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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 25, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the cash. we have the numbers tonight. and a new warning this evening on the eve of cyber monday. caught on tape, a special delivery stolen off this porch. the power ball fever, the other lines growing tonight. americans hoping for something else to be thankful for, a record high jackpot. tonight, your chances and what it can bring you. and overseas tonight. daylight. a deadly factory fire. workers trapped overnight. and brian ross investigates. were the clothes there coming to america? what was found in the rubble? and inside the rescues tonight. the divers dwarfed by a giant shark slowly strangled by a massive rope. tonight, hear from the team that set that shark free. good evening on this sunday night. we hope you had a great holiday weekend. perhaps you were one of the
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millions who dared to head to the mall. the pictures from all over the country. so are the numbers tonight. and first, the crowds, customers crushing their way into victoria's secret here, this one in tulsa, all to get a gift bag. this one for the discount dvds in a san diego walmart. and a lone customer celebrating victory after finding what he was looking for at a best buy. economists cheering as well. take a look at the record-breaking numbers. 247 million shoppers in the stores and websites in the past four days. shoppers spending an average of $423 per person. an all time high $59 million spend over the thanksgiving holiday. tonight, john schriffen with the pictures that help explain why so many records have now been shattered. >> reporter: from georgia to oklahoma, to california. the deep discounts this holiday weekend brought out the worst in some shoppers across the country. but for retailers who jump-started the shopping season
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early on thanksgiving day a huge success, raking in more than $59 billion, up almost $7 billion from last year. >> black friday, good or bad, isn't an indication of how the retailers will fare for the year. but it's a good sign that the consumer has shown up. >> reporter: shoppers are more conscious how they are spending the money with 2 out of 3 people using cash or debit cards instead of credit. >> did you go shopping on black friday at the retail stores? >> we did not. i did online shopping but that is it. >> reporter: for the first time ever, the national retail federation said more people chose to shop online instead of stores with cyber sales up 21% over last year, topping a new record, $1 billion. a good sign just hours before cyber monday. many sites offering free shipping. but it may pay to keep your eye out for the deliveries to the door as more and more thiefs are waiting for the packages too.
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watch as this ups driver drops off a package without ringing the bell. moments later, the package is snatched. >> i saw a car pum. it passed the house. a lady get out, walked to it and left. >> reporter: it's a good thing the family had a video camera. ups says it will investigate. as far as cyber monday, more than half of retailers are offering free shipping with no conditions attached. experts say, if you find what you think is a good deal, buy it right away. you probably won't find a better deal. >> great advice. the thievery was really something, caught on tape there. thanks to you. another frenzy this evening, the lines forming to buy power ball tickets across the country. no one won last night and now the lines forming. closing in on a half bill. so many americans on one more thing to be thankful for. clayton sandell on the power ball fever spreading quickly.
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>> big money tonight, america's favorite jackpot game. >> reporter: with no winner last night -- >> for that jackpot, it is the number 34. >> reporter: fever is rising. people lining up in 40 states to spend a few bucks on wednesday's record power ball drawing that just might make them $425 million richer. you would have enough money to make the movie "titanic" twice or even build your own ship with $25 million to spare. beyonce's going rate, no problem. you'd have enough to have her sing at your next 212 parties. or field baseball's two most expensive teams for a season. at the autoshow in denver, every car could be yours for about 100 million. >> maybe give them away. >> reporter: the odds are against us. the chances of winning, 1 in 175 million. but if i did win, i could buy
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one of these lamborghinis for 1700 of my closest friends. with $425 million, the possib possibilities are endless. first, you have to be in the game win. clayton sandell, and, denver. >> i hope i'm on that list, clayton. thanks to you tonight. to another giant number on the horizon. the one facing washington. the cuts that will kick in and the taxes that will go up if they don't come up with a deal to avoid a fiscal cliff at the end of the year. and tonight, what could be a turning point. some republicans saying they are now willing to break that pledge of no new taxes. david kerley at the white house tonight. >> reporter: with some shopping done, president obama may be getting a gift from some republicans, republicans who signed a pledge never to raise taxes. this morning on abc news, a leading senator. >> i will violate the pledge. long shory short, for the good
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of the country if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> reporter: and pete chambliss says he will not abide by the pledge. support from a vocal house member too. >> i agree. a pledge you signed 20 years ago, 18 years ago is for that congress. the world has changed and the economic system is different. >> reporter: they are talking about that man's pledge, americans for tax reform president grover norquist who has hundreds of republicans signed. >> do you feel you are under assault? >> no. it allows elected officials to make it clear openly to voters where they stand. are they going to be able to perform in government of raising taxes. >> reporter: norquist's threat that he will help fund republican campaign challenges against those who violate the pledge. >> what i think i hear you saying, we won't go over. >> i think we will continue the tax cuts. not raise taxes $500 billion. >> reporter: while norquist tries to keep republicans in line -- >> protecting medicare, medicare and education from cuts --
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>> reporter: major unions have spent millions targeting democrats, hoping to stop the program. congressional staffers met over the holiday week and leaders hope to meet with the president in the coming week. there are predictions it could be wrapped up before christmas. we'll see. >> david kerley, thank you. we are going to turn overseas and a scene of horror. a clothing factory that went up in flames. the workers trapped inside. the factory is in bangladesh but the clothes they make are for international companies, some of those companies american, allegedly including walmart. brian ross is tracking the factories and their safety violations and is already beginning to ask questions tonight. >> reporter: the fire broke out at night as hundreds of garment workers were on overtime shifts, producing clothes bound for major american retailers
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including walmart according to worker rights groups. officials in bangladesh say the flames spread rapidly on the ground floor, trapping those on the higher floors. there were no exterior fire escapes, according to officials, and many died from jumping from the upper floors. as they continued to remove bodies today, officials said at least 112 people died, but the number can go higher. it all adds to the shameful record. as previously recorded by abc news of more than 600 garment factory fire deaths in bangladesh over the last six years. the cheapest labor in the world and the most deplorable conditions. >> they have warned again and again about the extreme dangers of workers in bangladesh and yet they haven't taken action. >> reporter: worker activists went into the burned-out remaining today to document which major retailers were using the factory.
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they found labels for faded glory. a walmart private label. and a company used by sears and by sean combs. >> there is no question that walmart and some of the companies are part of the blame. >> reporter: is that fair? they are so far away. >> they know what is going on at the facilities. they have staff on site. in bangladesh. >> reporter: walmart warned of the dangerous conditions at the factory last year. a letter posted on the website of the factory owner. the factory had conditions which were deemed to be high risk. tonight a spokesman for walmart tells abc news that the company has not been able to confirm whether its clothes were produced at the factually at the time of the fire. we haven't heard from sears of sean combs. >> warning, images just like these for some time now. >> again and again. >> you will keep asking the questions, thank you. in egypt tonight, spreading protest after the new president made a play for more pow they are weekend.
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egyptian president mohamed morsi made a truce with israel and hamas but it's what he did next now causing outrage in a region on edge. alex marquardt in the region tonight. >> reporter: the birthplace of egypt's revolution, today, again filled with protesters calling for the downfall of another president. last week, president mohammed morsi placed himself above any oversight, declaring, the president may take the necessary actions and measures to protect the country and the goals of the revolution. morsi's office says he is trying to punish the old regime. but there is no judiciary or legislative body to keep him in check. and many egyptians are attacking his absolute power. >> we have a new leader in town. >> reporter: the united states which thought of egypt as a close ally says the power grab
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is against the spirit of the revolution. the president's office says the moves are just temporary and now many are not buying it. supporters and opponents of the president are planning large protests for tuesday. proof that almost two years later, this revolution isn't over. david? >> alex marquardt, thanks to you. we turn to an image out of china this evening. new pictures of its first aircraft carrier, showing a new fighter jet made in china, landing on the carrier for the first time. military analysts says it will not be combat ready for years. back at home now and a real issue facing parents and children as they prepare to head off to college. with so much money on the line, many turn to the schools that show the best numbers, the best chance at a new job when you graduate. mark green tonight. >> it's my opinion, it's a
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fraud. >> reporter: he is talking about one of 9 largest for profit colleges in the country. edmc. the education management company, offers masters in design and degrees in nursing. >> you can make it happen. with brown mackie college. >> reporter: this former supervisor turned whistle-blower is suing, alleging the company deceives by falsely inflating success statistics. >> they manipulated the job placement rates by counting students working in a job they did not need the degree for. >> reporter: you think is all intentional? >> it is intentional. it's the business model. >> reporter: case in point single mother sara fisher in indiana. >> i feel like i have been lied to. and i am angry about it. >> reporter: she says she was sucked in by a recruiter to brown mackie. >> they said i would make $40,000 a year. >> reporter: we have a look at
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exclusive at internal documents, and it counts her $16,000 a year job as a success. >> i work in walmart at customer service. >> reporter: she got the job before garage graduation but the school claims they helped her with the degree. >> i placed myself in the job. >> reporter: this accounting major, this business grad, fashion grad. but the documents show this one is actually working for minimum wage selling shoes. one works at mcdonald's. the other, a janitor. they wrote us to say, we believe the claims by jason are wholy without merit, saying he was not employed by career services and that the company has a high code of ethic. we asked senator dick durbin to review it. >> it's plain fraud and your whistle-blower has brought it to light.
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and these students sign up for courses that lead to nowhere. >> reporter: sara feels duped. >> $24,000 in the hole for a degree i can't use. >> reporter: the claims got a boost from a federal judge who reviewed the evidence for a job. the judge said it should be able to move forward in federal court. >> mark, thanks very much. there is more ahead. the incredible rescue effort caught on tape. divers and a giant shark. tonight, you will hear from that dive team that helped unleash that shark. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied.
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. now to that dramatic and dangerous rescue mission under sea. all of it captured on video. divers in the pacific ocean risking their lives to save a whale shark struggling for its own wlif. the story of the divers themselves. >> reporter: the morning scuba dive turned into a rescue mission when divers 250 miles south of cabo san lucas came upon a 30-foot whale shark in serious trouble. a thick rope wrapped so tightly on its body, it was cutting into the flash. it had been there so long, barnacles were building up on it. >> i saw it, said, let's go do it. >> reporter: the experienced diver danny bosh dove in with a pocket knife as others looked on anxiously more than 100 feet beneath the surface.
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>> it actually wasn't difficult. i was really cutting and wrecked that rope. >> reporter: as the rope is sawed away, the giant moves on, wounded but finally free. their mission of mercy accomplished. >> feels so good. >> reporter: and back aboard their boat a hero's welcome. >> deserving cheers for the divers. when we come back, what happened to 007 this weekend that has never happened before? the index after the break. d me . i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression
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we're going to turn now to the instant index this sunday night. the video, the number, the people trending this weekend. we start with a number tonight, a large one at that, $290 million, an all-time record for the nation's box office on a thanksgiving weekend. the final twilight number one this weekend. taking in $64 million. the movie centering on the fight over bella's baby. and bond a close second. skyfall is said to be the most successful bond opening ever. also, the video that just broke justin bieber's record. south korean rapper psy's gangnam style has just beat justin bieber's "baby." as the most watched video of all time on youtube. 817 million views and counting. bieber's video has been on there 2 1/2 years. and gangnam style has been up there just four months. seems like a lot longer than this. and the people making the index tonight. finally gets satisfaction.
5:52 pm
the rolls stones marking a milestone tonight. kicking off their 50th anniversary this evening where it all started, london. they first took the stage in 1962 at the marquis club. they are now the longest running act in the history of rock 'n' roll. ♪ no satisfaction they performed more concerts internationally than any other band in the world. they hold a record for the highest grossing tour of all time, $559 million. we want to hear from you. send me a tweet. easy to find, @davidmuir on twitter. and diane sawyer too. let us know what capturing your attention. we will put it in the index. when we come back here on sunday night, remembering america's favorite villain. what we never knew about j.r. and what he wouldn't even reveal to the queen mum. our trip back to south fork after the break. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over.
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and finally tonight here, celebrating america's favorite villain. he was a friday night staple in america for so long. fans this weekend paying tribute to j.r. ewing. on this sunday, flowers at the south fork ranch north of dallas, the backdrop for the soap that would define excess in america in the 1980s. at the center of it all, larry hagman, a texas native himself from if the worth, as the evil, conniving man j.r. ewing. here, with his actress wife linda gray. >> you are a drunk, unfit mother. >> reporter: he was loathed and loved by the millions who turned in every week. they were disgusted by his ways
5:57 pm
and wooed by his wicked humor. >> don't forgive and don't forget. and do unto others before they do unto you. >> when he was shot in the 1980 cliff hanger, the world spent months asking who shot jr. in his memoir, he says he refused to tell even the queen mum who wanted to know who pulled the trigger. and 40 million people tuning in to know the answer, it was j.r.'s sister-in-law, kristen. hagman himself, before tv. a five-year run on "i dream of genie," the astronaut and the genie who loved him. >> master, it's almost 3:00 in the morning. get some sleep. >> reporter: when dallas began, linda gray said she remembered the day the cast first met. she said he looked like the astronaut who loved that genie. until he said, hello, darling.
5:58 pm
she said, she then thought this is going to be fun. and fun it was. linda gray, at his bed site at the end. saying he brought joy to everyone he knew. he was original. and larry hagman said that on j.r.'s tome stone shut deal this is the only deal he lost. that is the broadcast. diane here tomorrow night. good night. >> next, horrific crash in northern california claims the lives three people from the bay area. a child is the only only cipherer from the car. a look at the rest of holiday travelers returning home. some 43 million people. >> check this out. an emergency landing on college
5:59 pm
campus. abc-7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: roads and airports across the nation busy as travelers head home after the long holiday weekend. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. today is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year, and it's busy for a sunday night. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge, where you can see lots of people on the road, and a little fog tonight, too. it's been a busy day at the airport as well. we're live at san francisco international airport tonight with a look at what's happening right now. tomas? reporter: we're told that the majority of flights coming in and out of oakland and san francisco are on time tonight. there was some delays this morning due to early morning fog, but tonight sfo is crowdes with travels on the move. families are heading home after a long thanksgiving weekend.


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