008. it is open to the public. >> i have been here all my life. >> and now he is struggling to stay. safety issues could force state aviation authorities to shut him down. and he says his neighbor is to blame. >> how serious of an issue is this? >> this, i believe, is airport existence or airport extinction. >> that's where josh frasier comes in. he bought the property next door in 2004 to build a fly fishing ranch. >> this is everything for me. this is my wife and my's dream. >> he couldn't get the county permits he needed to dig a commercial pond next to the airport. it is stocked with fish and it was a clear hazard for planes. so frasier reapplied for a pond permit, and the request sailed through. and then he added a retail building and remodeled a residence and somewhere along
2:44 am
the way built a shooting range facing the runway. he also offered fishing lessons. the county says he didn't have permits for any of this. >> so you are saying he is skirting the permit process in someways? >> i would hate to say that in a nutshell. he has found a way to break down barriers to achieve a goal? >> ben newman is the code enforcement manager. >> on the scale of cases you come across, he is sophisticatedment. >> yes, i would consider him a sophisticated applicant, yes. >> they say you had a very sophisticated method of trying to get around the permitting process. how dowry spawned to that? >> i am flattered that i am so sophisticated. joy frasier settled and agreed to pay $53,000 in fines and court costs. he is allowed to keep the retail business open, but he can't operate a fly fishing school next to the airport.
2:45 am
>> they came down on you. >> they did. >> i believe they gave me the wrong permit. >> it wasn't you trying to circumvent the process? >> i believe that is true. >> he made it clear his ultimate goal is to operate the fly fishing school. frasier has applied for permit to remodel his house and build a retail space even though the work is already done. and the drama grows as more county officials get involved. valley brown -- valerie brown says she thinks there is a place for both businesses. >> i have as much advocacy for the airport as the fly fishing establishment. i think we need all of the businesses we can have in sonoma county. >> and she points out the airport has a fire suppression pond on the property. >> there is water all the way around. it was not a problem in the past. i certainly wouldn't want to discount the fact it could be. >> that position angers don smith. he sits on the land use commission. they advise the board of
2:46 am
supervisors. >> there is no question we found it incompatible. >> his number one concern is that the additional pond will bring more birds and increase the chance of an accident. that's what happened to greg bear as he was about to liftoff in february, a large goose smacked his plane. >> it made a huge, huge thud. there is no mistaking that i hit something. it definitely opened my eyes to how bad it could be. >> this is what scares me. is it going to take somebody to get killed before we react to this. >> but the debate doesn't end at the county level. there are more problems, and now the state department of transportation is taking aim at a fence he built to keep his fly fishing customers from wandering on to the runway. he says he built it in response to complaints from the airport. >> he took us in his plane for a better look at the ponds and the safety zone that falls on
2:47 am
frasier's property. the fence slices through an area that should be kept clear to give planes extra space in an emergency. in july the dot sent the airport a letter giving notice that it is a violation of the public utility code and for flight and public safety we strongly recommend these fences be removed. >> why is that fence there? >> if it is a danger, we will definitely look into it and take care of it. >> but the clock is ticking for the airport. the dot will review their operating permit before the end of the year. if the fence doesn't come down by then, the dot could shut them down. >> they may say, well you can't fly from here anymore. that screws up your whole retirement set up. >> after the i-team started asking questions, frasier took down the shooting range. next up for him is the board of zoning appeals where he presents his case for the house permit. as for how big a deal this
2:48 am
situation is, the county is only suing seven people out of 900 cases and one is leland fly fishing. skateboarders now have a new park to enjoy. many flock to san jose and ocean avenue for the grand opening in balboa park. it is the result of a $400,000 bond measure and taxpayer dollars. san francisco has at least four skateboard parks, and there are more on the way. shu is here and you will never guess who the best college football team is in the bay area. >> i think a lot of people will be surprised. san jose state is the best football team in the bay area. they won their fourth straight beating navy in a defensive battle.
2:49 am
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who has the best record in bay area college football right now? that would be san jose state. who would be the best quarterback? san jose state. it was hosted by navy. travis johnson and tre
2:52 am
miller. spartans recover. not a lot of offense in the first quarter. he tosses it up and watch this catch. one hand. 3-0 at the half. late third quarter and navy with the play action. picks off miller and they lead 6-0. fourth and 7 for navy. not fooled on the pitch. san jose state holds the midshipmen of 44 total offense. they i'm -- they improve to 12 and 1. spartan quarterback came out of no where this season to lead san jose state to its best start in years. he is cool and calm and has lit up opposing defenses all season. i asked, who is this guy? >> and he's in. touchdown spartans. >> he graduated from pauma high school in salinas and signed with nevada and then transferred to monterey
2:53 am
peninsula college where he threw for 4600 yards and 37 touchdowns in two years. it was an easy choice for his next step. >> it is close to home and seemed like a good opportunity. >> the 6 foot 3220 pounder has completed 71% of his passes for over 1100 yards and 9td's against two picks. winning three straight games, and this his first year with the spartans. >> coach is doing a good job getting prepared and making it simple for us. basically doing a good job getting him prepared. >> we thought it would be good. you never know. and then in the stanford game he got hit a couple times and bounced back up and started completing passes and it didn't seem too big for him. i thought, wow, he is doing pretty good. >> the spartans' all time leading receiver is loving his new quarterback. >> i tease him all the time. i call him the heisman candidate. he has been playing great. he jumped in and he is leading
2:54 am
the offense so far. hopefully we will continue to have a good season. >> great story in the south bay, not only with the team, but the spartan head coach mike mcintyre will join us in "after the game." and cal and arizona state. a minute left in the half on third and goal. taylor kelly and 9 yards and cal trailed 17-7 at the half. cal's offense couldn't get anything going. maynard sacked seven times. might as well show you that. keenen and 10 yards and arizona answers. this time 22 yards on the touchdown. the hotseat is getting hotter. cal is now one and four on the season. they lose it 27-17. >> they out played us in a lot of areas today.
2:55 am
we have seven conference games left, and we have to go back to work. that's what i told the team. we need to improve. >> who is the drama queen here in the bay area? anyone? anyone? the a's. they get a lead, they blow it, tie it and then walkoff win in extra innings. well, that drama continued today against seattle as the a's are closer to clinching the wild card spot. every game the rest of the way is important for bob melvin and his club. fourth inning and 2-0. saunders goes deep and a two-run shot. he went four innings and three strike outs and 4-0 mariners. a's down in the 9th. a man on and takes care of that. a two-run shot to tie the game. the amazing a's do it again. brandon moss and two men on and see ya. three-run shot and the a's walkoff with their league leading 14th time this year winning 7-4. they are two and a halfback of
2:56 am
the rangers in the american league west and two and a half ahead of the angels for the final wild card spot. giants and padres in san diego. the blue man group wearing their fall colors. board first. hunter penz and three-run shot. his 23rd of the year. he is catching fire just in time. 3-0g-men. next pitch and nady goes deep to center. mabin has a beat on it. will he get it? oh my. look at that replay. takes a chunk out of the wall in the process. i don't think he will have to pay for that though. bumgardner got rocked. chase headley and gave up five runs and two k's and four walks and giants lose it 7-3. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. jets and 49ers in new york and raiders and broncos in denver. >> who do you like? gite 49ers and the -- i like the 49ers and the raiders.
2:57 am
you can call me out on it tomorrow night at 5:00. >> i'm alan wang with sh expo leigh and we want to thank you for joining us. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with
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