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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 30, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. a disastrous milestone in afghanistan overnight. the 2,000th american service member killed, and even more troubling, it was, once again, at the hands of an afghan ally. gunned down. outrage and confusion. a border patrol agent shoots and kills this mother of five after she may have tried to run him over. this morning, a community's anger overflowing, but who is to blame? murder for hire. the teacher accused of trying to kill his colleague, caught on tape hiring a hit man. >> what do you want done with bob meredith? >> i want him killed. >> inside a sensational crime. we've got the tapes. and never say never. justin bieber gets violently sick on stage midconcert, but the pop star rallies back. we have his emotional thank you
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to the crowd. ♪ save it up and happy sunday morning to everyone at home. we have a lot to tell you about on this last day of september, already october around the corner, including the tsa now under fire. the agency is charged with keeping the nation's airports safe, but how did two loaded guns make it through security this week alone? a lot of worried people in america this morning. >> two loaded guns. they also let a live cat through there. they're on a bad run. also this morning, the search for a brother and sister missing since their home burned down a week ago. police say the kids were not inside the home that burned down, so where are they now? the amber alert this morning. plus, you may have hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in hidden accounts that you don't even know about. this is a true story. you will not believe how much
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money we have helped one family uncover. it's staggering. and, of course, we being "gma," we're going to show you how you can get your money. and our whole crew is lining up this morning. check this out. from the brilliant minds of two engineers, one from nasa and the other from apple, an $11,000 coffee machine. let me say that again, 11 grand for this coffee machine. these guys say they have made the perfect cup of coffee. so how does it taste? we're going to test it this morning. i should say that ron claiborne has been sneaking some of it already. >> i did have a sample. >> $11,000. >> he took a sip, and then he took a run around the block. >> pretty caffeinated. >> powerful stuff. >> energized. >> i know you don't drink coffee. >> i'm going to try. but we begin with grim news out of afghanistan. a milestone there, the 2,000th u.s. service member killed in that 11-year-old war. the latest has occurred late last night in eastern afghanistan in another apparent insider attack by afghan forces. there are currently 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. most of those american combat
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forces, they are expected to be out of that country by the beginning of next year. and the fbi is investigating a deadly shooting by a border patrol agent. a 32-year-old mother was gunned down in suburban san diego after allegedly hitting the agent with her car. abc's reena ninan joins us live from washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning, reena. >> reporter: good morning to you, ron. the family called the killing senseless and believes the agent involved overreacted but but border police say he acted in self-defense. unjustifiable murder, that's how the family of 32-year-old woman killed by an undercover u.s. border patrol agent feels about their death. >> i love her to the fullest with my heart. >> reporter: this morning they're demanding answers, saying a plainclothes border patrol agent gunned down and killed 32-year-old valeria alvarado in chula vista, california, without reason. >> there's no evidence that my wife threatened a trained officer, you know, a trained
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officer, to use lethal force. shoot my wife like that and just not even call an ambulance. >> reporter: the agent's body leaving this very large dent in the windshield on impact smattered with bullet holes. police say that the agents were in the neighborhood to serve a felony warrant when the agent was struck by the woman's car and needed to defend himself. >> and literally ran our agent down. the agent actually was impacted, was hit by the vehicle and carried several hundred yards on the hood before fearing for his life did discharge his weapon to get the vehicle to stop. >> reporter: that's when he fired five fatal blows, according to eyewitnesses, leaving this mother of five with bullet holes in her face, arms and chest and her husband says -- >> yeah, i want justice, yes. whoever shot my wife, that guy, whoever he is, that guy needs to get shot. >> the mother leaves behind five kids ranging in ages from 3 to 17. the investigation continues. and they're awaiting an autopsy report. ron? >> okay, thanks, reena ninan for that report. and a man charged with
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killing his girlfriend inside of a state university of new york dormitory has pleaded not guilty. 21-year-old clayton whittemore was arrested yesterday after allegedly beating his girlfriend to death in her room at a suny brockport campus there earlier in the day. police have not released the name of that victim yet. and in spain, protests over government austerity measures turned violent again saturday night. protesters threw rocks at riot police who fought back against the crowds. at least one person was injured in those incidents. this was the third time this week that protesters there in spain and police have clashed. >> and finally, as we all know the old saying, the show must go on, justin bieber's new concert tour got off to a pretty rough start in arizona last night. the singer threw up on stage. check it out right there. video evidence and then ran off only to rush off again. that didn't stop him from going on. he kept performing. >> i want to say thank you for making me feel so comfortable to all my fans. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> it's not really a great feeling when you're, you know, you're throwing up in front of a bunch of people. >> trouper that he is, justin bieber went on to finish the nearly two-hour concert. the lesson there as they say in sport, you got to play hurt. dan, keep that in mind. >> and we admire your ability to do such a smooth newscast when you have all that high-priced caffeine coursing through your veins. >> i'll tell you about that a little bit later. a sneak preview. it's pretty good. >> you heard it here. t-minus three days to what could be a pivotal point in the race for president. both president obama and mitt romney have stopped campaigning this weekend instead burrowing into hard-core debate prep cramming their facts and honing their one-liners. it's "your voice, your vote" with just 37 days left until the election. abc's david kerley who usually joins us from washington is here at the desk. good to see you. >> nice to be here. you know, dan, this is a really big debate. this is part performance, part policy. the stakes are always high. but for mitt romney, some are saying it is make or break. and for the president, leading
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in the polls, it's a matter of not letting his challenger back into the race. president obama travels to nevada this morning where he will spend the next three days in debate camp reportedly at this posh resort in henderson. and he heads into the debate with the latest gallup tracking poll still showing mr. obama holding a lead. this morning it's six points. >> this is the ball game for mitt romney right now because if he doesn't do well in this debate, it's going to be hard for him to get back in the race. >> reporter: both candidates have checklists. dos and don'ts for the debate. mitt romney has to avoid appearing detached, that he can't relate to average americans. his to-do list, the three cs, show some compassion, that he's competent and that he can, indeed, connect to voters. >> all three of those things, he suffered over the last couple of months, especially the last couple of weeks. this those three cs, that's where he's got to do really well. >> reporter: while they lead in the polls, team obama know that
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debates can be a game-changer. so the president will have to look strong and forceful, not passive, and he needs to avoid appearing irritable or impatient, and don't be long-winded. >> they're trying to get him into the mode of being able to answer questions short, concisely and to the point, and so it's much more like his mannerisms, his style and the way he comes across. >> the pressure is on for this first debate, and it could be a huge audience. anywhere between 50 million to 65 million people may actually tune in to see these two men square off on wednesday night. >> all right. we'll be covering it right here on abc. david, thank you. >> thanks to you live, david. and let's bring in the host of abc's "this week," george stephanopoulos. also live for more on this. the goal wednesday night is for each candidate to focus on the other person's weakness. >> no question about it. after seeing ron claiborne's piece, i think it's to avoid a justin bieber moment. but that's right. i think obviously there's much more pressure, as david said, on mitt romney. he's got to force an error out
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of president obama. he wants to dominate the coverage coming down to the debate so he can get some momentum. that will mean, on the one hand, be tough and put the pressure on president obama, but at the same time he can't afford to appear mean or, as david said, aloof, so he's going to have a tough balancing act on wednesday night. >> how much pressure is he under right now, mitt romney? >> huge. he is behind right now. he is behind nationally. he is behind in all the battleground states. this is the last big audience that mitt romney is going to have with about 4 1/2 weeks left to go, but, remember, by the time we get to the third debate in late october in the battleground states, you could have had already because of this early voting a third of the voters with votes already in the can. >> and so far the polls at least indicate that mitt romney hasn't been able to capitalize on the economy right now. do you think he can do that with regards to foreign policy? it seems to be a surprising week just now for the president with what's going on in the middle east and this tragic landmark we have in afghanistan, as well. >> that's right. the president also facing a lot of questions about the death of the ambassador in benghazi.
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you saw mitt romney doing that over the weekend. the way he's going to win this race is if he convinces those undecided voters that he's got the better answers on the economy. that is still issue number one, two and three. >> it's going to be something you're going to be covering wednesday night during the debate. george, thanks so much. don't forget to watch abc's "this week" later this morning. george's guests include governor chris christie and white house adviser david plouffe. tune in wednesday for our special coverage of "one on one," the candidates debate. 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. a supremely embarrassing week for this nation's airport screeners. not only did abc's brian ross bust one tsa screener for making off with an ipad left at security, but two incidents of loaded guns making it through the x-ray machines undetected. abc's mark greenblatt is at new york's laguardia airport. this morning, mark, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, dan. frequent travelers often
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complain about invasive screening procedures here at the airport. now news that not one but two guns made it past security screeners on to airplane s this week has many travelers on edge and worried about their safety. a long line of high-profiled security blunders of tsa came to a head on friday. that's when a loaded .38 caliber like this went undetected by screeners. new orleans hornets executive joshua richardson mistakenly took it with him on a flight from new orleans to newark. and just one day earlier in orlando, officers missed another loaded gun, this time in a firefighter's purse. it made it past security and all the way on to her plane. >> scary but surprising. >> reporter: those lapses came to light. some in congress worry now about what else is slipping through. >> unfortunately, the reports that i get, it's not just this one weapon, it's hundreds of items every day, but it can't be tolerated. >> reporter: in dallas the tsa couldn't keep up with this
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65-year-old grandma who carried a gun right past them in january. >> it makes me feel concerned about, you know, what's really going on. >> reporter: even a live animal got through in columbus where bob-bob the cat was hiding in a checked bag bound for disney world. the tsa has had many successes, confiscating 1,100 weapons so far this year, 29 guns just last week alone along with various other knives, tasers and explosives. but when it comes to all of the mistakes, some experts think the tsa's own screeners may need better screening themselves. >> i think it goes back to the type of hiring they did, the educational requirements that they were allowed to put in place which were not high enough in my view. >> reporter: and new this morning, abc news has confirmed that that screener that let that firefighter on to a plane in orlando with a loaded gun has been removed from screening altogether pending further investigation with the tsa telling me that they take any
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incident like this, quote, very seriously. bianna? >> a lot of pressure on the tsa. all right, mark, thank you. we turn now to the search for two missing children in tennessee which is intensifying this morning. an amber alert has been issued for a sister and brother ages 7 and 9 who haven't been seen since a fire destroyed their farmhouse and killed their stepgrandparents one week ago. abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: there are few clues this morning in a desperate search for 9-year-old chloie leverette and her 7-year-old half brother gage daniel. a fire destroyed the unionville, tennessee, home where the children lived with their grandparents, molli and leon mcclaran. both died in last sunday's blaze and at first everybody thought the kids were killed, too. >> the children were last seen by a neighbor at 6:30, three hours before the fire actually broke out. so we know that they were in close proximity of the home within hours before the fire erupting. >> reporter: but after five days
7:14 am
searching through ashes, police found no signs of chloe or gage. gage's father, christopher daniel, told the associated press they don't think they burned up in the fire. on saturday, they issued an amber alert hoping to generate leads. >> it's extremely frustrating for investigators, particularly when you have children of tender years like these two, and you know that unless they are with someone who had no intention of harming them, that you're very concerned about they have been in harm's way. >> reporter: the clock ticking, the police are now questioning everyone who knew the kids including their parents, who have extensive criminal records, but investigators say they have no suspects and aren't even sure they have a crime. >> the key in this case is the origin of the fire. is it an accident, or is it intentional? >> reporter: questions with so far no answers and two small children still missing. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> and we're all hoping those
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children are found. time now to switch gears, and this is football sunday, and finally it's the real deal this time. the official nfl refs are back, this after three weeks of chaos caused by those replacement refs culminating in this horrible call at monday night's packers/seahawks game. the replacement refs became national bad guys, and now one of them is speaking out to abc's john muller, who is with us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. like most football fans, i was ranting and raving about replacement refs. as much as anyone. after hearing from one of them, it becomes clear, these are not monsters, they're imperfect human beings like the rest of us. and we owe them this much. today, we'd be watching week one instead of week four. >> wilson scrambles to keep it alive. >> reporter: it was the play that changed everything, possibly the worst and most controversial call in nfl history. >> who did they give it to? touchdown! to me it feels like a jennings session. >> the call on the field stands, touchdown.
7:16 am
the game is over. >> reporter: the reaction was fast and furious. >> it was awful. just look at the replay. >> i never seen anything like that in all my years of football. >> reporter: this football fan didn't watch because he was on the field, mike peek, number 77, a replacement ref in that game speaks out for the first time. >> to see the game fall apart at the end, it was one of those things that makes you go back in the back room and cry a few tears. >> reporter: peek had more >> reporter: peek a community college teacher in texas had more experience than most of his fellow fill-ins. 13 years of division i college reffing. he didn't make the official call but he won't second-guess it. >> you know if someone asked me if it's a good call or a bad call, it depends on where you live. the replacement refs, we were at mercy of the crowd. >> reporter: and the mercy of the nation even earning a skit on "saturday night live." >> time of death, 2:15. >> no, no, no, i'm not dead. also it's 4:30. [ whistle ] ♪ replacement refs >> reporter: through all of the
7:17 am
outrage and ridicule, peek says the replacement refs have plenty to proud of. >> we did what we had to do. we kept the league afloat during the preseason and during the first few weeks of the regular season. >> reporter: and what about the standing ovation when the real refs returned thursday night? >> you know, they're the heroes now, they're the stars, they're the saviors of the game. i wish them well. i hope they have a great season. >> a likable guy, right? more than 100% of these replacement refs -- more than 100 of them will be watching these games on their couches and no doubt about it, how nice these guys are, everyone in green bay, wisconsin, for sure is happy about that. guys? >> as you said, likable guy, gracious. thank you very much. appreciate it. time now for the weather and ginger zee in grand rapids, michigan, this morning, where and we're very proud about this, she was inducted into her high school's hall of fame last night. there's the video. ginger, good morning and congratulations. >> oh, my gosh. i cannot say thank you enough to this community. wait till you see the crowd out here. this is pretty wild. we got all of these beautiful kids that came out.
7:18 am
"i love gma" signs. this is one of my favorite teachers. one of my favorite students, a friend of mine. and we've got -- these are like sisters. some of my cheerleading buddies right back here and a coach that coached me to be the best i could be. and, andy, will you go to homecoming with this young lady? it's a question we have. cheerleaders are very excited to be here this morning. so here's what we want to do. we want to say good morning to not only the great lakes and the midwest, but we want to get the weather for the entire nation. so let's go ahead and get started. we'll take a look first at all of that rain, boy, did they have too much in a lot of places. the flooding got a little bit better yesterday but today it comes back. flash flood watches from louisiana all the way to parts of atlanta. with that comes the chance of severe weather, isolated tornadoes, some hail and damaging winds. so that's something to be careful of in that red pocket area. jackson, mississippi, you're included in that. all of the heat, look at that, oh, my goodness. 100 in los angeles. 99 by tuesday. san diego even in the warm zone. there, 93 on monday. and cool and showery in the northeast. not as nice for you all up there.
7:19 am
but that is the big picture. how about a big crowd cheer? >> i have to leave it off with this is my brother and his band. they are the rock stars, the outer vibe, art prize is what we're here for too. grand rapids michigan, what it's known for. 1,500 entrants. such a huge deal. the crowd is excited to go to
7:20 am
art prize after this, right? all right, so a big good morning. they all love dan, bianna and ron. they wanted to send their love. >> ginger, you managed to gather a bigger crowd today than you even did yesterday, which surprised us. so a lot of people are proud of you and celebrating you. great job, ginger. >> thank you. and now we're going to turn to another inspiring high school story. it started out as a mean-spirited plot that could have been lifted right from the script of the movie "mean girls." a 16-year-old bullying victim is nominated for her high school homecoming court as a cool prank. but this brave girl managed to turn the tables on her bullies. it was the whirlwind weekend that wasn't supposed to be. the hummer limo last night at the homecoming dance. the standing ovation on the football field. sophomore whitney kropp sealing her place on the homecoming court of her upstate michigan high school. just last week, kropp found out her nomination for homecoming queen was a complete prank engineered by bullies. the 16-year-old was so upset,
7:21 am
she thought about killing herself. >> i had actually thought about suicide. i thought i wasn't worthy at ogamaw heights at all. >> reporter: the bullied teen didn't let it get the best of her. with the help of family and friends, a support whitney facebook page was set up receiving 120,000 likes. her story touching hundreds of thousands of people around the country and world. >> i think it's awful what happened to her, and you just want her to know that there are people here for her. >> reporter: in a rally of support, local businesses stepped in, offering her a makeover and donating everything from prom dresses to jewelry to anti-bully t-shirts. flowers came in from as far away as california. on friday at halftime of the homecoming football game, she bravely took the field to accept the nomination. her father walking her down the aisle in the ceremony. the opposing team showcasing banners and signs in support. >> i'm surprised that the team that we are going against is
7:22 am
actually supporting me. it's -- wow, that's overwhelming. seriously, i have no words for this right now. >> reporter: and though kropp didn't win homecoming queen, her courage takes the crown. >> kids who bully are you, do not let them bring you down. stand up for what you believe in and go with your heart and go with your gut. >> she won a lot more than a crown. >> very cool. >> confidence, courage. she looked beautiful. >> she is very brave. very cool. coming up here on "good morning america," an extraordinary inside look at a sensational crime. we have the tapes of a teacher allegedly hiring a hit man to kill a fellow teacher. >> what do you want done with bob meredith? >> i want him killed. >> i want him killed. you heard it right there, and it only gets worse from there. that story coming up. plus, show me the money. "gma" helps these unsuspecting mall shoppers find thousands of dollars in hidden accounts they didn't even know they had. you won't believe how much money
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one family found. so how much is waiting for you? >> that's the question this morning. elisabeth leamy hooking people up. and check this out. does this contraption make the world's best cup of coffee? it was designed by a pair of geniuses from nasa and apple. it cost 11 grand. 11k, people. the taste test coming up. 11k, people. the taste test coming up. [ white ] in my kitchen the heart of a great dish
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♪ it's not about the money, money, money ♪ >> whoo-hoo. those are random shoppers being given some really good news. "gma" helped them find hundreds, even thousands of dollars, of unclaimed money they didn't even know they had. we even found one family a life-changing amount of money. so how can you find your money? we're going to tell you coming up next. i'm bianna golodryga. good morning, america. i love that song. >> yeah, i like that song too. i'm actually a bigger fan of the money. i'm really thinking about going online to get myself some money. apparently, you got some money. >> i think you should. >> apparently you got some money. >> i did. including matt frucci, a lot of "good morning america" staff did, we had no clue. >> something to look forward to. i'm dan harris, this is sunday, september 30th. as bianna points out, the last day of september. when working on a morning show, as you know, coffee becomes extremely important, so you can imagine our response when we heard about this thing.
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it is quite possibly the holy grail of caffeinated goodness. it is the product of some big brains from nasa and apple, and it costs $11,000. so how does the coffee taste? we're going to test it coming up. those people look happy. >> it's like $100,000 worth of coffee there. >> yeah. >> all right, but first that dramatic recording, the teacher allegedly trying to hire a hit man to murder a colleague. what he didn't know was that the friend he was talking about it with was recording the entire conversation. abc's john schriffen is here with the latest. this is an incredible story. >> it seems to get wilder by the day. bianna, good morning. because police say no money was ever exchanged between the undercover agent and the teacher allegedly trying to hire the hit man, this audio recording becomes a major piece of evidence. it's filled with racial slurs and profanities and details how to kill a high school teacher. >> what do you want done with bob meredith? >> i want him killed. >> all right. >> reporter: stunning revelations inside the florida courtroom saturday when the
7:32 am
prosecution played a phone conversation allegedly between high school teacher james pepe and his friend. a man police say alerted authorities about the bizarre murder for hire scheme. >> we got to kill this [ bleep ]. >> reporter: that's not exactly what you would expect to hear from a history teacher. agedly talking about getting rid of a former colleague bob meredith. >> originally i remember, you know, you and i talked about it, and you wanted to pay me to kill him, and then i was uncomfortable with that because i got kids. then you wanted me to find some [ bleep ] that didn't work. i found a white supremist. that didn't work. >> reporter: for 11 minutes the two talked about ways to carry out the plan. at one point, pepe allegedly suggests finding a former student of his. >> he will hook us up with every [ bleep ] murderer we need, criminal we need, just [ bleep ] maul his [ bleep ]. >> reporter: police say pepe was upset because he thought that the man he used to work with was spreading rumors about him saying he was a child molester.
7:33 am
but meredith claims that's not true saying the two barely knew each other talking to our earlier this week. through his door earlier this week. >> never any scuffles or words he can changed? never? >> reporter: police were tipped off two weeks ago. that's when the fbi got involved using an undercover agent posing as the hit man. >> he knows people that will do it? or is he going to do it? >> he would do it, yeah, i mean, here's the deal, you should just talk to the guy. just talk to him. i don't know. how do you want meredith killed? >> anyway he wants. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and the prosecution claims pepe was even willing to have meredith knocked off meredith at a school event. alvarado aftering hearing they the judge indicted not to give him bail. if convicted of the charge of solicitation to commit first degree murder he faces up to 30 years in prison, dan and bianna. we tracked down the court appointed lawyer for pepe, he did not wish to comment on this.
7:34 am
>> without a lawyer, it's going to be hard to fight those tapes, though, in court. john, thank you. a lot of other news >> sure. a lot of other news overnight. for that, let's go to the man we always turn to for the overnight headlines. >> we do have more news. good morning to you again, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. in the news, a tragic milestone in afghanistan, the 2,000th u.s. service member has been killed in the war in an apparent insider attack in eastern afghanistan. and the last western detainee at the military prison at guantanamo bay has been returned to canada. the son of an alleged al qaeda financier was transferred to a maximum security prison. there are still 166 prisoners at gitmo. and some of the biggest names in music raised awareness or tried to for worldwide poverty in new york last night. 60,000 people packed into central park, and more tuned in online to watch the foo fighters, neil young, and others at the global citizens festival. . and finally actress anne hathaway and fiance adam shulman tied the knot in big sur, california, on saturday. the couple has been together
7:35 am
four years and got engaged last november. it is time now for the weather and over to ginger zee in grand rapids, michigan, home of the best hamburger in the world, i understand. stella's lounge in you've ever been there. >> i have been there. you are so right, ron. thank you for mentioning. and a very good morning to you. my brother said it really well this is either a really weird dream or a really great surprise. again, my favorite teacher, mrs. pierson made me do this. she taught television. good morning to everyone else. we begin this forecast. i want to get right into not how cold it is in the great lakes but, of course, how warm it's going to be. look at that. bismarck, 80. 81, rapid city. a beautiful day to look at the fall colors. up near st. paul, minnesota, we got some great video to leave you with because you have to see a little peek if you're not seeing it yet. brilliant yellow, reds and oranges. get out and do that in the northwest or wherever it is that is warm.
7:36 am
>> all right, this weather >> all right. this weather brought to you by jimmy dean sausage. and i have to also say good morning. this is ashlyn. she wanted to say something to grandma and grandpa. right? >> hi. >> hi, grandpa and grandma zider. that's so cute. so a big thanks to everyone in grandrapids for coming out in force. big smiles and cheers. everybody happy? we are. back to all of you in the studio. >> bye, ginger. we'll have to have ginger's brother's band come and perform. >> bye, ginger. we'll see you later. and coming up on "good morning america," show me the money, shoppers get the surprise of their lives. cash they didn't even know they had. and we'll tell you how you can get yours. and coffee buzz.
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♪ it's no
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♪ it's not about the money, money, money ♪ there are literally billions, billions with a "b" of dollars of unclaimed cash, money that's owed to you that you may not even know existed. enter abc's consumer reporter elisabeth leamy in the latest edition of our wildly popular show "the money series." she sets up shop at the mall of america to reunite shoppers with money they never knew they had. >> reporter: at the mall of america, people expect this. after all, this over-the-top shopping center is known for its indoor roller coasters and the adrenaline rush that goes with them. now, we're about to get their hearts pounding in a whole new way. we have teamed up with the minnesota department of commerce to give back free, yes, free money right in the middle of the mall. >> you guys want to find some money? >> reporter: there's just one problem. >> do you want some money? are you sure? >> reporter: these skeptical
7:42 am
shoppers don't believe us. >> you guys want to look up unclaimed property and see if you have any money waiting for you. we got thousands of dollars. millions of dollars. >> reporter: but they should. statistics show one in ten of us has unclaimed money waiting. it comes from things like forgotten apartment security deposits, final paychecks you didn't pick up and money left to you by loved ones. the states hold it for their citizens. minnesota commerce commissioner mike rothman loves giving it back. >> check, if there's nothing there, fine, but you never know. it could be a hundred dollars. a thousand dollars or tens of thousands of dollars that's your money. >> there you go. >> reporter: kathy westin is one of the doubters. can we change her mind? >> yes. whoo-h whoo-hoo. >> reporter: yes, with a nice find, $675 for her extended family. >> i'm very happy. i'm very pleased for my family. >> reporter: other shoppers see the hubbub and start to line up at last.
7:43 am
it's simple. we help them look up their names and if an amount pops up that is more than a hundred buck, they move over to our supercomputer. jodi searched her grandmother's name. >> $1,625. >> reporter: wow. >> she's retired. so it would help a lot. >> reporter: jason bennett checked his mom's name and found $2,600 in insurance money. >> so we'll spend it on the grandkids. >> reporter: as the day goes on, the checks get even bigger. enter the tish family. >> hi there. >> reporter: maxwell tis hchlt and his sisters joann and mary lou. but then a snag. >> we'll be right back with you. >> okay. well, let's go have some fun then. >> reporter: we send maxwell, joann and mary lou off to try out one of the mall of america's rides, great practice
7:44 am
for the roller coaster of emotions that they're about to experience. >> look at this. i got $65,466.85 for you. whoo-hoo! >> reporter: how can $65,000 be bittersweet? it was left to them by their parents when they died. >> even after all these years. >> that's right. >> they're still taking care of us. >> reporter: their mom always wanted to go to italy, but didn't make it. so they plan to use the money to travel there in her honor. the entire extended family approves. whoo-hoo! the show me the money mobile strikes again. we gave back more than $87,500 in minnesota. so the next time you go to the mall, you never know, maybe instead of spending money, you'll be getting money. for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, bloomington, minnesota. >> all: show me the money. >> wow, the tish family, $65,000. they're going to go now to italy or maybe they can buy six coffeemakers. >> i can't talk.
7:45 am
i'm searching my money. >> dan trying to find his money now too. if you want to find any unclaimed money of your own, check out and make sure it's dot org as the website actually charges you money. >> looks like i might have found something here. i'll tell you about it after the break. keep it here on "good morning america." after the break, the world's best cup of coffee or so they say brought to you by the geniuses from apple, nasa and mit. the taste test coming up on "gma" this sunday morning. keep it here. when it comes to toilet paper,
7:46 am
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♪ we're back now with the most ridiculously priced coffeemaker in the history of the planet. it's called -- what is it called again? >> our production model is the blossom one limited. >> the blossom one limited. this is justin campbell, an
7:50 am
mit grad. >> that's correct. >> who worked on the ipad at apple. what provoked you to build this thing? >> well, i was drinking a lot of coffee in college and i noticed that the flavors were always different because of the temperature that i was brewing my coffee at would change the flavor. when i got that cup of coffee that tasted just right, that was the best way to start my day. >> so where does this $11,000 figure come in? >> well, we're focused on restaurants and cafes so that's actually sort of in the price range that these places pay for high-end koch if i equipment. >> all right, we should try it. ron claiborne is the aficionado. let's see it. >> i tasted it a little bit earlier. real quick. >> it's really good. that is really good. so what makes it so good? what is it about this machine that makes the coffee terrific? >> we measure the temperature of the coffee while it's brewing, and by doing that, it allows us to maintain that perfect temperature in the brewing process which makes a huge impact on flavor. >> all right. so if you've got 11k sitting around, if elisabeth leamy finds you some money, you know when to invest it in.
7:51 am
justin, thank you very much for coming in. great coffee. >> and you don't even drink coffee. >> i know. i don't even drink coffee. but, anyway, we appreciate you coming in. we'll be right back in just a moment. >> thank you. ♪ ight back in just a moment. >> thank you. ♪ [ female announcer ] style is long lasting when hair is nourished
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by ore-ida where just 120 calories a serving. all right, we're congregated around the coffee machine that costs as much as a car because not only are we fans of coffee here because we work in the morning, but we also want to do a special salute to a very special colleague who is leaving us today. his name is matt frucci, and he's been the senior producer in charge of this broadcast for more than two years during which -- there he is. look at that handsome guy. look at that handsome guy. i was going to say, during the past two years, he has made this broadcast a very, very successful one and a very fun place to be, and we're going to miss you dearly, matt. we want to bring in ginger, who also wants to say something.
7:56 am
>> yeah, matt, i just have to say thank you for supporting me and letting me jump off of mountains. >> you have been the backbone of the show, matt, and for that we got you the world's most expensive coffeemaker. just kidding. we got you the world's most expensive coffeemaker. just kidding.
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