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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> wayne freedmanman is live with more on this off again, on again rain. wayne? >> the key word is pockets of heavy rain well. saw pockets of heavy rain every time we've tried to get out of the truck, the pockets kept moving. if there were bad impacts from the rain we'd see it here on lucky drive. this is traffic moving smoothly. it's been an inconvenience, let's begin in union square. you'd hope to raise macy's christmas tree into a bright blue sky. bystanders got this. the rain had little affect on ice skaters however, nothing like getting a jump start on the holidays. the rest of us, koit have been a lot worse, unless we failed
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-- umbrellas. lesson learned there. now, san rafael, fourth street. people who may have had the worst of it would have been those who had to work on it. there is a beer delivery man. he's thinking fondly. >> he went all summer, didn't have to deal with rain. what memories are flashing back now? >> all of the times i was sweating. now, i'm just dripping wet. >> like marin county dripping and then, dried. it's typical today. in fact in marin county, where skies you now blou at the moment, one of the only places we've seen it affected by weather was a car wash crossing early with only four people working that declared
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half price day. one woman came to get the interior of her car washed not outside. the ground is dry. there are pockets of water on the ground. it's not as severe as we've expected it to be. >> 19 more bay area volunteers being sent into the expect. >> crews working now to restore power following the storm. thisi&
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after 1600 flights out of the northeast were grounded.! and gas rationing is in effect in parts of new york and officials declared an odd, even system meaning car was plates ending in odd numbers can gas up on friday, alternating day was even number plates beginning on saturday the gas rationing is expected to last a couple weeks. >> walnut creek police are investigating kind of a scary crime. a woman says two men kidnapped her from a parking lot. >> she says they drove her around various atms before letting her go near hiller drive. >> abc 7 news is live with the story. >> right. the 57-year-old woman was leaving work around 7:30 last
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night. she was assaulted in a parking lot here somewhere in 300 block of north wingett lane. there are a number of businesses in the area, you can see from the video including kaiser, pg&e and dell monty. she was unlocking the car when two men ran up to her. >> she's confronted by two men that accosted her. blind folded her, bound and gagged herks put her in the back of her own car. >> police say the two men drove the woman around to various atms and made her withdraw an undisclosed amount of money. police say they're looking at video from banks and obtaining other surveillance video from the area. we did notice four outdoor cameras on one of the buildings here, located on
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north wiggen. the police say the suspects dumped the woman and car on hiller avenue. it's near highway 24 around 11:00. at this point she managed to get free and call police. he did have minor physical injuries but was quite shaken up by this three and a half hour ordeal. police say an older, small pick up perhaps a toyota was w.a loud mufflereler was seen leaving that area, they're looking for that, and looking at vurz video. and trying to obtain more video to, and evidence in, actually the victims' cars to try to identify the suspect involved in this very frightening crime. wa, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a 19-year-old daily city
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vandalism and arson. >> he faces two felony counts, hudson being held on $40,000 bail, due back in court november 26th ooj police say a 37-year-old man injured during a world series celebration died of head trauma. shown here from sky 7 he died two days later. before losing consciousness, he told his roommate he was beaten by four men with a pipe. police say it's likely he was injured accidentally. >> right now, s.w.a.t. teams in mountain view are wrapping up a search of two apartment buildings where police say drugs were being manufactured and sold. officers raided two housing units on bush street around noon. they arrested two people and detained three hours. police say this could be the first lab bust ever here in
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the bay area. >> darnel keith washington is facing charges including robbery, burglary and car jacking. police say he and his wife murdered the 55-year-old suzy ko in her home last month, then stole her car. weeks before the two were arrested in washington state. >> san jose police made a discovery during a traffic stop. officers arrested this man after pulling over a vehicle last night on first street. they stopped him on suspension spigs of drunk driving and officers found a life pipe bomb. a bomb squad detonated that device. mcgill being held on dui and drug offenses. >> menlo park based facebook is paying millions of dollars to neighboring cities as it generates more traffic. >> this is a story developed by california watch, a
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nonprofit that is a project of the center for investigative journalism. >> happening now, i'm david louie on the border. facebook new campus right down the street. but as they continue to expand, it's going to have a tremendous impact on on the traffic. facebook facing potential litigation from neighboring cities. east palo alto received $650,000 from facebook. lion's share, a half million will be earmarked for traffic onc)u$ç university avenue. 150,000 will go towards bike paths. >> this is like a loopfgá so bicycles can take turns at intersections that will be doing improvements for safety. so those are things that really help. and $150,000 will go a long way. >> the town off[!÷ atherton is getting $350,000 because visitors will use streets lined with upscale homes.
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>> yes. yes. no matter what.. >> facebook neighbors are resigned for more traffic. some mb will be used for affordable housing in east palo alto. >> the bay area newest shopping mall opened in livermore, can you believe this traffic back up? >> ift9avñ this sky 7 was overh. is long lines earlier today on the interstate. parking lots were full. >> yes. police are warning shoppers to be wary of heavy traffic throughout the weekend. there will be extra staff working to keep traffic flowing. >> abc 7 news has more on today's grand opening. >> die hard bargain hunters opening of a mall is a lot to celebrate. economists, city leaders and job seekers say there is more to celebrate than just shopping.
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>> first outlet center since twunment it's one of five in the whole united states open this year. >> some say the opening is more concrete evidence the economy is bumming -- coming back ask can support a new, huge mall. take a look at the line in starbucks. one hour before malls opened. >> you've got a brand new store in the bay area, we flif tracey and don't have things close by. we've been waiting for this mall to open up. >> it's predictions are that traffic will be clogged throughout the grand opening weekend. executives made plans to try and accommodate the crowds. >> we keep this thing flowing as best we can and allow it to minimize the affect. >> the mall has 130 stores and restaurants, big brand names you're likely familiar with.
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we did find one business among all of the big names. the owner of the company is excited and nervous about the number of shoppers here in the big league. >> we're going to do the best we can and it's going to be a learning exkbreerns for us. >> deals here are good. i've seen 50 and 60% off. one insider tells me some stores will probably take a loss to get attention and excitement here in this mall. j!q"p)e are serious shoppers here. amy hollyfield abc 7 news. >> be honest. would you rather be at the mall? standing next to me? >> tough question. that mall is open at midnight, boy be there after work last night. >> okay. staying with the theme, black friday arriving earlier this year.
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>> what twitter is apologizing today after it made a mistake during a routine checkup. >> and abc 7 news raising awareness of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and how you can save a live. >> taking a look at traffic now on the skyways. busy just very slow going. whether trying to make your way south on the righthand side of the screen or east bay across the bay bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues
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500 people at the embassy suites hotel had to be evacuated this morning after a boiler started leaking carbon monoxide. the hotel became aware of the problem after a guest went to the hospital for poisoning. firefighters gave the all clear around 5:00 this morning. today is the start of our campaign, operation save a live to raise wareness about carbon monoxide smoke alarms. abc 7 fire departments coming together to prevent casualties
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from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. the goal to increase the number of alarms in homes carbon monoxide alarms, rather. home depot donating 3,000 to help jeernsyjoa6 and anyone whos not afford one. >> maybe smoke detectors, alarms, early notification is paramount providing passengers to the fire department and citizens. >> and for tips check out operation save a live on our web site abc 7 >> twitter says it reset the pass words of some)x ut userscpñ during a routine check today. a mix up triggered warnings on blogs and tweets maybe the site had been attacked by hackers. twitter tried to sort out confusion and follow up e mails. twitter says a small percentage of the 140 million users had accounts
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compromised. >> earnings from disney and groupon to tell you about and which company gets acquired kayak. >> cory johnson joins us on today's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> some bright spots and trouble spots for disney. revenue rose 3% to $10.8 billion. in that quarter, revenue fell and not what they're hoping for. revenue fell to the big cable and theme park businesses who are strong. we just had ceo on bloomberg west. he seems confident in the outlook. take a listen. >> trends we're seeing are g we're seeing a marketplace that we can say we feel good about. and... as we look into fiscal 2013 our company is in, we think we're going to deliver a
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solid year. >> none theless shares falling in after hours trading. also things looking grim for groupon. demand for the coupeon is declining. the company reported earnings and revenue rose by 32% year over year. but growth revenues down 5% for the second quarter in a row. groupon shares lost 80% of the value. since ipo over a year ago. groupon cut nearly a thousand jobs in 13 weeks in the quarter just reported. price line news broke today. the pc industry is slowing. a company posting growth and shipments grew by 10% and this is zynga giving new insight
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into the mobile plans. there is a steep learning curve in the shift to mobile. he says every new game will have elements. as for markets they delivered more losses today. concern about bailout funds for greece. your bloomberg silicon valley :?g lower, apple, cisco, google dragging the index down. walmart opened doors for black friday deals. they'll be able to get prices later so the store sells out, they'll f.they're in, they'll get that deal. back to you. >> you'll be there. >> yes. it's a sale, yes. >> rain has been moving in and
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out. >> a little bit of everything. breaks, sunny skies here and there. some showers. locally brief down pours. more on the way. here is a live view looking at very interesting sky with clouds in the atmosphere, you can see nice breaks of blue up there. we do have breaks of sunshine in the north bay. most of our participation at the moment. there is more wet weather on the way. mid-50s in oakland and redwood city. 55 in san jose. forecast few tours we'll see scattered showers tonight and throughout the day friday. but also, more breaks of sunshine tomorrow. small hail, thunder possible. as this cold unstable air moves over us. cold mornings sunday and
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monday. temperatures down at or below freezing in colder locations. in early morning hours. satellite shows another line showers passing throughout the bay area now. more pockets of showers behind it in this cold, unstable air mass this, is our weather maker for the next couple days. starting at 7:00 this evening, at which point we'll have what we've had now. scattered showers, more waves of showers coming through overnight. starting this rush hour, we'll see wet spots and dry spots. we'll see fewer areas of showers passing through. but still, we'll have scattered showers into the late afternoon and evening hours tomorrow and then, by saturday morning it should be winding down giving way to mainly sunny skies. cool conditions. in the sierra, a winter advisory in effect until tomorrow afternoon. ten itch inches of snow.
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chilly in the north bay valleys. lows drop into upper 30s. qk highs by reaching into upper 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. cold mornings sunday and monday. low temperatures dropping down to about freezing in colder locations. it was mainly dry and sunday is vetan's day. we observed it monday with government offices being closed. >> right. >> thank you. >> yes. >> still ahead dancing with the stars co-host brook burke makes a statement about her health. >> and pope benedict about to join masses in the world of social media. >> and taking a look at traffic no wait if you don't have fast track, it's easy going across the bay towards san francisco ask beyond now. ba..
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i had which it means i'm going to have a nice big scar right here across my neck. >> dancing with the stars co-hoflt anunsed today a video she will undergo thyroid surgery saying the cancer was discovered during a routine biopsy. burke adds she will make a positive out of this negative thing. the gland secrets hormones that affect development. >> and she'll be okay. >> yes. >> red carpet for uk finest and twilight fans gathered in los angeles. >> all of the details in today's
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entertainment report. >> we're four day from the big premier of twilight's final film "breaking down" part two. fans are camping out n a bit of green this morning thousands from across the world are calling downtown los angeles home this weekend. they're hoping to veefsh a view of the world's biggest trio. hollywood biggest stars hit the red carpet at pretenio awards to celebrate another year of film and stel tel vision. we caught wupt artist of the year, actor daniel craig. >> this is kind of overwhelming and just so-to-sort of being mentioned in the same name this evening is incredible. >> catch craig and james bond when the movie hits theaters tomorrow. >> in new york rihanna rocked the victoria's secret fashion
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show. other big artists took the stage, too. for more music, movie and tv news like us on facebook, or follow us on twitter. >> speaking of twitter... >> i miss that had. >> celebrities have won, we have won. and the president. >> yes. >> we're talking about twitter accounts. now, vatican says pope benedict will start tweeting from a personal account. >> the 85-year-old sent a tweet from an account last year. the new one will be his own. whether or not he sends 140 character mass messages himself. >> the pope writes in longhand, doesn't normally use a computer, he'll likely sign off on tweets in his name is what we're guessing anyway wex don't picture him working a black berry. >> well, why not? >> he's fond of longhand. >> i understand that. he can do it if he wants to. >> yes. for thofs us reading the
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script let's see what he tweets about. >> shifting gears, a message to a mass murderer. gabby giffords husband has strong words for the gunman who destroyed many lives in an arizona massacre. >> cooperation needed to keep american families from suffering more economic set backs. >> i'm michael finney. with an important warning about a popular childrens item.
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a dramatic courtroom confrontation today. a former arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords came face-to-face with the man who nearly two years ago. the shooter showed little reack as victims spoke directly to him. >> he was sentenced to life without parole. today her husband told him quote you changed her live and couldn't deny her spirit. more on the emotionald÷ statements made in court. >> former astronaut mark kelly spoke at the man who shot his wife, former congress woman gabrielle giffords who did not speak during the proceeding. you may have put a bullet in her head but not a dent in her spirit, kelly said.
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you tried to create i world as dark and evil as your own but know this and remember it always, you failed. it was a first time gabrielle giffords came face-to-face with the 24-year-old jared lee laugtner. his mother sat sobbing in the courtroom. i won't think of you again a shooting victim said, injured trying to help her 9-year-old neighbor. he will spend his life in jay without possibility of parole, he pleaded guilty to 19 federal charges as part of a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. the only time he spoke in the courtroom was when the judge asked if laugtner agreed not to comment. yes, sir. he responded. during a news conference after victims expressed their pain and talked about the importance of treating the mentally i'll people should have been alerted that he
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needed mental help treatment. hadj,;ñ this happened, the violt acts might never have taken place. >> this is sad. this is tragic. this young man was treatable. >> it's unclear if state prosecutors will try laugtner and seek the death penalty. he is being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. >> applause at the closing bell on wall street today and maybe they're just clapping because the session was over. investors got hammered once again today dow jones lost over 100 points bringing the tlos nearly 450 points. investors worried about europe's economy and a showdown over fiscal policy. the president will be making a statement today p tomorrow on the economy. >> the president back at work, facing another financial crisis. abc 7 news mark matthews is here with challenges over the fiscal cliff. mark?
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>> a fiscal cliff is what we could be facing in january. when the bush-era cuts expire and a series of deep spending cuts go into affect. economists say it could push the economy back into a recession. lawmaker intrnz putting off get past elections. now, that happened. congress fails to act by the end of the year, spending cuts and tax increases will kick in, costing average american household about 3700s oodz that would take so much demand out of the economy that we might find ourselves in another recession. >> the labor secretary says nobody wants that.]n'ytlñ our political analyst says there is no deal in the works. >> right now they're not prepared. there is no agreement on basic principals. all we know is that cuts are looming and that cuts across
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the board are looming. >> speaker of the house john boehner appeared to dig in his heels on the suggestion of tax increases.. >> raising taxes on small business people is the wrong prescription given wheream> democratic stlat gist and former clinton advisor. >> i do think they get paid on the clinton play book on this. >> saying president needs to sell voters on a vision of compromise. >> the president doesn't make the case. people are confused on it. the way health care should have played out that makes boehner's job easier. >> speaker of the house's conversation coming up in about an hour from now on abc world news. the first indepth interview since tuesday's election. >> thank you. >> in addition to promising to work with house and senate members the president reaching outç=tc to reassure foreign leaders of his continuing cooperation.
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swerls leaders of germany and other countries was also announced today the president will take a historic trip to cambodia and myanmar. >> the pentagon says an iranian military plane fired upon, but did not hit a u.s. drone aircraft in whatrrá1 officials say was international air space. theñ$er pentagon says waits goig 60 miles off the ire yawnin coast when hit. the u.s. told iran it will continue to conduct flights in international air space. >> big honor for billy deen thanks to success of his a's. >> what a stunning view from our east bay hills camera. we i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> not quite as gorgus of a site. this is with our emeryville
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camera, you can see it's slow going for drivers on the left side of the screen trying to make their way east right now. stay with us. abc 7 news continues right after this.
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oakland a's manager being
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rewarded for the team's emprobable run to the playoffs. he directed apsc7]]t overhaul before this past season trading away a lot of the best-known players for little-known prospect that ended up blossoming. winning 94 games capturing the tight yismt dean known for his unconventional style and approach portrayed by brad pitt in the movie "money ball" based on a book about the strategies in building a winner. >> let's get another check on the forecast right now. >> there is spencer christian. >> you'll be the judge. here is a time lapse view this afternoon from our east bay camera. looking at loudz and rain drops from here that you saw coming towards the camera lens. it's been a dreary looking day with breaks of sunshine. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see a wide, long path of showers reaching down through central and southern parts of the bay/>ms area. showers from fremont to half moon bay.
4:40 pm
from los gatos to santa cruz. some south of hollister. widely scattered showers with some brief locally heavy down pours. tomorrow, state wide snow continuing to small over the sierra. showers near coastal areas and reaching into southern california and we expect more showers here fpjqhe bay area. perhaps not quite so wet as today, we do expect showers to continue from time to time throughout the day tomorrow. we'll see breaks of sunshine that will be cool, high temperatures into 50s tomorrow, it's possible one, or two locations can reach 60 degrees but more likely to be a showery, cool day. cool weather continues throughout the weekend. showers should end by saturday. >> terrific. by terrific. >> yes, thanks. >> president ob yaum impersonator and iron man three some of the hottest viral videos. >> here is a look. >> thank you. a look at thursday's hottest
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online videos. you can see the obama impersonator alpha cat has a take on the victory speech. >> you know obama is web safey. i wonder if he's seen this stuff before. hmmm. up next a musical interpretation on the iron it didn't arrive until may, 2013 so this will have to tide us over until then. and finally, anthony adams
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signed with the timber wolfs? >> nice to see he's looking out for the kids.1lku see you next time, bay area.rzet >> up next, well this, is a young lady a 9-year-old football star, wowing people with highlight real moves. you've got to stick around to see her in action. >> warranties offer protections but are they worth the money? i'll let you know when to avoid them and whether they're worth the extra cash. >> and hi there, i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 near whiteout conditions in the sierra. we're going to take you there live. and fresh off prop 30 success
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at thew/m6v polls cal state university system reveals a plan to increase enrollment. will it cost more? that is coming up when cheryl and i see you at 5:00.
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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8-month-old conjoined twin girls are recovering after being separated yesterday in pennsylvania. this video shows it took
4:46 pm
surgeons seven thundershowers separate72%a the two. the lead surgeon says it went well, and the girls should be able to live full and independent lives. the surgery marks the 21 separation of conjoined twins at that hospital. >> amazing. >> major recall is now underway on a product that might be in the pantry. >> if have you kids this is likely going through your house. a popular chocolate drink mix is under recall because of possible salmonela. nestle is recalling nesquick covering canisters that says best to use by october, 2014. the canisters come in three sizes that you see on on the screen there. two smaller from v.a promotion for the movie "wreck it
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ralph". holiday shopping just around the corner, so are the hard sells for extended parenties so ask yourself this. should you buy one? consumer reports says there is a dollar and cents reason for the opinion. stores make a lot more profits on these than owe on pro zukts you're buying. whether a holiday gift or need a new appliance you're often urged to buy a man. many sites offer a plan before you check out. krourts says the plans are almost never worth it. >> our survey shows products don't breakdown that much. and if they do it doesn't cost that much more to repair them. >> they can boost your cost by 30% or more and run into
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hundreds ofct!m! dollars. >> there is a chance it's going to be done correctly and quicker. >> al yep found his drier broke. he was told he'd have to wait three weeks to have it repaired. >> i expected prompt service and was told, you're out of luck. >> consumer reports says better is paying with a reddit card. many cards extend the warranty up to a year, check terms. calling manufacturer can pay off, too. >> just because it's a manufacturer warranty expired doesn't mean you're out of luck. if you kkt and make a good argument there is a chance the company will pay for part, or all, of the repair, consumer reports says the one possible exception is when you're buying a lap top. if you're going travel with it,
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consumer reports says you may want to consider an extended warranty covering accidental damage. read the fine print to make sure. >> good point. >> chances are they're not the same thing. >> no. no. >> thank you. >> uc berkeley researchers discovered a way to make diesel. it could be in your vehicle in five to 10 ykñtq. >> this comes out of the chemistry department. what they've come up with is a fuel that would reduce green house gases and also, reduce our dependence on foreign oil. zach bayer works where finding alternative fuels is what it's all b time, it was an unprecedented marriage of biology and chemistry resulting in a break through.
4:50 pm
>> what brought two fields back together, elevenaging the >> bayer is a lead author on research yielded a fuel made from plant material not food sources like corn but corn stalk or grass or trees for that matter. the key is natural sugars in the plant. >> we can get blendable fuels. and to expand the camibility. >> they found a way to take out toxic butanol in acetone and a way to vaporize it. we were close to this goal after the 1970s oil crisis and
4:51 pm
never made it we have more technology. this is very much depending on political will to make this happen. it has to be that with washington. >> ah, washington. the study published in today's issue of the journal nature. >> up next a 9-year-old girl becoming a star. she says she has other sports ambitions. .
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now sh a running back tearing up the football field. >> she is becoming a you tube sensation with all of the moves. >> that comet is 9-year-old
4:55 pm
sam, a pint-sized football player from salt lake city. 35 touchdowns. nearly 2000 rushing yards. and 65 tackles. did we mention it's sam's first season? a5 sam is short for samantha?rt >> just fun because the boys are like, well, it's a girl. >> monday night, sam's dad uploaded this comp pillation of the highlights to you tube. by the next morning nearly half a million people had seen it. >> i wasn't sure what kind of response she'd have. i thought it was impressive.2zvñ and it appears other people enjoy as well. >> she's dominating ought of the boys, something doesn't seem to bother teammates.
4:56 pm
>> she's really good and fast. made a lot of touchdowns. >> it turns out sam has other ambitions. >> one of the things i want to do is play on a professional soccer team. >> on espn they had a game plan on how to stop little sam. you know? >> she's got the moves. >> jerry rice took on the role of personal trainer today. >> promoting a way to use city streets as a gym.:gk idea is get moving. >> getting you outside of the gym. i find it's energizing to be
4:57 pm
out sichld doing thingvp that's is natural. >> to give people tips on developing an urban gym routine. if you can't do all of the routine don't worry the hall of famer has trouble with a few exercises that is very difficult right there. >> i don't think he had that much trouble with too many of those, however. >> still just turned 50 by the way. >> yes. amazing. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> i'm sandhya patel. cold this year, live doppler 7 m. what more the storm may bring coming up. >> from rain to snow, conditions that could greet skiers.. >> uc berkeley students holding ral dwreez make sure prop 30 works in their favor.
4:58 pm
>> the bay area gets hit with quick down pours of rain, rose off and on all day long stopping just as quickly as it started. this live picture shows you some fresh snow already falling in the sierra tonight. >> and on the road to tahoe? take a look at these new whiteout conditions on interstate 80 at donner summit. in san francisco union square, rain stopped briefly. workers putting up annual tree but not for long. good evening, everybody, i'm cheryl jengs. >> let's check in with sandhya patel for a look at radar now. >> yes. i want to show you live doppler 7 hd. not only tracking cold showers here in the pay area. let's check out what's happening north. mountains were seeing some mixed precipitation here. pink indicating mixed precipitation. snow here in light blue.
4:59 pm
we're seeing showers in the east bay ear,--here, we're seeing showers across other parts of the bay area. richmond parkway, light to moderate rainfall. very light returns heading out towards san ramone. milpitas getting light, steady rain. u boulevard is wot. it's been light around the monterey bay coming in steady. snow. if you have trouble plans winter weather advise


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