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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. two major headaches for commuters. >> new accident on westbound 580 just in. sue is live in the traffic center with the latest. major bart delays. there is a stalled maintenance
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vehicle on the tracks between macarthur station and 19th in oakland that is still there. trains are single tracking very slow system wide delays of an hour now for bart. if you are trying to get to san francisco, give yourself plenty of extra time. you may want to drive this morning. to add insult to injury, from the dublin pleasanton area at the 680 junction there's an accident blocking lane two, slowing traffic as i head from livermore we'll be following that. -- if you are headed out now, drive times from the altamont pass and also 880 towards the maze and your carquinez bridge to the maze commute. here's lisa with the forecast. good morning. partly cloudy to cloudy skies around the bay. the onshore flow and clouds temperatures are mild to start -- at the coast near 60 sun
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not coming up for another hour by noontime, try to see a little sun upper 50s to low 60s by 4:00, onshore flow continues and we'll look for more cooling with temperatures dropping into the 50s around the bay, starting out with partly cloudy to mild conditions upper 50s mid to upper 60s to low 70's for afternoon highs inland valleys we have clouds and we'll look for 70s by noontime near 80 by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. then you too will look for more in the way of low clouds and fog overnight tonight. developing news from vallejo. police are still trying to figure out why a man would have killed two of his neighbors. police say a 65-year-old man shot and killed two of his neighbors after 6:00 yesterday evening. the victims in their 50s suspect was taken into custody after a 45 minute standoff with officers in which negotiators were used. >> violent night in san jose.
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police investigating two homicides that happened in a matter of hours. latest incident shortly after midnight, live look at the scene in east san jose. all police vehicles still there. they say several people were standing in front of a house when someone approached them, shot one of the men and ran. the victim died at the scene. investigators believe the shooting was gang-related. earlier, a fight broke out in the downtown area of the 100 block of south second street. officers found a man on the ground not breathing pronounced dead at the hospital no word how he died or if there are suspects. mitt romney and president obama are back out on the campaign trail already this morning after last night's debate. strong showing by romney who criticized the president on the economy. the pair also brought the
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sluggish economy with romney promising to close tax loopholes and limit deductions. mr. obama says that plan will hurt the struggling middle class. >> the president: it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. the it is math, arithmetic. >> pundits this morning are saying romney's aggressive perform was what he needed. >> -- performance was what he needed. a poll conducted last night immediately after the debate found 67% of registered voters went for mitt romney. 25% went for president obama. cnn conducted the poll with 430 americans. next debate takes play week from today in kentucky when vice president biden and congressman ryan face off. abc 7 will air that debate
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live. stock market opens up in less than 30 minutes. this morning investors will be keeping a close eye on helmand province, -- on hp, stock closed down 8% after whitman said expect lower revenue and proves until at least 2016. coming up we go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange to find out how hp stock is doing this morning. this morning mark zuckerberg is announcing one billion people are now using facebook actively, each month. the announcement if the way of a thank you note he sent out this morning that reads in part: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you. helping a billion├│j people connect is amazing hum leng and by far the thing i am most proud of in my life. facebook went public in may, $38, now trading at about $22. at 3:00 on katie the woman
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behind facebook sits down for a one-on-one interview chief operating identify sheryl sandberg opens up to katie today at 3:00 followed by abc7 news at 4:00. new development in the breaking traffic news we've been following for you all morning. major bart delays folks from the east bay trying to get into san francisco. >> that's not all. >> sue is in the traffic center. new information on the tracks. stalled maintenance vehicle has been cleared off the track between macarthur and 19th in oakland. right now we are experiencing residual delays up to an hour system wide with bart. you may want to make alternate plans. we've go a serious accident west 580 at 680 approaching dublin interchange lane three there, three-car crash. in san jose, accident north 101 old oakland road slowing things headed northbound you might want to take highway 87
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for an alternate there. bart experiencing one hour delays, system wide. we'll be checking the bay bridge toll for you and your bay bridge and san mateo bridge commute in our next report. good morning. partly cloudy do mostly cloudy skies as you head out this morning many temperatures aren't too tough to take, we experienced the cool down yesterday, this morning the onshore flow modestly, it will ram up this afternoon because of a sist-- ramp up this afternoon because of a system offshore it will be with us today, and the weekend that will keep temperatures in a more narrow range, 60s and 70s. right now we stay at 60 half moon bay, san rafael, napa and we dropped a few degrees in fremont, overall, not a bad start with mild
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numbers four or five degrees as you head out, you hey not need the jacket now, later this afternoon, -- this will be the familiar theme with temperatures cooler than we were yesterday, grab the jacket it will be sunny, numbers in the low 60s in the city upper 60s oakland, 74 palo alto, 79 in livermore today, gilroy 74. and we are looking at the numbers to feel more like autumn today the warmest day of the next seven numbers cooling further into tomorrow the first portion of the workweek blue angels and america's cup with a good breeze along the bay. still ahead, building catches on fire and a family is trapped inside. the new video showing their daring escape from their third story apartment to get away. first, moving is going green. michael finney takes a look at the new business letting
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customers make packing eco-friendly.
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12 after 6:00 looking at a live picture of the bay bridge there's some trouble there in the east bay in morning there i was bart maintenance vehicle got stuck on the tracks there in oakland. it is now cleared. but the residual affects continue. we are hearing bart delays of about 40, 45 minutes in the
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east bay keep in mind as you go through your commute if you want to call the boss say you will be a little late, we'll back you up there was a delay. new this morning, toys "r" us is getting into the video streaming business. the starting today the chain is launching new digital says that will offer 4,000 movies and tv shows all family-friendly and suited to children. customers pay per rental or download. 36 million americans move every year, including 1 1/2 million in the bay area that's a lot of cardboard boxes. michael finney tells us there is a new greene all turny. >> reporter: good morning innovative entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to the cardboard box reusable plastic boxes. moved from san francisco to marin while researching the
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cost of cardboard books boxes, pack caging material and impact to the environment he she was certain there had to be a better way. a co-worker suggested she tried zipco the company drops off and picks up plastic reusable moving boxes instead of all this material we had to take and dispose of, a gentleman came this morning, picked up my plastic boxes. >> reporter: two years ago they launched the company with both the environment and cost savings in mind. >> each person on average uses between 60 and 75 boxes a lot of waste that going tone up in the landfill. >> reporter: the becomes can be reused up to 500 times. zipco box costs three bucks cardboard in the two to three dollar range. one zipco box holds 30 to 40% more than the same sized
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cardboard box. hillary thinks she saved $40 to $50. the savings come in different ways. >> they are going to save on the boxes them says, not having to get tape and the move time, it is faster you are paying the movers less time. >> reporter: a large moving company is considering making a change to plastic boxes. >> plastic containers have tremendous potential to help improve the moving process itch >> reporter: hillary's movers were happy when they awried to find her house packed and easilyly stackable boxes. >> movers save an hour to hour and a half. >> reporter: with movers charging up to $200 per hour that cost savings can add up fast. zipco says customers save 25 to 50% on the total cost of the move all boxes made from 100% recyclable plastic. at the end of their life here it gets ground down and remade
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back into boxes. go to for a list of companies in the bay area that offer reusable plastic boxes. i'm michael finney. new bart update. looks like the situation is improving after that earlier stall on the tracks. >> let's check in with sue. that is the good news. we have that train pardon me maintenance vehicle off the track things are starting to up prove, an to 20 -- starting to improve. anywhere from 5 to 20 minute delay. dublin pleasanton interchange accident blocking lane two slow out of live more typically slow from the central valley north 101 old oakland road accident lane two, 87 alternate. headed out, drive times now, 580, 880, through the oakland
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area, east shore freeway commute. ly look at pardon me this is america's cup coming to san francisco we've got so many activities with fleet week and america's cup ongoing mass transit would be your best coming into san francisco muni adding extra trains, buses as well and we've go a live look at the bay bridge traffic sluggish coming into san francisco behind the tolls, metering lights on, we will be seeing extra folks coming in due to the bart delay that is improving. a look at the waze app traveling from highway 4 westbound slow this is a free app to help you get around some of these jams. download it at especially with this bart delay you want to check on the roads that you would thunderstormly not drive. good morning. -- here's a look outside, still nice and dark, 7:09 official sunrise, sets 6:47, 11 hours and 38 minutes of
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daylight and we are looking at low clouds and fog of course making a comeback in morning. partly cloudly to mostly cloudy except san jose and livermore. live doppler, we are looking at clouds around the bay, that going to provide a grey start for most of you. that will mean the numbers are coming down. that will aid to the cooling many onshore flow getting ramped up this afternoon. temperatures are in a narrow range mild from the coast san rafael 60┬░ as well as napa, stratus right now wrapping around the bay continue to fill in and so we'll see clearing later on in the morning towards the afternoon still numbers cooler than yesterday except at our coast, a few anomalies with warmer temperatures around napa in morning as well as half moon bay. overall, we are looking at that onshore flow continuing up to 20 miles an hour, that sea breeze providing
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temperatures only in the 60s today. it will be chilly at our coast elsewhere we'll see overall general cooler pattern for the weekend into next week, even giving us perhaps a 10th of an inch of rain from this area of low pressure not until after the weekend brings cooling today, stays offshore the cloud cover will stay with us throughout the morning hours and then we'll look for that afternoon sunshine. right on through the next several days it influences our weather with monday perhaps bringing showers. if you are headed to the waterfront, temperatures today in the low 60s, breezy winds partly cloudy skies if you are looking at america's cup today, bring the jacket, it will be blustery from time to time. we are talking about numbers back home in the 70s today in the sit bay, this is where we should be for this time of year 70 san mateo, 59 with plenty of clouds and peeks of sun in the afternoon at our coast sexy three downtown
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north bay low 70s in novato near east bay upper 60s berkeley with 69 in oakland 73 in fremont inland all we can manage 77 in pittsburg, 79 livermore, 61 carmel, 74 gilroy today the warmest out of the next seven. 6:20. sesame street guess political. how big bird is stirring up social media >> the family jumping from a third floor window to escape a fire.
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:24. live picture of the golden gate and toll plaza overcast at the golden gate bridge i'm told my lisa argen mostly cloudy throughout the date. you move inland you can get your sunshine and 70s might even get 80s if you go far enough. >> that's the beauty of the bay area, variety. at the debate mitt romney struck a nerve with social media when he said he would eliminate the subsidy for the public broadcast system. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs, i like pbs, i love big bird. >> someone started a fire big bird twitter account, i like this: the account has more than 25,000 followers.
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someone started a facebook page called big bird for president. new jersey mother and her five children are okay this morning after jumping from their third story apartment to escape a fire all caught on camera happening yesterday morning in newark, camera caught the family jumping to the ground you can see one by one as they came down. youngest child 6-years-old. mother and some of the children suffered minor injuries. they are expected to be fine. firefighters say a candle likely started that fire. still ahead, it has got to be the cinderella story a's took home the al west championship. first, and new, overnight violence in san jose shooting now under investigation. no airport delays this morning, low clouds, fog, it
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is mild upper 50s to 60s. onshore flow will keep cooler air headed our way or only 82 today in sacramento, you know it is going to be a cool day right now winds gusty delta around 33 miles an hour back home low 60s in the city upper 60s across the bay in oakland with 77 in san jose, east to the caldecott tunnel not even at 80 today many it will take time for the sun to burn back the fog once we do, we'll see 76 in concord, 79 in livermore you have to go way north to get into 80s, clear lake and ukiah we don't have many 80s in the seven-day out look that is coming up later. sue hall with a live look at the toll plaza heading into san francisco metering lights on. still with system wide bart delay of to 20 minutes due to an earlier -- delay of 5 to 20 minutes due to an earlier
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on their own are amazing, but press out some biscuit dough, add some sauce and some pepperoni and cheese and monday's dinner is now a grands mini pizza party. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. good thursday morning october 4th. live look outside this is san francisco looking from the embarcadero at the bay bridge
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we have clouds, the marine layer is back. the heatwave is over. you can say good-bye to that. >> still a nice day. >> it is. going to talk more about that. i'm kristen sze. right now big traffic issues. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. we have team coverage on this mess in the east bay. thank you. it is improving just getting word now earlier bart problem with stalled maintenance vehicle between macarthur and 19th now off the tracks, it is 5 to 15 minute delays now better than what you see here. elsewhere around the bay, accident west 580 at 680 cleared to the shoulder slow from central valley to the dublin interchange, 30 minute ride. in san jose north 101 at old oakland road accident has thing back to tully lane number three. more on that bart situation, we are going to go live to amy
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hollyfield, she is at the north berkeley bart station. how are things going now? >> reporter: good morning. commuters 10 to be a sleepy routine focused crowd. a lot of people here when i asked them about it, starred at me, weren't sure what i was talking about. they got here at their usual time, didn't plan around this. weren't even sure this was going on until i told them about it. the platform is quiet, not a huge crowd of a back-up looks like a train just passed through. the impact here north berkeley bart station is pretty minimal. i spoke with the bart official who told me what happened overnight when the trains aren't running they do routine maintenance work, one of the trucks stalled on the tracks that of course caused a back-up the train couldn't get through they moved it to the side the train is still going slowly through that area and
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he described it as if you are on the highway and see a car on the shoulder, you slow just in case many same situation here. that's why there is so little of a back-up, 5 -- 5 to 15 minutes it is i am improving many judging by the people who are just trying to get through the morning it doesn't seem to be too upsetting. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning, violent night in san jose police investigating two homicides that happened in a matter of hours the latest shortly after midnight in east san jose. police say several people were standing in front of a house someone approached, shot one of the men and ran. the victim died at the scene. investigators believe the shooting was gang-related. about 8:30 a fight broke out downtown 100 block of south second street. otherwise found a man on the ground, he was taken to a
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hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on how the man died or if there are suspects. san jose police investigating officer involved shooting along the caltrain tracks this happened during the commute rushing 5:30 last night when authorities tried to convince an aggravated man to get often tracks itch police say a san mateo deputy shot the 29-year-old man when he displayed threatening bayior. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. back on the campaign trail for mitt romney and . this morning after last night's first debate in den it was a strong showing from romney who went on the offensive criticizing the president's spending record. >> you have been president for four years you said you would cut the deficit in half, four years later we still have trillion dollar deficit. if you are reelected we'll get to a trillion dollar debt. >> romney tacked the president saying he spent most of -- attacked the president saying he spent most of his energy
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pushing through health care instead of focusing on job creation. >> the president: at some point i think the american people have to ask is the reason governor romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret, because they are too good? is it because that somehow middle class families are going to benefit too much from them? >> pundits are saying no knock-out punch by either. they are saying romney's aggressive performance was what he needed for his campaign. next debate in kentucky a week from today biden against ryan. the san francisco archdiocese will install a new archbishop at a special mass this afternoon. two thousand people are expected to watch cordileone become the city's 9th archbishop he was appointed in july to replace retiring ash
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bishop -- archbishop george niederauer. cordileone is a staunch supporter of ban on same-sex marriage. later this morning, protest held against google over its decision not to remove anti-islamic video made by a southern california film maker that sparked violence in several countries. organizers of the protest are meeting at 10:00 they want the video taken off youtube google has refused saying captain is not in the business of censorship even though it was taken down in some countries. a's preparing for post-season they will enter playoffs saturday at the american league -- as the american league western division champions. they celebrated with champagne. i'm sure plenty of pies too after the team swept the rangers to win the division
6:37 am
title on the final day of the regular season. it is fantastic, unbelievable. coming for 20 years this is so great. >> been waiting for the a tess to get back to the championship we are going to do it this year. certainly an improbable season for the a's climbing back from 13 games back of first place three months ago to end up on top. the math almost impossible, almost. >> nothing is impossible with this team apparently. >> nothing is impossible with sue hall catching that foul ball at the game yesterday many >> i heard it was one-hand grab and she dove into$#$;# thet dog vendor and we are standing on that story as we go along. relief is here weather-wise. good morning.
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starting out with live doppler 7 hd, mostly cloudy around the bay except san jose and live more this morning. we are looking at a mild start, upper 50s here's a look at our water have a more image this first system will begin to affect us today, tomorrow and throughout weekend. onshore flow merchandise right, there's fog, 15 foot ma -- moderate, there's fog, 1500 foot marine layer will deepen, 60 at half moon bay temperatures cooler, but we have a few anomalies from half moon bay to napa where it is warmer by the afternoon 63 in the city, 69 oakland, average into the santa clara valley, 77 there, 79 livermore, sunny, pretty grey at our coast partly cloudy in the city, 71 santa rosa, monterey bay cloudy now 67 in
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santa cruz, 75 in hollister and the look ahead, maybe an 80 towards brentwood. by tomorrow, still temperatures coming down a few degrees, blue angels over the weekend we'll have sunshine, but onshore flow and temperatures feeling more like october. still got system wide delays with bart due to earlier problem between the macarthur and 19th street station with stalled maintenance vehicle. 5 to 15 minute delays system wide as they are recovering that is beginning to improve significantly. westbound 580 at 680 earlier accident off to the shoulder, very, very slow out of the central valley, reporting road sensors, 30 minute delays towards the dublin pleasanton interchange slow north 101 old oakland back to tully due to accident lane three, slow traffic highway 87 would be your alternate here. new problem south 880 at llewellyn just getting word of another accident south 880 at
6:40 am
92, there goes your nimitz commute through hayward. look at the waze app this morning, i'm showing you the 680 corridor between walnut creek and the 24 interchange, you can see very, very, abc 7 waze traffic spotters, very heavy towards highway 24 no major stalls or accidents. if you would like to download this waze app to get around traffic especially with all the events happening with fleet week and the america's cup, you want this free app, trading is underway on wall street. >> hp shares will be in the spotlight today after ceo meg kwheut man's comments to not expect profits any time soon. we'll have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. big board dow up 36 points. first, attacked on the subway.
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the woman thrown against a wall by a man over an i am phone. clinic at the center of a health scare.
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good morning. i'm hrar in for mike nicco. starting out mild upper 50s
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and 60s now well into the sacramento valley to experience 80s today, temperatures in a mar narrow range, low 90s fresno, upper 70s in los angeles. pretty nice day, what you see you have to get used to for the next several days much of our weather unchanged with marine layer coming back into play. what would you do with $49,000? win big with abc7 and find out we are giving away $49,000 all of our facebook fans are eligible. go to facebook page and then you just click on the $49,000 button and that will take out to page where you fill out the entry winter we announce the winner after october 18th, after the 49ers game. we can't win but someone is going to win. >> how much was it again?
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>> $49,000. >> just wanted to make sure. someone else who can win but always such a good sport is josh elliot who joins us with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning josh. i feel like a winner in my heart. i'm a winner in spirit. >> aw work! >> $49,000 witcher in spirit, every morning i join you guys. i will not be -- i will not be $49,000 richer for real, i want you to know it is cold comfort coming from the bay area today. also of all the teams to end my dodger season giants you had to do it to me giants, really? [ talking over each other ] >> we are all impressed with the giants good luck in october, send me a postcard.
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i've moved on! i've totally lost it now what are we talking about? not $49,000, definitely not the -- >> i just remembered, event last night in denver apparently that is making news this morning. the debate between the president and mitt romney we'll have all the analysis today. of course from our team on the ground and our political panel here in the studio, we are asking perhaps the biggest of the big questions. what does last night mean for both men going forward? instant polls suggesting mitt romney scored a big win we'll be breaking down those numbers. this is something that is now new to this age, technological age watching with the debate laptops, more than 10 million real-time responses on everything from medicare to
6:48 am
the big yellow fellow on sesame street we'll break down the numbers and see the impact social media might have on they election moving . we are joined by jon stewart daily show host facing his own big showdown with bill o'reilly. they've dubbed it the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. he joins us live in the studio this morning to discuss it. he's fantastic. also, i will stay, and i'm ending this on a note of total uplift, sam and i had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to spend the afternoon with our dear friend and colleague robin roberts. i want to tell you the spirit and the fight is there. we're gonna show you some photos we got to take with her and we'll tell you with the time we spent with her what a day it was to see robin again, i can tell, she would love this tease because all we did for two hours is laugh. that's all we did. all coming next on
6:49 am
"good morning america". >> great. next to hear that we captain wait go the update on robin thanks josh. >> josh give her our best. >> you bet. police in new york city searching for a man accused of violently tacking a woman because he wanted her iphone it happened monday inside a subbay station police say the man demanded the iphone from the woman and she said no he threw her against the wall until she fell to the floor he took off no word on the woman's condition. epidural steroid shots used to treat back pain are blamed for sickening dozens with fungal meningitis, four have died recall in place cases reported in virginia, maryland, florida and north carolina. as many as 700 people could be infected, 18 infections happened at one clinic in nashville. the cases can be traced to shots from a pharmacy in massachusetts. facebook seeking face time in its latest effort to impress investors.
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>> we check in with jane king with that and hp investors packing it in jane? yeah, i was a rough day for hp shareholders yesterday. today things not much better after sinking yesterday, shares this morning up a little this is the broader markets turn higher, still near a 10 year low negativity about the company's turn around plans still out there. meg whitman gave analysts full day presentation and said 2013 prove could woman in weaker than expected. chip maker cutting 1300 positions blaming sluggish demand for pc's and tools used to make them shares of the company so far this morning are down slightly. markets are a little high, quiet, big monthly jobs report tomorrow maybe a quiet dave trade ago -- a yet day of trading ahead.
6:51 am
-- facebook out there commemorating getting a billion users. putting out a promotional video shot by academy award winning mexican director featuring peep around the world facebook plans to make versions in 12 languages. check out the video on zuckerberg's feed facebook shares now around $22. still down more than 41% since may ipo long way to go to impress investor. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. the summer has ended its curtain call we are moving on to the next season. >> you knew it was coming right and you felt it yesterday. this morning not bad upper nice to 60s sun from our roof camera, fog wrapping around the bay as you head out, onshore flow is mod reurbgts live doppler 7 hd -- continuing throughout the afternoon that manns -- that
6:52 am
means we will have that sea breeze heading out you need light jacket it will take a little time to clear today, numbers mild, not too hard to take after our big cool down yesterday afternoon, 58 by the dell dark breezy southwest winds to 30 lighter winds 59 redwood city 60 at our coast we are looking at warmer numbers here, cooler numbers into our east bay valleys where it took a while to transport cooler marine air and today with the sit west wind complements of a growing and taller marine layer cooler throughout the bay area, keep this forecast the end of the workweek into the weekend. system offshore allowing for wind shift and return to the marine layer cooler pattern sets that up little low heads our way monday maybe bringing showers to the north bay. for today, 63 in the city 69 oakland 70s san mateo 76 concord 79 livermore upper 70s
6:53 am
where you should be down around san jose, for this afternoon. monterey cloudy now much of the central coast more low clouds by the afternoon, 74 in gilroy what a look ahead today, maybe 80 towards brentwood and antioch then the numbers continue to come down for the america's cup today, low 60s, blue angels over the weekend looking cooler, but seasonal. we go to the san mateo bridge live again parpd my voice good time at the coliseum and it is getting slow san mateo bridge westbound a few brake lights towards the highrise eastbound moving nicely towards hayward, possibly extra traffic due to bart delay update that in a minority 85 through san jose past hp pavillion traveling light right now smoothly
6:54 am
towards the 101 junction on 101 we have an accident there we'll update bart, 5 to 15 minute delays now earlier stall maintenance vehicle on the tracks that has been long gone off the tracks the residual system wide delays remain. west 580 slow out of central valley due to earlier accident dublin pleasanton interchange. accident north 101 old oakland road still blocking lane slow from before tully and highway 87 would be your alternate. as we get ready to hand off to good ma here are five things to know before you go: number one, bart recovering from major system wide delays after a maintenance vehicle became stuck on the tracks between macarthur and 19th street stations in oakland. things are improving. >> number two, san jose police
6:55 am
investigating the deaths of two men overnight man shot on -- midnight three hours before another man died following a fight no word on the cause of his death or suspects in either case. >> number three, vallejo police investigators will try to determine why a man killed his two neighbors yesterday allegedly police arrested a 65-year-old man after a brief standoff in a quiet neighborhood. number four, as we heard from jane king, facebook shares are creeping higher now following a major announcement this morning, mark zuckerberg said one billion use facebook actively each month he thanked users and rean his company's commitment towards connecting them digitally. >> number five, a's preparing for post-season first game detroit saturday american league western division champs swept the rangers yesterday. giants host reds in playoff action saturday night 6:30.
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>> it is cooler, right now a little mild across the bay upper 50s and 60 not talking low fives or upper 40s by the afternoon, everyone coming down with low 60s at our coast around the bay upper 60s to low 70s becoming sunny we'll hold on to those clouds or a while talking mid 70s to near 80 that should do it for our inland valleys, if you like this kind of weather, good because it is going to stick around not only tomorrow but for the weekend as well. big a's participant that is you sue. it was a fun time, congratulations to the a's. right now we've got bay bridge back-up beyond west grand over crossing metering lights on. earlier stall at s-curve that may be the reason. extra folks getting on the road due to the bart delay 5 to 15 minutes system wide due
6:57 am
to earlier problems. accident for you south 880 at 92 very slow on the nimitz into the hayward area. there's tkhaoeuf times. >> congratulations on catching the foul ball yesterday. >> history baby! >> that's it for us on this edition of abc7 morning news. don't forget to download our --
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