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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 2, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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flooded streets, swamped homes and roads washed away, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. as you can see from sky 7hd the clean up is underway as people clear away fall entries and try to get the power back
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on. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. we do have team coverage tonight. we begin with meteorologist leigh glaser. leigh? >> this time last night i was telling you that the heaviest part of the storm system was going to hit us about 7:00 this morning. in fact, i went ahead and captured the image of live doppler 7hd. specifically at 7:50 this morning you can clearly see the heaviest part of the storm making its way just over the golden gate bridge indicated by the deep reds and the oranges and the yellows and all of that moisture quickly pushed to the south. here is another shot of it by the way from our satellite-radar composite. live doppler 7hd is not showing any moisture at all out there. yes, it does look like we get a respite tonight and tomorrow, but more rain is in my accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll get to that a little later. >> leigh, thank you.
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a huge gaping hole in a roadway is causing major problems for some lafayette residents. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live from the area with what this means for neighbors. alan? >> this has been a nightmare for the 20 some odd in the area. >> when the road collapsed it ?eapped off a water service line, sewage line and badly damaged a watermain. >> the only piece -- inconvenience is going to the bathroom. >> the creek was flowing over mountain view drive and into the neighborhood after piles of large debris clogged up the culvert. the force of the floodwaters washed away the earth between the culvert and the road. >> a portion cracked and fell. the other portion started slowly sinking and collapsed
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like in a matter of a few seconds. >> raw sewage was almost dumped into the creek. the sanitation crews built this bypass in the nick of time. >> it may be the case that we have to wait until we have dry weather to do a permanent fix. this road could be closed for some time. >> all of this was caused by debris and garbage in the creek. including this chest of drawers. >> i heard there was a kitchen sink too. >> lafayette vice mayor mike anderson made a plea to keep the creeks clear of garbage and debris. the road collapsed knocking out sewer, water and gas. >> when you see things piling up , you will have to go to the city and let them know there is a problem before it becomes critical. in this case it was a little late. >> back live and you can see they are excavating the chunks of pavement that collapsed into the hole. the city will be out here assessing the damage before
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they get to work replacing the entire culvert. again, the city manager says it could take quite some time. reporting live in lafayette, alan wang, abc news. >> thank you. a portion of highway 1 flooded stranding cars. they were over the scene as the rescue truck pulled away. we caught up with one of the drivers, and she told us she was driving through the flood just fine until something happened. >> a truck came by and just completely washed me over. a huge wave of water came over the car and i couldn't see a thing and the car died. >> some nice people pulled kate's car to high ground and helped her get it started again. the water has receded enough to not pose a threat to drivers. peter sent us this picture this morning via you report. he says some good samaritans
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rescued the driver. there was more flooding in the east bay. in vallejo a creek overflowed sending water into many of the trailers. several residents were forced to evacuate. everyone is back in their homes and the water has receded, but there is a lot of mud left behind. flooding could have been worse. the river did not over flow. 4-10 inches fell in sonoma county and earlier the flood was canceled. we will have more at 11:30, but first to napa county as john alston shows us, there was some flooding, but not the day luge they feared. >> the river reached its peek at 6:00 p.m. and stayed in its banks and nobody was flooded. officials give credit to the flood control project. >> i am thankful the engineers engineered correctly. >> the project seems to be
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working. i was a big skeptic, but i think it is doing its job. >> the napa river was expected to go a foot above flood stage which is five miles north of downtown. it is mainly an agricultural area with a few homes nearby. >> it could get me wet around the property. i have a natural drainage swell that runs through the vineyards. we will find out. hopefully we will stay dry. >> we had two inches in our yard , and they were calling for 3 to 7. that had a lot to do with it. it is just the way nature works. >> a few businesses along main street kept sandbags, but they were not needed. >> we came in this morning and the owner said, you can move them. we are not sure what is going to happen. that's what we did. the sun came out, and we are fine. >> as the weather threat passes, the water levels are
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expected to drop through the evening. all of the flood watches and rn whattings in affect -- watches in affect today have been canceled. abc news. >> flooding and downed trees were some of the biggest issues in san francisco today. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live with those details. lilian. >> this is what is left of a century old tree. most has been cut to pieces and hauled away. it is one of a dozen trees that couldn't withstand the wind and rain. city crews work into the night cutting tree that toppled as a this tree started making cracking noises at 5:00 a.m. in front of rob porter's home. >> and then there was a large -- probably five minutes after the crack lig, a huge thud. >> in all the department of public works cleaned up the trees.
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it is real busy. >> this latest storm spared no neighborhood. it was snapped near moraga street. there was sig president cay -- significant street flooding. two large branches landed on one of the thoroughfares. and in city heights, a tree uprooted taking part of the street with it. a prius on the street was also damaged. >> you can replace a car, and some of the streets have been here 80 years. >> despite the loss of some trees, the city says thankfully there was little property damage and no injuries. although at this home, the family dog did come close to getting hurt. a large tree belonging to the house two doors down came crashing down on their backyard. >> i was thankful it didn't land on my dog. that would be tragic. i am glad he ran.
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he has big, long legs so he could run. >> the department of public works says most of the storm storm-related mess has been cleaned up. the rest should be cleared away tomorrow. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. there were lots of power problems in the bay area. power wassing nod out and after crews cut out the tree and toppled from the same property. the power lines were knocked out and more neighbors lost electricity. they were back twice within an hour and a half. and another fall entry took out more power lines near upper happy valley road. it happened around 1:00 today. residents in the area are still without power. pg&e officials say crews are working very carefully because the size of the tree and downed power lines make it a particularly dangerous job site. electricity is expected to be restored around 3:00 a.m.
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sky 7hd shows a house with part of its roof taken off boy a fall entry in oakland. power was knocked out and a quick-thinking neighbor shut off power. members in the oakland hills needed galoshes when they showed up for services this, month. the basement hall was a mess when they rushed in. the church members pitched in to pile furniture and other items off the floor. an inch of water flooded the basement before the clean up effort kicked in. more than 125,000 customers were without power at the peak of the storm. about 2400 customers remained without power with most expected to be restored by tomorrow. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, three firefighters injured while on the scene of a rain-related accident. we'll tell you what happened. >> the california highway patrol is investigating the death of a pedestrian on the 580 freeway in richmond.
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those details coming up in a live report. >> and at 11:30, the investigation into just what caused a kansas city chiefs player to kill his girl friend -- girl -- girlfriend and himself. what friend are saying tonight. and just ahead, the next storm
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a man walking down highway 580 was struck and killed after being hit by a big rig and several other cars. sergio is live at the cutting boulevard off-ramp in richmond with the story. sergio? >> ama, the accident scene was basically just cleared about
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40 minutes ago or so. the chp says the tractor-trailer truck and a few vehicles hit the pedestrian on the freeway at about 8:30 this evening. traffic was squeezed down to just one westbound lane as investigators began piecing together how this happened. they say the semitruck and those vehicles hit the man as he was walking on the freeway. it is not yet clear how the man got there or why he was there. investigators are ruling out the possibility that the victim may have occupied one of the neighboring homeless encampments. >> so far the consensus is it is not. the person has been identified and it doesn't appear he was a homeless person from the area. >> all of the vehicles involved in this accident immediately pulled over and waited for chp to arrive on scene. so there is no writ and run -- no hit and run situation here. officers have not yet released the name of the victim. the accident itself was cleared around 10:30 this
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evening. reporting live in richmond, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. three east bay firefighters are recovering from serious injuries after they were hit working a series of crashes on highway 24. michael rattery and kelly morris and steve are veterans of the moraga fire department. the video of the accident was caught seconds after it happened. the injured firefighters were part of the crew at the scene of two earlier rain-related crashes. after the first accident a second car skidded into a fire truck and pulled over to the side of the road. and that's when the worst happened. >> the third car hit the side of our fire engine and actually rolled over up on to the embankment and hit three of the firefighters and the person we were taking the report from. >> the driver being interviewed and the driver of the suv were taken to john muir hospital. both are in critical condition.
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the highway patrol says the wet and the windy weather likely played a part in a deadly crash this morning on northbound 280 in daly city. 27-year-old lauren reyes died at the scene. the chp says she slammed into an abandoned car. the accident shutdown the northbound lanes for about three hours. rocks and mudslides created serious problems in the valley. the heavy rain pounded the canyon overnight causing slides which forced the closure of highway 16 in some areas. cal trans says the road will remain closed until tomorrow. coming up at 11:35, the other problems on the road drivers faced today. you won't believe what happened. new tonight, a marin county school will be closed because of flooding. officials at white hill middle school say the campus experienced significant flooding because of today's storm. part of the library is even covered in mud. campus officials hope to clean up the mess left behind
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tomorrow and reopen the campus on tuesday. viewers have been sending in storm pictures all date. check out this one of a mudslide blocking traffic. the road has since been cleared. here is the tunneled in berkeley flooded over with drain water. if you took any good weather photos today we want to see them. e-mail them to you report at for those cleaning up, they don't have a lot of time before we get more rain. >> we really do want to thank you for sending in all of the video and all of the pictures. it gives us a good sense of how much the storm system -- boy it just barreled in here this morning. it dropped a lot of rain. the good news though is it was a fast mover. we actually got a chance to enjoy some sunshine. we are enjoying a little clear sky out there right now. this is a live look from the high definition sutro cam. because the ground is so saturated and also we have the clear skies and the cooler
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temperatures, we are going to have to deal with some of the ground fog developing, especially in the north and east bay valleys. also we have high clouds out there as well. let's get to live doppler 7hd. boy this machine has been so busy the base week or so. so busy the last week or so. a little to the south we are still seeing a little of the low-level moisture right here. more than likely heavy mist and drizzle in the higher elevations. it will continue to push on toward the south and east overnight tonight. 24-hour rainfalls, the burst of rain this morning that affected the entire bay area really dumped. santa rosa over two inches and close to four inches in a 24-hour period. san francisco an inch and a half and an inch and a half for oakland. check out concord. over two inches of course lesser amounts as you head south. san jose is close to an inch. you compare these numbers and
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add them on to the five-day storm total and check these out. close to 13 inches the last three storms. mount saint helena and san rafael, almost 7 and a half inches and close to five inches in napa. even san francisco and oakland close to four inches of rain. that's what we should see in the month and not just in five days. both locations quite a bit of rainfall and close to three inches in san jose. these past three storms gave us a lot, a lot of rainfall. we have another weak system that will move in here as we head into the midweek time frame. it is getting cool with 49 san rafael and 53 in san francisco. we have 47 in livermore. here is a look at what you can expect. a few clouds and cooler overnight. it will be a dry day tomorrow and then more rain moves in on tuesday night and wednesday.
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lows tonight because we won't have much cloud cover. 40s in the north and east bay locations. the temperatures are near 50 degrees near san francisco in the peninsula. once again this is the storm system. the cold front moved through this morning. it has already moved on out. this is the clearing we get into tonight and tomorrow, and then more rain will start to move in from this very week. we want to emphasize weak cold front compared to the one that moved through this morning. 6:00 a.m. monday morning, a little ground fog and we can enjoy some sunshine. it looks like the next system will be more of a north bay rain maker. you can see it starting to spread some rain just to the north bay and then by tuesday afternoon down toward the golden gate bridge and it will move the entire area. tomorrow will be dry and enjoy the sunshine and temperatures warm up into the 60s across the bay area. and we will look for dry conditions on tuesday and
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leading to showers and returning mainly in the north bay tuesday afternoon. we are all wet tuesday night and early wednesday morning. and then we are nice and dry on thursday and friday and saturday. and the temperatures will warm up. by the way, mike niko will be here 4. a 30 to 7:00 a.m. to give you another update. >> thank you, leigh. rick quan is in for mike shumann. >> stormy times for the raiders and the niners. but things might get better later in the week. coming up in sports, the raiders are in desperate need of a win and suffer a brownout in oakland. and the 49ers let one get away thanks to some late game mistakes by
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despite a sub par performance by kaepernick, harbaugh is standing by his man and is planing on starting him next week against miami. the first quarter action and frank gore powers his way in from the one. that will be san francisco's only touchdown.
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it was still 7-0 in the third quarter and colin kaepernick retreats and throws the ball out of bounds. he was flagged for intentional grounding that gives the rams a safety. late in the fourth and kaepernick makes another critical mistake. jenkins recovers and is in for a score. he can only watch and wonder. they side up with a two-point conversion of the -- conversion. it was 10 apiece. kaepernick tries to make up with the play. thanks to great blocking scampers down the sideline for a 50-yard run. the longest by a quarterback in 9er history and that lead to a field goal. the rams tied it at the end of regulation forcing overtime. david acres with the chance with the win, but he misses and this time from 51 yards out. st. louis would not miss. with 26 seconds left he is good from 54 yards out. the rams win it 16-13.
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despite the loss harbaugh reuh officialed his confidence in kaepernick. >> it was a tough game for a quarterback to play in. i thought he did well. >> i will let you know if there is a change. >> the raiders have fallen into a black hole and can't get out. they dropped their fifth straight and losing to a struggling browns team. their record a dismal 3-9. let's go to the coliseum where they had more sacks than the raiders. cleavland jumped out to the 10-0 lead. he threw for a career high 364 yards, and this touchdown to josh gordon. oakland tried to come back late in the third and carson palmer to streeter who made a great grab for a 64-yard touchdown. the lead was down to three. the raiders were driving for at least a tieing field goal, but palmer under throws criner and picked off at the 6th. they went 94 yards on 54
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plays. richardson scores and cleavland snaps a losing streak with a 20-17 victory. and when we come back, the local college football poll picture will look at who stanford is playing and san jose
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stanford will face wisconsin on new year's day. it is the third straight bcs bowl game and first rose bowl since 2000 when it took on the badgers. wisconsin is 8 and 5 this season, but winning the big 10 title crushing nebraska. monty ball and melvin gordon rushed for 200 yards against the cornhuskers. he is the career leader in touchdowns with 81. this will be wisconsin's third straight trip to pasadena, but the badgers have lost the last two years to tcu and oregon. meanwhile, san jose state plays bowling green in the military bowl on december 27th in washington, d.c. for the first time ever the spartans are ranked 24th at the at and bcs polls.
11:31 pm
he is a big reason for the team's success. he leads the nation in passing accuracy and is tied for eight with 31 touchdowns. later in the show stanford basketball and former cardinal quarterback andrew luck pulls out a victory with no time on the clock. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> appreciate it. coming up next on the news at 11:00, the russian river was one of the areas of concern. why residents are breathing a sigh of relief. and lots of water and lots of snow. we will show you what they are facing in th
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good evening. i'm ama dates. today's storm left its mark across the area. it caused a road to collapse. sewer and water lines were snapped and utility lines
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damaged. there was debris lead to the over flow and the collapse. sky 7hd shot two stranded cars on a flooded portion of highway 1. the drivers were rescued safely. the waters receded enough to allow cars to pass through. in vallejo, all residents of this mobile home park are back in their homes. a creek couldn't hold the water from the downpour. the runoff began seeping into i will trayers and forcing many people to evacuate. the water has receded leaving behind inches of mud. a marin county school will be closed because of flooding. officials experienced significant flooding because of today's storm. part of the library is even covered in mud. campus officials hope to clean up the mess left behind tomorrow and reopen the campus on tuesday. in napa county, all flood watches and warnings have been canceled tonight. the storm dropped plenty of water, but the napa river never flooded. it was projected to rise a foot. county officials credit a flood control project with
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keeping things under control. a few businesses had sandbags ready, but it turned out they weren't needed. the flood warning has also been canceled on the russian river. abc7 news reporter thomas roman has that part of the story. >> reporter: angie is cleaning up in front of her home. today's rain and rising russian river came up to her garage door. >> it came all the way up to the edge of the garage and it only went in there when the people would drive by with their truck. >> they lived here for 22 years. she built this house with the main living quarters 20 feet above the street level because the river floods so often. she says at one point her daughter used this kayak to help a neighbor out of his flooded home. anthony white who lives up the street showed us how high it was on his shin. he said he was ready to get his family out as the water was rising. >> we were definitely ready to get out of here if it got much higher. we were as ready as we could
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be. >> you dodged a bullet? >> yes, we did this time. >> much of the street is underwater. residents who live here expect a certain amount of flooding every two or three years. steve is the operations chief of the russian river. he says the flood warnings fell short of expectations. >> right now we are in a lull. we ran all nightlong and then about 10:00, 11:00 it stopped when the sun came out. >> sonoma county got its share of wind and rain. the county received anywhere from 4 to 10 inches of rain depending on the location. highway 12 at 121 was a river at 10:00 a.m. and all of this water is not expected to recede until the tide goes out and takes the floodwaters with it. the sonoma county operations chief says it is time to clean up after the last storm and prepare for the next one. thomas roman, abc7 news. a flood warning for the city of truckee in placer county. the storm was colder than the one to hit the bay area bringing more snow than rain to the truckee river area.
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the river levels are expected to begin receding in less than half an hour. also in placer county there was flooding in the city of roseville. but it could have been much worse. the flooding was restricted to a few streets. one young man decided to have some fun on his scooter despite the thigh high water. as in the case in napa, city officials credit fbi -- officials with keeping the water back. shortly before 5:00 the winds pushed the big rig over on its side on the richmond san rafael bridge. a tow truck pulled the rig back upright. tonight the chp says the driver ignored the high wind warnings and drove at excessive speeds. the driver was not injured. there was another traffic has swrerdz. another traffic hazard. there was actually a line of cars on the road side. 25 cars were waiting to get fixed.
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the storm wach continues here on abc7 news. we will have updates at 4:30 a.m. you can track the rain anytime with doppler 7hd at and now to the murder-suicide involving a kansas city chief line backer. a moment of silence for all victims of domestic violence was held before the game. and now the latest on the investigation. >> with heavy hearts they took the field one day after belcher killed his girlfriend before taking his own life outside the stadium. >> it is tough. we miss him. he was a great guy, a great teammate. we loved his family. like i said, my heart goes out to them. our prayers are with them. >> as part of the pre game ceremonies, the chiefs observed a moment of silence for the victims of domestic abuse. after the first touchdown he ran over to head coach to give him a hug.
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police say early saturday morning belcher shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend cassandra perkins, the mother of his three-month-old daughter at their home. he then got in his car, drove to the team's practice facility outside arrow head stadium where authorities say he thanked coaches for believing in him. moments later he walked away shooting himself in the head. this as the coaches and general manager looked on in horror. they want to know what caused thoim snap. they were arguing after she returned home late from a concert. >> there was an individual that did something that he snapped. that i don't understand. i probably never will. >> it is the latest in a string of nfl player suicides. earlier this year former falcon safety easterling took his life with a gun and so did murdoch. and in may junior seau died after shooting himself in the chest.
11:41 pm
his family is having his brain studied. they want to know if the suicide was associate -- associated with a history of concussion-related injuries. >> he is a player that has not had head injuries. >> with belcher's jersey happening in his locker his teammates say he will not be forgotten. >> two suspects have been detained in connection with a coast guard member. the 34-year-old man died of a head injury when his boat was rammed into the rocks by a smuggler's vessel off the southern california coast. another coast guard member suffered minor injuries. still to come, the fight over same sex marriage and what could happen early next week. plus what nancy pelosi says the government should give america for christmas this year. >> hi, everyone, i'm leigh glaser. a little break for at least one day and then more rain is due back in here. if you are doing traveling across the state, we will look at that forecast. and even if you are heading
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bart trains are running after a system wide power was knocked out twice today. a power shortage knocked out the computer system and back up generators a little after 9:00 and then again at 2:00 this afternoon. some riders were stranded an hour before the system was restored. we could hear from the u.s. supreme court about whether it will take up same-sex marriage as early as tomorrow morning. the justices adjourned friday without announcing its plans.
11:45 pm
the court meets again on monday morning. one of the cases the judges may decide to hear involve california's proposition 8. that's a constitutional ban on gay marriage passed by voters four years ago. the moraga teen denied an eagle scout award because he is gay will be honored by state lawmakers. they spent 10 years working toward the award. last year scout officials say he violated the anti-gay policy. he will be honored at the opening of the assembly. nancy pelosi is talking politics even as she steps out for a night of glamour. swapping her business out for an evening gown she strolled before photographers at the kennedy center. off the red carpet she accommodated reporters who asked if lawmakers can resolve the impending fiscal cliff. >> this is not a night of politics and policy. but since you asked, yes, we think it will be a wonderful christmas gift to the american people to have a tax cut come
11:46 pm
january. >> congress must come up with a budget compromise before the end of the year or tax hikes and federal spending cuts will go into affect. pelosi will try to force a house vote to break the deadlock. tonight's annual gala event honored the entertainment great including dustin hoffman, david letterman, led -zeplin and chicago's buddy guy. they received the award for culture and the arts. the" twilight" finale held on to the number one spot for the third straight weekend earning more than $250 million domestically since it opened. "sky fall" hung on to second place followed by" lincoln," "rise of the guardians" and" life of pi."
11:47 pm
they should top $10 billion for the year next weekend. and now one last check on the weather with leigh glaser. >> we'll check one more time with live doppler 7hd. mainly clear conditions and no returns being picked up right now. that moisture has moved to the south and to the east of us. a nice break tonight and tomorrow, and then we will see a weaker system bring us more rain as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. if you are traveling tomorrow, trying to escape some of the weather, let's go ahead and take you back east. new york 60 tomorrow and 67 for washington, d.c. sunshine from chicago toward st. louis. dallas 82 and sunny. denver 56 degrees and los angeles tomorrow maybe a little mist and drizzle earlier in the day as the tail end of the front that brought us the storms this morning will exit southern california. 66 for l.a. 67 for san diego.
11:48 pm
fresno tomorrow some sunshine and 64 degrees. sacramento will be sunny and 62 with high clouds there and tahoe will start to cool down a little bit. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. remember, tomorrow will be a dry day. we will see some sunshine and temperatures are a little warmer in the midto low 60s. the rain will begin mainly in the north bay first on tuesday. by the afternoon and then slowly spread south across the bay area tuesday night and early wednesday. not a big storm. not a lot of wind. most of the rain will stay well to the north of the bay area. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday we will dry up nicely, more sunshine and warm things up as well. have a nice week ahead. >> nothing too concerning coming up. thank you so much, leigh. mike shumann is off and that means rick quan is in and watching the niners game today i was thinking okay, so who will start next week?
11:49 pm
>> i know you want alex smith to start. >> i am not saying anything. >> she doesn't have a vote. coming up, the 49ers and the rams go to overtime one more time. and the slumping raiders come
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three weeks to go, the 49ers and the rams will have
11:52 pm
to deal with a rare tie, and then it almost happened again. jim harbaugh's hot hands cooled off. frank gore put the niners on top in the first quarter as he powers in from the one. that would be the only touchdown. he was 7-0 in the third when kaepernick retreats to his own end zone and throw itself out of bounds. he was flagged for intentional grounding which gives the rams a safety. with san francisco up 10-2 late in the fourth and kaepernick with another critical mistake. the pitch goes over his head and jenkins recovers in for a score. smith can only watch and wonder. the rams side up with a two-point conversion. it was tied at 10 of 10. 10-10. this big play and he scrambles and thanks to some great blocking breaks loose. that lead to a field goal. the rams tied it at the end of regulation. acres with a chance for the
11:53 pm
win. but like he did three weeks ago he misses, but this time from 51 yards out. st. louis would take advantage with 26 seconds left. he is good from 54 yards. the rams win it 16-13 despite the loss it appears harbough will start kaepernick against miami. >> it was a tough game for a quarterback to play in. i thought he did well. >> i will let you know if there is a change. >> nfc west rival seattle went to overtime against chicago. russell wilson finds rice before taking a shot at the goal line. it is ruled a touchdown. the seahawks win it 23-17. they lead the nfc wild card race. for the raiders it was a november to forget as they lost all four of the games. three by blowout. oakland was hoping playing a browns team that lost 12 straight on the road and would
11:54 pm
turn things around. things are tough for the raider faithful right now. the game was blacked out locally. it was career high 364 yards and he finds gordon for a 44-yard touchdown. trailing 13-3 late in the third and oakland finally gets into the end zone. he makes a fantastic grab and it is a 64-yard strike. the lead was down to 3. they were going for a tieing field goal. he is picked off at the 6. the browns then march 90 tour yards and 14 plays trent richardson. 20-17 and coach dennis alan says palmer's interception killed their momentum. >> we can't turn the ball over right there. we have all of the momentum. we are moving the ball. we can't -- we can't have that self-inflicted wound right there. we can't make that mistake.
11:55 pm
>> andrew luck continues his superb rookie season with no time left. he gets it to avery who scores and the colts rally to win and it is the most by a rookie quarterback drafted number one in the super bowl era. the pack 12 champ stanford will take on wisconsin january 1st. san jose state is ranked 24th in the ap and bcs polls . they will play bolling green in washington, d.c. the stanford men play host to denver. this game was never really close. he lays it in for two of his 19 first half points. check out christian sanders. he puts it between three defenders. stanford cruises and it is the two-hand jam. cardinals improve to 6-3. at the world golf challenge
11:56 pm
ricky fouler with the shot of the day. his second shot on the par 4 first. the ball spins back and into the hole. he finishes tied for fourth at nine under. tiger finished with a one under par 71. graham mcdowell captured the tournament around 67 and 17 under. he beat bradley by three strokes. it is mcdowell's first win in two years. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. and by the way, the raiders can be seen here on channel 7 on thursday night. they take on peyton manning. and the broncos hopefully will bring them luck. >> we were looking for a win. >> listen up, raider nation, we want to see your team pride. we will post the photos at and show them on the air during our special raiders edition on thursday. and don't forget you
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