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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 19, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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so is there any hope at all of a truce? we're live in jerusalem. and homecoming. a public return home for paula broadwell and her family. new details from the former mistress of david petraeus. is there any hope for twinkies? hostess heads to bankruptcy court today. the fate of the tasty treat on the line. and what a show at the amas. music's biggest names on stage. but the night really belonged to the biebs. good morning, everyone. we begin this monday with the crisis in the middle east. israeli forces still blasting away at rocket sites that hamas militants with plenty of innocent civilians caught in the cross fire. >> overnight, israeli sources
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targeted several houses said to be those of israeli leaders. and destroyed a home killing 11 people yesterday, most of them women and children. in all, at least 84 palestinians have been killed since israel's operation began last wednesday. since then, the israelis say that so-called iron dome missile defense shield has intercepted nearly 300 rockets. >> abc's lama hasan is live in jerusalem with the details. lama, what are you hearing about today's attacks? >> reporter: well, good morning, rob and paula. yes, overnight and into the morning this morning, for the sixth consecutive day of this operation called pillar of defense, that's israel's operation, israel is continuing its bombardment. the thunderous explosions could be heard overnight. israeli forces to stop a rocket attack from gaza into the southern cities of israel. and as often, as you said, with these violent conflicts, it is the civilians who bear the brunt of the attacks.
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both the israelis and the palestinians have suffered. just to give you a sense of the expanse of this conflict, according to the israeli defense forces, during the last five days, 546 rockets were fired from gaza into israel. and 302 were intercepted by the iron dome defense missile system. so what we're seeing is a case of attacks from one side and then counterattack from the other, with neither one seemingly backing backing down. don't forget, there are tens of thousands of israeli troops and tanks that have come to the gaza border ready for ground offenses. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday saying they're prepared for a significant expansion of the operation if hamas does not stop firing rockets into israel. rob and paula. >> and, of course, lama, all want some kind of a truce to end this latest bout of violence. anything to report on that front? >> reporter: yes, you're absolutely right. no progress so far.
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but ban ki-moon is going to be in the region today. he's called for cease-fire. there have been calls for diplomacy from the international community to end this crisis with a flurry of diplomatic activity over the weekend, led by the egyptian president muhammad morsi. and israeli envoy who was in cairo yesterday. president morsi was reported to be putting intense pressure on hamas leader khaled meshal. again, like i said, this has yielded nothing thus far. >> lama hasan, live in jerusalem this monday morning. thank you for that report. >> and, of course, abc news has a team of reporters across the region. we'll have an update later today on "good morning america." please stay tuned for that. and here at home, the woman at the center of the cia sex scandal is starting to do some damage control. a close friend said paula broadwell is deeply sorry for the damage that's been done to her family and everyone else by the affair. the friend adds that broadwell is trying to repair the damage and move forward.
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but there are legal challenges ahead. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: paula broadwell with her husband and children. >> is there anything you want to say? this is it. i mean, is there anything want to say about this whole situation? >> we've got no comment at this time. >> reporter: returned to their charlotte home after spending most of the weekend at relatives. meanwhile, fbi investigators continue to pore over broadwell's computer and boxes of evidence taken from her charlotte home, to determine if she had classified information she was not entitled to possess. differing views of whether the decorated army general needs to resign as the director of the cia after his affair with broadwell became public. >> i come from a tradition that believes in the original sin. none of us is perfect. >> her behavior is not acceptable. it's personally unacceptable behavior.
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>> reporter: his fall from grace has raised questions about how our generals live and their transition to civilian life. four-star generals like petraeus are vournded surrounded by staff, security, chefs which all appear when the uniforms appear. >> you see the stars, one day he takes all of that off. it is a major adjustment. i think we need to look at this transitioning of people. >> and they went on to add that is no excuse for petraeus' behavior. the senator and leading democrat also wants to know who offered those talking points led by u.n. ambassador rice. and also why it was cut out of those talking points. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> all right, thank you, david. well, president obama is making an historic visit to the southeast asian nation of myanmar. she the first u.s. leader to ever go to that country which is also known as burma. mr. obama has already met with myanmar's leaders with aung san suu kyi.
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the president has also praised myanmar's move towards democracy and urged the country to continue making further reforms. vice president biden spent sunday getting an up close look at the area devastated by superstorm sandy. the v.p. toured seaside heights. he later surveyed the damage in hoboken. he later met with supporters saying rebuilding is, quote, a national responsibility. and in new york, city officials plan to demolish about 200 homes severely damaged by sandy. in some cases, the danger of collapse is so great, they'll be bulldozed before the owners are notified. another 500 homes are being inspected and could be torn down as well. most of the country is expecting a mild week which clears the way for a pretty smooth thanksgiving getaway. but that is definitely not the case in the northwest. a major storm is washing out holiday travel plans in that part of the country. seattle, portland and northern california have already been swamped by some pretty heavy
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downpours. and now they're bracing for a foot of rain, some gusty winds and on top of that, up to 30 inches of snow in the cascades. time now for the weather from across the nation. dry and pleasant to the south of that western storm. milder than normal in the midwest with showers around the twin cities, duluth and davenport. showers in the carolinas, blustery with surf advisory in florida. >> 70s from miami to dallas. 50s from new york to chicago and minneapolis. 77 in phoenix, and 57 in albuquerque. coming up, walmart bracing for major protests. outside stores on black friday, now just days away. and the fate of the twinkie. can they survive the sale of hostess? and what a month for mother nature. check out the water spout caught on camera over the weekend. details when we come back. ñcñ?x@
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welcome back. a collective sigh of relief, rob? [ sigh ] >> yes, bad breath actually. there's new hope for twinkie. hostess which makes the iconic sponge cake as well as wonder bread and other treats, says potential buyers are coming forward. they plan to liquidate and will be in bankruptcy court this morning. but it could make months to seal a deal and only some of those products could survive, the twinkie being one of them. >> sorry, i had the onion bagel. the average debt was just under $5,000. that is up nearly 5% over a year ago. people are also playing late
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more often, though still close to a record low. but the higher debt could be a good thing. it's a sign that people are in fact spending once again. and walmart has filed a complaint at the national labor relations fword labor relations board to discourage protests outside of stores on black friday. workers and union members vowed to demonstrate at dozens of stores over wages and conditions. although the nlrb takes months to rule on cases like this. walmart is sending a message it intends to fight back. and online holiday sales have traditionally peaks on the day after black friday, but a report shows it has already arrived. retailers are offering holiday deals, earlier and earlier. and shoppers are increasingly doing their buying online. they want to be the first to get your money. >> next year, it will start in july, we know that. and the final "twilight" movie "breaking dawn part 2" broke big.
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this weekend. hungry fans flocked to the theaters earning the saga $141 million bucks in ticket sales. the james bond thriller "skyfall" fell to second place a week after its debut. and steven spielberg's highly anticipated movie "lincoln" came in third. tried to get into "lincoln" this weekend, it was sold out. >> everything was sold out. ended up watching a movie of six months ago on dvd. >> what was it? >> "snow white and the huntsmen." >> oh, okay. coming up, disturbing images, dolphins found murdered, even mutilated. also, some alarming health news overnight with steroid use among teens as young as 14. oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train
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of wild weather down under. take a look at this massive water spout in australia yesterday. it wailed for about ten minutes before thunderstorms caming accompanied with lightning and hail. fortunately, though, the water spout never reached land. now for a look at morning road condition, rain soaking highways from the pacific northwest and northern california. and the cascades. going to be slick around the twin cities across davenport, iowa and the carolinas. >> if you're flying today, no problem for most of the country but some pounding rains triggers major airport delays out in seattle. and something of a mystery here in new york this morning. police are trying to figure out if a serial killer is on the loose. >> all this coming after the murder of a man late last week at his clothing boutique in brooklyn, before he along with two other shop keepers who were killed over the summer were all shot with the very same weapon.
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and all of them are of middle eastern descent. there's still no video evidence, no dna evidence either. a $20,000 award is being offered for any clues in the case. new details this morning in the aftermath of the oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. doctors say one of the people in the accident is doing okay. one is in serious condition. the company which owns the rig said it is expanding the search for a worker who is still missing. the body of another worker was recovered on saturday. investigators on the gulf coast are trying to track out the person preying on innocent dolphins. at least four dead dolphins have turned up recently in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. and they were all shot or stabbed or mutilated. one was i think found with its tail torn right off. killing a dolphin is punishable by $100,000 fine and a year in jail. and thousands of animals who
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lost their homes in the aftermath of hurricane sandy now have a safe place to stay. the aspca has opened a facility in new york where they can get food and veterinary care as well. it has helped 6,000 animals in areas impacted by the storm. new research which shows steroid use may be rising even among students as young as 14. the study has middle and high schoolers in minnesota found about 5% say they used the performance-enhancing drugs to bulk up. steroid use was equally common in those who played sports and those who didn't. researchers say the kids are more likely influenced in a muscular ideal in men and women which is seen and glorified by the media. to sports, one season just came to an end while another is starting to heat up. highlights from espn. good morning, i'm don bell with your "sportscenter" update. and nascar has a new champion.
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to homestead we go, brad keselowski, jimmie johnson. lap 213. j.j. comes to pit. now, johnson's crew leaves a lug nut loose and nascar official calls the 48 car back in to fix the problem. johnson had to come back down pit road. chad knaus gets the news from nascar. and johnson off, smoke is actually seen inside the cockpit. the 48 crew goes under the car. and knaus pulls the 48 car to the garage, hendrick is disappointed. brad keselowski remains on the track. the 48 car in the garage, the 48 car out of the race and finished 36th. final lap now, jeff gordon wins the race, but keselowski finishes 15th which means he wins his first championship. roger penske also gets his first sprint cup championship. big battle in the afc north.
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steelers/ravens. first quarter, baltimore 10-3, jacoby jones has been phenomenal for baltimore. returning it for 63 yards to the house. jones, ravens on top, 7-7. byron leftwich getting the start because ben roethlisberger has a bad shoulder. the final score, 13-10. "monday night football" tonight, bears visiting the 49ers. that is it for this "sportscenter" update. >> and a quick shoutout to my saints, thank you, 5-5. >> go bears. >> yeah. up next, "the pulse," chris christie takes on "saturday night live." >> and we have a new message from our friend and colleague robin roberts. wanna see me get some great deals?
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first up in our monday "pulse," the latest on our friend robin roberts posted she's doing well. >> robin is battling a latent virus that the immune system usually fights off. but she reminded us that her immune system is only 59 days old an her donner and sister sally ann flew up to be at her side. >> we're going to have more from robin coming up later on "good morning america." >> she's doing well and looks good. we'll continue to pray for her. and you may have seen the video of a 9-year-old football player, samantha gordon showing up the boys on the field.
4:23 am
well will sarah went big time. >> there she son the nfl network's pregame show. with steve mariucci, he told her to get a helmet that fits her correctly. >> but the highlight was gordon nationing out for gordon's snap. gordon's comment, she actually enjoys playing defense rather than scoring for offense. well, "saturday night live" did not need a look-alike act tore play new jersey's governor chris christie this week because they had the real deal. >> that's right. the tough-talking governor poked fun at his notoriously short temper and that blue fleece he's been wearing for some time during a cameo. >> i'd also love to give a special thanks to my lovely wife
4:24 am
mary fitzpatrick who has put up with her husband with the fleece who has been wearing it a lot. >> i have seen you wear be them. >> yeah, i wear them over the fleece. i'm going to die in this fleece. [ laughter ] but that's okay, it's a good fleece. >> it is a good fleece. >> stop saying things i already said. >> all right. all right. >> christy refused to thank a any of the stupid mayors who refused orders to evacuate, calling them, quote, idiots. reference to the storm, no doubt. >> i'm glad you don't act like that. >> i'm always even-keeled. >> exactly. >> for some of you your local news is next. >> don't turn the channel! ♪
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next, police ramp up to stop a deadly crime spree in san jose. >> how long would you wait to score a black friday deal? you won't believe the answer. >> good morning i'm meteorologist mike nicco, a few sprinkles overnight, rain before the holiday. >> sue will haveweather. heavy rains in davenport, iowa. drenching rain and flooding in the pacific northwest and northern california. and finally, a big night for music and the biebs. reigned at the american music awards. >> a special salute to the legend who made the amas a reality. abc was there. ♪ >> reporter: from the red carpet
4:28 am
to the red hot performances. ♪ ♪ tonight i'm going to show you ♪ ♪ >> reporter: music's brightest stars shined at the 40th american music awards in los angeles. >> justin bieber! >> reporter: and justin bieber won the first award of the night for pop rock male artist. >> i feel reich i'm going to be here a long time. >> reporter: country female artist went to taylor swift. >> thank you for voting for this award. >> reporter: and luke bryant took home country male artist. male soul r&b artist 20 usher. 12k3w4r7 the eighth american music awards for usher. >> reporter: nicki minute knack took home the best hip-hop album and best new artist went to -- >> carlie rae jepsen. >> i'm floored, thank you.
4:29 am
>> reporter: there was also a walk down memory year lane looking at the 40-year hist former and a tribute to dick clark who passed earlier this year. >> dick loved the ability for music to create its pure joy. >> reporter: to honor the best performers and tonight's biggest award artist of the year went to -- >> justin bieber! ♪ >> the nominees are chosen based on radio, tv play and music sales. but it's the fans who picked tonight's winners through online voting. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> it's cute that the biebs brought his mom. >> cool. and the real winner, dick clark legacy. and the real winner, dick clark legacy. that's what's making news captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good


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